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Chapter 144: There鈥檚 No One Better Than You
Chapter 20鈥揟rapped3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7104.html||Chapter 145: I鈥檒l Be Your Brain Dead Fan
Chapter 146: I Can鈥檛 Bear Any More of Your Flirting!
Chapter 21鈥揟he Cauldron of Divine Venomflame of the Nine Heavens
Chapter 147: Little Treasure Destroys the House3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33300.html||Chapter 22鈥揟he Curtain Call?
Chapter 148: Just Carry Me
Chapter 23鈥揅elestial Immortal
Chapter 149: A Precise Kabedon Position
Chapter 24鈥揥hither the Immortal Treasure?
Chapter 150: The Most Romantic Birthday
Chapter 25鈥揟he Old Patriarch of the Northmont Clan of Stillwater
Chapter 151: She Couldn鈥檛 Even Dote on Him Enough
Chapter 26鈥揟he State of Affairs
Chapter 152: Switching on Shadow Mode3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33330.html||Chapter 27鈥揟he Sixteenth Stage of the [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens]
Chapter 153: Unless You Pay the Right Price
Chapter 28鈥揓ust a Tenth
Chapter 154: Older Sister, Please Calm Down
Chapter 29鈥揚reparing to Head Out
Chapter 155: Too Savage3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33348.html||Chapter 30鈥揥ithin the Eastwoods Sect
Chapter 1鈥揟he Full Story3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7137.html||Chapter 156: Where Are Your Hands Going
Chapter 2鈥揟he Rescue Plan3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7140.html||Chapter 157: Her Flattery Failed
Chapter 3鈥揅lass: Winged Immortal
Chapter 158: Move Further Away From Me
Chapter 4鈥揟hose Who Bar Me, Die!
Chapter 159: You Think I鈥檓 Dangerous?
Chapter 5鈥揥ho Will Give Me My Freedom?
Chapter 160: I鈥檒l Feed You
Chapter 6鈥揝oultamer Jade
Chapter 161: Not Seeing Him as a Man
Chapter 7鈥揟he Cavemaster
Chapter 162: My Wife is Too Cute
Chapter 8鈥揂 Sense of Danger
Chapter 163: His Tastes Aren鈥檛 That Extreme
Chapter 9鈥揂 Talk at Night
Chapter 164: Do You Have the Strength To Eat?
Chapter 10鈥揕ying in Wait
Chapter 165: You Deserve to Be Called the Great Demon King
Chapter 11鈥揟he Youngflame Clan Strikes
Chapter 166: A Faster Way
Chapter 12鈥揊our Mighty Celestial Immortals
Chapter 167: Our Feelings Are Mutual
Chapter 13鈥揝uppressing the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art]
Chapter 168: Pampering Her A Little More
Chapter 14鈥揂 Feud As Fathomless as a Sea of Blood
Chapter 169: She Really Wants to Steal Him Away
Chapter 15鈥揈xalted Immortal Blackheaven
Chapter 170: How Could It Be Ning Xi
Chapter 16鈥揟he Fourth Cycle of the [Starseizing Hand]
Chapter 171: The Prettiest Princess
Chapter 17鈥揟he Rahu Bow At Full Power
Chapter 172: His Son Surpassed Him
Chapter 18鈥揕eaving the Heavenly Treasures Mountain
Chapter 173: A Quick Lesson
Chapter 19鈥揟he Sword Pointed at Easthill Commandery
Chapter 174: A Midnight Scare
Chapter 20鈥揙ld Demon Windraiser
Chapter 175: She Finally Appeared
Chapter 21鈥揔ill!
Chapter 176: I Want to Change My Company
Chapter 22鈥揔armic Virtue, Karmic Sin
Chapter 177: An Unexpected Reversal
Chapter 23鈥揟he Underground Copper Pillar
Chapter 178: Ning Xi鈥檚 Backer?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33483.html||Chapter 24鈥揟he Shaoyin Fiendtamer Formation
Chapter 179: That Person鈥檚 Sexual Orientation is Undetermined
Chapter 25鈥揟he Power to Uproot Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 180: I鈥檒l Help You Count the Spoils
Chapter 26鈥揟he Deep Gorge
Chapter 27鈥揟he Youngflame Clan鈥檚 Founder
Chapter 181: I鈥檝e Never Regretted It
Chapter 28鈥揅harging Out of the Prison
Chapter 182: Because She Didn鈥檛 Care
Chapter 29鈥揟he Tenth Stance of the [Three-Foot Sword]
Chapter 183: Someone鈥檚 Wife
Chapter 30鈥揟he Sword Eradicates Celestial Immortals
Chapter 184: A Special Date
Chapter 31鈥揟he Evacuated Youngflame Clansmen
Chapter 185: Your Entire Family is Handsome
Chapter 32鈥揑鈥檒l Send You On Your Way
Chapter 186: A Sweet Nickname
Chapter 187: Mysterious Package
Chapter 1鈥揧ou Did Not Sin
Chapter 188: Do You Like This?
Chapter 2鈥揜ed Dust Tribulations3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7235.html||Chapter 189: Apron Play
Chapter 190: I want to be a man鈥檚 wife3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33538.html||Chapter 3鈥揑ceheart
Chapter 192: My Future Sister-in-Law3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33543.html||Chapter 4鈥揟he Third Sinflame Tribulation
Chapter 5鈥揜uler3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7244.html||Chapter 193: When you leave me?
Chapter 6鈥揥andering
Chapter 194: Reporting For The First Day of Work
Chapter 7鈥揌alf A Year Later
Chapter 195: Can鈥檛 Fall In Love
Chapter 8鈥揊irst Contact
Chapter 196: Into The (Emotional Fans ) Frying Pan
Chapter 9鈥揌uman!
Chapter 197: The Fans Favorite Is Clearly You
Chapter 10鈥揋rand Space Formation3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7259.html||Chapter 198: He Kissed You In Front Of Me
Chapter 11鈥揂 Crisis of Divine Power
Chapter 199: Not Just Concerned About You
Chapter 12鈥揘o Way Out
Chapter 200: Given A Critical Hit
Chapter 13鈥揙ur World
Chapter 201: Goodnight, I love you
Chapter 14鈥揌eartforce Manifests
Chapter 202: The Lineup Of A Lifetime
Chapter 15鈥揧u Wei鈥檚 Tribulation
Chapter 203: The Story Is Reversed
Chapter 16鈥揜eturning to the Grand Xia
Chapter 204: Of Course We Have A Special Relationship
Chapter 17鈥揟he Seventeenth Stage of the [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens]
Chapter 205: Help The Boss Make More Money
Chapter 18鈥揈ighteen Stormy Years
Chapter 206: Truthful
Chapter 19鈥揂t The Scroll鈥檚 End, the Dagger Appears
Chapter 207: Can I Continue To Trust You
Chapter 20鈥揝even Mighty Empyrean Gods Emerge
Chapter 208: When Did I Change?
Chapter 21鈥揟wo Worlds Collide
Chapter 209: So-Called Sexual Favors (unedited )
Chapter 22鈥揝ubhuti
Chapter 210: I Am Tempted By Him (unedited)
Chapter 23鈥揟he Return
Chapter 211: Are you going to be with him (unedited)
Chapter 24鈥揗eeting the Seven Empyrean Gods
Chapter 212: Is it an Ex-Boyfriend (unedited)
Chapter 25鈥揂 Promise
Chapter 213: I Choose Lu Jingli! (Unedited)
Chapter 1鈥揓i Ning Is Still Alive!
Chapter 214: Feels Finished (unedited)
Chapter 2鈥揔ing Yan Comes to Visit
Chapter 215: Little Treasure鈥檚 Outburst (unedited)
Chapter 3鈥揌is Parent鈥檚 Lives, Past and Present
Chapter 216: The old situation has been revived? (unedited)
Chapter 4鈥揈astflow Snow, Willowriver Chuan
Chapter 217: It Could Be Worse (unedited)3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33678.html||Chapter 5鈥揟ruesoul
Chapter 218: You can do whatever you like
Chapter 6鈥揟he Curtains Are Raised
Chapter 219: I Feel Faint (unedited)
Chapter 7鈥揟he Grand Army Mobilizes
Chapter 220: Going Against The Waves
Chapter 8鈥揅elestial Immortal Unity
Chapter 221: Who鈥檚 On A Date With You?
Chapter 9鈥揓i Ning! Ji Ning!
Chapter 222: Forced to Failure
Chapter 10鈥揋reat Danger
Chapter 223: People and Dogs Cannot See (unedited)3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33708.html||Chapter 11鈥揝hooting A True Immortal
Chapter 12鈥揟he Xia Emperor鈥檚 Attitude3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7337.html||Chapter 224: Avoiding Ones鈥 Enemy (unedited)
Chapter 225: The Instigation Is A Failure3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33719.html||Chapter 13鈥揚aying Respects To The Godking
Chapter 226: Why Is Everyone Assisting
Chapter 14鈥揂 Successful Plot
Chapter 227: I Miss You So Much
Chapter 15鈥揕et鈥檚 Have A Baby
Chapter 228: Let Me Hold You For A While
Chapter 16鈥揟he Enraged Celestial Immortal Blackheaven
Chapter 229: He Really Played Me
Chapter 17鈥揓i Ning Requests An Audience
Chapter 230: The look of a dog
Chapter 18鈥揇emonheart
Chapter 231: Breaking The Superstition Of The Big Devil
Chapter 19鈥揙n Brightheart Island
Chapter 232: If you do not make any move soon, you will become green
Chapter 20鈥揟he Four Ancestors of the River Source
Chapter 233: Enjoying It Together Instead Of Enjoying It Alone
Chapter 21鈥揗aster?
Chapter 234: Protector of Love and Justice
Chapter 22鈥揂 Graceful Departure
Chapter 235: These Are Clearly Hickeys!
Chapter 23鈥揃efore The Tribulation
Chapter 236: One-Sided Dominance
Chapter 24 鈥揟he Tribulation
Chapter 237: Sending Little Treasure Over
Chapter 25鈥揂 New Life
Chapter 238: She Is Very Good
Chapter 26鈥揂nother Life, Thirty Millenia
Chapter 239: Unattached Man Available Woman?
Chapter 27鈥揃ecoming Immortal
Chapter 240: The Temptation Of Costume Play
Chapter 1鈥揈vacuation
Chapter 241: Teaching The Big Devil How To Chase Girls
Chapter 2鈥揟en Thousand Immortals Converge
Chapter 242: Then I鈥檒l Pull Out That Radish
Chapter 243: Enticing Girls3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33805.html||Chapter 3鈥揦ingtian, Heaven Punisher
Chapter 244: Slapping Her Face
Chapter 4鈥揘o Seam Left Untouched
Chapter 245: Is This The Rhythm Of A Confession?
Chapter 5鈥揅haos Goldstone
Chapter 6鈥揃ecoming Generals3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7403.html||Chapter 246: A Deeper Kiss
Chapter 247: Using the Honey Trap3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33825.html||Chapter 7鈥揅rusading Against The Grand Xia
Chapter 248: Clearly A Bully In Studying
Chapter 8鈥揈ight Dragons Cloudcity
Chapter 249: Beauty Is Dangerous
Chapter 9鈥揗agic Treasure: Splitter
Chapter 250: Initial Confrontation
Chapter 10鈥揤anguard
Chapter 251: Su Yi Mo鈥檚 Background
Chapter 11鈥揊renetic Battle
Chapter 252: Abuse Dogs Again Ah!
Chapter 12鈥揅ountless Casualties
Chapter 253: I Am Your Exclusive Backer
Chapter 13鈥揂rmies Retreat
Chapter 254: What Is The Number Of Points
Chapter 14鈥揘o Way Out
Chapter 255: Who Said She Was My Ex Girlfriend
Chapter 15鈥揚rotection
Chapter 256: I Am Your Man
Chapter 16鈥揟hree Years
Chapter 257: Beastly Skill
Chapter 17鈥揔ill Ji Ning
Chapter 18鈥揟he Final Battle Suddenly Arrives3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7439.html||Chapter 258: The Birth Of The Demon Princess
Chapter 259: Simply A Beast3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33886.html||Chapter 19鈥揅onsecutive Demises
Chapter 260: Ning Xi鈥檚 Spouse Selection Criteria3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33891.html||Chapter 20鈥揟he Grand Xia鈥檚 Worldguard Formation
Chapter 261: Countdown To The Explosion Of Big Devil鈥檚 Rage
Chapter 21鈥揚ulling Out All The Stops
Chapter 262: This Radish, To Pull Or Not To Pull?
Chapter 22鈥揃reakthrough
Chapter 263: Me And Him, CP Fans?
Chapter 23鈥揟he Power Of A Pure Yang True Immortal
Chapter 264: Ominous Premonition
Chapter 265: The Big Devil Arrived
Chapter 24鈥揥ithdrawing The Troops
Chapter 266: What? It鈥檚 A Kissing Scene?!
Chapter 25鈥揜equesting Reinforcements
Chapter 267: A Tensed Atmosphere
Chapter 26鈥揟he Godking鈥檚 Decision
Chapter 268: So, are you kissing me or not?
Chapter 27鈥揂mbush
Chapter 269: The Ice Cold Devil Who Left Angrily
Chapter 28鈥揇aofather Crimsonbright鈥檚 Reinforcements
Chapter 270: An Irrational Kiss
Chapter 29鈥揙penly And Honorably
Chapter 271: No One Can Replace The Person I Like
Chapter 30鈥揟he Daofathers Descend
Chapter 272: It鈥檚 Over
Chapter 31鈥揗ilitary Strength
Chapter 273: Another One Down
Chapter 32鈥揥ar Erupts
Chapter 274: I Have A Date Tonight
Chapter 33鈥揇eath Is But A Statistic
Chapter 275: Little Treasure Is Unhappy3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33962.html||Chapter 34鈥揕ying Hidden
Chapter 276: My Handsome Xi3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33967.html||Chapter 35鈥揈vergreen Reveals Himself!
Chapter 36鈥揟he War Changes
Chapter 277: Regaining Her Best Form
Chapter 37鈥揝even Seniors, Please Assist
Chapter 278: Obedient Little Treasure
Chapter 38鈥揜edsnow鈥檚 Name
Chapter 279: Days Without The Sister-In-Law Sucks
Chapter 280: A Motherless Child Is A Sad One3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/33987.html||Chapter 39鈥揜edsnow the Invincible
Chapter 40鈥揂llfiend World3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/7508.html||Chapter 281: Taking Turns To Cheer Up Little Treasure
Chapter 282: A Heart鈥檚 Troubles Has To Be Resolved
Chapter 41鈥揃irth
Chapter 283: What Are You Going To Do About It?
Chapter 42鈥揇aughter, Brightmoon
Chapter 284: A Rapid Change Of Style
Chapter 43鈥揝ieging the City
Chapter 285: I Really Miss You
Chapter 44鈥揟he Moment Finally Arrives
Chapter 286: Always Been This Quick-Witted3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34018.html||Chapter 45鈥揝hennong鈥檚 Medicine
Chapter 46鈥揘o Regrets
Chapter 287: Only You Can Protect Her
Chapter 47鈥揝hennong and Subhuti
Chapter 288: Take Little Treasure Away
Chapter 48鈥揓i Ning and the Godking
Chapter 289: A Midnight Date
Chapter 49鈥揟he Choice
Chapter 290: Being Both The Mother and The Father Figure
Chapter 50鈥揟hough I Come From the Mortal Dust, My Heart Still Soars Towards the Heavens
Chapter 291: My Wife Is A Beauty
Chapter 51鈥揌eartforce, Stage Four
Chapter 292: My Baby
Chapter 52鈥揟he Confident Evergreen
Chapter 293: The Little Bun Was Dumbfounded
Chapter 53鈥揅leaving Heaven and Earth
Chapter 294: Confrontation Between Father and Son
Chapter 54鈥揜elease
Chapter 295: Stunned3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34059.html||Chapter 55鈥揅urtain Call
Chapter 56鈥揇eparture3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25333.html||Chapter 296: Kissing Both
Chapter 1鈥揟he Secret History of the Three Realms (1)
Chapter 297: Holding Her Hand Under The Table
Chapter 2鈥揟he Secret History of the Three Realms (2)
Chapter 298: Finally Getting The Cabbage
Chapter 3鈥揟he Secret History of the Three Realms (3)
Chapter 299: Resisting Temptation
Chapter 4鈥揈mpyrean God Tribulation3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25349.html||Chapter 300: Godly Fire Extinguisher
Chapter 301: Nothing A Kiss Can鈥渢 Fix
Chapter 5鈥揈mpyrean God Ji Ning
Chapter 302: The Devil That Was Too Cute
Chapter 6鈥揟he Starseizer World
Chapter 303: She Was Tricked3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34087.html||Chapter 7鈥揚lease Help Me, Master
Chapter 304: Full Of Traps
Chapter 8鈥揟he Relics of Threelives
Chapter 305: Lock You Up Forever
Chapter 9鈥揟he Thirty-Six Heavens
Chapter 306: Better Suited For Kissing
Chapter 10鈥揕eaving the Mountain
Chapter 307: Are You Sure This Is Mine?
Chapter 11鈥揟he Number One Sword Immortal of the Three Realms
Chapter 308: Let Him Sleep For A While
Chapter 12鈥揗editating
Chapter 309: The Only Way I Can Repay You
Chapter 13鈥揝word School
Chapter 310: Indeed You Did Something Bad
Chapter 14鈥揙ne Year
Chapter 311: You鈥渞e In Love With Him
Chapter 15鈥揝wordforce
Chapter 312: Every Woman鈥渟 Dream3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34115.html||Chapter 16鈥揟raining in Solitude
Chapter 313: Trouble Came Knocking
Chapter 17鈥揟he Five Monarchs
Chapter 314: A Gorgeous Evening Dress
Chapter 18鈥揈xecuting Youngflame Freak
Chapter 315: Cheap Flea Item
Chapter 19鈥揝hocking the Three Realms
Chapter 316: Examining The Authenticity
Chapter 20鈥揔ill, Kill, Kill!
Chapter 317: All Of Them Are Real!
Chapter 21鈥揂ll For Nothing
Chapter 318: Big Fat Liar
Chapter 22鈥揘egotiations
Chapter 319: No Comparisons, No Hard Feelings
Chapter 23鈥揝tone Stele
Chapter 320: An Enemy鈥渟 Enemy Is A Friend
Chapter 24鈥揟he Seven Mighty Techniques
Chapter 321: I Have Good News3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34142.html||Chapter 25鈥揟remendous Fortune
Chapter 322: Be In The Way And Do Nothing
Chapter 26鈥揟raining in the Chaos Region
Chapter 323: Bite Her To Death3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34148.html||Chapter 27鈥揚risonworld
Chapter 324: I Miss Her Too
Chapter 28鈥揅elestial Immortal Goodhill
Chapter 325: Surveillance Monitors
Chapter 29鈥揗eeting the Elder God
Chapter 326: A Date With The Little Bun
Chapter 30鈥揢pgrading the Jindan
Chapter 327: Unique Way Of Interacting
Chapter 31鈥揝oulscour
Chapter 328: She Taught Well?
Chapter 32鈥揇ominating True Gods and True Immortals
Chapter 329: As Long As You Like It
Chapter 33鈥揜oaming the Primordial Chaos
Chapter 330: The Master Is Back
Chapter 34鈥揂 Surprise for Subhuti
Chapter 331: Are You Worried About Me?
Chapter 35鈥揗eeting Fuxi
Chapter 332: Queen Of Bad Acting!
Chapter 36鈥揝kyrocketing Cultivation
Chapter 333: An Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 37鈥揜oaming the Three Realms
Chapter 334: Rearranging Scenes
Chapter 38鈥揝word-Training Throughout the Realms
Chapter 335: What Has Gotten Into Her?
Chapter 336: Tender Or Cherishing3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34189.html||Chapter 39鈥揝oleheart
Chapter 337: Rarely Relaxing
Chapter 40鈥揜aking It In
Chapter 338: She Seemed More Attractive
Chapter 41鈥揑nitial Successes in the Sword
Chapter 339: The Seduction Move!
Chapter 42鈥揟he Humanworld of Yu the Great
Chapter 340: Morons Full Of Themselves
Chapter 43鈥揧ears of Seclusion
Chapter 341: The Devil鈥渟 Grand Entrance
Chapter 44鈥揈mpyrean Gods and Celestial Immortals
Chapter 342: She鈥檚 The Apple Of My Eye
Chapter 45鈥揋reat Fortune! Great Fortune!
Chapter 343: The Wife-Protecting Devil Flares Up
Chapter 46鈥揫Ninehorn Lightning Serpent]
Chapter 344: You鈥渞e Too Beautiful Tonight
Chapter 47鈥揘o Other Options
Chapter 345: My Dear, Be Good
Chapter 48鈥揇eep Within the Lightning Sea
Chapter 346: 鈥淲onderful鈥 Love Letter
Chapter 49鈥揝uccess
Chapter 347: Mysterious Surprise
Chapter 50鈥揝tunned
Chapter 348: 鈥淭he World鈥 Ended
Chapter 51鈥揝ix Major Powers
Chapter 349: Cursed Love Letter
Chapter 52鈥揟he Fiendish Ji Ning
Chapter 350: I Will Conquer The World For You
Chapter 53鈥揟he Keeper of the Everwood
Chapter 351: Iron Chef William Fee
Chapter 352: A Grand Proposal
Chapter 54鈥揃erserk
Chapter 55鈥揃owing Their Heads3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25547.html||Chapter 353: The Most Tempting Gift
Chapter 1鈥揕ake Undermoon3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25550.html||Chapter 354: Awesome Food Plus Handsome Man Combo
Chapter 2鈥揕ong Time No See
Chapter 355: Such A Surprise, And So Unexpected
Chapter 3鈥揇emanding the Technique3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25556.html||Chapter 356: For Miss Ning
Chapter 4鈥揑cefire Jindan Smelting
Chapter 357: Who鈥渟 The Head Chef Tonight?
Chapter 5鈥揟he Treasury
Chapter 358: My Thigh Is Bruised From Pinching
Chapter 6鈥揟he World of Undermoon Lake
Chapter 359: Don鈥檛 Let Anything Go Wrong
Chapter 7鈥揧aksha
Chapter 360: The Beautiful, Honorable Ms. Ning
Chapter 8鈥揂 Surviving Empyrean God
Chapter 361: Exclusive Dessert
Chapter 9鈥揥all Carvings
Chapter 362: Actually Quite Cute
Chapter 10鈥揝nowfiend
Chapter 363: Who鈥渟 The Main Highlight?!
Chapter 11 鈥揟aiji-force
Chapter 364: A Phone Call
Chapter 12鈥揝wordforce, Stage Four
Chapter 365: Tonight Belongs To You
Chapter 13鈥揤olcano Island
Chapter 366: The Start Of War
Chapter 14鈥揟he Predicament
Chapter 367: Carrots and Cabbages, To Each Their Own
Chapter 15鈥揑ceheart Pith
Chapter 368: Let Me and Bro Yan Invite
Chapter 16鈥揑cefire Formation
Chapter 369: True Epitome Of Perfection
Chapter 17 鈥揜elentless Until Dead
Chapter 370: Ning Xi Is Way Too Sturdy!
Chapter 18鈥揥uji Births Taiji
Chapter 371: Who鈥檚 The One Getting Her Out Of The Pinch?
Chapter 19鈥揂n Army of Demons
Chapter 372: Battle Of The Century
Chapter 20鈥揌alf-Step Daofather
Chapter 373: Completely Flawless
Chapter 21鈥揟hat Sword!
Chapter 374: The Spotlight Of A Joke
Chapter 22鈥揑 Don鈥檛 Regret It
Chapter 375: Hard To Compare
Chapter 23鈥揂 Hundred Years
Chapter 376: Xiao Xi Xi! You鈥檙e The Bomb!
Chapter 24鈥揔ilostar Island
Chapter 377: Cabbage Lu And Carrot Yun
Chapter 25鈥揑nfiltration
Chapter 378: A Sleepless Night
Chapter 26鈥揇estruction
Chapter 379: Miss Was Wronged Tonight
Chapter 27鈥揟he Final Challenge: The Path of Blades
Chapter 380: Bad Jinx or Lucky Star?
Chapter 28鈥揟he Mournful Sword
Chapter 381: Strange Behavior
Chapter 29鈥揢nderstanding the Sword
Chapter 382: Not A Mole, But An Undercover Spy!
Chapter 383: Little Treasure Is Not A Man3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34329.html||Chapter 30鈥揝word-Art Mastered
Chapter 31鈥揟he Fifth Island3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25651.html||Chapter 384: I鈥渕 not going anymore! There鈥渟 no love anymore!
Chapter 32鈥揕ifeblood Oath
Chapter 385: Daddy Is So Mean
Chapter 33鈥揟ransmission
Chapter 386: Motherly Emotions
Chapter 34鈥揇eparture? The Void Stairway
Chapter 387: The Devil鈥渟 Skills Upgraded!
Chapter 388: An Initiated Hug!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34344.html||Chapter 35鈥揟he End of the Road for World God Northrest
Chapter 36鈥揌eartseep Technique3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25671.html||Chapter 389: My Eyes! I Just Fixed It Now It鈥渟 Blind Again!
Chapter 37鈥揟he Sole True Body3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25674.html||Chapter 390: The Attitude of A Hostess
Chapter 391: This Is Ning Xi?
Chapter 1鈥揟he Mortal World
Chapter 392: This Request Isn鈥溾渢 Too Much, Is it?
Chapter 2鈥揢nderstanding the Heart
Chapter 393: Indeed Very Intelligent!
Chapter 3鈥揟he Mirrors of the Heavens
Chapter 394: You鈥渞e Really Addicted To Looking At It
Chapter 4鈥揧ellow Emperor Realm
Chapter 395: You Have Such Balls
Chapter 5鈥揇aomother Devilhand
Chapter 396: Take Off Your Clothes
Chapter 6鈥揟he War Begins
Chapter 397: I鈥檓 Blind Anyway
Chapter 7鈥揟he Envoy of All Things3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25698.html||Chapter 398: Not Embarrassed Enough?
Chapter 8鈥揇escent3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25701.html||Chapter 399: An Unexpected Ending
Chapter 9鈥揅onfluence3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25705.html||Chapter 400: I鈥檓 Just A Girl
Chapter 10鈥揟he Return
Chapter 401: Enter The Peak Of Life
Chapter 11鈥揗eeting the Godking
Chapter 402: The One Above Lu Jingli
Chapter 12鈥揥ishful Thinking
Chapter 403: This Script Is Exciting!
Chapter 13鈥揂 Month From Now
Chapter 404: Expert Flirter
Chapter 14鈥揟rue Body
Chapter 405: The Boss鈥 Voice Could Be This Gentle
Chapter 15鈥揟o Battle3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25723.html||Chapter 406: Getting A Date
Chapter 16鈥揟he Number One Sword-Art of the Three Realms
Chapter 407: Sudden Change Of Devil
Chapter 408: Seducing Me! Seducing Me Again!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34401.html||Chapter 17鈥揃attling the Envoy of All Things
Chapter 409: The Place Where The Devil Slept?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34404.html||Chapter 18鈥揝tay Your Hand Immediately!
Chapter 410: The Kiss In Her Sleep
Chapter 19鈥揇efeated In Battle
Chapter 411: Follow Me Home
Chapter 20鈥揟he Curtain Falls
Chapter 412: Caught Off Guard By The Sweet Couple!
Chapter 21鈥揝ecret Discussions
Chapter 413: My Lucky Day
Chapter 22鈥揂 Deadly Crisis
Chapter 414: What If I Can鈥渢 Help It And Stumble
Chapter 23鈥揃inding the Envoy of All Things
Chapter 415: You Look Very Cute When You Curse
Chapter 24鈥揔illing Ji Ning
Chapter 416: For The Charmer鈥渟 Smile
Chapter 25鈥揟he Summoning Call
Chapter 417: Pulling Tricks Again
Chapter 26鈥揘o Harming My Junior Apprentice-Brother!
Chapter 418: Let鈥渟 Try The Seduction Move
Chapter 27鈥揈ldest Disciple
Chapter 419: Defeated The Big Boss
Chapter 28鈥揘egotiations
Chapter 420: Special Task
Chapter 29鈥揟hree Great Secret Manuals
Chapter 421: Ning Xi鈥渟 Birth Date

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