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Chapter 1073: Middle-aged Swordsman
Chapter 1299:A Humiliating Torment
Chapter 1074: Clarity Pool Sword Sect
Chapter 1300:Elder Miao, Grandpa Miao
Chapter 1075: Question of Age Disparity
Chapter 1301:Royal Metamorphosis Formation
Chapter 1302:Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19469.html||Chapter 1076: Dragon Gate Platform
Chapter 1303:Nominal Disciple3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19470.html||Chapter 1077: Seven Gates
Chapter 1304:Humiliation Coming From Trash3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19471.html||Chapter 1078: Meeting her Match
Chapter 1079: One Astounding Strike3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44735.html||Chapter 1305:So It鈥檚 A Genius
Chapter 1080: Perfect Pure Yang3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44736.html||Chapter 1306:From Disappointment To Ecstasy
Chapter 1307:Pitiful People3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/19474.html||Chapter 1081: Item Nourishing Dew
Chapter 1308:Protecting One鈥檚 Dignity
Chapter 1082: Unexpected Turn of Events
Chapter 1309:The Boy Who Carried Hatred On His Back
Chapter 1083: Seven Star Dao Palace
Chapter 1310:Fairy Within The Coffin
Chapter 1084: Life-and-Death Crisis
Chapter 1311:Lil Ming鈥檚 In Trouble
Chapter 1085: Yi Yun鈥渟 Threat
Chapter 1312:Beyond Expectation
Chapter 1086: Onward to Clarity Pool
Chapter 1313:A Bunch Of Cowards
Chapter 1087: Clarity Pool Sword Sect
Chapter 1314:Can Speak, Can Do
Chapter 1088: Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword
Chapter 1315:Resentment Toward Another鈥檚 Failure
Chapter 1089: Sword Assessment Array
Chapter 1316:Unable To Escape The Tribulation
Chapter 1090: Applying what he learns
Chapter 1317:Collecting Feces
Chapter 1091: Attained Fortuitously
Chapter 1318:Causing Havoc
Chapter 1093: Threat
Chapter 1319:Displaying Overwhelming Power
Chapter 1094: Surrounded3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44750.html||Chapter 1320:True Strength
Chapter 1321:How Do You Wish To Die?
Chapter 1095: Two hours
Chapter 1322:I Insist On Taking His Life
Chapter 1096: Unexpected Occurrence at Sun Burial Sandsea
Chapter 1323:Lord Hong Qiang
Chapter 1097: Bitter Encounter in the Market
Chapter 1324:Why Aren鈥檛 You Scramming?
Chapter 1098: Young Master Blood Jade
Chapter 1325:An Item
Chapter 1099: Massacre
Chapter 1100: I鈥渓l leave him to you3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44756.html||Chapter 1326:Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower
Chapter 1101: Enjoying the Show3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44757.html||Chapter 1327:Sealing Glacier
Chapter 1102: God Annihilating Pearl
Chapter 1328:Truly Shameless
Chapter 1104: Entrance
Chapter 1329:A Crisis Descends
Chapter 1105: Dire state
Chapter 1330:Hong Qiang鈥檚 True Strength
Chapter 1106: Jade Burial Suit
Chapter 1331:The New Headmaster
Chapter 1107: Encountering the Seven Star Dao Palace again
Chapter 1332:Leaving For A Journey
Chapter 1108: Watching Trouble from a Comfortable Distance
Chapter 1333:Courting Death
Chapter 1109: Ling Xiaoxiao
Chapter 1334:Threaten
Chapter 1110: Elixir of Resurrection
Chapter 1335:The Arrival Of A Weirdo
Chapter 1111: Heretical God Fire Seed
Chapter 1336:Who Else
Chapter 1112: Ling Xie鈥渆r
Chapter 1337:Chu Feng vs. Wang Qiang
Chapter 1113: The Tragic Master Tianxiao
Chapter 1114: Entrapping Array
Chapter 1338:Confrontation Of Martial Skills
Chapter 1339:Determining The Winner
Chapter 1115: Cracking the Array
Chapter 1116: Fusion
Chapter 1117: Nine-Treasured Dao Palace
Chapter 1340:About Time To End This
Chapter 1118: A Hundred Feet Separating Life and Death
Chapter 1341:Family Treasure
Chapter 1119: Master Tianxiao鈥渟 Doomsday
Chapter 1342:A Single Piece Of Dung
Chapter 1120: Worldly Array
Chapter 1343:The Trial To Enter The Village
Chapter 1121: Unrelenting Killing Intent
Chapter 1344:Threatening
Chapter 1122: Massive Array Collapses
Chapter 1345:Crashing Through The Trial
Chapter 1123: Reclusion Underground
Chapter 1346:Astonishing Speed
Chapter 1124: Soul Nurturing Wood
Chapter 1347:Closing The Relationship
Chapter 1125: Ru鈥渆r
Chapter 1348:Spoils Of War
Chapter 1126: Conditions
Chapter 1349:The Miraculous Wang Qiang
Chapter 1127: Settling Down
Chapter 1350:Where Did You Come From?
Chapter 1128: Return
Chapter 1351:Using A Long Line To Catch A Big Fish
Chapter 1129: Squaring Things
Chapter 1352:You Are Chu Feng?
Chapter 1130: Sea of Flames
Chapter 1353:The Three Zhou Siblings
Chapter 1131: Storming the Dao Palace
Chapter 1354:Ancestral Worship Ceremony
Chapter 1132: Palatial Lord
Chapter 1355:Wang Qiang Displaying His Might
Chapter 1133: Prestige
Chapter 1356:A Bunch Of Trash/strong>
Chapter 1134: Myriad Divine Territory
Chapter 1357:Stunning Everyone
Chapter 1135: Treatment
Chapter 1358:Smearing One鈥檚 Own Name
Chapter 1359:Old Village Chief3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/28/21150.html||Chapter 1136: Myriad Immortal Pavilion
Chapter 1137: Myriad Pavilion3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44797.html||Chapter 1360:Ailing Matter
Chapter 1361:Staying Behind To Enjoy The Show
Chapter 1138: Heavenly Treasures Arch
Chapter 1362:Exorbitant Demand
Chapter 1139: Fairy Youqin
Chapter 1363:Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter
Chapter 1140: Familiar
Chapter 1364:Looking Down Upon One Another
Chapter 1141: News
Chapter 1365:Serious Injury To One鈥檚 Strength
Chapter 1142: Skyfox Zither Dao
Chapter 1366:A Scheming Smile
Chapter 1143: Soul Restoring Relic
Chapter 1367:A Crushing Defeat
Chapter 1144: City Lord Qin
Chapter 1368:Cyanwood Mountain鈥檚 Disciple, Chu Feng
Chapter 1145: Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic
Chapter 1369:Bringing One鈥檚 Own Destruction
Chapter 1146: Making Things Difficult
Chapter 1370:Are You Certain That I鈥檝e Lost?
Chapter 1147: Yun Xin Loft
Chapter 1371:Dissatisfied
Chapter 1148: Business Comes
Chapter 1372:Your End
Chapter 1149: Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill
Chapter 1373:Any time
Chapter 1150: Body Cleansing Pill
Chapter 1374:Ailing Matter
Chapter 1151: Unexpected Harvest
Chapter 1375:The Reason For The False Accusation
Chapter 1152: Refinement Process
Chapter 1376:Could it be him?
Chapter 1153: Unforeseen Matter
Chapter 1377:Definitely Capable Of Breaking Through
Chapter 1154: Reason for Danger
Chapter 1378:The Husband In The Queen鈥檚 Heart
Chapter 1155: Day for the Refinement
Chapter 1379:I鈥檒l Assume All Responsibility
Chapter 1156: Refining the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills
Chapter 1380:Surging Fury
Chapter 1157: Pills Completed
Chapter 1381:Coincidental Breakthrough
Chapter 1158: Pill Testing
Chapter 1382:An Inevitable Crushing Defeat
Chapter 1159: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 1383:You Trash
Chapter 1160: No Mercy
Chapter 1384:What Could You Possibly Do?
Chapter 1161: City Lord Qin鈥渟 Invitation
Chapter 1385:Slaughtering Technique
Chapter 1386:A Martial Skill From The Ancient Era
Chapter 1387:Aged Palm
Chapter 1162: Young Master Baifeng
Chapter 1388:Miao Renlong
Chapter 1163: Invitation Letter
Chapter 1389:An Invitation Of Magnificent Hospitality
Chapter 1164: Si Yusheng
Chapter 1390:Meeting Sima Ying Again
Chapter 1165: Concede defeat and abide by the rules of the bet
Chapter 1391:Explaining Everything
Chapter 1167: Shouldering it Alone
Chapter 1392:Two Geniuses
Chapter 1168: Under Mt. Kunhua
Chapter 1393:Target Of Suppression
Chapter 1394:Arrival Of The Army
Chapter 1169: One Strike Determines All
Chapter 1395:Overestimating One鈥檚 Capabilities
Chapter 1170: Fighting a Supremacy Again
Chapter 1396:The Trash Acted
Chapter 1171: Mountain Valley Lakeside
Chapter 1397:More Trash Than Trash
Chapter 108: Vanquishing Demons
Chapter 1172: Giant City
Chapter 1399:Golden Rhinoceros
Chapter 1173: Beautiful Figure of the Ancient Tomb
Chapter 1400:Already Arrived
Chapter 1174: Vanquishing Demons
Chapter 1401:Teach You How To Conduct Yourself
Chapter 1175: A Rude Awakening
Chapter 1402:The True Demon
Chapter 1176: Whereabouts of Demonic Servants
Chapter 1403:Exceptional Beauty
Chapter 1177: Scheme
Chapter 1404:Your End
Chapter 1178: Exterminating the Demon
Chapter 1405:So It鈥檚 You
Chapter 1179: Plague
Chapter 1406:Asura World Spiritist
Chapter 1180: Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet
Chapter 1407:Visiting Once Again
Chapter 1181: Guiyuan family
Chapter 1408:The Arrogant Woman
Chapter 1182: What is Arrogance
Chapter 1409:You鈥檝e Lost
Chapter 1183: Alliance
Chapter 1410:Golden Snake Soul Sucking Formation
Chapter 1184: Heart of the Zither
Chapter 1411:Reverend Golden Snake?
Chapter 1185: Allying with Paradise Chapter
Chapter 1412:The Alliance Master Apologizing
Chapter 1186: The Tragic Evil Spirits
Chapter 1413:The Future Is Filled With Unknowns
Chapter 1187: Skyfire Sacred Hands
Chapter 1414:A Visit From Lil Mei
Chapter 1188: Grand Meet Begins
Chapter 1415:Long Story
Chapter 1189: Jadeflame Immortal Orchid
Chapter 1416:Strange Blood
Chapter 1190: Bedrock
Chapter 1417:The Pain Of Side Effects
Chapter 1191: Meeting the Soul Returning Root Again
Chapter 1418:You Are Not Even Qualified To Speak To Me
Chapter 1192: Two Methods
Chapter 1419:The Nine Powers Hunt
Chapter 1193: Principal Herb
Chapter 1420:Mysterious Formation
Chapter 1194: Soul Returning Root in Hand
Chapter 1421:The Successor of Emperor Gong
Chapter 1195: Pushing the Blame
Chapter 1422:鈥 Better A Bad Life Than A Good Death
Chapter 1196: Skyfire Sacred Hands鈥渟 Counterattack
Chapter 1423:Location Determined
Chapter 1197: Flame Grass
Chapter 1424:Long Time No See
Chapter 1198: Eating the Cauldron
Chapter 1425:The Arrival Of Danger
Chapter 1199: Soaring Serpent Skyfire
Chapter 1426:Divine Spirits?
Chapter 1200: A Sword Strike that Looks Familiar
Chapter 1427:Dangerous Location
Chapter 1201: Reliance
Chapter 1428:My Life Is Worth
Chapter 1202: Reappearance of the God Confining Lock
Chapter 1429:A Strand Of Aura From Emperor Gong鈥檚 Successor
Chapter 1203: The Die is Cast
Chapter 1430:A Heaven Shocking Explosion
Chapter 1204: Ample Spoils of War
Chapter 1431:An Opportunity
Chapter 1205: Hollow Soul Pill Completed
Chapter 1432:This Piece Is For You
Chapter 1206: Ling Xie鈥渆r Awakens
Chapter 1433:Dongfang Imperial Clan
Chapter 1207: Quasi-Sage Level
Chapter 1434:Finally Arrived
Chapter 1208: Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon
Chapter 1435:Subduing The Metallic Lotus Flower
Chapter 1209: Crisis
Chapter 1436:Fighting Side By Side
Chapter 1210: Uninvited Guest
Chapter 1437:The Final Seal
Chapter 1211: The Power of the Evil Spirits
Chapter 1438:Becoming A Very Capable Individual
Chapter 1212: Having no Qualms
Chapter 1439:Dongfang Zexuan
Chapter 1213: Exiting Seclusion
Chapter 1440:One Word, Weak
Chapter 1214: Sect Wipe-out
Chapter 1441:The Key Aspect
Chapter 1215: Myriad Divine Territory鈥渟 Changes
Chapter 1442:Allow Junior A Try
Chapter 1216: Xiaowan and Youqin
Chapter 1443:A Whole New Level Of Respect
Chapter 1217: Elder Mo
Chapter 1444:Trump Card, Defeat!
Chapter 1218: Settling Scores
Chapter 1445:What, are you afraid?
Chapter 1219: Taking Root
Chapter 1446:Caught In A Predicament
Chapter 1220: End
Chapter 1447:Are You Satisfied?
Chapter 1221: Seal
Chapter 1448:Taking The Initiative To Attack
Chapter 1222: Horizon of the Sinkhole
Chapter 1449:Golden Light Sphere
Chapter 1223: Portrait
Chapter 1450:Returning Everything
Chapter 1224: Woman in the Portrait
Chapter 1451:It鈥檚 you?
Chapter 1225: Ancient Godly Monarchs
Chapter 1226: Sword Bestowing3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44888.html||Chapter 1452:King Royal Cloak
Chapter 1227: Mirage Snow
Chapter 1453:Presumptuous Request
Chapter 1228: Essence Soul
Chapter 1454:The Defeat Of Both Grandfather And Grandson
Chapter 1229: Sword Discussion
Chapter 1455:Another Provocation
Chapter 1230: Boundless Mountain
Chapter 1456:Are You Satisfied?
Chapter 1231: Location of Boundless Mountain
Chapter 1457:Unchanged Malicious Intentions
Chapter 1232: Snake Girl
Chapter 1458:The Truth Revealed
Chapter 1233: Myriad God Ridge
Chapter 1459:Reconcile
Chapter 1234: Your Robbing Business is Doing Well
Chapter 1460:Chu Feng鈥檚 Return
Chapter 1235: Impervious
Chapter 1461:Threatening One Another
Chapter 1236: Miraculous Item
Chapter 1462:Unnecessary Worry
Chapter 1237: Ascending Dragon Cauldron3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44912.html||Chapter 1463:An Expert Withdrawn From Worldly Affairs
Chapter 1238: Stirring the Cauldron3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/44916.html||Chapter 1464:The Strongest Beautiful Sisters
Chapter 1239: Entering the Sect
Chapter 1465:Banner Holding Disciples
Chapter 1240: Main Peak
Chapter 1466:Advanced Level Gamble
Chapter 1241: Sunken Moon Tower
Chapter 1467:Shocking Everyone
Chapter 1242: Meal
Chapter 1468:Ill-Natured Arrival
Chapter 1243: Humans Shouldn鈥渢 Eat Pigswill
Chapter 1469:Torn Body And Crushed Bones
Chapter 1244: Tolerance Extraordinaire
Chapter 1470:Seal You Two
Chapter 1245: Green Spirit Jade Fragment
Chapter 1471:You鈥檙e Number One
Chapter 1246: Newcomer
Chapter 1472:How Do You All Wish To Die?
Chapter 1473:Living Demon
Chapter 1247: Duanmu Qingwen
Chapter 1474:The Place That He Must Go To
Chapter 1248: Evil Motives
Chapter 1475:Ancient Era鈥檚 Remnant
Chapter 1249: The Pleasant Surprise in the Ring
Chapter 1476:Intrude Into The Forbidden Area
Chapter 1250: Life Worse than Death
Chapter 1477:Ancient Era鈥檚 Organism
Chapter 1251: Destroying All Evidence
Chapter 1478:Firmament Flower Queen
Chapter 1252: Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 1479:An Extraordinary Martial King
Chapter 1253: Meeting Old Snake
Chapter 1480:Treasures, Right Before The Eyes
Chapter 1254: Ascending Dragon Cauldron鈥渟 Origin
Chapter 1481:I Will Definitely Bring You Away
Chapter 1255:Myriad God Patriarch's Goal
Chapter 1482:Sowing Dissension
Chapter 1255: Myriad God Patriarch鈥渟 Goal
Chapter 1483:Even If You Refuse To Kneel, You Must Kneel
Chapter 1256: Myriad God Ridge Sect Master
Chapter 1484:Exterminating Qin Lingyun
Chapter 1257: Meeting the Ascending Dragon Cauldron Again
Chapter 1485:Asking For Trouble
Chapter 1258: Outcome
Chapter 1486:Absolute Protection
Chapter 1259: Patriarch Returns
Chapter 1487:Qin Wentian Coming Out Of Closed-Door Training
Chapter 1260: Betrayal
Chapter 1488:I鈥檒l Go With You
Chapter 1261: Myriad God Patriarch
Chapter 1489:Rank Eight Martial King
Chapter 1262: Besieged on all sides
Chapter 1490:Would You All Believe Me?
Chapter 1263: Myriad God Crown Prince
Chapter 1491:Exactly What One Wanted
Chapter 1264: Sudden News
Chapter 1492:The Despair Of The Weak
Chapter 1265: Lin Xintong
Chapter 1493:God And Demon
Chapter 1266: Coming Storm
Chapter 1494:Eight Armed Deity Formation
Chapter 1495:Overwhelming Victory
Chapter 1496:Asking The Headmaster For Help
Chapter 1497:A Single Chess Piece
Chapter 1267: Soul Seed
Chapter 1498:Assassin
Chapter 1268: Ensuring Success
Chapter 1499:Look Carefully At Me
Chapter 1269: Nine Dragons Encircling Pearl
Chapter 1500:Great Minds Think Alike
Chapter 1270: Lost in Dreams
Chapter 1501:Asking A Martial Emperor
Chapter 1271: Catalyst Herb
Chapter 1502:The Legend of the Yan Clan
Chapter 1272: Life on the Line
Chapter 1503:The Potential To Become An Overlord
Chapter 1273: Slumber
Chapter 1504:Thinking About Eggy
Chapter 1274: Warmth in the Nightmare
Chapter 1505:Cannot Be Considered Human
Chapter 1275: Releasing the Seal
Chapter 1506:Younger Generation鈥檚 Gathering
Chapter 1276: Storming out the Cauldron!
Chapter 1507:The Price For Boasting
Chapter 1508:Provocation From The Elves
Chapter 1509:A Rude Request
Chapter 1510:Realm of Gods
Chapter 1511:Learning The Flame Sea Technique
Chapter 1512:The Incompetent Tian Liang
Chapter 1513:The Appearance Of Yan Xie
Chapter 1514:Chu Feng Breaking The Seal
Chapter 1515:Special Reaction
Chapter 1516:The End Of One鈥檚 Patience
Chapter 1517:Boasting, Lying
Chapter 1518:Chu Feng Vs. Xian Kun
Chapter 1519:Absolute Disparity
Chapter 1520:Return Politeness For Politeness
Chapter 1521:A Martial Emperor鈥檚 Might
Chapter 1522:Waiting For The Answer
Chapter 1523:Am I Qualified To Fight Against You Now?
Chapter 1524:Intense Showdown
Chapter 1525:One Blade Strike, Three Slashes
Chapter 1526:Fire Dragon Heaven Burning Thrust
Chapter 1527:Firmament Ninth Slash
Chapter 1528:Blood Racing
Chapter 1529:What Sort Of Situation
Chapter 1530:Destroying The World
Chapter 1531:The Reappearance Of An Overlord
Chapter 1532:Incomparable Shock
Chapter 1533:This Is An Enormous Blessing
Chapter 1534:Grand Battle Formation
Chapter 1535:Meticulously Planned
Chapter 1536:Devoid Of Conscience
Chapter 1537:Tantai Xue鈥檚 True Appearance
Chapter 1538:True Purpose
Chapter 1539:Cursed Soil Seven Slaughtering Formation
Chapter 1540:Stalling For Time
Chapter 1541:Whose Crisis?
Chapter 1542:Battle Between Martial Emperors
Chapter 1543:Came Together, Leave Together
Chapter 1544:Facing Death With Equanimity
Chapter 1545:Unrivalled Divine Might
Chapter 1546:A Little Strange
Chapter 1547:Controlled By Someone
Chapter 1548:Overlord Domain
Chapter 1549:Trembling Of Heaven And Earth
Chapter 1550:New Beginning
Chapter 1551:Forced Marriage
Chapter 1552:The Furious Heaven
Chapter 1553:Living Hell
Chapter 1554:There Are No Ifs
Chapter 1555:Returning To The Southern Cyanwood Forest
Chapter 1556:Visit From The Orion Monastery
Chapter 1557:Chu Feng Is Still Alive
Chapter 1558:Grand Powerful Expert
Chapter 1559:Golden Beach
Chapter 1560:Demon Level Genius
Chapter 1561:Bad Example
Chapter 1562:Frightening Hurricane
Chapter 1564:Nangong Baihe
Chapter 1565:Young Hero, Help Me
Chapter 1566:Change In Attitude
Chapter 1567:Qunguang Brothers
Chapter 1568:People One Should Not Talk About
Chapter 1569:Reinforcements
Chapter 1570:No Way Back
Chapter 1571:Rescue At The Risk Of One鈥檚 Life
Chapter 1572:One Shot Lightning
Chapter 1573:Must Be Kept Confidential
Chapter 1574:King Monstrous Dragon Beast
Chapter 1575:Dreadful Heart For Self Interest
Chapter 1576:Eggy鈥檚 Awakening
Chapter 1577:Choosing The Dangerous Passage
Chapter 1578:The Reveal
Chapter 1579:Search For Fortune Among Risks
Chapter 1580:Ancient Era鈥檚 Scroll
Chapter 1581:Unendurable Craving
Chapter 1582:Merely One Strike
Chapter 1583:Must Take Revenge
Chapter 1584:A Series Of Mockeries
Chapter 1585:The Strongest of the Younger Generation
Chapter 1586:Announcing The Result
Chapter 1587:Don鈥檛 Behave Atrociously
Chapter 1588:Meeting The Immortal
Chapter 1589:From Hell To Heaven
Chapter 1590:Remarkable Abilities
Chapter 1591:Attempting To Communicate
Chapter 1592:Training Begin
Chapter 1593:Heavenly Law Auction
Chapter 1594:Frantic Refinement
Chapter 1595:Testing Talent
Chapter 1596:Cursing Without Obscenity
Chapter 1597:Betting With One鈥檚 Reputation
Chapter 1598:Revealing One鈥檚 Talent
Chapter 1599:Weaponry Refinement Completed
Chapter 1600:Incomplete Imperial Armament
Chapter 1601:This Separation
Chapter 1602:Arrival Of Malice
Chapter 1603:Not A Pushover
Chapter 1604:Humiliation Once Again
Chapter 1605:Truly Shameless
Chapter 1606:Absolute Suppression
Chapter 1607:Forming A Blood Feud
Chapter 1608:Reaching The Auction
Chapter 1609:Buying World Spirit Stones
Chapter 1610:Extremely Expensive Exchange
Chapter 1611:This Favor

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