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Chapter 30鈥揜ecovering
Chapter 422: This Birth Chart...
Chapter 31鈥揊ighting, Killing
Chapter 425: Good Luck Beyond Comparison
Chapter 32鈥揂n Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 426: Explore Later
Chapter 33鈥揊ive Years Later
Chapter 427: Gifts Are Not All About The Price
Chapter 34鈥揝wordforce, Stage Five
Chapter 428: Lu Corporation鈥檚 Lady Boss
Chapter 35鈥揟rue God Shiyu
Chapter 429: Poor Yet Trying To Act Big
Chapter 36鈥揟wo Methods
Chapter 430: Some Dogs Are Biting Your Woman
Chapter 37鈥揟he Bloodlotus Blooms
Chapter 431: Some Good Words In Front Of CEO Lu
Chapter 1鈥揃ecoming a True God
Chapter 432: Out Of This World Flattery
Chapter 2鈥揇ivine Sword, Violetjewel
Chapter 433: As Long As You鈥檙e Satisfied3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34472.html||Chapter 3鈥揂 Single Sword
Chapter 4鈥揟he Crescent World
Chapter 434: It鈥檚 My Pleasure To Serve You
Chapter 5鈥揂 Change in the Three Realms
Chapter 435: No Face Given
Chapter 6鈥揟hose We Protect
Chapter 436: Counting Wrongs And Punishing Them
Chapter 7鈥揇arkstill World
Chapter 437: Boss Asked Me To Protect You
Chapter 8鈥揋odfiend Witherspike
Chapter 438: Could It Be Related To YS?
Chapter 9鈥揂ll Slain in Battle
Chapter 439: Careful Conduct
Chapter 10鈥揃ugbeasts
Chapter 440: You鈥檙e Going Down With Me
Chapter 11鈥揝word Peacock
Chapter 441: An Interesting Game
Chapter 12鈥揓oining Together
Chapter 442: How Did She Get In Here
Chapter 13鈥揂 Dangerous Zone
Chapter 443: What Now, Am I Right
Chapter 14鈥揈arthmoan Mountain
Chapter 444: Why Don鈥渢 We Change The Rules
Chapter 15鈥揟hat Tiny Wave
Chapter 445: I Have My Rules Of The Game As Well3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34511.html||Chapter 16鈥揥okejade Realm
Chapter 446: What Sort Of Marksmanship Was That!
Chapter 17鈥揝ubhuti and Old Man Yuan
Chapter 18鈥揘ineteen Years3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25844.html||Chapter 447: Her Speed Is Too Quick
Chapter 19鈥揅ritical Danger
Chapter 448: Don鈥檛 Be Scared, I鈥檓 Here
Chapter 20鈥揜einforcements
Chapter 21鈥揙verlord3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25850.html||Chapter 449: Taking Boss On A Ride
Chapter 22鈥揟he Apex of the Three Realms3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25853.html||Chapter 450: Yun Bastard!
Chapter 451: Just For A Woman
Chapter 23鈥揊ire
Chapter 452: My Dear Junior
Chapter 24鈥揜ipping Open the Formation
Chapter 453: I鈥檓 Impressed
Chapter 454: The Devil Is Too Dirty
Chapter 25鈥揋olden Statue3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25869.html||Chapter 455: Don鈥檛 You Miss Your Father?
Chapter 456: A Grown Son Cannot Be Kept For Long3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34546.html||Chapter 26鈥揃attling Godfiend Witherspike
Chapter 457: Everything Is Possible
Chapter 27鈥揊ighting Back
Chapter 458: Crazy Style
Chapter 28鈥揈lite Elder God
Chapter 459: The Auditions Began
Chapter 29鈥揇evastation
Chapter 460: Determined To Get It
Chapter 1鈥揘uwa Immortal Realm
Chapter 461: Ning Xi鈥渟 Audition
Chapter 2鈥揟he Lord of Cui Palace
Chapter 462: Suddenly Forgot His Words
Chapter 3鈥揝tars
Chapter 463: Perfectly Fitting The Theme
Chapter 464: Been Very Attracted
Chapter 4鈥揂 Meeting
Chapter 465: A Beyond Splendid Collaboration
Chapter 5鈥揓i Ning and Old Man Yuan
Chapter 466: Use It To Look Cool
Chapter 6鈥揃uddha Jueming
Chapter 7鈥揝tarseizing Hand3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25906.html||Chapter 467: To Visit Someone
Chapter 8鈥揘ameless Sword-Art, 鈥楬eartsword Stance鈥3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25909.html||Chapter 468: Uninvited Guest
Chapter 9鈥揑mmortal Ascent
Chapter 469: Innocently Take The Shot
Chapter 10鈥揟he Prisoners of the Prison World
Chapter 470: Nerve-wrecking Confrontation
Chapter 11鈥揜etainer
Chapter 471: Young Man, Ya Need A Few Shots?
Chapter 12鈥揟riult Swords
Chapter 472: I鈥檓 Super Duper Cool
Chapter 13鈥揟he Battle Begins
Chapter 14鈥揟he Battle for Karmic Luck (1)3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/25924.html||Chapter 473: You Don鈥檛 Get My Sense of Humor
Chapter 15鈥揟he Battle for Karmic Luck (2)3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/26004.html||Chapter 474: Silly Leader
Chapter 16鈥揋uardian Formation
Chapter 475: Useless Boss
Chapter 17鈥揂 Host of Elder Gods
Chapter 476: You鈥檙e So Cute In A Girl鈥檚 Outfit!
Chapter 18鈥揂 Bloody Battle
Chapter 477: Who鈥檚 This Little Bunny?
Chapter 19鈥揈xecuted
Chapter 478: I Know You Love Me The Most
Chapter 20鈥揈scaping the Three Realms
Chapter 479: Be More Ideal To Him
Chapter 21鈥揟he Lord of the Demonheart3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/26664.html||Chapter 480: Getting Rich Overnight
Chapter 481: Totally Charmed By Her
Chapter 482: Why Do You Keep Staring At Me?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34600.html||Chapter 22鈥揝urrounded and Attacked
Chapter 23鈥揑nconsolable
Chapter 483: They Stole My Children
Chapter 24鈥揟he Kindlefire is Eternal3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/26672.html||Chapter 484: Endless Spring
Chapter 485: Are You Done Showering Yet?
Chapter 25鈥揟he End of the Road for the Godking
Chapter 486: I鈥渓l Pick You Up From The Airport
Chapter 26鈥揢nexpected Events
Chapter 487: The Lady Boss Brought A Strange Man Back
Chapter 27鈥揟he Nine Divine Generals
Chapter 488: It Couldn鈥渢 Be...His Wife?
Chapter 28鈥揑 Have a Solution
Chapter 489: Could He Possibly Be Jealous?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34614.html||Chapter 29鈥揂ll To Let the Flower Bloom
Chapter 490: Throw Herself Onto Him For A Kiss
Chapter 30鈥揢nto Death
Chapter 491: Did Something Happen To Little Treasure?
Chapter 31鈥揟he Destiny of the Three Realm
Chapter 492: Little Treasure鈥渟 Old Troubles
Chapter 32鈥揌alf-Step World God
Chapter 493: Even More Serious Than He Thought
Chapter 33鈥揅urtain Call
Chapter 494: Call Ning Xi Over To Try
Chapter 34鈥揇eception
Chapter 495: Lightly Held The Little Bun In Her Embrace
Chapter 35鈥揟he New Three Realms
Chapter 496: Mommy Loves You, Mommy Likes You
Chapter 1鈥揕eaving the Three Realms
Chapter 497: Still Could Not Leave Ning Xi
Chapter 2鈥揝pacetime Transfer Array
Chapter 498: This Girl Can Bless Our Little Treasure
Chapter 3鈥揊ogstone Planet
Chapter 499: Little Treasure鈥渟 Mother, My Wife
Chapter 4鈥揓oining Up
Chapter 500: What鈥渟 Wrong With Little Treasure?
Chapter 5鈥揗ilitary Headquarters
Chapter 501: The Devil鈥渟 Skill Is Really Good
Chapter 6鈥揈lder God Blackpeak
Chapter 502: No! Baby Little Treasure Is Mine!
Chapter 7鈥揟he First Battle
Chapter 503: Little Treasure Said Something!!!
Chapter 8鈥揅haos Immortal Abyssus
Chapter 505: Our Little Bun Is So Cute
Chapter 506: A Child With A Mother Is A Gem3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34644.html||Chapter 9鈥揝word-Arts
Chapter 507: Trying To Make Little Treasure Talk3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34646.html||Chapter 10鈥揥orld God Blackmist
Chapter 508: Take Little Treasure Away
Chapter 11鈥揟he Sixth General
Chapter 509: Great! Father Is Giving Me Away!
Chapter 12鈥揝entinel
Chapter 510: Could You Stay Over Tonight?
Chapter 13鈥揝tatues
Chapter 511: Could Not Help But Get Closer
Chapter 14鈥揥indsource Chaosworld
Chapter 512: Unable To Control Himself
Chapter 15鈥揂dventurers
Chapter 513: What Is Carrot Yun Trying To Do?
Chapter 16鈥揈ntering the Ruins
Chapter 514: Should I Propose?
Chapter 17鈥揇anger Zone
Chapter 515: A Hug First
Chapter 18鈥揃attling Within the Ruins
Chapter 516: Father-Son Alliance
Chapter 19鈥揂 Gray Wind
Chapter 517: Little Master Is So Handsome, So Cute
Chapter 20鈥揟he Nine Seals3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/34669.html||Chapter 518: Who鈥檚 The Mother?
Chapter 21鈥揂zureflower Space
Chapter 519: Thankfully, She Came
Chapter 22鈥揅ontinuing Downwards
Chapter 520: Red Little Blob As Still As A Stone
Chapter 23鈥揥indbeast
Chapter 521: My Wife, It鈥渟 Hard To Take Care Of Kids
Chapter 24鈥揟he Battle in the Abyss
Chapter 522: Sister-In-Law, Come Back Quickly!
Chapter 523: Who鈥渟 The Little Master Waiting For?
Chapter 25鈥揟he House By the Lake
Chapter 524: Little Master Became Little Hades
Chapter 26鈥揈scaping Alive
Chapter 525: Extremely Cute
Chapter 526: You鈥渞e My Favorite Baby
Chapter 27鈥揓i Ning and the Flamefairy
Chapter 527: Bring The Kid Along To Play
Chapter 28鈥揟he First Retainer
Chapter 528: Seems Like She Was Tricked?
Chapter 29鈥揜eaping the Rewards
Chapter 529: Uninvited Guest
Chapter 30鈥揊irst Visit to an Everworld
Chapter 530: Hog Him To Herself
Chapter 31鈥揗agic Treasure Fragments
Chapter 531: An Entrance With Flair...
Chapter 32鈥揟he Quintessence Core of the Sword
Chapter 532: Practically An Evil Incubus!
Chapter 33鈥揗editating on the Sword
Chapter 533: If I Were A Woman, I Wouldn鈥渢 Be Able To Resist Either!
Chapter 34鈥揟he Starlord鈥檚 Obsession
Chapter 534: Are You Trying To Crash My Party?
Chapter 35鈥揟he Order
Chapter 535: Trying To Mess Around
Chapter 36鈥揝parring With the Sword Again
Chapter 536: Anger From The Bachelors
Chapter 37鈥揑nvasion
Chapter 537: Truth Or Dare
Chapter 38鈥揕egacy Treasure, Fogstone Planet3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/35708.html||Chapter 538: Girlfriend For Half A Day
Chapter 539: Public Kiss3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34743.html||Chapter 39鈥揟he Battle Begins
Chapter 40鈥揓i Ning and the Mindlord3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/35710.html||Chapter 540: No Girlfriend, But Has A Boyfriend
Chapter 41鈥揟he Death of Chaos Immortal Owlsoar
Chapter 541: Stealing Man From Bro Xiao
Chapter 42鈥揃lacklotus
Chapter 542: Do You Really Have That Kind Of Relationship With Him?
Chapter 43鈥揝laying the Mindlord
Chapter 543: Personal Property, No Trespassing. Do Not Even Look
Chapter 44鈥揝upreme World God
Chapter 544: As Flirty As Your Bro Tang?
Chapter 45鈥揈ternal Weapon
Chapter 545: It鈥檚 Brother Who Kissed A Guy, Not Me
Chapter 46鈥揝hield You From the Wind and the Rain
Chapter 546: Even Of Different Species
Chapter 47鈥揘one Shall Escape
Chapter 547: Advanced Love Rival Repellant
Chapter 48鈥揧ou Dared Attack One of Mine?
Chapter 548: Clear-Cut Description Of Their Relationship
Chapter 49鈥揟he Daolord鈥檚 Brother
Chapter 549: Real Child, Fake Lady
Chapter 1鈥揇aolord Solesky
Chapter 550: Cute Little Child
Chapter 2鈥揝word-Ki Island
Chapter 551: Successor With The Blood Of The Ning Family
Chapter 3鈥揝tone Titan
Chapter 552: Announce Xiao Xi鈥檚 Identity
Chapter 4鈥揟welve Disciples
Chapter 553: Everything Would Be Hers Eventually
Chapter 5鈥揟he Underground Hallway
Chapter 554: It鈥渟 Only Been Two Hours
Chapter 6鈥揂 Clean Sweep
Chapter 555: Worried About The Wife Being Alone
Chapter 7鈥揂 Sudden Change
Chapter 191: I think it鈥檚 better to eat
Chapter 8鈥揈mperor Mirrorsnow
Chapter 556: Drastic Changes
Chapter 9鈥揟he Badlands Court
Chapter 557: How Could She Cut Herself Off From Worldly Desires When There Are Temptations
Chapter 10鈥揂n Avatar
Chapter 558: Questionable Present
Chapter 11鈥揟he Daolord鈥檚 Arrangements3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/37008.html||Chapter 559: Not Enough After Showing It Off 800 Times
Chapter 560: High Praises3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34809.html||Chapter 12鈥揟he Nature of the Sword
Chapter 561: Plotting About My Granddaughter
Chapter 13鈥揟he Mysterious Treasure Auction
Chapter 562: Set Up For A Blind Date
Chapter 14鈥揟he Gathering
Chapter 563: Priceless
Chapter 15鈥揟he Treasure Auction Begins
Chapter 564: Little Treasure鈥檚 Crying For You
Chapter 16鈥揥ings
Chapter 565: Personal Welcome
Chapter 17鈥揂quaflect
Chapter 566: Who Are They Here For?
Chapter 18鈥揅ompletely Broke
Chapter 567: Lu Family鈥檚 Second Master Lu Jingli
Chapter 19鈥揚seudo Samsara Pill
Chapter 568: Devil鈥渟 Treasure Xiao Xi Xi
Chapter 20鈥揫Quintessence Sword-Intent]鈥揟he First Stance
Chapter 569: Exploitable Value
Chapter 21鈥揂llgod Estate
Chapter 570: Full Of Your Doses Of Love
Chapter 22鈥揟reasury
Chapter 571: Please Continue To Ignore Me
Chapter 23鈥揟he Treasury鈥檚 Trial
Chapter 572: Romantic Rivals Everywhere3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34845.html||Chapter 24鈥揊ormation Spirit
Chapter 573: Unusual Aura
Chapter 25鈥揟he Nine Secret Arts鈥揝ecret Art of Thunder
Chapter 574: Do You Like My Brother?
Chapter 26鈥揂 World-Level Retainer
Chapter 575: The Wife Is Going For A Blind Date
Chapter 27鈥揟he First Mirrorsnow Painting
Chapter 576: Pretend Further and You鈥渓l Lose Your Wife!
Chapter 28鈥揃e Our Slaves
Chapter 577: Oh Man, This Romantic Rival Is Tough!
Chapter 29鈥揝laying World-Level Experts
Chapter 578: Completely The Type She Liked
Chapter 30鈥揥illing to be Enslaved
Chapter 579: Aunty Xiao Xi is On A Date?
Chapter 31鈥揋rove of Monoliths
Chapter 580: Have Babies With Another Man
Chapter 32鈥揃ringing Disaster Unto Others
Chapter 581: A Belated Fate?
Chapter 33鈥揟he Samsara Grinders
Chapter 582: Like A Husband Bringing Their Kid to Catch Her Cheating
Chapter 34鈥揟he Silkmaid Race
Chapter 583: What Relationship With Ning Xi?
Chapter 35鈥揇ao-Seals
Chapter 584: Did Not Understand The World
Chapter 36鈥揓i Ning Enters the Fray
Chapter 585: That鈥渟 Why I Kissed You
Chapter 37鈥揧es, Master
Chapter 586: This Was Too Much
Chapter 38鈥揂 Trap
Chapter 587: The Boss Doesn鈥渢 Allow Me To Date
Chapter 39鈥揂rroyo
Chapter 588: Father, Don鈥渢 Go
Chapter 40鈥揅lose the Gates
Chapter 1鈥揟he Owner of the Eternal Blood
Chapter 589: This Is My Reward For Helping You Today
Chapter 2鈥揟he Aeonian Kingdom
Chapter 590: Are You Sleepwalking?
Chapter 3鈥揢nschooled in the Dao of the Sword
Chapter 591: An Unexpected Development
Chapter 4鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Path to the Dao of the Sword
Chapter 592: A Great Punch of Destructive Power
Chapter 5鈥揟he Fourth Stance of the [Nameless] Sword-Art
Chapter 593: He鈥渟 Fallen In Love!
Chapter 6鈥揃reakthrough, World Level!
Chapter 594: Changed Totally
Chapter 7鈥揕eaving the Castrum Divinitus
Chapter 595: Dear Lord, Can You Speak Like A Normal Person?
Chapter 596: Nearly Point-Blank3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34909.html||Chapter 8鈥揟he Battle in the Grove of Monoliths
Chapter 597: Damn It, He Was Toppled!
Chapter 9鈥揥e Meet Again
Chapter 598: The Master Drew Her A Flower
Chapter 10鈥揌ellwind Golems
Chapter 599: Life Without Flirting With Girls
Chapter 11鈥揥hen He鈥檚 Ill, Go For the Kill!
Chapter 600: Where鈥渟 Your Humanity?
Chapter 12鈥揟he Curtain Call
Chapter 601: Exclusively For Aunty Xiao Xi
Chapter 13鈥揟he Three Realms
Chapter 602: Find Someone To Marry
Chapter 14鈥揝ell It To Me
Chapter 603: First Senior Brother and All That
Chapter 15鈥揤ioletjewel鈥檚 Background
Chapter 604: Never Thought of Her As A Girl
Chapter 16鈥揘ovessence Thunder
Chapter 605: Little Junior Sister, Long Time No See!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34927.html||Chapter 17鈥揟he Trial of the Painting
Chapter 606: S Class Mission
Chapter 18鈥揕eaving the Badlands Territory
Chapter 607: Marry Me
Chapter 19鈥揟rifount Planet
Chapter 608: Where鈥檚 My Knife?!
Chapter 20鈥揟he Sea of Darkness
Chapter 609: Didn鈥檛 Second Senior Brother Satisfy You?
Chapter 610: Wild3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34935.html||Chapter 21鈥揂mbushed
Chapter 611: Meet You At Our Old Meeting Spot In Philadelphia
Chapter 22鈥揋olden Oddbat
Chapter 612: My Brother Went On A Rampage
Chapter 23鈥揟error
Chapter 613: Go And Get Me A Bottle Of Wine
Chapter 24鈥揟aken By Force
Chapter 614: Boss, Can I Bribe You?
Chapter 25鈥揟he Most Powerful Kingdom
Chapter 615: I Can鈥檛 Sleep
Chapter 26鈥揟he Choice
Chapter 616: I Switched It Off, Any Complaints?
Chapter 27鈥揝ix Strata
Chapter 617: No Bribing The Boss3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34961.html||Chapter 28鈥揂rrival
Chapter 618: Sis Xi, Your Boyfriend Skills Are Amazing!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34965.html||Chapter 29鈥揟he First Battle
Chapter 619: The Biggest Competition Was Himself
Chapter 30鈥揟hree Months
Chapter 620: The Most Perfect Work
Chapter 31鈥揊ull Mastery
Chapter 621: Even If Bitten, I Will Report!
Chapter 32鈥揟he Twelve Palaces of Brightshore
Chapter 622: Wait For The Results3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34977.html||Chapter 33鈥揟he Tenth Battle
Chapter 623: Do Your Designs Have To Be So Good?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/34981.html||Chapter 34鈥揟he Black-Robed Expert
Chapter 35鈥揂 Miserable Victory
Chapter 624: The Last Participant
Chapter 36鈥揟he Watcher in the Dark Abyss
Chapter 625: Full Score Ten Points!
Chapter 37鈥揟he Plight of Su Youji
Chapter 626: My Baby Ze Is Awesome
Chapter 38鈥揔ilostar
Chapter 627: By One鈥檚 Capabilities
Chapter 39鈥揕ife in the Astral Islands
Chapter 628: Who Is It?
Chapter 40鈥揫Nameless] Sword-Art, Stance Six鈥揢nicorn鈥檚 Heart
Chapter 629: Is She Even Legal Yet?
Chapter 41鈥揟he Coming of Bertulu
Chapter 630: Woman, You鈥檙e Playing With Fire!
Chapter 43鈥揟he Hegemon
Chapter 631: Lu Tingxiao, I Like You!
Chapter 44鈥揓i Ning Battles Bertulu
Chapter 632: Providing For Lu Tingxiao
Chapter 45鈥揟rue Body?
Chapter 633: That Woman Has Reached Philadelphia!
Chapter 46鈥揌eartforce Legacy
Chapter 634: I鈥檓 A Decent Person Now
Chapter 47鈥揇eparture
Chapter 635: My Lord, What Do You Want?
Chapter 48鈥揧et Another Mirrorsnow Painting
Chapter 636: You鈥檙e Satan鈥檚 Woman?
Chapter 49鈥揟he Twenty-Seven Waterfiend Lords
Chapter 637: Have A Taste
Chapter 50鈥揃loodfire Cloudfruit
Chapter 638: How Is This A Romantic Misfortune?
Chapter 51鈥揃luegrace Sect
Chapter 639: Come To Us On Your Own
Chapter 52鈥揂 New Disciple
Chapter 640: Stay Here Forever
Chapter 53鈥揕eave It To Me
Chapter 641: Even Satan Has To Follow Orders Obediently
Chapter 54鈥揕aunching A Massacre
Chapter 642: Miss Me, My Dear?
Chapter 55鈥揟he Formations Activate
Chapter 56鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Slaves3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/44053.html||Chapter 643: Serves Him Right That Little Sister Ran Off
Chapter 57鈥揇aolord Batdragon3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/44660.html||Chapter 644: Cheat On Me
Chapter 645: What The Hell?! My Eyes!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/35074.html||Chapter 58鈥揜esolution
Chapter 646: My Wife Is In Their Hands3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/35077.html||Chapter 1鈥揝wordlord
Chapter 647: No Ordinary Businessman3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/35081.html||Chapter 2鈥揂 Holy Place for Sword Cultivators
Chapter 648: Holding Back A Curse3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/35084.html||Chapter 3鈥揟he Forest of Sword Pagodas
Chapter 649: A Dumbfounding Situation
Chapter 650: Who鈥檚 Your Wife?
Chapter 4鈥揚alace Lord Woodflower
Chapter 651: Taken Away!
Chapter 5鈥揌ope
Chapter 652: Me, Me, Me! I鈥檓 His Wife!
Chapter 6鈥揃roken Sword?
Chapter 653: My Baby VS. My Wife
Chapter 7鈥揟he Blazing Beast
Chapter 654: I Will Take You Away!
Chapter 8鈥揟he Archaeus Region
Chapter 655: Aiyo, I Can鈥渢 Look Anymore!
Chapter 9鈥揟he Full Mirrorsnow Set
Chapter 656: Don鈥檛 Ask A Man If He Can Do It
Chapter 657: They Kissed!!!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/35099.html||Chapter 10鈥揟he Personal Disciple of an Eternal Emperor
Chapter 658: Sorry, I鈥檓 Late!
Chapter 11鈥揂 Memory Fragment
Chapter 659: We Will Meet Again Very Soon
Chapter 12鈥揟he Twelve Scrolls of the Sutra of Eternity
Chapter 660: Little Junior Sister Had Become The Lady Boss!
Chapter 13鈥揟he Seventh Stance of [Nameless]3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/45604.html||Chapter 661: My Dear...
Chapter 14鈥揟he Eternal Emperor Closest to the Hegemons
Chapter 662: My Dear, What Kind Of Wife Do You Like?
Chapter 15鈥揚reparations
Chapter 663: Teach Me How To Confess My Feelings To A Man!
Chapter 16鈥揟reasure Selling
Chapter 664: Offering Myself Out Of Gratitude
Chapter 17鈥揂 Thousand Years
Chapter 665: Xiao Xi Xi, Who Do You Want To Confess To?
Chapter 18鈥揟raining
Chapter 666: Loosen Up Or Start A Fire!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/35115.html||Chapter 19鈥揅hallenging the Daolord Cloudworld
Chapter 667: Success Rate Was Too High
Chapter 22鈥揂 Dao Belonging to Ji Ning
Chapter 668: Lu Tingxiao, I Like You, I Really, Really Do
Chapter 23鈥揟he Dust Settles
Chapter 669: Worried It Would Not Be Exciting Enough
Chapter 24鈥揟he First Meeting
Chapter 670: Because I Realize I Prefer Cabbage
Chapter 25鈥揊ollowing Master
Chapter 671: Do You Not Want To Be Responsible For Me?
Chapter 26鈥揈ntering the Alternate Universe
Chapter 672: You鈥渞e Too Easily Seduced
Chapter 27鈥揂mbushed
Chapter 28鈥揟he Reason3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/45867.html||Chapter 673: Not Beneficial For The Body To Hold It In
Chapter 674: You Were Looking Very Cute, I Could Not Help It3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/35130.html||Chapter 29鈥揂dventures
Chapter 675: What? My Brother Wants To Jump Into The River?
Chapter 1鈥揟he World Within the Archaeus Region
Chapter 676: Who Told You I Was Lovelorn?
Chapter 2鈥揝patial Tempests
Chapter 677: None Of Them Could Survive Beyond A Week
Chapter 3鈥揟ransfer Array
Chapter 678: Definitely Won鈥渢 Let You Become An Ex-Boyfriend!
Chapter 4鈥揃rightmoon Sword-Art, Blood Drop Sword-Intent
Chapter 679: Please Call Me Aunt From Now On
Chapter 5鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Second Disciple
Chapter 680: Revenge Of The Blondie
Chapter 6鈥揝acred Immortal Realm
Chapter 681: The Man Behind Ning Xi
Chapter 7鈥揟he Enormous Prison
Chapter 682: Plot Twist
Chapter 8鈥揟he Hope of the Cultivators
Chapter 683: Lu Tingxiao, Come Up!
Chapter 9鈥揝laying a Daolord
Chapter 684: I鈥渕 Not Going To Eat You!
Chapter 10鈥揔armic Virtue
Chapter 685: Let鈥檚 Do Something Meaningful
Chapter 11鈥揗oksha
Chapter 686: Who Is This Woman?
Chapter 12鈥揑n Danger of Dying
Chapter 687: Being Lu Tingxiao鈥檚 Mistress
Chapter 13鈥揟he Black-Robed Daolord
Chapter 688: Make Me Forget About Work Every Morning
Chapter 14鈥揟wo Options to Choose
Chapter 689: Pregnant
Chapter 15鈥揟he Secret of the Sacred Immortal Realm
Chapter 690: A Five-Year-Old Daughter!
Chapter 16鈥揈mperor Trisilk
Chapter 691: I Need Your Help!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/35165.html||Chapter 17鈥揂 Group of Eight
Chapter 692: Why Don鈥檛 We Meet Up?
Chapter 18鈥揟he Genesis Lands
Chapter 19鈥揢niverse Treasure3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/46493.html||Chapter 693: Your Husband Is Dating The Vixen
Chapter 20鈥揈mperor Maniseal3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/46515.html||Chapter 694: Are You Making Me Your Mistress?
Chapter 21鈥揟he Chains3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/46534.html||Chapter 695: I鈥渕 Not Interested In Your Husband!
Chapter 22鈥揌eaven鈥檚 Moat3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/46547.html||Chapter 696: Lu Tingxiao鈥渟 Woman
Chapter 23鈥揟he Inner Reaches
Chapter 697: Now You鈥檒l See What Real Bullying Is
Chapter 24鈥揟hirty-Five Corpses
Chapter 698: Causing Bankruptcy Without A Word
Chapter 25鈥揟hree Great Leaders
Chapter 699: Boss Is The Best!
Chapter 26鈥揝hadowless Sword-Intent

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