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Chapter 253: Primordial Heavenly Replenishing Pill!
Chapter 35: Ye Mo Didn鈥渢 Come Back
Chapter 254: Thunder Across a Plain
Chapter 36: It Should Be By Ye Mo
Chapter 255: She Was Floating in the Wind
Chapter 37: Sorry Ye Mo
Chapter 256: Bottom Line
Chapter 38: The Woman Who Got Off Midway
Chapter 257: Soul Refining
Chapter 39: Such A Powerful Woman
Chapter 258: Grand Matriarch Phoenix
Chapter 40: Making Money Seems To Be Really Easy
Chapter 259: I Want To Watch You Fade Into the Distance
Chapter 41: I Should Believe Him
Chapter 260: Five Years Without a Fight!
Chapter 42: Three Beads
Chapter 261: The Killing Heart is Still There!
Chapter 43: This Money Isn鈥渢 Easy To Earn
Chapter 262: First Battle with Core Formation!
Chapter 44: Lethal Trap
Chapter 263: Ancient Dao Geyser
Chapter 45: Who鈥檚 Going To Piss Off
Chapter 264: A Shout Like a Clap of Thunder
Chapter 46: Borderland Flowing Snake Town
Chapter 265: Out of Seclusion!
Chapter 47: So That鈥檚 It
Chapter 266: The Faceless Azure Hero!
Chapter 48: Robber Stopping You In The Tracks
Chapter 267: Black Lands Cultivators
Chapter 49: Slow Paced Walk
Chapter 268: The Height of the Heavens and the Depth of the Earth
Chapter 50: Chaotic Flowing Snake
Chapter 269: He鈥檚 the Faceless Azure Hero!
Chapter 51: Ning Hai Magical Doctor
Chapter 270: Battling Core Formation!
Chapter 52: Far Off Living Place
Chapter 271: Soul Emergence Sword, Slay the Lone Star!
Chapter 53: The Results of The Song Family鈥檚 Investigation
Chapter 272: Massive Cultivation Base Breakthrough!
Chapter 54: The Leisurely Person In The Forest
Chapter 55: Lend A Helping Hand3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14816.html||Chapter 273: Tenth Dao Pillar, Form!
Chapter 274: The Flag Flies; Destroy the Three Incarnations!
Chapter 56: Chi Wanqing
Chapter 275: The Difference Between Meng Hao and Fang Mu!
Chapter 57: Treatment
Chapter 276: Stop Fooling Around
Chapter 58: Found The Place
Chapter 277: Eastern Emergence Mountain
Chapter 59: Tibetan Characters
Chapter 278: The Tenth Candidate
Chapter 60: Green Eyed Small Snake
Chapter 279: Opening the Pill Furnace
Chapter 61: Was It Just To Repay A Debt Of Gratitude
Chapter 280: Life Furnace?
Chapter 62: Why Be Used By Her
Chapter 281: 鈥 Rather Die Than Submit!
Chapter 63: Departure
Chapter 282: The First Region
Chapter 64: Ye Mo鈥檚 Rage
Chapter 283: Goofing Off
Chapter 65: What Is Really Cruel
Chapter 284: Three People; Three Daos of Alchemy
Chapter 66: Where Did He Go
Chapter 285: Who is the Strongest?
Chapter 67: Injury
ISSTH-Book 3-Chapter 285-Interlude
Chapter 68: Ye Mo鈥檚 Return
Chapter 286: The Most Powerful!
Chapter 69: Qi Masterp
Chapter 287: Creating Something out of Nothing
Chapter 70: Arrogance
Chapter 288: Peach Blossom3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/60/6312.html||Chapter 71: What is Truly Crazy
Chapter 72: Descent of the Crow鈥檚 Butt3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14839.html||Chapter 289: Which Path to Choose?
Chapter 73: Famous3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14841.html||Chapter 290: This Life
Chapter 74: Ning Qingxue鈥檚 Last Words
Chapter 291: A Thousand Pills Form a Cauldron!
Chapter 75: Treatment
Chapter 292: Pill Cauldron Fang Mu
Chapter 76: Master
Chapter 293: Legacy Apprentice
Chapter 77: Hesitant Yun Bing
Chapter 294: Complete Legacy!
Chapter 78: Whose Blood
Chapter 295: Green Mark
Chapter 79: Was it Ye Mo?
Chapter 296: Another Encounter with鈥 Ji!
Chapter 80: Confirmed It鈥檚 Him3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14849.html||Chapter 297: Still Somewhat Pleased With Himself
Chapter 298: The Corpse Moved!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/60/6342.html||Chapter 81: Awake
Chapter 299: Destroying Totems in the Maze
Chapter 82: Yun Bing鈥檚 Sigh
Chapter 300: An Ancient Starry Sky
Chapter 83: I Can鈥檛 Let You Go
Chapter 301: Immortal Shows the Way
Chapter 84: The Prince Charming That Descended From The Heaven
Chapter 302: Crisis!
Chapter 85: All Right, We鈥檒l Both Sleep On The Bed Then
Chapter 303: The Bloodline of the Ji Clan
Chapter 86: Leaving Ning Hai
Chapter 304: Core Formation!!
Chapter 87: Being Followed3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14857.html||Chapter 305: Do You Dare to Kill Me!?
Chapter 88: Perhaps They Came To Give Us the Helicopter3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14858.html||Chapter 306: Slaying Ji!
Chapter 89: Fighting For Power
Chapter 307: Fang Mu is Meng Hao!
Chapter 90: Plan
Chapter 308: I鈥檓 His Master!
Chapter 91: So What If You Steal It
Chapter 309: Another Wave Rises 1
Chapter 92: On The Train
Chapter 310: Blazing as Brilliantly as Ever!
Chapter 93: Do You Think You Can Leave?
Chapter 311: Now That is a Cultivator!
Chapter 94: The Dragon Crossing The River And The Local Snake
Chapter 312: Because This Person, Is Filled With Insanity!
Chapter 95: The Second Beautiful Lady Who Comes To Flowing Snake
Chapter 313: She鈥檚鈥 an Immortal!
Chapter 96: The Old Ginger Song Yuanyi
Chapter 314: Art of Righteous Bestowal
Chapter 97: First Patient
Chapter 315: The Immortal鈥檚 Cave of Huang Daxian 1
Chapter 98: Last News
Chapter 316: Meng Hao鈥檚 Virtue
Chapter 99: Luo Susu
Chapter 100: Stopped3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14869.html||Chapter 317: I am an Ancient Celestial Bird!
Chapter 101: The Battle in The Desert
Chapter 318: Have Faith in the Lord Fifth, Gain Eternal Life!
Chapter 102: Tear Like Milan, White Hair Like Silver Sand
Chapter 319: A Booming Voice from the Rubble
Chapter 103: Yellow-Clothed Woman
Chapter 320: Igniting the Alchemic Flame
Chapter 104: Kulu
Chapter 321: Cover Over Li With the Heavens!
Chapter 105: The Person Trapped in the Desert
Chapter 322: Ji Clan Bag of Holding
Chapter 106: Chase
Chapter 323: Goddess Duo Lan1
Chapter 107: Underground Desert
Chapter 324: The Cutting Edge of the Black Lands
Chapter 108: Re-encounter
Chapter 325: Tribulation Transcending Miraculous Life Form!
Chapter 109: Terrifying Human-eating Bugs
Chapter 326: I Haven鈥檛 Tried That Out Before!
Chapter 110: Bitter Well
Chapter 327: Angry Dongluo Ling! 1
Chapter 111: Third Level Chi Gathering
Chapter 328: Establishing Strength!
Chapter 112: Birthday Present
Chapter 329: Lord Fifth Flies Into a Rage
Chapter 113: People always meet at departure
Chapter 330: I鈥檒l Marry Anyone But You!
Chapter 114: Nan Qing Lang Ji
Chapter 331: Just Steal It!
Chapter 115: Intimidation
Chapter 332: The Great Con
Chapter 116: Tactics
Chapter 333: Conning the Whole Way
Chapter 117: Er Hu Apprehended
Chapter 334: Celestial Spell Formation
Chapter 118: $100,000 Waiting List Fee
Chapter 335: Valiant!
Chapter 119: People Will Always Change
Chapter 336: League of Hellfire!
Chapter 120: Magic Artefact Social
Chapter 337: Perfect Gold Core Pill
Chapter 121: Ye Mo鈥檚 Stall
Chapter 338: Perfect Immortal Body!
Chapter 122: Buying Spree
Chapter 339: Vengeance To Be Had!
Chapter 123: Not Ancient Martial Arts
Chapter 340: One Aura, Three Bodies
Chapter 124: Hidden Sects
Chapter 341: Chase Big-Head to the Death!
Chapter 125: Unable To Buy It
Chapter 342: Patriarch Golden Light!
Chapter 126: Relocation
Chapter 343: Rent by Lightning!
Chapter 127: Qian Longtou鈥檚 Irresolution
Chapter 344: The Great Church of the Golden Light!
Chapter 128: Dongfang Xi鈥檚 Shenanigans
Chapter 345: Lotus Sword Formation!
Chapter 129: I Miss Him
Chapter 346: Who The Hell Are You?!
Chapter 130: Seeing Metal Nails Once Again
Chapter 347: The Magical Fog Becomes a Sea!
Chapter 131: Lang Ji
Chapter 348: Assault on Dongluo City
Chapter 132: Leaving Casually
Chapter 349: Killing With Poison of Time!
Chapter 133: Qian Longtou鈥檚 Strongest Man
Chapter 350: The Indomitability of Time
Chapter 134: Change of Mind
Chapter 351: Peacock Screwing City
Chapter 135: That 1%
Chapter 352: Chaos in the Black Lands!
Chapter 353: Grand Dragoneer!
Chapter 136: Must Not Offend Ye Mo
Chapter 354: Hanxue Shan
Chapter 137: Fang Nan鈥檚 Lackey
Chapter 355: Flying Rain-Dragon Up Above!
Chapter 138: Eye
Chapter 139: Sister Ye Ling3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14908.html||Chapter 356: How Unforeseen鈥.
Chapter 140: I Am Ye Mo3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14909.html||Chapter 357: Proud Sir Zhou
Chapter 358: The Renown of Pill Cauldron
Chapter 141: Black Hearted Song Shaochen
Chapter 359: Zhou Dekun and Meng Hao
Chapter 142: Brother and Sister
Chapter 360: Zhou Dekun鈥檚 Treasured Pill
Chapter 143: Helpless Song Qiming
Chapter 361: A Tiny Favor
Chapter 144: Big Bluff
Chapter 362: Still Won鈥檛 Believe
Chapter 145: Winnings of the Battle
Chapter 363: A First Glimpse at the Five Elements
Chapter 146: No One Can Force Me
Chapter 364: The Last Main Ingredient!
Chapter 147: Each Having Their Own Calculations
Chapter 365: A Grand Scam
Chapter 148: Ye Ling鈥檚 Problem
Chapter 366: The Path of Five Colors
Chapter 149: Too Freaking Awesome
Chapter 367: Meng, You Twerp, Do You Dare To Fight Me Or Not?!
Chapter 150: Ye Mo鈥檚 Fury
Chapter 368: Secret Dragoneer Technique
Chapter 151: All of You Stand Out
Chapter 369: Thorn Rampart
Chapter 152: Good with Both Sides3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14922.html||Chapter 370: Spirit Severing Pill
Chapter 153: The Ye Family鈥檚 State3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14923.html||Chapter 371: Concocting a Nascent Soul like Concocting Pills!
Chapter 154: Who鈥渟 the Other One For?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14924.html||Chapter 372: Did You Forget?
Chapter 155: Uncle Ye Mo
Chapter 373: How Could It Be Him!?
Chapter 156: Artificial Cause of Disease
Chapter 374: Spirit Severing Descends
Chapter 157: Silver Heart Grass was Robbed
Chapter 375: Incredible Good Fortune!
Chapter 158: School Mate Reunion
Chapter 376: Brands!
Chapter 159: Want to Go Luo Cang
Chapter 377: Agarwood!!
Chapter 160: Kill All at Once
Chapter 378: Exterminate the Spirit!
Chapter 161: Annihilation of Luo Cang Metal River
Chapter 379: Offers
Chapter 162: Su Jingwen鈥檚 Means
Chapter 380: Eyeless Larva!
Chapter 163: So It Was Him
Chapter 381: Whenever It Snows, Think of Me!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/60/6588.html||Chapter 164: The True Hidden Sects
Chapter 382: Eyeless But Not Voiceless!
Chapter 165: Battling Daoist Xian
Chapter 166: First Patient3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14935.html||Chapter 383: An Eternal Breath
Chapter 167: Indeed Very Chaotic3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14936.html||Chapter 384: MY Gold Core Tribulation!
Chapter 168: Cruel Means3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/14937.html||Chapter 385: Bring It On!
Chapter 169: What, You Have A Problem?
Chapter 386: Five Colored Sky, Cultivation Base Breakthrough!
Chapter 170: Predecessor
Chapter 387: The Ninth Generation Demon Sealer鈥檚 First Sealing of the Heavens!
Chapter 171: Strange Patient
Chapter 388: Breaking Out of The Cocoon
Chapter 389: Appointment With Yan Song
Chapter 390: The Five Tribes of the Crow Divinity
Chapter 391: Initial Entry into the Crow Scout Tribe
Chapter 392: The Great War of the Crow Divinity
Chapter 393: The Path of the Dragoneer
Chapter 394: The Demon Nurturing Pill Causes a Furor!
Chapter 395: Really Set Something Off鈥.
Chapter 396: A Real Demon Nurturing Pill!
Chapter 397: Wu Chen
Chapter 398: Branch of the Demon Sealers
Chapter 399: Senior, Save Me
Chapter 400: Neo-Demon Duel
Chapter 401: Same Level Fatality!
Chapter 402: You Predicted That Too?
Chapter 403: My Pill鈥.
Chapter 404: Shamed Into Rage
Chapter 405: White Wolf!
Chapter 406: The Third Wooden Sword!
Chapter 407: Fifth Generation Demon Sealer!
Chapter 408: Greenwood Tree Totem!
Chapter 409: I Really Haven鈥檛 Tried This Before!
Chapter 410: Naive Earth Priest
Chapter 411: Rank 7 Mo Zi
Chapter 412: My Master is Gu La
Chapter 413: Chapter title located at the end of the chapter鈥
Chapter 414: Master, Save Me!
Chapter 415: Grandmaster Gu La
Chapter 416: Conning Master鈥.
Chapter 417: The Resurrection Lily Suddenly Makes a Move!
Chapter 418: Pool of Destiny
Chapter 419: Outtie
Chapter 420: Break those Fangs!
Chapter 421: THAT Fishing Line!
Chapter 422: Karmic Severing 1
Chapter 423: A Fortunate Chance
Chapter 424: Severing Meng Hao鈥檚 Karma
Chapter 425: The Severing Cannot Continue!
Chapter 426: Just This Once!
Chapter 427: Greenwood Tree Ancestor Awakening!
Chapter 428: A World that Supersedes
Chapter 429: The Golden Crow and the Great Tree
Chapter 430: Battling the Nascent Soul Stage
Chapter 431: Prelude to a Funeral
Chapter 432: Because of Meeting You鈥.
Chapter 433: Enemies Approach
Chapter 434: Eyes Open!
Chapter 435: Big Hairy Tattles!
Chapter 436: Good Faith
Chapter 437: Bridge of Immortal Treading!
Chapter 438: Zhao Youlan 1
Chapter 439: Exotic Heartdevil Flower!
Chapter 440: Tragic!
Chapter 441: Execution!
Chapter 442: A Figure Leaping, Sailing Over Three Thousand Cultivators!
Chapter 443: Soul-stirring!
Chapter 444: Funeral Dirge
Chapter 445: A Drop of Violet Rain!
Chapter 446: Totem Perishing!
Chapter 447: New Totem!!
Chapter 448: East Pill Everburning Flame!
Chapter 449: Nascent Soul Slaying!
Chapter 450: Downpour of Violet Rain!
Chapter 451: Western Desert Apocalypse!!
Chapter 452: Hope
Chapter 453: Bridge of Immortality!
Chapter 454: Demoness Zhixiang
Chapter 455: Step on the Stone, Enter the Void
Chapter 456: Changes of the Lotus!
Chapter 457: Yi Chenzi
Chapter 458: A Faint Sound!
Chapter 459: Eccentric Bloodface
Chapter 460: Azure-robed Han Shan!
Chapter 461: Encountering Zhao Youlan Again!
Chapter 462: Demoness Zhixiang!
Chapter 463: Little Darling
Chapter 464: Pinkie Finger!
Chapter 465: A Demon Spirit Appears!
Chapter 466: The Agarwood Appears Again to Wrest Away the Demon Spirit!
Chapter 467: Soil Vortex!
Chapter 468: Thirty Thousand Worlds
Chapter 469: The Depths of the Bridge Ruins
Chapter 470: Violent Changes!
Chapter 471: Frost Soil Demon Emperor
Chapter 472: The Soul of the Bridge of Immortal Treading!
Chapter 473: Frost Soil Success!
Chapter 474: Therefore, You Picked the North
Chapter 475: Return
Chapter 476: How Could You Be Here!?
Chapter 477: Moon鈥.
Chapter 478: Soul Search
Chapter 479: Seeking to Perish
Chapter 480: A Massive Defeat for the Eternal Universe Tribe!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/18/javascript:addbookcase(||Add bookshelf
Chapter 481: An Old Enemy3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/18/javascript:vote(||Like the book
Chapter 482: Blood of the Ji Clan!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/18/#bottom||To the bottom
Chapter 483: I Shall Seal Death!
Chapter 484: Fuse the Blood of Ji!
Chapter 1: A Destitute Scholar
Chapter 485: Blood Clone is Born!
Chapter 2: Attaining Top Marks in the Imperial Exa
Chapter 486: Leave None Alive!
Chapter 3: Hanlin Academic
Chapter 487: Five Poisons Tribe Extermination
Chapter 4: Appreciating Art, Overturning Injustice
Chapter 488: Entering the Central Region
Chapter 5: Battle over the Heir Apparent
Chapter 489: Eight Branch Alliance
Chapter 6: Yong Envoy, the Prince of Qi
Chapter 490: Underground!
Chapter 491: A Familiar Vortex
Chapter 492: I鈥檒l Be Back!
Chapter 493: I Will Give You War!
Chapter 494: I am Lonelytomb
Chapter 495: An Ancient Scripture Seals a Devil!
Chapter 496: Dost Thou Dare!?!?
Chapter 497: Devil Weapon!
Chapter 498: Absorbing the Eight Branches
Chapter 499: An Old Friend
Chapter 500: The Sky is Dark!
Chapter 501: I鈥檒l Escort You 500 Kilometers, Sir
Chapter 502: Flying Locust Tribe
Chapter 503: Choices
Chapter 504: South Cleaving Pass
Chapter 505: Do You Dare to Attack?!
Chapter 506: South Cleaving Sentinel!
Chapter 507: Black Dragon Tribe!
Chapter 508: A Bet
Chapter 509: Laying Eyes on the Black Lands!
Chapter 510: The Last Battle!
Chapter 511: The Spell Formation is Seen Again!
Chapter 512: 800,000 neo-demons!
Chapter 513: Blood Totem!
Chapter 514: Five Elements Temporarily Combine!
Chapter 515: An Initial Understanding of Karma
Chapter 516: Without Severing the Spirit, How Could You Live Past 1,000?
Chapter 517: Valiant Zhixiang
Chapter 518: Sinking to the Heart of the Violet Sea
Chapter 519: Within the Sea, Time is Forgotten
Chapter 520: Endless Cold Knows No Years
Chapter 521: When the Tear Fell Into the Sea
Chapter 522: Five-Colored Nascent Soul
Chapter 523: Sixth Nascent Soul!
Chapter 524: Title below or here!
Chapter 525: Heavenly Tribulation, I Haven鈥檛 Seen You For Ages!
Chapter 526: The Sixth Anima Rocks Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 527: Seventh Anima!!
Chapter 528: I Saw the Nightmare
Chapter 529: Seeking Death Repeatedly
Chapter 530: Slaughter!
Chapter 531: Karma Threads!
Chapter 532: The Death of Huyan Qing!
Chapter 533: Chase and Kill!
Chapter 534: Who鈥檚 the Fisherman Now?!
Chapter 535: Will of a True Spirit!
Chapter 536: Everything had Changed!
Chapter 537: Awaken, Mastiff!
Chapter 538: Blood Mastiff Dao Protector!
Chapter 539: Slaughtering the Outposts!
Chapter 540: Patriarch Huyan!
Chapter 541: Battle!
Chapter 542: Clever Mastiff!
Chapter 543: Seizing Treasures!
Chapter 544: The Dao of Emotion Severing
Chapter 545: The Most Powerful!
Chapter 546: The Patriarch Goes All Out!
Chapter 547: Sealing Spirit Severing!
Chapter 548: Return to the Black Lands
Chapter 549: I鈥檝e Returned!
Chapter 550: Breaking the Formation!
Chapter 551: Dead end!
Chapter 552: Why Haven鈥檛 You Come!?
Chapter 553: Lord Fifth Lives for a Dream of Love!
Chapter 554: Huyan鈥檚 True Self!
Chapter 555: Who is HE?
Chapter 556: Shaking Huyan!
Chapter 557: Seizing More Spirit Severing Treasures
Chapter 558: In One Thousand Years, One Person Can Reach Immortal Ascension
Chapter 559: So We Meet Again鈥. Ah, Karma!
Chapter 560: Ancient Demon Immortal Sect!
Chapter 561: The Old Friend He Least Wanted to Run Into
Chapter 562: Call Me Big Sis!
Chapter 563: The Extraordinary Ancient Demon Immortal Sect!
Chapter 564: Where Good Fortune Lays
Chapter 565: Meeting an Old Friend
Chapter 566: That is鈥 Xu Qing!
Chapter 567: Ke Jiusi
Chapter 568: Think Three Times Before You Act鈥.
Chapter 569: Ke Yunhai
Chapter 570: Killing a Son of Ji
Chapter 571: Still Won鈥檛 Cry Out?!
Chapter 572: The Legacy of Lord Li
Chapter 573: Her Name is Xu Qing
Chapter 574: Our Agreement
Chapter 575: Long Time No See
Chapter 576: Limitless Possibilities!
Chapter 577: Silkpants Demon Entente
Chapter 578: Dad鈥.
Chapter 579: To Get the Mountain and Sea Scripture, You Must Have a Demon Immortal Body!
Chapter 580: The Path of Good Fortune
Chapter 581: Seed of Daoist Magic
Chapter 582 and 583: Twelve Words
Chapter 584: Withering Flame Demon Magic True Self Dao
Chapter 585: The Voice of Lord Li
Chapter 586: I鈥檒l Take You the Rest of the Way
Chapter 587: Why Are You Doing This?
Chapter 588: This Life Will Do
Chapter 589: An Ancient Tale
Chapter 590: He Definitely鈥.
Chapter 591: Demon Immortal Cistern
Chapter 592: Slaying Immortals Wouldn鈥檛 Be Difficult
Chapter 593: Meeting South Heaven!
Chapter 594: Pain in the Whole Body
Chapter 595: The Love of a Father is Like a Mountain!
Chapter 596: The Oil was Exhausted and the Lamp was Dry
Chapter 597: I鈥檒l Make You Proud, Sir
Chapter 598: The Third Plane
Chapter 599: Sword Tip!
Chapter 600: True Spirit--Night!
Chapter 601: Generous Zhixiang!
Chapter 602: Good Fortune!
Chapter 603: Eighth Nascent Soul!
Chapter 604: Like Splitting Bamboo
Chapter 605: Momentum Like a Beam of Light
Chapter 606: Eighth Anima!
Chapter 607: You鈥檙e All Here, Huh?
Chapter 608: You Hurt Me
Chapter 609: Three-eyed Concubine
Chapter 610: Injured Lord Fifth
Chapter 611: Fellow Daoists, Allow Me to Say Something
Chapter 612: The Gentleman Loves Money
Chapter 613: Fourth Plane!
Chapter 614: Seal
Chapter 615: Speculation and Cooperation
Chapter 616: Demonic Qi Explodes to the Sky!
Chapter 617: Land of the Three Saints
Chapter 618: Mountain and Sea Mirror!
Chapter 619: Night Awakens!
Chapter 620: Night鈥檚 Head!
Chapter 621: He鈥檚 My Little Brother
Chapter 622: Three Mountains, Nine Bows
Chapter 623: Sky, ten. Meng Hao, seven!
Chapter 624: Lofty Aspirations!
Chapter 625: I Am Still Searching!
Chapter 626: Ninth Nascent Soul, Demon Nascent Soul!

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