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Chapter 780:Follow His Instructions
Chapter 781:Admitting Wrongs3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18600.html||Chapter 540: Ritual
Chapter 782:Overlords of Two Generations
Chapter 541: Desolate Queen
Chapter 783:Unpredictable Outcome
Chapter 542: End of the Trials
Chapter 784:Appearance of a Martial King
Chapter 543: Large Calamity
Chapter 785:Reversing the Situation of the War
Chapter 544: Five Years
Chapter 786:Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation
Chapter 545: Previous and Present Life (One)
Chapter 787:Unvirtuous Unrighteous
Chapter 546: Previous and Present Life (Two)
Chapter 547: Sword Tip
Chapter 788:Display of Might
Chapter 548: The End of Brilliance
Chapter 789:Exceeding?
Chapter 549: Sealed World
Chapter 790:What Is Going On?
Chapter 550: Daughter of Heaven
Chapter 791:Enemies Meeting
Chapter 551: The Origins of the God Burial Abyss
Chapter 792:Collecting Debts
Chapter 552: The Seven Demon Disciples
Chapter 793:Lesson
Chapter 553: The Sixth Level
Chapter 794:Revenge
Chapter 554: Draco First True Gold
Chapter 795:Thunder in a Clear Sky
Chapter 555: Refining the True Gold
Chapter 796:Cold-hearted Murong Xun
Chapter 556: Energy Converges Into Body
Chapter 797:Chu Feng鈥檚 "Reverse Scale"
Chapter 557: Star Transference Heaven Changing Book
Chapter 798:Suffering Double Losses
Chapter 558: Misty Fey Sea
Chapter 799:Approval?
Chapter 559: Exiting the Great Empress Mystic Realm
Chapter 800:Failure?
Chapter 560: Suppression
Chapter 801:Announcing the Result of the Battle
Chapter 561: Situation in the Tian Yuan World
Chapter 802:Mastered Royal Armament
Chapter 562: Blood Of Destruction
Chapter 803:Absolute Submission
Chapter 563: Making Things Difficult
Chapter 804:A Sincere Invitation
Chapter 564: Humiliation
Chapter 805:Uniting the Crippling Night Demon Sect
Chapter 565: Face Smacking
Chapter 806:Change in the Zi Family
Chapter 566: Yuan Opening Realm
Chapter 807:Saving Zi Ling
Chapter 567: Crossing the Vast Ravine
Chapter 808:Killing Your Entire Family
Chapter 568: Ignoring Face
Chapter 809:Beating up the Dog of the Zi Family
Chapter 569: Internal Strife
Chapter 810:End of Hardships, Beginning of Fortune
Chapter 570: Forcefully Charging In
Chapter 811:Surrounded
Chapter 571: Escaping Unscathed
Chapter 812:Battle Through Levels
Chapter 572: Lin Qiao鈥檚 Video
Chapter 813:Inexperienced
Chapter 573: Temporary Parting
Chapter 814:Might of the Royal Armament
Chapter 574: Ten Thousand Calamity Sea
Chapter 815:I Am Called Chu Feng
Chapter 575: Nine Neonate
Chapter 816:You Think You Can Stop Me
Chapter 576: Luring the Enemy In
Chapter 817:The Queen Showing Her Power
Chapter 577: Battling the Nine Neonate
Chapter 818:Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning
Chapter 578: Desert of Death
Chapter 819:Alone without Assistance
Chapter 579: Beast Mark of Life
Chapter 820:Should I Kill Him
Chapter 580: Yielding
Chapter 821:Fated to Become Famous
Chapter 581: Heaven Martial City
Chapter 822:Miracle
Chapter 582: Entering the City
Chapter 823:Shaken
Chapter 583: Wanted Poster
Chapter 824:Shelter
Chapter 584: Jiang Yidao
Chapter 825:The Price of Kindness
Chapter 585: Mysterious Rock
Chapter 826:Someone Is Waiting for You
Chapter 586: Leaping onto a god鈥檚 head to make trouble
Chapter 827:Using Violence to Suppress Violence
Chapter 587: Empyrean Relics
Chapter 828:Current Achievements
Chapter 588: Man gets into trouble because of his Wealth
Chapter 829:Savior
Chapter 589: Blood-dyed Relics
Chapter 830:Assembly of a Thousand Clans
Chapter 590:Great Disparity
Chapter 831:Arrival of a Calamity
Chapter 591: Ten Times the Payback
Chapter 832:Return of a Powerful Force
Chapter 592: Hanging a corpse for all to see
Chapter 833:Power of a Single Punch
Chapter 593: Waiting for You to Come
Chapter 834:Shocking Everyone
Chapter 594: Enemies Fated to Meet Again
Chapter 835:Reentering the Ghost Tower
Chapter 595: Irrevocably Committed
Chapter 836:A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 596: All Things Under Heaven are Weapons
Chapter 837:Remains of a Martial Emperor
Chapter 597: Leaving in Defeat
Chapter 838:Emperor of Massacre
Chapter 598: Grabbing Attention
Chapter 839:Breaking Through the Gate of Life and Death with Intellect
Chapter 599: Meeting
Chapter 600: Invitation
Chapter 840:Seeking Quick Gains
Chapter 601: Yi Yun鈥檚 Saber Attack
Chapter 841:Gold-coloured Spirit Formation
Chapter 602: The Designation of Young Demon Lord
Chapter 842:Uneasiness
Chapter 603: Greatsword Mountain
Chapter 843:Good News
Chapter 604: Masked Man
Chapter 844:Winter Plains
Chapter 605: Entry
Chapter 845:Stone Sword Sect
Chapter 606: The Strange Evil Energy
Chapter 846:It鈥檚 Chu Feng
Chapter 607: Ancient Heritage
Chapter 847:Fighting the Six Elders
Chapter 608: Heavenly Blood Union
Chapter 848:Fighting with Life on the Line
Chapter 609: The Experienced Member of the Heavenly Blood Union
Chapter 849:The Furious Eggy
Chapter 610: Pig Slaughtering Saber
Chapter 850:Arctic Killing Formation
Chapter 851:Rubbing Salt into a Wound
Chapter 611: Prey
Chapter 852:Paradise3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18744.html||Chapter 612: Reincarnated People
Chapter 853:Two Treasures3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18746.html||Chapter 613: Blackstone Trials
Chapter 854:Oddity
Chapter 614: Flowery Fragrance
Chapter 855:Guardian Formation
Chapter 615: Tempted
Chapter 856:Hiddenly Observing the Fight
Chapter 616: Quitting
Chapter 857:Fierce Woman
Chapter 617: Killing Intent
Chapter 858:Frightening Strength
Chapter 618: Saber Resonance
Chapter 859:Shameless and Despicable
Chapter 619: Two Yin Specters
Chapter 860:Tantai Xue
Chapter 620: Evil Energy Awoken
Chapter 861:Completion
Chapter 621: An Intrinsic Suppression
Chapter 862:Rushing to Become a Martial Lord
Chapter 622: Yin Specter Memories
Chapter 863:Divine Lightning Shooting into the Sky
Chapter 623: Blood Moon鈥檚 Secret
Chapter 864:Rank Five Martial Lord
Chapter 624: Soul Tomb
Chapter 865:Lightning Armour
Chapter 625: Signing a Soul Contract
Chapter 866:Unworthy of a Mention
Chapter 626: Four Great Young Masters
Chapter 867:Chu Feng鈥檚 Attack
Chapter 627: Dao Seed Perfection
Chapter 868:Skinned Alive and Tendons Extracted
Chapter 628: Skyfox
Chapter 869:Outcome Decided
Chapter 629: Divine Wilderness Voice Transmission
Chapter 870:Returning to the Misty Peak
Chapter 630: Entering the Soul Tomb
Chapter 871:A Question
Chapter 631: Beautiful Figure in the Soul Tomb
Chapter 872:Unrelated to You
Chapter 632: Snake Bones
Chapter 873:Good Brothers
Chapter 633: Bitter Encounter
Chapter 874:Coincidentally Meeting Yan Ruyu
Chapter 634: Da Yan Formation
Chapter 635: Red Plum
Chapter 875:Tower of Martial Skill Cultivation
Chapter 636: Zhulong Makes a Move
Chapter 876:Earthen Taboo鈥擣irmament Slash3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18794.html||Chapter 637: Cracking the Da Yan Formation
Chapter 877:Something Happened to Chu Feng?
Chapter 638: Divine Beam Tears through the Sky
Chapter 878:Horrifying Slash
Chapter 639: Slash and Kill
Chapter 879:Unfinished
Chapter 640: Taking Advantage of the Situation
Chapter 880:The Scheme of the Immortal Execution Archipelago3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18802.html||Chapter 641: Four Snowflakes
Chapter 881:Good Show3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/18804.html||Chapter 642: Blood of Gods
Chapter 882:Public Humiliation
Chapter 643: Merging
Chapter 883:Chu Feng Has Come
Chapter 644: Yi Yun Battles Zhulong
Chapter 884:Who鈥檚 a Genius
Chapter 645: Torch Dragon versus Golden Crow
Chapter 885:Murong Xun Displaying His Might
Chapter 646: No More Hiding
Chapter 886:A Humiliating Counterattack
Chapter 647: Yi Yun鈥檚 Sword
Chapter 887:Comparison of Techniques
Chapter 648: Alternate Dimension Tomb
Chapter 888:Rage
Chapter 649: The Devouring Spatial Dimension
Chapter 889:Vicious Demonic Technique
Chapter 650: Land of Slumber
Chapter 890:The Holy Daughter Appears
Chapter 651: Tearing the Void
Chapter 891:Commencing a Massacre
Chapter 652: Reunion
Chapter 892:Decided by One Strike
Chapter 653: Life Slips
Chapter 893:Kowtow and Admit Your Wrongs
Chapter 654: An unfolded map reveals a dagger
Chapter 894:Mysterious Force
Chapter 655: Black-armored Demon God
Chapter 895:You Are an Outsider
Chapter 656: Yin Specters Awaken
Chapter 896:No Good Compensation for Being a Good Person
Chapter 657: Tearing the Void Again
Chapter 897:A Clean Cut
Chapter 658: Pure Yang Energy Arrows
Chapter 898:Sister
Chapter 665: Besieging the Martial Alliance
Chapter 899:The Invasion of an Army
Chapter 666: The Martial Alliance鈥渟 Destruction
Chapter 900:Horrifying Formation
Chapter 667: Dread
Chapter 901:Flattening the Misty Peak
Chapter 668: Dao Seeds Breaks the Yuan Foundation
Chapter 902:King of All Kings
Chapter 669: Attaining Yuan Opening
Chapter 903:Lady Piaomiao鈥檚 Junior
Chapter 670: Elder Consortium鈥檚 Invitation
Chapter 904:Madness
Chapter 671: Heaven Ascension
Chapter 905:Immortal Sword Formation
Chapter 672: The Goal of the Elder Consortium
Chapter 906:Formation of Multitudinous Talismanic Soldiers
Chapter 673: Ten Corpses
Chapter 907:Forced to Ask for Assistance
Chapter 674: Refusal
Chapter 908:Opening up a Path of Blood
Chapter 675: Battling Shen Tu Patriarch
Chapter 909:Lady Piaomiao Showing Her Might
Chapter 676: The Taste of Near-Death
Chapter 910:White Silk Royal Armament
Chapter 677: The Awe of Strength
Chapter 911:Tearing down the Bridge after Crossing the River
Chapter 678: Threat
Chapter 912:My Master Comes from the Cursed Soil Sect
Chapter 679: The Demon God in the Sunset
Chapter 913:The Powerful Jiang Qisha
Chapter 680: Greatsword Mountain Dyed Red
Chapter 914:Lady Piaomiao鈥檚 Resolution
Chapter 681: Ten Rotten Corpses
Chapter 915:Fighting to the Death
Chapter 682: Armor鈥檚 Seal
Chapter 916:A Mocking Laugh
Chapter 683: Response Plan
Chapter 917:No Escape
Chapter 684: Entering the Divine Wilderness
Chapter 918:Who Is It?
Chapter 685: Jiang Xiaorou鈥檚 Birth Origins
Chapter 919:Encountering Tantai Xue Again
Chapter 686: Jiang Family鈥檚 Disaster
Chapter 920:Confrontation of Monsters
Chapter 687: Ancient Teleportation Array
Chapter 921:Help You
Chapter 688: Returning to Meteorite Abyss
Chapter 922:Cursed Soil Seven
Chapter 689: You鈥檙e Unqualified
Chapter 923:Hostility
Chapter 690: The Realms of the Sword
Chapter 924:Each Possess Their Own Plans
Chapter 691: A God Spirit
Chapter 925:Confrontation
Chapter 692: Eye of the Heart
Chapter 926:No More Than Dog
Chapter 693: Fallen Leaf
Chapter 927:The Father of the Holy Daughter
Chapter 694: Dao Leaf Seeking Dao
Chapter 928:Lady Piaomiao Awakes
Chapter 695: Thousand Snow Domain
Chapter 929:Pearl of Immortal Inheritance
Chapter 696: Death Soulwood
Chapter 930:A Huge Gamble
Chapter 697: Eye of Destruction
Chapter 931:Saving Qiu Canfeng
Chapter 698: The Destroyed Teleportation Array
Chapter 931:Saving Qiu Canfeng
Chapter 699: The Desolate Race Attacked
Chapter 932:Breaking the Formation
Chapter 700: Refuge
Chapter 933:The Imperial Door Opens
Chapter 702: Distinguished Elites Gathered
Chapter 934:Unattainable
Chapter 703: The Sacred Spirit鈥檚 Protection
Chapter 935:Rank Seven Martial Lord
Chapter 704: The Desolate Race鈥檚 Decision
Chapter 936:Vermilion Bird Revival Technique
Chapter 705: The Curse of a Bloodline
Chapter 937:Successor
Chapter 707: Meeting Old Acquiantances
Chapter 938:Selecting a Sect Head
Chapter 708: Unable to See Through
Chapter 939:Perfect Royal Armament
Chapter 709: A long-awaited warmth
Chapter 940:Shameless You Mingdeng
Chapter 710: Desolate Queen Token
Chapter 941:Choosing the Sect Head
Chapter 711: Laws went in hand with the speech
Chapter 942:Outcome Has Been Decided
Chapter 712: Embarrassed
Chapter 943:Chu Feng Appears
Chapter 713: Shepherd Boy鈥檚 Compromise
Chapter 944:Furiously Pulling out the Demon Sealing Sword
Chapter 714: Warning
Chapter 945:Kill without Exception
Chapter 715: Might
Chapter 946:What the Public Desires
Chapter 716: Demon God Killing Order
Chapter 947:Who Dares to Harm My Disciple
Chapter 717: Going Against the Flow
Chapter 948:Conquering the Demon Sealing Sword
Chapter 718: Alliance
Chapter 949:Rank Eight Martial Lord
Chapter 719: Late Night Sneak Attack
Chapter 950:The Wind Blows
Chapter 720: Yin Spring
Chapter 951:Two Pieces of Information
Chapter 721: Injuring the Demon God
Chapter 952:A Spectacle about to Arrive
Chapter 722: Seamless Body
Chapter 953:Sneaking into the Misty Peak
Chapter 723: The Demon God鈥檚 Wrath
Chapter 954:A True Divine Body
Chapter 724: Withering
Chapter 725: The Land Withers
Chapter 955:The Wedding Begins
Chapter 726: Patience
Chapter 956:Madman
Chapter 727: Blood Aura Covers the Sky
Chapter 957:Humiliation
Chapter 728: Mystic Tiger Immortal鈥檚 Death
Chapter 958:Endless
Chapter 729: The War Bugle
Chapter 959:The Attack from a Great Enemy
Chapter 730: Demon God Successor
Chapter 960:The Powerful Tantai Xue
Chapter 731: Snow Lotus
Chapter 961:Exchanging Hostages
Chapter 732: God Confining Lock
Chapter 962:Shameless and Despicable
Chapter 733: Redoubtable Strength
Chapter 963:The Terminator
Chapter 734: Sacred Spirit鈥檚 Nirvana
Chapter 964:The Battle Begins
Chapter 735: Devouring Souls
Chapter 965:The Slash that Destroys Everything
Chapter 736: Lotus Flower Concept
Chapter 966:As Powerful as Before
Chapter 737: Yi Yun vs Demon God
Chapter 967:Sneak Attack
Chapter 738: One Sword Strike to Seal the Throat
Chapter 968:Biting to Death?
Chapter 739: Draco First Avatar
Chapter 969:An Attack akin to a Natural Disaster
Chapter 740: Sword Strikes like Fluttering Snowflakes
Chapter 970:Earthen Taboo鈥擲laughter of the Blood Moon
Chapter 741: Withering with a single sword strike
Chapter 971:Earthen Taboo鈥擣irmament Slash
Chapter 742: A Leaf to Cover the Skies!
Chapter 972:You Will Die
Chapter 743: One Final Desperate Attempt
Chapter 973:Long Live Sect Head
Chapter 744: Spatial Seal
Chapter 974:What Kind of Method?
Chapter 745: Uncertain Life or Death
Chapter 975:Killing One鈥檚 Own
Chapter 746: No room for retreat
Chapter 976:Demonic Soul Seizing Technique
Chapter 747: The Light in the midst of Darkness
Chapter 977:A True Monster
Chapter 748: Fishing in Troubled Waters
Chapter 978:The Pope of the Burning Heaven Church
Chapter 749: The Pagoda Stealer
Chapter 979:Deciding the Outcome
Chapter 750: Statue Shatters
Chapter 980:The Curtains Fall
Chapter 751: Sacred Spirit鈥檚 Corpse
Chapter 981:Let Me Try
Chapter 752: Gift
Chapter 982:Unfathomable
Chapter 753: Laws of Darkness
Chapter 983:After Awakening
Chapter 754: Void Tearing
Chapter 984:Curing Zi Ling
Chapter 755: Breaking the Spatial Barrier
Chapter 985:A One-on-One Chat
Chapter 756: Killing the Demon God
Chapter 986:The Place of Meeting
Chapter 757: Crazy Idea
Chapter 987:Thank You
Chapter 988:Before Departure
Chapter 758: Yi Yun Returns
Chapter 989:The Heavenly Road Opens
Chapter 759: Pagoda Refinement
Chapter 990:Horrifying Attack
Chapter 760: Evening out Debts
Chapter 991:Murderous Vengeful Spirits
Chapter 761: A Piercing Lance Strike
Chapter 992:Becoming a Disciple, Learning Skills
Chapter 762: Annihilating the Umbriferous Divine Palace
Chapter 993:Not a Test
Chapter 763: Returning to the Desolate Race
Chapter 994:The King of the Heavenly Road3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19035.html||Chapter 764: Everything is Over
Chapter 765: Legendary Figures Convention
Chapter 995:Martial Emperor
Chapter 766: New Divine City
Chapter 996:Shadow
Chapter 767: Shen Tu Family Clan鈥渟 Outcome
Chapter 997:Old Ape
Chapter 768: Departure
Chapter 998:Mystery of Ancestry
Chapter 769: Trip Filled with Extreme Bliss
Chapter 999:Chu Feng鈥檚 Gravestone
Chapter 770: Spirit Cruiser
Chapter 1000:Thing of Burden
Chapter 771: Emblem of Fire
Chapter 1001:Chu Kongtong
Chapter 772: Thousand Fey3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44417.html||Chapter 1002:Who Gave You These Nerves
Chapter 773: Luo Clan, Fire Cloud State!
Chapter 1003:Chu Feng鈥檚 Father
Chapter 774: Mt. Fengling
Chapter 1004:Chu Feng鈥檚 Resolution
Chapter 775: Green-eyed
Chapter 1005:Mysterious Sealing Formation
Chapter 776: Establishing Authority
Chapter 1006:Battle Against Martial King
Chapter 777: Avatar? Puppet?
Chapter 1007:Southern Cyanwood Forest
Chapter 778: Beating into Submission
Chapter 1008:Chu Feng鈥檚 Plan
Chapter 779: Recovery Relic
Chapter 1009:Visiting the traveller
Chapter 780: Luo Clan Desolate Heaven Technique
Chapter 1010:Attitude of Disdain
Chapter 781: Guidance
Chapter 1011:Three Palaces, Four Clans, Nine Powers
Chapter 782: Relic Qualities
Chapter 1012:Seeking an explanation
Chapter 783: Injury Recovery
Chapter 1013:The person who will destroy you all
Chapter 784: Fairy Black Bamboo
Chapter 1014:Paying a debt of blood with blood
Chapter 785: Sparring
Chapter 1015:Who鈥檚 the devil?
Chapter 786: Snow-like Flying Sabers
Chapter 1016:The Stance of the Strong
Chapter 787: There is no medicine for regret
Chapter 1017:I will certainty do this for you
Chapter 788: Gaining Recognition
Chapter 1018:Grandfather Luo鈥檚 past
Chapter 789: Fire Cloud State Main Mountain
Chapter 1019:Sweeping the Occult Blood Church flat
Chapter 790: Spirit of the Earth Fire
Chapter 1020:Mysterious Treasure Box
Chapter 791: World Stone
Chapter 1021:Three items3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19091.html||Chapter 792: Fire Spirit Palace
Chapter 793: News of Luo Huo鈥檈r3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44437.html||Chapter 1022:Rank Nine Martial Lord
Chapter 794: Mining Fire
Chapter 1023:Taking Some Detours
Chapter 1024:Entering the Southern Cyanwood Forest first3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19097.html||Chapter 795: Fire-Spirit Transmutation
Chapter 1025:A Large Flying Steamed Bun3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19099.html||Chapter 796: Fire, come
Chapter 1026:Do Not Leave a Single Grain Behind3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19101.html||Chapter 797: Taste of One鈥檚 Own Medicine
Chapter 798: Fire-elemental Laws
Chapter 1027:Let鈥檚 Help Her
Chapter 799: Yuan Opening Perfection
Chapter 1028:Upholding Justice
Chapter 800: Meeting Black Bamboo
Chapter 1029:The Difference Between you and I
Chapter 801: Prince Pingnan
Chapter 1030:The Furious Chu Feng
Chapter 802: Intent
Chapter 1031:Violently Beating the Han Family鈥檚 Elders
Chapter 803: Receiving the Nomination
Chapter 1032:Beating up a Rank Three Martial King
Chapter 804: Notice
Chapter 1033:Killing Spree
Chapter 805: Ran Yu

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