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Chapter 272: Release of Results
Chapter 533:Emperor Might Appearing for an Instant
Chapter 273: Yuehua鈥檚 Invitation
Chapter 534:This Is An Emperor Armament
Chapter 274: Acknowledging a Quasi-Master
Chapter 535:Huangfu Haoyue
Chapter 275: Lin Bone Gall
Chapter 276: Life is Filled with Miseries
Chapter 536:History of the Sea Region
Chapter 277: Heading into the Divine Wilderness
Chapter 537:Holy Land of Martialism
Chapter 278: Traveling Alone in the Divine Wilderness
Chapter 538:I Can Help You
Chapter 279: Thousand Feet Black Silkworm
Chapter 539:Mission
Chapter 280: Mysterious Youth
Chapter 540:Present
Chapter 281: Crossing the Swamp
Chapter 282: Meteorite Abyss
Chapter 283: Opportunistic Kill
Chapter 284: Meeting
Chapter 285: Taking the Site Over
Chapter 286: Causing Trouble
Chapter 287: Diverting Trouble3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/43828.html||Chapter 541:School Opening Ceremony
Chapter 542:Who鈥檚 The Strongest In The Young Generation?
Chapter 543:Battle of Geniuses
Chapter 544:Going With Full Strength
Chapter 288: One With the Saber
Chapter 545:Gradual Strengthening Secret Skill
Chapter 289: Jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire
Chapter 546:The Winner and Loser Revealed
Chapter 290: Fallen Star Gate
Chapter 547:Preparing to Depart
Chapter 291: The Purple Crystal鈥檚 Throbbing
Chapter 548:Smile of Happiness
Chapter 292: Burning Hell
Chapter 549:Pulse Searching Method
Chapter 293: Seven Colored Radiance
Chapter 550:Deep and Profound
Chapter 294: Burning Hell Huge Flower3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/43838.html||Chapter 551:Luxurious Tavern
Chapter 295: Pure Yang Spirit
Chapter 552:Tianyi鈥檚 Secret
Chapter 296: Breaking the Array! Nine Nine Returns to One
Chapter 553:The Arrogant Shentu Lang
Chapter 297: The Broken World
Chapter 554:Taking On Elite Armaments Barehanded
Chapter 298: Dead Path
Chapter 555:What Are You Planning
Chapter 299: The counter-attack while in extreme danger
Chapter 556:A Person Beyond A Person
Chapter 557:Aberrant Treatment
Chapter 558:Ten Divine Instructors
Chapter 301: Pure Yang Sword Palace
Chapter 559:Congratulatory Gifts
Chapter 302: Returning to the Divine City
Chapter 560:Auction
Chapter 303: City Lord鈥檚 Birthday Banquet
Chapter 561:Selling
Chapter 304: The new crop has yet to come in to replace the old
Chapter 562:Provocation
Chapter 563:Bidding
Chapter 564:Son of Magma
Chapter 565:A Heavenly Great Deal
Chapter 305: Gathering of Experts
Chapter 306: The Birthday Banquet Begins
Chapter 307: Shepherd Boy
Chapter 566:Moon Festival
Chapter 307: Competing for Assembly Seats
Chapter 567:Sleeping Together With You
Chapter 308: Yi Yun Coming out of Reclusive Training
Chapter 568:Beneath The Round Moon
Chapter 309: Venomous Snake
Chapter 569:Road of Death
Chapter 310: Leader
Chapter 311: Humiliation
Chapter 312: Taste of Your Own Medicine
Chapter 313: Against Viper
Chapter 314: Poison-elemental Laws
Chapter 570:Brothers Meeting3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18150.html||Chapter 315: Defeating Viper
Chapter 316: Jun Yue
Chapter 317: Metal-elemental Laws
Chapter 318: Cang Yan鈥檚 ass
Chapter 319: The Saber that Pressed forward with Indomitable Will
Chapter 320: The Precise Saber
Chapter 571:Who?
Chapter 321: Fighting Jun Yue
Chapter 572:The Queer Taikou
Chapter 322: Luminous Moon against the Radiant Sun
Chapter 573:Sacred Entities
Chapter 323: The Young Adults Battle
Chapter 324: Qianshui Family Clan
Chapter 325: The Memories of the Broken Sword
Chapter 574:Wolf Ivory Mountain
Chapter 326: Overall Group Match Begins
Chapter 575:Deciding to Interfere
Chapter 327: Yi Yun vs Qianshui
Chapter 576:Odd
Chapter 328: Feng Lin
Chapter 329: Jade Maiden 18 Swords
Chapter 330: The Sword Appears
Chapter 331: Breaking Waves3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/43864.html||Chapter 577:Ploy
Chapter 332: Severely Injured
Chapter 333: Golden Crow鈥檚 Precious Blood
Chapter 334: Two Hours
Chapter 335: Son of Lightning
Chapter 578:The Specific Events
Chapter 336: Lightning Force Field
Chapter 579:Success
Chapter 337: Terrible
Chapter 338: Lightning Snake against Golden Crow
Chapter 339: A Tiger leaving his Hill and descending to the Plains
Chapter 580:Best Treatment
Chapter 340: Voice Transmission
Chapter 341: Clear Water Fountain
Chapter 581:Purple-coloured Spirit Formation Power
Chapter 342: Fighting Again
Chapter 582:Son of a Martial Emperor
Chapter 343: The Dust Settles
Chapter 583:Black and White Rakshasa
Chapter 344: Meeting the City Lord
Chapter 584:Exploitation
Chapter 345: Great Expectations
Chapter 585:Spirit Formation Technique Contest
Chapter 346: Attempt to break through to the Yuan Foundation Realm
Chapter 586:Chu Feng Enters the Stage
Chapter 347: Alerting Bell
Chapter 587:The Domineering Chu Feng
Chapter 348: Giant Turtle
Chapter 588:Opening the Treasure
Chapter 349: I cannot dodge what is mine
Chapter 589:Hong Qiang
Chapter 350: Leaving
Chapter 590:Fatal Change
Chapter 351: Divine Capital
Chapter 591:Phoenix of Ice
Chapter 352: The Glimmer of Hope
Chapter 353: Young master Nantian3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/43879.html||Chapter 592:Less Than An Animal
Chapter 354: Spy
Chapter 593:Everything In Control
Chapter 355: Blood
Chapter 594:Must Die
Chapter 595:Sixth Level of the Heaven Realm
Chapter 356: Dark Red
Chapter 357: At the end of the Road
Chapter 596:Paying a Visit to the Lovers Terrace
Chapter 597:Ten Women of the Ocean of Flowers
Chapter 598:Fruit of Martialism
Chapter 599:Leaving in Utter Defeat
Chapter 600:You Dare?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18236.html||Chapter 358: Serene Smile
Chapter 359: Vicious
Chapter 360: Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill
Chapter 361: Lotus blooming with each Step
Chapter 362: Trap
Chapter 363: Order of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 364: The Yang brothers鈥 idea
Chapter 365: Settling Scores
Chapter 366: Returning it to you
Chapter 367: Killing All Together
Chapter 368: The Blood of the Desolate Race
Chapter 369: Finally Leaving Tai Ah
Chapter 370: Humans and Desolates have different paths
Chapter 371: Seal
Chapter 601:Disdainful Gesture
Chapter 602:Fighting Again
Chapter 603:Exceptional Beauty
Chapter 372: Heading to Tian Yuan
Chapter 604:Attitude Change
Chapter 605:Malignant
Chapter 373: Tian Yuan World
Chapter 374: Unforeseen Situation
Chapter 606:Everlasting Sea of Blood
Chapter 375: Evil Yi Yun
Chapter 607:Ancient Legend
Chapter 608:Fate Primogenitor3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18272.html||Chapter 376: Taking revenge if there was any, and stabbing one in the back
Chapter 609:Doll within the Ocean
Chapter 377: Desolate Heaven technique tea session
Chapter 610:Fighting Against a Martial Lord
Chapter 378: Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal
Chapter 611:Suppression
Chapter 379: Mastering the Desolate Heaven Technique Quickly
Chapter 612:Little Fishy
Chapter 380: A small sample of one鈥檚 Skill
Chapter 613:Monster
Chapter 381: Doubts
Chapter 614:Combining Powers and Escaping
Chapter 382: Lin Xintong Comes Out of Reclusive Training
Chapter 615:Familiar Person?
Chapter 383: Lin Xintong鈥檚 wishes
Chapter 616:Cruelty Is a Must
Chapter 384: A mere acquaintance should not sow discord between two close people
Chapter 617:Who Exactly Is It
Chapter 385: Soul Nurturing Relic
Chapter 618:Three Great Beauties
Chapter 386: Desolate Heaven Technique Tea Session Begins
Chapter 619:Monster Reappears
Chapter 387: Enemies Meet
Chapter 620:The Powerful Ya Fei
Chapter 388: Razzle Dazzle
Chapter 621:Exposed
Chapter 389: I don鈥檛 have much interest
Chapter 622:Hidden Poison
Chapter 390: Five Elemental Bone Array
Chapter 623:Divine Lightning Manifesting Its Might
Chapter 391: Desolate Bone Trap
Chapter 624:Opening the Spirit Formation
Chapter 392: Yi Yun Makes His Move
Chapter 625:The Magical Little Fishy
Chapter 393: Guanyin Flower Picking Hand
Chapter 626:Seventh Level of the Heaven Realm
Chapter 394: Yi Yun Cracks the Array
Chapter 627:Battle of Martial Lords
Chapter 395: Breaking one after another3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/43915.html||Chapter 628:Taboo Martial Skills
Chapter 396: Nearly Devastated
Chapter 629:Instantly Stupefied
Chapter 397: Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect
Chapter 630:Who Exactly Are You
Chapter 631:It Will Be Very Miserable
Chapter 632:Qiushui Fuyan
Chapter 633:Ridding Monster
Chapter 398: Bone Refining
Chapter 634:Head of the Nine Immortals
Chapter 399: Dark Desolate Heaven Master
Chapter 635:Inquiring Ancestry
Chapter 636:Little Fishy Has Disappeared
Chapter 637:Lying to Others and Lying to Oneself3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18320.html||Chapter 400: Heretic energy
Chapter 638:Rending the Night Sky
Chapter 401: Saber Sword Shura
Chapter 639:Horrifying Huge Hand
Chapter 402: Yi Yun鈥檚 thoughts
Chapter 640:Departure
Chapter 403: Four Images Seal
Chapter 641:Natural Disaster
Chapter 404: There鈥檚 no negotiation to screwing you over
Chapter 642:Warning
Chapter 405: The Blows Shen Tu Nantian Suffered
Chapter 643:Disappear
Chapter 406: Great Empress Relic
Chapter 644:Misty Peaks
Chapter 407: Night Chatting
Chapter 645:Martial Marking Immortal Realm
Chapter 408: One Year Deadline
Chapter 646:Men Beating on Woman
Chapter 409: Small Black Snake
Chapter 647:Seeing Unfairness on the Road
Chapter 410: The final voice
Chapter 648:The Woman Repaying the Favour
Chapter 411: The conflict during the medicine trial
Chapter 649:Real or Fake Badge
Chapter 412: I can prove it
Chapter 650:Lady Piaomiao
Chapter 413: I agree
Chapter 651:A Strand of Chance to Survive
Chapter 414: Great Empress Heart Sutra
Chapter 652:Pleasing Palace
Chapter 415: Extracting a Black Gas
Chapter 653:Chun Wu
Chapter 416: The Relic鈥檚 Secret
Chapter 654:Map of Unpredictability
Chapter 417: Shen Tu Nantian, the boy who gives treasures
Chapter 655:Zhu Tianming
Chapter 418: The final outcome of the Medicine Trial
Chapter 656:Chu Feng Speaks
Chapter 419: Thank you
Chapter 657:I Believe in Him
Chapter 658:Chu Feng鈥檚 Courage
Chapter 420: How the Tides Change
Chapter 659:Demon
Chapter 421: Taking advantage of their perilous state
Chapter 660:Temple Head Wuya
Chapter 422: Helping You Heal
Chapter 661:Using a Topic to Stir up Trouble
Chapter 423: So it was you
Chapter 662:Taunting Back
Chapter 424: Planting the evil energy
Chapter 663:Price
Chapter 425: Slander
Chapter 664:Sky Breaking Sword Thrust
Chapter 426: Negotiation
Chapter 665:I Want Your Life
Chapter 427: Murderous Intent and Will
Chapter 666:Unrivaled Genius
Chapter 428: Pulling off its Veil
Chapter 667:Fighting to the Death
Chapter 429: Fixing the Spots
Chapter 668:The Outcome Has Been Determined
Chapter 430: The Matriarch鈥檚 Decisiveness
Chapter 669:Completely Shameless
Chapter 431: Planting a Dao Seed On the Yuan Foundation
Chapter 670:Cannot Even Take a Single Strike
Chapter 432: Desolate Beast Cage
Chapter 671:Warning
Chapter 433: Heading towards God Burial Abyss
Chapter 672:Dragon Marking Sword Technique
Chapter 434: Meeting Opponents
Chapter 673:Protecting a Secret
Chapter 435: The Opening of the Great Empress Mystic Realm
Chapter 674:Ten-day Limit
Chapter 436: Encircled by a Pack of Wolves
Chapter 675:Gathering of Elites
Chapter 437: Ancient Desolate Beast
Chapter 676:Entering the Immortal Realm
Chapter 438: Indifference
Chapter 677:The Heaven鈥檚 Eyes Showing Their Might
Chapter 678:Nature Exposed
Chapter 439: Impossible to Defeat
Chapter 679:Each Going Their Ways
Chapter 440: Sky Blood Yuan Qi
Chapter 680:Splitting Fortune When It Exists
Chapter 441: Sweeping Figure Sword Steps
Chapter 681:Region on the Edge
Chapter 442: Empyrean Mark
Chapter 682:Temple of Reproduction
Chapter 443: Yi Yun Makes His Move
Chapter 683:Everybody Hurrying Over
Chapter 444: One Arrow to Seal One鈥檚 Throat
Chapter 684:The Temple Opening
Chapter 445: Ancient relic
Chapter 685:Beneficiary
Chapter 446: The Eliminated Ones
Chapter 686:Horrifying Huge Face
Chapter 447: The Death of a Youth
Chapter 687:Despicable and Shameless3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18416.html||Chapter 448: Come and Get Your Rewards
Chapter 688:Cleanout
Chapter 449: God Advent Tower
Chapter 689:Overwhelming Battle Strength
Chapter 450: Twelve Bridges
Chapter 690:An Unresolvable Onslaught
Chapter 451: Tell Me What This Is
Chapter 691:The Final Trump Card3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18424.html||Chapter 452: Withdrawing Fuel from a Boiling Cauldron
Chapter 692:Undoubtedly Dead?
Chapter 453: A Familiar Scene
Chapter 693:Barely Victorious
Chapter 454: Magical Weapon
Chapter 694:A Confident Smile
Chapter 455: Enemies Meet
Chapter 695:Wuqing Has Died?
Chapter 456: Swarthy Youth
Chapter 696:Reward
Chapter 697:Shocking Everyone
Chapter 457: The Second Trial
Chapter 698:Eighth Level of the Heaven Realm
Chapter 458: The Battle Across Spatial Dimensions
Chapter 699:Wuqing Arriving
Chapter 459: The Battle of the Mental Demons
Chapter 700:Earthen Taboo鈥擣irmament Slash
Chapter 460: Inhumane Torture
Chapter 461: Dream Within a Dream
Chapter 701:Created by a Martial Emperor
Chapter 462: Virtual Figure
Chapter 702:Conclusion
Chapter 463: Failed to meet the mark
Chapter 703:A Long Wait
Chapter 464: Playing to the Gallery
Chapter 704:Killing Three to Warn a Myriad
Chapter 465: As I adventure, you be a shield
Chapter 705:Esteemed Mother
Chapter 466: Yi Yun鈥檚 Evaluation
Chapter 706:Paying a Visit to the Li Family
Chapter 467: Grandmaster and Soul
Chapter 707:Despicable and Shameless
Chapter 468: Entering the Tower
Chapter 708:Chu Feng Making His Move
Chapter 469: Entry Qualifications
Chapter 709:Die, No Exception
Chapter 470: Yi Yun鈥檚 Discovery
Chapter 710:Return
Chapter 471: God Advent Tower鈥檚 First Level3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44125.html||Chapter 711:Returning to the Four Seas Academy
Chapter 712:Cutting the Line
Chapter 472: Roc*
Chapter 713:Contest of Wealth
Chapter 473: A Sword Attack Previously Seen Before
Chapter 714:Brothers Meeting
Chapter 474: A Gambler鈥檚 Psyche
Chapter 715:Special Technique
Chapter 475: God Advent Tower鈥檚 Second Level
Chapter 716:Abandon? Experience?
Chapter 476: The Third Level鈥檚 Test
Chapter 717:Live Together
Chapter 477: God Burial Abyss鈥 Shocking Change
Chapter 718:Millennium Ancient City
Chapter 478: Understanding Swords
Chapter 719:Imperial Bloodline
Chapter 479: Breaking past the Guardian
Chapter 720:Presents3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18480.html||Chapter 480: Third Level of the God Advent Tower
Chapter 721:Refining Martial Medicine
Chapter 481: Learning the 鈥淭en Thousand Beast Totem鈥 again
Chapter 722:Requesting Taikou
Chapter 482: The Beautiful Figure in the Icy Plains
Chapter 723:Lan Yanzhi
Chapter 483: Golden Crow Sun Shift
Chapter 724:Licentious Qin Yu
Chapter 484: Fusang Desolate Valley
Chapter 725:Sentencing Elder
Chapter 485: Red Lotus
Chapter 726:Real or Fake Badge
Chapter 486: At One鈥檚 Wit鈥檚 End
Chapter 727:Living King of Hell
Chapter 487: The Sliced-off World
Chapter 728:Opening the Ancient City
Chapter 488: A Gamble
Chapter 729:Concealment Formation
Chapter 489: Large Turtle鈥檚 Fury
Chapter 730:Exposing the Formation Aperture
Chapter 490: Entering with the Opportunity Arising
Chapter 731:For Brother
Chapter 491: Yet another Dangerous Move
Chapter 732:Bastard Couple
Chapter 492: Stealing a Treasure right from their Mouths
Chapter 493: Red Lotus in Hand
Chapter 733:The Pitiful Lan Xi
Chapter 494: Obtaining New Life
Chapter 734:Wang Long Looking for Trouble
Chapter 495: New Realm
Chapter 735:Kneel Down
Chapter 496: Blood Moon
Chapter 497: God Advent Tower Phantom Image
Chapter 736:The Unyielding Chu Feng
Chapter 498: Entrust
Chapter 737:The Foolish Lan Xi
Chapter 499: Guide
Chapter 738:Infinite Enticement
Chapter 739:My Thoughts Exactly3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18520.html||Chapter 500: Yin Specter
Chapter 740:Forbidden from Passing
Chapter 501: Traces of Blood
Chapter 741:One Step Ahead
Chapter 502: A Line Demarcating Life and Death
Chapter 742:Horrifying Monstrous Beast
Chapter 503: Withered
Chapter 743:Blood Altar
Chapter 504: Heart Piercing
Chapter 744:How You Will All End
Chapter 505: Choice
Chapter 745:Wang Long Wetting His Pants from Fright
Chapter 506: Warmth
Chapter 746:A Woman鈥檚 Softheartedness
Chapter 507: The Merging of Hearts
Chapter 747:The Reason for Murder
Chapter 508: Awakening
Chapter 748:The Queen Steps Onto the Stage
Chapter 509: Dark Clouds
Chapter 749:Annihilating the Monstrous Beasts
Chapter 510: Traversing the Icy Plain
Chapter 750:The Remains of the Throne
Chapter 511: Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow
Chapter 751:Imperial Bloodline
Chapter 512: Twelve Empyrean Heavens
Chapter 752:Divine Lightning Awakening
Chapter 513: Azure Yang Token
Chapter 753:A Request
Chapter 514: Great Empress Heart Sutra
Chapter 754:Su Mei in Trouble
Chapter 515: An Unseen but Definite Fate
Chapter 755:Detailed Plan
Chapter 516: Yin-Yang Integration
Chapter 756:The Enraged Chu Feng
Chapter 517: Extreme Yin and Yang
Chapter 757:Bloodthirsty Demon
Chapter 518: Gecko Cinnabar* on Jade Arms
Chapter 758:Curing Poison
Chapter 519: Restrictions Sealed
Chapter 759:Stone Forest of Death
Chapter 520: Small Success in the Heart Sutra
Chapter 760:Depraved Ravine
Chapter 521: Condensing the Dao Seed
Chapter 761:Meeting an Acquaintance
Chapter 522: Bliss and Joy
Chapter 762:Wuqing Appears
Chapter 523: The Disappearance of the Rules
Chapter 763:Intense Battle
Chapter 524: Meeting of the Enemies!
Chapter 764:Indeed a Genius
Chapter 765:The Techniques of the Queen
Chapter 766:A Calamity
Chapter 526: An Indomitable Arrow
Chapter 767:A Disaster
Chapter 527: Sword Qi Breaks the Void
Chapter 768:Murong Xun
Chapter 528: A Hiding Venomous Serpent
Chapter 769:Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder
Chapter 529: Starlight Befalls
Chapter 770:Legend
Chapter 530: Ending the Feud
Chapter 771:Fragmented Heart
Chapter 531: Shock and Awe
Chapter 772:I Will Eat You
Chapter 532: Compromise
Chapter 773:Mutual Death?
Chapter 533: A Blow
Chapter 774:Disciple of Protector
Chapter 534: Completely Wiped Out
Chapter 775:Eggy Hasn鈥檛 Died Yet?
Chapter 535: Resolution
Chapter 776:Incomplete Black Moon
Chapter 536: Family Clan Voice Transmission
Chapter 777:We Are Killing You
Chapter 537: The Blood Moon Duo
Chapter 778:What Plan?
Chapter 538: The Evil Transformation
Chapter 779:The Arrival of a Good Show
Chapter 539: Cinnabar Dots

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