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Chapter 501鈥揜eturning to One鈥檚 Roots
Chapter 502鈥揅ommiseration
Chapter 503鈥揧un Qinghong
Chapter 504鈥揝hadows in Illusory Demon
Chapter 505鈥揟reatment
Chapter 506鈥揗u Yubai, Mu Yurou
Chapter 507鈥揅lose Relatives
Chapter 508鈥揟wenty Five Years Ago鈥
Chapter 509鈥揝ecret Vow
Chapter 510鈥揌idden Flowing Lightning, Extreme Mirage Lightning
Chapter 511鈥揧un Family Competition
Chapter 512鈥揅oming Uninvited
Chapter 513鈥揜ising Turbulence
Chapter 514鈥揇uke Hui Ye
Chapter 515鈥揊orced Abdication
Chapter 516鈥揟he Patriarch Position
Chapter 517鈥揑 Have An Objection!
Chapter 518鈥揥orld-shaking
Chapter 519鈥揈vidence
Chapter 520鈥揂ngry Rebuke
Chapter 521鈥揚atriarch鈥檚 Crest
Chapter 522鈥揚rofound Handle Soul Search
Chapter 523鈥揝ilencing
Chapter 524鈥揜eturn of the Patriarch
Chapter 525鈥揅onfession
Chapter 526鈥揜eunion
Chapter 527鈥揊amily Reunion
Chapter 528鈥揧un Xiao, Xiao Yun
Chapter 529鈥揊alse Alarm
Chapter 530鈥揟he Terrifying Little Demon Empress
Chapter 531鈥揅ould it be a Conspiracy?
Chapter 532鈥揙utside Demon Imperial City
Chapter 533鈥揟he Strange Bewitching Maiden
Chapter 534鈥揘arrowly Escaping Death
Chapter 535鈥揧un Family鈥檚 Will
Chapter 536鈥揇uke Huai
Chapter 537鈥揢ncle Your Sister!
Chapter 538鈥揟he Twelve Families
Chapter 539鈥揇rawing a Clear Line
Chapter 540鈥揝he鈥檚 the Little Demon Empress?!
Chapter 541鈥揂 Gaze That Could Kill
Chapter 542鈥揅onflict Begins
Chapter 543鈥揅onfrontation
Chapter 544鈥揝inister Motives
Chapter 545鈥揧un Che鈥檚 Attack
Chapter 546鈥揝howdown!
Chapter 547鈥揑nstant Defeat
Chapter 548鈥揊our Consecutive Defeats
Chapter 549鈥撯淢utual Destruction鈥
Chapter 550鈥揨hizhan鈥檚 Last Stand
Chapter 551鈥揝u Zhizhan VS Helian Ba
Chapter 552鈥揘ine Emperor Dragon Poison
Chapter 553鈥揧un Che Comes Forth
Chapter 554鈥揙ne Strike
Chapter 555鈥揇isplaying One鈥檚 Slight Skill in Front of an Expert
Chapter 556鈥揦iao Donglai鈥檚 Huge Loss
Chapter 557鈥揅hiyang Yanwu
Chapter 558鈥揘o Surrendering, Okay~?
Chapter 561鈥揌ui Ye at Full Power
Chapter 564鈥揇uke Yuan Que
Chapter 565鈥揃erserk
Chapter 566鈥揊ive Consecutive Victories
Chapter 567鈥揙riginal Win
Chapter 568鈥揤ictory Round
Chapter 569鈥揗oving a Boulder Only to Smash One鈥檚 Leg
Chapter 570鈥揝on of the Yun Family
Chapter 571鈥揋reat Condemnation of the Seven Families (1)
Chapter 572鈥揋reat Condemnation of the Seven Families (2)
Chapter 573鈥揋reat Condemnation of the Seven Families (3)
Chapter 574鈥揇emon Emperor鈥檚 Seal (1)
Chapter 575鈥揇emon Emperor鈥檚 Seal (2)
Chapter 576鈥揅orpse of the Demon King
Chapter 577鈥揌eaven Pities the Yun Family
Chapter 578鈥揌ow Could One Be Willing?
Chapter 579鈥揔ingship Bestowed Upon Xiao Yun
Chapter 581鈥揚ublic Outrage
Chapter 582鈥揅ornered
Chapter 583鈥揝uspension of Ceremony
Chapter 584鈥揧un Che鈥檚 Suspicions
Chapter 585鈥揜eturning to the Mu Family
Chapter 586鈥揋olden Crow鈥檚 Soul
Chapter 587鈥揟errifying Deduction
Chapter 588鈥揟he Mastermind
Chapter 589鈥揚remonition!
Chapter 590鈥揂t That Time, We Will Not Owe Each Other Anything nor Will We See Each Other Again
Chapter 591鈥揕ittle Demon Empress鈥 Crisis
Chapter 592鈥揇uke Ming Appears
Chapter 593鈥揕ife and Death Battle!
Chapter 594鈥揊acing Duke Ming
Chapter 595鈥揗ain Culprit
Chapter 596鈥揟hat鈥檚 Ripping Off Your Grandson!
Chapter 597鈥揌atred Higher Than the Heavens
Chapter 598鈥揇esire in Peril
Chapter 599鈥揝ea of Death
Chapter 600鈥揈ndless Molten Lava
Chapter 601鈥揊rozen Cloud Crisis
Chapter 602鈥揟he Mystery of the Frozen Cloud Ancestor
Chapter 603鈥揥aking up within the Sea of Flames
Chapter 604鈥揋olden Crow鈥檚 Ancestral Land
Chapter 605鈥揟he Only Choice
Chapter 606鈥揋olden Crow Legacy
Chapter 607鈥揋olden Crow Soul鈥檚 Compulsion
Chapter 608鈥揇ivine Jade of the Nine Suns
Chapter 609鈥揝eed of the Evil God鈥揕ightning
Chapter 610鈥揊orces Approaching Floating Cloud
Chapter 611鈥揟he Trembling Divine Phoenix General
Chapter 612鈥揟he Last Hope
Chapter 613鈥揑llusory Demon鈥檚 New Sovereign
Chapter 614鈥揃lood Calls for Blood
Chapter 615鈥揕ife and Death Struggle
Chapter 616鈥揜eturn of the Little Demon Empress
Chapter 617鈥揊lames of Vengeance (1)
Chapter 618鈥揊lames of Vengeance (2)
Chapter 619鈥揊lames of Vengeance (3)
Chapter 620鈥揈ndless Deterrence
Chapter 621鈥揋olden Annihilation
Chapter 622鈥揟he Illusory Demon Realm Awakening from its Nightmare
Chapter 623鈥揇uke Ming Appears
Chapter 624鈥揜eign of Terror
Chapter 625鈥揚rimordial Seal of Life and Death?
Chapter 626鈥揟he Revived Primordial Profound Ark
Chapter 627鈥揌ow Are Other People Supposed to Live?
Chapter 628鈥揟he Heartless Little Demon Empress
Chapter 629鈥揢nforgivable Crime
Chapter 630鈥揚unishment!
Chapter 631鈥揗ercy and Death
Chapter 632鈥揅ruel Slave Imprint
Chapter 633鈥揚urple Cloud Art
Chapter 634鈥揚urple Veined Divine Crystal
Chapter 635鈥揝u Family鈥檚 Request
Chapter 636鈥揟itle of Genius Doctor
Chapter 637鈥撯淪ending in the Goods鈥
Chapter 638鈥揓ealous?
Chapter 639鈥揗ajor Event that Shook the World (1)
Chapter 640鈥揥orld Shaking Great Matter (2)
Chapter 641鈥揥orld Shaking Great Matter (3)
Chapter 642鈥揂 Man鈥檚 Dignity
Chapter 643鈥揥ish Fulfilled
Chapter 644鈥揟he Demon Empress鈥 Wedding Ceremony
Chapter 645鈥揟ime of Departure
Chapter 646鈥揜eturning to Profound Sky
Chapter 647鈥揘othing Was the Same
Chapter 648鈥揅alamity of a Country鈥檚 Destruction
Chapter 649鈥揧oung Master of Divine Hall
Chapter 650鈥揦ue鈥檈r Awakens
Chapter 651鈥揊inal Desperate Struggle!
Chapter 652鈥揟empest of Rage
Chapter 653鈥揑鈥檓 Back鈥
Chapter 654鈥揃loody Massacre
Chapter 655鈥揧ellow Springs Ashes
Chapter 656鈥揊rozen Cloud鈥檚 Bad News (1)
Chapter 657鈥揊rozen Cloud鈥檚 Bad News (2)
Chapter 658鈥揥orking in Vain
Chapter 659鈥揌eartless Instant Kill
Chapter 660鈥揝cared Witless
Chapter 661鈥揘ew Asgard Master
Chapter 662鈥揇ivine Phoenix Coming Again
Chapter 663鈥揟he Overlord Returns
Chapter 664鈥揊rozen Cloud Post-Calamity
Chapter 665鈥揊rozen Cloud鈥檚 Way Out
Chapter 666鈥揝udden Crisis
Chapter 667鈥揊rozen Cloud Celestial Shadow
Chapter 668鈥揟he Approaching Sun Moon Divine Hall
Chapter 669鈥揊our Great Elders
Chapter 670鈥揅alamity Strikes Again
Chapter 671鈥揊alse Bravado
Chapter 672鈥揂 Might Which Covers the Heavens
Chapter 673鈥揈xposed?
Chapter 674鈥揂bsolute Deterrence
Chapter 675鈥揊lee in Disorder
Chapter 676鈥揅asting off the Calamity
Chapter 677鈥揟he Shuddering Divine Hall
Chapter 678鈥揊loating Cloud City鈥檚 Devilish Energy
Chapter 679鈥揊en Juechen?!
Chapter 680鈥揂rranging the Duel
Chapter 681鈥揜eunion (1)
Chapter 682鈥揜eunion (2)
Chapter 683鈥揟he 鈥淥ld Man Duotian鈥 of Legend
Chapter 684鈥揇evil Sword Conference?
Chapter 685鈥揟hen That Is Simply Too Wonderful!
Chapter 686鈥揚rofound Strength Endowment?
Chapter 687鈥揦iao Family鈥檚 Joy
Chapter 688鈥揝word Pointed at Divine Phoenix
Chapter 689: Divine Phoenix鈥檚 Killing Intent
Chapter 690鈥揝leeping in Each Other鈥檚 Embrace
Chapter 691鈥揗eeting Zi Ji Once Again
Chapter 692鈥揕ost Control
Chapter 693鈥揟he Culprit Who Was Discovered Too Late
Chapter 694鈥揥e鈥檙e Gonna Be Rich
Chapter 695鈥揗oon Slaughter Demon Nest?
Chapter 696鈥揙cean Palace鈥檚 Secret
Chapter 697鈥揂t the Gates of Phoenix City
Chapter 698鈥揇estroying the Phoenix God Sculpture
Chapter 699鈥揜ebuking Divine Phoenix
Chapter 700鈥揥hat Now?
Chapter 701鈥揇ivine Phoenix鈥檚 Chaos
Chapter 702鈥揝oaring into the Sky
Chapter 703鈥揌atred that exceeds the Heavens
Chapter 704鈥揟he Death-Seeking Divine Phoenix Army
Chapter 705鈥揚hoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation?
Chapter 706鈥揂trocious Performance
Chapter 707鈥揃eliefs Collapsed
Chapter 708鈥揇rawing Closer with Every Step
Chapter 709鈥揟rembling Divine Phoenix Sect
Chapter 710鈥揥eak Point?
Chapter 711鈥揃orn Arrogant
Chapter 712鈥揃attling a Monarch
Chapter 713鈥揌eavy Sword Suppression
Chapter 714鈥換uick End to the Battle
Chapter 715鈥揇ivine Phoenix鈥檚 Nightmare
Chapter 716鈥揊eng Tianwei
Chapter 717鈥揑nsane Retaliation
Chapter 718鈥揧ellow Spring Ashes
Chapter 719鈥揟he Threat of Annihilation
Chapter 720鈥揈xcessive Extent
Chapter 721鈥揊inally Meeting
Chapter 722鈥揅ruel
Chapter 723鈥揜eason
Chapter 724鈥揟he Awakened Phoenix Soul Within Feng Xue鈥檈r
Chapter 725鈥揂toning for the Sins of the Father
Chapter 726鈥揟he True Reason
Chapter 727鈥揔neel of the Divine Maiden
Chapter 728鈥揅ang Yue鈥檚 Decision
Chapter 729鈥揌eavy Transformation
Chapter 730鈥揌alf Year Agreement
Chapter 731鈥揈nd of the War
Chapter 732鈥揟emporary Peacefulness
Chapter 733鈥揓asmine鈥檚 Killing Intent
Chapter 734鈥揇isobeying the Law of Heaven
Chapter 735鈥揗urong Qianxue
Chapter 736鈥揝uccess
Chapter 737鈥揇eeply and Affectionately
Chapter 738鈥揢nfilial Son
Chapter 739鈥揂sgard Visitor
Chapter 740鈥揟he Scent of a Plot
Chapter 741鈥揓asmine that Escaped from the Devilish Nightmare
Chapter 742鈥揇ay of the Promised Battle
Chapter 743鈥揑llusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night?
Chapter 744鈥揘ight Devil Heaven Burial
Chapter 745鈥揅ounterattack Begins
Chapter 746鈥揢nexpected Battle
Chapter 747鈥揅omplete Victory?
Chapter 748鈥揕ightless Eternal Night, Yellow Springs Ashes
Chapter 749鈥揢nwilling Defeat
Chapter 750鈥揌istory of the Past
Chapter 751鈥揟he End of the Era of Gods
Chapter 752鈥揂ncient Devil Art
Chapter 753鈥揊orbidden Reincarnation Technique
Chapter 754鈥揟he Strange Heavenly Sin Divine Sword
Chapter 755鈥揌eavenly Sword Villa鈥檚 Distinguished Guests
Chapter 756鈥揅ondemnation
Chapter 757鈥揦uanyuan Yufeng!
Chapter 758鈥揦uanyuan Jiuding
Chapter 759鈥揈mbarrassing Beyond Belief
Chapter 760鈥揋oodbye, Ling Jie
Chapter 761鈥揊ateful Turning Point
Interlude鈥揕ooming Clouds of the Devil Sword
Chapter 762鈥揌atred Higher Than the Heavens
Chapter 763鈥揟ears of a Devil
Chapter 764鈥揟he Approaching Devil Sword Conference
Chapter 765鈥揟he Peculiar Frozen End Divine Art
Chapter 766鈥揅rippling Duke Ming
Chapter 767鈥揊loating Ocean Palace
Chapter 768鈥揝ummoned by the Sovereign of the Seas
Chapter 769鈥揙cean Palace鈥檚 Sacred Master
Chapter 770鈥揂 Bad Bargain
Chapter 771鈥揗ighty Heavenly Sword Master
Chapter 772鈥揗oon Slaughter Devil Nest
Chapter 773鈥揌alf-bloomed Udumbara (1)
Chapter 774鈥揌alf-bloomed Udumbara (2)
Chapter 775鈥揗oon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (1)
Chapter 776鈥揗oon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (2)
Chapter 777鈥揗oon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (3)
Chapter 778鈥揗oon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (4)
Chapter 779鈥揗oon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (5)
Chapter 780鈥揦iao Yun鈥檚 Disappearance
Chapter 781鈥揊ierce Battle within the Devil Nest
Chapter 782鈥揇evil Transformation
Chapter 783鈥揃looming of the Udumbara
Chapter 784鈥揇esperate Straits
Chapter 785鈥揇esperate Gamble
Chapter 786鈥揌eaven Smiting Devil Slayer
Chapter 787鈥揟aking the Netherworld Udumbara by Force
Chapter 788鈥揗y Jasmine (1)
Chapter 789鈥揗y Jasmine (2)
Chapter 790鈥揗y Jasmine (3)
Chapter 791鈥揌azy Dreamscape
Chapter 792鈥揗ysterious Black Jade
Chapter 793鈥揋igantic Ice Flame
Chapter 794鈥揓asmine Reconstructs Her Body
Chapter 795鈥揂 Dangerous Situation
Chapter 796鈥揟he Young Master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region
Chapter 797鈥揇evil Sword Conference (1)
Chapter 798鈥揇evil Sword Conference (2)
Chapter 799鈥揇evil Sword Conference (3)
Chapter 800鈥揇evil Sword Conference (4)
Chapter 801鈥揦iao Yun!?
Chapter 802鈥揟hought Purging Soul Stealing Parasite
Chapter 803鈥揊ully Exposed
Chapter 804鈥揂ttacked From All Sides
Chapter 805鈥揃loodstained Jasmine (1)
Chapter 806鈥揃loodstained Jasmine (2)
Chapter 807鈥揃loodstained Jasmine (3)
Chapter 808鈥揃loodstained Jasmine (4)
Chapter 809鈥揃loodstained Jasmine (5)
Chapter 810鈥揃loodstained Jasmine (6)
Chapter 811鈥揃loodstained Jasmine (7)
Chapter 812鈥揥hetstone
Chapter 813鈥揜eturning to the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest
Chapter 814鈥揂 Terrifying Discovery
Chapter 815鈥揈vil Infant of Myriad Tribulations
Chapter 816鈥揟he Scourge of the Devil Orb
Chapter 817鈥揂 Startling and Terrifying Discovery
Chapter 818鈥揇eath God鈥檚 Graveyard
Chapter 819鈥揋iant Darkness Beast
Chapter 820鈥揈ternal Mystery
Chapter 821鈥揂 Premonition of Danger
Chapter 822鈥揈ngagement Banquet
Chapter 823鈥揗oonflower of Hell (1)
Chapter 824鈥揗oonflower of Hell (2)
Chapter 825鈥揗oonflower of Hell (3)
Chapter 826鈥揟hreat
Chapter 827鈥揌eartless
Chapter 828鈥揈ternal Farewell
Chapter 829鈥揗oonflower鈥檚 Maliciousness
Chapter 830鈥揜eturning after Leaving
Chapter 831鈥揕unacy
Chapter 832鈥揢nprecedented Crisis
Chapter 833鈥揌elpless Flight
Chapter 834鈥揟he Power of the Devils
Chapter 835鈥揑nescapable Net
Chapter 836鈥揟he Devil Soul within the Sword
Chapter 837鈥揈ndless Infatuation
Chapter 838鈥揋olden Colored Flames
Chapter 839鈥揔illing Intent That Filled the Sky
Chapter 840鈥揗erciless Flames of Anger
Chapter 841鈥揃oundary Between Life and Death
Chapter 842鈥揊inal Hope
Chapter 843鈥揇ark Clouds in the Snow Region
Chapter 844鈥揕ittle Demon Empress VS Xuanyuan Wentian
Chapter 845鈥揝waying Chaotic Flames
Chapter 846鈥揇evil Sword, Lightless Eternal Night
Chapter 847鈥揅alamitous Flames Engulfing the Sky
Chapter 848鈥揚rison of Despair
Chapter 849鈥揢nrelenting Spirit
Chapter 850鈥揜eturning to the Illusory Demon Realm
Chapter 851鈥揇estroyed
Chapter 852鈥揜epeating the Same Old Trick
Chapter 853鈥揟he Yun Family Receives Guests
Chapter 854鈥揟ortuous Wait
Chapter 855鈥揑llusory Demon Crisis
Chapter 856鈥揋reat City Barrier Formation
Chapter 857鈥揜esilient Defense
Chapter 858鈥揗iserable
Chapter 859鈥揜eturn
Chapter 860鈥揃attling the Devil God with Combined Strength
Chapter 861鈥揥orld Scorching Fire Lotus
Chapter 862鈥揇espaired Soul
Chapter 863鈥揇evil Curse Relapse
Chapter 864鈥揋loom
Chapter 865鈥揓asmine鈥檚 Message (1)
Chapter 866鈥揓asmine鈥檚 Message (2)
Chapter 867鈥揦iao Yun鈥檚 Son (1)
Chapter 868鈥揦iao Yun鈥檚 Son (2)
Chapter 869鈥揟he Little Demon Empress鈥 Determination
Chapter 870鈥揝tar God Blood
Chapter 871鈥揜esolute (1)
Chapter 872鈥揜esolute (2)
Chapter 873鈥揊inally Returned to Azure Cloud
Chapter 874鈥揈xtreme Fury
Chapter 875鈥揕iving Hell
Chapter 876鈥揕ing鈥檈r鈥檚 Whereabouts
Chapter 877鈥揂 Will That Hovered Between Life and Death
Chapter 878鈥揗ythical Abode Mountain Range
Chapter 879鈥揇ire News Concerning Ling鈥檈r
Chapter 880鈥揇escending into the Abyss
Chapter 881鈥揟he Girl in the Abyss (1)
Chapter 882鈥揟he Girl in the Abyss (2)
Chapter 883鈥揟he Girl in the Abyss (3)
Chapter 884鈥揌ong鈥檈r?
Chapter 885鈥揈vil God鈥檚 Seed鈥擠arkness (1)
Chapter 886鈥揈vil God鈥檚 Seed鈥擠arkness (2)
Chapter 887鈥揂 Sword That Should Not Exist
Chapter 888鈥揕ing鈥檈r, Ling鈥檈r (1)
Chapter 889鈥揕ing鈥檈r, Ling鈥檈r (2)
Chapter 890鈥揟he Other Sky Poison Pearl (1)
Chapter 891鈥揟he Other Sky Poison Pearl (2)
Chapter 892鈥揇ebts of Past and Present
Chapter 893鈥揅rippling Three Monarchs
Chapter 894鈥揝ky Poison Fusion
Chapter 895鈥揟he Conclusion of Azure Cloud
Chapter 896鈥揌ope (1)
Chapter 897鈥揌ope (2)
Chapter 898鈥揕ing鈥檈r Pays Respects to Her Master
Chapter 899鈥揇ark Clouds in Profound Sky
Chapter 900鈥揌eavenly Sovereign Conference
Chapter 901鈥揅onferring Himself the Title of Heavenly Sovereign
Chapter 902鈥揟hose Who Obey Will Survive, Those Who Resist Will Perish
Chapter 903鈥揈ternal Night Heavenly Devil Miasma
Chapter 904鈥揂nnihilated with Bare Hands
Chapter 905鈥揃eneath the Divine Profound, All Are Ants (1)
Chapter 906鈥揃eneath the Divine Profound, All Are Ants (2)
Chapter 907鈥揇evil Sword, Power of the Divine Profound
Chapter 908鈥揟he Frightening Strength of the Divine Way
Chapter 909鈥揂bsolute Sword of No Return
Chapter 910鈥揤icious Battle in the Ocean Depths (1)
Chapter 911鈥揤icious Battle in the Ocean Depths (2)
Chapter 912鈥揦uanyuan Wentian Defeated
Chapter 913鈥揜educed to Ashes
Chapter 914鈥揓uechen of Two Lives
Chapter 915鈥揇eal
Chapter 916鈥揘ew Emperor of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary
Chapter 917鈥揟hree Things
Chapter 917.5
Chapter 918鈥揟emporary Truce
Chapter 919鈥揢ncontrollable Longing
Chapter 920鈥揑n Broad Daylight
Chapter 921鈥揗ysteries of the Evil God (1)
Chapter 922鈥揗ysteries of the Evil God (2)
Chapter 923鈥揝laughtering the Donkey Once its Work is Done
Chapter 924鈥揅onfusion
Chapter 925鈥揟he Unexpected Truth
Chapter 926鈥揟he Sacred Hand鈥檚 Retirement
Chapter 927鈥揥orld-Defying Heaven Manual? (1)
Chapter 928鈥揥orld-Defying Heaven Manual? (2)
Chapter 929鈥揟he Best Conclusion
Chapter 930鈥揤isiting the Phoenix Clan
Chapter 931鈥揟he First Step towards the God Realm
Chapter 932鈥揟he Goddess Who Fell From The Sky (1)
Chapter 933鈥揟he Goddess Who Fell From The Sky (2)
Chapter 934鈥揟he Goddess Who Fell From The Sky (3)
Chapter 935鈥揗u Xiaolan
Chapter 936鈥揋irl from the God Realm
Chapter 937鈥揊rozen Cloud Ancestor
Chapter 938鈥揋od Realm Opportunity
Chapter 939鈥揊arewell
Chapter 940鈥揟wo Promises
Chapter 941: The Humongous God Realm
Chapter 942鈥揝even Divine Profound Realms
Chapter 943鈥揇eparting for the God Realm
Chapter 944鈥揋oodbye, Blue Pole Star
Chapter 945鈥揝now Song Realm
Chapter 946鈥揊reezing Snow City
Chapter 947鈥揗aking Things Difficult
Chapter 948鈥揌ard to Change One鈥檚 Nature
Chapter 949鈥揝nowstorm Realm
Chapter 950鈥揃e Low Key
Chapter 951鈥揊inal Examination
Chapter 952鈥揥interfrost Direwolf
Chapter 953鈥揑mpossible Result
Chapter 954鈥揑t鈥檚 Hard to Die
Chapter 955鈥揅risis
Chapter 956鈥揝tarpicker Stone
Chapter 957鈥揙nly at this Level
Chapter 958鈥揅ornered Dog
Chapter 959鈥揈xploding Rage
Chapter 960鈥揊ighting Ji Hanfeng
Chapter 961鈥揅rippling Another
Chapter 962鈥揑ce Phoenix Palace Master
Chapter 963鈥揋od Burying Inferno Prison, Ancient Horned Dragon
Chapter 964鈥揟hirty Sixth Ice Phoenix Palace
Chapter 965鈥揤oice that Covered the World
Chapter 966鈥揟he Only Choice
Chapter 967鈥揜isking Life, Jadefallen Ice Soul (1)
Chapter 968-Risking Life, Jadefallen Ice Soul (2
Chapter 968鈥揜isking Life, Jadefallen Ice Soul (2)
Chapter 969-Desperately Cultivating
Chapter 969鈥揇esperately Cultivating
Chapter 970鈥揑ncurring Hatred
Chapter 971鈥揃rutality
Chapter 972鈥揗u Yizhou
Chapter 973鈥揈xtreme Hatred
Chapter 974鈥揌anyi Amidst Fluttering Snow
Chapter 975鈥揚erfect Resolution
Chapter 976鈥揑ce Sect鈥檚 Great Event
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Chapter 8-Master Red Crown
Chapter 9-Never-ending hatred
Chapter 10-Spending the night together
Chapter 11-The Affections of a Beauty
Chapter 12-Love at the Maple Tree Valley
Chapter 13-Comparison of love
Chapter 14-Marquis Zhao Mu
Chapter 15-The trap of lust
Chapter 16-The duel in the Palace
Chapter 17-Regaining what was lost
Chapter 18-Scheming Snake
Chapter 19-The death of the King of Qin

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