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Chapter 1034:A Shocking Reversal
Chapter 806: Mt. Azure Billow
Chapter 1035:The Unsolved Crisis
Chapter 807: Ancient Fey Edifice
Chapter 1036:Perhaps the Situation Is Not Good
Chapter 808: Extreme Yang Illumination
Chapter 1037:The Sudden Emergence of the Han Family
Chapter 809: Twelve Fey Gods
Chapter 1038:Are You Tired of Living?
Chapter 810: Sword and Phoenix3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44454.html||Chapter 1039:Half Martial Emperor Level
Chapter 811: Powerful Ancient Fey
Chapter 1040:The Hope of the Southern Cyanwood Forest
Chapter 812: Empress Earth Dao Tree
Chapter 1041:The Grand Martial Emperor
Chapter 813: Insights into Pure Yang
Chapter 1042:Coming to Pick a Quarrel
Chapter 814: Phoenix Firmiana State
Chapter 1043:Public Humiliation
Chapter 815: Entering Motion
Chapter 1044:Scram, Trash!
Chapter 816: Hibernation Awakening
Chapter 1045:Returning Good for Evil
Chapter 817: Solitary Nothingness
Chapter 1046:Bringing About Their Own Disgrace
Chapter 818: Yi Yun鈥檚 Rating
Chapter 1047:Stunning Everyone
Chapter 819: Extreme Yang Body Illumination
Chapter 1048:Kneel and Beg for Forgiveness
Chapter 820: Interspatial Space
Chapter 1049:Public Face Slapping
Chapter 821: Door to the Fey Gods
Chapter 1050:Peaceful Interaction
Chapter 822: Nine Volumed Celestial Axis
Chapter 1051:The Greatest Martial Emperor
Chapter 823: Intermediary Spirit Pearl
Chapter 1052:The True Identity of the Martial Emperor
Chapter 824: The Path of Body-tempering
Chapter 1053:Ancient Era鈥檚 Immortal Needle
Chapter 825: Ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon
Chapter 1054:Three Kinds of Lightnings
Chapter 826: Protective Charm
Chapter 1055:Public Humiliation
Chapter 1056:Furious Counterattack3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19161.html||Chapter 827: Black Wind Valley
Chapter 828: Blood of the Blood Dragon
Chapter 1057:The Arrival of the Orion Monastery
Chapter 829: Yi Yun Descends Black Wind Valley
Chapter 1058:Universally Abhorrent
Chapter 830: Nine Neonate Tempering
Chapter 1059:The Appearance of Geniuses
Chapter 831: Consuming the Fey Bone
Chapter 1060:Hidden Crisis
Chapter 832: Reckless waste of Heaven鈥渟 gifts
Chapter 1061:Strange Forest
Chapter 833: Acupuncture Points Sealed
Chapter 1062:A Loud, Frantic Laughter
Chapter 834: Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake
Chapter 1063:Power Gap
Chapter 835: Seamless Body
Chapter 1064:Arriving at the Immortal Pond
Chapter 836: Provoked
Chapter 1065:The Elf Lord鈥檚 Request
Chapter 837: Lie Ya suffers a mental breakdown
Chapter 1066:Little Burglar Girl3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19183.html||Chapter 838: Four Days
Chapter 1067:I鈥檓 Not Telling You3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19185.html||Chapter 839: Reappearance of the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake
Chapter 1068:Entering the Immortal Pond3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19187.html||Chapter 840: Cooperate?
Chapter 1069:Expectation, Desire3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19189.html||Chapter 841: Body Tempering isn鈥檛 accomplished in a day
Chapter 842: Indomitable without Resistance3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44485.html||Chapter 1070:Frightening Pressure
Chapter 843: Powerfulness of Blood
Chapter 1071:Mysterious Life Form
Chapter 1072:Underwater Encounter3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19195.html||Chapter 844: Ran Yu鈥檚 Suggestion
Chapter 1073:Who鈥檚 The Trash?
Chapter 845: Who do you think you are
Chapter 1074:The Reason To Kill You
Chapter 846: The Growl From Ancient Times
Chapter 1075:Killing the Ancient Era鈥檚 Elves
Chapter 847: Devouring the Black Specter Flood Dragon
Chapter 1076:Ancient Era鈥檚 Formation
Chapter 848: Capturing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake
Chapter 1077:Fighting From the Shadows3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19205.html||Chapter 849: Shimmering Dragon Scales
Chapter 1078:The Conceited Xian Kun
Chapter 850: The trapped Ranyi Fish
Chapter 1079:Lightning Breaking Through The Heavens
Chapter 851: Eye for an Eye
Chapter 1080:Five Colored Divine Lightning
Chapter 852: Ran Yu was truly too rash
Chapter 1081:The True Power
Chapter 853: Absorbing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake
Chapter 1082:Divine Lightning鈥檚 Backlash
Chapter 854: Entering Heaven Ascension
Chapter 1083:Elf Princess
Chapter 855: Long-awaited Familial
Chapter 1084:Someone Else
Chapter 856: Get him to Call me Master
Chapter 1085:Chu Feng鈥檚 Return
Chapter 857: Empress Luo鈥檚 Banquet
Chapter 1086:Straight To The Main Topic
Chapter 858: Four Great Young Masters
Chapter 1087:To Do A Thingc3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19226.html||Chapter 859: Meeting Princess Purple Spirit
Chapter 1088:The Ancestor鈥檚 Agreement
Chapter 860: Script Written in Vain
Chapter 1089:The Ascension Sect鈥檚 Despise
Chapter 861: Princess White Fox
Chapter 1090:Do You Dare To Enter?
Chapter 862: Unconforming to the rules
Chapter 1091:I Will Kill You All
Chapter 863: Show of Strength
Chapter 1092:The Madam Sectmaster
Chapter 864: You are a Cheat
Chapter 1093:Bai Ruochen
Chapter 865: Eclipse Cauldron versus Desolate Heaven Technique Disk Array
Chapter 1094:Obtained It Myself
Chapter 866: A Free Win?
Chapter 1095:Shocking Everyone3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19242.html||Chapter 867: Luo Mo
Chapter 868: Rules of the Competition3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44511.html||Chapter 1096:The Battle Between Geniuses
Chapter 869: Seventy-two Introductory Moves3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44512.html||Chapter 1098:The Outcome of the Battle
Chapter 870: Final Rating
Chapter 1097:Three Consecutive Strikes
Chapter 871: Rewards and Conferment
Chapter 1099:I Have A Matter That I鈥檇 Like To Request
Chapter 872: Summoning from Empress Xuan
Chapter 1100:The Sign of Honesty
Chapter 873: Princess Exchange
Chapter 1101:Mysterious Gaze
Chapter 874: The Fox is Here
Chapter 1102:The Occasion Has Arrived
Chapter 875: Luo Huo鈥檈r鈥檚 Maleficent Idea
Chapter 1103:Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies
Chapter 876: Too Infuriating
Chapter 1104:Excessively Powerful
Chapter 877: Supremacy Gulan
Chapter 1105:She鈥檚 Plotting Something
Chapter 878: Primordial Empyrean Heaven
Chapter 1106:Formation Space
Chapter 879: Chaotic Laws
Chapter 1107:Only One Lives
Chapter 880: Shadow Twins
Chapter 1108:Waited For You Two
Chapter 881: Mimicking
Chapter 1109:Mastering the Supreme Skill
Chapter 882: Ancient Fey Soul Remnant3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44525.html||Chapter 1110:Colossal
Chapter 883: Jian Zhu
Chapter 1111:The Famous Yuan Qing
Chapter 884: Difficulty
Chapter 1112:Arriving Late
Chapter 885: Battling the Ancient Fey
Chapter 1113:Jealousy and Rivalry
Chapter 886: Killing the Ranyi Fish
Chapter 1114:Alliance Declaration
Chapter 887: Severely Injured
Chapter 1115:Half Martial Emperor White Apey
Chapter 888: Primordial Space
Chapter 1116:Commander Competition, Start
Chapter 889: Only Soup Left
Chapter 1117:Harassing Bai Ruochen
Chapter 890: An unexpected twist
Chapter 1118:Scum
Chapter 891: Three Fey Gods
Chapter 1119:Overestimating Your Abilities
Chapter 892: The Blooming of the Void Orchid (Part 1)
Chapter 1120:Violently Beating Yuan Qing
Chapter 893: The Blooming of the Void Orchid (Part 2/2)
Chapter 1121:Discovering the Flags
Chapter 894: Two Years
Chapter 1122:Giving Bai Ruochen Pointers
Chapter 895: Condensing the Wheel
Chapter 1123:Obtaining the Commander Flag
Chapter 896: Losing Control of the Situation
Chapter 1124:Abnormal Reaction
Chapter 898: Spirit Taking Form
Chapter 1125:Wooing Bai Ruochen?
Chapter 899: End of the Seven Years
Chapter 1126:Ascension Division3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19293.html||Chapter 900: Battling Again
Chapter 1127:Green Hat
Chapter 901: Dao Domain
Chapter 1128:Request
Chapter 902: Slaying the Ranyi Fish
Chapter 1129:A Visit From Bai Ruochen
Chapter 903: Golden Crow Spreads its Wings
Chapter 1130:Spirit of Loyalty
Chapter 904: Eye of the Skyfox
Chapter 1131:Long Chenfu
Chapter 905: Nomological Sword
Chapter 1132:Refusal To Join
Chapter 906: Nine-tailed White Fox
Chapter 1133:One Must Not Forget One鈥檚 Roots
Chapter 907: Nine-tailed Domain
Chapter 1134:Beaten Up By Someone3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19301.html||Chapter 908: Illusions Abound
Chapter 909: Fusing with the Heaven and Earth3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44550.html||Chapter 1135:Scum Senior Brothers
Chapter 1136:Beat You Up Every Time I See You3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19303.html||Chapter 910: Fox Blood Stained Clothes
Chapter 1137:Blood Racing
Chapter 911: Sea of Lightning
Chapter 1138:Establishing A Branch
Chapter 912: 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence
Chapter 1139:Asura Division
Chapter 913: Outcome of Battle
Chapter 1140:Bai Ruochen Joining
Chapter 914: Death Reclusion
Chapter 1141:It鈥檚 Me, What About It?
Chapter 915: Blood Dragon鈥檚 Blood Marrow
Chapter 1142:Returning In Failure
Chapter 916: End, Departure
Chapter 1143:Mission Plaza
Chapter 917: Dao Manifestation Realm
Chapter 1144:Making Things Difficult In Public
Chapter 918: Luo Clan Royal Palace
Chapter 1145:Visual Confrontation
Chapter 919: Bearing Witness
Chapter 1146:Chu Feng鈥檚 Victory
Chapter 920: Chu Yunjian
Chapter 1147:Azure Night Medicine Garden
Chapter 921: Summoning
Chapter 1148:Spirit Winged Insect
Chapter 922: Felicitous Rain Lord
Chapter 1149:Encountering A Malignant Star
Chapter 923: Standards for Disciple Selection
Chapter 1150:Another World
Chapter 924: Heavenly Slaughter Array
Chapter 1151:A Ruthless Scene
Chapter 925: Chi Zhuiyun
Chapter 1152:Senior Sister Furong
Chapter 926: Brewing of the Storm
Chapter 1153:Extraordinary Origin
Chapter 927: Yi Yun in the Heavenly Slaughter Array
Chapter 1154:Azure Night Adamantine Metal
Chapter 928: Chuyun鈥檚 Battle
Chapter 1155:Laughter of Mockery
Chapter 929: Elites Assembled
Chapter 1156:Shocking Everyone
Chapter 930: Eternal Eventide Sea
Chapter 1157:Breaking The Record
Chapter 931: No need for Reason
Chapter 1158:Management Elder
Chapter 932: Five Factions
Chapter 1159:Challenged
Chapter 933: You are Yi Yun?
Chapter 1160:Followers
Chapter 934: I鈥檝e been keeping a really low profile recently
Chapter 1161:Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy
Chapter 1162:Closed Door Training Breakthrough
Chapter 935: Luo Huo鈥檈r鈥檚 Turn
Chapter 1163:All Members Present
Chapter 936: Purple Spirit vs Xi Ye
Chapter 1164:If We鈥檙e Going To Do It, Then We鈥檙e Going Big
Chapter 937: Eternal Eventide Star
Chapter 1165:A Grand Commotion
Chapter 938: Skyfire Lunar Occultation
Chapter 1166:The Backing of the Orion Division
Chapter 939: Catoptric Deflection
Chapter 1167:Contrary To Expectation
Chapter 940: Chi Zhuiyun鈥檚 Round
Chapter 1168:Merely Requiring A Single Strike
Chapter 941: Have some fun with you
Chapter 942: Limit of a Move3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44584.html||Chapter 1169:Wise Decision
Chapter 943: Purple Dragon鈥檚 Roar
Chapter 1170:Invasion From An Army
Chapter 944: Too disparaging
Chapter 1171:Battle of Life and Death
Chapter 945: The direction in which the sword points
Chapter 1172:Fallen Into A Trap
Chapter 946: A Sword Through Nirvana!
Chapter 1173:The Eve Before The Battle
Chapter 947: Celestial Demon Form
Chapter 1174:Chu Feng鈥檚 Appearance
Chapter 948: Who is the Shura
Chapter 1175:Exactly Who鈥檚 The Fool?
Chapter 949: Dao of Destruction
Chapter 1176:Absolute Suppression
Chapter 950: Shui Ningshuang
Chapter 1177:Too Late For Regrets
Chapter 1178:Kneel And Beg For Forgiveness
Chapter 951: Lacking Dao Domain
Chapter 1179:I Insist On Killing
Chapter 952: Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon
Chapter 1180:The Situation Turning Bad
Chapter 953: Yi Yun鈥檚 Dao Domain
Chapter 1181:Calm Response
Chapter 954: Before one鈥檚 heart reduced to mediocrity, Great Dao lies within one鈥檚 heart!
Chapter 1182:Forced Into a Corner
Chapter 955: The Competition for Disciplehood
Chapter 1183:The Disclosure Of The Truth
Chapter 956: Gui Huazi
Chapter 1184:False Countercharge
Chapter 957: Cutting the weeds and digging up the roots
Chapter 1185:Overestimating One鈥檚 Capabilities
Chapter 958: Surprises at every bend
Chapter 1186:The Truth Revealed
Chapter 959: The Event Begins
Chapter 1187:Swearing To The Heavens
Chapter 960: No test of actual combat
Chapter 1188:Allow Me
Chapter 961: Demon Defying Bead
Chapter 1189:Proving Oneself
Chapter 962: Nine Palatial Array
Chapter 1190:The Exposure
Chapter 963: Destroying Energy Nodes
Chapter 1191:Triggering the Ancient Era鈥檚 Immortal Needle
Chapter 964: Something鈥檚 not right
Chapter 1192:Rank Three Martial King
Chapter 965: Hidden Geniuses
Chapter 1193:Hounding Elders to Death
Chapter 966: Abnormal Eyes
Chapter 1194:Emphasizing His Nurture
Chapter 967: Divine Lord Herb Garden
Chapter 1195:A Frightening Smile
Chapter 968: Badly Battered
Chapter 1196:Public Refusal
Chapter 969: This is my original line of work
Chapter 1197:Receiving The Rewards
Chapter 970: Nightmare-like Day
Chapter 971: Luck is also a form of strength.
Chapter 1198:Earthen Taboo:Firmament Shield
Chapter 972: Reaping the spoils without lifting a finger
Chapter 1199:Definitely Related
Chapter 973: Origins of the Duo
Chapter 1200:Tearing Down The Asura Division
Chapter 974: As Powerful as Lightning
Chapter 1201:Xiahou Jianting
Chapter 975: Take mine, snatching it back again
Chapter 1202:Fighting Over Chu Feng
Chapter 976: Returning With Herbs
Chapter 1203:Weaponry Refinement Technique
Chapter 977: Ward of Rain
Chapter 978: Shi Changsheng3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44619.html||Chapter 1204:A Perfect Demon-Level Character
Chapter 979: Dao Tapir
Chapter 1205:The Outcome Of The Battle
Chapter 980: Goading
Chapter 1206:A Self-made Genius
Chapter 981: Show Some Sincerity
Chapter 1207:This Kindness
Chapter 982: To Slap or not to Slap
Chapter 1208:Who Did This?
Chapter 983: Dao Tapir Seal
Chapter 1209:Pay The Price
Chapter 984: Dao Domain of Rain
Chapter 1210:Fierce Battle3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19378.html||Chapter 985: Assimilation of Everything
Chapter 1211:Displaying The Consummate Skill
Chapter 986: Price
Chapter 1212:Your End
Chapter 987: Disciple Recruitment
Chapter 1213:Come Right Ahead And Give It A Try
Chapter 988: Azure Wood Great World
Chapter 1214:Extraordinary Origin
Chapter 989: Book of Heaven鈥檚 Advent
Chapter 1215:Broaden Your Horizons
Chapter 990: Sword of Time
Chapter 1216:A Question
Chapter 991: Preparation for Dao Manifestation
Chapter 1217:Don鈥檛 Lose Too Miserably
Chapter 992: Great Dao Dao Fruits
Chapter 1218:Trash Remains Trash
Chapter 993: Three Beams of Sword Qi
Chapter 1219:An Unfair Competition
Chapter 994: Enemies often cross each other鈥檚 paths
Chapter 1220:Nine Spirits Divine Diagram
Chapter 995: Demonic Eye Divine Lord
Chapter 1221:You Were Lying
Chapter 996: First Attempt of the Sword鈥檚 Blade
Chapter 1222:Treasure
Chapter 997: Portrait
Chapter 1223:Heaven-defying World Spirit
Chapter 998: Chu He
Chapter 1224:Her Lady Queen
Chapter 999: No Sincerity
Chapter 1225:The Queen鈥檚 Might
Chapter 1000: Hidden Dragon Pit
Chapter 1226:Bad Intentions
Chapter 1001: Apocalyptic Fumes
Chapter 1227:Displaying Slight Skill Before An Expert
Chapter 1002: Black Winds
Chapter 1228:Guilty And Deserves To Be Punished
Chapter 1003: Engagement
Chapter 1229:World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation
Chapter 1004: No Effort Needed
Chapter 1230:Two Types of Taboos
Chapter 1005: Kill Him
Chapter 1231:An Enormous Surprise
Chapter 1006: Pursuit
Chapter 1232:Danger Lurks On Every Side
Chapter 1007: Door to the 33 Skies
Chapter 1233:Mysterious Black-Clothed Man
Chapter 1008: Beneath the Abyss
Chapter 1234:Nemesis
Chapter 1009: Marquis Wu Yun, Danger
Chapter 1235:Fall From The Sky
Chapter 1236:Disturbances Arise Again3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19403.html||Chapter 1010: Deadly Situation
Chapter 1011: The Might of the Sword Qi3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44652.html||Chapter 1237:Scram
Chapter 1012: Traitors3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44653.html||Chapter 1238:Divine Body
Chapter 1013: Key of the Nine Lotus
Chapter 1239:Refusal To Forgive
Chapter 1014: Meat Shields
Chapter 1240:Asura Spirit World
Chapter 1015: Blood Desert
Chapter 1241:The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 1016: Array of the Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1242:Please Leave
Chapter 1017: Array Cracking
Chapter 1243:The Arrival Of The Army
Chapter 1018: Endless Succession of the Dead
Chapter 1244:The Enraged Queen
Chapter 1019: Shameless
Chapter 1245:The Strongest Disciple, Qin Lingyun
Chapter 1020: Divine Tree
Chapter 1246:Oppression
Chapter 1021: Night Fog
Chapter 1247:To Endure Silently
Chapter 1022: River Styx
Chapter 1248:Inverting Right and Wrong
Chapter 1249:Torn With Grief3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19416.html||Chapter 1023: Gargantuan
Chapter 1250:I鈥檓 Sorry3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19417.html||Chapter 1024: Plains of Despair
Chapter 1251:Dragon Grade Mission
Chapter 1025: Sinister Eyes
Chapter 1252:Monstrous Dragon Beast
Chapter 1026: Ancient Portrait
Chapter 1253:A Battle Of Words
Chapter 1027: The Might of Divine Lords
Chapter 1254:Beautiful Woman
Chapter 1028: Divine Chains
Chapter 1255:Bai Suyan
Chapter 1029: Impasse
Chapter 1256:Nangong Longjian
Chapter 1030: The Way Out
Chapter 1257:A Whole New Level Of Respect
Chapter 1031: Rivers Entering Oceans
Chapter 1258:Bai Suyan鈥檚 Strength
Chapter 1032: Staking Everything on One Bet
Chapter 1259:Mutual Assistance
Chapter 1033: Entering the Restricted Zone
Chapter 1260:An Extremely Loud Explosion
Chapter 1034: Merging with the Divine Tree
Chapter 1261:Who Is Attacking?
Chapter 1035: Danger
Chapter 1262:Already Prepared
Chapter 1036: A Golden Chance
Chapter 1263:Exploiting One Another
Chapter 1037: Dao Manifestation Repeated
Chapter 1264:Unexpected Harvest
Chapter 1038: Yi Yun鈥檚 Dao fruits3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44694.html||Chapter 1265:Will Definitely Not Leave The Matter At That
Chapter 1039: Major Destruction Dao Fruit
Chapter 1266:Headmaster鈥檚 Enforcement Title Plate
Chapter 1040: Awakening
Chapter 1267:Six Seats
Chapter 1041: Awakening
Chapter 1268:Dejected And Depressed
Chapter 1042: Returning you an Ocean
Chapter 1269:Monstrous Dragon Beast King
Chapter 1043: Covetous Intentions
Chapter 1270:Prisoners
Chapter 1044: The Miracle in the Stone House
Chapter 1271:Utter Disgrace
Chapter 1045: Sneak Attack
Chapter 1272:Chu Feng Stepping Onto The Stage
Chapter 1046: Desperate Struggle
Chapter 1273:Her Lady Queen
Chapter 1047: All Powerful
Chapter 1274:Fight Between Demons
Chapter 1048: Vanquishing a Supremacy
Chapter 1275:Proving Oneself
Chapter 1049: Divine Tree鈥渟 Bizarre Transformation
Chapter 1276:Provocation
Chapter 1050: Driven into an Impasse
Chapter 1277:Shocking Everyone
Chapter 1051: Final Destruction
Chapter 1052: Sun Burial Sandsea3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44707.html||Chapter 1278:Chu Feng Beating A Tiger
Chapter 1279:One Against Three
Chapter 1053: Central State Divine Territory
Chapter 1054: Waking Up3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44709.html||Chapter 1280:Violently Cutting Down Divine Bodies
Chapter 1281:Testing With Blood3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19448.html||Chapter 1055: Ji Shuiyan
Chapter 1282:Calling The Wind And Summoning The Rain
Chapter 1283:Earthen Taboo:Five Elements Formation
Chapter 1057: Heart Dismembering Worm
Chapter 1284:Final Confrontation
Chapter 1058: Yi Yun鈥渟 Strength
Chapter 1285:Do You Know Your Crime?
Chapter 1059: Killing the Old Woman
Chapter 1286:Acting Headmaster
Chapter 1060: Slave Worms
Chapter 1287:Qin Lingyun Appearing On The Stage
Chapter 1061: Annihilation of Worms
Chapter 1288:Boundary Energy
Chapter 1062: Heaven Secrets, Divine Secrets
Chapter 1289:Parting
Chapter 1063: Aggressive Compulsion
Chapter 1290:Sima Villa
Chapter 1064: Unforeseen Changes at Divine Secrets Residence
Chapter 1291:Shameless Relatives
Chapter 1065: The Sword is wherever one鈥渟 Thoughts are3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44721.html||Chapter 1292:Great Catastrophe
Chapter 1066: Disintegration
Chapter 1293:Massacre
Chapter 1067: No Mercy
Chapter 1294:Raining Curses
Chapter 1068: Cold-blooded Queen
Chapter 1294:Raining Curses
Chapter 1069: Maiden under the Moon
Chapter 1295:Being Merciful
Chapter 1070: Thoughts of a Girl
Chapter 1296:World Spiritist Alliance
Chapter 1071: Yan Tiancong
Chapter 1297:Leave Without Saying Goodbye
Chapter 1072: Treasure Seekers Meet
Chapter 1298:What Are You Trying To Do?

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