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Chapter 108-Secret Talk in the Dark of Night
Chapter 392 - he is a myth!
Chapter 109-I鈥檓 the Mediator
Chapter 393 - Taiyuan fruit
Chapter 110-For the Sake of the People
Chapter 394 - return to the Jinling
Chapter 111-An Invitation to Dinner
Chapter 395 - chen fan of the weight
Chapter 112-Exchanging Titles
Chapter 396 - family gathered
Chapter 113-Two Tender Encounters
Chapter 397 - large and small Yanjing
Chapter 114-Battle for Kingship
Chapter 398 - kneel down!
Chapter 115-Training Before the Competition
Chapter 399 - with the world as the enemy?
Chapter 116-Bombardment
Chapter 400 - with him, thirty years!
Chapter 117-Avoiding The Sharp Edge
Chapter 401 - foot stepped jinling!
Chapter 118-The Competition Begins
Chapter 402 - you cannot afford to offend him
Chapter 119-Winning the First Battle
Chapter 403 - Chen family doubts
Chapter 120-Pursuing a Retreating Enemy
Chapter 121-An Outlook Far From Good
Chapter 404 - Chen Beixuan legend
Chapter 122-Dauntless Attack
Chapter 405 - what is a myth?
Chapter 123-Battle Cry of the Dragon and Phoenix
Chapter 406 - I was a fairy
Chapter 124-The Future is a Foregone Conclusion
Chapter 407 - the cultivation of the road
Chapter 125-Joining the Banquet
Chapter 408 - boiling dark world
Chapter 126-Excellent Fruit Wine
Chapter 409 - travel to Russia
Chapter 127-Rolling like a Bottle Gourd
Chapter 410 - the giant Qi to
Chapter 128-Wounding Hai Shui鈥檚 Heart
Chapter 411 - meet!
Chapter 129-Displaying Heartfelt Love
Chapter 412 - behind the dark
Chapter 130鈥揌ard to Refuse
Chapter 413 - over this line, die!
Chapter 131鈥揌ai Ri鈥檚 Anger
Chapter 414 - one after another shot
Chapter 132鈥揈mbracing Mu Zi
Chapter 415 - an enemy three
Chapter 133鈥揂 Compassionate Breakfast
Chapter 416 - together on it!
Chapter 134鈥揂 Brutal Plan
Chapter 417 - step by step!
Chapter 135鈥揘egotiating Suitable Conditions
Chapter 418 - invincible! Invincible! Invincible!
Chapter 136鈥揂bnormal Tournament
Chapter 419 - winter is coming
Chapter 137鈥揚reparing for the Journey
Chapter 420 - the dark
Chapter 138鈥揌eart Breaking Confession
Chapter 421 - Snow Wolf
Chapter 139鈥揂 Pair of Puppets
Chapter 422 - to a hundred!
Chapter 140鈥揈nlightening Ma Ke
Chapter 423 - the true realm of God
Chapter 141鈥揌ai Yue鈥檚 Apology
Chapter 424 - God of war!
Chapter 142鈥揂rriving in Forest Dragon
Chapter 425 - kill the undead?
Chapter 143鈥揚rovoking a Defeated Opponent
Chapter 426 - step day chopper!
Chapter 144鈥揇ual Academy Withdrawal
Chapter 145鈥揂 Man鈥檚 Sorrows3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/89/17318.html||Chapter 427 - back
Chapter 428 - Chen Beixuan's death?
Chapter 146鈥揟he Tournament Begins
Chapter 147鈥揈ffortless Victory3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/89/17322.html||Chapter 429 - one year later
Chapter 148鈥揝uffering Heavy Casualties
Chapter 430 - Revenge of the beginning
Chapter 149鈥揗a Ke鈥檚 Crisis
Chapter 431 - all the way to kill
Chapter 150鈥揊acing the Enemy Alone
Chapter 432 - Wan Jun before
Chapter 151鈥揕ife鈥檚 Flame
Chapter 433 - not to kill, will be invincible!
Chapter 152鈥揟he Holy Sword Awakens
Chapter 434 - a thousand miles to kill
Chapter 153鈥揂 New Understanding
Chapter 435 - he's back.
Chapter 154鈥揜eturn to the Capital
Chapter 436 - Road
Chapter 155鈥揗ysterious Guiding Female Qi
Chapter 437 - The whole army was wiped out.
Chapter 156鈥揜eturning to Class
Chapter second - 438 in the realm of God?
Chapter 157鈥揃itterness Ends, Sweetness Begins
Chapter 439 - the strange sword
Chapter 158鈥揂 Love Faithful to the End
Chapter 440 - a blow against the enemy!
Chapter 159鈥揟eacher鈥檚 Summons
Chapter 441 - you!
Chapter 160鈥揜eturning to Xiao Jin鈥檚 Home
Chapter 442 - to russia!
Chapter 161鈥揗u Zi Leaves
Chapter 443 - return to China
Chapter 162鈥揗agical Groom Recruitment
Chapter 444 - A Chen
Chapter 163鈥揗eddling in Others鈥橞usiness
Chapter 445 - I'm back.
Chapter 164鈥揜egret
Chapter 446 - to the door
Chapter 165鈥揙nwards to Dragon Valley
Chapter 447 - the sword
Chapter 166鈥揊lying into Dragon Valley
Chapter 448 - Tanzhi Liansha
Chapter 167鈥揑鈥檓 Out of Luck
Chapter 449 - the death of old friends
Chapter 168鈥揇ragon King
Chapter 450 - cut Jiangbei do not return sheath!
Chapter 169鈥揦iao Jin鈥檚 Family
Chapter 451 - things went to the wind
Chapter 170鈥揟he Dragon鈥檚 Conditions
Chapter 452 - daylight
Chapter 171鈥揘aming Dragons
Chapter 453 - the shock of the south of the Yangtze River
Chapter 172鈥揃acked by the Dragons
Chapter 454 - Goodbye Fang Qiong
Chapter 173鈥揟he Holy Sword鈥檚 Handle
Chapter 455 - to settle down3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/87/25414.html||Chapter 174鈥揟he Dragon鈥檚 Gift
Chapter 456 - class sisters
Chapter 175鈥揥arm Familial Love
Chapter 457 - Northwest Fu Jia
Chapter 176鈥揜eturning to the Academy
Chapter 458 - great courage!
Chapter 177鈥揔e Zha鈥檚 Succession
Chapter 459 - he is Chen fan?
Chapter 178鈥揂ssassin in the Palace
Chapter 460 - the sword!
Chapter 179鈥揊orbidden Light of Eternal Recovery
Chapter 461 - the majesty of the divine realm!
Chapter 180鈥揟he Heart Bleeds
Chapter 462 - an account
Chapter 181鈥揗y Decision
Chapter 463 - the God list?
Chapter 182鈥揓ail Break Success
Chapter 464 - into the sea!
Chapter 183鈥揗u Zi鈥檚 Identity
Chapter 465 - game looming
Chapter 466 - the secret of one hundred years
Chapter 184鈥揟he Past Vanishing Like the Wind
Chapter 467 - Prince ye?
Chapter 185鈥揟he Truth of the Assassination
Chapter 468 - the board of directors
Chapter 186鈥揃ehind Bars
Chapter 469 - the real prince?
Chapter 187鈥揟he Demon Race Invades
Chapter 470 - the general trend has become
Chapter 188鈥揜ecovering Magic Power3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/89/17407.html||Chapter 471 - he's coming!
Chapter 189鈥揈scaping from the Abyss3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/89/17409.html||Chapter 472 - Palm shoot dead
Chapter 190鈥揊inale鈥揝orrowful Parting
Chapter 473 - a monstrous power, when the people!
Chapter 191鈥揇emon Race Invasion-The Village in th
Chapter 474 - Lost Sword Master
Chapter 192鈥揃izarre Village
Chapter 475 - one person pressure in the sea!
Chapter 193鈥揂nother Encounter with God鈥檚 Light
Chapter 476 - the top of the sea
Chapter 194鈥揌eavenly Spring鈥檚 Divine Vein
Chapter 477 - one hundred years of divine habitat
Chapter 195鈥揟he Sword Saint鈥檚 Holy Sword
Chapter 478 - Kunlun, Ye Qing cang!
Chapter 196鈥揋od鈥檚 Village
Chapter 479 disciple, Swami!
Chapter 197鈥揑ncrease in Strength
After the 480 chapter - the aftermath
Chapter 198鈥揗agic Crystal
Chapter 481 - Snow shrine?
Chapter 199鈥揢nexpected Monster Attacks
Chapter 482 - kneel down to apologize?
Chapter 483 - no3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/87/25644.html||Chapter 200鈥揜eunited with Zhan Hu
Chapter 484 - reentry Medicine Valley
Chapter 201鈥揅ontrolling the Situation
Chapter 485 - North Joan school
Chapter 202鈥揂nnihilation of the Origin
Chapter 486 - his family name is Chen.
Chapter 203鈥揗onster Clan鈥檚 Protector
Chapter 487 - my words, the rules
Chapter 204鈥揊inal Wish
Chapter 488 - 000: array
Chapter 205鈥揃eginning to take shape
Chapter 489 - stepping out of the witch Teaching
Chapter 206鈥揇emon-Beast Allied Armies
Chapter 490 - Witch assembly
Chapter 207鈥揂rranging a rescue
Chapter 491 - kill in!
Chapter 208鈥揇angerous Teleportation
Chapter 492 - I'll kill one person one step at a time!
Chapter 209鈥揚rince of the Demon Race
Chapter 493 - to the door
Chapter 210鈥揂 Powerful Love Rival
Chapter 494 - reaching Burma
Chapter 211鈥揊irst Encounter with Beast Men
Chapter 495 - to an enemy country
Chapter 212鈥揨han Hu displays his might
Chapter 496 - spiritual world
Chapter 213鈥揈arth Bear
Chapter 497 - Divine war
Chapter 214鈥揟he Demon Racee鈥檚 鈥淕ourmet Food鈥
Chapter 498 - Battle over nine days!
Chapter 215鈥揝ix Tailed Demon Fox
Chapter 499 - the sword of god!
Chapter 216鈥揔indhearted Little Beast
Chapter 500 - the destruction of the black wizard!
Chapter 217鈥揇elicious Barbecue
Chapter 501 - shocked world
Chapter 218鈥揅yclops Demon Beast
Chapter 502 - controversy four onwards
Chapter 219鈥揊lying Ahead
Chapter 503 - boiling of the network!
Chapter 220鈥揟rapped in Dire Straits
Chapter 504 - the space capsule
Chapter 221鈥揦iao Jin Returns
Chapter 505 - eight party cloud moving
Chapter 222鈥揌oly Sword and Demon Spear
Chapter 506 - Exploring teams
Chapter 223鈥揥orld Shattering Collision
Chapter 507 - Master clouds
Chapter 224鈥揇arkness Corruption
Chapter 508 - is he?
Chapter 225鈥揂fter the Calamity, Renewed Life
Chapter 509 - enemy Qi qi!
Chapter 226鈥揋radual Recovery
Chapter 510 - join forces to kill
Chapter 227鈥揝carred Body
Chapter 511 - a blow to defeat the enemy
Chapter 228鈥揓ob at the Imperial Palace
Chapter 512 - cutting divine realm!
Chapter 229鈥揑mperial Firewood House
Chapter 513 - myth of continued killing
Chapter 230鈥揚eeking Inside the Palace
Chapter 514 - Singapore shake
Chapter 231鈥揗u Zi鈥檚 Understanding
Chapter 515 - strong God habitat!
Chapter 232鈥揗ysterious Man in Black
Chapter 516 - see Di Xian
Chapter 233鈥揗agic Race鈥檚 War God
Chapter 517 - door closed, Xian Road, there is no sin!
Chapter 234鈥揊irewood House鈥檚 Uncle Firewood
Chapter 518 - old monsters who can't sit still
Chapter 235鈥揟he Empire鈥檚 Royal Protector Uncle
Chapter 519 - Cheyenne pterodonta
Chapter 236鈥揑nvading the Sky Prison
Chapter 520 - Avatar body
Chapter 237鈥揈scape Scroll
Chapter 521 - fix for the sudden increase
Chapter 238鈥揚reparing for the Execution
Chapter 522 - meet friends
Chapter 239鈥揊orbidden Seal
Chapter 523 - DragonTown change
Chapter 240鈥揦iao Jin Speaks
Chapter 524 - to DragonTown
Chapter 241鈥揝uccessful Rescue
Chapter 525 - Divine Presence
Chapter 242鈥揜eturning to the Firewood House
Chapter 526 - Chen Zhong shot
Chapter 243鈥揟he Demon Emperor Awaits
Chapter 527 - Palm shoot dead
Chapter 244鈥揟he Demon Emperor鈥檚 Bitterness
Chapter 528 - enemy born
Chapter 245鈥揗u Zi鈥檚 Journey
Chapter 529 - Sword pressure North Joan
Chapter 246鈥揈veryone Assembles
Chapter 530 - world shaking
Chapter 247鈥揂 Pained Heart
Chapter 531 - Amazing World War One hundred years
Chapter 248鈥揦iao Rou鈥檚 Transformation
Chapter 532-strong gathering
Chapter 249鈥揘ine Tailed Demon Fox
Chapter 533 - war opens
Chapter 250鈥揥ar God鈥檚 Book
Chapter 534 - a fist defeat?
Chapter 251鈥揇ragon Staff鈥檚 Call
Chapter 535 - the power of Human Immortal
Chapter 252鈥揂 Sorrowful Farewell with Xiao Jin
Chapter 536 - fairy sword
Chapter 253鈥揗u Zi鈥檚 Agreement
Chapter 537 - the world is silent
Chapter 254鈥揊lying Across the Allied Armies
Third times before the outbreak of hematemesis. O finished, hematemesis (smiling _ U) O
Chapter 255鈥揌oly Light Awakening鈥揂rriving at the Stronghold
Chapter 538 - after the war
Chapter 256鈥揅ruel War
Chapter 539 - invincible world!
Chapter 257鈥揟elling the Situation in Detail
Chapter 540 - preaching North Joan
Chapter 258鈥揋od鈥檚 Emissary
Chapter 541 - to the Moon Fairy
Chapter 259鈥揋od鈥檚 Power
The four outbreak is completed, twenty thousand were booked, thanks book friends O (smiling _ U) O
Chapter 260鈥揚ersuading the Prince
Chapter 542 - the secret of fairy gate
Chapter 261鈥揦iao Jin Returns
Chapter 543 - returning to Chuzhou
Chapter 262鈥揕arge Increase in Power
Chapter 544 - Goodbye ginger Churan
Chapter 263鈥揌ealing Dream
Chapter 545 - desperation kills!
Chapter 264鈥揇ark Fusion
The four outbreak is completed, for a monthly pass ah, to be driven down O (a _ U) O
Chapter 265鈥揔e Lun Duo鈥檚 Love
Chapter 546 - the Seven Sacred scenes
Chapter 266鈥揟he Hero Saves the Beauty
Chapter 547 - to a pressure four
Chapter 267鈥揟he Prince Returns Home
Chapter 548 - a force
Chapter 268鈥揇emon Race鈥檚 Main Camp
Chapter 549 - nothing to match
Chapter 269鈥揚rince Xiu Yu
Chapter 550 - killing immortal array
Chapter 270鈥揝atan鈥檚 Monster Transformation
Chapter 551 - The whole army was wiped out.
Chapter 271鈥揗onster King鈥檚 Ressurection
Chapter 552 - cutting human immortal
Chapter 272鈥揊ive Gods Defeating the Monster
Chapter 553 - is he chen fan?
Chapter 273鈥揟he Monster Disappears
Chapter 554 - Oriental God
Chapter 274鈥揟he Beamon鈥檚 War
Chapter 555 - blood curse
Chapter 275鈥揟he Magic Beasts Retreat
Chapter 556 - Wanli
Chapter 276鈥揟he Return to the Stronghold
Chapter 557 - a bloodbath
Chapter 277鈥揥ho is the Rice Bucket?
Chapter 558 - not Wan Jun
Chapter 278鈥揌opeful Peace Talks
Chapter 559 - Palm shoot dead?
Chapter 279鈥揂nnihilating the Bandits
Chapter 560 - Western Wrath
Chapter 280鈥揚ledge of Undying Love
Chapter 561 - Sword ship!
Chapter 281鈥揊reely Talking about the Situation
Six, more broke out, ask for a monthly pass, I can fight, come back!!! O (a _ U) O
Chapter 282鈥揟he Marshall鈥檚 Daughter
Chapter 563 - stop me from dying!
Chapter 283鈥揇ramatic Change
Chapter 565 - cut Xuemo Damon!
Chapter 284鈥揇eployed for the Mission
Chapter 566 - shocked world
Chapter 923鈥揗eng Hao Concocts Pills!
Chapter 567 - Dark Master
Chapter 924鈥揝kypalace Sunspirit Pill
Chapter 568 - Legend of blood ancestors
Chapter 285鈥揚eace Talks? Conspiracy?
Chapter 569 - EU cocktail party
Chapter 286鈥揝igning the Pact
Chapter 570 - I refuse
Chapter 287鈥揟he Expected Attack
Chapter 571 - the birth of the arbitration Division
Chapter 288鈥揝ymphony of Chanting
Chapter 572 - kill Chen Beixuan!
Chapter 289鈥揟he Forbidden Spell Explodes Forth
Chapter 573 - enemy attack
Chapter 290鈥揝uccessful Peace Talks
Chapter 574 - battle begins
Chapter 291鈥揜elaxed Back
Chapter 575 - artifact?
Chapter 292鈥揟he Stronghold After the Peace Talks
Chapter 576 - with an enemy four
Chapter 293鈥揟he Future Emperor
Chapter 577 - supernatural reproduction
Chapter 294鈥揕eaving the Stronghold
The six outbreak is completed, the letter of apology and late New Year greetings O (a _ U) O
Chapter 295鈥揟his Kind of Base
Chapter 578 - hopeless situation?
Chapter 296鈥揋od鈥檚 Protector Domain
Chapter 579 - sublime distillation!
Chapter 297鈥揇rifting Away
Chapter 580 - crush all
Chapter 298鈥揌ai Shui Arrives
Chapter 581 - horizontal push, invincible in the world
Chapter 299鈥揜efused Entry to the City
The four outbreak is completed, a little under monthly and recommended O (a ticket _ U) O
Chapter 300鈥揥hispers
Chapter 582 - New Masters
Chapter 301鈥揟o Invite Great Kindness
Chapter 583 - postwar Yu Bo
Chapter 302鈥揕eaving on a Journey
Chapter 584 - Dark Treasury
Chapter 303鈥揝inister Clouds in the Dark of Night
Chapter 585 - five lines God print
Chapter 304鈥揗onster Traces Suddenly Appear
Chapter 586 - instruments, shocked the world!
Chapter 305鈥揇esperate Situation
Chapter 587 States - fear!
Chapter 306鈥揅asting Another Forbidden Spell
Chapter 588 - terrifying God ray
Chapter 307鈥揇estroying the Monster Hole
The four outbreak is completed, we pass ah, monthly list is tenth, O (a _ super miserable u O)
Chapter 308鈥揙nward to the Stronhold
Chapter 589 - the plight of Bei Qiong
Chapter 309鈥揝tronghold Peddler
Chapter 590 - terrified the lancet
Chapter 310鈥揟he Mysterious Mask
Chapter 591 - life and death Wai Wai
Chapter 311鈥揘ew of the Canyon
Chapter 592 - ten times the speed of sound!
Chapter 312-Crafty and Unruly Girl
Chapter 593 - beyond modern technology
Chapter 313鈥揇isciple? Princess?
Chapter 594 - small five line God ray
Chapter 314鈥揃locking the Enemy for the Disciple
Chapter 595 - Total extinction!
Chapter 315鈥揇alu鈥檚 King
Chapter 596 - I command you to stop!
Chapter 316鈥揈mbarrassed
The outbreak is completed, for a monthly pass, double the last day O (a _ U) O
Chapter 317-Worldly View
Chapter 597 - all cut off!
Chapter 318-Entering the God Rended Canyon
Chapter 598 - stunned world
Chapter 319-Simmering in Pain
Chapter 599 - submission?
Chapter 320-Within the Consciousnesses
Chapter 600 - hopeless situation!
Chapter 321-Monster Race鈥檚 Structure
Chapter 601 - God of thunder striking between!
Chapter 322-Inheritance Begins
Chapter 602 - list of gods first!
Chapter 323鈥揟he New Radiant God
Chapter 603 - Lingbao?
Chapter 324-Returning to the Domain
Chapter 604 - the strength of the big
Chapter 325-The Change in the Continent
Chapter 605 - the seven Jedi
Chapter 326鈥揅apital of Aixia
Chapter 606 - Wang Jia Lai
Chapter 327鈥揜euniting with Ma Ke
Chapter 607 - Yanjing cloud movement
Chapter 328鈥揅ircumstances of the Continent
Chapter 609 - I don't recognize you
Chapter 329鈥揙utside the Capital City
Chapter 610 - inadequate qualifications!
Chapter 330鈥揌oly Sword鈥檚 Might
Chapter 611 - shocked the Wang family
Chapter 331鈥揕ong Distance Teleportation
Chapter 612 - the first beauty?
Chapter 332鈥揂rriving at the Stronghold
The four outbreak is completed, in the end, ready to open the trip to O (a more explosive _ u O)
Chapter 333鈥揟he Three Great Monster Lords
Chapter 613 - recognize counseling?
Chapter 334鈥揜epelling the Monster Clan
Chapter 614 - Yanjing vibration
Chapter 335鈥揜euniting with Teacher
Chapter 615 - he's Chen Beixuan
Chapter 336鈥揊amily and Friends
Chapter 616 - get out of Yanjing or die!
Chapter 337鈥揜estoration of Appearance
Chapter 617 - is he?
Chapter 338鈥揅ultivation Recovery
Chapter 618 - everyone knows you in the world?
Chapter 339鈥揟he Profound Divine Powers
Chapter 619 - the millennium, the most glorious battle
Chapter 340鈥揇ivine Will鈥檚 Inheritance
Chapter 620 - war opens
Chapter 341鈥揂 Sudden Strange Phenomena
Chapter 621 - to Zhu Qiang Qi
Chapter 342鈥揟he Dragon King Appears
Chapter 622 - living space?
Chapter 343鈥揟he Great Battle Was Imminent
Chapter 623 - war Qing Cang leaves
Chapter 344鈥揚reparations Before Battle
Chapter 624 - all spells, one punch break
Chapter 345鈥揟he Last Battle
Chapter 625 - half a fairy
Chapter 346鈥揟he Phoenix Returns
Chapter 626 - heaven and man!
Chapter 347鈥揝oloing the Three Great Monsters
Chapter 627 - sideswiper Di Xian
Chapter 348鈥揈ternal Recovery Light
Chapter 628 - losing?
Chapter 349鈥揂nnihilation Light Ray
Chapter 629 - lost land!
Chapter 350鈥揗ight of the Phoenix and Dragon
Chapter 630 - the sword cut off the dust and non!
Chapter 351鈥揇emon Emperor鈥檚 Arrival
The first chapter - the 631
Chapter 352鈥揊lame of Life! Burn!
Chapter 632 - ten long queue
Chapter 353鈥揇eath Match
Chapter 633 - 000 to celebrate
Chapter 354鈥揝olo Symphony
Chapter 634 - Yanjing cream full 100 red makeup
Chapter 355鈥揝tar Burst
Chapter 635 - Ye Qing Cang you are too young.
Chapter 356鈥揋od King
Chapter 636 - burying immortal Valley
Chapter 357鈥揈pilogue
Chapter 637 - Goodbye friends
Chapter 638 - goddess's boyfriend?
Chapter 639 - heaven for forgiveness!

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