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Chapter 703鈥揂 Monk who could Stop Ten Thousand Army
Chapter 643鈥揟he Princes of the Chen Clan
Chapter 704鈥揈dified, Fifth Grade Combat Emperor
Chapter 644鈥揟rue Words Like Blood
Chapter 705鈥揟he Saviour is here
Chapter 645鈥揙riginally, You Were Nothing at All
Chapter 706鈥揂nother Subduing
Chapter 646鈥揃orrowing Imperial Blood, Descending from the Night into the Palace
Chapter 707鈥揂h Da, Ah Er
Chapter 647鈥揟hat in This World That is Most Impervious to Poison
Chapter 708鈥揂 New Game
Chapter 648鈥揟he Entire World Rebels Against Tianhai
Chapter 709鈥揟he Opening of the Passageway
Chapter 649鈥揟he Grief and Song of Relatives and Others
Chapter 710鈥揅haotic Scene
Chapter 650鈥揈ven If My Choice is Wrong, My Gaze Decides the Arrangement
Chapter 711鈥揟ruly Overbearing
Chapter 651鈥揌er Gaze Is Far Away, at the Other Side
Chapter 712鈥揗urdering Out of Anger
Chapter 652鈥揥hite Moonlight
Chapter 713鈥揟he Tip Of Two Needles Face Each Other
Chapter 653鈥揓ourneying Back and Forth Across Ten Thousand Li Requires Only a Breath
Chapter 714鈥揧ou Have To Go Through Us First Before Killing Jiang Chen
Chapter 654鈥揔illing in a Single Breath
Chapter 715鈥揝ubsided
Chapter 655鈥揟he Li Palace Releases Light
Chapter 716鈥揕et Me Assist You
Chapter 656鈥揚erhaps She Always Knew
Chapter 717鈥揑nvitation Letter from Dan Yuan City
Chapter 657鈥揟hree Saints United
Chapter 718鈥揂 Male Lion Barred the Path
Chapter 658鈥揑 Can Still Eat, No?
Chapter 719鈥揥as Displeased
Chapter 659鈥揙ne Leaf, One World
Chapter 660鈥揗arvel at the Changed World3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/100/43440.html||Chapter 720鈥揟he Moon Pavilion
Chapter 721鈥揟he Horrible Nightmare3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/47/37007.html||Chapter 661鈥揟he Kindness of a Single Meal
Chapter 722鈥揃lack Elder3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/47/37034.html||Chapter 662鈥揂utumn Slaying
Chapter 723鈥揑nescapable Even with Wings
Chapter 663鈥揂 Battle of One Thousand Years
Chapter 724鈥揂 Minor Saint was also killed
Chapter 664鈥揟he Final Choice3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/100/43927.html||Chapter 725鈥揙ne can鈥檛 Avoid One鈥檚 Enemy
Chapter 665鈥揟he Darkness Before Dawn3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/100/43944.html||Chapter 726鈥揇ead Outside the City Entrance
Chapter 666鈥揇awn3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/100/43966.html||Chapter 727鈥揃amboo Grove, the Sound of Guqin
Chapter 667鈥揂 Cleaning Rag
Chapter 728鈥揃lue Moon Lake
Chapter 668鈥揂 Eunuch3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/100/44006.html||Chapter 729鈥揟hrow Everyone to the Lake
Chapter 669鈥揂n Academy
Chapter 670鈥揂 Decree3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/100/44780.html||Chapter 730鈥揟he Lucky One
Chapter 671鈥揂 Friend
Chapter 731鈥揋u Family
Chapter 672鈥揂 Matter
Chapter 732鈥揗ulberry Divine Tree
Chapter 673鈥揂 Problem
Chapter 733鈥揊ated to be a Tragedy
Chapter 674鈥揂 Stone
Chapter 675鈥揊eeling for the First Time3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/100/44898.html||Chapter 734鈥揑rresistible
Chapter 735鈥揋ive Up All Your Hope3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/47/43500.html||Chapter 676鈥揂 City Sealed
Chapter 677鈥揥ithout Illness3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/100/45203.html||Chapter 736鈥揇an King
Chapter 678鈥揥hat One Thinks
Chapter 737鈥揟he Day of the Competition of Sons-in-law
Chapter 679鈥揂 New Era
Chapter 738鈥揃attle Platform
Chapter 680鈥揑nexplicable
Chapter 739鈥揢nmatched
Chapter 681鈥揗atters of Death
Chapter 682鈥揟he Living
Chapter 683鈥揚rinciple3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/100/45370.html||Chapter 740鈥揊ight the Group of Geniuses Independently
Chapter 741鈥揌is Fame Rose to the Top3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/47/45112.html||Chapter 684鈥揟rue Person
Chapter 742鈥揈ntering the Dan King County Compound
Chapter 685鈥揂 Way to Live
Chapter 743鈥揂 Talented Person
Chapter 686鈥揇igging a Hole
Chapter 744鈥揟he Essence of Divine Tree
Chapter 687鈥揑ntruding upon the Xue Estate
Chapter 745鈥揝eventh Grade Combat Emperor
Chapter 688鈥揟o Die Without a Place
Chapter 746鈥揢nusual Change in the Marriage3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/47/45852.html||Chapter 689鈥揂n Announcement with a Person
Chapter 747鈥揟he Kindness of Rebirth3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/47/45862.html||Chapter 690鈥揟houghts without Evil
Chapter 691鈥揂 Blade with a Dao3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/100/45743.html||Chapter 748鈥揌ealing the Meridians
Chapter 749鈥揝ubdue the Brilliant Mirror
Chapter 692鈥揂n Autumn with a Rain
Chapter 750鈥揃locked by a Second Grade Minor Saint
Chapter 751鈥揟he power of the Brilliant Mirror3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/47/46314.html||Chapter 693鈥揥ind with a Message
Chapter 752鈥揗eeting Great Master Ran Feng again3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/47/46362.html||Chapter 694鈥揅louds without Intention
Chapter 753鈥揟he Second Level of Devil World3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/47/46382.html||Chapter 695鈥揟o Not Meet Again
Chapter 754鈥揇oom3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/47/46424.html||Chapter 696鈥揂 Great Personage
Chapter 755鈥揟he Central Region of Second Level
Chapter 697鈥揝mall Principles
Chapter 756鈥揫The title is at the end of the chapter.]
Chapter 698鈥揟he Fall of First Snow
Chapter 757鈥揈ternal Immortal Wind
Chapter 699鈥揝eeking the Dao has a Front and Behind
Chapter 758鈥揌uang Family of Earth Domain
Chapter 700鈥揈very Pursuit Has Its Specialty
Chapter 759鈥揙verbearing and domineering
Chapter 701鈥揂 Story about a City and a Blade (I)
Chapter 760鈥揘inth Grade Combat Emperor
Chapter 702鈥揂 Story about a City and a Blade (II)
Chapter 761鈥揟he Chaos in Mysterious Domain
Chapter 703鈥揂 Story about a City and a Blade (II)
Chapter 762鈥揂n Instant Kill
Chapter 704鈥揟he Desire of a Metal Blade (I)
Chapter 763鈥揓iang Chen has to kowtow
Chapter 705鈥揟he Desire of a Metal Blade (II)
Chapter 764鈥揇on鈥檛 even think about touching even a tiny thing
Chapter 706鈥揟he Breaking of Wang Po (I)
Chapter 765鈥揊ive Elemental Tisura Formation
Chapter 707鈥揟he Breaking of Wang Po (II)
Chapter 766鈥揝etting a formation with Joint Efforts
Chapter 767鈥揟he War befalls them3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/47/46825.html||Chapter 708鈥揊orward, Forward
Chapter 709鈥揂lways Forward, No Matter Where You Go3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/100/46536.html||Chapter 768鈥揔illing the White Tiger
Chapter 710鈥揟wo Kites (I)
Chapter 769鈥揟he completion of five elements, Advance to Minor Saint realm
Chapter 711鈥揟wo Kites (II)
Chapter 770鈥揟he title is at the end of the chapter
Chapter 771鈥揂nother Battle with Nan Bei Chao
Chapter 772鈥揈ternal Immortal Wind, Pulverised
Chapter 773鈥揑ncomparable, Absolutely matchless
Chapter 774鈥揟he fallen Minor Saints
Chapter 775鈥揟he Overlord of the Four Domains
Chapter 776鈥揝econd Grade Minor Demon Saint
Chapter 777鈥揈rror in Prediction, straightaway reach Third Grade
Chapter 778鈥揝omething happens At home
Chapter 779鈥揧an Chenyu, a First Grade Minor Saint
Chapter 780鈥揑t is Unforgivable to Touch My Family
Chapter 781鈥揟he Rage of Lightning
Chapter 782鈥揟he Boiling Heavenly Qi
Chapter 783鈥揟ribulation of Devil Dragon
Chapter 784鈥揝econd Grade Minor saint
Chapter 785鈥揂 Fine Arrangement
Chapter 786鈥揜eturning to Divine Continent
Chapter 787鈥揟he Fragment of Heavenly Saint Sword and Advancement to the Third Grade
Chapter 788鈥揟he Attack of Strong Forces
Chapter 789-Intense Battle
Chapter 789-Intense Battle
Chapter 790鈥揝tarlight Shield
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Chapter 1:The Death of a Multi-Millionaire
Chapter 2:Ingot
Chapter 3:Flowered Flags
Chapter 4:An Old Man Playing a Sanxian
Chapter 5:Silver Lightning
Chapter 6:Den of Immortals
Chapter 7:Wisp of Smoke
Chapter 8:A Sword Which You Cannot Drop [1]
Chapter 9:Wagering People Not Lives
Chapter 10:The First Star
Chapter 11:Ingot鈥檚 Adventure
Chapter 12:Ingot鈥檚 Seven Stars
Chapter 13:A Silent Song for the Dead
Chapter 14:A Silver Mask
Chapter 15:A Dark Night on Lake Hu
Chapter 16:Big Boss Tang鈥檚 Adventure
Chapter 17:Congratulations!
Chapter 18:A Red Flower in a White Head of Hair
Chapter 19:A hand and a foot
Chapter 20:The Second Star
Chapter 21:A small star, glittering
Chapter 22:A Story
Chapter 23:Applause
Chapter 24:Cause and Effect.
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Chapter 215-2:When
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Chapter 1:Mutton Skewer Seller
Chapter 2:Money is Needed to Find a Prostitute
Chapter 3:Initiative
Chapter 4:Reaction
Chapter 5:What I Hate The Most
Chapter 6:Infuriate
Chapter 7:Police Beauty Chief
Chapter 8:Chrysanthemum Tea
Chapter 9:You鈥檙e Shameless
Chapter 10:A Stain In One鈥檚 Life
Chapter 11:As A Guest
Chapter 12:I鈥檓 Really A Mutton Skewers Seller!
Chapter 13:Marriage
Chapter 14:A New Home
Chapter 15:My Wife Is A Rich Woman
Chapter 16:The Father-in-Law Appears
Chapter 17:Even A Pig Is Cuter Than Him
Chapter 18:Charming Rose
Chapter 19:Objects Like Bullets
Chapter 20:Monkey King And His Mate
Chapter 21:Stupid Woman
Chapter 22:Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 23:The Young Lady鈥檚 Threat
Chapter 24:Delivering Food
Chapter 25:Taking A Job
Chapter 26:I Am Used To Never Looking Back
Chapter 27:Bohemia
Chapter 28:I Am Proud Of Selling Mutton Skewers
Chapter 29:The Chirpy PR Department
Chapter 30:CEO
Chapter 31:Pledge
Chapter 32:Big Bro
Chapter 33:Truly Too Caring
Chapter 34:Who鈥檚 The Crude One?
Chapter 35:Wait For Me Tonight
Chapter 36:Visiting The Chen Residence
Chapter 37:Mistreatment
Chapter 38:Ruined Door
Chapter 39:Two Choices
Chapter 40:Cooperate With The Investigation
Chapter 41:Looking Back With A Smile Brings A Hundred Times The Charm
Chapter 42:Breakfast Time
Chapter 43:I Must Reward Myself Well
Chapter 44:Three
Chapter 45:Negotiation
Chapter 46:Mister Has Great Insight
Chapter 47:You鈥檙e Even An Action Movie Star
Chapter 48:Two Types Of People Who Are The Scariest
Chapter 49:Accidental Meeting In The Hallway
Chapter 50:Colleague
Chapter 51:Returning With A Cloud Of Dust
Chapter 52:It鈥檚 Your Turn
Chapter 53:Half A Month
Chapter 54:Best Friend
Chapter 55:Young Master Is Wise
Chapter 56:That鈥檇 Be Very Difficult
Chapter 57:What A Coincidence
Chapter 58:I Will Help You Get Used To It
Chapter 59:My Princess
Chapter 60:I鈥檓 Not Alone In This Dao
Chapter 61:I Do Not Intend To Sing An English Song
Chapter 62:Both Weird People
Chapter 63:Sure knows how to pick a place
Chapter 64:Your attitude isn鈥檛 friendly enough
Chapter 65:Shooting a great art film
Chapter 66:So what if I saw all of it
Chapter 67:The reason for not recognizing
Chapter 68:Casual Person
Chapter 69:Just who are you
Chapter 70:Don鈥檛 worship me too much
Chapter 71:This tactic is a little too cruel
Chapter 72:Such an honorable husband
Chapter 73:Can I hug you
Chapter 74:An unwelcome visitor
Chapter 75:Hubby I鈥檓 scared
Chapter 76:Pregnant Teenager
Chapter 77:Abnormality of the PR Department
Chapter 78:First time in life
Chapter 79:Receiving Guests
Chapter 80:Talk about that in the next life
Chapter 81:You鈥檙e not even fart
Chapter 82:Train Station
Chapter 83:My first time
Chapter 84:Hannya
Chapter 85:Flower Rain
Chapter 86:This is more like you
Chapter 87:Will you support me
Chapter 88:Knight who draws his sword and charges into battle
Chapter 89:Please undress me
Chapter 90:Assets worth over a hundred million
Chapter 91:Something like this
Chapter 92:They may all get lost
Chapter 93:Failure of a man
Chapter 94:Quickly give it to me
Chapter 95:Grass that bends with the wind
Chapter 96:Life in the future
Chapter 97:The Eagle Shooting Heroes
Chapter 98:Isn鈥檛 playing tennis
Chapter 99:A rather long story
Chapter 100:It鈥檚 my honor to tell you
Chapter 101:Someone鈥檚 spouse
Chapter 102:To me
Chapter 103:I say you aren鈥檛
Chapter 104:Cute and naive
Chapter 105:Discussing something important today
Chapter 106:What a sham
Chapter 107:Too small
Chapter 108:Missed out one possibility
Chapter 109:Actually I am
Chapter 110:Praising my wife
Chapter 111:Didn鈥檛 recognize you for real
Chapter 112:Not necessary to go though all that trouble
Chapter 113:Those are all transient
Chapter 114:Answer
Chapter 115:Bad Clay
Chapter 116:Teacher, student
Chapter 117:Rookie and elder sister
Chapter 118:I lose appetite
Chapter 119:Another Big Sis
Chapter 120:Chanel
Chapter 121:I am a beast
Chapter 122:Watched too many movies
Chapter 123-1
Chapter 123-2:Scarlet
Chapter 124-1:Rose鈥檚 choice
Chapter 124-2:Rose鈥檚 choice
Chapter 125-1:Yang Chen鈥檚 ailment
Chapter 125-2:Yang Chen鈥檚 ailment
Chapter 126-1:Awkward Problem
Chapter 126-2:Awkward problem
Chapter 127-1:I forgot to tell you
Chapter 127-2:I forgot to tell you
Chapter 128-1:Baby in the tummy
Chapter 128-2:TEASER
Chapter 129-1:Can I not say?
Chapter 129-2:Can I not say it?
Chapter 130-1:Forgot to hide it properly
Chapter 130-2:Forgot to hide it properly
Chapter 131-1:Not a math problem
Chapter 131-2:Not a math problem
Chapter 132-1:Looking for that feelings
Chapter 132-2:Looking for my feelings
Chapter 133-1:Sibling-in-law
Chapter 133-2:Sibling-in-law
Chapter 134-1:Senior
Chapter 134-2:Senior
Chapter 135-1:Real Battlefield
Chapter 135-2:Real battlefield
Chapter 136-1:You can
Chapter 136-2:You can
Chapter 137-1:Lost in fantasy
Chapter 137-2:Lost in fantasy
Chapter 138-1:Just for a moment
Chapter 138-2:Just for a moment
Chapter 139-1:Tricked
Chapter 139-2:Tricked
Chapter 140-1:Mysterious place
Chapter 140-2:Mysterious place
Chapter 141-1:I want
Chapter 141-2:I want
Chapter 142-1:Have an affair
Chapter 142-2:Have an affair
Chapter 143-1:CEO
Chapter 143-2:CEO
Chapter 144-1:A loveless marriage
Chapter 144-2:A loveless marriage
Chapter 145-1:Successor
Chapter 145-2:Successor
Chapter 146-1:(Withheld till next part)
Chapter 146-2:Air Stewardess
Chapter 147-1:What do you like about me
Chapter 147-2:What do you like about me
Chapter 148-1:Twilight
Chapter 148-2:Twilight
Chapter 149-1:Li Family brothers
Chapter 149-2:Li Family brothers
Chapter 150-1:Winning money and apology
Chapter 150-2:Winning money and apology
Chapter 151-1:Waiter
Chapter 151-2:Waiter
Chapter 152-1:Behind the talks
Chapter 152-2:Behind the talks
Chapter 153-1:Importance
Chapter 153-2:TEASER
Chapter 154-1:(withheld)
Chapter 154-2:Who says we need headlights
Chapter 155-1:Criminal
Chapter 155-2:Criminal
Chapter 156-1:Unrealistic rosy view
Chapter 156-2:Unrealistic rosy view
Chapter 157-1:Yang Chen鈥檚 test
Chapter 157-2:Yang Chen鈥檚 test
Chapter 158-1:I don鈥檛 scare people
Chapter 158-2:I don鈥檛 scare people
Chapter 159-1:Left hand
Chapter 159-2:Left hand
Chapter 160-1:Teacher鈥檚 teacher
Chapter 160-2:Teacher鈥檚 teacher
Chapter 161-1:Jane
Chapter 161-2:Jane
Chapter 162-1:Towel
Chapter 162-2:Towel
Chapter 163-1:I knew this would happen
Chapter 163-2:I knew this would happen
Chapter 164-1:It鈥檚 fine to lose
Chapter 164-2:It鈥檚 fine to lose
Chapter 165-1:The most valuable
Chapter 165-2:The most valuable
Chapter 166-1:Difficult to serve
Chapter 166-2:Difficult to serve
Chapter 167-1:Are you giving it to me or not
Chapter 167-2:Are you giving it to me or not
Chapter 168-1:Sisters
Chapter 168-2:Sisters
Chapter 169-1:The gun barrel
Chapter 169-2:The gun barrel
Chapter 170-1:You鈥檙e not a bomb
Chapter 170-2:You鈥檙e not a bomb
Chapter 171-1:Mutual trust
Chapter 171-2:Mutual trust
Chapter 172-1:Li Jingjing鈥檚 new friend
Chapter 172-2:Li Jingjing鈥檚 new friend
Chapter 173-1:Wasted time
Chapter 173-2:Wasted time
Chapter 174-1:Thousand men rider
Chapter 174-2:Thousand men rider
Chapter 175-1:Begin and end
Chapter 175-2:Begin and end
Chapter 176-1:You are still you
Chapter 176-2:You are still you
Chapter 177-1:Yesterday and today
Chapter 177-2:Yesterday and today
Chapter 178-1:Can you save them all
Chapter 178-2:Can you save them all
Chapter 179-1:I want to protect you
Chapter 179-2:I want to protect you
Chapter 180-1:Alice in Wonderland
Chapter 180-2:Alice in Wonderland
Chapter 181-1:Let me settle this for you
Chapter 181-2:Let me settle this for you
Chapter 182-1:Go home with me
Chapter 182-2:Go home with me
Chapter 183-1:Seductive figure on a high floor
Chapter 183-2:Seductive figure on a high floor
Chapter 184-1:Wait for you to pounce
Chapter 184-2:Wait for you to pounce
Chapter 185-1:Extremely odd
Chapter 185-2:Extremely odd
Chapter 186-1:Something horrible happened
Chapter 186-2:Something horrible happened
Chapter 187-1:Crash
Chapter 187-2:Crash
Chapter 188-1:I鈥檓 a businesswoman
Chapter 188-2:I鈥檓 a businesswoman
Chapter 189-1:Truly venomous
Chapter 189-2:Truly venomous
Chapter 190-1:Looking for another man
Chapter 190-2:Looking for another man
Chapter 191-1:A place many would call paradise
Chapter 191-2:A place many would call paradise
Chapter 192-1:It鈥檚 most difficult to bear the kindness of a beauty
Chapter 192-2:It鈥檚 most difficult to bear the kindness of a beauty
Chapter 193-1:You鈥檒l find out in a moment
Chapter 193-2:You鈥檒l find out in a moment
Chapter 194-1:One finger
Chapter 194-2:One finger
Chapter 195-1:Perfect date
Chapter 195-2:Perfect date
Chapter 196-1:My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
Chapter 196-2:She couldn鈥檛 handle it
Chapter 197-1:Lecher on the train
Chapter 197-2:Lecher on the train
Chapter 198-1:Ye Zi
Chapter 198-2:Ye Zi
Chapter 199-1:Swallow returning to its nest
Chapter 199-2:Swallow returning to its nest
Chapter 200-1:Perhaps not human
Chapter 200-2:Perhaps not human
Chapter 201-1:Acting skills
Chapter 201-2:Acting skills
Chapter 202-1:Vairocana Dharma Body
Chapter 202-2:Vairocana Dharma Body
Chapter 203-1:What else do you know
Chapter 203-2:What else do you know
Chapter 204-1:Assault
Chapter 204-2:Assault
Chapter 205-1:True men die honorably
Chapter 205-2:True men die honorably
Chapter 206-1:Abrupt changes in the temple
Chapter 206-2:Abrupt changes in the temple
Chapter 207-1:Definitely won鈥檛 call the police
Chapter 207-2:Definitely won鈥檛 call the police
Chapter 208-1:I鈥檓 not human
Chapter 208-2:I鈥檓 not human
Chapter 209-1:Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill
Chapter 209-2:Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill
Chapter 210-1:Protective talisman
Chapter 210-2:Protective talisman
Chapter 211-1:Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture
Chapter 211-2:Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture
Chapter 212-1:Compensation
Chapter 212-2:Compensation
Chapter 213-1:Great Grandmaster level
Chapter 213-2:Great Grandmaster level
Chapter 214-1:Honestly
Chapter 214-2:Honestly
Chapter 215-1:When
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Chapter 1 鈥 The Land of the Dead
Chapter 2鈥揜eincarnation
Chapter 3鈥揃irth
Chapter 4鈥揚refecture Lord
Chapter 5鈥揓i Clan
Chapter 6鈥揟he Path to Immortal Training
Chapter 7鈥揅rimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens
Chapter 8鈥揟he Moon in One Hand, the Sun in the Other
Chapter 9鈥揂rchery
Chapter 10鈥揊ootwork
Chapter 11鈥揝word Training
Chapter 12鈥揝ix Years
Chapter 13鈥揊ive Major Sword Techniques
Chapter 14鈥揟he Cage
Chapter 15 鈥揅age Battle
Chapter 16鈥揅ausing Devastation
Chapter 17鈥揃uying a Weapon
Chapter 18鈥揥ings
Chapter 1鈥揈ntering the City
Chapter 2鈥揗ercy

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