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Chapter 700: Parental Activity
Chapter 27鈥揟he Abyss of Fiends
Chapter 701: Of Course, You Can
Chapter 28鈥揇eath Approaches
Chapter 702: Boss, Carry Me!
Chapter 29鈥揂 Fortune
Chapter 30鈥揝top Him!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/46597.html||Chapter 703: I鈥檓 Avenging My Son!
Chapter 704: My Son Is Handsome!
Chapter 31鈥揤oid Sword Realm
Chapter 705: My Wife Is The Best
Chapter 32鈥揟he Thirty-Sixth Level of the Abyss of Fiends
Chapter 706: Just Too Cute!
Chapter 33鈥揟he Five Sword-Intents of [Brightmoon]
Chapter 707: Little Treasure, Take Good Care of Mother!
Chapter 34鈥揝word Dao Samsara
Chapter 708: Let鈥渟 Fight! If You Win, I鈥渓l Give It To You!
Chapter 35鈥揂 Clash
Chapter 709: Beat The Crap Out Of You
Chapter 36鈥揟he Hegemon鈥檚 Treasures
Chapter 710: Is This How You Make Your Husband Obedient?
Chapter 37鈥揟he Paragon of Pills
Chapter 711: Find A Master For Little Treasure
Chapter 38鈥揟he Trileaf Realm
Chapter 712: There鈥渟 No Way My Brother Can Be This Cute!
Chapter 39鈥揂 Half-Month Loan
Chapter 713: Dismissal of The Rumor
Chapter 40鈥揫Seven Leafpill Chapters]
Chapter 714: Evil Idea
Chapter 715: I鈥檒l Grant You Your Wish3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/35213.html||Chapter 41鈥揜apid Improvements
Chapter 716: Big Bad Wolf, Are You Going To Eat Little Red Riding Hood Up?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/35215.html||Chapter 42鈥換uadressence Water
Chapter 717: Cruel Big Bad Wolf3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/35217.html||Chapter 43鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Sword
Chapter 718: Will She Get Eaten Up Once She Healed?
Chapter 44鈥揈mperor Gonflame
Chapter 719: Have A Taste Of Your Own Medicine
Chapter 45鈥揝ome Interesting Information
Chapter 720: Jiang Muye Has Gone Missing
Chapter 46鈥揙nly Ji Ning Remains
Chapter 721: Aren鈥檛 You Overdoing It?
Chapter 47鈥揔indness and Gratitude
Chapter 722: I鈥檓 Telling Ning Xi You Like Her
Chapter 48鈥揟he Return
Chapter 723: My Body Looks Much Better
Chapter 1鈥揝pacetime Disc
Chapter 724: I鈥檓 Telling Ning Xi You Like Her
Chapter 2鈥揝tar Map
Chapter 725: My Body Looks Much Better
Chapter 3鈥揟he Journey
Chapter 726: Aren鈥檛 You Going To Give Me A Kiss?
Chapter 4鈥揟he Brothers of Vastheaven Palace
Chapter 727: My Son
Chapter 5鈥揇arknorth of Vastheaven Palace3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/63/46962.html||Chapter 728: Lu Tingxiao Has Such Weird Taste
Chapter 6鈥揕ove Will Find a Way
Chapter 729: Finally Meet Again
Chapter 7鈥揓i Ning vs a Daolord of the Third Step
Chapter 730: My Dear, Are You In Love?
Chapter 8鈥揑nside Vastheaven Palace
Chapter 731: A Mysterious Ambassador
Chapter 9鈥揥ithin Vastheaven Palace
Chapter 10鈥揟he Three Realms
Chapter 11鈥揌eartforce, Level Five
Chapter 12鈥揂 Foundation for the Three Realms
Chapter 13鈥揙mega Sword Dao
Chapter 14鈥揚atriarch Clearwind
Chapter 15鈥揟he Clone鈥檚 Return
Chapter 16鈥揃ecoming a Daolord
Chapter 17鈥揕eaving Seclusion
Chapter 18鈥揟he Power to Roam the Endless Territories
Chapter 19鈥揃attling Patriarch Clearwind
Chapter 20鈥揟he Hegemon鈥檚 Armor
Chapter 21鈥揂vatar
Chapter 22鈥揟railblazing
Chapter 23鈥揇eluxe Hellgold
Chapter 24鈥揜ooted Down
Chapter 25鈥揂zureflower Estate
Chapter 26鈥揈mperors?
Chapter 27鈥揥ithdrawal
Chapter 28鈥揟hree Realms Archives
Chapter 29鈥揟he Sacred City of Skywood
Chapter 30鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Goal
Chapter 31鈥揔iller Technique, the Nine Novessence Arts
Chapter 32鈥揥hat The Hell?
Chapter 33鈥揇aolord Kongsan
Chapter 34鈥揝ecret Arts Mastered
Chapter 35鈥揂n Exchange of Goods
Chapter 36鈥揑nto Battle
Chapter 37鈥揅aptured
Chapter 38鈥揂 Furious Fight
Chapter 39鈥揝ummoning Friends
Chapter 40鈥揌egemon鈥檚 Dao-Seal
Chapter 41鈥揇ao Alliance, Palace of Immortals
Chapter 42鈥揈mperor Blueblaze
Chapter 1鈥揃order Territory 鈥楨astroad鈥
Chapter 2鈥揇anger Lurking Everywhere
Chapter 3鈥揥ithin the Eastroad Sect
Chapter 4鈥揟he Void Pathway
Chapter 5鈥揟en Thousand Years of Cultivation
Chapter 6鈥揃attling Alone
Chapter 7鈥揂ttack!
Chapter 8鈥揝harpened
Chapter 9鈥揟he Sectlord Attacks
Chapter 10鈥揃reakthrough鈥揇aolord of the Second Step
Chapter 11鈥揃reakthrough鈥揟he Ninedust Sectlord鈥檚 Goal
Chapter 12鈥揂ncestor! Ancestor!
Chapter 13鈥揗issing
Chapter 14鈥揂n Unkillable Form
Chapter 15鈥揂ncient Cultivators
Chapter 16鈥揈verything Has Its Bane
Chapter 17鈥揟he Prophets Descend
Chapter 18鈥揧oung Master Skywind
Chapter 19鈥揥ithin the Governor鈥檚 Estate
Chapter 20鈥揕earning From Heaven and Earth
Chapter 21鈥揑mmortal Slowseal
Chapter 22鈥揙utlander Demons
Chapter 23鈥揝acred Grounds
Chapter 24鈥揢nderground Tombstones
Chapter 25 鈥揝kywind鈥檚 Life
Chapter 26 鈥揟he Battle in the World鈥檚 Core
Chapter 27鈥揟he Core
Chapter 28鈥揟he Shattered World
Chapter 29鈥揋olden Sand
Chapter 30 鈥揟he Growing Northbow Swords
Chapter 31 鈥揟he Ancient Ancestor
Chapter 32 鈥揟he History of the Terror Starsea
Chapter 33鈥揥ithin the Cave
Chapter 34鈥揂llworlds Tribulation
Chapter 35鈥揌eartforce, Stage Six鈥揥orld
Chapter 36鈥揌eartforce Cultivator
Chapter 1鈥揟error Starsea
Chapter 2鈥揟ravelling
Chapter 3鈥揌eartforce Eradicator
Chapter 4鈥揌eartworld Projection, Descend!
Chapter 5鈥揟he Dreamdust Runes
Chapter 6鈥揂 Three Hundred Millenia Journey
Chapter 7鈥揟hundersouth Palace
Chapter 8鈥揟he Thundersouth Guardian
Chapter 9鈥揟he Second Danger
Chapter 10鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Illusions
Chapter 11鈥揟he Stone Censer of Reunion
Chapter 12鈥揇aomerge
Chapter 13鈥揟he Flower of Eternity
Chapter 14鈥揇aolord Badlands
Chapter 15鈥揤oidsea Jadeseal
Chapter 16鈥揈veryone Gathering
Chapter 17 鈥揟rouble For Vastheaven Palace
Chapter 18鈥揇aolords Assemble
Chapter 19鈥揊or the Daomerge
Chapter 20鈥揇aolord Darknorth鈥檚 Name
Chapter 21鈥揝incerity
Chapter 22鈥揂 Clash
Chapter 23鈥揟he Radiant King鈥檚 Three Killer Attacks
Chapter 24鈥揈ntering the Waveshift Realm
Chapter 1鈥揝olesky Begs For Aid
Chapter 2鈥揊iendqueen Dustrain
Chapter 3鈥揊renzied Battle
Chapter 4鈥揊light
Chapter 5鈥揟he Palace of Immortals, Rankings Redone
Chapter 6鈥揚olo the Realmsoul
Chapter 7鈥揟he First Voidsea Jadeseal
Chapter 8鈥揔ing Gorsch
Chapter 9鈥揅alamitous
Chapter 10鈥揂 Distant Finger
Chapter 11鈥揟he Focal Spot
Chapter 12鈥揊leeing
Chapter 13鈥揊ight
Chapter 14鈥揇aolord Shaka Bars Their Path
Chapter 15鈥揝ectlord Timedream and the Kingfreak
Chapter 16鈥揟he Final Hegemon Dao-Seal
Chapter 17鈥揟he Dao-Seal鈥檚 Power
Chapter 18鈥揙mega Sword Dao鈥揕evel Three
Chapter 19鈥揅rushed
Chapter 20鈥揟he Terrifying Darknorth
Chapter 21鈥揟he Shadowless Evasion Art
Chapter 22鈥揈nd of the Road
Chapter 23鈥揂nother Hegemon
Chapter 24鈥揓i Ning and Winesage
Chapter 25鈥揂 Duel of Supremes
Chapter 26鈥揈ternal Emperor
Chapter 27鈥揈mperor Solesky
Chapter 28鈥揅rimsonwave Temple
Chapter 1鈥揝olesky and Ji Ning
Chapter 2鈥揟he Fruits
Chapter 3鈥揝eparate Paths
Chapter 4鈥揘ine Sections
Chapter 5鈥揟he Grovekeepers
Chapter 6鈥揅ommand Seals
Chapter 7鈥揌eartsword Art
Chapter 8鈥揑neffable, Blissheart
Chapter 9鈥揟he Second World
Chapter 10鈥揔illsword
Chapter 11鈥揥inesage Arrives
Chapter 12鈥揟he Third World
Chapter 13鈥揝peechless
Chapter 14鈥揫Daoheart]
Chapter 15鈥揘ine Hundred Years
Chapter 16鈥揅onsecutive Deaths
Chapter 17鈥揊urious Battle
Chapter 18鈥揙ne Man Army
Chapter 19鈥揟riage
Chapter 20鈥揟he Final Command Talisman
Chapter 21鈥揌arvesting the Fruit
Chapter 22鈥揓i Ning鈥檚 Request
Chapter 23鈥揂dventure鈥檚 End
Chapter 1鈥揜eviving Yu Wei
Chapter 2鈥揂utarch
Chapter 3鈥揈ntering the Dao Alliance鈥檚 Palace of Immortals
Chapter 4鈥揟reasures the Northbow Swords Need
Chapter 5鈥揝tone Hellephant Wall
Chapter 6鈥揂rrangements
Chapter 7鈥揟he Stone Wall in the Darkness
Chapter 8鈥揗ining
Chapter 9鈥揌eavenbreaker Stance
Chapter 10鈥揟igerhill
Chapter 11鈥揟ianello
Chapter 12鈥揝ithe?
Chapter 13鈥揈mperor Golems
Chapter 14鈥揝urrounded And Attacked3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/modules/article/txtarticle.php?id=50||DownloadTXT
Chapter 15鈥揅aptured
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Chapter 16鈥揟he Three Great Clans
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Chapter 17鈥揟he Silver Men
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Chapter 18鈥揂ll Abilities Unleashed
Chapter 701: Unknown Lifeforms
Chapter 19鈥揇arknorth Palace
Chapter 702 Comprehending the Great Desolation Scr
Chapter 20鈥揟he Secret Place
Chapter 703: Success
Chapter 21鈥揟he Sithe Disk
Chapter 22鈥揂ncestral Proscriptions3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/50/1309.html||Chapter 704: Mountain Challenge
Chapter 23鈥揂nother Onyx Humanoid3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/50/1310.html||Chapter 705: Great Precipice Cave
Chapter 706: Violence
Chapter 24鈥揑nvitation
C707:Great Precipice Cave Scripture
Chapter 25鈥揂utarch Bolin
Chapter 26鈥揇aobirth3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/50/1313.html||C708Upgraded Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly H
Chapter709:Zither-playing Young Lady
Chapter 27鈥120 Million Years
Chapter 710: Wang Yan
Chapter 28鈥揟he Emperor Golems
Chapter 711: Standoff
Chapter 29鈥揟he Plan
C712:Start of the Hall Competition
Chapter 30鈥揂ttack
Chapter 713: Battling Ying Huanhuan
Chapter 31鈥揟he Estate-Spirit鈥檚 Treasures
Chapter 714 Opponent
Chapter 32鈥揤erdant Azuresoul
Chapter 715: Clash of the Top
Chapter 1鈥揜ealmship
Chapter 716: Intense Battle
Chapter 2鈥揃azu3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/50/1322.html||C717:Earth Dragon Divine Sealing Palm
Chapter 718: Dragon Wings
Chapter 3鈥揂 Heavy Feeling
Chapter 719: Battle of the Finest
Chapter 4鈥揟he Strange Planet
Chapter 720: Wang Yan V.S. Ying Xiaoxiao
Chapter 5鈥揝urrounded by Observers
C721:Clash of the Sky Emperor Scripture
Chapter 6鈥揢nderstood
Chapter 722: Fight
Chapter 7鈥揂utarch鈥檚 Decree
Chapter 723 Battle of the Titans
Chapter 8鈥揇aolord Coldsky
C724:Black Demon Mirror VS Great Desolation
Chapter 9鈥揙mnigeddon Bloodfruit Tree
Chapter 725: Tragic
Chapter 10鈥揢prooting the Tree
Chapter 726 Victory and Defeat
Chapter 11鈥揂utarch鈥檚 Blood
Chapter 727: Return of the Commanding Rights3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/45257.html||Chapter 12鈥揇evastating Rage
Chapter 728: Selecting A Treasure
Chapter 13鈥揗ortal Enemies
Chapter 14鈥揝ecluded Cultivation
Chapter 729: Static Tablet3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/45279.html||Chapter 15鈥揟he Modern Three Realms
C730A Sudden Disturbance from the Demon Spirit Sea
Chapter 731 Borrowing the Zither3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/45284.html||Chapter 16鈥揂 Calamity Descends
Chapter 732: The Trio鈥檚 Reunion
Chapter 17鈥揘egotiations
Chapter 733 Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva
Chapter 18鈥揝pacetime Disc
Chapter 734: Demon Sound Mountain
Chapter 19鈥揂 Single Tear
Chapter 735 The Sudden Guests
Chapter 20鈥揌egemon Brightshore
Chapter 736: Change in the Situation
Chapter 1鈥揜evival
Chapter 737: An Unforeseen Development3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/45744.html||Chapter 2鈥揊arewells
Chapter 3鈥揃oulder Transformation
Chapter 738: Nothing To Speak Of
Chapter 4鈥揙mega Sword Dao, Stage Four
Chapter 739: Getting Rid Of All Loose Ends
Chapter 5鈥揓i Ning Appears
C740The Power of a Celestial Demon Marten
Chapter 6鈥揜efusal
Chapter 741: Bountiful Harvest
Chapter 7鈥揝uccess
Chapter 742: Battle of Techniques
Chapter 8鈥揈mperor Nightwell
Chapter 743: Cleanse
Chapter 9鈥揝lain
Chapter 744: Breaking Core Brewing Spirit
Chapter 10鈥揇escending Upon Silksnow City
Chapter 745: Surge in Strength
Chapter 11鈥揑nexplicable
Chapter 746: Reincarnator
Chapter 12鈥揂ll Together!
Chapter 747: Returning back to the Sect
Chapter 13鈥揂bsolute Massacre
Chapter 748: A Conversation
Chapter 14鈥揝pread Far and Wide
Chapter 749: Do You Still Remember
Chapter 15鈥揟he Most Powerful Daolord
Chapter 16鈥揟he Great Flamedragon Conference3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/50/1355.html||Chapter 750: Departing
Chapter 17鈥揙mega Sword Dao3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/50/1356.html||Chapter 751: Unique Devil Region
Chapter 752: Conflict3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/26/46459.html||Chapter 18鈥揘aked Extortion
Chapter 19鈥揇ispersed3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/50/1358.html||Chapter 753: An Eagle
Chapter 20鈥揥hitethaw3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/50/1359.html||Chapter 754: An Amusing Exchange
Chapter 755, Nice To Meet You
Chapter 756: Meeting Again After Five Years
Chapter 22鈥揝parrowfiend Crystals
Chapter 757: Does He Want To Die
Chapter 23鈥揜eturning to the Azureflower Estate
C758:Burning Sky Ancient Stash
Chapter 24鈥揂nother Daolord
Chapter 759: Gathering of Monsters
Chapter 25鈥揔nockout
Chapter 760: Tit for Tat
Chapter 26鈥揂s Vast as the Sea
Chapter 27鈥揟he Second Palace3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/50/1919.html||Chapter 761: Unique Devil Region, Open
Chapter 28鈥揅reating Ten Techniques
Chapter 762: Mysterious Life Bone Beads
Chapter 29鈥揙ne Chaos Cycle
Chapter 763: Unexpected Occurrence
Chapter 30鈥揌eading Off
Chapter 764: Bitterly Fight Against the Demon Corp
Chapter 1鈥揂vatar
Chapter 765: Controlling the Demon Corpse
Chapter 2鈥揢nexpected Surprise
Chapter 766: Harassment
Chapter 3鈥揓i Ning and Silksnow
Chapter 767: Information about the Ancient Treasur
Chapter 4鈥揈ruption
Chapter 768: Hurrying to the Ancient Stash
Chapter 5鈥揊oreordained Results
Chapter 769: Getting Someone Else to do One鈥檚 Dirt
Chapter 6鈥揂rchon鈥檚 Fall3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/50/2741.html||Chapter 770: Brother and Sister鈥檚 Reunion
Chapter 7鈥揜ealmship
Chapter 771-Qingtan
Chapter 8鈥揚rison Region
Chapter 772: Challenge
Chapter 9鈥揝ixteen Realmverses Alliance
Chapter 773: Intense Battle against Lei Qian
Chapter 10鈥揜ealmslord Windgrace
Chapter 774: Lightning God Codex
Chapter 775: Might of the Reverse Rotation
Chapter 776: Confrontation
Chapter 777: Opening of the Burning Sky Ancient St
Chapter 778: Mysterious Realm
Chapter 779: Central Hub
Chapter 780: Confirmation
Chapter 781: An Unexpected Twist
Chapter 782: Cauldron
Chapter 783: Red Robed Man
Chapter 784: Red Robe Versus Black Fog
Chapter 785: Suppression
Chapter 786: Fen Tian
Chapter 787: Absorbing
Chapter 788: Eight Yuan Nirvana Stage
Chapter 789: Supreme Purity Celestial Pond
Chapter 790: The Yang Brothers
Chapter 791: Martial Emperor Law
Chapter 792: Might of the Burning Sky Array
Chapter 793: Martial Emperor
Chapter 794: Unexpected Turn of Events at the Bott
Chapter 795: Outcome
Chapter 796: Fight
Chapter 797: Start of the Battle
Chapter 798: Grudge
Chapter 799: The Disciples鈥 Battle
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Chapter 1鈥搚oung things, do not worry about words
Chapter 2鈥揺verything begins with difficulty.
Chapter 3鈥搕he great husband when such as
Chapter 4鈥搕here are times when the poor
Chapter 5
Chapter 6鈥揳ll in vain
Chapter 7鈥搉ew coach
Chapter 8鈥揥u Dao class
Chapter 9鈥搑ay department Juexue
Chapter 10鈥揺veryone has their own future
Chapter 11鈥搕he first 3
Chapter 12鈥搎uit it
Chapter 13鈥搕hese days can't be over.
Chapter 14鈥搑unner into small building
Chapter 15鈥揾e is still the case.
Chapter 16鈥搒killed fist
Chapter 17鈥搈en do not shrink
Chapter 18鈥揧an Jian's Wu Dao dream
Chapter 19鈥"challenges"
Chapter 20鈥搈an in Wushu
Chapter 21鈥搒how off and share
Chapter 22鈥搊pening ceremony
Chapter 23鈥揚reparation
Chapter 24鈥揷oach, I want to participate in special training
Chapter 25鈥揷row mouth
Chapter 26鈥揹raw
Chapter 27鈥揺conomic sources
Chapter 28鈥揼lorious road
Chapter 29鈥揃lizzard 24
Chapter 30鈥揼round friction
Chapter 31鈥搑outines to keep up with changes
Chapter 32鈥搃nvitation letter
Chapter 33鈥揳ll alone in a foreign land
Chapter 34鈥揘o. 656
Chapter 35鈥揝eventh ring fifth
Chapter 36鈥揙ne by one cumulative audience
Chapter 37鈥搒trange force
Chapter first鈥38 sound refueling
Chapter 39鈥搇arge avalanche
Chapter 40鈥揳 thousand miles to meet
Chapter 41鈥揊earless
Chapter 42鈥揟iger shaped ferocious Blizzard madness
Chapter 43鈥搈ore appropriate words
Chapter 44鈥搈ysterious master
Chapter 45鈥揌oliday things
Chapter 46鈥揻riends do not know that

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