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Chapter 904: Stealing The Creation Of The Land
Chapter 905: Destroying The Physique Tribulation
Chapter 906: Destroy The Life Reduction
Chapter 907: Crystallized Sea Sect鈥檚 Destruction
Chapter 908: Mei Aonan鈥檚 Chance
Chapter 909: Before The Departure
Chapter 910: The Future Path
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Chapter 911: Entering The Drystone Courtyard
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Chapter 912: The Person At The Base Of The Precipice
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Chapter 913: Distant Past
The God Realm! Tang San's Family
Chapter 914: Talking Stone Duck
Chapter1.1:The Youth with the Spirit Eyes
Chapter 915: Untraceable Past
Chapter1.2:The Youth with the Spirit Eyes
Chapter 916: Boundless Darkness
Chapter1.3:The Youth with the Spirit Eyes
Chapter 917: Timesource Vine鈥檚 Seed
Chapter1.4:The Youth with the Spirit Eyes
Chapter 918: The Legendary End Point
Chapter2.1:Skydream Iceworm
Chapter 919: What Are You?
Chapter2.2:Skydream Iceworm
Chapter 920: Another Bet
Chapter2.3:Skydream Iceworm
Chapter 921: Secret In The Pond
Chapter2.4:Skydream Iceworm
Chapter 922: Sky Dome
Chapter3.1:The Million Year Soul Ring
Chapter 923: Blood Forefather鈥檚 Four Ladies
Chapter3.2:The Million Year Soul Ring
Chapter3.3:The Million Year Soul Ring
Chapter 924: Origin Of The Blood Race
Chapter3.4:The Million Year Soul Ring
Chapter 925: Blood Race鈥檚 Secret
Chapter4.1:'Thunderbolt' Bei Bei
Chapter 926: Blood Pond
Chapter4.2:'Thunderbolt'Bei Bei
Chapter 927: Legends Of The Blood Forefather
Chapter 4.3: Thunderbolt Bei Bei
Chapter 928: Dao Sword
Chapter 4.4:'Thunderbolt'Bei Bei
Chapter 929: Void Trap Desert
Chapter 5.1: First Glimpse Through The Gate
Chapter 5.2: First Glimpse Through The Gate
Chapter 930: Heavenly Dao鈥檚 Beginning
Chapter 931: The Secret Within The Secrets3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/19/375.html||Chapter 5.3: First Glimpse Through The Gate
Chapter 5.4: First Glimpse Through The Gate3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/52/21768.html||Chapter 932: Suhang Country鈥檚 Yi Chuan
Chapter 6.1: The Number One Academy on the Douluo
Chapter 933: An Old Acquaintance Is Coming?
Chapter 6.2: The Number One Academy on the Douluo
Chapter 934: Waterside Garden
Chapter6.3:The Number One Academy on the Douluo
Chapter 935: Meeting An Old Friend
Chapter6.4:Number One Academy in the Douluo Cont
Chapter 936: Ye Chuyun
Chapter7.1:First-Years Entering the Academy
Chapter 937: Inseparable
Chapter7.2:First-Years Entering the Academy
Chapter 938: Heavenguard Sect
Chapter8.1:Monstrous Teacher
Chapter 939: Sect Master Forheaven
Chapter8.2:Monstrous Teacher
Chapter 940: Su Zhen
Chapter8.3:Monstrous Teacher
Chapter 941: Su Zhen鈥檚 Background
Chapter8.4:Monstrous Teacher
Chapter 942: Meeting An Old Friend
Chapter 9.1:Radiant Butterfly Goddess
Chapter 943: Captivating Goddess
Chapter9.2:Radiant Butterfly Goddess
Chapter 944: Spank Your Sweet Buttocks
Chapter9.3:Radiant Butterfly Goddess
Chapter 945: Holy City
C10.1:First Experience with Soul Tools
Chapter 946: Half-moon Princess
C10.2:First Experience with Soul Tools
Chapter 947: Arcane Guru3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/19/405.html||C10.3:First Experience with Soul Tools
Chapter 948: Crimson Night Duke
C10.4:First Experience with Soul Tools
Chapter 949: Dracotree
C11.1:The Weakest Class Monitor
Chapter 950: Watering The Dracotree
C11.2:The Weakest Class Monitor
Chapter 951: Jadebee
C11.3:The Weakest Class Monitor
Chapter 952: Si Yuanyuan
C11.4:The Weakest Class Monitor
Chapter 953: Si Yuanyuan鈥檚 Decision
C12.1:Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan
Chapter 954: Entering Holy City
C12.2:Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan
Chapter 955: Tiger Hill
C12.3:Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan
Chapter 956: Dragon Platform
C12.4:Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/52/35283.html||Chapter 957: The Provocative Crowd
C13.1:Mysterious Water Pill
Chapter 958: Obtaining Dragon Platform鈥檚 Treasure
C13.2:Mysterious Water Pill
Chapter 959: Swiftsword Marquis鈥 Quick Draw
C13.3:Mysterious Water Pill (Teaser)
Chapter 960: Crimson Night Kingdom鈥檚 Supreme Elder
Chapter 13.4: Mysterious Water Pill
Chapter 961: Death Without A Burial
Chapter 14.1: Skydream Points
Chapter 962: Chi Zixian
Chapter 14.2: Skydream Points
Chapter 963: Hidden-dragon Mountains
Chapter 14.3: Skydream Points
Chapter 964: Existences Inside The Vast Sea
Chapter 14.4: Skydream Points
Chapter 965: Some Old Tales
Chapter 15.1: Three Months
Chapter 966: Deal
Chapter 15.2: Three Months
Chapter 967: Skybearing Monarch
Chapter 15.3: Three Months
Chapter 968: Lin Tiandi
Chapter 15.4: Three Months
Chapter 969: Challenging The Crimson Night Kingdom
Chapter 16.1: First-year Examination
Chapter 970: Hatred
Chapter 16.2: Freshman Examination
Chapter 971: Thunder Tower
Chapter 16.3: Freshman Examination
Chapter 972: Unstoppable
Chapter 16.4: Freshman Examination
Chapter 973: Thunder Tower Lord
Chapter 17.1: First Time Cooperating; Two People C
Chapter 974: Climbing The Thunder Tower
Chapter 17.2: First Time Cooperating; Two People C
Chapter 975: Bloodbull Godfiend
Chapter 17.3: First Time Cooperating; Two People C
Chapter 976: Deal
Chapter 17.4: First Time Cooperating; Two People C
Chapter 977: Changing Time
Chapter 18.1: The 33rd Arena鈥3v3
Chapter 978: Strange Phenomenon At The Godwar Mountain
Chapter 18.2: The 33rd Arena鈥3v3
Chapter 979: Nobility Is Not Preordained By The Heavens
Chapter 18.3: The 33rd Arena鈥3v3
Chapter 980: Entering The Godwar Mountain
Chapter 981: Meeting Yi Chuan Again
Chapter 20: The Body Soul鈥檚 Secret
Chapter 982: Dao Passing
Chapter 21:Fusion of the Three Innate Martial Soul
Chapter 983: Overbearing Blood Race
Chapter 984: Killing The Enemies
Chapter 985: Too Weak
Chapter 986: Breaking An Imperial Weapon Bare-handed
Chapter 987: Sneak Attack
Chapter 988: Suppression
Chapter 989: Reversal
Chapter 990: Risking It All For Love
Chapter 991: Mysterious Underground World
Chapter 992: Bronze Citadel
Chapter 993: Visiting The Prime Peak
Chapter 994: Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation
Chapter 995: Storm God
Chapter 996: Blood Devouring Curse
Chapter 997: The Treasure Inside The Little Golden Coffin
Chapter 998: Immortal Emperor Chen Xue鈥檚 Sentiment
Chapter 999: Mysterious Youth
Chapter 1000: Destroying The Saber Emperor School
Chapter 1001: Wang Clan
Chapter 1002: Wang Dongtian
Chapter 1003: Meeting Old Friends Again
Chapter 1004: Unbeatable Immortal Physiques
Chapter 1005: The Leader
Chapter 1006: Massacre
Chapter 1007: Turned Into Ashes
Chapter 1008: Meeting
Chapter 1009: Happy Time
Chapter 1010: Buddhist Funeral Plateau
Chapter 1011: That Item
Chapter 1012: Wo Longxuan
Chapter 1013: The Hat Wearing Youth鈥檚 Identity
Chapter 1014: Nameless Little Temple
Chapter 1015: Sutra Room
Chapter 1016: Sleeping Dragon Cliff鈥檚 Origin
Chapter 1017: Seeking Buddhism
Chapter 1018: Meeting The Middle Continent Princess Again
Chapter 1019: Hatred Caused By Love
Chapter 1020: Secret Of The Past
Chapter 1021: Love Or Hate
Chapter 1022: Bai Jianzhen
Chapter 1023: Bing Yuxia
Chapter 1024: Spirit Mountain
Chapter 1025: Eighteen Temples Of Spirit Mountain
Chapter 1026: Zen Void Temple
Chapter 1027: Buddhist Debate
Chapter 1028: South Emperor
Chapter 1029: Challenging The Four Buddhas Temple
Chapter 1030: Eight-faced Radiant Bodhisattva
Chapter 1031: Invincible Dharma
Chapter 1032: Enlightening
Chapter 1033: One Thought To Become Buddha
Chapter 1034: Beneficence Bodhisattva
Chapter 1035: Farewell Forever, Young Master
Chapter 1036: South Emperor Seeking Guidance
Chapter 1037: Mythical Immortal Monarch
Chapter 1038: Vedas Vajra
Chapter 1039: Seeing Mei Suyao Again
Chapter 1040: Mei Suyao鈥檚 Beauty
Chapter 1041: Soaring Heavenly Saintess
Chapter 1042: The Mortal Monarch
Chapter 1043: Lesser Deva World鈥檚 Appearance
Chapter 1044: The Legendary Lesser Deva World
Chapter 1045: Venerable Dry Peak
Chapter 1046: A Brewing Storm
Chapter 1047: One Word Opposing A God Monarch
Chapter 1048: One Challenging The Horde
Chapter 1049: Only Domination
Chapter 1050: I Alone Am Invincible
Chapter 1051: Vaisravana Vajra
Chapter 1052: Venerable Ninesword
Chapter 1053: Broken Metal
Chapter 1054: Soaring Immortal Emissary
Chapter 1055: Direct Confrontation
Chapter 1056: Unbeatable Style
Chapter 1057: Blood Everywhere
Chapter 1058: Only Rampant Arrogance
Chapter 1059: Bing Yuxia鈥檚 Beauty
Chapter 1060: Mei Suyao鈥檚 Path
Chapter 1061: Sleepless Night
Chapter 1062: Bai Jianzhen
Chapter 1063: Bing Yuxia鈥檚 Choice
Chapter 1064: Lesser Imperial Devil World
Chapter 1065: Sacrosanct Moontree
Chapter 1066: Heaven Relinquish Devil King
Chapter 1067: Wooden Sword Dark Saint
Chapter 1068: A Sword鈥檚 Sharpness
Chapter 1069: Blazing Devil
Chapter 1070: Fire God鈥檚 Calmheart
Chapter 1071: Shen Menghui
Chapter 1072: Azure Mysterious Eight Ancestors
Chapter 1073: Lacerate
Chapter 1074: Dark Maxim Palace
Chapter 1075: Saber Against Immortal Physique
Chapter 1076: The Unstoppable Chen Baojiao
Chapter 1077: Stagnation Domain
Chapter 1078: Threat
Chapter 1079: Heaven Relinquish Devil King
Chapter 1080: Deal
Chapter 1081: Devil World鈥檚 Secret
Chapter 1082: Entering The Dark Maxim Palace
Chapter 1083: Heavenly Emperor Lin鈥檚 Background
Chapter 1084: Insect Pipe And Mechanical World Vessel
Chapter 1085: Evil Slaying Platform
Chapter 1086: Imperial Border
Chapter 1087: Lost Era
Chapter 1088: Metal Corpses
Chapter 1089: Tiny Old Man
Chapter 1090: Pinnacle Lifewater
Chapter 1091: Transplanting The Myriad Age Tree
Chapter 1092: Nine Worlds鈥 Chief Ambassador
Chapter 1093: Northbound
Chapter 1094: Kingdom Of Emperors
Chapter 1095: Deterring The World
Chapter 1096: Standing Strong Against An Imperial Weapon
Chapter 1097: Five Emperors
Chapter 1098: Three Grand Imperial Kings3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/33/javascript:addbookcase(||Add bookshelf
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Chapter 1100: Di Wei3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/33/#bottom||To the bottom
Chapter 1101: Elusive Heavenly Golden Water
First arrived in the Imperial1
Chapter 1102: Challenge
First arrived in the Imperial2
Chapter 1103: Warm Up
First arrived in the Imperial3
Chapter 1104: Mighty Spear
The talent show1
Chapter 1105: Divine Ascension War Emperor Dao
The talent show2
Chapter 1106: Heaven Suppression Fist
The talent show3
Chapter 1107: Ambush
A gentleman's good mate
Chapter 1108: Long Distance Chase
Chapter 1109: Knowing That There Is A Tiger On The Mountain Yet Still Continuing To Climb
Chapter 1110: Divine Ancestor
Chapter 1111: Immortal Dao Decapitator
Chapter 1112: Bu Lianxiang鈥檚 Rage
Chapter 1113: Love And Hate
Chapter 1114: A Love Lasting For Million Years
Chapter 1115: The Journey Begins
Chapter 1116: Hard To Say
Chapter 1117: Meeting Little Autumn Again
Chapter 1118: Nihility Temple
Chapter 1119: Myriad Thoughts Pot
Chapter 1120: A Gambling Bout
Chapter 1121: Buddhist Debate
Chapter 1122: Leaving
Chapter 1123: Space Scripture
Chapter 1124: Shaking The Plateau
Chapter 1125: Qian Suyun
Chapter 1126: Eternal Parting
Chapter 1127: The Storm
Chapter 1128: Siege Before The City Walls
Chapter 1129: Mysterious Prisoner
Chapter 1130: Mu Shaodi
Chapter 1131: Ancient Triangular School
Chapter 1132: Counter-offensive
Chapter 1133: Xiao Qingtian
Chapter 1134: One Halberd Rampaging The Nine Heavens
Chapter 1135: Benevolent Armament
Chapter 1136: Sweeping Through The Opposing Horde
Chapter 1137: Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1138: Grand Completion Eternal Physique
Chapter 1139: The Invincible Magu
Chapter 1140: Fallen Imperial Corpse
Chapter 1141: I Alone Am Invincible
Chapter 1142: Magu鈥檚 Oath
Chapter 1143: Old Devil鈥檚 Past
Chapter 1144: One Mistake; An Eternal Sin
Chapter 1145: Geezer Su
Chapter 1146: Indignation
Chapter 1147: Apricot Vase
Chapter 1148: Deepest Love
Chapter 1149: Hidden Immortal Hall
Chapter 1150: Old Xian鈥檚 Decision
Chapter 1151: Appointing A Successor
Chapter 1152: Setting Out
Chapter 1153: Parting
Chapter 1154: Great Maelstrom
Chapter 1155: Secret Of The Maelstrom鈥檚 Depths
Chapter 1156: The Beginning At The Heaven Spirit World
Chapter 1157: Golden Isle
Chapter 1158: Life Origination
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Chapter 1:A Meeting of Legends
Chapter 2:Injury of the self-inflicted nature
Chapter 3:Yue鈥檈r shining on Changjie
Chapter 4:Inhuman people
Chapter 5:Lovesickness will make you grow old
Chapter 6:A dragon amongst men
Chapter 7:Capturing the dragon empty handed
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Chapter 206:Doesn"t Know What"s Good For Himself
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Chapter 1:Artifact Graveyard
Chapter 2:Hologram Projector
Chapter 3:The Uncanny Dream
Chapter 4:Fiend Blade Peng Hai
Chapter 5:Exam Simulation
Chapter 6:The Great Dark Age
Chapter 7:Second"s School Goddess
Chapter 8:Repairing a Crystal Processor
Chapter 9:Salted Fish and Shoes
Chapter 10:Possessed by a Ghost
Chapter 11:As if a Dream
Chapter 12:Ecstatic Enough to Fly
Chapter 13:Reincarnation of a Glutton
Chapter 14:Little Border of Hidden Lake
Chapter 15:Audacious
Chapter 16:One Strip of Sea Cucumber
Chapter 17:Aunty of the Ghost Market
Chapter 18:Strengthening Drug
Chapter 19:Militant Wolf Slayers
Chapter 20:A Man Doing Body Exercises
Chapter 21:Dividing Four By Zero
Chapter 22:Fed Until Satisfaction
Chapter 23:Eating Without Discrimination
Chapter 24:A Leap of Advancement
Chapter 25:The Iron Beast, A Storm Arrives
Chapter 26:Someone Fiercer Arrives
Chapter 27:Actually, He"s the Fiercest
Chapter 28:Of Course He Needs to be Aggressive
Chapter 29:Fiend Blade Forger
Chapter 30:You Are So Arrogant~
Chapter 31:I"m No Salted Fish!
Chapter 32:He"s a Monster!
Chapter 33:A Night of Unbearable Pain
Chapter 34:A Savage Beast Emerges From its Cage
Chapter 35:The Hour of Intense Battle
Chapter 36:Li Yao Enters the Field!
Chapter 37:Treading Tiger Strike 7 Murdering-Hit Combo!
Chapter 38:Slaying the Way to Devil Dragon Island
Chapter 39:The World Of Cultivation, Is as Vast as the Skies and Seas!
Chapter 40:The Different Types of Cultivators
Chapter 41:The Flagship, The Distant Expanse!
Chapter 42:Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars!
Chapter 43:Sky Fantasia Academy
Chapter 44:A Collision of Essence Particles!
Chapter 45:Debating on the Grand Dao
Chapter 46:The Refiners鈥 Holy Land
Chapter 47:Ding Lingdang
Chapter 48:Invitation from Grand Desolate War Institution
Chapter 49:Small Ji, the Crystal Beast
Chapter 50:The Codes of an Refiners
Chapter 51:The Blades of Human Civilization!
Chapter 52:A Dense Fog and the Delusion Vine
Chapter 53:Instant Kill!
Chapter 54:Three Major Killing Weapons
Chapter 55:Trading Artifacts
Chapter 56:First in the Rankings!
Chapter 57:Three Options
Chapter 58:A Commander Appears
Chapter 59:Paralyzed!
Chapter 60:A Crazy Backdoor
Chapter 61:Where"s Li Yao
Chapter 62:One Move Ahead
Chapter 63:Slaughtering Everything In Their Paths!
Chapter 64:A Torrential Storm Shower
Chapter 65:Ghost Dragon-7
Chapter 66:Demonic Blood Cannon
Add bookshelf3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/116/41335.html||Chapter 67:The Armageddon Rebellion
Chapter 68:To Silence or Not3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/51/javascript:vote(||Like the book
Chapter 69:The Tree of Memories
To the bottom
Chapter 70:Fiend Star Yao
Chapter 1:I Don鈥檛 Want to Work
Chapter 71:The Transformation of the Fiend Star Yao!
Chapter 2:Death by Working
Chapter 72:A Lizard Transforming to a T-Rex
Chapter 3:Figuring out the Situation
Chapter 73:Explosive Kill with One Shell
Chapter 4:Let鈥檚 Deal With the Bandits Somehow
Chapter 74:Time and Tide Wait for No Man
Chapter 5:Let鈥檚 Make More Rooms
Chapter 75:Abandoning All Civility
Chapter 6:Let鈥檚 Use Magic for the First Time
Chapter 76:A Hammer Decides
Chapter 7:The Bandits鈥 Boss
Chapter 77:The Scarlet Flame Queen
Chapter 8:Going Well
Chapter 78:The Wind Sweeps and Spreads the Clouds
Chapter 9:Let鈥檚 Use DP
Chapter 79:Sticking to His Dreams
Chapter 10:The Bandit Bought Slaves
Chapter 80:Idol!
Chapter 11:The End of the Bandits
Chapter 81:Fiend Blade鈥檚 Saber
Chapter 12:A Slave Called a Hug Pillow
Chapter 82:Small Grayfield
Chapter 13:Dungeon Master Kehma
Chapter 83:Your鈥檚 is but a Cannon!
Chapter 14:Using DP to Create a Golem
Chapter 84:Jumping to the Peak!
Chapter 15:The Potential of a Golem3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/116/41382.html||Chapter 85:Mining Clan High School
Chapter 16:The Potential of a Golem (2)
Chapter 86:School Bullying
Chapter 17:Magic Sword Golem and Clothes Golem
Chapter 87:Eve of the College Entrance Examination
Chapter 18:A Human Town for the First Time
Chapter 88:I Have Decided!
Chapter 89:College Entrance Examination Champion!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/51/1581.html||Chapter 19:Strange Adventurer Applicant
Chapter 20:Adventurer鈥檚 Guild and the First Commis3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/116/41392.html||Chapter 90:Breaking News
Chapter 21:The First Commission Completion?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/116/41394.html||Chapter 91:Where is the Champion of the College Entrance Examination?
Chapter 22:For Now, One Night
Chapter 92:From out the Boiler Room Came the Champion!
Chapter 23:A Human Town for the First Time, Day Tw
Chapter 93:Igniting the Whole City
Chapter 24:Ranking Up and the Guild Head鈥檚 Story
Chapter 94:Worst Situation!
Chapter 25:Information on Dungeons
Chapter 95:The War over the Genius
Chapter 26:Intruders
Chapter 96:The Final Decision
Chapter 27:Dungeon Core No. 89
Chapter 97:The Farce and the Miracle
Chapter 28:No-Good People3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/116/41425.html||Chapter 98:Taking the First Step
Chapter 99:Remote Reaches3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/51/1639.html||Chapter 29:A Dungeon Battle鈥?
Chapter 100:The King of Metal Forging3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/51/1640.html||Chapter 30:Major Renovations
Chapter 101:Virtuosic
Chapter 31:Dungeon Battle, Onset of War
Chapter 32:Dungeon Battle, A Fierce Fight
Chapter 102:The Final Stretch
Chapter 33:Dungeon Battle, Conclusion
Chapter 103:Towers of Bones
Chapter 34:Difference Between Postwar Treatment an
Chapter 104:Meeting with an Old Senior
Chapter 35:I鈥檒l Be an Adventurer Even Though I鈥檓 a
Chapter 105:Sworn Duty of a Cultivator
Chapter 36:Buying a Slave
Chapter 106:Thunderstorm
Chapter 37:New Member
Chapter 107:Scarlet Calamity
Chapter 38:Another Designated Commission
Chapter 108:Lightning-like Pair of Hands
Chapter 39:Also, Goblin Subjugation
Chapter 109:Taiyi Lightning Railgun!
Chapter 40:About Time to Return
Chapter 110:Thunderstorm!
Chapter 41:Base (Dungeon)
Chapter 111:Who are the Cultivators?
Chapter 42:Let鈥檚 Build an Inn
Chapter 112:Cultivators Are Here!

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