Jin Yong

Jin Yong (Representative) has a very high degree of completion of work, the main lines of the main line, the arrangements of the arrangements, the art of the rhythm and control, is a special story of the story, the same type of person, Huang Yi, and huang yi, as a Lower, because the short plates are obvious, the writing is too general and the pace is somewhat delayed, but in terms of the ability to tell the story, huang yi is absolutely the same as the golden age, which is an ultra-can type. And the two of them have a common denominator, that is, they know that they will set an outline. Do you think writers have an outline? Don't be ridiculous. It's the kind of thing that doesn't matter. )

So to say back to Jin Yong, it is generally a good structure, a story that is not going beyond the structure of the big structure. It's hard to describe, it's like a rational person. It's hysterical, a fool doesn't suddenly become Sherlock Holmes, and rarely has a twist or a sudden brain hole to write a staggering incident. It is logical and rational, and it will not suddenly burst into a world view.

The advantage is that it is structurally sound and the tower is too small, with an average high standard, a very high standard, a fascinating, a mishap, a mishap, a convince, a and a. The Author took a rhythm, followed him, manipulated some of his senses.

The shortcomings are, of course, too, because there is a lot of surprises (or shock) and very few surprises. For example, the seven strange things on behalf of the representative on the representative, guo jing has been chasing huang pharmacist, but all of you must have thought that he had bitten the wrong person. So, when it comes to the real person, most people will have the feeling that " it should be so

Of course, this is a good one, the logic is strong and the incident is reasonable, and it will definitely reduce the sense of accident, and it will be less impressive, for example, in the Cuba series. Yakuza is a big boss, for example, the western jade, has basically nothing to do with it, and when it comes to desperation, we will surely be impressed by shock. I was told that the culprit behind the incident was ouyang feng.

Jin Yong sacrificed these accident, and he was given a special force of perfection and a relatively perfect structure, which was very successful for him because he did not have a dragon and a few of them. The language creates an atmosphere and the ability to highlight the charm of character, but more than they will tell the story, will take the rhythm, the plot, the more reasonable and more logical, so he sacrificed the unexpected nature of the event that he was able to obtain. Maximum Success.