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  • Dark Blood Age

    Dark Blood Age serial

    Auathor:world fire | Words:1128400

    A mysterious natural phenomenon causes earth to be plunged into darkness. the world turned into an endless bloody chaos. Mankind is on the edge of extinction

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  • Reverend Insanity

    Reverend Insanity serial

    Auathor:Gu Zhen Ren | Words:96198

    Humans are clever in tens of thousands of ways, Gu are the true refined essences of Heaven and Earth. The Three Temples are unrighteous, the demon is reborn. Former days are but an old dream, an identical name is made anew. A story of a time trave...

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  • Epoch of Twilight

    Epoch of Twilight serial

    Auathor:Don“t Play People For A Fool | Words:2513232

    Have you ever thought that the state of the world as it presently is, could revert to the laws of the ancients? When a series of strange incidents beginning with the disappearance of his friend led Luo Yuan to question the possibility of an apocal...

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  • Shura is Wrath

    Shura is Wrath serial

    Auathor:Mars Gravity | Words:3871882

    The mysterious boy Ling Chen is saved by a little girl as he lay on the street dying. Years later, he strikes a deal to save this savior-turned sister and enters the virtual world. In a future Earth where advanced warfare has forced nations to set...

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