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Chapter 1Yun Che, Xiao Che
Chapter 2:Losing Control
Chapter 3 : Marry Me?
Chapter 4: The Wedding Procession
Chapter 5: The Wedding Ceremony
Chapter 6 : Peerless Beauty
Chapter 7-Frozen Cloud Asgard
Chapter 8-The Wedding Night
Chapter 9-Wife, Are You Asleep?
Chapter 10-Star Concealing Grass
Chapter 11-The Red Haired Girl
Chapter12 :If You Were not My Little Aunt
Chapter13:The Dangerous Haze
Chapter14:Letter From the Xiao Sect
Chapter 15: Xiao Yulong's Probing
Chapter 16: Young Master Xiao, Looking for Death
Chapter 17鈥揥ould You Believe That I鈥檓 a Doctor of Miracles?
Chapter 18鈥揂 Silver Needle to Release the Cold
Chapter 19鈥揙pening the Profound
Chapter 20鈥揟his is Really Interesting鈥
Chapter 22鈥揢pheaval (1)
Chapter 23鈥揢pheaval (2)
Chapter 24鈥揢pheaval (3)
Chapter 25鈥揢pheaval (4)
Chapter 26鈥揢pheaval (5)
Chapter 27鈥揢pheaval (6)
Chapter 28鈥揢pheaval (7)
Chapter 29鈥揢pheaval (8)
Chapter 30鈥揢pheaval (9)
Chapter 31鈥揊rozen Cloud鈥檚 Seven Fairies鈥揅hu Yueli
Chapter 32鈥揟he Ice Fairy Deterrent
Chapter 33鈥揝tar Concealed, For the Hated Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 34鈥揝tar Concealed, for the Hated Blood Sacrifice (2)
Chapter 35鈥揃irth Secret
Chapter 36鈥揗y Name鈥檚 Yun Che
Chapter 37鈥揌eavenly God鈥檚 Spiritual Veins
Chapter 38鈥揚eerless Sage
Chapter 39鈥揃lood Soaked Jasmine
Chapter 40鈥揃lood Soaked Jasmine (2)
Chapter 41鈥揃lood Soaked Jasmine (3)
Chapter 42鈥揗aster Jasmine
Chapter 43鈥揗aster Jasmine (2)
Chapter 44鈥揑mmortal Blood of the Evil God
Chapter 45鈥揜ebirth of the Profound Veins
Chapter 46鈥揈vil God鈥檚 Seven Realms
Chapter 47鈥揟he Boundary of Life and Death
Chapter 48鈥揝eed of the Evil God鈥揊ire
Chapter 49鈥揝eed of the Evil God鈥揊ire (2)
Chapter 50鈥揝eed of the Evil God鈥揊ire (3)
Chapter 51鈥揝eed of the Evil God鈥揊ire (4)
Chapter 52鈥揝eed of the Evil God鈥揊ire (5)
Chapter 53鈥揝eed of the Evil God鈥揊ire (6)
Chapter 54鈥揓asmine鈥檚 Tears
Chapter 55鈥揂 Strength That Opposes the Heavens
Chapter 56鈥揝tar God鈥檚 Broken Shadow
Chapter 57鈥揘ew Moon City, Black Moon Merchant Guild
Chapter 58鈥揊alse Bravado
Chapter 59鈥揃rother-In-Law?!
Chapter 60鈥揘ew Moon Profound Palace, Sikong Han
Chapter 61鈥揓oining New Moon Profound Palace
Chapter 62鈥揕an Xuero
Chapter 63鈥揗ain Palace
Chapter 64鈥揟he Battle That Shook the City
Chapter 65鈥揟he Battle That Shook the City (2)
Chapter 66鈥揟he Battle That Shook the City (3)
Chapter 67鈥揟he Battle That Shook the City (4)
Chapter 68鈥揟he Battle That Shook the City (5)
Chapter 69鈥揟he Battle That Shook the City (6)
Chapter 70鈥揟he Battle That Shook the City (7)
Chapter 71鈥揟he Battle That Shook the City (8)
Chapter 72鈥揟he Battle That Shook the City (9)
Chapter 73鈥揅lashing with Lu Zhannan
Chapter 74鈥揃urst!
Chapter 75鈥揦iao Luocheng
Chapter 76鈥揑鈥檒l Destroy You First!
Chapter 77鈥揊alling Moon Sinking Star
Chapter 78鈥揅rippled!
Chapter 79鈥換in Wuyou
Chapter 80鈥揧un Che鈥檚 Intentions
Chapter 81鈥揦iao Sect鈥檚 Visit
Chapter 82鈥揅atastrophic Disaster
Chapter 83鈥揂 Period of Ten Days
Chapter 84鈥揟he Only Possibility鈥.
Chapter 85鈥揑t鈥檚 Impolite to Not Return a Favor
Chapter 86鈥揢nrivaled Genius Doctor
Chapter 87鈥換uite The Coincidence!
Chapter 88鈥揙ne Finger Profound Opening
Chapter 89鈥揟he Eccentric God Hand
Chapter 90鈥揌eaven Piercing Medical Prowess
Chapter 91鈥揋ood Grandson, You Truly Are My Good Grandson
Chapter 92鈥揟he Sect鈥檚 Treasury
Chapter 93鈥揟iger Soul
Chapter 94鈥揈xtortion
Chapter 95鈥揚oison Fire Rod
Chapter 96鈥揈scape (1)
Chapter 97鈥揈scape (2)
Chapter 98鈥揈scape (3)
Chapter 99鈥揂 Game of Life and Death
Chapter 100鈥揟he Fall
Chapter 101鈥揜emnants of the Phoenix (1)
Chapter 102鈥揜emnants of the Phoenix (2)
Chapter 103鈥揜emnants of the Phoenix (3)
Chapter 104鈥揟he Impending Crisis
Chapter 105鈥揃lack Demon
Chapter 106鈥揥orld Ode of the Phoenix鈥揊ragments
Chapter 107鈥撱奧orld Ode of the Phoenix鈥揊ragment銆 (2)
Chapter 108鈥撱奧orld Ode of the Phoenix 路 Fragments銆 (3)
Chapter 109鈥撱奧orld Ode of the Phoenix 路 Fragments銆 (4)
Chapter 110鈥撱奧orld Ode of the Phoenix 路 Fragments銆 (5)
Chapter 111鈥撱奧orld Ode of the Phoenix 路 Fragments銆 (6)
Chapter 112鈥撱奧orld Ode of the Phoenix 路 Fragments銆 (7)
Chapter 113鈥撱奧orld Ode of the Phoenix 路 Fragments銆 (8)
Chapter 114鈥揂t Wit鈥檚 End
Chapter 115鈥揝orry, I鈥檓 Late
Chapter 116鈥揑nstant Kill
Chapter 117鈥揈mpyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing
Chapter 118鈥揝tar Scorching Demon Lotus
Chapter 119鈥揃urning off the Curse
Chapter 120鈥揌eading Towards Blue Wind Imperial City
Chapter 121鈥揃lue Wind Profound Palace
Chapter 122鈥揜eunion
Chapter 123鈥揜esentment
Chapter 124鈥揑nner Palace鈥檚 Heavenly Profound Ranking
Chapter 125鈥揃lue Wind Emperor
Chapter 126鈥揚rofound Strength Assessment
Chapter 127鈥揊eng Yue
Chapter 128鈥揂re you sure?
Chapter 129鈥揝ikong Du
Chapter 130鈥揟rying So Damned Hard to Die
Chapter 131鈥揗urong Yi
Chapter 132鈥揂rranged Battle!
Chapter 133鈥揝traight into the Inner Palace
Chapter 134鈥揙verlord鈥檚 Colossal Sword
Chapter 135鈥揜un-of-the-mill Profound Techniques
Chapter 136鈥揋reat Way of the Buddha
Chapter 137鈥揝ound Transmission Jade
Chapter 138鈥揌eavenly Profound Ranking
Chapter 139鈥揥hat is the Great Way
Chapter 140鈥揃reakthrough, True Profound Realm
Chapter 141鈥揈xplosive Rage
Chapter 142鈥揅lean Sweep
Chapter 143鈥揇evil鈥檚 Flaming Blood Crystal
Chapter 144鈥揋oddess, goddess
Chapter 145鈥揚oison Spirit
Chapter 146鈥揇eparture
Chapter 147鈥揚rison God Sirius鈥 Tome
Chapter 148鈥揇ay of the Arranged Battle
Chapter 149鈥揅enter of Attention
Chapter 150鈥揝hocking the Entire Audience
Chapter 151鈥揝teamrolled
Chapter 152鈥揋oldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet
Chapter 153鈥揅ang Yue
Chapter 154鈥揟he Truth
Chapter 155鈥揟wo Invitation Letters
Chapter 156鈥揅onspiracy
Chapter 157鈥揕ove, Promise
Chapter 158鈥撯淢edical Saint鈥
Chapter 159鈥揝oul Devouring Life Binding Parasite
Chapter 160鈥揟he Four Great Sacred Grounds of Legends
Chapter 161鈥揕ing Yun, Ling Jie
Chapter 162鈥揟hree Strikes
Chapter 163鈥揝ky Wolf Slash
Chapter 164鈥揜anking Tournament Invitation Letter
Chapter 165鈥揜everse Kill!
Chapter 166鈥揇estroyed Fantasy
Chapter 167鈥揇ragon Blood Pellet
Chapter 168鈥揇ecision
Chapter 169鈥揇ecisive Departure
Chapter 170鈥揥asteland of Death
Chapter 171鈥揑ronback Blue Wolf
Chapter 172鈥揃lack Dragon Bandit Group
Chapter 173鈥揋roup Extermination!
Chapter 174鈥揊ierce Storm Hawk
Chapter 175鈥揗ale and Female Flood Dragons
Chapter 176鈥揂 Vicious Battle
Chapter 177鈥揇ual Dragon Extermination
Chapter 178鈥揚rimordial Azure Dragon (1)
Chapter 179鈥揚rimordial Azure Dragon (2)
Chapter 180鈥揇ragon God鈥檚 Trial
Chapter 181鈥揇esperate Straits
Chapter 182鈥揚hoenix Break
Chapter 183鈥揝tone Dragon General
Chapter 184鈥揃etween Life and Death (1)
Chapter 185鈥揃etween Life and Death (2)
Chapter 186鈥揇ragon Fault
Chapter 187鈥揂n Endless Plain
Chapter 188鈥揃urning Heaven鈥檚 Young Master
Chapter 189鈥揂n Endless Hunt
Chapter 190鈥揔illed by Poison
Chapter 191鈥揃lood of the Dragon God
Chapter 192鈥揚eak of the True Profound Realm
Chapter 193鈥揟he Primordial Azure Dragon鈥檚 Request
Chapter 194鈥揟he Approaching Ranking Tournament
Chapter 195鈥揟he Return
Chapter 196鈥揑nstant Defeat
Chapter 197鈥揊ury
Chapter 198鈥揜eceiving the Flaming Sword Unarmed
Chapter 199鈥揘umber One Beauty
Chapter 200鈥揌eavenly Sword Mountain Range
Chapter 201鈥揂n Assembly of Talents
Chapter 202鈥揌eavenly Sword Villa
Chapter 203鈥揝omeone鈥檚 Coming
Chapter 204鈥揜anking Tournament: Start
Chapter 205鈥揜anking Tournament: Profound Strength Assessment
Chapter 206鈥揟he Unsurpassable Ling Yun
Chapter 207鈥揟he True Profound Realm Who Broke History
Chapter 208鈥揊irst Battle
Chapter 209鈥揈stablishing Dominance
Chapter 210鈥揜eunion
Chapter 211鈥揝econd Round of Group Stages
Chapter 212鈥揅onsecutive Victories!
Chapter 213鈥換ingyue Under the Moon
Chapter 214鈥揟he True Beginning
Chapter 215鈥揊ighting Xiao Nan
Chapter 216鈥揅omplete Victory
Chapter 217鈥揃ullying to an Intolerable Extent
Chapter 218鈥揂 Quick and Decisive Battle
Chapter 219鈥揑鈥檓 an Expert in the Same Field
Chapter 220鈥揧un Che VS Fen Juebi
Chapter 221鈥揈xtinguished
Chapter 222鈥揢nforeseen Event
Chapter 223鈥揟he Power of a Throne
Chapter 224鈥揦ia Qingyue VS Xiao Kuanglei
Chapter 225鈥揋lazed Glass Heart, Exquisite Body
Chapter 226鈥揟he Heaven Blessed Xia Qingyue
Chapter 227鈥揟he Danger Planted in Silence
Chapter 228鈥揅elestial Yang Sword
Chapter 229鈥揧uan Yang Combination
Chapter 230鈥揙verlord鈥檚 Fury (1)
Chapter 231鈥揙verlord鈥檚 Fury (2)
Chapter 232鈥揙verlord鈥檚 Finale
Chapter 233鈥揗ighty Heavenly Sword Region鈥檚 Offer
Chapter 234鈥換ingyue VS Ling Yun
Chapter 235鈥揙therworldly Beauty
Chapter 236鈥揑ce Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon
Chapter 237鈥揝word Spirit Doppelganger
Chapter 238鈥揅onclusion Through Domain
Chapter 239鈥揃attle Between Husband and Wife (1)
Chapter 240鈥揃attle Between Husband and Wife (2)
Chapter 241鈥揃attle Between Husband and Wife (3)
Chapter 242鈥揃attle Between Husband and Wife (4)
Chapter 243鈥揃attle Between Husband and Wife (5)
Chapter 244鈥揃urn! Phoenix Blood!
Chapter 245鈥揟he Last Strike
Chapter 246鈥揤ictor
Chapter 247鈥揥aking Up
Chapter 248鈥揟he Night Before Heaven Basin
Chapter 249鈥揌eaven Basin Secret Realm (1)
Chapter 250鈥揌eaven Basin Secret Realm (2)
Chapter 251鈥揓asmine鈥檚 Decision
Chapter 252鈥揔illing with a Borrowed Blade
Chapter 253鈥揌ow do you want to die?
Chapter 254鈥揂 Woman鈥檚 Heart
Chapter 255鈥揌eaven Basin鈥檚 Enormous Beast (1)
Chapter 256鈥揌eaven Basin鈥檚 Enormous Beast (2)
Chapter 257鈥揙n the Brink of Death
Chapter 258鈥揊inding the Hope of Life in Despair
Chapter 259鈥揂nother World
Chapter 260鈥揕ing鈥檈r
Chapter 261鈥揂zure Cloud Dream
Chapter 262鈥揝u Hengshan
Chapter 263鈥揋randwake Mountain, Grandwake Clan
Chapter 264鈥換ingyue Awakens
Chapter 265鈥揗utual Hostility
Chapter 266鈥揇isruption
Chapter 267鈥揟yrannical Might
Chapter 268鈥揈ngagement
Chapter 269鈥揝teamrolled
Chapter 270鈥揃orrowing Power to Induce Fear
Chapter 271鈥揟he Bamboo Forest Phantasmagoria
Chapter 272鈥揟he Dream-Waking Hour
Chapter 273鈥揟he Sudden Truth
Chapter 274鈥揕eaving Heaven Basin Secret Realm
Chapter 275鈥揋argantuan Favor
Chapter 276鈥撯淒emon鈥 (1)
Chapter 277鈥揇emon (2)
Chapter 278鈥揊rightening Change of Events
Chapter 279鈥揟he Fallen Genius
Chapter 280鈥揟he Siblings Part Ways
Chapter 281鈥揂 Great Disturbance (1)
Chapter 282鈥揂 Great Disturbance (2)
Chapter 283鈥揘ew Lease of Life
Chapter 284鈥揑ce Heart of the Moon Beauty (Yuechan)
Chapter 285鈥揅utting Off All Means of Retreat
Chapter 286鈥揇esperate Struggle
Chapter 287鈥揈xtreme Training
Chapter 288鈥揑nflated Ambition
Chapter 289鈥揇ouble Breakthrough
Chapter 290鈥揋olden Buddha
Chapter 291鈥揚rofound Handle
Chapter 292鈥揑nformation about the Azure Cloud Continent
Chapter 293鈥揜apid Progress
Chapter 294鈥揥hat is that in your hand!
Chapter 295鈥揃lood Relative (1)
Chapter 296鈥揃lood Relative (2)
Chapter 297鈥揚rofound Handle Awakens
Chapter 298鈥揇issipating Soul
Chapter 299鈥揝eeing the Light of Day Again
Chapter 300鈥揟he Princess Marrying
Chapter 301鈥揇ropping From the Sky
Chapter 302鈥揝elf-harm
Chapter 303鈥揃lue Wind Palace Chief
Chapter 304鈥揔illing Ten People Per Step
Chapter 305鈥揢nstoppable
Chapter 306鈥揟here鈥檚 Seriously a Problem With All of Your Attitudes!
Chapter 307鈥揑鈥檓 Obviously Here to Steal the Bride!
Chapter 308鈥揟emporary Truce
Chapter 309鈥揤ariant Profound Handle
Chapter 310鈥揝traight Toward Frozen Cloud
Chapter 311鈥揥ere You Looking For Me?
Chapter 312鈥揇ire Situation
Chapter 313鈥揗eeting the Primordial Azure Dragon Again
Chapter 314鈥揇ragon God鈥檚 Marrow, Dragon God鈥檚 Soul
Chapter 315鈥揚hoenix鈥檚 Soul?
Chapter 316鈥揈mperor Profound Dragon Fault
Chapter 317鈥揝laughter
Chapter 318鈥揔illing Fen Moli
Chapter 319鈥揂sgard of The Snow Region
Chapter 320鈥揊ury
Chapter 321鈥揊rozen Cloud Asgard鈥檚 Mistress
Chapter 322鈥揝oul Piercing Words
Chapter 323鈥揂nxious to Return
Chapter 324鈥揜eturning to Floating Cloud
Chapter 325鈥揈ntering with a Kick
Chapter 326鈥揅ollecting Debt
Chapter 327鈥揊ury that Burns the Heavens (1)
Chapter 328鈥揊ury that Burns the Heavens (2)
Chapter 329鈥揊ury that Burns the Heavens (3)
Chapter 330鈥揌eavily Injuring Fen Duanhun
Chapter 331鈥揗assacre
Chapter 332鈥揘ine Profound Dipper Formation
Chapter 333鈥揇ragon Soul Domain
Chapter 334鈥揕ittle Che, You Must Think of Me鈥
Chapter 335鈥揌eavenfire Star Burning Formation?
Chapter 336鈥揃urning Heaven Clan at the Brink of Ruin
Chapter 337鈥揋rand Clan Master: Fen Yijue
Chapter 338鈥揂 Big Gift Delivered to the Door
Chapter 339鈥揑nfiltrating the Dragon Confining Prison
Chapter 340鈥揕uring the Tiger out of its Den
Chapter 341鈥揌eaven Scorching Phoenix Flame
Chapter 342鈥揕ing Jie Arrives
Chapter 343鈥揕ing Jie鈥檚 Advice
Chapter 344鈥揊ighting Fen Yijue
Chapter 345鈥揅ruel Hand
Chapter 346鈥揂lone Against Two Thrones
Chapter 347鈥揃urning God Print
Chapter 348鈥揂nnihilating the Throne!
Chapter 349鈥揃urning Heaven Clan鈥檚 Request for Help
Chapter 350鈥揦iao Sect鈥檚 Choice
Chapter 351鈥揦iao Wuyi
Chapter 352鈥揌eaven Decimating Orb
Chapter 353鈥揅lan Annihilation
Chapter 354鈥揇evoid of All Life
Chapter 355鈥揃urning Heaven Clan鈥檚 Forbidden Secret
Chapter 356鈥揟he Sword Saint鈥檚 Anger
Chapter 357鈥揟it for Tat
Chapter 358鈥揚hoenix Flame, Frozen End (1)
Chapter 359鈥揚hoenix Flames, Frozen End (2)
Chapter 360鈥揚hoenix Flames, Frozen End (3)
Chapter 361鈥揇ouble Domain
Chapter 362鈥揟he Terrified Xiao Sect
Chapter 363鈥揟he Tempo of a Forced Marriage
Chapter 364鈥揥edding Date
Chapter 365鈥揟he Big Wedding Day
Chapter 366鈥揇ivine Phoenix Prince
Chapter 367鈥揚rofound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament
Chapter 368鈥揇rawn Swords and Armed Bows
Chapter 369鈥揂sking To Be Humiliated
Chapter 370鈥揙verbearing
Chapter 371鈥揙ppression
Chapter 372鈥揗iserable Is Just a Single Word
Chapter 373鈥揈xtreme Deterrence
Chapter 374鈥揑mperial Palace Wedding Night
Chapter 375鈥揕ingxi
Chapter 376鈥揊rozen Cloud鈥檚 Invitation
Chapter 377鈥揅hange in the Imperial City
Chapter 378鈥揈ternal Night Prince
Chapter 379鈥揊rozen Cloud Male Disciple
Chapter 380鈥揓oining Frozen Cloud
Chapter 381鈥揈ternal Night鈥檚 Secret, Thousand Year Calamity
Chapter 382鈥揊rozen End Divine Hall
Chapter 383鈥揊rozen End鈥檚 Rudimentary Completion
Chapter 384鈥揊rozen Fairies鈥 Fury
Chapter 385鈥揂nswer
Chapter 386鈥揙nly an Idiot Wouldn鈥檛 Take Advantage of What鈥檚 Dangling Before His Face
Chapter 387鈥揊rozen Asgard鈥檚 Resolve
Chapter 388鈥揑mportant Duty!
Chapter 389鈥揌anyue, Hanxue
Chapter 390鈥揊iendish Claws (1)
Chapter 391鈥揊iendish Claws (2)
Chapter 392鈥揌eaven Defying Fusion, Ice Flame (1)
Chapter 393鈥揌eaven Defying Fusion, Ice Flame (2)
Chapter 394鈥揓ust Me Alone
Chapter 395鈥揙bscure Premonition
Chapter 396鈥揅ollecting a Debt Along the Way
Chapter 397鈥揈xplosion of Wealth
Chapter 398鈥揊eng Hengkong
Chapter 399鈥揇ivine Phoenix City
Chapter 400鈥揃lack Moon Headquarters
Chapter 401鈥揃et
Chapter 402鈥揝enior Zi
Chapter 403鈥揃lack Moon鈥檚 Seventh Floor
Chapter 404鈥揋host Mirage Sacred Hand
Chapter 405鈥揢nderground Auction
Chapter 406鈥揚hoenix Helianthus
Chapter 407鈥揙verbearing
Chapter 408鈥揥hat Kind of a God
Chapter 409鈥揙ne Kneel
Chapter 410鈥揟he Legendary Princess Snow
Chapter 411鈥揋reat Kindness
Chapter 412鈥揌unted
Chapter 413鈥揚rofound Handle Exposed
Chapter 414鈥揟rading a Life for a Life
Chapter 415鈥揃rutal
Chapter 416鈥揚rincess Snow
Chapter 417鈥揝now Dance (1)
Chapter 418鈥揝now Dance (2)
Chapter 419鈥揅hanges in the Profound Ark
Chapter 420鈥揚romise
Chapter 421鈥揕et Me Teach Big Brother Yun, Alright?
Chapter 422鈥揅omplete Profound Formula
Chapter 423鈥揕eaving Phoenix Perching Valley
Chapter 424鈥揚hoenix City
Chapter 425鈥揂rrival of the Sacred Grounds (1)
Chapter 426鈥揂rrival of the Sacred Grounds (2)
Chapter 427鈥揝upreme Ocean Palace: Ji Qianrou
Chapter 428鈥揅hange of Match Schedule
Chapter 429鈥揝even Nation Ranking Tournament: Start
Chapter 430鈥揋roup Mockery
Chapter 431鈥揚owerful Divine Phoenix
Chapter 432鈥揊irst Match: Navy Tide VS Blue Wind
Chapter 433鈥揝lap Slap to the Face
Chapter 434鈥揟he Six Nations鈥 Closing (1)
Chapter 435鈥揟he Six Nation鈥檚 Closing (2)
Chapter 436鈥揚hoenix Flame
Chapter 437鈥揌eating Up
Chapter 438鈥揇ragon Fault, Divine Phoenix
Chapter 439鈥揗oon of the Phoenix
Chapter 440鈥揚hoenix Flame Sears the Heavens
Chapter 441鈥揜ealm Suppression
Chapter 442鈥揇efeating Divine Phoenix
Chapter 443鈥揅oming to Battle!
Chapter 444鈥揟he Awakened Overlord
Chapter 445鈥揇ivine Phoenix鈥檚 Murderous Intent
Chapter 446鈥揟rue路Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing
Chapter 447鈥揕ittle Mingming, You Need Some Sense of Shame
Chapter 448鈥揇ivine Phoenix Sect鈥檚 Trump Card
Chapter 449鈥揦ue鈥檈r鈥檚 Heart
Chapter 450鈥揅onclusion
Chapter 451鈥揟ranquil Prelude
Chapter 452鈥揟he Awakened Yuanba
Chapter 453鈥揈xtreme Mirage Lightning Actively Dropping In
Chapter 454鈥揈ntering the Primordial Profound Ark
Chapter 455鈥揗ysterious Space
Chapter 456鈥揅onspiracy Within the Profound Ark
Chapter 457鈥揝udden Crisis
Chapter 458鈥揚hoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation
Chapter 459鈥揌arboring Malicious Intentions
Chapter 460鈥揧ue Ji and Mei Ji
Chapter 461鈥揈xplode! The Tyrannical Emperor Awakens (1)
Chapter 462鈥揈xplode! The Tyrannical Emperor Awakens (2)
Chapter 463鈥揟hree-headed Giant Python
Chapter 464鈥揝ong of the Flower Burial
Chapter 465鈥揝ky Reaching Ancient Fortress
Chapter 466鈥揗ysterious Voice
Chapter 467鈥揟he Ghost Who Won鈥檛 Go Away
Chapter 468鈥揇esperate Straits
Chapter 469鈥揦ue鈥檈r鈥 Wait for me鈥
Chapter 470鈥揜e-emergence of the Divine Phoenix
Chapter 471鈥揅hange in the Sky (1)
Chapter 472鈥揅hange in the Sky (2)
Chapter 473鈥揜ealm of the Sky Profound
Chapter 474鈥揟he Intensifying Rampage of the Spatial Turbulence
Chapter 475鈥揟he Primordial Profound Ark鈥檚 Halt
Chapter 476鈥揟he Breaking of Dragon Fault
Chapter 477鈥揜e-emergence of the Ice Flame
Chapter 478鈥揈mpress Cang Yue
Chapter 479鈥揤ery Close By
Chapter 480鈥揕ingering Soul
Chapter 481鈥揟he Girl in the Crystal Coffin
Chapter 482鈥揌ong鈥檈r (1)
Chapter 483鈥揌ong鈥檈r (2)
Chapter 484鈥揌ong鈥檈r (3)
Chapter 485鈥揌eaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword
Chapter 486鈥揅ontracted Profound Seal
Chapter 487鈥揕eaving the Primordial Profound Ark
Chapter 488鈥揕ucky Person?
Chapter 489鈥揢nknown World
Chapter 490鈥揇emons!
Chapter 491鈥揗iniature Profound Ark
Chapter 492鈥揝eeing Injustice, Being a Busybody
Chapter 493鈥揝o it turns out that I鈥檓 already this powerful!
Chapter 494鈥揧un Xiao
Chapter 495鈥揘umber One Under Heaven
Chapter 496鈥揑llusory Demon Realm
Chapter 497鈥揋reatest Ambition Under Heaven
Chapter 498鈥揇emon Imperial City
Chapter 499鈥揧un Family鈥檚 Circumstances
Chapter 500鈥揋olden Crow鈥檚 Legacy

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