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Chapter 3 鈥揕ife and Death
Chapter 4 鈥揧ichuan鈥檚 Rage
Chapter 5鈥揟he Father of Spring Grass
Chapter 6鈥揓i Ning and Serpentwing
Chapter 7鈥揙ne Against Seven?
Chapter 8鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Sword
Chapter 9鈥揟he Traceless Talisman
Chapter 10鈥揈astmount Marsh
Chapter 11鈥揈ntering the Marsh
Chapter 12鈥揂 Slaughter Begins
Chapter 13鈥揓i Ning Battles the Diremonster
Chapter 14鈥揟he Godbeast, 鈥楢zure Skysnake鈥
Chapter 15鈥揙ne With the World
Chapter 16鈥揟he Fur Collectors
Chapter 17鈥揝word Energy Flying Everywhere
Chapter 18鈥揧in and Yang Twin Energy Formation
Chapter 1鈥揌eart Filled With Murderous Intent
Chapter 2鈥揅omprehending 鈥楾he Way鈥 by the Pond
Chapter 3鈥揊ire And Water Descend, Giving Birth to Xiantian
Chapter 4鈥揕otus Petals of Fire and Water
Chapter 5, Plum Blossom Fragrance, Assailing the Nose
Chapter 6鈥揟he Return
Chapter 7鈥揃lacktooth Tribe
Chapter 8鈥揝pring Grass
Chapter 9鈥揜iverside Tribe
Chapter 10鈥揅ollapsing the City Walls
Chapter 11鈥揊or the Tribe
Chapter 12鈥揝erpentwing Lake
Chapter 13鈥揝erpentwing鈥檚 Lair
Chapter 14鈥揂quatic Manor
Chapter 15鈥揟he Full Story
Chapter 16鈥揟he Waiting Parents
Chapter 17鈥揇ao Battle-Armor
Chapter 18鈥揇etermining Life and Death
Chapter 1鈥揌is Waiting
Chapter 2鈥揟he Fifth Master
Chapter 3鈥揟o Make a Copy
Chapter 4鈥揕esser Thousand Swords Formation
Chapter 5鈥揂ncient Rites
Chapter 6鈥揓i Ning鈥揈ntering Lake, Battling Serpentwing
Chapter 7鈥揚ainting Serpentwing Lake with Blood
Chapter 8鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Gains
Chapter 9鈥揟he Marquis of Stillwater
Chapter 10鈥揫Nine Scrolls On Formations]
Chapter 11鈥揓i Ning is Here!
Chapter 12鈥揚ursuit
Chapter 13鈥揨ifu Disciple
Chapter 14鈥揜evered Master
Chapter 15鈥揥raith
Chapter 16鈥揅lansmen
Chapter 17鈥揂 Frenzied Battle
Chapter 18鈥揂 Heroic, Frenzied Shout
Chapter 19鈥揌earteater
Chapter 20鈥揥ait For Your Child
Chapter 1鈥揔ill! Kill! Kill!
Chapter 2鈥揕esser Thousand Sword Formation, Kill!
Chapter 3鈥揂 Battle To the Death!
Chapter 4鈥揃ei Zishan!
Chapter 5鈥揥anxiang Adept
Chapter 6鈥揜eturning
Chapter 7鈥揝eeing Mother
Chapter 8鈥揕earning Acceptance
Chapter 9鈥揥armth
Chapter 10鈥揢nfathomably Deep
Chapter 11鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Sword
Chapter 12鈥揟he World Suddenly Changes
Chapter 13鈥揑mmortal
Chapter 14鈥揂 Large Scale Mine
Chapter 15鈥揝nowdragon Mountain
Chapter 16鈥揅rossing Swords
Chapter 17鈥揕onging! Rain Line!
Chapter 18鈥揟he Ji Clan鈥檚 Concession
Chapter 19鈥揝eparation
Chapter 20鈥揈ach Showing Their Abilities
Chapter 21鈥揟he Zifu Lake
Chapter 22鈥揟wo More Remaining
Chapter 23鈥揕ife And Death鈥揟wo Choices
Chapter 24鈥揟he Stone Room Within the Mine
Chapter 25鈥揈stablishing the Zifu
Chapter 26鈥揝tormclouds Approaching
Chapter 1鈥揟he Four Palaces of the Aquatic Manor
Chapter 2鈥揟reasures
Chapter 3鈥揂 Tempest Outside the Straw Hut
Chapter 4鈥揜ainwater Sword Domain
Chapter 5鈥揂 Wooden Stake
Chapter 6鈥揂 Bewildering Selection of Magic Treasures
Chapter 7鈥揟he Ji Clan Gathers
Chapter 8鈥揂 Wonderful Treasure!
Chapter 9鈥揝nowdragon Mountain Assembles
Chapter 10鈥揅ontact
Chapter 11鈥揟he Netherwyrm in the Dark Fog
Chapter 12鈥揟he Secret Killer Weapon鈥揓i Ning
Chapter 13鈥揟errified By the Slaughter
Chapter 14鈥揅rushed
Chapter 15鈥揝pare No One
Chapter 16鈥揥anxiang Adept
Chapter 17鈥揓i Ning Battles Jadechild (Part 1)
Chapter 18鈥揓i Ning Battles Jadechild (Part 2)
Chapter 19鈥揓i Ning Battles Jadechild (Part 3)
Chapter 20鈥揕esser Teleportation Dao-Seal
Chapter 21鈥揫Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens]鈥揝tage Seven
Chapter 22鈥揈arth-Rank Magic Treasure
Chapter 23鈥揝ealing
Chapter 24鈥揓i Ning Battles Myriad Manifestations!
Chapter 25鈥72 Flying Swords
Chapter 26鈥揂 Disastrous Defeat
Chapter 27鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Departure
Chapter 28鈥揟he Seven Great Divine Abilities of the Divine Abilities Hall
Chapter 29鈥揝trongman
Chapter 30鈥揥hitewater Hound Transforms
Chapter 31鈥揙pening the Celestial Eye, Manifesting the Divine Sense
Chapter 32鈥揜eceiving the Divine Ability
Chapter 33鈥揈vanescent Demonslayer Sword
Chapter 34鈥揓i Ning Returns, the Final Battle
Chapter 35鈥揝nowdragon Mountain鈥檚 Prestige
Chapter 36鈥揟he Exalted Envoy of the Marquisate of Stillwater
Chapter 37鈥揗atters Resolved
Chapter 38鈥揕eaving Swallow Mountain
Chapter 1鈥揗id-Journey
Chapter 2鈥揂rrival
Chapter 3鈥揗eeting Northmont Baiwei Again
Chapter 4鈥揘inestar Immortal Carriage
Chapter 5鈥揓oining A School
Chapter 6鈥揈ncountering Northmont Fox
Chapter 7鈥揟reasure Auction
Chapter 8鈥揟he Boy of Universal Fire
Chapter 9鈥揓i Ning Reveals His Fierceness
Chapter 10鈥揟he Monstrous Ji Ning
Chapter 11鈥揟he Battle Which Brought Fame
Chapter 12鈥揟he Pebble That Aroused a Thousand-Story Wave
Chapter 13鈥揘orthmont Blacktiger
Chapter 14鈥揃lack-White College
Chapter 15鈥揅apturing Fiendgods
Chapter 16鈥揟he Twelfth Lunar Month, Entering a School
Chapter 17鈥揗yriad Thunderbolts Launched Together
Chapter 18鈥揓i Ning and Mu Northson
Chapter 19鈥揟he Final Guardian
Chapter 20鈥揓i Ning, Disciple of the Black-White College
Chapter 21鈥揤iewing the Sculpture at Night
Chapter 22, The Words Left By An Immortal
Chapter 23鈥揑mmortal Diancai
Chapter 24鈥揟he Grand Admissions Ceremony
Chapter 25鈥揇aoist Title, Darknorth
Chapter 26鈥揥ithin the Dao Repository Vault
Chapter 27鈥揟raining in the Still Room
Chapter 29鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Early Insights Into the Sword
Chapter 30鈥揟he Battle at the Dao Debate Palace
Chapter 31鈥揝hock and Awe (part 1)
Chapter 32鈥揝hock and Awe (part 2)
Chapter 33鈥揟wo Major Factions
Chapter 34鈥揊ated to be Master and Servant
Chapter 35鈥揑mmortal Diancai鈥檚 Guidance
Chapter 36鈥揓unior Apprentice-Brother Ji Ning Welcomes All Challengers
Chapter 37鈥揟wo-Clawed Raindragon Guard
Chapter 38鈥揗y Heart Holds Only the Sword, The Sword Immortal鈥檚 Path
Chapter 39鈥揫Three-Foot Sword]鈥揟he First Stance
Chapter 40鈥揟hat Chop
Chapter 41鈥揧u Wei and Ji Ning
Chapter 1鈥揓adesea
Chapter 2鈥揘orthmont Blacktiger鈥檚 Style
Chapter 3鈥揙ur Master, Ji Ning
Chapter 4鈥揂 Sturdy Base
Chapter 5鈥揫Soulshaker Art]
Chapter 6鈥揟hree Years Later
Chapter 7鈥揗aster and Disciple, Pre-Departure
Chapter 8鈥揈ntering the Raindragon Guard
Chapter 9鈥揜aindragon Guard, Stillwater Division
Chapter 10鈥揟he Immortals of the Raindragon Guard
Chapter 11鈥揟he Wild Marshes of the Gaol Mountains
Chapter 12鈥揈ntrance
Chapter 13鈥揟wo Humans Battle Three Monsters
Chapter 14鈥揟he [Lesser Thousand Swords Formation] Reveals Its Might
Chapter 15鈥揂zure Skysnake
Chapter 16鈥揟he Azure Skysnake and Ji Ning
Chapter 17鈥揥aylaying the Disciples of the Black-White College
Chapter 18鈥揝weeping Through All Opposition
Chapter 19鈥揃reakthrough, Wanxiang Adept
Chapter 20鈥揗anifestation
Chapter 21鈥揗eeting Again After Many Years
Chapter 22鈥揕il Snakey-Snake, Don鈥檛 You Recognize Me?
Chapter 23 鈥揗onsters Executed By The Sword
Chapter 24 鈥揓i Ning Explodes With His Full Power!
Chapter 25 鈥揂 Suggestion
Chapter 26鈥揇ire-Ice, Earthfire
Chapter 27鈥揌arvesting Dire-Ice
Chapter 28鈥揚rimal Monster
Chapter 29鈥揟he Gathering
Chapter 30鈥揌unted
Chapter 31鈥揤engeance in the Next Life
Chapter 32鈥揂woken
Chapter 33鈥揊iendgods and Humans
Chapter 34鈥揈ntering the Raindragon Guard
Chapter 1鈥揘ew Raindragon Guards
Chapter 2鈥揟orch Dragon鈥檚 Eye
Chapter 3鈥揝eclusion Within the Black-White College
Chapter 4鈥揇isappointed and Confused
Chapter 5鈥揘ever Forget
Chapter 6鈥揂 Surging Killing Intent
Chapter 7鈥揟he Real Yu Dong
Chapter 8鈥揟he Mysterious Adept Mooncrescent
Chapter 9鈥揥hy, Why?!
Chapter 10鈥揂 Disaster Caused
Chapter 11鈥揟he Culprit, Ji Ning
Chapter 12鈥揊ather and Son
Chapter 13鈥揟he End of the Road for Shui Yi
Chapter 14鈥揜eturn to Serpentwing Lake
Chapter 15鈥揟he Rise of the Ji Clan
Chapter 16鈥揅omprehending the Dao in the Stellar Hall
Chapter 17鈥揟he Third Stance of the [Three-Foot Sword]
Chapter 18鈥揟he Avatar of a Fiendgod
Chapter 19鈥揘ethercold
Chapter 20鈥揝enior Apprentice-Sister Ninelotus
Chapter 21鈥揕ife With Ninelotus
Chapter 22鈥揟he Tenth Stage of the [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens]
Chapter 23鈥揌olyfire
Chapter 24鈥揃urning With Jealousy
Chapter 25鈥揓i Ning Battles Chen Jin
Chapter 26 鈥揅hen Jin鈥檚 Threat
Chapter 27 鈥揟raversing the Immortal Path Together
Chapter 28 鈥揟aken Away
Chapter 29鈥揟he Forefather of the Dongyan Clan
Chapter 30鈥揘ine Years in the Blink of an Eye
Chapter 31鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Letter
Chapter 32鈥揇aoist Snowplume
Chapter 33鈥揂 Primal Daoist and Ji Ning
Chapter 34 鈥揓i Ning Battles a Primal Daoist
Chapter 35 鈥揗oving Out of Swallow Mountain
Chapter 36 鈥揊amous Throughout Stillwater
Chapter 37鈥揕eaving the Myriad Lotuses Cave
Chapter 38鈥揟he Tricentennial Conclave of Immortal Destiny
Chapter 39鈥揗eeting
Chapter 1鈥揧oungflame Clan
Chapter 2鈥揚ower Makes Major Powers!
Chapter 3鈥揥itchriver Immortal Estate!
Chapter 4鈥揝eize It!
Chapter 5鈥揢nblockable
Chapter 6鈥揊iendgod, Hydraga3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/javascript:addbookcase(||Add bookshelf
Chapter 7鈥揟he Vault of Treasures
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Chapter 8鈥揅asualties
Chapter 9鈥揌eavy Casualties, a Change3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/47030.html||Chapter 732: Amazing Everyone Present
Chapter 10鈥揟his is the Vault of Treasures
To the bottom
Chapter 11鈥揟he Treasure Vault of a Celestial Immortal
Chapter 1: 7 Months Pregnant
Chapter 12鈥揂n Immortal-Ranked Magic Treasure Emerges
Chapter 2: A Stranger鈥檚 Bastard
Chapter 13鈥揟he Humble Xue Hongyi
Chapter 3: The Little Boy in the Bar
Chapter 14鈥揟he Immortal Grass Palace
Chapter 4: Saved a Little Bun
Chapter 15鈥揟he Desire of the Monstrous Cultivators
Chapter 5: We Found Little Young Master
Chapter 16鈥揟he Wildcore
Chapter 6: The Sparkling Little Prince
Chapter 17鈥揙ne Instant, A Thousand Years
Chapter 7: Big Bun Wants to Repay with His Body
Chapter 8: Aren鈥檛 You Gay?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32211.html||Chapter 18鈥揟he Dao Repository of the Ji Clan
Chapter 9: I鈥檓 Not Here To Try For The Female Lead3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32218.html||Chapter 19鈥揚entabolt Vajra, Soldiers of the Mind
Chapter 10: Little Bun Suddenly Goes on a Rampage3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32225.html||Chapter 20鈥揟he Final Palace
Chapter 11: Big Bun Plus Little Bun
Chapter 21鈥揚reparing a Celebratory Feast
Chapter 12: Staying Overnight
Chapter 22鈥揧oungflame Nong鈥檚 True Face
Chapter 13: It鈥檚 Not Easy to Raise a Child
Chapter 23鈥揥indwing Evasion
Chapter 14: It鈥檚 Easy to Lose Control
Chapter 24 鈥揈nmity Born From Genocide
Chapter 15: You Want to Sleep with Me and Shirk the Responsibility?
Chapter 25鈥揋rand Dao Domain
Chapter 16: As Expected of His Son
Chapter 26鈥揔illing Youngflame Nong
Chapter 17: The Matchmaking Duo
Chapter 27鈥揟raveling Alone
Chapter 18: Hoping for a Daughter-in-Law
Chapter 28鈥揟he Thousand Year Pact
Chapter 19: The Shocked Parents
Chapter 29鈥揚atriarch Arcanum
Chapter 20: Her Exes Can Be Found Everywhere
Chapter 1鈥揟he Culprit is Ji Ning
Chapter 21: Little Treasure Makes a Ruckus at the Palace
Chapter 2鈥揟he Eight Loose Immortals of the Black-White College
Chapter 22: Calling In Emergency Support
Chapter 3鈥揗astering the First Dao-Path
Chapter 4鈥揚rimaltwin
Chapter 23: Picking a Fight with the Boss in Rage3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32308.html||Chapter 5鈥揑mmortal Diancai and Ji Ning
Chapter 24: Huluwa Huluwa3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32311.html||Chapter 6鈥揚rimal Breakthrough
Chapter 25: Living Together Just Like That?
Chapter 7鈥揃inding the Underwater Estate3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/6749.html||Chapter 26: Ning Xi, We Have Long Days Ahead of Us
Chapter 9鈥揊oundation Established3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/6752.html||Chapter 27: Fauvism
Chapter 10鈥揑mperial Capital of the Grand Xia
Chapter 28: Domineering CEO
Chapter 11鈥揂 Major Business Deal
Chapter 29: Soon-to-be Lady Boss
Chapter 12鈥揟ears
Chapter 30: Opening Ceremony
Chapter 13鈥揇harmic Decree
Chapter 31: What Kind of Eyesight Do You Have!
Chapter 14鈥揊irst Encounter With Woodpass
Chapter 32: Troublesome Exes
Chapter 15鈥揇esiring Fame at the Treasure Auction
Chapter 33: Trying to Make Me Fall? Not a Chance in Hell
Chapter 16鈥揚eacock Plume
Chapter 34: What a Show of Affection Between Father and Daughter
Chapter 17鈥揝topping At Nothing to Acquire It
Chapter 35: That Youth is No Longer Here3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32378.html||Chapter 18鈥揟he Princess Wishes to See Me?
Chapter 36: Which God of Wealth Has Arrived?
Chapter 19鈥揚eak Primal
Chapter 37: Entering the Female Restroom To Find Her
Chapter 20鈥揝ister and Brother Meet
Chapter 38: You鈥檙e the Evil Demon King
Chapter 21鈥揟he Enemy of the Two Cousins
Chapter 39: It鈥檚 Not Big Enough
Chapter 22鈥揔ing Yan, Yama-King
Chapter 40: Baby, I Really Want to Marry You
Chapter 23鈥揊ivecraze Arrives
Chapter 41: Do You Want More?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32414.html||Chapter 24鈥揑nvitation
Chapter 42: Good Night, My Girl
Chapter 25鈥揅loudwater Manor
Chapter 43: Bite Me Again
Chapter 26鈥揚rovocation
Chapter 44: Flirting Abilities Awakened
Chapter 27鈥揂ssassination
Chapter 45: Displaying Gratitude
Chapter 28鈥揃loodcoil Heavenlock Formation
Chapter 46: You Are My Angel
Chapter 29鈥揚rimaltwin Vs Loose Immortal
Chapter 47: Red Roses Everywhere
Chapter 30鈥揂 Loose Immortal Dies
Chapter 48: There Are Always Exes Trying to Frame Me
Chapter 31鈥揊ame From the Battle
Chapter 49: The Little Young Master Who Likes Making Fruit Juice
Chapter 32鈥揂 Silent Prayer
Chapter 50: Sarang Haeyo
Chapter 33鈥揊rom Whence Came, To Where Go
Chapter 34鈥揂 Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 51: It鈥檚 Her Ex Again
Chapter 35鈥揟he End Days for Snowdragon Mountain
Chapter 52: Healing Kisses
Chapter 36鈥揟he Grand Xia Emperor
Chapter 53: Were You Pleased by Me?
Chapter 1鈥揟he Emperor鈥檚 Decree
Chapter 54: Calling His Sister-in-law
Chapter 2鈥揟he World-Guarding Formation
Chapter 55: Everyone Wants to Teach Him to Flirt
Chapter 3鈥揟he Brightmoon Diagram of the Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 56: Like a Punch on Cotton
Chapter 4鈥揟rue Immortals, Bodhisattvas
Chapter 57: That Aggrieved Feeling3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32504.html||Chapter 5鈥揕ife in the Diagram
Chapter 58: As of Old, Invade My Dreams Again
Chapter 6- Junior Apprentice-Brother Ji Ning
Chapter 59: The Super Handsome Second Male Lead Who鈥檚 A Huge Star
Chapter 7鈥揑t Must Be Love
Chapter 60: I鈥檒l Love You for a Thousand Years!
Chapter 8鈥揟he Grand Black Tortoise Divine Ability
Chapter 61: Oh My Dear Grandson
Chapter 9鈥揜epeated Breakthroughs
Chapter 62: Come, Kiss Me Here!
Chapter 10鈥揟he Most Powerful Two-Man Squad
Chapter 63: 300 Rounds of War
Chapter 11鈥揓i Ning Battles Xiamang Zishan
Chapter 64: A Visitor in the Night
Chapter 12鈥揟he Sound of the Flute in the Mountain Cave
Chapter 65: A Dream-like Meeting3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32547.html||Chapter 13鈥揑mmortals and Gods
Chapter 66: You Promised to Be with Me Tonight3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32552.html||Chapter 14鈥揟he Final Month
Chapter 67: Kiss Under the Moonlight
Chapter 15鈥揇ire Circumstances
Chapter 68: I鈥檓 So Angry, But I Need to Keep My Smile On
Chapter 16鈥揟he Seventh Stance of the [Three-Foot Sword]
Chapter 69: So Handsome My Legs Are Wobbly
Chapter 17鈥揑 Will Never Hurt You
Chapter 70: Let鈥檚 Start Off A Little More Exciting3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32571.html||Chapter 18鈥揟he Year Ends
Chapter 71: The Tyrant Stealing Away The Innocent Flower3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32576.html||Chapter 19鈥揟he Conclave of Immortal Destiny鈥檚 Awards
Chapter 72: You鈥檙e Completely Oppressed By Me3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32582.html||Chapter 20鈥揇aoist Threelives and Daofather Crimsonbright
Chapter 21鈥揟he Top Twenty-Four
Chapter 73: Keep Going, Don鈥檛 Stop
Chapter 22鈥揓i Ning and Saberslave3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/6893.html||Chapter 74: As If His Soul Had Been Sucked Out
Chapter 23鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Divine Ability3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/6896.html||Chapter 75: The Beauty Trap
Chapter 76: Sister-in-law is Indeed Mighty and Formidable!
Chapter 24 鈥揟he Sloppy Daoist Against Adept Ninedeaths
Chapter 77: I Want to Take Him Home
Chapter 25鈥揝ecret Art 鈥榃avefolding鈥
Chapter 78: You鈥檙e So Worried That I鈥檒l Become Your Aunt?
Chapter 26鈥揓i Ning Battles Youngflame Zhan
Chapter 79: Cute, Adorable Bunny Ears
Chapter 27鈥揟he Six Finalists
Chapter 80: Throwing Out His Card Without Warning
Chapter 28鈥揟he Sloppy Daoist Battles Adept Woodpass
Chapter 81: The Little Deer is About To Faint
Chapter 29鈥揓i Ning Enters the Fray
Chapter 82: You Want to Leave?
Chapter 30鈥揇esiring To Accept a Disciple
Chapter 31鈥揅losed Door3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/6918.html||Chapter 83: Kissed Awake
Chapter 32鈥揘umber One
Chapter 84: Maybe He鈥檚 Sleepwalking?
Chapter 33鈥揋rand Emperor Xuanwu
Chapter 85: Sharing the Bed
Chapter 34鈥揂 Mighty Divine Ability
Chapter 86: Let The Storm Rage Even Harder
Chapter 35鈥揇aofather鈥檚 Disciple
Chapter 87: You Need a Woman
Chapter 36鈥揕u Dongbin Accepts a Disciple
Chapter 88: A Tyrant Flower
Chapter 37鈥 Sword Immortal Evergreen3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/6936.html||Chapter 89: The Fun is Just Getting Started
Chapter 90: Playing An Innocent Flower3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32686.html||Chapter 38鈥揂 Friend Comes From Afar
Chapter 39鈥揟he Most Mysterious Daofather3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/6942.html||Chapter 91: Complete Counter-attack
Chapter 40鈥揂 Swift Departure
Chapter 92: A Lousy Teammate
Chapter 1鈥揟he Senior Apprentice of the Daofather
Chapter 93: The Truth Always Prevails
Chapter 2鈥揟he Status of Daoist Threelives
Chapter 94: Uncontrollable Burning Love
Chapter 3鈥揟he Patriarch Accepts a Disciple
Chapter 95: The Consequences of Pouncing Immediately
Chapter 4鈥揇ivinity Palace, Three Realms Palace
Chapter 5鈥揟rials3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/6957.html||Chapter 96: You Said There Was Nothing Between You Two
Chapter 6鈥揚uny3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/6960.html||Chapter 97: She鈥檚 the One Who Chased Me
Chapter 98: You鈥檙e the Only One Who Can Cure Me
Chapter 7鈥揟hirty Years at Mount Innerheart
Chapter 99: Smashing Windows in the Early Morning
Chapter 8鈥揟he Ninth Stance of the [Three-Foot Sword]
Chapter 100: Older Sister is Aiming for the Stars
Chapter 101: Little Koi Prince3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/32762.html||Chapter 10鈥揟he Senior Disciples
Chapter 11鈥揌ouyi鈥檚 Archery3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/6975.html||Chapter 102: A Mistress Masquerading as a Rich Heiress
Chapter 103: Whose Fault Is It When a Mad Dog Bites You?
Chapter 12鈥揟he Choice Within the Three Realms Palace
Chapter 104: Who Doesn鈥檛 Have Skeletons In Their Closet?
Chapter 13鈥揤oid-Level
Chapter 105: Shopping for Little Bun!
Chapter 14鈥揋oing Into the World
Chapter 15鈥揟he Survivors of the Qi Empire3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/6987.html||Chapter 106: Meeting Some Bitches
Chapter 16鈥揊lamewing Guard
Chapter 107: Men In Love
Chapter 17鈥揊orced
Chapter 108: Don鈥檛 Put On Your Clothes
Chapter 18鈥揟reasure Trove
Chapter 109: Don鈥檛 Bring Men Back Home
Chapter 19鈥揋reat Sinners
Chapter 110: You Look Like You鈥檙e Ready for Marriage
Chapter 20鈥揟he Slaughter on Viledragon River
Chapter 111: Slaughter Every Unfaithful Dog in the World
Chapter 21鈥揃luecliff Xiaoyu
Chapter 112: Sister-in-Law is Unbelievable
Chapter 22鈥揟he Twelve Monster Kings of the Eastern Flows
Chapter 113: Three Months (to Make Her My Wife)
Chapter 23鈥揟owering Amounts of Sin
Chapter 114: I鈥檓 the One Forcefully Kissing You Anyway
Chapter 24鈥揟he Sword as the Rake, the Heavens as the Field
Chapter 115: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 25鈥揟he Monster Kings Flee For Their Lives
Chapter 116: Wouldn鈥檛 Things Go to Hell If They Really Kissed?
Chapter 26鈥揝uccess
Chapter 117: Are You Defying Nature Now!?
Chapter 27鈥揜iverfang Mountains
Chapter 118: Meeting Between Ex-Boyfriends
Chapter 28鈥揜eturning to Mount Innerheart
Chapter 119: Born On the Same Day
Chapter 29鈥揟raining in the Arcane Art
Chapter 120: A Splendid Death
Chapter 30鈥揟he Power To Roam the Three Realms
Chapter 121: Accidentally Barging Into a Party for the Rich?
Chapter 31鈥揜eturning to the Riverfang Mountains
Chapter 122: I鈥檒l Support You For A Lifetime
Chapter 32鈥揊iendgod Corpse
Chapter 123: A Kiss to Stake His Claim
Chapter 33鈥揜ahu Bow
Chapter 124: No Cure for My Idiocy
Chapter 34鈥揥hen The Arrow Flies鈥
Chapter 125: Little Bun is Angry
Chapter 35鈥撯he Heart Flies With It
Chapter 126: Loving You More Everyday
Chapter 36鈥揕eaving the Master鈥檚 Tutelage
Chapter 127: I鈥檒l Do Whatever You Want
Chapter 1鈥揌omecoming3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7054.html||Chapter 128: It Really Burns My Eyes to Watch
Chapter 2鈥揓i Ning Is Back
Chapter 129: Like a Fox Spirit
Chapter 3鈥揃lood God Church3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7059.html||Chapter 130: Who Cares if the World Drowns After I Die?
Chapter 4鈥揟hose Retainers From Back Then3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7062.html||Chapter 131: An Accident or Not
Chapter 5鈥揟he Number One Assassin鈥檚 Guild of the Grand Xia
Chapter 132: These Are Her Parents
Chapter 6鈥揂n Arrival From the Heaven Realm
Chapter 7鈥揂 Single Arrow3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7068.html||Chapter 133: I Choose My Own Way
Chapter 8鈥換i, the Primordial Divine Archer
Chapter 134: A Nightgown and Flower Petals3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33221.html||Chapter 9鈥揕aying Down the Formations
Chapter 135: He Prepared a Woman3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33227.html||Chapter 10鈥揟he Celestial Tribulation
Chapter 11鈥揊our Great Tribulations3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7077.html||Chapter 136: Could It Be That the Person Inside Was鈥
Chapter 12鈥揅elestial Immortal Body3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7080.html||Chapter 137: About To Go Insane
Chapter 138: Lucky It鈥檚 You
Chapter 13鈥揗y Master
Chapter 139: Emptiness is Form, Form is Emptiness
Chapter 14鈥揈xtermination
Chapter 140: Hurry Up and Help Me
Chapter 15鈥揈nemy
Chapter 141: Succumbing to My Beastly Instincts
Chapter 16鈥揘o Mercy When Striking
Chapter 142: Rolling in the Hay
Chapter 17鈥揝quad Earthnine Makes Their Move
Chapter 18鈥揟he Ba-Serpent and Ji Ning3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7098.html||Chapter 143: Can鈥檛 You Play Along?
Chapter 19鈥揂 Spatial Tear

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