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Chapter 733:Space Maze
Chapter 393 - floor in the war of independence
Chapter 734:Blinded by Greed
Chapter 394 - a face of love
Chapter 735:Great-Grandson
Chapter 395 - to start!
Chapter 736:Enlightened
Chapter 396 - Shen Ming VS prophet
Chapter 737:Three Trials
Chapter 397 - food of the same kind
Chapter 738:First Trial
Chapter 398 - Nilin evolution!
Chapter 739:Nightmare
Chapter 399 - sudden An Qi
Chapter 740:The Ten Great Demons
Chapter 400 - call me wife again
Chapter 741:Here They Are
Chapter 401 - half of God's concert
Chapter 742:Blood Prince
Chapter 402 - Black science and Technology Seminar
Chapter 743:Frightening Opponent
Chapter 403 - my task
Chapter 744:Cocooned
Chapter 404 - mouse sister
Chapter 745:Ling Bing鈥檈r
Chapter 405 - Fashion Queen
Chapter 746:Mission
Chapter 406 - Similarly afflicted people pity each other.
Chapter 747:Manor Lord
Chapter 407 - Private custom
Chapter 748:Talented Youngster
Chapter 408 - to the enemy
Chapter 749:Spiraling Coral
Chapter 409 - Mr. Zhu ant troops
Chapter 750:Potential
Chapter 410 - new recruits
Chapter 751:Rong Ming
Chapter 411 - ant test
Chapter 412 - a mix of fashion circles
Chapter 413 - driving the wolf
Chapter 414 - hunting traps
Chapter 415 - to steal the body
Chapter 416 - tasting underwear
Chapter 417 - dinergate
Chapter 418 - overbearing female president kiss
Chapter 419 - Yuezhan
Chapter 420 - fired
Chapter 421 - 100% of anger
Chapter 422 - don't force me to kill
Chapter 423 - soldiers killing of order
Chapter 424 - Deadly games
Chapter 425 - out
Chapter 426 - Sewer battle
Chapter 427 - the great escape
Chapter 428 - shame party
Chapter 429 - Shen Ming Natasha VS
Chapter 430 - Shen Yan Kai.
Chapter 431 - turn the enemy into love
Chapter 432 - Science ant
Chapter 433 - escape from the day of birth
Chapter 434 - quotdefective love
Chapter 435 - Science ant strange!
Chapter 436 - the battle of the iron tower
Chapter 437 - Nilin war strange ant
Chapter 438 - don't mess with me, half god kill
Chapter 439 - sister reunion
Chapter 440 - how to quickly spend 1 billion
Chapter 441 - the ultimate instructors
Chapter 442 - first assists
Chapter 443 - Designation bawanghua
Chapter 444 - literary soldiers, collection!
Chapter 445 - Hell training camp
Chapter 446 - bawanghua camp.
Chapter 447 - training all hell
Chapter 448 - hanging from the Southeast
Chapter 449 - men and women with bath shame training
Chapter 450 - Midnight armed cross country
Chapter 451 - to develop your professional
Chapter 452 - the greedy wolf Tengu
Chapter 453 - because of stupid.
Chapter 454 - King bud
Chapter 555 - dong!
Chapter 456 - glazed, self-help!
Chapter 457 - wilderness survival
Chapter 458 - don't abandon yourself
Chapter 459 - no one can say about.
Chapter 460 - torture training
Chapter 461 - overlord flower VS blues all?!
Chapter 462 - lost man female King
Chapter 463 - 10000 meters jump
Chapter 464 - Double wolf bucket
Chapter 465 - an endless enjoyment VS torrent tank company
Chapter 466 - who says women are inferior to men?
Chapter 467 - crowned king VS ultimate instructor
Chapter 468 - double base merger
Chapter 469 - battlefield elves
Chapter 470 - the death of a cliff
Chapter 471 - Tengu counterattack
Chapter 6 - 472 to 300 war
Chapter 473 - the soul
Chapter 474 - hunting Zhao grandpa
Chapter 475 - Nao soldiers
Chapter 476 - the Red Army Express
Chapter 477 - 7 divisions in 1 Shen Ming
Chapter 478 - to the grandfather of a gun
Chapter 479 - injury parting
Chapter 480 - Shen mansion!
Chapter 481 - do not take medicine also Meng Meng da!
Chapter nineteenth - 482 generations of home owners
Chapter 483 - kill the casualties of livestock
Chapter 484 - Feng Jiayin.
Chapter 485 - the search for von three aunt
Chapter 486 - the moment of life tonight
Chapter three - 487 inch Jin Liandu
Chapter 488 - Fairy sister, invincible sword
Chapter 489 - Beauty master
Chapter 490 - Fairy down the mountain
Chapter 491 - bastard Jin
Chapter 492 - freedom of love
Chapter 493 - dirty world
Chapter 494 - train at
Chapter 495 - table bucket stick
Chapter 496 - Warhawk
Chapter 497 - bamboo kill array
Chapter 498 - Feng Ni Lin will interest
Chapter 499 - water flooding
Chapter 500 - night wedding festivities
Chapter 501 - shenzhai catastrophe
Chapter three - 502 female war
Chapter 503 - like sleeping on her!
Chapter 504 - a three.
Chapter 505 - if I go out and marry you
Chapter 506 - stealth Feng Jia Shan
Chapter 507 - Xiang Ge banquet
Chapter 508 - third VS thousand feet
Chapter 509 - the sale of Miss von home
Chapter 510 - step into heaven and earth
Chapter 511 - war brother-in-law brother-in-law
Chapter 512 - the best in all the land
Chapter 513 - the greatest hero in the world
Chapter 514 - an enemy two hundred
Chapter 515 - Fuji Taiwan battle
Chapter 516 - Feng Jia Fuzion
Chapter 517 - Feng Quan out of prison
Chapter 518 - Feng Quan to thousand feet, the ultimate human
Chapter 519 - the birth of a new home
Chapter 520 - Wan's love triangle
Chapter 521 - Prison demon
Chapter 522 - BOSS debut
Chapter 523 - Prison Break
Chapter 524 - wealth Empire - GOD fund
Chapter 525 - the puppet of God
Chapter 526 - by the pit
Chapter 527 - commissioned by the death of the
Chapter 528 - go to Sicily
Chapter 529 - Sicily gangsters
Chapter 530 - Hua Zi strong dog
Chapter 531 - Surface strongest sniper
Chapter 532 - shuban gun
Chapter 533 - justice area, Beacon Street
Chapter 534 - counter attack
Chapter 535 - except me, only God can save
Chapter 536 - and shame
Chapter 537 - fight to win or die
Chapter 538 - Assault Beacon Street
Chapter 539 - Master.
Chapter 540 - father lesson
Chapter 541 - it is the way to go.
Chapter 542 - a life for a life
Chapter 543 - death for me to see!
Chapter 544 - half of the God of the scam
Chapter 545 - good and evil
Chapter 546 - Battle of the half god
Chapter 547 - London, London
Chapter 548 - escape in the BOSS
Chapter 549 - Pet Pet
Chapter 550 - psychological warfare against BOSS
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Chapter 330:Conversion Lord
To the bottom
Chapter 1:Arrival of Black Iron Age
Chapter 2:National Male Middle School
Chapter 3:Fight
Chapter 4:Fighting Back
Chapter 5:Hit-Plane Brotherhood
Chapter 6:Blackhot City
Chapter 7:Commercial Area and Grocery Store
Chapter 8:Mental Arithmetic by Abacus
Chapter 9:The Attic
Chapter 10:Benefits of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood
Chapter 11:Fool鈥檚 Gold
Chapter 12:Mysterious Object
Chapter 13:Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 14:Attributes
Chapter 15:Red Scarf Burglars
Chapter 16:Re-entering the Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 17:Growing Up
Chapter 18:This Is My World
Chapter 19:New Target
Chapter 20:Ambitions of the Youth
Chapter 21:Orphanage
Chapter 22:Land Reclamation
Chapter 23:The Poor Lord
Chapter 24:Merit Value
Chapter 25:Belief
Chapter 26:What Would You Do in Front of a Red-Scarf Burglar
Chapter 27:Feel No Regret
Chapter 28:Rewards from Captain Kerlin
Chapter 29:Molesting a Beauty
Chapter 30:The First Close Encounter with the Upper-Class Society
Chapter 31:It Might Be Good
Chapter 32:Mysterious Knowledge
Chapter 33:Human Body Energy
Chapter 34:Bloody-Scorpion Fighter
Chapter 35:Realization
Chapter 36:Come on, Baby
Chapter 37:It Depends on Your Attitude
Chapter 38:An Inevitable Life
Chapter 39:A Bloody Case Arisen from Several Plates
Chapter 40:Plot and Rat Poison
Chapter 41:The Vicious Rule of Human Nature
Chapter 42:Collision
Chapter 43:Patience
Chapter 44:Ignition of the Shrine Burning Point
Chapter 45:Midnight Massacre
Chapter 46:We鈥檙e Brothers
Chapter 47:The Mysterious Number Sequence
Chapter 48:Preemptive Move
Chapter 49:An Influential Figure
Chapter 50:A Sword from Dad
Chapter 51:Blood Sense
Chapter 52:The Last Virgin
Chapter 53:Effects of the Iron Body Fruit
Chapter 54:The First Time
Chapter 55:Caught
Chapter 56:A Wise Fight
Chapter 57:A Test Concerning Life and Death
Chapter 58:A Huge Plot
Chapter 59:A Miraculous Reversal
Chapter 60:The Last Day of School
Chapter 61:Luck
Chapter 62:Trouble
Chapter 63:Fruit of Brilliance
Chapter 64:Human Calculator
Chapter 65:Preparations Before the Survival Training
Chapter 66:The Lord and the Big Event
Chapter 67:Starting Off
Chapter 68:The Beginning of the Survival Training
Chapter 69:A Disgusting and Terrifying Thing
Chapter 70:Wild Wolf Valley
Chapter 71:Base and Dreams
Chapter 72:Setting Traps
Chapter 73:Becoming a Miner
Chapter 74:I Like Women
Chapter 75:You Will Get Nothing From Me
Chapter 76:Achievements
Chapter 77:Golden Threadfin Bream
Chapter 78:Trap Game
Chapter 79:Being A Bit Famous
Chapter 80:Skyrocketing Basic Energy Storage
Chapter 81:The Storm in Blackhot City
Chapter 82:Physical Limit Breakthrough
Chapter 83:Attack of the Wild Wolves
Chapter 84:A Life and Death Situation
Chapter 85:Surviving the Wild Wolves鈥 Attack
Chapter 86:Waking Up
Chapter 87:The Most Valuable Thing
Chapter 88:Iron-Blood Fist
Chapter 89:Secret Knowledge and Angel
Chapter 90:Sharing Good Things
Chapter 91:A Surprise from the Small Tree
Chapter 92:Trouble-Reappearance Fruit
Chapter 93:Marching Onwards
Chapter 94:Prelude
Chapter 95:Making Trouble
Chapter 96:A Small Figure鈥檚 Selfishness
Chapter 97:Framed
Chapter 98:Smart Argument
Chapter 99:Verbal Defense
Chapter 100:A Complete Success
Chapter 101:A Tongue Can Break Bones
Chapter 102:A Crazy Campaign
Chapter 103:A Big Harvest
Chapter 104:A Great Shock
Chapter 105:Becoming More and More Handsome
Chapter 106:Being A Bestseller
Chapter 107:Secret Exposed
Chapter 108:Barbarian Lifestyle in the Mining Cave
Chapter 109:Big Blessing Skill
Chapter 110:Inheritance of Mysterious Knowledge
Chapter 111:The Enlightener
Chapter 112:Natural-born, Damn Priest
Chapter 113:A Personal Decision
Chapter 114:Loner
Chapter 115:Awakening
Chapter 116:Getting Equipped with Lances
Chapter 117:A Fierce Counterattack
Chapter 118:Wisdom and Determination
Chapter 119:You are All My Babies
Chapter 120:One Arrow for Three Birds
Chapter 121:Disbandment of Male Lion Association
Chapter 122:Getting Rid of the Shackles
Chapter 123:An Accidental Encounter
Chapter 124:What You Heard Might Not Be True
Chapter 125:End of the Resentment
Chapter 126:Scheme Exposed
Chapter 127:Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit
Chapter 128:First Space and Terrain Creation
Chapter 129:A Life or Death Situation
Chapter 130:Being Highly Appreciated
Chapter 131:A Wind-Like Youth
Chapter 132:An Unexpected Accident in The Trouble-reappearance Scene
Chapter 133:Searching for the Sharp Item
Chapter 134:Marching to the Crescent Prairie
Chapter 135:Saving People
Chapter 136:An Almost Death
Chapter 137:You are Cute
Chapter 138:Wolf Pack Howling at the Full Moons
Chapter 139:Relaxing
Chapter 140:The Booming of the Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit
Chapter 141:Fishing
Chapter 142:Burying You
Chapter 143:Before the Arrival of Turmoil
Chapter 144:Iron Flow
Chapter 145:The War Broke Out
Chapter 146:Arrival of the Turmoil
Chapter 147:Prelude to a Chaotic World
Chapter 148:Being Ready
Chapter 149:Growing Up
Chapter 150:To Take Revenge
Chapter 151:Returning to Blackhot City
Chapter 152:Murdering People with Others" Hands
Chapter 153:Dark Prison
Chapter 154:A Dragon Driven Mad
Chapter 155:Reversal
Chapter 156:Those Looked upon by the Battle God
Chapter 157:You"ve Been Recruited
Chapter 158:Iron-Blood Second Lieutenant
Chapter 159:Clothes Make a Man
Chapter 160:The Super-Heavy Battle Sword
Chapter 161:Returning Home
Chapter 162:Basic Aura Yeast
Chapter 163:Fruit of the Creator
Chapter 164:Circumcision
Chapter 165:A Gift to Donder
Chapter 166:Duel
Chapter 167:It"s Yours
Chapter 168:Ugly Stone
Chapter 169:News about the Holy War
Chapter 170:Preparations
Chapter 171:Rules of the Iron-Blood Camp
Chapter 172:Being Accepted
Chapter 173:Hierarchy Exists Everywhere
Chapter 174:Mummy"s Prowess
Chapter 175:The Secret of Martyrdom
Chapter 176:Sodor"s Tragedy
Chapter 177:Assassination
Chapter 178:Alive
Chapter 179:Fish in Turmoil
Chapter 180:A Performance and Orphanage"s Troubles
Chapter 181:Relief
Chapter 182:A Kind Heart is Most Precious
Chapter 183:Alice"s Tears
Chapter 184:Sincerity and Toxin-Resistance Fruit
Chapter 185:Remodeling Plan for the Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 186:Purchasing Materials
Chapter 187:Golden Roc Bank
Chapter 188:Trading
Chapter 189:Samira"s Backer
Chapter 190:Hard Work
Chapter 191:Sharwin"s Home Affairs
Chapter 192:Growing up in Suffering
Chapter 193:Tempted by Beauties
Chapter 194:I Don"t Cheat Women
Chapter 195:Able to Stand It and Not
Chapter 196:An Industrious Gardener
Chapter 197:A Mad Youthhood
Chapter 198:Back in the Fighting Club
Chapter 199:After visiting the Fighting Club
Chapter 200:Thank You, But I Hate You
Chapter 201:Revenge
Chapter 202:Master Abyan
Chapter 203:Improvements in the Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 204:Agreement
Chapter 205:Leaving Blackhot City
Chapter 206:Arrival at Kalur
Chapter 207:The First Battle
Chapter 208:The Fight
Chapter 209:I Am Shameless
Chapter 210:Muling
Chapter 211:Revenge and Booty
Chapter 212:One-Hundred People Down
Chapter 213:Restlessness
Chapter 214:Black Feathers Regiment
Chapter 215:Heavily Wounded
Chapter 216:The Alleged Life or Death
Chapter 217:First Lieutenant Director
Chapter 218:Re-entering the Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 219:Fruit of Judgment
Chapter 220:Redemption
Chapter 221:The Binding Skill
Chapter 222:The Value of Knowledge
Chapter 223:Female Tenant and Earthworms
Chapter 224:Chevli
Chapter 225:Setting Free Earthworms
Chapter 226:The Most Popular Person in Chevli
Chapter 227:The Fall of the Curtain of Science
Chapter 228:Alchemists and Secret Police
Chapter 229:Learning
Chapter 230:Crisis in Paradise
Chapter 231:Abducted
Chapter 232:Unexpected
Chapter 233:Chop You to Feed Dogs
Chapter 234:Mercy and Tactics
Chapter 235:Hatchet Men and Lackeys
Chapter 236:An Encounter
Chapter 237:Choices
Chapter 238:A New Attempt
Chapter 239:Preliminary Recovery Body
Chapter 240:Weird
Chapter 241:Mist
Chapter 242:In the Arsenal
Chapter 243:Red-Snake Sword
Chapter 244:Carnival
Chapter 245:An Elder from Zhang Clan
Chapter 246:The Effect of the Mutated Yeast
Chapter 247:The Start of the Carnival
Chapter 248:Trap and Honor
Chapter 249:Pulling out the Sword
Chapter 250:The Bloody Way
Chapter 251:Junkmen in the War Zone
Chapter 252:Return to Kalur
Chapter 253:Shocking News
Chapter 254:Shocking News II
Chapter 255:Spiritual Being
Chapter 256:A Familiar Person
Chapter 257:The Prelude of the Climax
Chapter 258:Dreaming to be an Alchemist
Chapter 259:Heller and His Subordinates
Chapter 260:Clearing Up Doubts
Chapter 261:A New Ability
Chapter 262:News
Chapter 263:Home Affair
Chapter 264:On the Way Back
Chapter 264:On the Way Back
Chapter 265:Fight in the Air
Chapter 266:Fight in the Air II
Chapter 267:Loulan City
Chapter 268:Promotion and Arrival
Chapter 269:Zhang Clan
Chapter 270:Hidden Dragon Palace
Chapter 271:It Sounds Great
Chapter 272:Relatives
Chapter 273:A Trip at Sea
Chapter 274:Newbie
Chapter 275:The First Pass in the Secular World
Chapter 276:The Secret of Battle Qi
Chapter 277:A Good Practice in the Sea
Chapter 278:A Good Practice in the Sea II
Chapter 279:Gamble
Chapter 280:To be the Public Enemy of Girls
Chapter 281:A Discovery
Chapter 282:Test
Chapter 283:Being Eye-Catching
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Chapter 284:Being Outstanding
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Chapter 285:A New Year
To the bottom
Chapter 286:Dragon Cave
Chapter 1 - return to the juvenile
Chapter 287:Mamma Mia
Chapter 2 - ginger Churan
Chapter 288:Freak
Chapter 3 - the realm of practice
Chapter 289:Entering the Breaking Heaven Department
Chapter 4 - void refining body formula
Chapter 290:Dreaming of Becoming an Alchemist
Chapter 5 - martial arts master?
Chapter 291:Lay a Solid Foundation
Chapter 6 - leaf blade wounding
Chapter 292:Curriculum
Chapter 7 - Dan Dan
Chapter 293:Use the Dead as a Mirror
Chapter 8 - ginger Churan bestie
Chapter 294:Yaksha in the Sea
Chapter 9 - former enemies
Chapter 295:Preparations
Chapter 10 - Royal entertainment KTV
Chapter 296:Collision
Chapter 11 - week ho-sky!
Chapter 297:I鈥檓 Long
Chapter 12 - Chen Fan
Chapter 298:Demons were Found
Chapter 13 - Jiangbei Wei Jia
Chapter 299:Strange Solution
Chapter 14 - Wei heart

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