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Chapter 1467:Soul Battle
Chapter 53:Battling Xin Wuheng
Chapter 1468:Demon Saint Essence Blood
Chapter 54:Four Great Geniuses Ranking
Chapter 1469:Finding Helpers
Chapter 55:Guanjun Corps, Invite from beauty
Chapter 1470:Absorbing the Demon Saint Essence Blood
Chapter 56:Metal Wall Rebound
Chapter 57:Fourth level of Star Finger Metal Wall Rebound!
Chapter 58:Confinement Order
Chapter 59:Guest from Province City
Chapter 60:Fetch Zhao Feng
Chapter 61:Zhao Linlong鈥檚 challenge.
Chapter 62:Third floor of the Martial Arts Library
Chapter 63:Victorious Return
Chapter 64:Who鈥檚 the hunter?
Chapter 65:Archery God鈥檚 Left Eye
Chapter 66:Guanjun Palace
Chapter 67:Ten Sky Guards
Chapter 68:Feng Hanyue
Chapter 69:Kill Squad
Chapter 70:First Victory
Chapter 71:Kicking in the hideout
Chapter 72:Bandit Leader
Chapter 73:Slaying a Martial Master of the 7th rank
Chapter 74:Battle points
Chapter 75:Hooded Figure
Chapter 76:Two Choices
Chapter 77:Seventh rank, Holy Martial Art
Chapter 78:Silver Wall Technique
Chapter 79:Super Genius Bei
Chapter 80:Good Bargain
Chapter 81:Intense Competition
Chapter 82:Lord Guanjun
Chapter 83:Future Potential
Chapter 84:Mortal Spiritual Body
Chapter 85:Wish
Chapter 86:Exchanging in Province City
Chapter 87:Training
Chapter 88:Sparring (1)
Chapter 89:Sparring (2)
Chapter 90:Beast Horde
Chapter 91:Beast Horde (2)
Chapter 92:Archery Skills
Chapter 93:Snatching Battle Points again?
Chapter 94:Lord Tier Deadly Beast
Chapter 95:Hooded Figure Appears
Chapter 96:Tip of an iceberg
Chapter 97:First in Battle Points
Chapter 98:Silver Air Barrier
Chapter 99:Banquet
Chapter 100:Unwanted guest
Chapter 101:Betrayal!
Chapter 102:Decision and Departure
Chapter 103:Recommendation Confirmed
Chapter 104:True Talent
Chapter 105:Sky Moon Mountain
Chapter 106:Entering the mountain
Chapter 107:A True Changeable Body
Chapter 108:Mechanism Test
Chapter 109:Illusion Fish
Chapter 110:Bullying the Weak
Chapter 111:8 Great Realms
Chapter 112:Tasks
Chapter 113:Challenging substitute inner disciple
Chapter 114:Grass-Wood Division
Chapter 115:Pill making genius (1)
Chapter 116:Pill making genius (2)
Chapter 117:Start of the Challenge
Chapter 118:Establish Dominance (1)
Chapter 119:Establish Dominance (2)
Chapter 120:Marrow Cleansing Pill
Chapter 121:9th Level of the Silver Wall Technique
Chapter 122:Refining Pills
Chapter 123:Exchange Hall
Chapter 124:Max level
Chapter 125:Crazy Challenge
Chapter 126:Xiao Sun鈥檚 rage
Chapter 127:Sweeping the outer disciples (1)
Chapter 128:Sweeping the outer disciples (2)
Chapter 129:Sweeping the outer disciples (3)
Chapter 130:Top outer disciple
Chapter 131:Extreme Choice
Chapter 132:Lightning Wind Palm
Chapter 133:Beautiful View
Chapter 134:Ran Xiaoyuan
Chapter 135:Ascension
Chapter 136:Awakening (1)
Chapter 137:Awakening (2)
Chapter 138:Start of a Legend
Chapter 139:Inner Disciple
Chapter 140:Inner disciple gathering
Chapter 141:Lightning Wind Palm showing its Power
Chapter 142:Core Disciples
Chapter 143:Heavenly Wind God Technique
Chapter 144:Unsimple mission
Chapter 145:Zhao Feng鈥檚 disappearance
Chapter 146:Lightning Quick Counter attack
Chapter 147:Turning the Tide
Chapter 148:Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave (1)
Chapter 149:Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave (2)
Chapter 150:Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave (3)
Chapter 151:Power of Bloodline
Chapter 152:Success
Chapter 153:Questioning
Chapter 154:Strongest
Chapter 155:Reward
Chapter 156:Scarlet Moon
Chapter 157:Goal Achieved
Chapter 158:9 Twist Golden Wall Technique
Chapter 159:1st Elder鈥檚 pointers
Chapter 160:Luohou Bow
Chapter 161:Floating Crest Competition (1)
Chapter 162:Floating Crest Competition (2)
Chapter 163:Floating Crest Competition (3)
Chapter 164:Floating Crest Palace
Chapter 165:Black Metal Monster
Chapter 166:Critical Temptation
Chapter 167:Interspatial Bracelet
Chapter 168:Sent Flying with One Kick
Chapter 169:Lost Bat Cave
Chapter 170:Mental energy assassination
Chapter 171:Rampage
Chapter 172:Bloodwash
Chapter 173:Victory
Chapter 174:Sky Boundary Island
Chapter 175:Zhao Feng鈥檚 plan
Chapter 176:Mysterious Crystal Tears
Chapter 177:Mysterious Village
Chapter 178:Team up
Chapter 179:Schememing
Chapter 180:Hill of Ice
Chapter 181:Start of the Pursuit
Chapter 182:Last Stage
Chapter 183:Egg
Chapter 184:The last three
Chapter 185:Worsen
Chapter 186:Was killed
Chapter 187:Vine Ocean
Chapter 188:The Trickster Cat
Chapter 189:Breaking the thousand year record
Chapter 190:Zhao Feng exiting (1)
Chapter 191:Zhao Feng exiting (2)
Chapter 192:A bunch of retards
Chapter 193:First Elders鈥 Position
Chapter 194:Zhao Feng confessing his sins
Chapter 195:Lightning Inheritance (1)
Chapter 196:Lightning Inheritance (2)
Chapter 197:Challenging Core disciples (1)
Chapter 198:Challenging Core disciples (2)
Chapter 199:First Clash
Chapter 200:Beyond formidable
Chapter 201:Genius Summit
Chapter 202:The whereabouts of Zhao Yufei
Chapter 203:Slave
Chapter 204:Ancient temple
Chapter 205:Within
Chapter 206:Controlling Heart Technique
Chapter 207:End
Chapter 208:Travels
Chapter 209:Ao Yuetian
Chapter 210:Sparring (1)
Chapter 211:Sparring (2)
Chapter 212:Sparring (3)
Chapter 213:Sparring (4)
Chapter 214:Advice
Chapter 215:Cultivation
Chapter 216:6th level of the Lightning Wind Palm
Chapter 217:Hard Question
Chapter 218:Mysterious Area
Chapter 219:Miser
Chapter 220:Curse of a Hundred Graves
Chapter 221:Flying
Chapter 222:God鈥檚 Spiritual Eye
Chapter 223:Dragon Concealing Lake
Chapter 224:Glorious Appearance
Chapter 225:I didn鈥檛 do it on Purpose
Chapter 226:Black Horse
Chapter 227:Heavenly Absent Eyes
Chapter 228:Three Sword Formation
Chapter 229:Bow and Sword
Chapter 230:Finals
Chapter 231:Bloodline Battle
Chapter 232:Clash of New Stars
Chapter 233:Three Forces
Chapter 234:Who鈥檚 the King (1)
Chapter 235:Who鈥檚 the King (2)
Chapter 236:Who鈥檚 the King (3)
Chapter 237:First (1)
Chapter 238:First (2)
Chapter 239:Highest Reward
Chapter 240:Effect of the Shedding Spiritual Pill
Chapter 241:Nightmare
Chapter 242:Lightning Barrier
Chapter 243:Escape
Chapter 244:The heavens always leave a path
Chapter 245:Tribulation
Chapter 246:Secret Mission
Chapter 247:True Lord Descending
Chapter 248:One peck, One Drink
Chapter 249:Leave
Chapter 250:Great Country (1)
Chapter 251:Great Country (2)
Chapter 252:The Little Thieving Cat鈥檚 price
Chapter 253:Shore
Chapter 254:That鈥檚 right, I鈥檓 a Beast Tamer
Chapter 255:Flooding Lake City
Chapter 256:Behave
Chapter 257:Flooding Lake City Lord
Chapter 258:Bride (1)
Chapter 259:Bride (2)
Chapter 260:Future husband???
Chapter 261:Arranging the Marriage
Chapter 262:Legend of the Eye
Chapter 263:Causing a Ruckus
Chapter 264:Success
Chapter 265:Yun Haiyang
Chapter 266:Continuation
Chapter 267:Mysterious Entrustment
Chapter 268:Take Care of Her for a Moment
Chapter 269:Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan
Chapter 270:Wheel of Light and Darkness
Chapter 271:Complete Plan
Chapter 272:Chaos
Chapter 273:Twenty Breaths
Chapter 274:Ring of Lightning
Chapter 275:Shock
Chapter 276:Fighting a True Spirit Realm Expert
Chapter 277:New True Lord Rank
Chapter 278:Bet
Chapter 279:Sleep (1)
Chapter 280:Sleep (2)
Chapter 281:Water Moon Treasury
Chapter 282:Party
Chapter 283:A Bunch of Retards
Chapter 284:Water Moon Cave
Chapter 285:Drunken God Perfume
Chapter 286:Purple Bronze Giant Coffin
Chapter 287:Entering
Chapter 288:Water Moon Four Treasures
Chapter 289:Battle of Hundred Flowers
Chapter 290:Fight of Hundred Flowers (1)
Chapter 291:Plan
Chapter 292:Turning the tables
Chapter 294:Reaping the Rewards
Chapter 295:Against the horde (1)
Chapter 296:Against the horde (2)
Chapter 297:Against the horde (3)
Chapter 298:Water Moon Pirate
Chapter 299:Cut off one arm
Chapter 300:Mysterious Empress Qin
Chapter 301:Rising Dragon Auction
Chapter 302:Auction (1)
Chapter 303:Auction (2)
Chapter 304:Auction (3)
Chapter 305:Auction (4)
Chapter 306:Empress Qin
Chapter 307-Calculation From a Hundred Years Ago
Chapter 308-Grand Elder
Chapter 309-Balance
Chapter 310-Agreement
Chapter 311-Tiemo鈥檚 Decision
Chapter 312-True Spirit Realm (1)
Chapter 313-True Spirit Realm (2)
Chapter 314-True Spirit Realm (3)
Chapter 315-Chapter Leader exiting seclusion
Chapter 316-Slaying True Spirit Realm
Chapter 317-The Chapter Leader鈥檚 Order
Chapter 318-Chopping off Another Arm
Chapter 319-Tian Yunzhi
Chapter 320-Strength Consolidation
Chapter 321-Shocking the Thousand Water (1)
Chapter 322-Shocking the Thousand Water (2)
Chapter 323-Six Warlock Divine Sage (1)
Chapter 324-Six Warlock Divine Sage (2)
Chapter 325-Retracing back to the Ancestor
Chapter 326-Pre-ordered Spots
Chapter 327-The Great Country鈥檚 Most Powerful Bloodline
Chapter 328-The ball of Ice Soul
Chapter 329-Moment of Awakening
Chapter 330-The Ten Strong
Chapter 331-Eye of Ice Soul
Chapter 332-Number One in the Great Country (1)
Chapter 333-First in the Great Country (2)
Chapter 334-Number One of the Country (2)
Chapter 335-Preparations
Chapter 336-Eye of Death
Chapter 337-Northern Star Stand
Chapter 338-Gathering of Stars (1)
Chapter 339-Gathering of Stars (2)
Chapter 340-Gathering of Stars (3)
Chapter 341-Mo Tianyi鈥檚 Comment
Chapter 342-The Five Overwhelming Prodigies
Chapter 343-Reappearance of the God Eye
Chapter 344-Ancient Arena
Chapter 345-Battle of Five Zones
Chapter 346-The First Battle
Chapter 347-Eye Bloodline Family
Chapter 348-Inheritance Shadowings
Chapter 349-Zhao Feng鈥檚 Thoughts
Chapter 350-Picking a Fight
Chapter 351-Copying Secret Technique
Chapter 352-Flaming Eye鈥檚 Power
Chapter 353-The Overwhelming Prodigy鈥檚 Challenge
Chapter 354-Done for Someone Else
Chapter 355-Admit Defeat?
Chapter 356-As You Wish
Chapter 357-Against the Prodigy (1)
Chapter 358-Against the Prodigy (2)
Chapter 359-End
Chapter 360-Losing Control
Chapter 361-No Rules
Chapter 362-Dragon Blessing Six Strong
Chapter 363-Dual Skies of Ice and Fire
Chapter 364 -Teamwork
Chapter 365-Pushing Towards the True Mystic Rank
Chapter 366-Yu Tianhao!
Chapter 367-Success
Chapter 368-Fighting an Overwhelming Prodigy again
Chapter 369-Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
Chapter 370-New Overwhelming Prodigy
Chapter 371-The Goddess鈥 Hug
Chapter 372-The Dao Sovereign鈥檚 Secret
Chapter 373-Let go of Brother Zhao Feng!!
Chapter 374-Looking Down from the Clouds
Chapter 375-Comprehension
Chapter 376-One Move is Enough
Chapter 377-Fall of an Overwhelming Prodigy
Chapter 378-True Dragon Geniuses
Chapter 379-Transferring across Space
Chapter 380-Choice
Chapter 381-Crushed by One Foot
Chapter 382-Inheritance Connection
Chapter 383-Seven Sword Inheritance
Chapter 384-Zhao Feng鈥檚 Killing Intent
Chapter 385-Xin Wuheng鈥檚 Secret
Chapter 386-Pushed Aside
Chapter 387-Unknown Inheritance
Chapter 388-Purple Saint Ruins (1)
Chapter 389-Purple Saint Ruins (2)
Chapter 390-Steal
Chapter 391-Black Cliff Palace
Chapter 392-Sent Flying
Chapter 393-Powerful Combination
Chapter 394-Death
Chapter 395-Dark Light Ghost Eye
Chapter 396-Looking Down
Chapter 397-Pure Moon Spiritual Sect
Chapter 398-Canyon
Chapter 399-Betrayal!
Chapter 400-Breakthrough
Chapter 401-Ancient Giant Scorpion
Chapter 402-The Little Thieving Cat鈥檚 Plan
Chapter 403-Feeding the Corpses
Chapter 404-Professional Finder
Chapter 405-Scorpion Younglings
Chapter 406-Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye
Chapter 407-Waiting for a Pie to drop from the Sky
Chapter 408-Sitting
Chapter 409-Blocking the Way
Chapter 410-Trade
Chapter 411-Bait Kill Fail
Chapter 412-The Legendary Continent
Chapter 413-Towering Tree Yao
Chapter 414-Zhuang Wan鈥檈r
Chapter 415-Fall of a True Lord Rank
Chapter 416-One Arrow to Seal the Result
Chapter 417-Bait Killing a True Lord Rank
Chapter 418-Increase in Cultivation
Chapter 419-Suspicion
Chapter 420-Step after step of danger
Chapter 421-Zhao Yufei鈥檚 voice
Chapter 422-Purple Saint Partial Spirit
Chapter 423-Zhao Feng鈥檚 Mission
Chapter 424-A Wolf wearing the skin of a Sheep
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Chapter 752:Heavenly Dao
To the bottom
Chapter 1: Rebirth
Chapter 2: Soul Contract
Chapter 3: Unexpected Visitors
Chapter 4: His First Friend
Chapter 5: You鈥渞e A Boy?
Chapter 6: Younger Brother
Chapter 7: Three Years Later
Chapter 8: Admission Test
Chapter 9: Courtyard 1009
Chapter 10: Qi Lightning
Chapter 11: You Tricked Me?!
Chapter 12: Infamy
Chapter 13: Erased
Chapter 14: Shenyuan
Chapter 15: Pill Distribution Day
Chapter 16: Return to Riluo City
Chapter 17: The Unknown Expert
Chapter 18: Black Market Auction House
Chapter 19: The Great Sin
Chapter 20: Giving Face
Chapter 21: The Strength of a Saint Ranked Expert
Chapter 22: Watermill
Chapter 23: Soul Fusion
Chapter 24: Transforming Weapons
Chapter 25: Zhong Fai
Chapter 26: Father
Chapter 27: Secrets
Chapter 28: Confrontation
Chapter 29: Karma
Chapter 30: Dancing Qi Pillar
Chapter 31: The Tournament Begins!
Chapter 32: The First Fight
Chapter 33: Apology
Chapter 34: An Unlikely Opponent
Chapter 35: Wood Affinity
Chapter 36: Unwavering Determination
Chapter 37: Group Two
Chapter 38: Right Hand Man
Chapter 39: The Final Eight
Chapter 40: Shadowbird
Chapter 41: Despair
Chapter 42: Four High Ranked Attacks
Chapter 43: Revenge
Chapter 44: Disqualified?
Chapter 45: The Final Match
Chapter 46: First Blood
Chapter 47: Keep My Secret
Chapter 48: They Are Back
Chapter 49: Black Blood
Chapter 50: Divine Flowers
Chapter 51: A True Treasure
Chapter 52: Towards the Magic Forest
Chapter 53: Returning Home
Chapter 54: Morning Hunt
Chapter 55: Unwanted Guests
Chapter 56: Crusaders
Chapter 57: Into the Magical Forest
Chapter 58: Reinforcement
Chapter 59: The Price for Survival
Chapter 60: Stalking
Chapter 61: The Three Beast Sisters
Chapter 62: The Outside World
Chapter 63: Lady or Beast?
Chapter 64: Bathtub Trouble
Chapter 65: Cat Fight
Chapter 66: Displeasure
Chapter 67: Strange Occurrences
Chapter 68: Assassins
Chapter 69: Is it a Test?
Chapter 70: The Birthday
Chapter 71: Unknown Future
Chapter 72: I Trust Him
Chapter 73: The Green Pearl
Chapter 74: Food with Iron
Chapter 75: The Mansion
Chapter 76: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Chapter 77: Silent Raven
Chapter 78: To Trade Information
Chapter 79: Old Beardy Makes His Move
Chapter 80: Elemental Affinity
Chapter 81: Delay in the Plans
Chapter 82: Plea for Help
Chapter 83: Spiritual Arts
Chapter 84: Syncing Elemental Affinities
Chapter 85: Friends
Chapter 86: Shui Wu
Chapter 87: Asking for Assistance
Chapter 88: Fire
Chapter 89: Frozen Brigade
Chapter 90: It Begins
Chapter 91: Battlefield
Chapter 92: The Strength of a Necromancer
Chapter 93: The Secret is Out
Chapter 94: Departure
Chapter 95: The Trial
Chapter 96: The Cliff
Chapter 97: The Maze
Chapter 98: Entering Another World
Chapter 99: Children
Chapter 100: Laws
Chapter 101: Village
Chapter 102: The City Lord
Chapter 103: Being a Guest
Chapter 104: Dried Strips of Meat
Chapter 105: Understanding the Basics
Chapter 106: The Tunnels
Chapter 107: Wolf
Chapter 108: Poppies
Chapter 109: Soul Shadows
Chapter 110: Stone Chamber
Chapter 111: Refining Bone Marrow
Chapter 112: Impatience
Chapter 113: The Dragon Corps
Chapter 114: Battle in the Tunnels
Chapter 115: The Road of a Primal Law
Chapter 116: The Path I Take
Chapter 117: King of the Forest
Chapter 118: One Week Past
Chapter 119: Farewell, Oh King of the Forest!

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