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Chapter 627: A True Man!
Chapter 628: The Path of Spirit Severing!
Book 5: Nirvanic Rebirth. Blood Everywhere!
Chapter 630: 10th Patriarch of the Wang Clan 1
Chapter 631: False Immortals and True Immortals
Chapter 632: The Milky Way Sea
Chapter 633: Honored Guest
Chapter 634: Who鈥檚 Feeling Jumpy?
Chapter 635: Destined To Meet Again
Chapter 636: As Long As You Leave, Anything Is OK!
Chapter 637: The Zhang Clan is Here?!
Chapter 638: Twists and Turns Enrage the Patriarch
Chapter 639: The Superiority of the Patriarch鈥檚 Intellect
Chapter 640: I鈥檒l Leave After I Finish Shopping
Chapter 641: Who Would Outdo鈥.
Chapter 642: The Patriarch Flies Into a Rage
Chapter 643: Plundering
Chapter 644: Patriarch, Save Me!
Chapter 645: Shameless Old Turtle!
Chapter 646: I鈥檒l Give You Some Good Fortune!
Chapter 647: Patriarch Meng Hao
Chapter 648: Third Ring Stormwind Divide
Chapter 649: Spirits Hide in the Divide
Chapter 650: How Happy You Are鈥.
Chapter 651: My Dao Is Nigh!
Chapter 652: Underworld Ship
Chapter 653: Demons Stir in the Third Ring
Chapter 654: Lily鈥.
Chapter 655: Hunting Sea Demons
Chapter 656: The Resurrection Lily Makes a Move!
Chapter 657: Saint Sun Soul of the Three Sects
Chapter 658: Hometown Alcohol
Chapter 659: I Struck It Super Rich!
Chapter 660: The Alcohol is Quite Strong
Chapter 661: Seeing Xiaoxiao Again
Chapter 662: Xu Pingping
Chapter 663: Rich and Headstrong!
Chapter 664: War Chariot!
Chapter 665: The Dawn Immortal Once Again
Chapter 666: The Mother of the Resurrection Lily!
Chapter 667: Gamble Royale
Chapter 668: It Feels Great
Chapter 669: You Cheated!
Chapter 670: Crisis Approaches
Chapter 671: Cooperation
Chapter 672: Duplicating the Sword Tip!
Chapter 673: The Call of the Dawn Immortal
Chapter 674: The Wang Patriarch Cometh
Chapter 675: Reverend Silverlamp!
Chapter 676: Spirit Severing-First Severing!
Chapter 677: The Great Dao Resonates!
Chapter 678: Intrepid Meng Hao!
Chapter 679: Battle!
Chapter 680: The True Self Arrives!
Chapter 681: Foundation Seizing Grand Magic
Chapter 682: I Will Become Immortal!
Chapter 683: Henceforth
Chapter 684: On Board
Chapter 685: Traversing the Path
Chapter 686: Homeland
Chapter 687: You Live, I Live
Chapter 688: Together
Chapter 689: Is There Really Such a Thing as Rebirth?
Chapter 690: The Chapter that Never Was!
Chapter 691: Extend the Broken Bridge of Life Force
Chapter 692: A Promise to Keep
Chapter 693: Eternal Stratum!
Chapter 694: He Came!
Chapter 695: Attack the Black Sieve Sect!
Chapter 696: Breaking the Formation
Chapter 697: Hundred Thousand Mountains!
Chapter 698: Deranged
Chapter 699: Sieve Yin Sect
Chapter 700: True Patriarch Six-Daos
Chapter 701: Blood Prince of the Blood Demon Sect
Chapter 702: Violet East鈥檚 Dao Seeking!
Chapter 703: Heart of the Blood Demon
Chapter 704: Blood Demon Grand Magic
Chapter 705: A Test!
Chapter 706: Kill!
Chapter 707: Subduing!
Chapter 708: Sever the Devilish, Seek the Dao!
Chapter 709: Blood Demon Grand Magic! 1
Chapter 710: Xu Qing Awakens
Chapter 711: Ancient Dao Lakes
Chapter 712: Gathering at the Dao Lakes!
Chapter 713: Dao Lake Eruption
Chapter 714: Teleportation Cycle
Chapter 715: Crushing Spirit Severing!
Chapter 716: Overbearing!
Chapter 717: Old Friends Meet by the Dao Lake
Chapter 718: Give Me This Lake!
Chapter 719: Main Lake Eruption!
Chapter 720: Everything Explodes!
Chapter 721: You Must Know Liu Zichuan
Chapter 722: A Second Eruption!
Chapter 723: True Immortal Soul
Chapter 724: Pull Out All the Stops!
Chapter 725: Grab That Soul!
Chapter 726: Trial by Fire!
Chapter 727: Completely Golden!
Chapter 728: Second Level!
Chapter 729: Spirit Meridians Stratum!
Chapter 730: Another Lord Fifth!
Chapter 731: Essence of The Divine Flame!
Chapter 732: The Blood Prince Returns!
Chapter 733: On the Eve of War in the Southern Domain
Chapter 734: Second True Self!
Chapter 735: War!
Chapter 736: Devastating!
Chapter 737: A Leaf!
Chapter 738: A Silhouette Like a Mountain
Chapter 739: Patriarch Fifth Peak!
Chapter 740: Fourth Level of the Blood Demon Grand Magic!
Chapter 741: Clone of the Dawn Immortal!
Chapter 742: Time To Come Home, Darling
Chapter 743: Call Out To It! Does It Answer?
Chapter 744: Arise, Second True Self!
Chapter 745: Peak!
Chapter 746: False Immortal鈥檚 Soul
Chapter 747: Decisive Battle!
Chapter 748: Blood Demon鈥檚 True Self!
Chapter 749: Emperor Black Sieve!
Chapter 750: Severing Karma
Chapter 751: Returning to the Blessed Land
Chapter 752: Dao Seeking Fleshly Body!
Chapter 753: Destination-Solitary Sword Sect!
Chapter 754: The Tale of Chen Fan
Chapter 755: I Pray That You Find Happiness
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Chapter 756: Crazy Fatty!
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Chapter 757: Calamity for the Li Clan!
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Chapter 758 1
Chapter 1:Lin Dong
Chapter 759: The Northern Reaches Mobilizes
Chapter 2:Penetrating Fist
Chapter 760: Your Mother Was Here
Chapter 3:The Mysterious Rock Pool
Chapter 761: An Old Friend鈥.
Chapter 4:The Secret Of The Rock Pool
Chapter 762: 10th Patriarch
Chapter 5:The Mysterious Stone Talisman
Chapter 763: The Deepest Love
Chapter 6:Seventh Echo
Chapter 764: The Wedding Stirs the Southern Domain
Chapter 765: Seventh Year Tribulation!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/37168.html||Chapter 7:Tempered Body 4th Layer
Chapter 766: Grand Wedding!
Chapter 8:Clash
Chapter 767: The Northern Reaches Invades!
Chapter 9:Lin Hong
Chapter 768: Hellwither Nineruins
Chapter 10:Golden Jade Branch
Chapter 769: The Power of the Curse!
Chapter 11:Yin Pearl
Chapter 770: That Laughter鈥.
Chapter 12:The Tenth Echo
Chapter 771: Let Me Rest a Bit
Chapter 13:Treatment
Chapter 772: No Regret Regarding the Grand Wedding!
Chapter 14:Grade 5 Yin Energy
Chapter 773: Xu Qing Enters Reincarnation
Chapter 15:Tempered Body 5th Layer
Chapter 774: Dao Seeking Felled!
Chapter 16:Eight Desolations Palm
Chapter 775: FIGHT!
Chapter 17:Scorpion Tiger
Chapter 776: Fifth Level of the Blood Demon Grand Magic!
Chapter 18:Yuan Power Seed3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15509.html||Chapter 777: Dawn Immortal, Do You Dare To Fight Me?!
Chapter 19:Breakthrough Before The Family Competition
Chapter 778: Decisive Battle with the Dawn Immortal!
Chapter 20:The Family Competition Begins
Chapter 779: The Northern Reaches Routed!
Chapter 21:Lin Yun
Chapter 780: Slaughtering an Underworld Judge
Chapter 22:Crowd Stunning Martial Arts
Chapter 781: Meng Hao Awakens!
Chapter 23:The Final Three
Chapter 782: Three Swords Sweep Across the Eastern Lands!
Chapter 24:Complete Victory
Chapter 783: Overwhelming3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/37229.html||Chapter 25:Accepting a Position
Chapter 784: The Final Battle!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/37234.html||Chapter 26:The Hunt
Chapter 785: The Battle Begins!
Chapter 27:Martial Arts Library
Chapter 786: Slaying Wraiths!
Chapter 28:Wonder Gate Seal, Incomplete
Chapter 787: The Rise of a Blazing Sun!
Chapter 29:A Change in the Stone Talisman
Chapter 788: Suppression!
Chapter 30:A Minor Accomplishment
Chapter 789: A Huge Crisis!
Chapter 31:Monster
Chapter 790: He Once Said鈥.
Chapter 32:The Underground Bazaar
Chapter 791: Great Dao Resonance!
Chapter 33:Xie Ting
Chapter 792: The Dao Becomes a Mist; the Mist Becomes a Blade!
Chapter 34:Lei Li
Chapter 793: Sever the Devil, Seek the Dao!
Chapter 35:Preliminary Exchange
Chapter 794: Invincible Meng Hao!
Chapter 36:Family Gathering
Chapter 795: Half a Step Into Immortality!
Chapter 37:Breakthrough
Chapter 796: Putting the North in its Place
Chapter 38:Change
Chapter 797: Reuniting鈥.
Chapter 39:Earthly Yuan Stage!
Chapter 798: Father Makes a Laughingstock of South Heaven
Chapter 40:The Hunt Begins
Chapter 799: Born On East Victory!
Chapter 41:Luo Cheng
Chapter 800: Seventh Year Tribulation!
Chapter 42:Fire Python Tiger
Book 6: Fame That Rocks the Ninth Mountain; the Path to True Immortality
Chapter 43:Snatching the Cubs
Chapter 802: Immortal Ancient Dao Medallion!
Chapter 44:Success
Chapter 803: Going to the Ji Clan to Collect Debts
Chapter 45:Rising Tension
Chapter 804: Debts Must Be Repaid!
Chapter 46:Stunning the Entire Arena
Chapter 805: We鈥檒l Pay You Back!
Chapter 47:Intense Battle
Chapter 806: The Wind Stirs in the Ninth Mountain and Sea!
Chapter 48:Reward
Chapter 807: Ancient Immortal Daoist Rite Temple!
Chapter 49:Martial Arts Genius
Chapter 808: Projections Passing Down Daos!
Chapter 50:Qingyuan Art
Chapter 809: Immortal Ancient Dao Meridian!
Chapter 51:Little Flame
Chapter 810: Two Restrictions!
Chapter 52:Matters of the Family
Chapter 811: I鈥檝e Been Waiting!
Chapter 53:Steel Wood Manor
Chapter 812: I鈥檓 the Groundskeeper
Chapter 54:Destruction
Chapter 813: Inky and Lily
Chapter 55:A Death Match
Chapter 814: Call Me Meng Hao!
Chapter 56:Yang Energy in the Earth
Chapter 815: Fan Dong鈥檈r
Chapter 57:Yang Yuan Stone
Chapter 816: Battling the Goddess
Chapter 58:Lode
Chapter 817: Here You Go, Inky!
Chapter 59:Killing the Panthers
Chapter 818: Changing Fate!
WDQK Chapter 60:Tough Training
Chapter 819: A Flickering Vision of Ancient Times
Chapter 61:Yang Yuan Pills
Chapter 820: Who鈥檚 Trying to Steal My Business?
Chapter 62:Yan City
Chapter 821: Mopping Up Li Ling鈥檈r!
Chapter 63:Symbol Master
Chapter 822: From Now On, Call Me Li鈥檒 Hai!
Chapter 64:Grand Master Yan
Chapter 823: Ambush!
Chapter 65:Obstruction
Chapter 824: Wrecking the Ambush
Chapter 66:Spiritual Movement Chapter
Chapter 825: Zhixiang Pays Her Debt!
Chapter 67:Ominous Clouds
Chapter 826: ! 1
Chapter 68:Black Dragon Stockage
Chapter 827: Never Too Late for Revenge!
Chapter 69:Calamity
Chapter 828: Invincible!
Chapter 70:Mind-blowing
Chapter 829: Severing Versus Hexing!
Chapter 71:Breakthrough!
Chapter 830: Evacuation!
Chapter 72:Pushing back the Enemy
Chapter 831: The Grownups Arrive鈥.
Chapter 73:An Enraged Lin Zhentian
Chapter 832: Everyone Is Released
Chapter 74:Massacring the Black Dragon Stockade
Chapter 833: An Amateurish Seduction Con
Chapter 75:Shattering Yuan Shrapnel
Chapter 834: Take A Look and See Who I Am
Chapter 76:Mysterious Beast Bones
Chapter 835: Pill Demon鈥檚 Tribulation
Chapter 77:The Bewitching Flower
Chapter 836: The Door of Immortality Descends
Chapter 78:Sharp Increase in Mental Energy
Chapter 837: Mistaken? I鈥檒l Still Do as I Said!
Chapter 79:The Underground Bazaar
Chapter 838: So, You Are a Thief Too!
Chapter 80:Ambush
Chapter 839: True Immortality is a Challenge!
Chapter 81:Reversal
Chapter 840: The Path Ahead Lies In The Stars, Not On This Planet
Chapter 82:One wounded, one dead
Chapter 841: The Ancient Road of Trial by Fire is Opened!
Chapter 83:Ancient Wooden Block
Chapter 842: Just a Misunderstanding鈥.
Chapter 84:Ancient Swirl Symbol
Chapter 843: Fight For Supremacy, the Entire Way!
Chapter 85:First Seal Symbol Master
Chapter 844: First Place in the First Stage!
Chapter 86:Reinforcement
Chapter 845: Rising Star!
Chapter 87:Holding Them Back3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15605.html||Chapter 846: Fastest!
Chapter 88:Breakthrough
Chapter 847: Talent. Cultivation. Age.
Chapter 89:Probe
Chapter 848: Senior, Bring Another!
Chapter 90:Initial Yuan Dan Stage
Chapter 849: Creativity
Chapter 91:Connected by Marriage
Chapter 850: Can the Leopard Change its Spots?
Chapter 92:The Lei and Xie Families鈥 Plan
Chapter 851: Loyal Personality
Chapter 93:Grand Master Gu3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15611.html||Chapter 852: Flowers in Full Bloom
Chapter 94:Revealed3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15612.html||Chapter 853: Nine Bridges!
Chapter 854: Secret Clues!
Chapter 95:Showdown between Symbol Masters
Chapter 855: A Bit of Karma!
Chapter 96:Destiny Soul Symbol
Chapter 856: Paragon Bridge
Chapter 97:Kill!
Chapter 857: Warrior Pavilion!
Chapter 98:Hidden Danger
Chapter 858: The Last Time!
Chapter 99:The 鈥淩at鈥 within the Stone Talisman
Chapter 859: The Final Two Stages
Chapter 100:Celestial Demon Marten
Chapter 860: The Heart is Strong, the Dao is Unyielding!
Chapter 101:Arrival of the Blood Cloth Sect
Chapter 861: First Place!
Chapter 102:Wager
Chapter 862: Provocation!
Chapter 103:Temporarily Leaving
Chapter 863: Pill Delivery Service!
Chapter 104:Thousand Gold Auction House
Chapter 864: The Real Ruins of Immortality!
Chapter 105:Money Squandering Establishment
Chapter 865: Sixth Demon Sealing Hex!
Chapter 106:Xuan Su
Chapter 866: I Am a God!
Chapter 107:Celestial Dan Pool
Chapter 108:Piercing Helicity3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15626.html||Chapter 867: One Punch! 1
Chapter 109:Song Qing
Chapter 868: Junior Blood Immortal!
Chapter 110:Time for Action
Chapter 869: Top 32!
Chapter 111:Celestial Pool Battle
Chapter 870: The Fiends Descend!
Chapter 112:The Last Duel
Chapter 871: Invincible Power!
Chapter 113:Blood Transformation Art3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15631.html||Chapter 872: She Appears!
Chapter 873: She鈥檚 a Paragon!
Chapter 114:Entering the Celestial Dan Pool
Chapter 874: Semifinals!
Chapter 115:Qi Gathering Mental Vortex
Chapter 875: Domineering!
Chapter 116:Demonic Jade Water-Python
Chapter 876: Four Battles, Four Victories!
Chapter 117:Battle Between Two Beast
Chapter 877: Unleashed!
Chapter 118:Sinecure and Expenses
Chapter 878: Eclipsing Everything
Chapter 119:Earning Money
Chapter 879: Peak Battle!
Chapter 120:Tri Sun Art
Chapter 880: Shocking Transformations!
Chapter 121:Intensive Training
Chapter 881: Sixth Demon Sealing Hex!
Chapter 122:Fortune does not come alone
Chapter 882: 13th in the Echelon!
Chapter 123:Initial Yuan Dan, second seal Symbol Master
Chapter 883: Snatching Food From the Tiger鈥檚 Mouth!
Chapter 124:Showing his Strength
Chapter 884: Family Reunion
Chapter 885: Revisiting Old Haunts3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/37646.html||Chapter 125:Deathmatch
Chapter 886: Another Challenge at the Dao Lakes!
Chapter 126:Doing battle with Wei Tong
Chapter 887: The Essence of Divine Flame!
Chapter 127:Fierce Battle
Chapter 888: Let Them Fly On Their Own!
Chapter 128:Kill!
Chapter 889: Killing Intent Lurking Everywhere!
Chapter 129:End of the Show
Chapter 130:Tower Battle
Chapter 890: Battling Formidable Opponents!
Chapter 131:Zi Yue
Chapter 891: Divine Flame Incinerates Immortals!
Chapter 132:Say it again
Chapter 892: East Heaven Gate
Chapter 133:Cao Zhu
Chapter 893: Might As Well Make a Scene!
Chapter 134:Mysterious Ice Swords
Chapter 894: His Bloodline Shakes the Clan!
Chapter 135:The Tower Battle Begins
Chapter 895: He鈥檚鈥 Back!
Chapter 136:The Fifth Level3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15655.html||Chapter 896: The Fang Clan of Planet East Victory!
Chapter 897: Fang Wei!
Chapter 137:Robbery
Chapter 898: Do You Want to Die?!
Chapter 138:Chase
Chapter 899: Difficult To Distinguish Between Enmity and Benevolence
Chapter 139:Entering the Seventh Level
Chapter 900: Third Grandpa
Chapter 140:Willpower
Chapter 141:Manifestation Symbol Array3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15660.html||Chapter 901: A Thorough Investigation
Chapter 142:The Outcome of the Battle
Chapter 902: The Fang Clan鈥檚 Dao of Alchemy
Chapter 143:Third seal Symbol Master
Chapter 903: A Brief Glimpse of Cutting Edge Talent
Chapter 144:Ancestral Symbol
Chapter 904: Now Let鈥檚 Throw Down
Chapter 145:Mental Energy Map
Chapter 905: Plant and Vegetation Throwdown!
Chapter 146:A Storm Arises
Chapter 906: The First Waves
Chapter 147:Pieces of Crap
Chapter 148:Pointers3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15666.html||Chapter 907: I Definitely Don鈥檛 Want It!
Chapter 149:Doing Battle with Gui Yan
Chapter 908: Medicine Pavilion
Chapter 150:The Might of the Manifestation Symbol Array
Chapter 909: Cheating!
Chapter 151:The Four Great Factions
Chapter 910: Rocking the Pavilion
Chapter 152:Awe
Chapter 911: Changes in the Dao of Alchemy Division
Chapter 153:Terminus Devil Body
Chapter 912: Hardships Prompt Changes!
Chapter 154:Blood Vermillion Devil Fruit
Chapter 913: Changes Bring Solutions!
Chapter 155:The Old Tomb
Chapter 914: First in Level After Level
Chapter 156:Main Clan Members
Chapter 915: Striving for the Pinnacle of Perfection
Chapter 157:Lin Chen
Chapter 916: Lotuses With Each Step!
Chapter 158:Perfect Control
Chapter 917: Climbing Higher!
Chapter 159:Advanced Yuan Dan stage
Chapter 918: Boundless Dao of Alchemy!
Chapter 160:Sky Flame Mountain Range
Chapter 919: Provocation
Chapter 161:Song Dao
Chapter 920: An Exception!
Chapter 162:Soul Treasure
Chapter 921: Objectives
Chapter 163:Manifestation Symbol Array, Third Layer
Chapter 922: The Sound of a Drum in the Pill Pavilion!
Chapter 164:Seizing by Force
Chapter 923: Meng Hao Concocts Pills!
Chapter 165:The End to the Night
Chapter 924: Skypalace Sunspirit Pill
Chapter 166:Lin Langtian
Chapter 925: Future Brother-In-Law?
Chapter 167:the Four Top Young Practitioners!
Chapter 926: Daos and Tools!
Chapter 168:Breaking the Seal
Chapter 927: The Shore of Brightmoon Lake
Chapter 169:Sudden Windfall
Chapter 928: You Stick With Me!
Chapter 170:Ransacking the Demonic Spirit Chambers
Chapter 929: Momentum
Chapter 171:The Six Soul Treasures
Chapter 930: I鈥檝e Missed All of You!
Chapter 172:The Scramble over the Treasure
Chapter 931: Her Name is Fang Yu!
Chapter 173:Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd
Chapter 932: The Sun Rises!
Chapter 174:Symbol Puppet
Chapter 933: Struggling for Supremacy!
Chapter 175:Middle Ranked Symbol Puppet
Chapter 934: Neck and Neck
Chapter 176:Sea of Fire
Chapter 935: My Nirvana Fruits!
Chapter 177:Nirvana Heart
Chapter 936: Meng Hao vs. Fang Wei
Chapter 178:Forcefully Seizing Yang Energy
Chapter 937: One Punch!
Chapter 179:Master of the Tomb
Chapter 938: Rise of a Blazing Sun
Chapter 180:Trouble
Chapter 939: True Saint Fleshly Body
Chapter 181:Today鈥檚 Matter will be Repaid a Hundredfold
Chapter 940: The End of the Sky
Chapter 182:Symbol Ancestor
Chapter 941: Ten Breaths of Time With the Sun!
Chapter 183:Fierce Battle with Wang Yan!
Chapter 942: Third Divine Ability!
Chapter 184:Might of the Symbol Puppet3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15702.html||Chapter 943: Killing Intent Approaches!
Chapter 185:Saved3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15703.html||Chapter 944: The Grand Elder鈥檚 Stance
Chapter 186:Chat on the Mountaintop
Chapter 187:Harvest3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15705.html||Chapter 946: A Certain Object, a Certain Person
Chapter 188:Bloody Battle
Chapter 947: Quasi-Dao Paragons
Chapter 189:One versus Three
Chapter 948: Terrifying
Chapter 190:Might of the Halberd Technique
Chapter 949: Perilous Ancestral Land

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