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Chapter 1612:Evildoer Tie
Chapter 1613:Auction Begins
Chapter 1614:Intense Competition
Chapter 1615:Bidding Requires Strength
Chapter 1616:Scamming Evildoer Tie
Chapter 1617:An Imprint
Chapter 1618:The Day Of Revenge
Chapter 1619:Killing Intent All Over One鈥檚 Face
Chapter 1620:Mysterious Expert
Chapter 1621:Staying As Guests
Chapter 1622:Coldsnow Dagger
Chapter 1623:Chu Feng Attending A Banquet
Chapter 1624:It Really Was A Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 1625:Must Apologize
Chapter 1626:Chu Feng Serving Tea
Chapter 1627:Face Covered With Tea
Chapter 1628:Golden Coiling Dragon Pellet
Chapter 1629:Chu Feng Breakthrough
Chapter 1630:Soaring Golden Dragon
Chapter 1631:The Appearance Of The Divine Lightnings
Chapter 1632-1:Stirring Up Murderous Intention
Chapter 1632-2:Ruthlessness
Chapter 1633:Battle Power That Surmounts Four Levels Of Cultivation
Chapter 1634:Setting Up Spirit Formations
Chapter 1635:Water Immortal Profound Technique
Chapter 1636:Flatter
Chapter 1637:Secret Skill Inheritance
Chapter 1638:Paying The Price
Chapter 1639:Birth Of Asura
Chapter 1640:Doomsday Arrival
Chapter 1641:Bunch Of Mobs
Chapter 1642:Surpassing One鈥檚 Imagination
Chapter 1643:Nangong Longjian
Chapter 1644:Both Sides Suffer
Chapter 1645:Sealing The News
Chapter 1646:Scouting For Information
Chapter 1647:Tailing In Secret
Chapter 1648:The Might Of The Water Immortal
Chapter 1649:Cyan Rainbow Sword
Chapter 1650:Revealing One鈥檚 Strength
Chapter 1651:Four Great Secret Skills
Chapter 1652:Seizing Items
Chapter 1653:Witch Descended From Heaven
Chapter 1654:Swindler Monk
Chapter 1655:Too Shameless
Chapter 1656:Forced Onto A Path To Death
Chapter 1657:Chu Feng Captured
Chapter 1658:The Appearance Of The Witch
Chapter 1659:Seeking Survival By Breaking Through The Formation
Chapter 1660:Extremely Poisonous Sea Of Clouds
Chapter 1661:Experiment Failure
Chapter 1662:Poison Demon鈥檚 Valley
Chapter 1663:The Pitiful Villagers
Chapter 1664:Poison Demon鈥檚 Descendants
Chapter 1665:Chu Feng鈥檚 Challenge
Chapter 1666:The Fierce Du Wanwu
Chapter 1667:Victor And Loser
Chapter 1668:Immune To Poisons
Chapter 1669:A Fair Battle
Chapter 1670:Severing The Connection
Chapter 1671:Challenge Again
Chapter 1672:Wiping Away Former Shame
Chapter 1673:The Outcome Of The Battle
Chapter 1674:Lady Xiangyu
Chapter 1675:A Request
Chapter 1676:Fire Immortal Profound Technique
Chapter 1677:The Fire Immortal鈥檚 Request
Chapter 1678:Finding The Poisonous Substance
Chapter 1679:Suspicious Individual
Chapter 1680:Gu Poison
Chapter 1681:Placed Together
Chapter 1682:Chu Feng Is Already Dead
Chapter 1683:This Is The Truth
Chapter 1684:Mooncloud City
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Chapter 1685:Proceeding Towards The Five Poisons Mountain
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Chapter 564鈥揗eteor Shower Ocean
Chapter 1686:Thorny Problem
To the bottom
Chapter 1687:Astonishingly Powerful
Chapter 1-Into another Dimension
Chapter 1688:The Dreadful Intention For Self Interest
Chapter 2-Twin Star Inherent Skill
Chapter 1689:Revealing Godly Might
Chapter 3-Mythical Beast鈥檚 Special Ability
Chapter 1690:Invisible Dew
Chapter 4-Heavenly Sword Goddess?
Chapter 1691:Benefactor鈥檚 Descendant
Chapter 5-[Innate] Invisible Sword Qi
Chapter 1692:Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 6-Yue Bing in Black
Chapter 1693:Extremely Dangerous Location
Chapter 7-Summon, Spitting Thorny Flower!
Chapter 1694:Taboo Gu
Chapter 8-Birth of an Abnormal Genius
Chapter 1695:Imminent Peril
Chapter 9-The Guy Who Was Up To No Good
Chapter 1696:A Familiar Voice
Chapter 10-Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen
Chapter 1697:Beitang Zimo?
Chapter 11-Treasure on a Silver Platter
Chapter 1698:Go For Broke
Chapter 12-Quintet Seeking Golden Mice
Chapter 1699:Misjudged
Chapter 13-Target: Innate Realm
Chapter 1700:Lord Headmaster
Chapter 14-Chaos, Concealed Tracks, Mysterious Secret
Chapter 1701:It鈥檚 Time To End This
Chapter 15-Huge Bounty
Chapter 1702:Baili Xuankong
Chapter 16-Requirement for Choosing a Spouse: Bubble Butt
Chapter 1703:Avenge You
Chapter 17-Wonderful Classification Technique
Chapter 1704:Meticulous Planning
Chapter 18-Vengeance Hunters
Chapter 1705:An Enormous Gift
Chapter 19-Element-Type, Stone Skin
Chapter 1706:Rank Three Half Martial Emperor
Chapter 20-No Money? Then Sorry.
Chapter 1707:Parting Ways
Chapter 21-Let鈥檚 Spend The Night Together
Chapter 1708:Ximen Feixue
Chapter 22-Please Don鈥檛 Casually Fall For Me
Chapter 1709:Fellow Disciples Being Insulted
Chapter 23-A Pair of Shoes
Chapter 1710:Standing Up For Others With Power
Chapter 24-Assassin at Night
Chapter 1711:Enormous Change
Chapter 25-The Beauty
Chapter 1712:Exactly Who Is It?
Chapter 26-Fei Wen Li, Her Majesty the Empress
Chapter 1713:Bound To Become Famous
Chapter 27-Serpent Demon
Chapter 1714:Chu Feng Appearing On The Stage
Chapter 28-Is She My Daughter or a Beast?
Chapter 1715:A Powerful Character
Chapter 29-Little Wen Li
Chapter 1716:Find A Pushover First
Chapter 30-Expert? You鈥檙e just a stepping-stone.
Chapter 1717:Displaying One鈥檚 Ability For The First Time
Chapter 31-Booked Virgin
Chapter 1718:One Against Two
Chapter 32-Bronze Barbaric Bull3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45309.html||Chapter 1719:Everything Points To Disaster
Chapter 1720:Worthy Of Admiration3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8079.html||Chapter 33-Miracle?
Chapter 1721:Could Only Accept Being Defeated3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8082.html||Chapter 34-Do you have anything else to show off?
Chapter 1722:Insist On Fighting
Chapter 35-Supreme Sword
Chapter 1723:The Might Of A Single Fist
Chapter 36-Level Up
Chapter 1724:Heavenly Immortal Sword
Chapter 37-Barbarian Cow Shadow
Chapter 1725:From The Outer World
Chapter 38-Beauty
Chapter 1726:The Legend Of The Evil God
Chapter 39-Born to be Smacked Around?
Chapter 1727:Conquer This Sword
Chapter 40-Hui Tai Lang
Chapter 1728:Cannot Be Looked Down Upon
Chapter 41-Mysterious, Ferocious Beauty
Chapter 1729:Crimson Demon Sword
Chapter 42-I Give Up
Chapter 1730:Needing Only A Single Sword Strike
Chapter 43-Tong Tian Tower, I鈥檝e Come!
Chapter 1731:Public Humiliation
Chapter 44-The Desire To Survive
Chapter 1732:Revealing The Truth
Chapter 45-Searching for Yue Bing
Chapter 1733:The Truth Revealed
Chapter 46-Now this is difficulty!
Chapter 1734:Enormous Crisis
Chapter 1735:An Exorbitant Demand3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8122.html||Chapter 47-Little Thief, Do Your Best!
Chapter 1736:Weapon Biting Its Master3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8126.html||Chapter 48-The Three-headed Chimera
Chapter 1737:Say It Again
Chapter 49-Guessing Riddles?
Chapter 50-Silencing Scepter3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45343.html||Chapter 1738:Leaving The Scene Domineeringly
Chapter 1739:Further And Further Away
Chapter 51-The Golden Bell
Chapter 52-Hidden Treasure Map?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45345.html||Chapter 1740:Two Major Events
Chapter 53-It鈥檚 decided, let鈥檚 LIE!
Chapter 1741:A Mountain Of Corpses, A Sea Of Blood
Chapter 54-The definition of a beast鈥檚 strength?
Chapter 1742:Returning To The Cyanwood Mountain
Chapter 55-Whistleblowers will be beheaded!
Chapter 1743:Charging Through The Killing Formation Again
Chapter 56-Refining, Heart of Oak
Chapter 1744:Golden Palace
Chapter 57-Stealing Eggs
Chapter 1745:Army Of Martial Emperors
Chapter 58-Two-headed Demon Wolf?
Chapter 1746:Legendary Divine Beast
Chapter 59-Who dares to touch my younger sister?
Chapter 1747:Advance By Leaps And Bounds
Chapter 60-Evildoers still need to be worn down by evildoers
Chapter 1748:Effective Weapon For Killing
Chapter 61-Little Clown, Slowly Perform For Me!
Chapter 1749:Sacred Land For Cultivation
Chapter 62-I鈥檝e been waiting for you for a long time!
Chapter 1750:Mysterious Letter
Chapter 63-Counterattack against Abyssal Magic?
Chapter 1751:Fight For The Strongest
Chapter 64-Secondary Grimoire
Chapter 1752:Must Go
Chapter 65-Perilous Situation
Chapter 1753:The Gathering Of The Four Clans
Chapter 66-It can鈥檛 be called a sneak attack
Chapter 1754:Violent Development
Chapter 67-I鈥檓 currently pondering over what shivering is.
Chapter 1755:You Are Chu Feng?
Chapter 68-The Divine Grimoire
Chapter 1756:You Should Change Your Name
Chapter 69-The question is actually very simple
Chapter 1757:Changing Attitude Extremely Fast
Chapter 70-Understanding while acting confused.
Chapter 1758:Private Chat In A Private Room
Chapter 71-Chain Quest?
Chapter 1759:Acting To Uphold Justice
Chapter 72-Seen through, Divine Vision
Chapter 1760:Evildoers鈥 Disciples
Chapter 73-The Mysterious Little Gold Beast
Chapter 1761:Should Know Your Standing
Chapter 74-Gods鈥 Ruins
Chapter 1762:Arriving On Stage In Succession
Chapter 75-It won鈥檛 do to not be covered by Boss!
Chapter 1763:Confrontation Between The Strong
Chapter 76-Comprehending the Heart of Nature
Chapter 1764:The Flame Emperor鈥檚 Successor
Chapter 77-Fertiliser
Chapter 1765:Your Natural Counter
Chapter 78-Strong Enemy, Bone Dragon and Flame Lord
Chapter 1766:Carefully See For Yourself Who I Am
Chapter 79-Storm Mermaid
Chapter 1767:Killing Zhan Qiankun
Chapter 80-Imperial Sister Swordsman
Chapter 81-Six Records Inherent Skill
Chapter 1768:Loyal To One鈥檚 Friends
Chapter 82-Handsome 100,000 Times Over
Chapter 1769:Grand Benefactor
Chapter 83-A Beggar With A Crystal Card
Chapter 1770:Scouting For Intelligence
Chapter 84-I Want To Violently Beat You Up Too!
Chapter 1771:Bring You All In
Chapter 85-Luo Hua City Mistress
Chapter 1772:Entering
Chapter 86-Bloody Queen?
Chapter 87-I鈥檒l just pick this in the middle!
Chapter 1773:Target Of Public Criticism
Chapter 88-Killing Demon Generals Instantly
Chapter 1774:Believe In Chu Feng
Chapter 89-Banshee鈥檚 Scream
Chapter 1775:Golden Leaf World Spirit Flower
Chapter 90-Level Up, Silver Grimoire!
Chapter 1776:Baffled
Chapter 91-Bloody Queen鈥檚 Secret
Chapter 1777:He Really Came3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8339.html||Chapter 92-Agreement
Chapter 1778:Disparity3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8343.html||Chapter 93-Treeman Warrior, Level Up
Chapter 1779:Publicly Snatching Away Another鈥檚 Possessions3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8350.html||Chapter 94-Confession?
Chapter 1780:Exactly Who Is It?
Chapter 95-A Letter From Home Is A Priceless Treasure
Chapter 1781:Losing All Face
Chapter 96-Bowing Head In Shame, Turning Red With One Touch
Chapter 1782:Friend Appearing On Stage
Chapter 97-Who Could Understand a Girl鈥檚 Heart?
Chapter 1783:Senior Brother鈥檚 Origin
Chapter 98-Beating a Bastard Slave Violently
Chapter 1784:Immortal Fire Tri-layer Transformation
Chapter 99-Kill Them All For Me!
Chapter 1785:For One鈥檚 Brother, Resolve
Chapter 100-Put Him In A Coffin Immediately
Chapter 1786:Don鈥檛 Make Things Difficult For Me
Chapter 101-Yue Yang Storming Out
Chapter 1787:Killing Intention
Chapter 102-I鈥檓 Taking Back Our Pride
Chapter 1788:Successful Capture
Chapter 103-Breaking New Realm in the Battle
Chapter 1789:Rank One Martial Emperor
Chapter 104-A Likeable Bandit鈥檚 Theory
Chapter 1790:Dumbstruck
Chapter 105-The Tipping Point for a Breakthrough
Chapter 1791:Two Divine Powers
Chapter 106-Innate Realm Third Layer
Chapter 1792:Heaven Taboo Martial Skill
Chapter 1793:Are You Looking For Me?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8420.html||Chapter 107-You Dare? I Will Step On Your Head!
Chapter 108-Let your enemy shudder in front of you!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45400.html||Chapter 1794:Absolute Humiliation
Chapter 1795:Sweat Like A Pig
Chapter 1796:Borrowing Another鈥檚 Blade To Kill
Chapter 110-Cry, Vomit Blood, Be Jealous!
Chapter 1797:A Bamboo Slip3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8440.html||Chapter 111-Bloody Queen鈥檚 Presence
Chapter 112-A New Breakthrough in Battle3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45404.html||Chapter 1798:Divine Lightnings Revealing Their Might
Chapter 113-Counterfeit Skill Vs Six Records Skill3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45405.html||Chapter 1799:Subduing the Bamboo Slip
Chapter 1800:Profound Firmament Annihilation3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8455.html||Chapter 114-Well Coordination, Instant Killing A Powerful Enemy!
Chapter 115-Water Avoiding Pearl?
Chapter 1801:Competition Begin
Chapter 116-The Evil Wolf鈥檚 Hand
Chapter 1802:Brought About Great Military Might
Chapter 117-The Reaper Mantis
Chapter 1803:Inescapable Net
Chapter 118-The Mantis Stalks The Cicada, Unaware Of The Oriole Behind
Chapter 1804:A Chess Move Behind
Chapter 119-Burn All, Kill All, Loot All
Chapter 1805:The Overbearing Snow-hair
Chapter 120-Let鈥檚 use your severed head as a soccer ball!
Chapter 1806:Confrontation Of Imperial Armaments
Chapter 121-Great Spoils of War
Chapter 1807:Fighting Over A Disciple
Chapter 122-Beautiful School Principal Oneesan?
Chapter 1808:Not Afraid Of Martial Emperors
Chapter 123-An Extremely Abnormal Test
Chapter 1809:Watching With Folded Arms
Chapter 124-Beating An Old Cunning Fox Violently
Chapter 1810:Shooting Martial Emperors With Arrows
Chapter 125-The Panda Girl, Niu Niu
Chapter 1811:Unprecedented
Chapter 126-Death Class
Chapter 1812:Reappearance Of The Avaricious Immortal
Chapter 127-Enlightenment, a Person鈥檚 Turning Point
Chapter 1813:Plan Failure
Chapter 128-Surprise!
Chapter 1814:The Reactions From The Various Powers
Chapter 129-Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle
Chapter 1815:Request From One鈥檚 Benefactor
Chapter 130-White Jade Beetle
Chapter 1816:Fighting Over The Position Of Clan Chief
Chapter 1817:A Fine Line3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8540.html||Chapter 131-Old Soldier, Undying Battle Spirit!
Chapter 1818:Scum King Monstrous Dragon Beast
Chapter 132-If you want to fight, I鈥檒l fight!
Chapter 1819:Chu Feng Vs. Xueran
Chapter 133-I鈥檒l send you back to the west.
Chapter 1820:Invited One鈥檚 Own Humiliation
Chapter 134-Seal Unlocked: The Dark Golden Specter!
Chapter 1821:Internal Strife
Chapter 135-Nirvana鈥檚 Flame
Chapter 1822:Conspiracy
Chapter 136-Mystery
Chapter 1823:Beating Someone At Their Own Game
Chapter 137-Today is a good day
Chapter 1824:Digging One鈥檚 Own Grave
Chapter 138-Grandma Wu Teng
Chapter 1825:Miraculous Inheritance Pond3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8580.html||Chapter 139-Mission, Starlight Serene Indigo Grass
Chapter 1826:Reappearance Of The Dragon King
Chapter 140-Marriage
Chapter 141-A mysterious female thief3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45433.html||Chapter 1827:Obtained The Inheritance
Chapter 142-I鈥檒l wait for your apology3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45434.html||Chapter 1828:Extremely Heaven-defying
Chapter 143-Cower, A single slash that shocked the heaven and earth!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45435.html||Chapter 1829:Heaven Taboo Martial Skill
Chapter 144-Are there really dragons?
Chapter 1830:Slaughter With A Point Of One鈥檚 Finger
Chapter 145-Are you ready to die?
Chapter 1831:Frightening Brat
Chapter 146-You are the one who鈥檚 gonna die!
Chapter 1832:The King Monstrous Dragon Race鈥檚 Benefactor
Chapter 147-I鈥檓 sorry, it鈥檚 my natural reflex!
Chapter 1833:You Shouldn鈥檛 Deceive Me
Chapter 148-Who on earth are you?
Chapter 1834:Concerning The World鈥檚 Hidden Valley
Chapter 149-Attack and Defense, Naturally Intertwined
Chapter 1835:Increasing The Bounty
Chapter 150-Little Thorny Flower Demoness
Chapter 1836:Lovers鈥 Worry
Chapter 151-Bloody Battle, Glory, Triumph!
Chapter 1837:Seeing Jiang Wushang Again
Chapter 152-Medicine Encyclopedia Acquired
Chapter 1838:Brother Being Plotted Against By Others
Chapter 153-Learning [Space Teleportation]
Chapter 1839:Song Yuheng And His Father
Chapter 154-Fight then, Hero鈥檚 comrade!
Chapter 155-Extreme Berserk3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45446.html||Chapter 1840:The Heaven-defying Chu Feng
Chapter 156-Destruction
Chapter 1841:The Truth Of What Happened Back Then
Chapter 157-Great kindness cannot be reciprocated with words
Chapter 1842:Passing On By Force
Chapter 158-When a wave settles, another one rises again.
Chapter 1843:The True Remains
Chapter 159-The most epic rescue of the beauty!
Chapter 1844:The Vicious Song Family
Chapter 160-Reunion of the lovers, blissful embrace!
Chapter 1845:Who Is Fighting?
Chapter 161-Don鈥檛 show off too much, or you鈥檒l be struck by lightning!
Chapter 1846:An Enormously Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 162-Mastering Fire Ability
Chapter 1847:Imminent Danger
Chapter 163-Mirage?
Chapter 1848:The Descent Of A God
Chapter 164-Night Empress
Chapter 1849:Absolute Despise
Chapter 165-Eternal Youth Springwater
Chapter 1850:The Mysterious Dark Hall
Chapter 166-Meeting girls again!
Chapter 1851:Making Inquiries About The Blind Old Man
Chapter 167-When three women meet, the world will be in great chaos
Chapter 1852:Luring A Snake Out Of Its Hole
Chapter 168-Little Scoundrel, don鈥檛 even think about it!
Chapter 1853:Within The Grasp Of One鈥檚 Palm
Chapter 169-Flaws, Temptations, Beating People at Their Own Game
Chapter 1854:Wrecking The Inheritance Process
Chapter 170-Ancient Wisdom
Chapter 1855:Revealing The Trump Card
Chapter 171-Mysterious Rune, Complete Level Up
Chapter 1856:The Furious Duan Jidao
Chapter 172-Go Berserk, Hui Tai Lang!
Chapter 1857:Passing On The Power To Jiang Wushang
Chapter 173-Battle, Undying Hui Tai Lang!
Chapter 1858:The Situation Turning Bad
Chapter 174-Tides of Strong Enemies, Fierce Battle Descending
Chapter 1859:Surging Hot Blood
Chapter 175-No one can take advantage of me!
Chapter 1860:Monstrous Dragon Space Shattering Formation
Chapter 176-This Brat is Really Abnormal!
Chapter 1861:Rank Nine Half Martial Emperor
Chapter 177-Major Sky Demon? Sky Law?
Chapter 1862:A Grand Formation
Chapter 178-Phoenix Fairy Beauty
Chapter 1863:Arriving Atop Dragons
Chapter 179-Beauty Beautiful As Ever
Chapter 1864:Super Expert
Chapter 180-Saving Luo Hua, performing CPR!
Chapter 1865:Unrivaled Divine Might
Chapter 181-The Feeling of Being Electrocuted
Chapter 1866:Because They鈥檙e Brothers
Chapter 182-Idiot, I鈥檓 not going to talk to you anymore!
Chapter 1867:Fighting Against The Four Clan Chiefs Alone
Chapter 183-Fourth Mother in Danger
Chapter 1868:Killing Ximen
Chapter 184-A Heart鈥檚 Sincerest Cry!
Chapter 1869:The First Person Since Ancient Times
Chapter 185-I shall grant you death!
Chapter 1870:Dragon Sword Breaking Through The Void
Chapter 186 Part 1-1v1, Supreme Duel!
Chapter 1871:Absolute Expert
Chapter 186 Part 2-1v1, Supreme Duel!
Chapter 1872:An Unexpected Conclusion
Chapter 187-Threefold Strengthening?
Chapter 1873:The Curtain Drops
Chapter 188-[Nirvana Flame] and [World-Exterminating Wheel]
Chapter 1874:You Are The Traitor
Chapter 189-Working together to save Fourth Mother
Chapter 1875:Fool
Chapter 190-Do I really need to do CPR?
Chapter 1876:Guest Elders
Chapter 191-Coming Home
Chapter 1877:Purple Flames Blackmountain
Chapter 192-The mystery of the pitiful guy鈥檚 life
Chapter 1878:Meeting An Old Friend Again
Chapter 193-Eastern Sky King
Chapter 1879:To Live Or Die Together
Chapter 194-Please grant me a name, I want to become human!
Chapter 1880:Incurable Disease
Chapter 195-Spirit of Flame and Smoke
Chapter 1881:Elf Kingdom
Chapter 196-Mysterious Diary
Chapter 1882:Refused Entry
Chapter 197-Taurus Temple
Chapter 1883:Princess Lingyue
Chapter 198-Artifacts, Choices, Secret Method
Chapter 1884:Xian Miaomiao
Chapter 199-Secret Method, Yue Bing鈥檚 Great Improvement!
Chapter 1885:Innumerable Obstacles
Chapter 200-Barbarian Cow Shadow鈥檚 Evolution
Chapter 1886:When Underneath Eaves
Chapter 201-The Trial that no one had ever cleared in ten thousand years!
Chapter 1887:The Arrival Of The Princess
Chapter 202-[X-ray Vision], Perverted Heart
Chapter 1888:Dumbstruck
Chapter 203-Biting and Pinching
Chapter 1889:Beautifully Done
Chapter 204-Living in happiness without appreciating it
Chapter 1890:You鈥檙e Not Afraid Of Me?
Chapter 205-Stomp the Bird, Burst the Balls and Let鈥檚 Start to Roast!
Chapter 1891:It鈥檚 You
Chapter 206-The Mysterious Mother
Chapter 1892:Blood Devouring Armor
Chapter 207-Trespassers will be prosecuted without any mercy!
Chapter 1893:Mischievous Girl
Chapter 208-Are they still human?
Chapter 1894:Shocking Sentence
Chapter 209-That鈥檚 right, I AM the adulterer!
Chapter 1895:Extraordinary Significance
Chapter 210-Don鈥檛 be happy too early!
Chapter 1896:Stepping Stone
Chapter 211-Brat, you鈥檙e an [Innate]?
Chapter 1897:Capture All
Chapter 212- Greed, Insanity, Instant Kill!
Chapter 1898:Golden Lightning Piercing Through The Skies
Chapter 213-Dragon Ladies? I don鈥檛 need you, I have many beauties
Chapter 1899:A Miracle
Chapter 214-Girl, I鈥檒l give you a smile!
Chapter 1900:Rank One Martial Emperor
Chapter 215-Using wisdom to clear Gemini Temple
Chapter 1901:Truly A Brilliant Plan
Chapter 216-Reward, [Gemini] Inherent Skill
Chapter 1902:Came Prepared
Chapter 217-Bandage, Ribbon Knot
Chapter 1903:The Avaricious Immortal鈥檚 Provocation
Chapter 218-Bet
Chapter 1904:The Situation Turning Bad
Chapter 1905:Shifting Heaven And Earth3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8986.html||Chapter 219-Lifelong Nemesis
Chapter 1906:Kneel And Beg For Forgiveness
Chapter 220-Yue Bing is on a roll!
Chapter 1907:Angered To The State Of Vomiting Blood3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/8996.html||Chapter 221-Wringing The Old Fox Dry
Chapter 1908:From The Other World3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/9001.html||Chapter 222-I apologize

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