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Chapter 43:Cheat Discovered
Chapter 113:Drawing the Sword
Chapter 44:Making an Inn and Employee Uniform
Chapter 114:Volcanic Eruption
Chapter 45:Meat鈥檚 Misguided Common Sense
Chapter 115:New World
Chapter 46:The Inn鈥檚 Program
Chapter 116:The Bottom Line of Civilization
Chapter 47:Plans for Ranking Up
Chapter 117:Lingering Souls of Heroes
Chapter 48:Onsen
Chapter 118:Heaven Origin Cultivators" Nexus
Chapter 49:Just Out of the Bath
Chapter 119:Sensational News
Chapter 50:This and That
Chapter 120:Foundation of Cultivation
Chapter 121:Full Speed Ahead!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/51/1687.html||Chapter 51:A Quick Rank Up
Chapter 122:The Flying Sword is Also Crazy!
Chapter 52:Promoting the Dungeon
Chapter 123:Little Bluebird
Chapter 53:Investigation Commission: Heaven3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/116/41544.html||Chapter 124:Big Battle Formation
Chapter 54:Investigation Commission: Hell3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/116/41545.html||Chapter 125:An Overbearing Apology
Chapter 126:Heavenly Refining Tower3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/51/1691.html||Chapter 55:First Customers
Chapter 127:Wasteland"s Wild Waves
Chapter 56:Commission from the Guild
Chapter 128:Chaos Edge and Iron Fist
Chapter 57:Rescue
Chapter 129:We are Unorthodox?
Chapter 58:Haku-san鈥檚 Visit
Chapter 130:Project Mystic Skeleton
Chapter 131:King of Magical Equipment3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/51/1740.html||Chapter 59:Inn, Suite Room 1
Chapter 132:Mass-Production Storm3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/51/1741.html||Chapter 60:Inn, Suite Room 2
Chapter 61:One Night of the Suite: Results
Chapter 133:Skeleton of a War God
Chapter 62:The Egg鈥檚 Identity
Chapter 134:Supernova
Chapter 63:Opening
Chapter 135:Determine Your Fate on Your Own!
Chapter 64:Stupimander
Chapter 136:Eldest Senior Brother and the President
Chapter 65:Negotiations with the Red Dragon
Chapter 137:Legend鈥 Start!
Chapter 66:The Second Dungeon Battle
Chapter 138:I Will Steamroll You One by One
Chapter 67:Information Gathering
Chapter 139:The Ability to Play a Pig to Eat the Tiger
Chapter 68:Second Dungeon Battle
Chapter 140:10:1
Chapter 69:Second Dungeon Battle
Chapter 141:Sleeping Can Also Turn You Into God
Chapter 70:Second Dungeon Battle Boss Round One
Chapter 142:Fire and Ice
Chapter 71:Boss Round Two, Conclusion
Chapter 143:Four Experts? Explode for me!
Chapter 72:The Trap
Chapter 144:Immortal Cultivators
Chapter 73:Labor Shortage
Chapter 145:First Generation Tai"e Crafting Furnace
Chapter 74:Let鈥檚 Procure Some New Employees
Chapter 146:Super Perceptive State!
Chapter 75:Temporary Names and Additional Rooms
Chapter 147:The Miraculous Moment
Chapter 76:Employee Training
Chapter 148:Professors, Please Give Me Some Pointers!
Chapter 77:The Phoenix
Chapter 149:Young Man, I Have High Hopes For You!
Chapter 78Slots
Chapter 150:Armadominus
Chapter 79:Blacksmith Flag
Chapter 151:Building Foundation Egg
Chapter 80-The Blacksmith鈥檚 Arrival
Chapter 152:You Are a Glass Jaw
Chapter 81-Extra: Blacksmith 1
Chapter 153:Falcon King Soaring Into the Sky in O
Chapter 82-Extra: Blacksmith 2
Chapter 154:As Though Two Completely Different People
Chapter 83-The Game Room
Chapter 155:Thousand Tempering Hundred Refining
Chapter 84:The Naming Ceremony
Chapter 156:I Am Going to Bully You as I Wish
Chapter 85:Extra: Worries
Chapter 157:Arrival of a Group of High School Students
Chapter 86-Rei鈥檚 Consultation
Chapter 158:The Three Treasures of the Grand Desolate War Institution
Chapter 87-Let鈥檚 Pay Back the Loan
Chapter 159:The Monster within a Jungle of Steel
Chapter 88-Aristocrat鈥檚 Rescue Party
Chapter 160:Tit For Tat
Chapter 89-Welcoming the Intruders 1
Chapter 161:A Showdown Between Refiners
Chapter 90:Welcoming the Intruders 2
Chapter 162:Supersonic Collision!
Chapter 91:
Chapter 92:Information From Haku-san
Chapter 163:Seven Layered Heavens, Hidden Dragon Scales!
Chapter 93-Now For Some Remodeling3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/116/41721.html||Chapter 164:The Fiend Star Appears! Nine Star Explosion!
Chapter 94-The Hero Has Come3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/116/41729.html||Chapter 165:Armory
Chapter 95Extra: Hero鈥檚 Point of View
Chapter 166:The Fierce Battle of Verdant Tarn City
Chapter 96-The Hero and a Meal
Chapter 167:Levels of Demon Beasts
Chapter 97:The Hero and His Story
Chapter 168:He鈥檚 Dead Weight!
Chapter 98:The Hero and [Still Refused]
Chapter 169:Death Squad
Chapter 99-The Hero and Kehma
Chapter 170:The First Battle
Chapter 100-The Hero and a Match
Chapter 171:Super Shocking Firepower
Chapter 101-The Hero and Meat
Chapter 172:The Blood Lotus Slowly Blossoms
Chapter 102-The Hero and Gozoh
Chapter 173:Main Competitive Strength
Chapter 174:Li Yao"s Transformation3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/51/5089.html||Chapter 103-The Hero and the Dungeon
Chapter 175:Heavy Artillery and Insane Saber!
Chapter 176:Let鈥檚 Do It Big!
Chapter 177:So You"re That Monstrous Genius?
Chapter 178:Killing Their Way Into the Financial District
Chapter 179:Fearsome Gun Fighting Technique
Chapter 180:Thunder Palm
Chapter 181:Demon General!
Chapter 182:The Bravest One Wins!
Chapter 183:Want to Kill Me? Taste The Hellfire-Lightning!
Chapter 184:Total Victory
Chapter 185:Lawful Punishment
Chapter 186:The End of Hunters
Chapter 187:Lone Hunter
Chapter 188:Hunting Efficiency
Chapter 189:Self-Crafting a Magical Equipment!
Chapter 190:Just Out of the Furnace!
Chapter 191:This Magical Equipment is Somewhat Interesting
Chapter 192:30,000 Credits!
Chapter 193:One Against Two Thousand?
Chapter 194:Impossible Misson
Chapter 195:Escape
Chapter 196:Eliminate Li Yao First!
Chapter 197:Can He Fly to the High Heavens?
Chapter 198:If You Want to Kill Me, Let"s Die Together!
Chapter 199:Daggers Drawn
Chapter 200:Ambush on All Sides
Chapter 201:Final Plan
Chapter 202:Three Jade Chips?
Chapter 203:Final Winner
Chapter 204:The Invitation of Long Wenhui
Chapter 205:The World Is So Big
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Chapter 1: Cultivation with Broken Meridians
Chapter 2: Repaying Gratitude with Enmity
Chapter 3: Awakening of Genius
Chapter 4: The Tempered Thousand-Hammer Refinement Technique
Chapter 5: Autumn Snow鈥檚 Attitude
Chapter 6: Emperor Star Academy
Chapter 7: Iron Bond between Father and Son
Chapter 8: Brother & Sister
Chapter 9: Dragon Subduing Fist
Chapter 10: Gathering at the Bai Residence
Chapter 11: Examination
Chapter 12: Divide
Chapter 13: Showy Display
Chapter 14: Choice
Chapter 15: Imperial Edict
Chapter 16: Unusual Disposition
Chapter 17: Tiny Astral-Being
Chapter 18: Star River Association
Chapter 19: Natural Born Weaponsmith
Chapter 20: Pressure
Chapter 21: Ruthless
Chapter 22: Francis鈥檚 Visit
Chapter 23: Crisis
Chapter 24: A Cold Heart
Chapter 25: Violence
Chapter 26: Reinforcement
Chapter 27: The Treacherous Human Heart
Chapter 28: Summoning of War Beast
Chapter 29: Bai Qing鈥檚 Talent
Chapter 30: State of Affairs
Chapter 31: A Long Journey
Chapter 32: Royal Capital
Chapter 33: Coalition of the Nine Academies
Chapter 34: The Dark Forest
Chapter 35: The Genius Fatty
Chapter 36: Let the Power of Youth Explode!
Chapter 37: Inverting Black and White
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Chapter 38: Murderous Heart3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/javascript:vote(||Like the book
Chapter 39: Persistent Tracking
Chapter 736: Type 5 Divine Warrior Radis!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/57/5183.html||Chapter 40: Breaking through to the Arterial Circulation Realm!
To the bottom 3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/57/5184.html||Chapter 41: Divine Weapon Pavilion
Chapter 1: Special Summon Skeleton
Chapter 42: Renumeration
Chapter 2: Evolution Begins
Chapter 43: Qin Heavenly Divine Sect
Chapter 3: Zombie Rampage
Chapter 44: Spirit Refinement Method
Chapter 4: Hard Battle in the Dormitory
Chapter 45: On the Arena
Chapter 5: Apple of Vitality
Chapter 46: A Simple Answer
Chapter 6: Level 1 Protective Garment
Chapter 47: Kill
Chapter 7: Small Supermarket
Chapter 48: Punishment Result
Chapter 8: Ji Qing Wu
Chapter 49: Thousand Hand Imprint
Chapter 9: Small Fireball
Chapter 50: Dreamsky Forest
Chapter 10: The Girl鈥檚 Dormitory
Chapter 51: Knight鈥檚 Association
Chapter 11: Chen Yao
Chapter 52: The Pride of Number One
Chapter 12: Imitation Tang Sword
Chapter 53: Battle Accepted
Chapter 13: Searching For The Keys
Chapter 54: Familiar Person
Chapter 14: Fleeing The Campus
Chapter 55: Friends and Enemies
Chapter 15: Escape
Chapter 56: Orchon鈥檚 Plan
Chapter 16: Dispute
Chapter 57: Provocation
Chapter 17: Stand Strong
Chapter 58: The Eve of the Battle
Chapter 18: White Leather Gloves
Chapter 59: Attention-Attracting Batle
Chapter 19: Wang Shuang Joins
Chapter 60: Fetters
Chapter 20: Searching For Chi Yang
Chapter 61: Kill me if you dare
Chapter 21: 2nd Degree Protective Garment
Chapter 62: Ren Qianxing
Chapter 63: Favor
Chapter 64: Yanaro
Chapter 22: Shadow Steps Skill
Chapter 65: Astral Demonic Beast
Chapter 23: Chi Yang
Chapter 66: Blood Ember Fruit
Chapter 24: Infected
Chapter 67: Fall Out
Chapter 25: News of Gathering
Chapter 26: Thugs
Chapter 68: Who鈥檚 the Oriole
Chapter 27: Slaughter
Chapter 69: Meeting Again
Chapter 28: Firearms
Chapter 70: Visitor from Snowcloud Country
Chapter 29: Mission
Chapter 71: Luo Qianqiu
Chapter 30: Rescue
Chapter 72: Fine Line between Life and Death
Chapter 31: Dead Person
Chapter 73: Assiduously Cultivating
Chapter 32: Differences
Chapter 74: Dueling Yanaro
Chapter 33: Teams
Chapter 75: Banquet at the Royal Palace
Chapter 76: Mo Qingcheng鈥檚 Worries
Chapter 34: Power Leveling
Chapter 77: Chu Tianjiao
Chapter 35: A Sense of Crisis
Chapter 78: Qin Yao鈥檚 Thoughts
Chapter 36: Night Hunting
Chapter 79: Mo Qingcheng鈥檚 Reminder
Chapter 80: Trap3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/32305.html||Chapter 37: School Bus Stolen
Chapter 81: Clearing Misunderstandings
Chapter 39: Hunters
Chapter 82: A Real Man
Chapter 83: I Can鈥檛 Die Here.3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/32321.html||Chapter 41: Choosing
Chapter 42: Lu Wen Confession
Chapter 84: Fantasy
Chapter 43: Big Loots
Chapter 85: Winter Snow
Chapter 45: Stinger Pistol Power
Chapter 86: Those that share the same fate
Chapter 46: Touching Moment
Chapter 87: Scenery of Snow
Chapter 47: Incineration
Chapter 88: Impetuousness of Youth
Chapter 48: Fierce Battle With the Hunters
Chapter 89: The Silhouette Behind
Chapter 49: 6th Degree Treasure
Chapter 90: The Will of the Emperor Star Academy
Chapter 50: Gathering Information
Chapter 51: Job Change
Chapter 91: Obsessiveness
Chapter 52: Stinger Model 2
Chapter 92: Gratitude
Chapter 53: Accepting the Missions
Chapter 93: Conversation with Mustang
Chapter 54: Fleeing Lei Jiang City
Chapter 94: Luo Qianqiu鈥檚 background
Chapter 55: Hijack
Chapter 95: Attempting Creation
Chapter 56: Tiger Wang
Chapter 96: The First Painting
Chapter 57: Spar
Chapter 97: The Commotion Caused by a Painting
Chapter 58: Den of Thieves
Chapter 98: Who鈥檚 the Inscriptionist?
Chapter 59: Tiger Wang鈥檚 Ambition
Chapter 99: A very 鈥楲ame鈥 Joke
Chapter 60: The Youthful Girl, Guo Yu
Chapter 100: Change in Attitude
Chapter 61: Bath
Chapter 101: A Promise
Chapter 62: Conversation in the Night
Chapter 102: Gongyang Hong
Chapter 63: Whipping
Chapter 103: Riddle within the Painting
Chapter 64: Steamed Bun
Chapter 104: Heavenly Dipper
Chapter 65: Da Gouzi
Chapter 105: Teasing by Luo Huan
Chapter 66: Survivor Instinct
Chapter 67: Entangled3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/57/5249.html||Chapter 106: Insidious Intent
Chapter 68: Granting Gruel
Chapter 107: Deliberate Target
Chapter 108: Exchanging Pointers
Chapter 109: Overbearing
Chapter 110: Dumbo
Chapter 111: Riding Crane
Chapter 69: Xiao Ming
Chapter 112: Dangerous Orchon
Chapter 70: Variant Beast
Chapter 113: Within the Astral River Hall
Chapter 72: Firearms Control
Chapter 114: The Wind and Clouds Rises
Chapter 73: Everyone Has Ideas
Chapter 115: Lighting up the Starry Skies
Chapter 74: Lu Wen
Chapter 116: Gathering at the Chu Emperor District
Chapter 75: Mutated Cat
Chapter 117: Commencement of the Jun Lin Banquet
Chapter 76: Mutated Dog
Chapter 118: A Year is too Long
Chapter 77
Chapter 119: When the Sword is Birthed, Blood Appears
Chapter 78: Chaos
Chapter 120: The name of Qin Wentian
Chapter 79: Rushing to Fight
Chapter 121: A Smile Melting Away Hatred and Grievances
Chapter 80: Zhang Xiang鈥檚 death
Chapter 122: The 18 who Advance
Chapter 81: Overwhelming Destruction
Chapter 123: The past is now past, the future is too faraway
Chapter 82: Celebrity
Chapter 124: The words of Xiao L菧
Chapter 83: Establishment
Chapter 125: Re-appearance of Sword Light
Chapter 84: Agility Solidification
Chapter 126: Explosiveness of the Emperor Star Academy
Chapter 85: Powerful S2
Chapter 127: Gu Xing
Chapter 86: Arsenal
Chapter 128: Sikong Mingyue
Chapter 87: Recruiting Survivors3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/57/5272.html||Chapter 129: The Halberd鈥檚 Inclination
Chapter 130: Top Nine3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/32568.html||Chapter 88: Mutated River Snake
Chapter 131: The Silhouette that lighted up the Starry Skies3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/32570.html||Chapter 89: Red Bead
Chapter 132: Damn old Fogey?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/32574.html||Chapter 90: Lin Jun
Chapter 133: A Missing Contestant?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/32579.html||Chapter 91: Choice
Chapter 134: Arrival in the nick of Time
Chapter 92: Wang Hai
Chapter 135: Emperor Amethyst Constellation
Chapter 93 Longhai City Survivor Base
Chapter 136: The Top Three Rankers
Chapter 137: Fighting Orchon
Chapter 94: Art of Fear鈥檚 Mighty Ability
Chapter 138: Unable to block my path
Chapter 95 Joining the Base
Chapter 139: Golden-Corona Astral Souls
Chapter 140: Versus Sikong Mingyue
Chapter 141: Pointing the Halberd at Luo Qianqiu.
Chapter 142: I want you to lose
Chapter 143: I AM NOT WILLING
Chapter 96: Shopping
Chapter 144: Number One!
Chapter 98: Ice King Zhang Yun
Chapter 145: Dominance
Chapter 99: Plan
Chapter 146: The power of Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns
Chapter 97: Ice King Association
Chapter 147: Finally Unveiled!
Chapter 100: Series of Traps
Chapter 148: Equilibrium
Chapter 101: Breaking Through the Base
Chapter 149: Danger
Chapter 102: Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
Chapter 150: Release of Qin Chuan
Chapter 104: Yue Zhong鈥檚 Transformation
Chapter 151: A Brewing Storm
Chapter 105: Exploring Stone Horse Village
Chapter 152: Warbeast Index
Chapter 103: Wu Guang鈥檚 Heartfelt Words.
Chapter 153: Azure Emperor Palace
Chapter 106: Domestic Animal
Chapter 154: Grand Xia Empire
Chapter 107: Mutated Monkey
Chapter 155: Barbaric Warbeasts
Chapter 109: Explosive Killing Mutated Fierce Ape
Chapter 156: Ranked #9 in the Warheast Index
Chapter 110: Attack Stone Horse Village
Chapter 157: Plunder
Chapter 111: Fierce Battle
Chapter 158: Fiend Transformation Art
Chapter 108: Slaughtering Monkey Group
Chapter 159: A visit
Chapter 113: Fierce L2
Chapter 160: Issuing challenges to five Yuanfu
Chapter 112: Close Combat Unit
Chapter 161: Crushing Defeat
Chapter 115: Fishing for Snakes
Chapter 162: Returning politeness for politeness
Chapter 114: Life-Saving Plant
Chapter 163: Airborne
Chapter 116 Green Feather Eagle
Chapter 164: 10 Men Group Battle
Chapter 118: Small village
Chapter 165: Complete Victory
Chapter 119: Old Family Village
Chapter 166: Xiao Lan
Chapter 120: Probe
Chapter 167: Howl of Tragedy
Chapter 121: Attendant
Chapter 168: Heartbroken
Chapter 122: Man Eating Monster
Chapter 169: The Coming of a Violent Storm
Chapter 123: Respect and Fear
Chapter 170: Incident
Chapter 117: Taming Greenie
Chapter 171:Confrontation in the Royal Capital
Chapter 124
Chapter 172: Unrivalled below Yuanfu
Chapter 125: Behead
Chapter 173: Scheme
Chapter 126: Military Camp Information
Chapter 174: Fatal Strike
Chapter 127: Long Hai City Base Guests
Chapter 175: A Scroll of Map
Chapter 128: H1
Chapter 176: The Guest Pressuring the Host
Chapter 129: Crash Job
Chapter 177: Outrage
Chapter 130: Capturing the Military Base
Chapter 178: Travelling together
Chapter 131: Long Hai City Reaction
Chapter 179: Fairy Qingmei
Chapter 133: Yao Yao
Chapter 180: Ouyang Kuangsheng
Chapter 134: Military Training
Chapter 181: Entrance to the Celestial Lake
Chapter 135: Poplar Tree Village
Chapter 182: Dangers of the Refinement Grounds
Chapter 136: Xue Kaishan
Chapter 183: Guardian
Chapter 137: Mob
Chapter 184: Monument of Yellow Springs
Chapter 138: Beheading Xue Kaishan
Chapter 185: Vying Over
Chapter 139: Scum Battalion
Chapter 186: Mystic Moon Hall
Chapter 140: Rebel Girl Zhang Jingqiao
Chapter 187: Ouyang Joins the Battle
Chapter 141: Meet Again
Chapter 188: Gazing upon the Celestial Lake
Chapter 189: Wang Xiao of the War Continent3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/32852.html||Chapter 142: Lobbyist
Chapter 190: Might of the Yellow Springs Monument3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/32855.html||Chapter 143: Entering the Base Again
Chapter 191: Art of Nine Astrarium
Chapter 144: Japanese
Chapter 192: Qing`er
Chapter 193: Return3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/32861.html||Chapter 145: Gui Tianshou
Chapter 146: Delivered to Police3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/57/5395.html||Chapter 194: Rising Wind
Chapter 195: Sikong Courting Death3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/32867.html||Chapter 147: Debauchery
Chapter 196: Diyi3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/104/32870.html||Chapter 148: Kong鈥檚 Heavenly Reputation
Chapter 197: Xiao Lan鈥檚 death
Chapter 149: Switching from Arrogance to Deference
Chapter 198: Life-and-Death Contract
Chapter 150: Lei Sheng
Chapter 199: Killing Wang Teng
Chapter 151: Collapse
Chapter 152: Assassin
Chapter 200: Matters of the Past Dissipate With the Wind
Chapter 153: Cheng Yu
Chapter 201: Little Rascal鈥檚 Evolution
Chapter 154: Assault on Ice King Group
Chapter 202: Unsettled Waves
Chapter 155: Goodbye Zhang Yun
Chapter 203: Revenge of the Nine Mystical Palace
Chapter 156: Rat Tide
Chapter 204: Mandates of the Cultivation Path
Chapter 157: Follow me!
Chapter 205: Wind and Rain in the Royal Capital
Chapter 158: Mutant Rat King
Chapter 206: Besiege
Chapter 159: Chasing the Rat King
Chapter 160: The Battle against Mutant King Rat3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/57/5421.html||Chapter 207: How do you want him to die?
Chapter 161: Flowers among the camp3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/57/5423.html||Chapter 208: Qing`er
Chapter 162: A fierce battle

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