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Chapter 599: Invitation from the crew of Grandmasters!
Chapter 600: Acting audition?
Chapter 601: Are you, like, a professional actor?
Chapter 602: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Eight Trigrams Palm!
Chapter 603: Landing the Role!
Chapter 604: The consciousness of a teacher of the people is higher
Chapter 605: Authentic Taiji Fist!
Chapter 606: Now this is Taiji Fist!
Chapter 607: You guys win!
Chapter 608: Countdown to the movie鈥檚 release!
Chapter 609: Day of the Premiere!
Chapter 610: Grandmasters鈥 box office earnings!
Chapter 611: Premiere episode of Do You Remember!
Chapter 612: Crossing Half of China to Sleep with You!
Chapter 613: Becoming a B-list celebrity!
Chapter 614: Reporters from nationwide clog the gates!
Chapter 615: A short poem from Bingxin!
Chapter 616: Chenchen鈥檚 guardian called to school for a meeting!
Chapter 617: Wondrous math problem from the Previous World!
Chapter 618: Philosophy behind the math problem!
Chapter 619: Genuflecting!
Chapter 620: Witnessing a celebrity鈥檚 appearance!
Chapter 621: Heated discussions about the wondrous math problem on the Internet!
Chapter 622: Ticked off by the elementary school teachers!
Chapter 623: Zhang Ye鈥檚 wondrous math lecture!
Chapter 624 Question after question, the math questions that made everyone vomit blood!
Chapter 625 The Peking University math teacher also genuflects!
Chapter 626 Playing the Lottery Draw again!
Chapter 627 The olive branch held out by Central TV!
Chapter 628 Signing the contract with Central TV!
Chapter 629 Return of the Jinx!
Chapter 630 Executive Director Zhang Ye!
Chapter 631 The troublesome Little Chenchen!
Chapter 632 Entirely new program birthed!
Chapter 633 The Speed of Zhang Ye鈥檚 Writeup of the Program Proposal!
Chapter 634 No Optimism for The Voice?
Chapter 635 The show is approved!
Chapter 636 Public outcry!
Chapter 637 Pulling for Advertising Sponsorships!
Chapter 638 Would you believe it?
Chapter 639 The Voice鈥檚 Astronomical Title Sponsorship Fee!
Chapter 640 Coaches invited to join!
Chapter 641 Guest Coaches List!
Chapter 642 Dissolving the program team?
Chapter 643 Zhang Ye鈥檚 name is worth 100 million!
Chapter 644 The most prestigious lineup of coaches in history!
Chapter 645: On fire even before the broadcast!
Chapter 646 These are the contestants you guys picked?
Chapter 647 Confirmation of the first-seeded contestant!
Chapter 648 Open calls for The Voice begin!
Chapter 649 An absurd voice!
Chapter 650 Why鈥檇 you get an old man here for?
Chapter 651 I teach physical education!
Chapter 652 The four 鈥渨onders鈥!
Chapter 653 Countdown to the recording!
Chapter 654: Arrival of The Voice鈥榮 Theme Song!
Chapter 655 The speed of Zhang Ye鈥檚 songwriting!
Chapter 656 The 鈥淟ittle Leader鈥 of the program team!
Chapter 657 The unsellable advertisements
Chapter 658: The broadcast of the program moved up ahead of time!
Chapter 659 A bold decision!
Chapter 660 Blue-collar worker Zhang Ye!
Chapter 661 What do you do when you catch a cold?
Chapter 662 The Voice starts recording!
Chapter 663 A shoddy program?
Chapter 664: Zhang Ye鈥檚 Rebuttal: Admiring the Mountains!
Chapter 665 Fighting with his peers again!
Chapter 666 Setting the whole studio ablaze!
Chapter 667 What sort of a tongue do you have!
Chapter 668 The irreplaceable host!
Chapter 669 A Four-chair Turn!
Chapter 670 The tears of Luo Yu鈥檚 parents!
Chapter 671 A tug of war between the coaches!
Chapter 672 The second contestant comes on stage!
Chapter 673 Starring Qian Pingfan in the finale!
Chapter 674 A laborer contestant?
Chapter 675 Astounding the entire venue!
Chapter 676 The selection battle!
Chapter 677 The first episode鈥檚 recording has ended!
Chapter 678 I know someone in senior management!
Chapter 679: Shocking the world with speed reading!
Chapter 680 Into the ranks of the top hosts!
Chapter 681 Creating a sensation!
Chapter 682 Yet another record breaking high!
Chapter 683 The night that belonged to The Voice!
Chapter 684 The End!
Chapter 685 The viewership ratings that shocked the whole country!
Chapter 686 Number 1 in the nation!
Chapter 687 Highly sought after!
Chapter 688 The country鈥檚 citizens imitate!
Chapter 689 The show鈥檚 second episode!
Chapter 690 Controversy over the second episode鈥檚 viewership!
Chapter 691 Broadcast!
Chapter 692 Grandpa, could you cut it out!?
Chapter 693: Grandpa, could you cut it out!?
Chapter 694: Zhou Danian! Zhou Danian!
Chapter 695: The second episode鈥渟 viewership ratings released!
Chapter 696: The Higher Education Entrance Examination Board鈥渟 Invitation!
Chapter 697: The Chinese Literature team approaches too!
Chapter 698: Starting to set the questions!
Chapter 699: Shocked examinees!
Chapter 700: Operation Send Zhang Ye Home!
Chapter 701: The difficulty of Zhang Ye鈥渟 questions!
Chapter 702: Celebratory feast!
Chapter 703: The teachers鈥 friendly contest?
Chapter 704: A poetry duel?
Chapter 705: Little Zhang Unleashed!
Chapter 706: Husband Missing Wife!
Chapter 707: Marvelous, hidden palindrome poem!
Chapter 708: The date of the college entrance examination has come!
Chapter 709: The first day of the exam is over!
Chapter 710: The most difficult exam in history!
Chapter 711: A difficulty that brings the examinees to tears!
Chapter 712: Down with Zhang Ye!
Chapter 713: The average scores of the Beijing examinees are published!
Chapter 714: The National Higher Education Entrance Examination Board wants to invite Zhang Ye too?
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Chapter 715: Meeting Wu Zeqing
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Chapter 716: Zhang Ye鈥渟 Classroom is back!
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Chapter 717: Zhang Ye, you鈥渧e really won!
Chapter 1: Scholar Meng Hao
Chapter 718: A hardworking comic!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14184.html||Chapter 2: The Reliance Sect
Chapter 719: An independent woman!
Chapter 3: Promotion to the Outer Sect
Chapter 720: Tsinghua and Peking University fight over the students!
Chapter 4: A Copper Mirror
Chapter 721: Zhang Ye shows up!
Chapter 5: This Kid isn鈥檛 Bad
Chapter 722: Rage smash!
Chapter 6: The Delights of the Copper Mirror
Chapter 723: Smash! Smash! Smash!
Chapter 7: I Need Spirit Stones!
Chapter 724: Thick as thieves!
Chapter 8: Zhao Wugang
Chapter 725: An urban legend of the entertainment industry!
Chapter 9: Impatience and Frustration
Chapter 726: The Voice wraps up!
Chapter 10: Wang Tengfei
Chapter 727: Skyrocketing popularity! Good preparation is the key to success!
Chapter 11: Pill Cultivation Workshop Outlet
Chapter 728: A grand prize is drawn! (Beginning)
Chapter 12: Hello, Elder Sister Xu
Chapter 729: A grand prize is drawn! (Middle)
Chapter 13: Manly Cao Yang
Chapter 730: A grand prize is drawn! (End)
Chapter 14: Threats
Chapter 731: Meeting Wu Zeqing鈥渟 family
Chapter 15: Decisive Attack
Chapter 732: The birth of Plants vs. Zombies!
Chapter 16: Come here!
Chapter 733: The busy Zhang Ye!
Chapter 17: I shall rely on myself!
Chapter 734: Chenchen catches a thief!
Chapter 18: Fatty of the Outer Sect
Chapter 735: Chenchen copies Zhang Ye鈥渟 poem!
Chapter 19: The Wind Stirs Again
Chapter 736: This chapter is an enjoyable read!
Chapter 20: Entering the Black Mountain
Chapter 737: A family full of wondrous people!
Chapter 21: Meng Hao, You鈥檙e Shameless!
Chapter 738: The new show will launch soon!
Chapter 22: A Sword Resting in Demonic Python Skin
Chapter 739: Arguing with the leader again!
Chapter 23: An Ancient Beast!
Chapter 740: Director Zhang flies into a rage!
Chapter 24: Who was it?!
Chapter 741: Prove to me that your mother is your mother!
Chapter 25: Sovereign of the Sky
Chapter 742: Taunting whoever comes!
Chapter 26: Bewilderment
Chapter 743: Silence can be very deafening as well!
Chapter 27: The Wind Stirs Again
Chapter 744: Zhang Ye declares war!
Chapter 28: Shangguan Xiu
Chapter 745: The first person in this world!
Chapter 29: Inner Sect Training
Chapter 746: A flame war begins!
Chapter 30: Kill Han Zong, Battle Wang Tengfei!
Chapter 747: The court鈥渟 verdict!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14217.html||Chapter 31: Fight!
Chapter 32: This Finger Brought me Humiliation, Today, I Cripple it!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/59/14175.html||Chapter 748: Just who is the professional lawyer here!?
Chapter 33: Is This Sword Yours Too?
Chapter 749: Quatrain for a Summer鈥渟 Day!
Chapter 34: Fame from 1,000 Years Ago!
Chapter 750: Central TV Department 1 gets sued again!
Chapter 35: I鈥檓 Not Willing!
Chapter 751: From this day forward, I will no longer remain silent!
Chapter 36: The Perks of the Inner Sect
Chapter 752: Zhang Ye takes the bar exam!
Chapter 37: Water and Ink in the Evening
Chapter 753: The National Judicial Examination begins!
Chapter 38: Qi Condensation Manual of the Sublime Spirit Scripture
Chapter 754: The results of the National Judicial Examination are released!
Chapter 39: Patriarch Reliance!
Chapter 755: Going down into the annals of the Judiciary!
Chapter 40: Sublime Spirit Scripture
Chapter 756: Back to the office for work!
Chapter 41: A Sensation in the State of Zhao!
Chapter 757: The impending reveal of the new game!
Chapter 42: Who Dares to Touch Him!?
Chapter 758: The debut of Plants vs. Zombies!
Chapter 43: The Sole Heir
Chapter 759: The organizers are alerted!
Chapter 44: The North Sea Reveals the Dao
Chapter 760: An instant hit!
Chapter 45: A Look Back at the Mortal World after Three Years
Chapter 761: This game is a Zhang Ye creation?
Chapter 46: Three Long Spears
Chapter 762: How lively it was!
Chapter 47: Another Encounter with Shangguan Xiu
Chapter 763: Launch Day!
Chapter 48: Eccentric Song and Wu Dingqiu 1
Chapter 764: Rave reviews!
Chapter 49: Mountain of Trial by Fire
Chapter 765: This guy鈥s actually a professor?
Chapter 50: Iron Spear
Chapter 766: Selling like crazy!
Chapter 51: My Treasure Mountain鈥
Chapter 767: Steamrolled!
Chapter 52: Bumper Crop
Chapter 768: Pirated copies start appearing!
Chapter 53: How will you thank me?
Chapter 769: The pirates piss their pants!
Chapter 54: An Old Friend from the Sect
Chapter 770: Inviting Old Wu home
Chapter 55: Overbearing
Chapter 771: Marrying Old Wu next year?
Chapter 56: Elder Brother Meng, Whether or not You Want to Trade, You Will!
Chapter 772: Awarded the Abel Prize!
Chapter 57: Was it Worth it?
Chapter 773: Zhang Ye turns hostile!
Chapter 58: This is not its World
Chapter 774: Something big has happened again!
Chapter 59: Unable to see Chang鈥檃n
Chapter 775: Zhang Ye turns down the award!
Chapter 60: Undispellable Death Aura
Chapter 776: Things are getting out of hand!
Chapter 61: A Shocking Event in the Southern Domain
Chapter 777: Johannes pays a visit!
Chapter 62: One Wave Settles Down
Chapter 778: His infamy spreads overseas!
Chapter 63: Another Wave Rises Up!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/59/20075.html||Chapter 779: Feats or faults, leave it to the future generations to judge for themselves!
Chapter 64: A Massacre Caused by a Silver Spear
Chapter 780: Central TV Department 14?
Chapter 65: Battle at the North Sea
Chapter 781: Director Zhang looks for trouble!
Chapter 66: A Great Kindness!
Chapter 782: Confrontation!
Chapter 67: The Death of Ding Xin
Chapter 783: No one can do anything about Zhang Ye!
Chapter 68: Milky Way City
Chapter 784: A rock in a privy, hard and stinky!
Chapter 69: Young Lord Ding
Chapter 785: A legend of Media College!
Chapter 70: Breaking Through to the Ninth Level of Qi Condensation!
Chapter 786: Director Zhang鈥渟 Taiji Fist!
Chapter 71: Dong Hu
Chapter 787: Job reassignment orders have arrived!
Chapter 72: A True Man
Chapter 788: Central TV鈥渟 documentary channel!
Chapter 73: Fierce Fighting
Chapter 789: What sort of place is this?
Chapter 790: Designing a documentary!
Chapter 74: Not Past One Hundred Years
Chapter 791: A documentary that could sweep away all variety shows?
Chapter 75: An Ancient Path Appears Again!
Chapter 792: Oh, money!
Chapter 76: Beyond Flawlessness
Chapter 793: Using the Lucky Halo again!
Chapter 77: Lord Revelation
Chapter 794: Here鈥渟 10 million! Spend it all!
Chapter 78: No Choice but to Believe!
Chapter 795: The new show will be called鈥
Chapter 79: Kill!
Chapter 796: The cameras start rolling for A Bite of China!
Chapter 80: Meng Hao鈥檚 Scheming
Chapter 797: Filming in progress!
Chapter 81: The Patriarch鈥檚 Immortal鈥檚 Cave
Chapter 798: I have not left yet!
Chapter 82: The Great Art of Demonic Life
Chapter 799: Filming wraps for A Bite of China!
Chapter 83: Patriarch, What About Disciple鈥檚 Poison鈥
Chapter 800: Da Hong Pao doesn鈥渢 exist in this world?
Chapter 84: Meng Hao, What Are You Doing?
Chapter 801: Meeting an acquaintance at the scenic area
Chapter 85: Ancient Demon Sealing Jade
Chapter 802: Buying the Da Hong Pao parent trees!
Chapter 86: Demonic Lamps that Separate Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 803: It鈥渟 getting boisterous at Central TV!
Chapter 87: I Shall Reach the Peak of the Thirteenth Level of Qi Condensation!
Chapter 804: A starving camel is still bigger than a horse!
Chapter 88: Lord Revelation鈥檚 True Self
Chapter 805: The unveiling of A Bite of China!
Chapter 89: Guyiding Tri-Rain 1
Chapter 806: Waiting to make a fool of someone?
Chapter 90: The Great Path of Demon Sealing, a Concept Like a Scripture3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/59/21642.html||Chapter 807: Who can stop me!
Chapter 91: What Goes Around Comes Around
Chapter 808: Rotten Fruit!
Chapter 92: Exterminate Foundation Establishment!
Chapter 809: This is a poem fit for a cultured civilization!
Chapter 93: Sever the Dao, Change Heaven and Earth, Demonic Will!
Chapter 810: Broadcast! (Part 1)
Chapter 94: You Really Want Me To Come Out?
Chapter 811: Broadcast! (Part 2)
Chapter 95: A Rain Shower, a Cold Spell
Chapter 812: Broadcast! (Part 3)
Book 2: Cutting into the Southern Domain
Chapter 813: Broadcast! (End)
Chapter 97: Cultivation Breakthrough in a Mountain Valley
Chapter 814: The viewership ratings are out!
Chapter 98: Valley of the Red Rope
Chapter 815: The entire world stills!
Chapter 99: Foundation Establishment!
Chapter 816: Giving the entire world a slap!
Chapter 100: Blade against Flawlessness
Chapter 101: Eighth Generation Demon Sealer
Chapter 102: Eighth Demon Sealing Hex!
Chapter 103: Treasures
Chapter 104: A Great Wind Arises, The Roc Spreads its Wings
Chapter 105: Poison Blossoms in the Right Eye
Chapter 106: The Day the Resurrection Lily Blooms in Seven Colors
Chapter 107: Spring and Autumn tree
Chapter 108: The Secret Struggle Begins
Chapter 109: The Legend of Doom
Chapter 110: Chu Yuyan鈥檚 Killing Intent
Chapter 111: The Roc and the Flying Rain-Dragon
Chapter 112: Things Change
Chapter 113: An Altar in a Lake
Chapter 114: Many Thanks, Fellow Daoist Chu
Chapter 115: Do You Want Out?
Chapter 116: Legacy of an Immortal!
Chapter 117: A Tiny Little Punishment
Chapter 118: Without Entering Mount Heaven, Immortal Ascension is Impossible
Chapter 119: The Legacy Shocks the Southern Domain
Chapter 120: The Five Sects and Three Clans of the Southern Domain
Chapter 121: Meng Hao鈥檚 Blood Divinity
Chapter 122: Reaching an Agreement
Chapter 123: Converging Sense into the Form
Chapter 124: Breaking Through the Matrix
Chapter 125: This Matrix Was Made for It
Chapter 126: Out of Nowhere
Chapter 127: This is My Promise to You
Chapter 128: Li Daoyi鈥檚 Sixth Matrix
Chapter 129: Li Clan Patriarch!
Chapter 130: The Perfect Foundation!!
Chapter 131: I鈥檓 Here to Keep My Promise!
Chapter 132: Perfect Dao Pillar!
Chapter 133: Do You Dare?!
Chapter 134: Eighth Demon Sealing Hex! 1
Chapter 135: Breaching the Volcano
Chapter 136: Zhou Daya!
Chapter 137: 10th Patriarch of the Wang Clan
Chapter 138: Good Luck Charm
Chapter 139: Thunderclap Leaf
Chapter 140: Don鈥檛 You Know the Rules?
Chapter 141: The Cosmetic Cultivation Pill Appears Again 1
Chapter 142: Black Sieve Sect
Chapter 143: Ghost in the Night
Chapter 144: A Figure in the Crowd
Chapter 145: An Ancient Mountain Path
Chapter 146: This is Ultimate Vexation!
Chapter 147: Looking at Each Other
Chapter 148: Things Are About To Go Down
Chapter 149: Killing Intent!
Chapter 150: Simple and Uncomplicated
Chapter 151: I鈥檒l Do It Myself
Chapter 152: Words Under the Moon With An Old Companion
Chapter 153: Barring the Way
Chapter 154: To Each His Own Path
Chapter 155: The Last Person
Chapter 156: Fear of Meng Hao
Chapter 157: A Cauldron with a Square Exterior!
Chapter 158: Coexist with Ji?!
Chapter 159: Square Without, Round Within; a Trend of the Heavens
Chapter 160: No Meng in the Nine Families
Chapter 161: Ultimate Vexation Appears!
Chapter 162: Crafty Schemes
Chapter 163: Tender Killing
Chapter 164: That Bird鈥檚 Aura鈥
Chapter 165: Sieve Net Thunder Tree!
Chapter 166: Ultimate Vexation Bonds a Master!
Chapter 167: You Know, That鈥檚 Immoral鈥
Chapter 168: The Xiao Clan Gifts the Lake
Chapter 169: Heavens, You Really Don鈥檛 Know?
Chapter 170: Lonely Sang Luo
Chapter 171: Blood Demon Dao Child
Chapter 172: Charging into mid Foundation Establishment!
Chapter 173: Rejected by the Heavens? Plunder!
Chapter 174: Perfect Mid Foundation Establishment!
Chapter 175: Li Shiqi
Chapter 176: Believe Your Granny
Chapter 177: Using its Strength
Chapter 178: An Old Friend
Chapter 179: Sect Brothers
Chapter 180: Shan Ling
Chapter 181: Meeting One鈥檚 Match, the General Meets the Genius
Chapter 182: There鈥檚 Always a Bird Out There That鈥檚 Better Than You
Chapter 183: How Long Since We Saw That Shy Face?
Chapter 184: Seven Exterminations
Chapter 185: Gathering at the Song Clan
Chapter 186: Another Encounter with Wang Tengfei
Chapter 187: Good Old Fatty
Chapter 188: True Love is Priceless
Chapter 189: All the Enemies Arrive
Chapter 190: Respected Senior
Chapter 191: Defeat after Defeat!
Chapter 192: Games with Han Bei
Chapter 193: The Flower Blooms at Dawn!
Chapter 194: Will of the World Tree 1
Chapter 195: Suppressing Everyone
Chapter 196: Followed by All Eyes
Chapter 197: Sublime Spirit Scripture!
Chapter 198: The Number One Person in Foundation Establishment!
Chapter 199: The Tenth Path!
Chapter 200: Killing Amidst the Night Rain!
Chapter 201: The Dao Child Fights!
Chapter 202: Confrontation of the Peaks!
Chapter 203: I am Strong! I Shall Take My Stand!
Chapter 204: The League of Demon Sealers!
Book 3: The Honor of Violet Fate
Chapter 206: The Huang Clan Five Immortals 1
Chapter 207: This is a Pretty Nice Immortal鈥檚 Cave
Chapter 208: Ask Not The Heavens Regarding Slaying the Flower
Chapter 209: Opportunity for a Secret Meeting
Chapter 210: Joining the Violet Fate Sect
Chapter 211: A Despicable Name
Chapter 212: Nature Talent Appears!
Chapter 213: Violet Fate Celestial Land
Chapter 214: We Finally Meet Again鈥.
Chapter 215: Lift Your Head
Chapter 216: The Meaning of Grandmaster
Chapter 217: Struggling for Plant Mastery
Chapter 218: First Round First Place!
Chapter 219: Not Fair!
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Chapter 220: Promotion to Master Alchemist!
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Chapter 221: A Newcomer to the Dao of Alchemy
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Chapter 222: Signs of Rocking the Violet Fate Sect
Chapter 1: Is My Doodle Alright?
Chapter 223: How Alchemist Fang Carries Himself
Chapter 2: Ning Family Wants To Break Marriage Engagement
Chapter 224: Medicinal Pills Can Foster Life, Poison Can Exterminate It!
Chapter 3: The Psychotic Who Sells Charms
Chapter 225: Rising to the Pinnacle!
Chapter 4: First Customer
Chapter 226: Liu鈥檚 Rule!
Chapter 5: Renting A House
Chapter 227: Pill Blacklist!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/60/6135.html||Chapter 6: Spirit Cleansing Charm
Chapter 228: Falling Leaves are Beautiful; They Only Live One Season3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/60/6137.html||Chapter 7: Super Zhai Nan
Chapter 8: House Mates
Chapter 229: Because this Will, Can Only Belong to Devils!
Chapter 9: Prettiest Girl In Ning Hai University
Chapter 230: Bury Devils Beneath the Earth
Chapter 10: I Genuinely Want To Invite You To Dinner
Chapter 231: Pill Auction
Chapter 11: Complicated Substitute
Chapter 232: Bedevilment Pill!
Chapter 12: Do You Want To Treat The Symptoms Or The Disease?
Chapter 233: The Earth, The Heavens!
Chapter 13: Not A Fraud
Chapter 234: Grandmaster Pill Cauldron
Chapter 14: He Doesn鈥渢 Exist
Chapter 235: Apprentice鈥檚 Fee 1
Chapter 15: Sent To Police Station
Chapter 236: More Aftershocks
Chapter 16: Su Jingwen鈥渟 Tantrum
Chapter 17: Got The Wrong Person3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14780.html||Chapter 237: Meeting Grandmaster Pill Cauldron
Chapter 18: Ning Qingxue鈥渟 Plight
Chapter 238: Determined to Prevail!
Chapter 19: The Girl At The Door Of The Classroom
Chapter 239:Li Fugui-Give Me Face,or Give Me Death3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/60/6163.html||Chapter 20: Invitation
Chapter 240: Screw This3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/60/6165.html||Chapter 21: Su Shen Gun
Chapter 22: If Life Was Just Like First Meeting3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14784.html||Chapter 241: Violet Qi from the East
Chapter 23: Ning Qingxue鈥渟 First Impression3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14785.html||Chapter 242: Alchemy Dao Transmutation Incantation
Chapter 24: Shabby Gift
Chapter 243: I Dare You To Say That Again!
Chapter 25: The First Dance
Chapter 244: Debate in the Alchemy Valley
Chapter 26: Taking Ning Qingxue Home
Chapter 245: Back To the Black Sieve Sect
Chapter 27: Is This A Business Deal?
Chapter 246: World Pill Division
Chapter 28: Stalking
Chapter 247: Kill Me!
Chapter 29: Ning Qingxue鈥渟 Second Impression
Chapter 248: The Origin of Time!
Chapter 30: Life After Marriage
Chapter 249: Reconciled
Chapter 31: Helpless Blood Donation
Chapter 250: Giving Birth to the Transformations of the Sun and Moon
Chapter 32: Embarrassed Merciless Bing
Chapter 251: Meng Hao鈥檚 Dao of Alchemy!
Chapter 33: The Person Who Sells Fake Medicine
Chapter 252: Crushing
Chapter 34: Young Master of The Song Family

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