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Chapter 426:Giving a blind man a seductive look
Chapter 427:Old eagle hunting little chickens
Chapter 428:Want to gang up?
Chapter 429:Bloodline of the highest grade!
Chapter 430:Flying away house and all
Chapter 431:Pan-Pan鈥檚 aftermeal exercise
Chapter 432:Sweeping through a kingdom
Chapter 433:A martial practitioner with a special physique
Chapter 434:When Yan Zhaoge鈥檚 interested, someone鈥檚 gonna be in for it
Chapter 435:Greetings, Young Master
Chapter 436:Snow Crane Message
Chapter 437:World beyond worlds, wounds of the heavens
Chapter 438:A pressing question!
Chapter 439:Green Dragon Mountain!
Chapter 440:A calamity for the entire Floating Life World!
Chapter 441:One sword shooting east Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 442:Utter dominance
Chapter 443:Descendants meeting their ancestor!
Chapter 444:My Young Master鈥檚 way of resting
Chapter 445:Smiting thee dead!
Chapter 446:I don鈥檛 feel like being a hero today
Chapter 447:Great Demon King Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 448:There are three treasures in the Floating Life World
Chapter 449:My mood, your fate
Chapter 450:Authoritative words
Chapter 451:Someone different from others
Chapter 452:The whereabouts of the other half mirror
Chapter 453:The opening dimensional passageway
Chapter 454:Twin swords duelling four dragons!
Chapter 455:If we save the wrong guys, just slaughter them afterwards
Chapter 456:Minding one鈥檚 business
Chapter 457:With the sweep of a hand
Chapter 458:Sounds pleasing!
Chapter 459:This parting may be eternal
Chapter 460:Returning to the Eight Extremities World
Chapter 461:The legend left behind by Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 462:A major incident!
Chapter 463:The treasure that seals the Earth Domain
Chapter 464:Yan Di enters seclusion!
Chapter 465:The Sixth Extreme Yin Bout
Chapter 466:Things begin to stir!
Chapter 467:The conflicted East Rising Lord
Chapter 468:Treasure of Divine Sun!
Chapter 469:Pincered from two sides
Chapter 470:Fire singeing their brows
Chapter 471:Every second counts
Chapter 472:Great Flame Devil King!
Chapter 473:Yan Di leaves seclusion!
Chapter 474:The current strongest of the Eight Extremities World!
Chapter 475:Breaking their spines again!
Chapter 476:Yan Zhaoge鈥檚 Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation!
Chapter 477:The situation reverses
Chapter 478:Nine Underworld True Devils!!!
Chapter 479:Placing oneself in peril in order to survive!
Chapter 480:Fleeing in the face of danger!
Chapter 481:Always regretted
Chapter 482:In life, all one asks for is a guilt-free heart
Chapter 483:Death to the Devils!
Chapter 484:True martial soul, ten leaves blossoming ten flowers
Chapter 485:Intolerable by the heavens, Sacred Artifact Extreme Yang Seal
Chapter 486:Obtaining the Extreme Yang Seal
Chapter 487:Wanting to drink yet unwilling to bear the load
Chapter 488:The heavens have always blessed the fortitudinous
Chapter 489:Decisive battle!
Chapter 490:It鈥檚 time!
Chapter 491:Well calculated out
Chapter 492:Since I dared to give you the formation diagram, I naturally have a way to deal with you
Chapter 493:Sealing the East Sea
Chapter 494:Killing two birds with one stone!
Chapter 495:Immediate encounter!
Chapter 496:Friend or foe
Chapter 497:Against trash such as you, how much strength would I need?
Chapter 498:You are already dead
Chapter 499:The lawless Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 500:Martial Saint legacy site!!!
Chapter 501:The world is a dangerous place
Chapter 502:Many different ways to fight
Chapter 503:Since you want to die, I鈥檒l grant your wish
Chapter 504:What happened back then
Chapter 505:Three incidents
Chapter 506:Good thing in the Bewildering Mist Sea
Chapter 507:What I want to do is not something that they can prevent
Chapter 508:Yan Zhaoge churns the sea, turning degenerate into miraculous
Chapter 509:The upright Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 510:Decisive battle at Deep Sea Corridor
Chapter 511:Are you sure you want to get beaten up by me?
Chapter 512:When a dragon wants to eat a tiger, why masquerade as a pig?
Chapter 513:Just one move!
Chapter 514:The youngest Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster!
Chapter 515:No good end comes to those who malign me
Chapter 516:Awakening!
Chapter 517:The shedding of a Martial Saint!
Chapter 518:You should have known better than to come provoke me
Chapter 519:So what if I kill you?
Chapter 520:I鈥檓 really not the sort of person to bear grudges
Chapter 521:Soaring to prominence, destined to be a legend!
Chapter 522:Cultivating in a second Heavenly Scripture!
Chapter 523:A wastrel who burns away high-grade spirit artifacts like firewood
Chapter 524:Kidnapped someone鈥檚 daughter and ran off?
Chapter 525:They didn鈥檛 elope, right?
Chapter 526:Searching
Chapter 527:Bright starlight
Chapter 528:You have standards
Chapter 529:Well and properly trapped
Chapter 530:Who鈥檚 the more arrogant?
Chapter 531:I鈥檒l make your nine fingers into eight fingers
Chapter 532:Just one of your finger鈥檚 not gonna cut it
Chapter 533:Beam of the Divine Palace
Chapter 534:Mid Essence Talisman stage
Chapter 535:Reunion
Chapter 536:Truth and falsehoods
Chapter 537:Direct confrontation
Chapter 538:Don鈥檛 be flustered
Chapter 539:Who dares to touch my junior apprentice-nephew
Chapter 540:World shocking
Chapter 541:Breaking another of your fingers!
Chapter 542:Kill!
Chapter 543:Death of the Blood Dragon
Chapter 544:This Yan Zhaoge, cannot be offended
Chapter 545:The truth is revealed, death by a single palm
Chapter 546:I鈥檒l decide on my spoils of victory
Chapter 547:Trapping a Martial Saint
Chapter 548:Beat him when he鈥檚 down
Chapter 549:The dragon gate opens!
Chapter 550:Claiming his life when he is enfeebled
Chapter 551:The decimation sent their way
Chapter 552:The Brilliant Thunder Sect that got hit out of nowhere
Chapter 553:The path back to the Eight Extremities World
Chapter 554:Refutation
Chapter 554:Refutation
Chapter 555:Emotions
Chapter 556:A bolt from the blue!
Chapter 557:Stirring something out of nothing
Chapter 558:A great net
Chapter 559:Great happenings
Chapter 560:Heaven Spying Orb
Chapter 561:Bright moon above the sea, Distant horizons sharing the moment
Chapter 562:Burial ground of numerous dragons
Chapter 563:Riding on a dragon!
Chapter 564:There鈥檚 no need to wait for next time
Chapter 565:Buy one get one free
Chapter 566:Myriad dragon hordes
Chapter 567:Superior to in the past!
Chapter 568:Obtaining the Sacred Artifact!
Chapter 569:Ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, late Essence Talisman stage!
Chapter 570:I鈥檓 back!
Chapter 572:Whoever has defamed or framed me, just drop dead already
Chapter 573:Skinhead Shen, run again for me to see?
Chapter 574:Slaying Shen Li!
Chapter 575:Where is Yan Zhaoge?
Chapter 576:You鈥檙e not qualified to fight with me
Chapter 577:Battling a Sacred Artifact with a bamboo cane
Chapter 578:My clone is not at the first level of the Martial Saint realm
Chapter 579:It鈥檚 otherworldly experts I am beating!
Chapter 580:It鈥檚 your direct lineage I am beating
Chapter 581:All stay behind, don鈥檛 even think about running
Chapter 582:The two of you will die rather more pitiably
Chapter 583:Acting cool to their own deaths
Chapter 584:Levelling the World Illuminating Peak
Chapter 585:World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie, dies!
Chapter 586:Yan Zhaoge returns!
Chapter 587:The hand of judgment
Chapter 588:Reinvestigating the case!
Chapter 589:I want to kill you, so what if you鈥檙e unresigned?
Chapter 590:A single glance to render you dead
Chapter 591:The decisions of the old!
Chapter 592:The entire world is shaken
Chapter 593:As long as I still breathe, to Broad Creed Mountain I must go!
Chapter 594:One hand raising the heavens, one hand covering the heavens!
Chapter 595:A good mission
Chapter 596:A Broad Creed Mountain that is armed to the teeth
Chapter 597:He who no one dares to provoke
Chapter 598:The stunned Huang Guanglie
Chapter 599:It was me who killed them
Chapter 600:Old Man Mo鈥檚 gift!
Chapter 601:Treasure of light and darkness
Chapter 602:There鈥檚 a girl who鈥檚 caught my eye
Chapter 603:The abnormal Yan Wudi!
Chapter 604:I just like this part of you
Chapter 605:Congratulations from all around
Chapter 606:Gloriously coming for revenge? Get wrecked!
Chapter 607:Chaotic devils beneath sun and moon, My sabre shall hence break
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Chapter 0: I Want to Be a Star!
Chapter 1: The World After Being Altered!
Chapter 2: I Can Save?
Chapter 3: Dumbfounded Interviewers!
Chapter 4: A 鈥淭he Song of the Stormy Petrel鈥 to Shock the Masses!
Chapter 5: Being Hired!
Chapter 6: Laundry Day!
Chapter 7: First Day of Work
Chapter 8: Trying the 鈥淯nlucky Sticker鈥!
Chapter 9: The extremely unlucky Tian Bin!
Chapter 10: 鈥楪host Blows Out the Light鈥 is Born!
Chapter 11: Having His Own Program!
Chapter 12: Tidal-like Good Comments from Listeners!
Chapter 13: The Listenership Rating for the Program Explodes!
Chapter 14: A late-night Segment has Actually Turned Popular!
Chapter 15: Opening a Treasure Chest Again!
Chapter 16: The Door Opened!
Chapter 17: Little Zhang, Quickly Run!
Chapter 18: The Channel鈥檚 Number One Girl Doesn鈥檛 Acknowledge Him!
Chapter 19: Someone Wants to Commit Suicide During a Live Broadcast!
Chapter 20: That 鈥淭he Furthest Distance in the World鈥 Poem
Chapter 21: The Person Who can Cure a Cultured Youth is Another Cultured Youth
Chapter 22: Appearing on the Newspapers!
Chapter 23: Becoming Slightly Famous!
Chapter 24: Giving You Another Poem!
Chapter 25: There are Advertising Sponsors!
Chapter 26: Encountering a tough problem!
Chapter 27: Getting a Big Prize in the Lottery!
Chapter 28: An Amazing Unscripted Performance!
Chapter 29: What is Your Most Expensive Dish Here?
Chapter 30: The War of Words on Weibo!
Chapter 31: Every Cursing Sentence is Classic!
Chapter 32: The Popularity Gained from Cursing!
Chapter 33: I Guess I Should Write a Self-reflective Essay!
Chapter 34: Rejecting the Leader!
Chapter 35: Hosting a New Segment!
Chapter 36: The Legendary Jinx!
Chapter 37: My Segment Will Not Go Off-air!
Chapter 38: Zhang Ye narrates 鈥淪now White鈥!
Chapter 39: Today it鈥檚 鈥淭he Emperor鈥檚 New Clothes鈥!
Chapter 40: Fairytale Essay Competition!
Chapter 41: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Troll Fan Army!
Chapter 42: Deserving of First Place!
Chapter 43: An Insane Listenership Count!
Chapter 44: Will it really not be axed?
Chapter 45: The Serialization of 鈥淭he Wizard of Oz鈥!
Chapter 46: Another Crazy Surge in the Listenership Rating!
Chapter 47: The Parents Are Revolting!
Chapter 48: The Program Won鈥檛 Be Axed!
Chapter 49
Chapter 50: The Heavenly Queen鈥檚 Personality Can鈥檛 Be That Bad!
Chapter 51: Comrade Little Zhang has been Cursed At Again!
Chapter 52: Who Dares Say 鈥楾eacher Zhang Can鈥檛 Write Poems鈥?
Chapter 53: Obtaining the Heavenly Queen鈥檚 Cellphone Number!
Chapter 54: Mid-Autumn Festival鈥檚 Poetry Meet!
Chapter 55: You Don鈥檛 Meet Unless You Are Enemies!
Chapter 56: One Poem After Another!
Chapter 57: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Anger, 鈥淪huidiao Getou鈥!
Chapter 58: The Masterpiece that Shocked the Entire Hall!
Chapter 59: A Shocking Vote Count!
Chapter 60: Using Mo Yan鈥檚 Prize Acceptance Speech!
Chapter 61: The Weibo Messages of the People from the Writers鈥 Association have been Deleted!
Chapter 62: Family Dinner
Chapter 63: Can You Get Zhang Yuanqi鈥檚 Signature?
Chapter 64: New Feature of the Lottery 鈥 Additional Stakes!
Chapter 65: The Amazing Effects of the Fruit of Charm!
Chapter 66: The Olive Branch Held Out by the Television Station!
Chapter 67: The Rookie that was about to Make History!
Chapter 68: Refreshing a New Historical Record!
Chapter 69: Little Zhang Reached the Top of the Literature Channel!
Chapter 70: The Silver Microphone Awards Nomination
Chapter 71: You Really Think I鈥檓 a Pushover!?
Chapter 72: The Silver Microphone Awards鈥 Nomination List has been Released!
Chapter 73: This Time it鈥檚 Smacking the Leader鈥檚 Face!
Chapter 74: The Awardee鈥檚 Name has been Messed Up!
Chapter 75: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Miraculous Win!
Chapter 76: Does this Award Count?
Chapter 77: A Poem to 鈥淭hank鈥 the Unit and the Leaders!
Chapter 78: One of the Station Leaders Fainted!
Chapter 79: Zhang Ye 鈥 Synonymous with Notoriety!
Chapter 80: This World鈥檚 Celebrity Rankings!
Chapter 81: The Absolute Unsparing Duo!
Chapter 82: Zhang Ye brings the Child to School!
Chapter 83: Zhang Ye Writes an Elementary School Composition!
Chapter 84: You are That Zhang Ye?
Chapter 85: Could I Have an Autograph?
Chapter 86: Little Zhang Seeks Employment!
Chapter 87: Selling the Copyright to the Novel and Fairy tales!
Chapter 88: The Competition for the Rights to Ghost Blows Out the Light
Chapter 89: Helping an Old Colleague!
Chapter 90: The Chance for an Interview at the Television Station Has Come!
Chapter 91: Television Station Interview 鈥 Literature Contest!
Chapter 92: 鈥淭his is also Everything鈥!
Chapter 93: The Outcome of the Interview?
Chapter 94: A Huge Discovery About the Lottery!
Chapter 95: You are Changing Persons!
Chapter 96: Face Smacking Specialist!
Chapter 97: Night!
Chapter 98: The Landlady鈥檚 Loss
Chapter 99: The Five Million Copyright Fee has been Banked In!
Chapter 100: Buying a Car!
Chapter 101: One Day at the Television Station
Chapter 102: Car Was Smashed by a Flower Pot!
Chapter 103: Colleagues Realize Zhang Ye鈥檚 Glorious Deeds!
Chapter 104: The Crisis for the Television Station鈥檚 Public Service Advertisement!
Chapter 105: An Excellent Advertisement Exalted by the Masses!
Chapter 106: The Heavenly Queen Comes Again!
Chapter 107: The Commotion Caused by the Advertisement!
Chapter 108: Where did this Zhang Ye appear from?
Chapter 109: Calligraphy Skills Experience Book!
Chapter 110: Beijing Couplet Competition Begins!
Chapter 111: The Preliminaries Begin!
Chapter 112: The Last Question that No One could Match!
Chapter 113: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Second Half!
Chapter 114: Miraculous Couplet Matching Miraculous Couplet!
Chapter 115: The Buzz from the Live Webcast!
Chapter 116: A Situation During the Finals!
Chapter 117: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Reputation Crisis?
Chapter 118: The Three Couplets of the Finals!
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Chapter 119: A God-Like Zhang Ye, Shocking Couplets!
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Chapter 120: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Millennial Impossibility!
Chapter 121: This World has another Millennial Impossibility!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/37054.html||Chapter 240: Can鈥檛 Get Through
Chapter 122: Face Smacking Specialist is Back!
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Chapter 123: This Time, His Reputation has Really Gone Bad!
Chapter 1: Men Who Wield Swords, Command Brotherhood
Chapter 124: 鈥淔acing the Sea with Spring Blossoms鈥!
Chapter 2: Blood Over Four Seasons
Chapter 125: Countless Lottery Draws!
Chapter 3: Birth of the Lotus of Fate, Endless Divine Art Descends
Chapter 126: The New Segment is Going on Air!
Chapter 4: The Change Within a Night
Chapter 127: The Recording of the Segment鈥檚 First Episode!
Chapter 5: When Would the World鈥檚 Atrocities End?
Chapter 128: Let Them Get Lost. I鈥檒l Lecture!
Chapter 6: No Mercy Under My Sword
Chapter 129: Little Zhang Creates 鈥淟ecture Room鈥!
Chapter 7: 鈥淓ven Though the Law of Majestas Allows You to Live, I Won鈥檛.鈥
Chapter 130: 鈥淟ecture Room 鈥 Zhang Ye鈥檚 Analysis of the Three Kingdoms鈥
Chapter 8: Thousand Illusion Monkey
Chapter 131: A Professor was Dumbfounded by Zhang Ye鈥檚 Questions!
Chapter 9: A Destiny of Sabers
Chapter 132: Unending Applause from the Audience!
Chapter 10: A Good Family Name, and a Great First Name
Chapter 133: Waiting for the Rating!
Chapter 11: A Whole Lot of Trouble
Chapter 134: An Alarming Rating!
Chapter 12: Threats!
Chapter 135: Extreme Validation from Peking University鈥檚 Professor!
Chapter 13: External Forces, Warnings and Popinjays
Chapter 136: The Difficulty of Getting One Live Ticket!
Chapter 14: The Lightning Cat That Wasn鈥檛
Chapter 137: Meeting Thieves in Crime!
Chapter 15: Care to Place a Wager?
Chapter 138: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Shows His Prowess!
Chapter 16: Ximen Wandai! Time to Reel in the Net...
Chapter 139: Teacher Zhang Shamelessly Refuses to Leave!
Chapter 17: Your Trap, My Scheme
Chapter 140: Taking Advantage again!
Chapter 18: I鈥檒l Pick a Better One for You!
Chapter 141: Introduce a girl to Zhang Ye?
Chapter 142: Growing Success of 鈥淟ecture Room鈥!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/23466.html||Chapter 19: Thief, Emmie1!
Chapter 143: Establishing Zhang Ye鈥檚 Official Fanclub!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/23468.html||Chapter 20: The Game Plan. Shared Profits
Chapter 144: A Fan is Diagnosed with a Terminal Illness!
Chapter 21: The Four Noble Young Masters
Chapter 145: ZhangYeNumber1Fan is Jumping off a Building!
Chapter 22: A Myth is but a Myth
Chapter 146: Zhang Ye Takes Care of the Surgery Fees!
Chapter 23: To Parry and Subdue the Fealty Jade Sword
Chapter 147: Gathering the Surgery Fees!
Chapter 24: I Have Never Seen One Either
Chapter 148: A Celebrity Goes Broke to Save a Fan!
Chapter 25: It Has Already Begun
Chapter 149: If You Do Not Leave Me, I Will Always Be at Your Side Until the End of Life
Chapter 26: Heartbroken Departures. Keeping Watch
Chapter 150: The Amazing Fruit of Charm!
Chapter 27: The Guardian and the Popinjay in Green
Chapter 151: Not Giving the Leader Face!
Chapter 28: Let Us Reason This Out
Chapter 152: Beating the sh*t out of Wang Shuixin鈥檚 Son
Chapter 29: You鈥檙e My Idol!
Chapter 153: Zhang Ye has been Arrested!
Chapter 30: Reverent Awe. Beyond Comprehension
Chapter 154: Causing an Uproar!
Chapter 31: Concourse of the Underworld
Chapter 155: Zhang Ye鈥檚 鈥淢y Confession鈥!
Chapter 32: Staying Square1 and a Cloud鈥檚2 Headache
Chapter 156: Fans Seek Justice for Zhang Ye!
Chapter 33: A Fate-Sealing Dossier!
Chapter 157: Another 鈥淧risoner鈥檚 Song鈥!
Chapter 34: Of Terrifying Nights, a Kindness Repaid and an Assassination Attempt
Chapter 158: That Zhang Ye is Writing a Poem Again?
Chapter 35: Assassins, Dictums and a Terrible Present
Chapter 159: The Heavenly Queen gives Zhang Ye a 鈥淟ike鈥 on Weibo!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/23501.html||Chapter 36: What is This?
Chapter 160: We Aren鈥檛 Issued with Bayonets!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/23503.html||Chapter 37: Disappointment, Verification, and a Dispatch of Undercover Guards
Chapter 161: The Heavenly Queen asks Zhang Ye for Help!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/23505.html||Chapter 38: As Busy as a Marketplace!
Chapter 39: I鈥檓 Really F*cking Cheap鈥
Chapter 162: Does your House need to install Broadband?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/23509.html||Chapter 40: Information, Training a Lion and Prepping for a Fight
Chapter 163: The Fleeing Duo!
Chapter 41: Outcome of a Wager, Traces of an Assassin
Chapter 164: The Music Copyright to 鈥淲hen Will the Moon Be Clear and Bright鈥?
Chapter 42: The Fire in the Heart Has Long Scorched the Prairie
Chapter 165: Zhang Ye sings 鈥淲ishing We Last Forever鈥!
Chapter 43: A Devoted Woman, Poison and Smoke
Chapter 166: The Heavenly Queen Behaves like a Scoundrel!
Chapter 44: A Formidable Foe Easily Captured!
Chapter 167: 鈥淲ishing We Last Forever鈥 Turns Viral!
Chapter 45: There Must Be a Pattern!
Chapter 168: Everyone Asks for a Song from Zhang Ye!
Chapter 46: The Ultimate Charlatan
Chapter 169: Finishing the Recording of Every Episode of 鈥楢nalysis of the Three Kingdoms鈥!
Chapter 170: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Rage!
Chapter 47: A Saber. Chu Tianlang1!
Chapter 48: Dividing the Loot. Enraged, Tianlang
Chapter 49: A Breakthrough and an Assassination
Chapter 50: Investigation. Someone is in the Room!
Chapter 171: Receiving the Attention of Society!
Chapter 51: Girlish Notions. A Sense of Familiarity
Chapter 172: Editor Wei鈥檚 Funeral Wake Begins!
Chapter 52: A Miracle has Happened!
Chapter 173: Editor Wei鈥檚 Daughter鈥檚 Poem!
Chapter 53: It鈥檚 Him! Operation: Kill Chu!
Chapter 174: The Shocking Poem at the Funeral Wake!
Chapter 54: The Downfall of the Manor of Sirius
Chapter 175: Wang Shuixin gets Beaten Up!
Chapter 55: Underhanded Substitution
Chapter 176: The Police Station Does Not Dare Arrest Zhang Ye!
Chapter 56: The Might of the Nine Supremes. I鈥檒l Help You!
Chapter 177: The News鈥 Evaluation of Zhang Ye!
Chapter 57: Tortured in Interrogation!
Chapter 178: Helping Zhang Ye Find a Job!
Chapter 58: In Retrospect, the World is My Foe!
Chapter 179: Why care at all 鈥 be it winter, summer, spring or fall!
Chapter 59: Marquis Yun. Alehouse!
Chapter 180: Another Item Added to The Game鈥檚 Merchant Shop!
Chapter 60: Old Dugu. The Medallion of Gratitude
Chapter 181: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Taiji Fist!
Chapter 61: A Conversation Between 鈥楩ather and Son鈥
Chapter 182: Zhang Ye is Publishing Another Book!
Chapter 62: Preparing to Strike!
Chapter 183: The Heavenly Queen is going to be Zhang Ye鈥檚 Wife?
Chapter 63: The Past. The Plan
Chapter 184: The Misunderstanding of the Publishing House鈥檚 Employees!
Chapter 64: I鈥檝e Found You!
Chapter 185
Chapter 65: Extreme Tactics. Slaughter at the Doorstep!
Chapter 186: Heavenly Queen Zhang Meets Mystery Man Late Into The Night!
Chapter 66: Say Not that the Martial Arts World is Distant, Say that the Worldly Realm is Far Away!
Chapter 187: Curtains!
Chapter 67: Supreme Lord Spring Frost
Chapter 188: In the Same Bed!
Chapter 68: Disheartened and Shaken!
Chapter 189: Caught by a bunch of reporters?
Chapter 69: Piercing Agony
Chapter 190: Prophetic Escape!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/23568.html||Chapter 70: Mockery. Keeping an Eye Out. Coercion!
Chapter 191: Teacher Little Zhang joins the Film Crew!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/23570.html||Chapter 71: Domineering!
Chapter 192: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Real and Fake Kung Fu!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/23572.html||Chapter 72: Jade. A Second Assassination Attempt
Chapter 193: Fighting with Monks!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/23574.html||Chapter 73: At Noon Tomorrow, I Shall Enter the Supremes鈥 Residence!
Chapter 74: Farewell, Yun Yang
Chapter 194: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Taiji Fist 1 vs 4!
Chapter 75: Pearl of the Flood Dragon. The Residence of the Nine Supremes
Chapter 195: Zhang Ye Discusses Buddhist Verses with Monks!
Chapter 76: A Dream of a Hero, a Lifetime of a Woman!
Chapter 196: Zhang Ye鈥檚 one gatha after Another!
Chapter 197: Conferring Words!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/96/23582.html||Chapter 77: Yutang鈥檚 Warriors Remain. Building the Fortress with Integrity and Loyalty!
Chapter 198: You dare to believe Zhang Ye鈥檚 words?
Chapter 78: With War Raging in Our Dreams, Even Handicaps Could Still Serve the Country!
Chapter 199: 鈥淶hang Ye鈥檚 Compilation鈥 Signing Event!
Chapter 79: Wind in Tiantang
Chapter 200: WebTV鈥檚 Invitation for Zhang Ye!
Chapter 80: Imminent Defeat
Chapter 201: About to Leave Beijing!
Chapter 81: Wind Hails at an Impasse
Chapter 202: Extreme Boldness!
Chapter 82: The Wind Hails, a Flame Rises
Chapter 203
Chapter 83: After the War. Aftermath
Chapter 204
Chapter 84: Worth It!
Chapter 205: School Belle!
Chapter 85: Soundless Threats
Chapter 206: Game Difficulty Adjustment!
Chapter 86: A Farce
Chapter 207
Chapter 87: An Inescapable Dragnet
Chapter 208: Zhang Ye Appears
Chapter 88: My Lucky Star. God of Contemptible Shamefulness
Chapter 209: Teacher Zhang Ye, I love you to death!
Chapter 89: Ins and Outs
Chapter 210: You can鈥檛 open the lock? Let me do it!
Chapter 90: Becoming Siblings
Chapter 211: Who Knows How to Fly a Plane?
Chapter 91: A Goblet of Bad Blood
Chapter 212: Teacher Zhang, you really know how to fly a plane!
Chapter 92: Things Get Terribly Out of Hand
Chapter 213: Bro, how do I get to Hong Qiao airport?
Chapter 93: Happy Ending?
Chapter 214: You China Airlines are too much a bully
Chapter 94: Where did the Fatal Stab Come From?
Chapter 95: To Follow the Procedure3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/59/6654.html||Chapter 215: Everyone鈥檚 attention on the plane that lost communications!
Chapter 96: A Nighttime Ruckus at the Board of Justice
Chapter 216: The Hair-raising Landing!
Chapter 97: Prison Break
Chapter 217: The Applause for Teacher Zhang!
Chapter 98: So It Was Him!
Chapter 218: The Kissing Bet with the School Belle!
Chapter 99: Brothers鈥 Last Wishes
Chapter 219: On Central TV News!
Chapter 100: The Extermination of Evil Must Be Thorough!
Chapter 220: Most Raffish Host in History!
Chapter 101: The Awakening of the Third-eye Chakra. Whitey鈥檚 Level-Up

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