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Chapter 1480: Challenging all the Sects!
Chapter 714 Opponent
Chapter 1481: The Peak of the World
Chapter 715:Clash of the Top
Chapter 1482: Looking Back at This Life!
Chapter 716:Intense Battle
Chapter 1483: On the Transcendence Path!
Chapter 717:Earth Dragon Divine Sealing Palm
Chapter 1484: Extinguishing Soul Lamps on the Path!
Chapter 718:Dragon Wings
Chapter 1485: Malicious Intentions!
Chapter 719:Battle of the Finest
Chapter 1486: The Clone Passes Away In Meditation
Chapter 720:Wang Yan V.S. Ying Xiaoxiao
Chapter 1487: Reincarnation!
Chapter 721:Clash of the Sky Emperor Scripture
Chapter 1488: Little Tiger Shi
Chapter 722:Fight
Chapter 1489: Chen Lei
Chapter 723:Battle of the Titans
Chapter 1490: Little Mute
Chapter 724:Black Demon Mirror VS Great Desolation Scripture
Chapter 1491: Xu Liuyun 1
Chapter 725:Tragic
Chapter 1492: Mutt
Chapter 726:Victory and Defeat
Chapter 1493: Wait Until I Grow Up鈥.
Chapter 727:Return of the Commanding Rights
Chapter 1494: Little Treasure
Chapter 728:Selecting A Treasure
Chapter 1495: World of Ice and Fire!
Chapter 729:Static Tablet
Chapter 1496: Decision by Battle
Chapter 730:A Sudden Disturbance from the Demon Spirit Seal
Chapter 1497: Borrowing Power for the Search!
Chapter 731:Borrowing the Zither
Chapter 1498: The Return Call!
Chapter 732:The Trio鈥檚 Reunion
Chapter 1499: Familiar Fluctuations!
Chapter 733:Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva
Chapter 1500: Holding the Line!
Chapter 734:Demon Sound Mountain
Chapter 1501: Set Foot In Here, and Die!
Chapter 735:Sudden Guests
Chapter 1502: Who Am I?
Chapter 736:Change in the Situation
Chapter 1503: Transcendent Armor!
Chapter 737:An Unforeseen Development
Chapter 1504: Song Daozi!
Chapter 738:Nothing To Speak Of
Chapter 1505: You Are The Son of Allheaven
Chapter 739:Getting Rid Of All Loose Ends
Chapter 1506: Cut Off Outside the Vast Expanse!
Chapter 740:The Power of a Celestial Demon Marten
Chapter 1507: Can鈥檛 Tell Clearly
Chapter 741:Bountiful Harvest
Chapter 1508: Vast Expanse Society
Chapter 742:Battle of Techniques
Chapter 1509: Following the Crowd
Chapter 743:Cleanse
Chapter 1510: Strange Occurrences!
Chapter 744:Breaking Core Brewing Spirit
Chapter 1511: I鈥檓 Meng Hao!!
Chapter 745:Surge in Strength
Chapter 1512: It All Falls Apart!
Chapter 746:Reincarnator
Chapter 1513: Five Pillars!
Chapter 747:Returning back to the Sect
Chapter 1514: 1
Chapter 748:A Conversation
Chapter 1515: Call Me Lord Fifth, Bitches!
Chapter 749:Do You Still Remember
Chapter 1516: The Return!
Chapter 750:Departing
Chapter 1517: Hunting Down Han Bei!
Chapter 751:Unique Devil Region
Chapter 1518: Nearing the Ninth Reincarnation!
Chapter 752:Conflict
Chapter 1519: Han Bei Perishes!
Chapter 753:An Eagle
Chapter 1520: Sculpt the Heavens!
Chapter 754:An Amusing Exchange
Chapter 1521: The Heavens Inflict Punishment!
Chapter 755:Nice To Meet You
Chapter 1522: Oh How Cruel
Chapter 756:Meeting Again After Five Years
Chapter 1523: My Destiny!
Chapter 757:Does He Want To Die3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16688.html||Chapter 1524: Nine Reincarnations Together!
Chapter 758:Burning Sky Ancient Stash
Chapter 1525: Goodbye, Yan鈥檈r
Chapter 759:Gathering of Monsters
Chapter 1526: A Place to Transcend!
Chapter 760:Tit for Tat
Chapter 1527: Vast Expanse Leads the Defense!
Chapter 761:Unique Devil Region, Open
Chapter 1528: The Necropolis Again
Chapter 762:Mysterious Life Bone Beads
Chapter 1529: Flying Over the Land Masses!
Chapter 763:Unexpected Occurrence
Chapter 1530: The Ninth Land Mass!
Chapter 764:Bitterly Fight Against the Demon Corpse
Chapter 1531: Charge!
Chapter 765:Controlling the Demon Corpse
Chapter 1532: All Ye Living Beings Art My Sons
Chapter 766:Harassment
Chapter 1533: Dissolving the Hex!
Chapter 767:Information about the Ancient Treasure Stash
Chapter 1534: Fuse With Me!
Chapter 768:Hurrying to the Ancient Stash
Chapter 1535: I Am Meng Hao, Here I Transcend!
Chapter 769:Getting Someone Else to do One鈥檚 Dirty Work
Chapter 1536: Extinguishing the Bronze Lamp!
Chapter 770:Brother and Sister鈥檚 Reunion
Chapter 1537: Daosource Complete!
Chapter 771:Qingtan
Chapter 1538: A Universe!
Chapter 772:Challenge
Chapter 1539: The Meat Jelly Shall Be Resurrected
Chapter 773:Intense Battle against Lei Qian
Chapter 1540: The Return of Lord Third!
Chapter 774:Lightning God Codex
Chapter 1541: Lost in the Act!
Chapter 1542: Demon Sovereign!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/40641.html||Chapter 775:Might of the Reverse Rotation
Chapter 1543: Target: 33 Heavens!
Chapter 776:Confrontation
Chapter 1544: Excited and Trembling!
Chapter 777:Opening of the Burning Sky Ancient Stash
Chapter 1545: Dao Fang, Do You Remember Me?!
Chapter 778:Mysterious Realm
Chapter 1546: Destroying the Aeon Span!
Chapter 779:Central Hub
Chapter 1547: Exterminating Dao Fang!
Chapter 780:Confirmation
Chapter 1548: Vicious!
Chapter 781:An Unexpected Twist
Chapter 1549: The Lands of the Sinners Shall Not Remain!
Chapter 782:Cauldron
Chapter 1550: Death Cannot Wipe Out Your Crimes!
Chapter 783:Red Robed Man
Chapter 1551: I鈥檒l Wait For You On the 10th Heaven!
Chapter 784:Red Robe Versus Black Fog
Chapter 1552: The Traitorous Ninth Sea!
Chapter 785:Suppression
Chapter 1553: The Return of the Demon Sovereign!
Chapter 786:Fen Tian
Chapter 1554: Transcendence Treasure!
Chapter 787:Absorbing
Chapter 788:Eight Yuan Nirvana Stage
Chapter 1555: Summoning the Mountains and Seas!
Chapter 789:Supreme Purity Celestial Pond
Chapter 1556: The Most Powerful Mountain and Sea!
Chapter 790:The Yang Brothers
Chapter 791:Martial Emperor Law3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16808.html||Chapter 1557: I Bestow Upon You the Title of Ninth Sea!
Chapter 792:Might of the Burning Sky Array
Book 10: I Watch Blue Seas Become Lush Fields 1
Chapter 793:Martial Emperor
Chapter 1559: Reunions
Chapter 794:Unexpected Turn of Events at the Bottom of the Pond
Chapter 1560: Recalling Past Times
Chapter 795:Outcome
Chapter 1561: Mountain Among Mountains!
Chapter 796:Fight
Chapter 1562: She Does Not Wish to Awaken
Chapter 797:Start of the Battle
Chapter 1563: The Wind Stirs
Chapter 798:Grudge
Chapter 1564: Immortal God Opening Salvo!
Chapter 799:The Disciples鈥 Battle
Chapter 1565: Less Real Than it Seems
Chapter 800:Chaotic Battle
Chapter 1566: The Resources!
Chapter 801:Yuan Cang鈥檚 Spirit Emblem
Chapter 1567: Not Willing!
Chapter 802:Two Ladies Joining Forces3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/29/16841.html||Chapter 1568: Puppets!
Chapter 803:Misery
Chapter 1569: Rot!
Chapter 804:Ability
Chapter 1570: Seeing Clearly!
Chapter 805:Battle of the Top
Chapter 1571: The Man in the Palace!
Chapter 806:Re-emergence of the Great Desolation Scripture
Chapter 1572: The Devil Cometh!
Chapter 807:Intense Battle Against Yuan Cang
Chapter 1573: Testing
Chapter 808:Might of the Burning Sky Cauldron
Chapter 1574: Qualified to Explore the Universe!
Chapter 809:Change in the Situation
Chapter 1575: Battling the Devil Continent!
Chapter 810:Lunatic
Chapter 1576: All Beings Acknowledge Allegiance!
Chapter 811:Desolation Stone Beads
Chapter 1577: Severing the Root of the Bloodline!
Chapter 812:Bitter Victory
Chapter 1578: Allheaven Transformation!
Chapter 813:Coming To A Close
Chapter 1579: Emperor Dragon Transformation!
Chapter 814:Shock
Chapter 1580: Third Transformation!
Chapter 815:Return
Chapter 1581: You Think You Can Ruin Me?!
Chapter 816:Dispute
Chapter 1582: Heavenly God Transformation!
Chapter 817:Gathering Once Again
Chapter 1583: None Can Match My Strength!
Chapter 818:Little Marten鈥檚 Might
Chapter 1585: Consuming Allheaven!
Chapter 819:1v6
Chapter 1586: I am the Heavens!
Chapter 820:Ren Yuanzi
Chapter 1587: Starry Sky of the Mountains and Seas!
Chapter 821:Desperate
Chapter 1588: Resurrecting Old Friends!
Chapter 822:The Three Brothers鈥檚 Crushing Defeat
Chapter 1589: Time is Limited!
Chapter 823:Feelings
Chapter 1590: The End of a Generation
Chapter 824:Gathering of the Top Experts
Chapter 1591: Shui Dongliu鈥檚 Jade Slip
Chapter 825:Withdrawal from the Sect
Chapter 1592: Same Scenery, Filled with Strangers
Chapter 826:Desperate Struggle
Chapter 1593: Loneliness
Chapter 827:Teleportation
Chapter 1594: Buried Within Time
Chapter 828
Chapter 1595: Someone Transcends!
Chapter 829:Escape
Chapter 1596: Goldrobes Covets the Mountains and Seas!
Chapter 830:He Will Return
Chapter 1597: Long Time No See
Chapter 831:A Foreign Land
Chapter 1598: You鈥檙e Still Here?!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/40811.html||Chapter 832:Chaotic Demon Sea, Heaven Wind Sea Region
Chapter 1599: Eighth Allheaven Transformation!
Chapter 833:Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit
Chapter 1600: I am the Ghost!
Chapter 834:Xuan Yuan Pill
Chapter 1601: You Can Call Me鈥 Su Ming!
Chapter 835:Night Attack
Chapter 1602: The God Descends!
Chapter 836:Divine Symbol Master
Chapter 1603: Peak Battle!
Chapter 837:Reward
Chapter 1604: Destroying Allheaven鈥檚 Finger!
Chapter 838:Attacking the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage
Chapter 1605: Final Allheaven Transformation!
Chapter 839:Mysterious Spirit Mountain
Chapter 1606: Hex Versus Hex!
Chapter 840:Shock and Deter
Chapter 1607: Are You Coming?
Chapter 841:Gathering of the Various Factions
Chapter 1608: The End of an Epoch
Chapter 842
Chapter 1609: Becoming Allheaven!
Chapter 1610: Whose Clone?
Chapter 843:Might of the Green Dragon
Chapter 1611: Untitled
Chapter 844:Three-headed Demon Snake
Chapter 1612: Missing Clues
Chapter 845:Chaotic Battle
Chapter 1613: A New Life for Father and Mother
Chapter 846:Each Displaying Their Skills
Chapter 1614: A Ship Approaches From the Horizon!
Chapter 847:Obtained
Other Tales 1: Foster Father Ke
Chapter 848:Situation
Other Tales 2: Chu Yuyan
Chapter 849:Sucked into the Cauldron
Other Tales 3: The Parrot and the Meat Jelly
Chapter 850:Overwhelming Might
Chapter 851:Kill
Chapter 852:Core Spiritual Birth Serum
Chapter 853:Entering the Lake
Chapter 854:Behind the Lava
Chapter 855:An Extremely Dangerous Situation
Chapter 856:Mysterious Domain
Chapter 857:Token
Chapter 858:External Helper
Chapter 859:Profound Life Stage
Chapter 860:Chaotic Tower
Chapter 861:Movement
Chapter 862:Martial Gathering Island
Chapter 863:Conflict
Chapter 864:Thanks for the Win
Chapter 865:Obstinate
Chapter 866:Collaboration
Chapter 867:Enemies Will Inevitably Meet
Chapter 868:Martial Gathering
Chapter 869:Allocation
Chapter 870:Intense Battle Against Su Yan
Chapter 871:A Single Strike
Chapter 872:Victory
Chapter 873:Asura Method
Chapter 874:Challenge
Chapter 875:Martial Emperor鈥檚 Fury
Chapter 876:Powerful
Chapter 877:Initial Contact
Chapter 878:Sea Map
Chapter 879:This Path is Unpassable
Chapter 880:Green Dragon Battle Armour
Chapter 881:Green Dragon Battles Asura
Chapter 882:Asura Earthly Demonic Prison
Chapter 883:All Out
Chapter 884:Victory
Chapter 885:End
Chapter 886:Entering the Chaotic Tower
Chapter 887:Sea-like Desolation Qi
Chapter 888:Great Benefits
Chapter 889:Purplish Gold Skin
Chapter 890:Ancestor Stone Spirit
Chapter 891:Trouble Knocking on One鈥檚 Door
Chapter 892:Nefarious Bone Old Man
Chapter 893:Plan
Chapter 894:Leave
Chapter 895:Fighting the Nefarious Bone Old Man
Chapter 896:Power of the Ancient Divine Flame Tablet
Chapter 896:Seriously Injured
Chapter 898:Blood Demon Shark Clan
Chapter 899:Green Clothed Girl
Chapter 900:Mu Lingshan
Chapter 901:Rescue
Chapter 902:Exchange
Chapter 903:Striking First
Chapter 904:Slaughter
Chapter 905:Intense Battle on the Sea
Chapter 906:Demon Shark Tooth
Chapter 907:Complete Elimination
Chapter 908:Sky Merchant City
Chapter 909:Tang Dongling
Chapter 910:Refining the Burning Sky Gates
Chapter 911:Complete Burning Sky Cauldron
Chapter 912:Sky Merchant Auction
Chapter 913:Confrontation
Chapter 914:Sky Devouring Corpse
Chapter 915:Bidding Competition
Chapter 916:Main Auction Item?
Chapter 917:Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol Clue
Chapter 918:Competition for the Silver Tower
Chapter 919:Controlling the Sky Devouring Corpse
Chapter 920:Good Show
Chapter 921:Unexpected Turn of Events
Chapter 922:Strike
Chapter 923:Might of the Burning Sky Gates
Chapter 924:Snatching the Tower and Fleeing
Chapter 925:Pursuers
Chapter 926:Sky Lightning Sea Region
Chapter 927:Encounter During the Journey
Chapter 928:Wu Xuan
Chapter 929:Two Great Samsara Stage Experts
Chapter 930:Gift
Chapter 931:A Discussion in the Night
Chapter 932:Arrival
Chapter 933:Scheme
Chapter 934:Killing as a Deterrence
Chapter 935:Still Water Runs Deep
Chapter 936:Entering Sky Lightning Sea Region
Chapter 937:Treacherous Sky Lightning Sea Region
Chapter 938:Opening The Cave
Chapter 939:Lightning Battleground
Chapter 940:Inside The Cave
Chapter 941:Pursuit
Chapter 942:Massacre
Chapter 943:A Mysterious Red-Robed Man
Chapter 944:Thunderbolt Core
Chapter 945:Crossing Blows
Chapter 946:A Lively Affair
Chapter 947:Lightning Cliff Gorge
Chapter 948:Collecting
Chapter 949:Battle at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 950:Implicated
Chapter 951:Intense Battle against Pang Hao
Chapter 952:Vicious
Chapter 953:Yimo
Chapter 954:Withdraw
Chapter 955:Help
Chapter 956:Three Great Divine Objects
Chapter 957:Removing the Demonic Markings
Chapter 958:Zuo Fei
Chapter 959:Absorption
Chapter 960:Thunder Hall
Chapter 961:The Gathering Of Experts
Chapter 962:Nine Serene Guarding Spirit Formation
Add bookshelf3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/55/46861.html||Chapter 963:Luring the Corpses
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Chapter 964:Destroying an Arm
Book9 B9C5鈥揜oom for Hegemony
Chapter 965:Lightning Emperor Scepter
To the bottom
Chapter 966:Tussle
Chapter 1-Depending on each other for survival
Chapter 967:Subdue
Chapter 2-Facing imminent catastrophe
Chapter 968:Previous Generation of the Yuan Gate鈥檚 Three Little Kings
Chapter 3-Far and away from Yangzhou
Chapter 969:Mo Luo
Chapter 4-Impossible to unravel
Chapter 970:Expel
Chapter 5-Thunder in a clear blue sky
B1C6 鈥 Great Method of Nine Mysteries
B1C7-Jade Annulus of the He Clan
B1C8-In so much pain, wishing for death
B1C9-Another Long Journey
B1C10:Dashing on bravely with no thought of person
B1C11:Pursuing Troops鈥 Sudden Arrival
B2C1The Wily Old Fox
B2C2Mutual Deception[1]
B2C2Mutual Deception[2]
B2C3Acting Without Thinking
B2C4Great Scheme of Acquiring Wealth
B2C4Great Scheme of Acquiring Wealth
B2C5:Madame Dong Ming
B2C6:Benefiting Self, Benefiting Others
B2C7:Fish in the Net
B2C8-Clan Leader of the Fairer Sex[1]
B2C9-Early Glimpse into The Mystery
B2C10-Classified Account Book
B2C11-As Poisonous as Vipers and Scorpions
B2C12-Faking Death to Escape
B3C1-People in Terrible Situation
B3C2-Crafty Plots and Intrigues
B3C3-Betting Against Beautiful Woman
B3C4-Fallen Into The Trap and Captured.
B3C5-One Business Deal
B3C6-Escape from Dangerous Spot
B3C7-Brothel and Casino in One
B3C8-Trouble in the Casino
B3C9-Dong Ming Princess
B3C10-The Fire of War on Lake Wei
B3C8-Trouble in the Casino
B3C9-Dong Ming Princess
B3C10-The Fire of War on Lake Wei
B4C1-Aspiration Higher Than The Sky
B4C2-Enlightenment By The Well
B4C3-Shooting Star from the North
B4C4-The Amazing Woman Qingxuan
B4C5-Peerless Yuwen
B4C6-Meeting Susu Again
B4C7-Learning The Art of Taking Refuge
B4C8-Bird Inside The Cage
B4C9-Sincere Collaboration
B4C10-Revenge and Repaying Debts of Gratitude
B4C11-Night Visit to the Pleasure House
B4C12-Disaster鈥檚 Sudden Arrival
B5C1-Escape By The Skin Of Their Teeth
B5C2-Big Hiding Place in the City
B5C3-The Shadow Assassin
B5C4-Stealth Dragon Turns Into Phoenix
B5C5-Entanglement of Passion and Evil
B5C6-Vying for the book
B5C7-Subduing Enemy on Snowy Ground
B5C8-Familiarity at First Sight
B5C9-Shaking Hands in Agreement
B5C9-Shaking Hands in Agreement Part 2
B5C10-Yuwen Chengdu
B5C11-Imperial Court鈥檚 End of the Road
B5C12-The Battle of Two Clans
B6C1-Duke of Pushan鈥檚 Decree
B6C2-Old Cat Burning its Whiskers
B6C3-Sui Emperor Yang Guang
B6C4-Confidential Matter That Is Not A Secret
B6C5-The Muddleheaded Ruler鈥檚 End of the Road
B6C6-Killing Their Way Out of Imperial City
B6C7-Father and Son Reunion
B6C8-Total Abandon
B6C9-Full Display of Their Capabilities
B6C10-Revealing True Feelings
B6C11-Delivered to Their Doo
B6C12-The Debut of the Wing
B7C1-Two Lords of the Yangtze River
B7C2-Alarming Change On The Salt Boat
B7C3-General Assembly in Bamboo Forest
B7C4-Meeting Face to Face on a Narrow Path
B7C5-Easy as Pie[1]
B7C6-Passionately Selecting Precious Woman
B7C7-Mortal Danger, Escape Alive
B7C8-Excellent Escape Plan
B7C9-Deep Love between Sister and Brothers
B7C10-Street Assassination
B7C11-Penetrating Deep Into the Tiger Cave
B7C12-Running Amuck at the Pleasure House
B713-Troops Movement Into Danger
B8C1-Meticulous Planning
B8C2-The Fish in the Net
B8C3-Turning Defeat Into Victory
B8C4-Earthly Saber Song Zhi
B8C5-Night Talk on Yangtze River
B8C6-Love and Hate Difficult to Distinguish
B8C7-The Mysterious Giant Ship
B8C8-Brilliant Scheme to Break the Enemy
B8C9-Moon in the Well Champion
B8C10-Siren[1] or Saint?
B8C12-A Thousand Li to Save a Beauty
B9C1-Amorous Demon of Yin Gui
B9C2鈥揊ortuitous Meeting at an Abandoned Vil
B8C11-your servant, Wanwan
B9C3-Profiting from a Disaster
B9C4-Flying Horse Ranch
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