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Chapter 7: Desolate Bones
Chapter 279:Paying the Price
Chapter 8: Killed Secretly
Chapter 280:Forbidden Mysterious Technique
Chapter 9: Peculiar Body Transformation
Chapter 281:Demon
Chapter 10: The Peculiar Body鈥檚 Sensation
Chapter 11: The Reason for the Change
Chapter 12: Do you know about the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom
Chapter 13: The Unexpected Outcome of picking Herbs
Chapter 14: Sucking it all dry
Chapter 15: Thunder Occurring in the Nine Clouds, Surprise Bow Drops Flock
Chapter 16: Leave some soup for Lian Chengyu
Chapter 17: Tendons like bowstrings3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/43520.html||Chapter 282:Seizing Back Face
Chapter 18: If you cook any further, it will be overcooked
Chapter 283:Tearing Off Both Arms
Chapter 19: Vigor
Chapter 284:A Tooth for a Tooth
Chapter 20: Yi Yun鈥檚 suspicions
Chapter 285:Looking for the Path of Death
Chapter 21: Lian Chengyu exits Isolation
Chapter 286:Confrontation of the Geniuses
Chapter 22: Recruitment
Chapter 287:Fatal Cold Air
Chapter 23: Yi Yun鈥檚 Elixir Refinement
Chapter 288:Meeting The Murderous 7-Injuring Fists Again
Chapter 24: Frost Toxin
Chapter 289:Grey-Cloak World Spiritist
Chapter 25: Self-mutilating Cultivation
Chapter 290:Crushed Into a Meat Patty
Chapter 26: Thunderous
Chapter 27: Sick
Chapter 291:Come At Me
Chapter 29: Opening up the Meridians
Chapter 292:Healing Li Zhangqing
Chapter 30: Jin Long Wei*
Chapter 293:Shocking the Azure Province
Chapter 31: Preliminaries
Chapter 294:The Sisters鈥 Real Feelings
Chapter 33: Eating a Large Pagoda Tree
Chapter 295:Perverted World Spiritist
Chapter 35: Cornerstone Skill of the Army
Chapter 296:Opening the Emperor Tomb
Chapter 36: Really have to eat the tree?
Chapter 297:Illusion Formation
Chapter 37: Twelve Moves
Chapter 298:Black Tortoise Armor Technique
Chapter 38: Charm
Chapter 299:Ancient Castle Exploration
Chapter 39: A person鈥檚 most painful experience in life
Chapter 300:Evil Spirit Recognizing Its Master
Chapter 40: Each having a Scheme
Chapter 301:Untouchable
Chapter 41: Wounded
Chapter 302:Indescribable Uneasiness
Chapter 42: Jumping down the Chasm
Chapter 303:Heaven Shocking Change
Chapter 43: No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me
Chapter 304:Cool and Warmth of Human Emotions
Chapter 44: Female Desolate Heaven Master
Chapter 305:Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens
Chapter 45: Purple Clouds鈥 Birth
Chapter 306:Black-Hearted Father
Chapter 46: Cleared Meridians, Dragon Pulse
Chapter 307:Nerves That Can Cover The Sky
Chapter 47: Scrounging a free meal
Chapter 308:Oppressive Killing Intent
Chapter 48: As a glutton with principles, no compromises
Chapter 309:Believe in Him
Chapter 310:Shh, Quiet
Chapter 49: I want one item3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/43594.html||Chapter 311:Chu Feng Enters The Stage
Chapter 312:You Forced It
Chapter 50: The fat elder鈥檚 vile interest
Chapter 313:Demonic Wings
Chapter 51: Yi Yun vs Lin Xintong
Chapter 314:Lending a Hand as an Exception
Chapter 52: I lost
Chapter 315:Resource Treasury
Chapter 53: Gift of a book
Chapter 316:Returning a Present
Chapter 54: Unwilling to stay Ordinary
Chapter 317:Widespread Slaughtering
Chapter 55: Su Jie
Chapter 318:Road of Extinction
Chapter 56: Siege
Chapter 319:Cultivating with a Calm Heart
Chapter 57: Lian Chengyu鈥檚 evil motives
Chapter 320:The Fusion of Ice and Fire
Chapter 58: Returning Home
Chapter 59: Kindness
Chapter 321:Causing a Disaster
Chapter 60: Bliss
Chapter 322:Die Together
Chapter 61: I want to be a sage
Chapter 323:Sealed for Two Years
Chapter 62: Scapegoat
Chapter 324:Grand Dynasty Army
Chapter 63: Qi Gatherer Realm
Chapter 325:Cold-Faced Jiang Han
Chapter 64: Desolate Bones Refinement Completed
Chapter 326:Arriving at the Qin Province
Chapter 65: Lian Chengyu is nervous
Chapter 327:I Go To the Thousand Monster Mountain
Chapter 66: For many generations, the wilderness will be unified
Chapter 328:Help Him Out
Chapter 67: Conceal the secret
Chapter 329:Completely Subdued
Chapter 68: Behemoth Troop
Chapter 330:Young Man
Chapter 69: Diagram
Chapter 331:Prestigious Villa
Chapter 70: Prologue to the Selection
Chapter 332:Relics of the Monster King
Chapter 71: Nine spots
Chapter 333:Prestigious Invitation Letter
Chapter 72: The pinnacle of Zhao Tiezhu鈥檚 life
Chapter 334:The Future鈥檚 Number One Person
Chapter 73: Yi Yun鈥檚 Appearance
Chapter 335:Lewd Old Man
Chapter 74: Brutally Attacking Zhao Tiezhu
Chapter 336:Attracting Reward
Chapter 75: Dog鈥檚 Blood over Face
Chapter 337:Beat You Up Even More Miserably
Chapter 76: The Desolate Bones are Poisonous!
Chapter 338:Slight Mastery of Dragon Travelling
Chapter 77: Yao Yuan鈥檚 Advice
Chapter 339:Young Genius
Chapter 78: Pedestal
Chapter 340:Royal Bloodline
Chapter 79: Arrival of the Selection鈥檚 Ambassador
Chapter 341:Breaking Past the Obstruction
Chapter 80: Departure
Chapter 342:3rd Level of the Profound Realm
Chapter 81: Third Young Master
Chapter 343:Marriage Gathering
Chapter 82: He Really Came
Chapter 344:Might of Elite Armaments
Chapter 83: Testing your Spirit!
Chapter 84: Absorbing energy again
Chapter 345:Cultivation Exposed
Chapter 85: Noteworthy3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/43629.html||Chapter 346:Archenemy
Chapter 86: Moving towards the Horn3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/43630.html||Chapter 347:Intimidation and Oppression
Chapter 87: Peak of the Qi Gatherer Realm3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/43631.html||Chapter 348:Who Gave You That Confidence
Chapter 349:Beat You All Over The Place
Chapter 88: Arrogant for once
Chapter 350:Returning Damage
Chapter 89: First in the Preliminary
Chapter 351:It鈥檚 Time To End This
Chapter 90: Jin Long Wei Elite
Chapter 352:Beauties Arrive
Chapter 91: Meeting Lin Xintong once more
Chapter 353:Distant from the Beauty of Females
Chapter 92: Another Sparring Match
Chapter 354:Zi Ling
Chapter 93: This feeling again?
Chapter 355:Special Event
Chapter 94: What do you want to do to me?
Chapter 356:Prepare to Start the Battle
Chapter 95: Star-filled Sky
Chapter 357:Beautiful Woman Paying a Visit
Chapter 96: The Semi-finals Begin
Chapter 358:Igniting the Flames of War
Chapter 97: The pinnacle of Lian Chengyu鈥檚 life
Chapter 359:Public Enemy of Males
Chapter 98: Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven
Chapter 360:Unfathomable
Chapter 99: Yi Yun goes on stage
Chapter 361:Leader
Chapter 100: Mysterious Feeling
Chapter 362:Xia Le鈥檙
Chapter 101: Purple Air Comes From The East (Part 1/2)
Chapter 363:Entrapping Success3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/17722.html||Chapter 102: Purple Air Comes From The East (Part 2/2)
Chapter 103: Old Man Su鈥檚 Guess
Chapter 364:Come Chase After Your Grandfather
Chapter 104: You Are Out
Chapter 365:Horrifying Force
Chapter 105: Evaluation Results
Chapter 366:Sudden Change
Chapter 367:Taking a Risk to Save People
Chapter 106: Yi Yun鈥檚 rank
Chapter 368:Entering Deep into the Enemy鈥檚 Territory
Chapter 107: Let鈥檚 test their actual combat ability
Chapter 369:Play a Game
Chapter 108: Yet another slap on the face
Chapter 370:Sacrifice Self to Save Others
Chapter 109: Blood Lineage
Chapter 372:If You Can, Come At Me
Chapter 110: The Selection鈥檚 final battle
Chapter 111: You owe me ten lives
Chapter 373:The Airs of a King
Chapter 112: Ten crimes
Chapter 374:Retreat
Chapter 113: Brutally beating Lian Chengyu
Chapter 375:Location of Treasure
Chapter 114: Evil brought on by himself is the hardest to bear
Chapter 376:Last Chance
Chapter 115: Consecutive Victories
Chapter 377:Cooperation
Chapter 378:World Spirit from the Fairy Spirit World
Chapter 116: Kingdom Knight
Chapter 379:You Cannot Save Him
Chapter 117: Yi Yun VS Tao Yunxiao
Chapter 380:Broken Walls
Chapter 118: The insight gained from battle
Chapter 381:Gold-cloak World Spiritist
Chapter 119: Small Success stage of Minute Subtlety
Chapter 382:Risking One鈥檚 Own Life to Save
Chapter 120: Defeating Tao Yunxiao
Chapter 383:Treasure the Person in Front of You
Chapter 121: The Selection is Finalized
Chapter 384:There鈥檚 Something Hidden
Chapter 122: Tao Yunxiao vomits blood too
Chapter 385:Unexpectedly, There is a Elite Armament
Chapter 123: First in Mortal Blood
Chapter 386:Asura Ghost Axe
Chapter 124: Overshadowing Heroic Spirit
Chapter 387:Recognize Me As Master
Chapter 125: Kingdom Knight Conferment
Chapter 388:King of Elite Armaments
Chapter 126: With a beauty as companion
Chapter 389:Return
Chapter 127: Young Master Lian is back?
Chapter 390:Change Starting
Chapter 128: Heaven has eyes
Chapter 391:Conditions
Chapter 129: Glorious Homecoming
Chapter 392:Want Money But Not Life
Chapter 130: Settling scores
Chapter 393:Insane Young Person
Chapter 131: This is Bliss
Chapter 394:Might of the Asura Ghost Axe
Chapter 132: Yi Yun distributes food
Chapter 395:Breaking Formations
Chapter 133: You reap what you sow
Chapter 134: Letting you breakthrough to Purple Blood
Chapter 396:Chief Jie Xingpeng
Chapter 135: Battling Fierce Beasts
Chapter 397:A Simple Palm
Chapter 136: Lin Xintong鈥檚 uncertainty
Chapter 398:Entrusted By Zi Ling
Chapter 399:United Wanted Poster
Chapter 400:Zi Ling Appears
Chapter 137: If I were to become a Desolate Heaven Master
Chapter 401:Him or None Other
Chapter 138: Desolate Beast
Chapter 402:Who Dares to Touch Her3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/17795.html||Chapter 139: Purple Blood
Chapter 403:5th Level of the Profound Realm
Chapter 140: Flowing Mercury Gown
Chapter 404:Bald Big Man Telling a Story
Chapter 141: Onward to the Central Plains
Chapter 405:Disciple of the Yuangang School
Chapter 142: Divine Capital
Chapter 406:He鈥檚 Actually Chu Feng
Chapter 407:Gift a Huge Present
Chapter 408:Battling Song Qingfeng
Chapter 409:Manmade Elite Armament
Chapter 143: Jin Long Camp
Chapter 410:The Body of the Heaven Realm
Chapter 144: Thunder Sky Drum
Chapter 411:Blood-Coloured Forbidden Medicine
Chapter 145: Start the array
Chapter 413:Enemy or Friend
Chapter 146: Unwillingness and Persistence
Chapter 414:Hundred-faced Old Man
Chapter 147: Youths have to be unrestrained
Chapter 415:Begging Old Beggar
Chapter 148: Young master Zijun
Chapter 416:Mad Murdering Demon
Chapter 149: Half Foot Steps
Chapter 417:Battle of Wits
Chapter 150: Yi Yun鈥檚 limit
Chapter 418:Bet Everything
Chapter 151: Changes into a dragon upon facing a storm
Chapter 419:Illusion Method
Chapter 152: The Heart for Martial Arts
Chapter 420:Arrival of Li Zing
Chapter 153: Yi Yun鈥檚 Weapon
Chapter 421:Magical Mask
Chapter 154: The Second Choice
Chapter 422:Exquisite Chariot
Chapter 155: Soft Cloud Mountain Manor
Chapter 156: Divine Wilderness Campground
Chapter 157: Traveling to the Divine Wilderness
Chapter 158: Central Divine Tower
Chapter 423:Luring the Snake out of the Cave
Chapter 159: Sage Avenue
Chapter 424:Divine Body
Chapter 160: Thousand Army Saber鈥檚 First Battle
Chapter 425:Eastern Sea Region
Chapter 426:Returning to the Fire God School3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/17841.html||Chapter 161: Wilderness Divine Hall
Chapter 162: Heaven, Earth, Man Rolls of Honor
Chapter 427:Opening the Tomb
Chapter 163: Primordial Species Sculpture
Chapter 428:Inherited Bloodline
Chapter 164: Sage鈥檚 Truth
Chapter 429:Very Understandable
Chapter 165: We are doing good
Chapter 430:Old Ancestor of the Fire God School
Chapter 166: Basic Training
Chapter 431:Shocking the Nine Provinces
Chapter 167: Frog-jumps
Chapter 432:Honestly Explaining
Chapter 168: School grounds
Chapter 433:This is Called a Spiritual Bead
Chapter 169: Primal Arrow
Chapter 434:Elder Sister Goddess3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/17859.html||Chapter 170: You must have been a sedan carrier in the past?
Chapter 435:Yan Yangtian
Chapter 171: What it means to be a sage
Chapter 436:The Killing God Arrives
Chapter 172: Dragon Scale Runes
Chapter 437:Starting the Massacre
Chapter 438:Difficult to Differentiate Good and Evil3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/17865.html||Chapter 173: Way to earn Runes
Chapter 174: Even picking herbs has a record?
Chapter 439:Jiang Yini
Chapter 175: Luohuo Association
Chapter 440:Pulse Searching Method
Chapter 176: Herb Picking Profession
Chapter 441:Zi Ling鈥檚 Hidden Troubles
Chapter 177: Meteorite Grass
Chapter 442:Stirred Up Fury
Chapter 178: The one who wants to break the record
Chapter 443:Zhang Tianyi
Chapter 179: Handing Herbs Over
Chapter 444:Divine Body?
Chapter 180: Dragon Rune Ranking
Chapter 445:Forbidden Mysterious Technique
Chapter 181: Entering the Wilderness Divine Hall again
Chapter 446:Everyone Meeting Everyone
Chapter 182: Door Manning Elder
Chapter 447:Forward to the Sword God Valley
Chapter 183: Blood Yang Flower
Chapter 448:Geniuses Arrive
Chapter 184: Mysterious Herb
Chapter 449:The Great Battle Begins
Chapter 185: Falling off the cliff
Chapter 450:Sword God Formation
Chapter 186: Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng
Chapter 451:Expert Revives
Chapter 187: Archery Skills
Chapter 452:Greatest Sword God
Chapter 188: The Final Preparations
Chapter 453:Torturing Zi Ling
Chapter 189: Lunar Yin Day
Chapter 454:The Furious Chu Feng
Chapter 190: Double arrays
Chapter 455:Shocking Huge Explosion
Chapter 191: The arrow that shot through the night
Chapter 456:This is a Natural Disaster
Chapter 192: Primordial Herb in Hand!
Chapter 457:Absolutely Do Not Harm Her
Chapter 193: Absorbing the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng
Chapter 458:Call Me Milady Queen
Chapter 194: Blood Ball in the middle of the eyebrows
Chapter 459:Eggy鈥檚 Thoughts
Chapter 195: Returning to the City
Chapter 460:Within Danger
Chapter 461:Growth That Defies Reason
Chapter 196: Handing Over the Herbs
Chapter 462:The Strongest Person in the Young Generation
Chapter 197: Yi Yun鈥檚 Reason
Chapter 463:Ancestor Save Me
Chapter 198: The increase in strength
Chapter 464:Ten Thousand Hand Immortal Capturing Formation
Chapter 199: Elder Jian Ge
Chapter 465:Gu Tianchen
Chapter 200: Yi Yun鈥檚 Reward
Chapter 466:The Young Generation Has Died
Chapter 201: Divine Fate Bone Charm
Chapter 467:Morale Greatly Increases
Chapter 202: Rise to Fame
Chapter 468:Seeing the Mysterious Monstrous Beast Again
Chapter 203: You teased me, I teased you
Chapter 469:Chu Feng鈥檚 Request
Chapter 204: I鈥檒l be scared
Chapter 470:The Person Who Wants to Kill You
Chapter 205: Loses underpants
Chapter 471:The Monstrous Monkey King Appears
Chapter 206: Sunrise from Tang Valley
Chapter 472:Leave None
Chapter 207: Picture of the Sun
Chapter 473:Emperor
Chapter 208: Rainbow Blood Feather
Chapter 474:Asking for an Exorbitant Price
Chapter 209: Radiant Sun Qi
Chapter 475:Young Hero Chu Feng
Chapter 210: The result of the Heaven鈥檚 Eyeball
Chapter 476:Emperor Bloodline
Chapter 211: The power of the Radiant Sun
Chapter 477:Four Seas Academy
Chapter 212: Maid Servant Dong鈥檈r
Chapter 478:The Monkey King鈥檚 Present
Chapter 213: Rookie Rankings
Chapter 479:The Guesses of the Jiang Dynasty鈥檚 Old Ancestor
Chapter 214: Betting all one鈥檚 wealth
Chapter 480:The Horrifying Ice and Fire Pearls
Chapter 215: The Opening of the Ranking Competition
Chapter 481:Chu Feng鈥檚 Decision
Chapter 216: That One Brick鈥檚 Elegant Appearance
Chapter 482:The Outcome is Set
Chapter 217: No matter how good your martial arts were, you would be put down with a brick!
Chapter 483:Rebuilding the Azure Dragon School
Chapter 218: Devastation of Sun Yuan
Chapter 484:Glory Reappearing
Chapter 219: Bro, you are too naive
Chapter 485:The Void School In Trouble3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/17958.html||Chapter 220: Throwing in the Towel
Chapter 486:Just Like A God
Chapter 487:Alliance
Chapter 488:Gazes of Admiration
Chapter 221: Liu Yuxing
Chapter 489:A Worthy Trip
Chapter 222: Star Picking Hand
Chapter 223: Battling Liu Yuxing
Chapter 224: Extreme Speed
Chapter 225: With one Brick in Hand, To Rule the World
Chapter 490:Flames That Cover the Sky
Chapter 226: Xu Qingyun
Chapter 227: Lixiao Association
Chapter 491:What Exactly Is It?
Chapter 228: Hard-Soft
Chapter 229: Inborn Divine Strength
Chapter 492:Black-clothed Old Man
Chapter 230: The one gathering of the elites
Chapter 493:Terrifying Huge Bird
Chapter 231: Sword Scar Palace
Chapter 494:A Secret
Chapter 232: The way of the saber
Chapter 495:Astonishing Truth
Chapter 233: Straight to the Primeval Source
Chapter 234: The Rookie competition鈥檚 last two days
Chapter 235: The first match鈥檚 opponent
Chapter 236: Fighting Qiuniu
Chapter 237: Divine Strength Ox King Skill
Chapter 238: Clinching Victory
Chapter 496:Refusal
Chapter 497:I鈥檒l Go Back With You
Chapter 239: Disk Array Video
Chapter 498:Crippling Night Demon Sect
Chapter 240: The Weak overcoming the Strong
Chapter 241: Coming Together
Chapter 499:The Current Chance3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18002.html||Chapter 242: Aspect Totem
Chapter 243: Emperor Saber, Sovereign Sword
Chapter 244: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 500:Returning to the Emperor Tomb
Chapter 245: Rushing Up the Earth Roll
Chapter 501:Vermilion Bird Revival Technique
Chapter 246: Let the Boss Prepare
Chapter 502:A Strange Smile
Chapter 247: The son of King Chu
Chapter 503:Brothers Killing Each Other
Chapter 504:One鈥檚 Own Selfishness
Chapter 505:Spirit Formation Essence
Chapter 506:Reviving the Ancestor
Chapter 507:Dynasty Summoning Order3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18014.html||Chapter 248: Truth of the Laws
Chapter 249: Saber and Sword
Chapter 250: Battling Li Hong
Chapter 251: Heaven Opening Mountain
Chapter 508:Reinforcements
Chapter 252: Radiant Sun
Chapter 509:Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation
Chapter 510:Entering the Formation
Chapter 511:Troops Arriving at the City Gates
Chapter 512:Suffering from Misery
Chapter 513:The Might of One Fist
Chapter 514:Reversing the Battle Situation
Chapter 515:Panic and a Cold Smile
Chapter 253: Defeating Li Hong
Chapter 516:Looking in a New Light
Chapter 254: Pure Yang Body
Chapter 517:Ten Days and Ten Nights
Chapter 256: The Ninth Terrace in the Library
Chapter 518:I Am The Azure Dragon Founder
Chapter 257: Ten Thousand Beast Totem
Chapter 258: Unrestrained
Chapter 519:Secret Weapon
Chapter 259: Chu Royal Residence鈥檚 Negotiation
Chapter 260: Desolate Heaven Technique Record
Chapter 520:Middle-Aged Man
Chapter 261: Luo Huo鈥檈r鈥檚 Rage
Chapter 521:King of the World
Chapter 522:Natural Disaster Creator
Chapter 262: I am neighbors with him?
Chapter 523:Human Realm Hell
Chapter 263: Yi Yun鈥檚 Dao
Chapter 524:The Great Enemy Has Been Eradicated
Chapter 264: Learning because I don鈥檛 know
Chapter 525:Looting Wealth
Chapter 265: Enemies Meet Again
Chapter 526:Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation
Chapter 266: Grandmaster Yuehua
Chapter 527:Golden Dragon in the Sky
Chapter 267: Power of Desolates Extraction
Chapter 528:Great Kindness and Benevolence
Chapter 268: Test
Chapter 529:Change in the Emperor Tomb
Chapter 269: Reconciliation
Chapter 530:The Powerful, Mysterious Man
Chapter 270: Yi Yun鈥檚 test transcript
Chapter 531:The Mystical Emperor Tomb
Chapter 271: Yi Yun鈥檚 Score
Chapter 532:Four Symbols Binding Formation

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