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Chapter 191:Resolved
Chapter 950: Scraping It Clean
Chapter 192:Fall of the Blood Wolf Gang
Chapter 951: Demon Sealers Appear Again!
Chapter 193:Eruption of Yin energy
Chapter 952: Nine Nethermountains
Chapter 194:Black Yin Dan
Chapter 953: Getting the Hang of the Sixth Hex
Chapter 195:Activating the Stone Talisman
Chapter 954: Sun and Moon in the Nine Nethermountains!
Chapter 196:Great Sun Thunder Body3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15714.html||Chapter 955: Fifth Demon Sealing Hex
Chapter 197:A Challenge Before He Departed
Chapter 956: A Struggle of Generations!
Chapter 198:Fighting the City Lord
Chapter 957: Inner Devils of the Chosen!
Chapter 958: Strolling Through the Immortal Kingdom!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/37993.html||Chapter 199:Dragon Transformation
Chapter 959: A Lamp!
Chapter 200:Training Journey in the Forest
Chapter 960: Whose Soul Lamp Is It!?
Chapter 201:Drawing Thunder to Temper the Body
Chapter 961: Necropolis
Chapter 202:Swallowing the Thunderbolt
Chapter 962: The Number One Person of Immortal Destiny!
Chapter 203:Little Flame in Danger
Chapter 963: Fang Hao, Come Out and Fight!
Chapter 204:Dayan Province鈥檚 Di Family
Chapter 964: We鈥檙e Waiting!
Chapter 205:Di Teng
Chapter 965: The Ancestral Land Opens!
Chapter 206:Thunder Crystal Beast
Chapter 966: Storm Winds Gather!
Chapter 207:Forcefully Snatching the Thunder Source
Chapter 967: Paragon Immortal Tribulation
Chapter 208:Battling against the Form Creation stage
Chapter 968: Transcending Tribulation!
Chapter 209:Refining the Thunder Source
Chapter 969: 30,000-meter Dharma Idol!
Chapter 210:Closed-door Cultivation in the Mountain Cave
Chapter 970: Paragon Immortal Palaces!
Chapter 211:Massive Surge in Strength
Chapter 971: I am Fang Mu!
Chapter 212:Demonstrating his Prowess
Chapter 972: Barrage on the Door of Immortality
Chapter 973: Opening the Immortal Meridians3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/38079.html||Chapter 213:Annihilation
Chapter 214:Extortion
Chapter 974: More than 100 Meridians!
Chapter 215:Mist Forest
Chapter 975: Blood Demon and Resurrection Lily!
Chapter 216:Eagle Martial Dojo
Chapter 976: Dao Corroboration!
Chapter 217:Mist Leopard Alligator King
Chapter 977: Demon Sealer Meridians!
Chapter 218:Revealing His Prowess
Chapter 978: An Immortal Flying Through the Sky!
Chapter 219:Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet
Chapter 979: An Eruption of Good Fortune!
Chapter 220:Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo
Chapter 980: Foster Father Sends a Meridian!
Chapter 221:Thrashing
Chapter 981: Illusory Soul Lamp!
Chapter 222:Beauty Offering Her Body
Chapter 982: Xu Qing鈥檚 Good Fortune!
Chapter 223:Luo Jiu
Chapter 983: The Great Circle of the Immortal Realm!
Chapter 224:Martial Arts Arena
Chapter 984: 33 Heavens!
Chapter 225:Battling the Advanced Form Creation Stage
Chapter 985: Fight!
Chapter 226:Devil Ape Transformation
Chapter 986: Six Experts vs. Meng Hao!
Chapter 227:Utter Defeat
Chapter 987: Meng Hao鈥檚 Ambition!
Chapter 228:A Beautiful Chance Encounter
Chapter 988: Wanna Get Married, Wifey?!
Chapter 229:Devil Ape Essence Blood
Chapter 989: That Same Feeling!
Chapter 230:Ancient Dragon Ape
Chapter 990: Gods vs. Immortals!
Chapter 231:Ancient Wastelands
Chapter 991: Fang Wei vs. Meng Hao!
Chapter 232:Ancient Sword Sect
Chapter 992: I Haven鈥檛 Lost Yet!
Chapter 233:Thousand Beast Fruit
Chapter 993: Upheaval in the Fang Clan!
Chapter 234:Urging the Tiger to Swallow the Wolf
Chapter 994: The Clan in Chaos!
Chapter 235:Ancient Sword Resents the Dragon Ape
Chapter 995: The Ji Clan Makes a Move!
Chapter 236:Massive Earth-shattering Battle
Chapter 996: The Battle Resumes!
Chapter 237:Essence Blood Obtained
Chapter 997: Fang Xiushan鈥 DIE!
Chapter 238:Refining the Dragon Ape Essence Blood
Chapter 998: The Fall of Fang Wei!
Chapter 239:Successful Refining
Chapter 999: The Terracotta Soldier Arrives!
Chapter 240:Physical Battle
Chapter 1000: The Fang Clan鈥檚 Second Dao Realm Expert!
Chapter 241:Great Puppet City
Chapter 1001:The Ji Clan鈥檚 Last Secret Weapon!
Chapter 242:Mu Qianqian
Chapter 1002: Who Are You!?
Chapter 243:The Auction
Chapter 1003: First Generation Patriarch!
Chapter 244:Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat
Chapter 1004: The Fang Clan!
Chapter 245:Grandmaster Cheng
Chapter 1005: Hope Regarding the Ancient Realm!
Chapter 246:The Evolved Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15765.html||Chapter 1006: The Sword and the Shield of this Generation!
Chapter 247:A Complication3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15766.html||Chapter 1007: The Old Fox vs. the Fox Cub!
Chapter 1008: Why The Echelon Exists!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/38288.html||Chapter 248:Secret of the Praying Mat
Chapter 1009: I鈥檓 Already Married!
Chapter 249:Yuan Essence Energy
Chapter 1010: A Wager!
Chapter 250:Encirclement
Chapter 1011: Challenging the Medicine Pavilion Again!
Chapter 251:Soul Symbol Master
Chapter 1012: Opening the Essence Door
Chapter 252:Fierce Battle against Hua Zong
Chapter 1013: Planning to Escape the Marriage!
Chapter 253:Breaking the Vest
Chapter 1014: Sea Cleaving Heaven Defying Pill
Chapter 254:Annihilation
Chapter 1015: Heavenly One Thought!
Chapter 255:A Bountiful Harvest
Chapter 1016: Old Turtle Reliance!
Chapter 256:Complete Breakthrough
Chapter 1017: Pursued All The Way Out of Planet East Victory
Chapter 257:Race Against Time
Chapter 1018: Handling Old Turtle Reliance!
Chapter 258:Caught
Chapter 1019: The Hunting of Li Ling鈥檈r!
Chapter 259:Fending off Advanced Qi Creation Stage
Chapter 1020: Brushing Past!
Chapter 260:Blown Back
Chapter 1021: Pursued into the Ruins of Immortality!
Chapter 261:Black-clothed Teenager
Chapter 1022: Pipe Down!
Chapter 262:Great Desolate Ancient Origin
Chapter 1023: The Mountain and Sea Realm Alliance!
Chapter 263:Teng Lei
Chapter 1024: A Paragon Slaughters a Dao Protector!
Chapter 264:Second Encounter
Chapter 1025: Soulsearching Yi Fazi
Chapter 265:Rematch Against Wang Yan
Chapter 1026: 33 Realms; Mountain and Sea Tribulation!
Chapter 266:Tyrannical
Chapter 1027: Stirring Up a Sea of Insects!
Chapter 267:Wiseass
Chapter 1028: Stealing My Business?!?!
Chapter 268:Disappearing Seal
Chapter 1029: You鈥檙e the Insect Demon!
Chapter 269:Ancient Tablet Spiritual Domain
Chapter 1030: Su Yan!
Chapter 270:Chilling Wind Body Training
Chapter 1031: Trying to Control the Black Beetles
Chapter 271:Stone Pavilion Bones
Chapter 1032: Chasing Down Su Yan!
Chapter 272:Enemies Often Cross Path
Chapter 1033: The Might of the Echelon!
Chapter 273:Breaking His Arm
Chapter 1034: We鈥檙e Not Suited
Chapter 274:Core Area3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15794.html||Chapter 1035: The Meat Jelly was the Lightning Emperor?
Chapter 1036: Nine Seas God World!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/38463.html||Chapter 275:Symbol Puppet Lair
Chapter 1037: Hostility!
Chapter 276:Forcibly Taking
Chapter 1038: I Promise Not to Kill You!
Chapter 277:Subduing the High Class Symbol Puppet
Chapter 1039: I Have Proof!
Chapter 278:Black Altar
Chapter 1040: Don鈥檛 Provoke Me!
Chapter 279:Black Eyed Elder
Chapter 1041: The Origin
Chapter 280:Sealed
Chapter 1042: Trial by Fire of the Likewind Realm
Chapter 281:Ghastly Devil Kill
Chapter 1043: The Answer!
Chapter 282:The Might of a High-Grade Symbol Puppet
Chapter 1044: Initial Absorption of Paragon Blood!
Chapter 283 Manifestation Martial Tablet
Chapter 1045: ROCKED!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/38517.html||Chapter 284:Ten Praying Mats
Chapter 1046: An Iron Chicken That Can Also Pluck Feathers! 1
Chapter 285:Fighting For A Spot
Chapter 1047: Magic Pod Soldiers!
Chapter 286:Displaying His Strength
Chapter 1048: A Wager!
Chapter 287:Captured Forcefully
Chapter 1049: The Ninth Golden Door!
Chapter 288:Occupied
Chapter 1050: Celestial Warrior!
Chapter 289:Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger
Chapter 1051: Top 10!
Chapter 290 Inheriting Martial Arts
Chapter 1052: Passing on Body Cultivation Techniques
Chapter 291:Qi Creation Stage
Chapter 1053: The Demons are Provoked!
Chapter 292:The Sect鈥檚 Treasure Hoard
Chapter 1054: Little Haowie Needs To Be a Good Boy
Chapter 293:Primordial Blood Bat Dragon
Chapter 1055: Which Paragon Did This Blood Come From!?
Chapter 294:Killing The Primordial Blood Bat Dragon
Chapter 1056: The Mountains and Seas are Rocked!
Chapter 295 Easy Money
Chapter 1057: Immortal Emperor Meng Hao!
Chapter 296 Escape
Chapter 297 Seizing the Treasure and Fleeing
Chapter 1058: The Echelon Reacts!
Chapter 298 Black Symbol
Chapter 1059: Allheaven Dao Immortal!
Chapter 299 Curse Power
Chapter 1060: Threats!
Chapter 300 Strength Upgrade
Chapter 1061: I Can鈥檛 Hurt You?!
Chapter 301 Provocation at the Door
Chapter 1062: Boiling Sea!
Chapter 302:Power Play
Chapter 1063: Paragon Rocks the Might of the Sea!
Chapter 303 Blood Slaughter Hand Cao Zhen
Chapter 1064: Annihilating the Eight Demons!
Chapter 304 Battle Against Half-step-to Manifestation
Chapter 1065: Towering Killing Intent!
Chapter 305 Nine Sky-Shaking Steps
Chapter 1066: Elder Hai Sheng!
Chapter 306:Retreating Safely
Chapter 1067: Deadly Catastrophe!
Chapter 307 Information
Chapter 1068: Who Dares to Save Him!?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/38659.html||Chapter 308:Nine Destruction Purple Shadow
Chapter 1069: The Ninth Sea is Enraged!
Chapter 309 Ghastly Puppet City
Chapter 1070: Slaughtering a Path Through the Sect
Chapter 310:Teng Sha
Chapter 1071: Living Shield!
Chapter 311 Black Eye Phantasm
Chapter 1072: The Disgrace of the Body Cultivation World!
Chapter 312 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 1073: Allheaven Immortal!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/38689.html||Chapter 313 Advanced Manifestation Stage
Chapter 1074: Tongue As Sharp As a Sword
Chapter 314:Snatching It and Running Away
Chapter 1075: The Special Fifth Golden Gate
Chapter 315 Chaos
Chapter 1076: Blind!
Chapter 316 Vicious and Merciless
Chapter 1077: Dao Divinity Scripture!
Chapter 317 Mysterious Black Yin Crevice
Chapter 1078: Eight Gates, All Top 10!
Chapter 318:Nowhere to hide
Chapter 1079: Omen of the Door of the Ancient Realm
Chapter 319:Impasse
Chapter 1080: Crimson Door of the Ancient Realm
Chapter 320:The Seal is Broken
Chapter 1081: Summoning Soul Lamps, Stepping Into the Ancient Realm!
Chapter 321:The Dark World
Chapter 1082: The Third Fist Strike!
Chapter 322 Acknowledgement of the Ancestral Symbol
Chapter 1083: Lord Fifth鈥檚 Grand Ambition!
Chapter 323 High Level Soul Symbol Master
Chapter 1084: The Path to the Windswept Realm!
Chapter 324:Surge in Strength
Chapter 1085: Arriving in the Windswept Realm!
Chapter 325 Deep into the Mysterious Black Yin Crevice
Chapter 1086: Desire in the Windswept Realm!
Chapter 326 Danger
Chapter 1087: Eradication!
Chapter 327 Advancing to Half-step-to Manifestation
Chapter 1088: The First Death in the Windswept Realm!
Chapter 328 Overflowing Killing Intent
Chapter 1089: Who鈥檚 Fighting and Who鈥檚 Watching?
Chapter 329 Vengeance
Chapter 1090: The Echelon鈥檚 Declarations of War!
Chapter 330:Massive Battle Against Advanced Manifestation
Chapter 1091: The Scheming of Jian Daozi
Chapter 331:Bloody Battle
Chapter 1092: Demon Mantra: Mesmeric Rebuke!
Chapter 332 Threatening Anger
Chapter 1093: His Name Shakes the Echelon!
Chapter 333:The Might of the Ancient Symbol
Chapter 1094: The War of the Nine Nations Begins
Chapter 334 Wiping Out the Cult
Chapter 1095: Loathing Meng Hao!
Chapter 335:To Eliminate Weeds, You Must Cut The Roots
Chapter 1096: Han Qinglei!
Chapter 336 Blood Soul Puppet
Chapter 1097: Valiant!
Chapter 337:Acting Decisively
Chapter 1098: Blades Clash!
Chapter 338 Sealing the Blood Soul Puppet
Chapter 1099: Victory!
Chapter 339:The Requirements To Level Up
Chapter 1100: Fate!
Chapter 340 Departure
Chapter 1101: Slaughtering Into the National Aura Mountain!
Chapter 341 Collecting Demonic Blood
Chapter 1102: Han Qinglei鈥檚 Plot!
Chapter 342 Thunder Body Mastered
Chapter 1103: The Most Powerful Path of Immortality!
Chapter 343:Elderly Man in Cotton Robes
Chapter 1104: Killing You鈥 Will Only Take Seven St
Chapter 344:A Narrow Escape
Chapter 1105: What Did You Just Say?!
Chapter 345 Great Yan Province
Chapter 1106: Slaughtering Into the Fourth Nation!
Chapter 346 Clan Gathering!
Chapter 1107: Goal: Number One in the Echelon!
Chapter 347:Powerful Qingtan
Chapter 1108: Entering Allheaven Again!
Chapter 348 Lin Dong鈥檚 Return!
Chapter 1109: The Echelon War Truly Begins!
Chapter 349:Get Down Now
Chapter 1110: What Are You Doing!?
Chapter 350 The Meaning of Arrogance
Chapter 1111: Fatality!
Chapter 351 A Single Punch
Chapter 1112: Goodwill!
Chapter 352 Two Words for You
Chapter 1113: Killing Hai Dongqing Three Times!
Chapter 353 The Battle with Lin Langtian!
Chapter 1114: Thou Shalt Call Me鈥 Dao Fang!
Chapter 354 Battle of the Titans
Chapter 1115: Windswept Rebellion!
Chapter 355:Great Heavenly Phoenix Seal!
Chapter 1116: A Meeting in the Sixth Nation!
Chapter 356 All Cards Revealed
Chapter 1117: He鈥檚 Here!
Chapter 357 Spirit Wheel Mirror
Chapter 1118: Fighting Dao-Heaven!
Chapter 358 Desperate Struggle
Chapter 1119: Hong Bin Dies in Battle!
Chapter 359 Lin Fan
Chapter 1120: The Light of the Allheaven!
Chapter 360 End of the Lin Clan Gathering
Chapter 1121: The Most Powerful State!
Chapter 361 The Battle of Seeds
Chapter 1122: I Call Him Slaughter!
Chapter 362 The World Beyond Great Yan Empire
Chapter 1123: Dao-Heaven Retreats!
Chapter 363 The Clan Trove
Chapter 1124: For the True Dao!
Chapter 364:Sneak Attack
Chapter 1125: Take Its Place!
Chapter 365:Mysterious Tiny Black Hill
Chapter 1126: Hold the Tunnel!
Chapter 366 Heavy Prison Peak
Chapter 1127: You鈥檙e Zong Wuya!
Chapter 367:Initial Manifestation Stage
Chapter 1128: True Dao?
Chapter 368 Give Face But Don鈥檛 Want Face
Chapter 1129: The Blood Mastiff Flies!
Chapter 369 Sparing No Feelings
Chapter 1130: Muddling the Dao!
Chapter 370:A Second Encounter
Chapter 1131: Xue鈥檈r!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/39038.html||Chapter 371:Cruel
Chapter 1132: Shamed Into Rage!
Chapter 372 Rushing to the Imperial City
Chapter 1133: What Will You Put Aside?!
Chapter 373 The Gathering of Geniuses
Chapter 1134: The Echelon Heart!
Chapter 374:Green Robes Mo Ling3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15894.html||Chapter 1135: Leave The Rest To Me!
Chapter 375 The Beginning of the Battle of Seeds
Chapter 1136: Meng Hao Busts Out!
Chapter 376 Moving Mountain Generals
Chapter 1137: Drastic Upheavals!
Chapter 377:Huangpu Ying
Chapter 1138: Obvious Bait!
Chapter 378:The Art of Assassination
Chapter 1139: Toxic Qi Flow!?
Chapter 379 Breaking the Shadow
Outside of the Mountain and Sea Realm was an endless black void, within which the Windswept Realm wa
Chapter 380:The Final Opponent
Chapter 1141: The Echelon Fights Meng Hao!
Chapter 381 Wang Zhong
Chapter 1142: Who Requested My Presence?!
Chapter 382:Blood Demonic Asura Spear
Chapter 1143: Echelon Battles!
Chapter 383:A Bitter Fight
Chapter 1144: Zong Wuya Makes a Move!
Chapter 384 Bloody Battle
Chapter 1145: When There鈥檚 Tasty Bait, the Fishes Bite!
Chapter 385 The Placing
Chapter 1146: What Makes You Think I鈥檒l Give Them To You!?
Chapter 386:End of the Selection
Chapter 1147: Traitorous Sutra of the Rebel Dao
Chapter 387 Enraged Wang Lei
Chapter 1148: You Killed My Son, Prepare To Die!
Chapter 388:A Conversation At Night
Chapter 1149: An Arrow Rocks the Heavens!
Chapter 389 Sacred Spirit Pool
Chapter 1150: Allheaven Fang Clan!
Chapter 390:Various Means
Chapter 1151: Questioning Sea Dream!
Chapter 391 Scramble for Power
Chapter 1152: An Act!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/39160.html||Chapter 392:Snatching Everything
Chapter 1153: Too Kind-Hearted, Too Honest!
Chapter 393 The Mysterious Entity in Lin Langtian鈥檚 Body
Chapter 1154: Heavencloud Bazaar
Chapter 394:A Bountiful Reward
Chapter 1155: Mr. Moneybags!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/39174.html||Chapter 395 Bone Spear
Chapter 396 Refining The Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear
Chapter 1156: Blood-stained Jade Medallion!
Chapter 1157: I Won鈥檛 Buy It!
Chapter 397 A Change in the Blood Soul Puppet
Chapter 1158: Guru Heavencloud!
Chapter 398 Entering The Ancient Battlefield!
Chapter 1159: Forced Backward, Over and Over!
Chapter 399 Unfamiliar Space
Chapter 1160: The Fang Clan Arrives!
Chapter 400 Assembly Point
Chapter 401 Saint Light Empire3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15920.html||Chapter 1161: The Old Fox
Chapter 402 Demon Horde3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15921.html||Chapter 1162: Heavencloud Steps into the Dao!
Chapter 1163: Failing To Step Into the Dao!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/39206.html||Chapter 403 Conflict
Chapter 1164: Eternal Patriarch!
Chapter 404 Massacre
Chapter 1165: The Whole Clan Pays Respects!
Chapter 405 Snatching food from a tiger鈥檚 mouth
Chapter 1166: Dad, Mom, Hao鈥檈r Has Come Back!
Chapter 406:Li Sheng
Chapter 1167: Get Back Here, Meng Hao!
Chapter 407 Battling a Peak Manifestation Stage Elite
Chapter 1168: Settling Karma with Old Friends
Chapter 408 Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle
Chapter 1169: Returning to the Crow Divinity Tribe!
Chapter 409 Fifth Finger Move The Universe
Chapter 1170: This Place Is My Home
Chapter 410:A Complete Massacre
Chapter 1171: I鈥檓 Meng Hao!
Chapter 411 Forced to Leave
Chapter 1172: A Sermon On The Dao, By The Sacred Ancient!
Chapter 412 Checking The Harvest
Chapter 1173: Another Encounter With Shui Dongliu!
Chapter 413 The Big Senior Of Saint Light Empire
Chapter 1174: Dismemberment by Five Dragons! 1
Chapter 414 Information
Chapter 1175: Channeling the Spark!
Chapter 415 Lesser Nirvana Golden Body
Chapter 1176: Great Circle: Fleshly body!!
Chapter 416 Mastering Lesser Nirvana Golden Body
Chapter 1177: True Dao Immortal!
Chapter 417 Trouble Pays A Visit
Chapter 1178: Peak!
Chapter 418 Massacre
Chapter 1179: The Curse of Dao Fang!
Chapter 419 Proceeding Towards Yang City
Chapter 1180: Most Powerful State!
Chapter 420 Trio鈥檚 Breakthrough
Chapter 1181: Your Words are Meaningless!
Chapter 421 Bazaar
Chapter 1182: Great Tang; Allheaven!
Chapter 1183: Facing Tribulation in a Mysterious Location!
Chapter 422:Jin Mu
Chapter 1184: Dao Tribulation!
Chapter 423 Battling A Half-Step-To Nirvana Practitioner
Chapter 1185: Allheaven Tribulation!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/39298.html||Chapter 424 Shock And Awe
Chapter 1186: The Murderous Intentions of the Ninth Lord!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/39303.html||Chapter 425 Utter Disgrace
Chapter 426 Finally Enough3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/15962.html||Chapter 1187: Father Achieves the Dao!
Chapter 1188: South Heaven Death Formation!
Chapter 427 Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree
Chapter 1189: Father Must Not Perish!
Chapter 428 Cleansing The Blood Soul Puppet
Chapter 1190: Grand Ceremony in the Fang Clan!
Chapter 429 Time To Make A Move
Chapter 1191: Fighting for Dad!
Chapter 430 Entering The Thunder Granite Mountain Range
Chapter 1192: Enigmatic Quasi-Dao Expert!
Chapter 431 Second Encounter With The Demonic Horde
Chapter 1193: Don鈥檛 Dare to Fight?
Chapter 432 Kill
Chapter 1194: Cutting Them Down!
Chapter 433 Vicious
Chapter 1195: Eighth Life!
Chapter 434 Harvest
Chapter 1196: Taking Away the Terracotta Soldier!
Chapter 435 Another Upgrade
Chapter 1197: Stopping By To Demand Payment!
Chapter 436 Collecting A Debt
Chapter 1198: Repay Your Kindness!
Chapter 437 Killing Jin Mu
Chapter 1199: The Outrage of the Bridge of Immortality!
Chapter 438 Ling Zhi, Liu Yuan
Chapter 1200: Absorbing the Bridge of Immortal Treading!!
Chapter 439 Thunder Granite Valley
Chapter 1201: Son of the Mountains and Seas!
Chapter 440 Two High-Grade Empires
Chapter 1202: Forever and ever!
Chapter 441 A Wager
Chapter 1203: Old Friends
Chapter 442 Acknowledgement
Chapter 1204: As Of Now, It鈥檚 Called the Paragon Bridge!
Chapter 443 Undercurrent
Chapter 1205: Slaughter Appears Again!
Chapter 444 Stone Temple
Chapter 1206: Daoist Magic of Time!
Chapter 445 Tree Veins Symbol
Chapter 1207: Grievous News!
Chapter 446 Trump Card
Chapter 1208: Slaying Ji Dongyang Again!
Chapter 447 The Main Chamber
Chapter 1209: Mountains Have No Worries
Chapter 448 Trap
Chapter 1210: Using Karma to Track the Soul
Chapter 449 Stone Statue
Chapter 1211: Immortal Ancient Builds a Bridge Leaving the Ninth Mountain!

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