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Chapter 450 Lady Dressed In Red
Chapter 1212: Eighth Mountain and Sea
Chapter 451 Mu HongLing
Chapter 1213: Heavengod Alliance
Chapter 452 A Sudden Change
Chapter 1214: My Name is Meng Hao!
Chapter 453 Takeover
Chapter 1215: Single-handedly Rocking Blacksoul!
Chapter 454 Heaven Symbol Master
Chapter 1216: Fledgling Mountains and Seas!!
Chapter 455 Li Pan
Chapter 1217: Patriarch Blacksoul!
Chapter 456 Showing Up
Chapter 1218: Mutual Deception!
Chapter 457 Might of a Heavenly Symbol Master
Chapter 1219: Planet Blacksoul, Crumble!
Chapter 458 Killer
Chapter 1220: When Rivals Face Off, Victory Goes To the Brave
Chapter 459 Trouble
Chapter 1221: A Scholar Taking the Imperial Examinations
Chapter 460 The Scheme
Chapter 1222: Storm Clouds Approach
Chapter 461 Arrival
Chapter 1223: Is This a Dream?
Chapter 462 Battle
Chapter 1224: Be a Good Kid, My Little Disciple, Don鈥檛 Run!
Chapter 463 Lei She
Chapter 1225: Master, Save Me!
Chapter 464 Devouring World
Chapter 1226: The Blahblahblah Seal the Heavens Incantation
Chapter 465 Fat Lamb
Chapter 1227: Daoist Priest!
Chapter 466 Kidnap and Ransom
Chapter 1228: Supreme Power!
Chapter 467 Attacking the Half-step-to Nirvana Stage
Chapter 1229: Did I Say You Could Go?
Chapter 1230: Initial Contact with the Meng Clan!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/39518.html||Chapter 468 Collecting The Pills
Chapter 1231: Deadly Catastrophe!
Chapter 469 Shi Xuan
Chapter 1232: Essence Stirs Only For the Daosource!
Chapter 470 One Yuan Nirvana Stage
Chapter 1233: Initial Opening of the 33 Hells!
Chapter 471 A Situation
Chapter 1234: Greed Eyes a Body!
Chapter 472 Internal Body Formation
Chapter 1235: Counter-Attack!
Chapter 473 Ancient Universe Formation
Chapter 1236: We鈥檙e Still Good Friends!
Chapter 475 Ancient Lands
Chapter 1237: Detected!
Chapter 476 The Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger
Chapter 1238: Possessed by Greed!
Chapter 477 A Fierce Fight
Chapter 1239: Body Refining!
Chapter 478 Making A Move
Chapter 1240: An Incredible Person!
Chapter 478 Making A Move3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16063.html||Chapter 1241: Scared Half to Death!
Chapter 479 Retreating in fear
Chapter 1242: Blue Sun!
Chapter 480 Tiger Bone Obtained
Chapter 1243: Nine Seals鈥 Handiwork
Chapter 481 Fusing The Tiger Bones
Chapter 1244: Meng Hao Awakens!
Chapter 482 Little Flame after Metamorphosis
Chapter 1245: Signs of the Door of the Ancient Realm!
Chapter 483 Three Brothers3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16069.html||Chapter 1246: Cleanly and Thoroughly!
Chapter 484 Ancient Palace3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16070.html||Chapter 1247: Meng Chen Again
Chapter 1248: Leaving the 33 Hells!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/39607.html||Chapter 485 Great Hall
Chapter 486 Little Flame鈥檚 Might
Chapter 1249: I鈥檓 Meng Chen!
Chapter 487 Giant Essence Swallowing Palm
Chapter 1250: The Way Back
Chapter 488 Establishing One鈥檚 Might
Chapter 1251: The Wind Picks Up鈥.
Chapter 489 Various Factions
Chapter 1252: Attack!
Chapter 490 Opening of the Secret Trove
Chapter 1253: This is the Meng Clan!
Chapter 491 Golden Body Sharipu
Chapter 1254: Grandma Meng!
Chapter 492 Pill River
Chapter 1255: I鈥檓 Here To Defend You!
Chapter 493 Sky Eagle Empire
Chapter 1256: Make a Name!
Chapter 494 Attacking the Nirvana Stage
Chapter 1257: Sermon on the Dao!
Chapter 495 Arrival of the Double Tribulations
鈥淣ascent Soul, Nascent Soul. The Soul aspect is physical, and as for the Nascent part of the term, i
Chapter 497 Escalating Strength
Chapter 1259: Imposing Grandma Meng!
Chapter 498 Overwhelming
Chapter 1260: What Is The Point鈥 Of Leaving Any Be
Chapter 499 Arrival of Trouble
Chapter 1261: One Option鈥 Amputate!
Chapter 501:Soul Martial Arts
Chapter 1262: Activating the Clan Defense Formation
Chapter 502:Reunion
Chapter 1263: Removing Nine Spikes; the Seventh Sea Mobilizes!
Chapter 503:Ancient Sect Remnants
Chapter 1264: Just Where Are You鈥?
Chapter 504:Deterrent Force
Chapter 1265: Comeback
Chapter 505:Liu Bai
Chapter 1266: Not Strong Enough
Chapter 506:Tiangang Alliance3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16090.html||Chapter 1267: Together!
Chapter 507:Nirvana Burning Sky Array
Chapter 1268: The Door of the Ancient Realm is Coming!
Chapter 508:Nirvana Demon Flame3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16092.html||Chapter 1269: Shocking Tribulation!
Chapter 1270: Weird!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/39729.html||Chapter 509:A Mysterious Person
Chapter 1271: Foreigners Invade!
Chapter 510:Eight Level Sect
Chapter 1272: Retreat Is Not an Option!
Chapter 511:Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog
Chapter 1273: Soul Extermination!
Chapter 512:Palm Imprint, Fist Imprint, Finger Hole
Chapter 1274: Opening The Door of the Ancient Realm!
Chapter 513:Majestic Fist Aura
Chapter 1275: Drastic Upheavals in the Meng Clan!
Chapter 514:Eight Level Fist Aura
Chapter 1276: Igniting the Soul Lamps!
Chapter 515:The Might of the Fist Aura
Chapter 1277: Battling a Dao Sovereign!
Chapter 516:Fallout
Chapter 1278: Essence of Reality!
Chapter 517:The Remains of the Four Mysterious Sect
Chapter 1279: Prime Lamp!
Chapter 518:Pill Grounds
Chapter 1280: Paragon Soul Lamp!
Chapter 519:Pill Room
Chapter 1281: Take No Prisoners!
Chapter 520:Samsara Pill
Chapter 1282: Cleansing the Lands With the Fire of War!
Chapter 521:Violent Wolf Tian Zhen
Chapter 1283: Marquis Lu!
Chapter 522:Little Flame Battles Tian Zhen
Chapter 1284: The Power of the Mountain and Sea Realm!
Chapter 523:Meeting Again
Chapter 1285: The Spell Formation Stirs!
Chapter 524:Soul Martial Arts Battle
Chapter 1286: Seeing the Meng Clan Off!
Chapter 525:The Overlords
Chapter 1288: Seizing All Opportunities!
Chapter 526:Bronze Door
Chapter 1289: Extinguishing the First Lamp!
Chapter 527:Using His Trump Card
Chapter 1290: Returning to the Heavengod Alliance
Chapter 528:Summoning the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile
Chapter 1291: Who Said It Was a Worthless Incantation?
Chapter 529:The Might of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile
Chapter 1292: Are you鈥 My Grandpa Meng?
Chapter 530:Killer Intent
Chapter 531:Killed?
Chapter 1293: Storm Clouds Approach
Chapter 532:Entering the Great Bronze Door
Chapter 1294: I鈥檓 Waiting For You!
Chapter 533:First
Chapter 1295: The Lord of the Seventh Mountain and Sea Arrives!
Chapter 534:Second
Chapter 1296: THAT Spear!
Chapter 535:Third
Chapter 1297: An Extraordinary Showdown!
Chapter 536:The Mysterious Qing Zhi
Chapter 1298: Reproaching Seal!
Chapter 537:Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill
Chapter 1299: Know This: The Mountain and Sea Realm is Mine!
Chapter 538:Seclusion
Chapter 1300: A Projection of Dao Fang!
Chapter 539:The Third Nirvana Tribulation
Chapter 1301: Victory!
Chapter 540:Retaliate
Chapter 1302: Critical Juncture鈥.
Chapter 541:Nirvana Fiery Thunder Bead
Chapter 1303: Possessing and Consuming!
Chapter 542:The True Celestial Demon Marten
Chapter 1304: Old Turtle Reliance!
Chapter 543:A Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 1305: Legacy Door!
Chapter 544:Coming Out Of Seclusion
Chapter 1306: Third Generation Demon Sealer!
Chapter 545:Great Gan Empire
Chapter 1307: Hex Enlightenment
Chapter 546:Fire General, Mountain General
Chapter 1308: Searching For The Present Life!
Chapter 547:Tit for Tat
Chapter 1309: Cultivation Base, Erupt!
Chapter 548:A Fierce Battle
Chapter 1310: Let Me Help You!
Chapter 549:Green Dragon Sky Ripping Hand
Chapter 1311: Crushing!
Chapter 550:Defeating The Two Generals
Chapter 1312: Lord White Turns Outsider!
Chapter 551:Departure
Chapter 1313: If You Dare Kill Him, The War Starts!
Chapter 552:Being Targeted
Chapter 1314: FIGHT!
Chapter 553:Little Marten鈥檚 Might
Chapter 1315: Lord White Falls, The Battle Commences!
Chapter 544:A Night Encounter
Chapter 1316: Outsider Paragon!
Chapter 555:Su Rou
Chapter 1317: Killing Intent of a Paragon!
Chapter 556:Intervention
Chapter 1318: Battling a Dao Sovereign!
Chapter 557:Vicious3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16143.html||Chapter 1319: The Reserves of the Mountains and Seas
Chapter 558:Companion
Chapter 1320: Returning to the 33 Hells!
Chapter 559:Nirvana Monument
Chapter 1321: Grandfather and Grandson Reunite!
Chapter 560:The Nirvana Monument Test
Chapter 1322: Arriving in the Seventh Mountain!
Chapter 561:Chang Ling
Chapter 1323: War Requires Spirit!
Chapter 562:Complete Sweep
Chapter 1324: The Agreement of Planet Tiger Cage!
Chapter 563:Wanxiang Auction
Chapter 1325: Meng Hao鈥檚 Heart鈥.
Chapter 564:Luo Tong
Chapter 1326: Entering the Vale of the Godgrave!
Chapter 565:Face-off Between the Strong
Chapter 1327: Nothing More Than a Demonic Beast!
Chapter 566:Green Dragon Finger
Chapter 1328: Vale of the Godgrave!
Chapter 567:An Approaching Storm
Chapter 1329: Breakthrough!
Chapter 1330: Dao Lord Fleshly Body!
Chapter 1331: God Curse!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/40014.html||Chapter 568:The Four Great Super Empires
Chapter 1332: Extinguishing the Sixth Lamp!
Chapter 569:Wanxiang Auction
Chapter 1333: Was I So Wrong?
Chapter 570:Balance Spirit Fruit
Chapter 1334: Dao Sovereign!
Chapter 571:Desolate Heavenly Cow
Chapter 1335: Xu Qing, I鈥檓 here!
Chapter 572:Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal
Chapter 1336: Reuniting As Planned
Chapter 573:Competition of Wealth
Chapter 1337: Destination: First Heaven!
Chapter 574:The Final Victor
Chapter 1338: Dao Tribulation Comes!
Chapter 575:Before the Battle
Chapter 1339: 10,000 Star Detonation!
Chapter 576:Hundred Empire War, Begin!
Chapter 1340: To Exterminate this World!
Chapter 577a:Face Off
Chapter 1341: The Dao Sovereign Escapes!
Chapter 577b:Bloody Battle
Chapter 1342: Earth Shatters!
Chapter 578a:Might of a Heavenly Soul Treasure
Chapter 1343: Heaven Collapses!!
Chapter 578b:Earthshaking
Chapter 1344: Another Encounter With World Essence!
Chapter 579:Snatching Treasure
Chapter 1345: Hexing Magic Essence!
Chapter 580:Defeat & Death
Chapter 1346: Essence of space!
Chapter 581:Kick off
Chapter 1347: A Cold Glow in the Eyes!
Chapter 582:Death Spirit General
Chapter 1348: Enslaving a Paragon!
Chapter 583:The Second Seal
Chapter 1349: The Unyielding Soul of a Paragon
Chapter 584:Awakening
Chapter 1350: Full Scale Counterattack!
Chapter 585:Extermination
Chapter 1351: The 1st Heaven Acknowledges Allegiance!
Chapter 586:Improving His Abilities
Chapter 1352: Crown Prince of the Mountains and Seas!
Chapter 587:Progress into the Deeper Regions
Chapter 1353: I Demand An Explanation!
Chapter 588:Do You Dare
Chapter 1354: The 32 Heavens are Coming!
Chapter 589:Resist
Chapter 1355: Paragon Xuan Fang!
Chapter 590:Ground Evil Alliance
Chapter 1356: Plot To Fragment the Heavens!
Chapter 591:Enemies
Chapter 1357: Throw Myself Out as Bait!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/40095.html||Chapter 592:Knocking on their Door
Chapter 1358: Battling Paragon Xuan Fang!
Chapter 593:Xiao Shan
Chapter 1359: Oh So Devious!
Chapter 594:Dragon Soul Battling Zhuyan
Chapter 1360: Six Hexes Combine!
Chapter 595:Domination
Chapter 596:A Reunion3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16191.html||Chapter 1361: Risking It All In Battle!
Chapter 597:Lanying3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16193.html||Chapter 1362: Extinguishing Four Soul Lamps!
Chapter 598:Seven Great Super Sects
Chapter 1363: Sealing a Paragon!
Chapter 599:Cooperation
Chapter 1364: Demon and Immortal!
Chapter 600:Accept The Fight
Chapter 1365: The Daoist Societies Make a Move!
Chapter 601:Three Devils of the Song Family
Chapter 1366: Advancing the Decisive Battle!
Chapter 602:A Peculiar Move
Chapter 1367: No Choice But to Descend!
Chapter 603:How Freakish
Chapter 1368: Reversals!
Chapter 604:Four Yuan Nirvana Stage
Chapter 1369: Sun, Detonate!
Chapter 605:Taozong Fierce Spirit
Chapter 1370: Bow In Hand!
Chapter 606:Swallowing and Devouring
Chapter 1371: Paragon in Terror!
Chapter 607:Outcome
Chapter 1373: Mountains Crumble, Seas are Destroyed!
Chapter 608:Do You Still Have Strength?
Chapter 1374: Returning to the 33 Hells!
Chapter 609:Devastating
Chapter 1375: I鈥檝e Been Waiting!
Chapter 610:Qin Tian
Chapter 1376: The State of Clear Water鈥.
Chapter 611:Opening of the Hundred Empire Mountain
Chapter 1378: 8-Essences Arrive!
Chapter 612:Ascending the Mountain
Chapter 1379: Incredible Power
Chapter 1381: Fierce Killing!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/40158.html||Chapter 613:Eight Great Super Sects
Chapter 614:A Familiar Face3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16230.html||Chapter 1382: Three Scripture Spikes!
Chapter 615:Nirvana Golden Ranking Battle
Chapter 1383: The Staff of Dao Fang!
Chapter 616:Cooperation
Chapter 1384: Driving a Wedge!
Chapter 617:Battling Lin Langtian Again
Chapter 1385: Life or Death for the People of the Mountains and Seas!
Chapter 618:Forming a Martial Soul
Chapter 1386: Fighting Will Cleaves Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 619:Unleashing All of One鈥檚 Skills
Chapter 1387: Planet South Heaven In Peril!
Chapter 620:Green Dragon Aegis
Chapter 1388: We Mountain and Sea Cultivators!
Chapter 621:Violence
Chapter 1389: Stand Behind Me!
Chapter 622:Killing Lin Langtian
Chapter 623:Complete Extermination3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16253.html||Chapter 1390: Farewell, My Hao鈥檈r
Chapter 624:Vying over the Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 1391: I Don鈥檛 Need Any Of It
Chapter 625:Cao Yu
Chapter 1392: Happy Now?
Chapter 626:Intervening
Chapter 1393: Guilty Because of the Fang Clan!
Chapter 627:Revealing All Trump Cards3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16265.html||Chapter 1394: Slaughter Slashes the Immortal Gods!
Chapter 628:Stacking
Chapter 1395: The Mountains and Seas Erupt!
Chapter 629:Stacking Three Trials
Chapter 1396: Devil Realm World-Butterfly!
Chapter 630:Lightning Trial Destruction Formation
Chapter 1397: I Shall Bestow You With Ultimate Good Fortune!
Chapter 631:Break Free
Chapter 1398: The Starry Sky of the Vast Expanse
Chapter 632:Meeting Ling Qingzhu Again?
Chapter 1399: The Butterfly Flies!
Chapter 633:Four Years
Chapter 1400: Green Coffin Vortex!
Chapter 634:Origin
Chapter 1401: Wake Up, Wake Up!
Chapter 635:Sect Selection
Chapter 1402: I Shall Possess the Mountains and Seas!
Chapter 636:Joining the Dao Sect
Chapter 637:Conclusion of the Hundred Empire War3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16293.html||Chapter 1403: The Supreme Seal the Heavens Incantation!
Chapter 1404: Immortal, God, Demon, Devil, Ghost!
Chapter 638:Dazzling Great Yan
Chapter 1405: Wiping the Paragon Bridge from the Dao!
Chapter 639:Dao Region, Dao Sect!
Chapter 1406: For Hope!
Chapter 640:Four Great Mysterious Scriptures
Chapter 1407: How Could I Possibly Close My Eyes!?
Chapter 641:Choosing a Hall
Chapter 1408: The Parrot鈥檚 Choice!
Chapter 642:Reward
Chapter 1409: My Mountain and Sea Realm!
Chapter 643 Guidance
Book 9: The Demon Sovereign Returns; the Peak of the Vast Expanse!
Chapter 644:Fight
Chapter 1411: The Vast Expanse Bell Heralds the Arrival of a Paragon!
Chapter 645:Desolate Blade
Chapter 1412: Reeling Them In!
Chapter 646
Chapter 1413: So, Are You Going To Sell This Corpse?
Chapter 647:Nirvana Golden Qi
Chapter 1414: Refining a Paragon Corpse!
Chapter 648:The Bottom of the Pill River
Chapter 1415: Vast Expanse Dao Body!
Chapter 649:Movement
Chapter 650:Uproar
Chapter 651:Dragon Yuan Ring
Chapter 1416: Welcoming Light!
Chapter 652:Five Yuan Nirvana Stage
Chapter 1417: Who Cares If You Know!?
Chapter 653:Emerging from the River
Chapter 1418: Ninth Paragon!
Chapter 654:Senior Direct Disciples
Chapter 1419: Putting Down Roots!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/40283.html||Chapter 655:Objection from Jiang Hao
Chapter 1420: A Direction for Transcendence!
Chapter 656:Martial Arts Hall3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16348.html||Chapter 1421: Provocation!
Chapter 1422: Leave My Mark!
Chapter 657:The Desolation Skill
Chapter 1423: Necropolis Ghost City!
Chapter 658:The Desolate Stone
Chapter 1424: The Ghost Masses Offer Worship!
Chapter 659:Forming a Desolate Seed
Chapter 1425: Allheaven Fears the Immortal!
Chapter 660:Four Stone Tablets
Chapter 1426: Bombardment of Killing Intent!
Chapter 661:Desolate Demon Eye
Chapter 1427: All Ye Shall Call Me Allheaven!
Chapter 662:Huang
Chapter 1428: The Passing of Ages in Frescoes
Chapter 663:Success or Failure?
Chapter 1429: A Deep Look at the Vast Expanse!
Chapter 664:Monthly Competition
Chapter 1430: Crushing the Sixth Paragon!
Chapter 665:Intense Fight With Jiang Hao
Chapter 1431: One Flees, Terrified!
Chapter 666:Great Star Majestic Fist
Chapter 1432: Transcendence Dais!
Chapter 667:The Power of the Demon Eye
Chapter 1433: Killing With Witnesses!
Chapter 668:The Fifth Senior Direct Disciple
Chapter 1434: Battling Jin Yunshan!
Chapter 669:A Talk in the Night
Chapter 1435: Heaven Ripping!
Chapter 670:Peace
Chapter 1436: Fourth Fist Strike: Devil-Butchering!
Chapter 671:Heading out of the Sect
Chapter 1437: Sealing the World-Slaughtering Finger!
Chapter 672:Blood Rock Grounds
Chapter 1438: Void Divinity Conversion!
Chapter 673:Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree
Chapter 1439: The Call of the Emperor
Chapter 674:Ape King3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16407.html||Chapter 1440: The Five Potentates!
Chapter 1441: Transcendence Dais!
Chapter 675:Battling the Ape King
Chapter 1443: Difficulty Completing the Ninth Hex!
Chapter 676:Kill
Chapter 1444: Swear an Oath!
Chapter 677:Activity
Chapter 1445: One Word!!
Chapter 678:Bad News
Chapter 1446: The Aura of the Copper Mirror!
Chapter 679:A Troublesome Situation
Chapter 1447: Yeah, I Am!
Chapter 680:Fighting the Butcher
Chapter 1448: A Year鈥.
Chapter 681:Spirit of the Desolate Beast
Chapter 1449: Haowie
Chapter 682:Retreat
Chapter 1450: Joining the Sect!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/40367.html||Chapter 683:Formless Bodhi Sound
Chapter 1451: Han Bei鈥檚 Secret!
Chapter 684:Rescue
Chapter 1452: Leverage!
Chapter 685:Grudge
Chapter 1453: Enjoy Yourself, Prince!
Chapter 686:Bloody Fight
Chapter 1454: You Screwed Us Over鈥.
Chapter 687:Swallowing the Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruits
Chapter 1455: The Ninth Paragon Arrives!
Chapter 688:Killing Su Lei
Chapter 1456: Who Else?
Chapter 689:Demonic Yuan Cursed Body
Chapter 1457: Vast Expanse Shrine!
Chapter 690:Heavily Wounded
Chapter 1458: The Long and Broad View
Chapter 691:Rest
Chapter 1459: You鈥檙e Fang Mu!
Chapter 692:Ying Xiaoxiao, Qing Ye
Chapter 1460: A Smile From the Peak!
Chapter 693:Dao Sect Master
Chapter 1461: Vast Expanse Shrine! 1
Chapter 694:Soul Locking Array
Chapter 1462: Establishing a Legend!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/40403.html||Chapter 695:Dual Tribulations Once Again
Chapter 1463: Seal the Heavens Hex!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/40406.html||Chapter 696:Great Desolate Tablet
Chapter 1464: Tolling in Nine Sects!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/40409.html||Chapter 697:Ripple
Chapter 698:Desolate3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16509.html||Chapter 1465: Completely Brazen!
Chapter 699:You are Sick3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16512.html||Chapter 1466: Who Else?
Chapter 700:Breakthrough
Chapter 1467: Seven Sealing Marks Eradicate Tribulation!
Chapter 701:Unknown Lifeforms
Chapter 1468: I鈥檓 Here for the Copper Mirror!
Chapter 702:Comprehending the Great Desolation Scripture
Chapter 1469: Conflicts
Chapter 703:Success
Chapter 1470: Copper Mirror Shard!
Chapter 704:Mountain Challenge
Chapter 1471: Righteous Jin Yunshan!
Chapter 705:Great Precipice Cave
Chapter 1472: That鈥檚 Not How To Use That Mirror Shard!
Chapter 706:Violence
Chapter 1473: Because It鈥檚 Mine!
Chapter 707:Great Precipice Cave Scripture
Chapter 1474: A Long, Long Path鈥.
Chapter 708:Upgraded Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand
Chapter 1475: Marriage Alliance!
Chapter 709:Zither-playing Young Lady
Chapter 1476: Of Course!
Chapter 710:Wang Yan
Chapter 1477: Provoking the Ninth Sect
Chapter 711:Standoff
Chapter 1478: The Third Mirror Shard
Chapter 712:Start of the Hall Competition
Chapter 1479: Stepping On All the Sects鈥 Shrines!
Chapter 713:Battling Ying Huanhuan

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