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Chapter 1909:The Means To Become Conceited
Chapter 223-A smile and a scowl, World鈥檚 number one
Chapter 1910:Weeping Bitter Tears
Chapter 224-I want you to become a bad person for a while
Chapter 225-Resolving heart鈥檚 conflict, Loving as much as one likes3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45535.html||Chapter 1911:Forbidden Inverse Scale Triggered
Chapter 226-Hippo Meteor Punch!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45536.html||Chapter 1912:Blood Devouring Killing Formation
Chapter 227-Challenging Virgo Temple One More Time
Chapter 1913:The Weakening Of The Spirit Formation
Chapter 228-Overcoming the Inner Demons
Chapter 1914:A Legend
Chapter 229-True Love, Clearing Virgo Temple
Chapter 1915:Strange Creature
Chapter 230-Goddess
Chapter 1916:Bravely Fighting Against A Lowly Insect
Chapter 231-An overabundance of Yue Yang鈥檚 luck!
Chapter 1917:The Witch Miaomiao
Chapter 232-Who is Fake Goods?
Chapter 1918:People From The Dark Hall
Chapter 233-Formidable Opponent, Enemy, Encounter
Chapter 1919:Interrogation
Chapter 234-Fight, Fatty Hai!
Chapter 1920:Falling Into A Trap
Chapter 235-Transformation, Re-appearance of the Hideous Monster!
Chapter 1921:Eight Banners
Chapter 236-Second Setback: Qi Sha
Chapter 1922:Lil Red鈥檚 Past
Chapter 237-Bing-er, Don鈥檛 Cry!
Chapter 1923:YinYang Immortal
Chapter 238-Stepping Stone
Chapter 1924:Confrontation Of World Spirit Techniques
Chapter 239-My name is 鈥楻ed
Chapter 1925:Going Back On One鈥檚 Word
Chapter 240-This is obviously bullying!
Chapter 1926:To Attack First
Chapter 241-Junior Sect Leader? You are just a coward who kneels and begs for
Chapter 1927:The Birth Of The Evil God
Chapter 242-Next opponent, Prince of Zi Jin
Chapter 1928:The Might Of A Demon Armament
Chapter 243-Stopping an ultimate move with a single finger!
Chapter 1929:Protecting One鈥檚 Master With One鈥檚 Life
Chapter 244-Fire Shield, Bloodthirst Pill
Chapter 1930:Moment Of Crisis
Chapter 245-Eastern Goblin Tribe
Chapter 1931:Interrogating YinYang
Chapter 246-Fiery Golden Eyes Beast?
Chapter 1932:Nefarious Sword
Chapter 247-Women are not inferior to men!
Chapter 1933:News From Far Away
Chapter 248-Flying Tiger Ambassador
Chapter 1934:Break Through The Seal
Chapter 249-Interception, Pursuit
Chapter 1935:Confronting Enemies Together
Chapter 250-Showtime of True Powers Once Again!
Chapter 1936:The Dangerous Woman
Chapter 251-Pervert VS Pervert, You can鈥檛 talk me out of killing you
Chapter 1937:The Dark Hall鈥檚 Hall Master
Chapter 252-What goes around comes around!
Chapter 1938:Same Bloodline?
Chapter 253-Ambush, Battle, Battle!
Chapter 1939:Torment
Chapter 254-Serpent Fire-tailed Tortoise
Chapter 1940:In So Much Pain That One Wished To Die
Chapter 255-Pincer Attack
Chapter 1941:Undoing The Seal?
Chapter 256-Nirvana鈥檚 Flame, Refining Orbs!
Chapter 1942:Setting up the Formation
Chapter 257-Southern Four Goblin Generals
Chapter 1943:Things Have Changed
Chapter 258-Who wants to die next?
Chapter 1944:Enjoying Both Fortune And Misfortune Together
Chapter 259-Sure Kill, Supreme Sword
Chapter 1945:Let Me Try
Chapter 260-It鈥檚 too early to be dreaming!
Chapter 1946:Chu Feng鈥檚 Return
Chapter 261-Victory and Alliance
Chapter 1947:Meeting Long Lin Again
Chapter 262-Hand鈥檚 Feel, Wanting to feel it forever!
Chapter 1948:Heavenly Bloodline
Chapter 263-Xue, Wu Xia
Chapter 1949:Fusion
Chapter 264-Comparing oneself to others will only make you angry!
Chapter 1950:Challenging The Qilin
Chapter 265-Combined Techniques, Yue Yu鈥檚 Gentle Water Power
Chapter 1951:The Path To Heaven
Chapter 266-Arrow ready on the bow must be shot no matter what!
Chapter 1952:Spatial Crack
Chapter 267-Fundamental Change, Yue Yu鈥檚 Level Up
Chapter 1953:Must Return
Chapter 268-Mastery, Innate Invisible Sword Qi
Chapter 1954:Heaven Taboo:Void Splitting Blade
Chapter 269-X-ray Vision, Heaven Eyes Divine Vision
Chapter 1955:Moonlight Maze
Chapter 270-The Truth, The Truth in Yue Yang鈥檚 Hands
Chapter 1956:Disparity In Strength
Chapter 271-I can鈥檛 do it during the day, let鈥檚 talk about it again at night!
Chapter 1957:Must Kill!
Chapter 272-Pushing down or whatever, I really hate you!
Chapter 1958:Demonic Genius Immortal
Chapter 273-Passing On Of Knowledge3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45674.html||Chapter 1959:Moon Immortal, Moon Demon
Chapter 274-A man is the most handsome when he is seriously working hard3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45675.html||Chapter 1960:The Unavoidable Battle
Chapter 275-Platinum-ranked Level 5, World Destroying Demon Wolf
Chapter 1961:Emperor Chi鈥檚 Successor
Chapter 276-Pursuit3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45677.html||Chapter 1962:Entering The Maze
Chapter 1963:Apologize By Eating Feces3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/9279.html||Chapter 277-Fire Bow, Ice Arrow
Chapter 1964:Breaking Apart The Formation With A Single Move
Chapter 278-I will never show compassion for my enemies!
Chapter 1965:Situation Turning Bad
Chapter 279-My choice is to KILL YOU!
Chapter 1966:Unmasking
Chapter 280-King of Black Light
Chapter 1967:Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader
Chapter 281-Shun Tian, Great Emperor of Zi Wei
Chapter 1968:Rank Two Martial Emperor
Chapter 282-Black Hole Dimension, Meeting Empress Fei Wen Li Again
Chapter 1969:Immortality Peach Tree
Chapter 283-Yue Yang鈥檚 Domain of Power
Chapter 1970:A Great Show
Chapter 284 Part 1-With daughter in hand, the world is mine!
Chapter 1971:Using Others To Kill
Chapter 284 Part 2-With daughter in hand, the world is mine!
Chapter 1972:Toyed To Death
Chapter 285-Thorny Flower Demoness VS Tong Tian Beast
Chapter 1973:I Am Going To Kill You
Chapter 286 Part 1-Innate? Nothing Wrong in Killing Them!
Chapter 1974:Absolute Suppression
Chapter 286 Part 2-Innate? Nothing Wrong in Killing Them!
Chapter 1975:You鈥檙e Truly Ridiculous
Chapter 287-Blood Test to Identify Familial Relations?
Chapter 1976:Must Kill
Chapter 288-Yue Yang鈥檚 Big Comeback!
Chapter 1977:The Descent Of The Crisis
Chapter 289-Hey, Can You Stop Drooling!
Chapter 1978:Plan Failure
Chapter 290-The rifle shot the bird that pokes its head out first!
Chapter 1979:Meaning Of Brother
Chapter 291-As a minor character, you shouldn鈥檛 be too arrogant!
Chapter 1980:Breaking Through The Killing Formation
Chapter 292-Domain of Power, Power Up!
Chapter 1981:Well Deserved Death
Chapter 293 Part 1-Taking Down the Enemy, Barging Into the Demon鈥檚 Palace
Chapter 1982:Sending Charcoal In Snowy Weather
Chapter 293 Part 2-Taking Down the Enemy, Barging Into the Demon鈥檚 Palace
Chapter 1983:Complete Annihilation?
Chapter 294-Rescuing the Mysterious Sealed Being
Chapter 1984:The Reversal Of The Battle
Chapter 295 Part 1-Breaking the Cocoon, Rebirth of a New Life
Chapter 1985:Emergence Of The Moon Demon
Chapter 295 Part 2-Breaking the Cocoon, Rebirth of a New Life
Chapter 1986:Dying Together
Chapter 296 Part 1-Moe, Natural Airhead?
Chapter 1987:Virtuous Thought, Evil Thought
Chapter 296 Part 2-Moe, Natural Airhead?
Chapter 1988:Stellar Key
Chapter 297-Phoenixes, Colourful Immortal Phoenixes
Chapter 1989:Sealing The Moon Demon
Chapter 298-If sluts act like they鈥檙e all mighty, they鈥檒l get struck by lightning!
Chapter 299-Blood Bath, Struggles, Victory3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45712.html||Chapter 1990:Wang Qiang Displaying His Might
Chapter 1991:Killing Your Son
Chapter 300-Level Up, Collecting Loot, Yue Yang鈥檚 Return
Chapter 1992:The End Of The Battle
Chapter 301-Creating Pills, Martial Spirit Pill
Chapter 1993:Telling The Truth
Chapter 302-Heart Palpitations!
Chapter 1994:Physical Bodies Seized
Chapter 303-The Old Fox becomes an Innate
Chapter 1995:The Public鈥檚 Will
Chapter 304-The Ultimate Weapon For Picking Up Girls
Chapter 1996:Killing With One Strike
Chapter 305-Weapon Level Up, Luring the Smoky Flame Girl
Chapter 1997:Chu Feng Entering Closed Door Training
Chapter 306-Water Palace, Ancient Structure
Chapter 1998:Completing The Spirit Formation
Chapter 307-Dragon Turtle
Chapter 1999:Settlement
Chapter 308-Prison Emperor鈥檚 Divine Palace
Chapter 2000:Duanmu Feiyu
Chapter 309-Qian Qian鈥檚 decision: Become an Innate!
Chapter 2001:Two Armies Joining Hands
Chapter 310-Grimoire Level Up
Chapter 2002:Battle Begin
Chapter 311-Level Up, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen!
Chapter 2003:Chu Feng鈥檚 Massacre Show
Chapter 312-We鈥檒l be together forever!
Chapter 2004:Angrily Fighting Three Evildoers
Chapter 313-Avians? Demons? Kill them all!
Chapter 2005:Emperor Qing鈥檚 Successor
Chapter 314-The Demons
Chapter 2006:The Arrival Of Reinforcements
Chapter 315-Reward, Five Colours of Divine Light
Chapter 2007:Compensation
Chapter 316-Forgetting the Situation, Forcing a Kiss
Chapter 2008:Deliberately Making Things Difficult
Chapter 317-Why do you need to look elsewhere, there鈥檚 one right here!
Chapter 2009:Vomiting Blood From Anger
Chapter 318-Snatch him, I will definitely have this man!
Chapter 2010:Releasing Tigers, Pulling Out Teeth
Chapter 319-Body Fusion, Level Up, Stepping Into A New Realm
Chapter 2011:Only You
Chapter 320-Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab
Chapter 2012:A Grand Gift
Chapter 321-A Meteor With Fire and Ice
Chapter 2013:The Unfavorable Battle Situation
Chapter 322-Gold-ranked Level 8? Instant Kill!
Chapter 2014:Snow Blade Mad Demon鈥檚 Past
Chapter 323-Rescue Mission Success, New Target!
Chapter 2015:Merging With The Three Immortal Profound Techniques
Chapter 324-Key, White Dragon Pearl, Demon Suppressing Pagoda
Chapter 2016:Assimilation Failure
Chapter 325-Puppet Palace, Three Hidden Treasures
Chapter 2017:Undying And Indestructible
Chapter 326-Ghost Genius Yue Gong
Chapter 2018:A Whole New Level Of Respect
Chapter 327-Goal: Push Down Luo Hua City Mistress
Chapter 2019:Plan Success
Chapter 328-Bending Down
Chapter 2020:Eternal Pride
Chapter 329-Luo Hua, Beautiful as Dream
Chapter 2021:Wonderstone Dao Ground
Chapter 330-Onslaught, Meeting Enemies, Slashing into Half
Chapter 2022:Act Separately
Chapter 331-The Enemy鈥檚 Present!
Chapter 2023:Acquiring the Scroll
Chapter 332-The Good Show Is Just Starting
Chapter 2024:Two Identities
Chapter 333-Continuing Instant-kill Streak, Re-enacting the Tragedy!
Chapter 2025:Lamentable
Chapter 334-Strong Enemies Everywhere!
Chapter 2026:Confidence
Chapter 2027:Five Elements Treasures
Chapter 335-Going All Out, Fight The Bloody Battle Until The End!
Chapter 2028:Unfavorable Battle Situation
Chapter 336-Nirvana State, Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation!
Chapter 2029:Dangerous Woman
Chapter 337-Yue Yang, Nirvana Rebirth!
Chapter 2030:Powerful Reinforcement
Chapter 338-Collaboration?
Chapter 2031:Must Be Taught A Lesson
Chapter 339-Weakness?
Chapter 2032:Endless Admiration
Chapter 340-An Unkillable Enemy, Huang Sha
Chapter 2033:Begin The Counterattack
Chapter 341-Storm Conch
Chapter 2034:Breaching The Camps
Chapter 342-Battle, Huang Sha鈥檚 Second Form!
Chapter 2035:Being Struck
Chapter 343-Ground Breaking Pearl
Chapter 2036:Spreading False News3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/9640.html||Chapter 344-Prison Emperor Excalibur
Chapter 2037:Moving Toward The Tiger鈥檚 Mountain3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/9645.html||Chapter 345-Blessing in Disguise
Chapter 2038:Bearing Dangers To Save People
Chapter 347-Goblin Beast, Heaven Realm Centipede3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45827.html||Chapter 2039:Truly Foolish
Chapter 348-Xue Wu Xia鈥檚 Extreme Freezing Power3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45828.html||Chapter 2040:Reversal
Chapter 2041:Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/9665.html||Chapter 349-Resurrection, The Two Great Leaders of Heaven Realm
Chapter 2042:Icesnow Phoenix
Chapter 350-Opponent With Terrifying Abilities
Chapter 2043:Asking About One鈥檚 Friend
Chapter 351-Life Combustion
Chapter 2044:The Course Of Events
Chapter 352-Second Berserk Transformation
Chapter 2045:Removing Poison
Chapter 353-Sky Law!
Chapter 2046:Overflowing Killing Intent
Chapter 354-Coldness, Present, Human Rod
Chapter 2047:From Enemy To Friend
Chapter 355-Lei Shen Shi, Death
Chapter 2048:Exceptional Treasure
Chapter 356
Chapter 357-Tong Tian Tower鈥檚 Sixth Floor3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45837.html||Chapter 2049:Rank Four Martial Emperor
Chapter 358-Yue Yang looked hideous?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45838.html||Chapter 2050:Have Committed All Sorts Of Evil
Chapter 359-The Standard of a Handsome Guy
Chapter 2051:Not Needing Help
Chapter 360-New Party Member
Chapter 2052:Settlement
Chapter 361 Part 1-Since that is the case, you guys should just die.
Chapter 2053:Torturing World Devastator
Chapter 362鈥揧ou don鈥檛 deserve to use this spear!
Chapter 2054:Such An End
Chapter 363鈥揌ow could you lose a person?
Chapter 2055:It鈥檚 You
Chapter 364鈥揟hunder Fortress, the robbers鈥 den
Chapter 2056:Arrival Of The Moon Immortal
Chapter 365鈥揊riend
Chapter 2057:Heart Sunk
Chapter 366鈥揥ager, Five Platinum Grimoires
Chapter 2058:Transmogrification Gate
Chapter 367鈥揘ightmares and Tiger Nian
Chapter 2059:Total Evacuation
Chapter 368鈥揘ightmare died in a Nightmare!
Chapter 2060:Refused
Chapter 369鈥揚ay him back in his own coin!
Chapter 2061:Paving The Road
Chapter 370鈥揃ecause I am a Father
Chapter 2062:Temperament Worsened
Chapter 371鈥揊ourth Uncle Passed Away, Handing Down The Responsibility
Chapter 2063:Make An Exception
Chapter 372鈥揕ong Live, Big Brother!
Chapter 2064:Why Thank?
Chapter 373鈥揟here鈥檚 another beast who wants to contract a grimoire?
Chapter 2065:I Wish To Go Out
Chapter 374鈥揇ivine Beast, Hui Tai Lang!
Chapter 2066:Significant
Chapter 375鈥揟ransformation Skill, Replica Beast
Chapter 2067:Spatial Crack
Chapter 376鈥揌oist this idiot up and beat him!
Chapter 2068:Desire To Return Home
Chapter 377鈥揝pecial Item?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45889.html||Chapter 2069:Chu Feng鈥檚 Returnn
Chapter 378鈥揕et me touch them!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45890.html||Chapter 2070:Endlessly Excited
Chapter 379鈥揑鈥檓 going to kill you!
Chapter 2071:Insufficient Knowledge
Chapter 380鈥揜eceiving rewards, meeting old acquaintances
Chapter 2072:Ya Fei鈥檚 Mishap
Chapter 381鈥揙ffering treasures, Thunder Ore
Chapter 2073:Immortalization Road
Chapter 382鈥揕evel up, Platinum Crescent Moon Blade!
Chapter 2074:Keep Chu Feng In The Dark
Chapter 383鈥揕ethal Human Weapon, Half-elf Girl
Chapter 2075:Stairway To Heaven
Chapter 384鈥揚urple-haired Beauty in Black
Chapter 2076:Chu Feng鈥檚 Fury
Chapter 385鈥揝howing its might! Impressive Hui Tai Lang!
Chapter 2077:Truly Ridiculous
Chapter 386鈥揑 wanna be a Divine Beast!
Chapter 2078:Crimson Jade Pendant
Chapter 387鈥揟he Legendary Uniform Fetishism
Chapter 2079:Slaughter With A Single Strike
Chapter 388鈥揇ark Prison Royal Jelly
Chapter 2080:Paying Respects To One鈥檚 Family
Chapter 389鈥揂n old love rival, Sky Dragon!
Chapter 2081:Succession Ceremony
Chapter 390鈥揦ia Yi
Chapter 2082:School Protection Grand Formation
Chapter 391鈥揂rrogant huh? I鈥檇 beat you to a pulp!
Chapter 2083:Kowtow
Chapter 392鈥揔illing Sky Dragon
Chapter 2084:Presenting Enormous Gifts
Chapter 393鈥揇emon Eye鈥檚 Death
Chapter 2085:Seeing The Emperor鈥檚 Gate Again
Chapter 394鈥揂ncient Sealing Circle?
Chapter 2086:Challenging The Emperor鈥檚 Might
Chapter 395鈥揗ysterious Dimension, the Five Elements Palace
Chapter 2087:Meeting Qing Xuantian
Chapter 396鈥揇addy-con? Lolicon?
Chapter 2088:Emperor Taboo Martial Skill
Chapter 2089:Fusion
Chapter 397鈥揇on鈥檛 get complacent too early!
Chapter 2090:The Reemergence Of The Four Secrets
Chapter 398鈥揇ivine Molten Meteorite Gold
Chapter 2091:Gate of Cultivation
Chapter 399鈥揥orld Treasure, Wishing Dutchman鈥檚 Pipe
Chapter 2092:Rank Six Martial Emperor
Chapter 400鈥揌ui Tai Lang, Hui Tai Lang!
Chapter 2093:Searching For Physical Bodies
Chapter 401鈥揊ight, fight!
Chapter 2094:Enormous Change In Expression
Chapter 402鈥揜ock, Scissors, Paper
Chapter 2095:Magma Emperor
Chapter 403鈥揥hat treasures do you have?
Chapter 2096:Chu Feng Vs. Magma Emperor
Chapter 404鈥揑nstinct, temptations, self discipline
Chapter 2097:Eternal Nightmare
Chapter 405鈥揟he Heart of Earth and the Bararian Cow
Chapter 2098:Rank Seven Martial Emperor
Chapter 406鈥揟he Art of Leading
Chapter 2099:Incomplete Ancestral Armament
Chapter 407鈥揈vil Dragon Lair?
Chapter 2100:The Truth Of What Happened Back Then
Chapter 408鈥揟he Real Dark Blade
Chapter 2101:Magma Emperor Sword
Chapter 409鈥揟he Most Incredible Newcomer
Chapter 2102:Moon Immortal Vs. Hall Master
Chapter 410鈥揂 Strong Enemy Appeared!
Chapter 2103:Two Hopes
Chapter 411鈥揝carlet Emperor
Chapter 2104:Heaven-defying Battle Power
Chapter 412鈥揟he power of [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45925.html||Chapter 2105:Precisely Chu Feng
Chapter 2106:Absolute Suppression3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28638.html||Chapter 413鈥揗utual Destruction?
Chapter 2107:Turning The Situation Around
Chapter 414鈥揂mbush, Blood-soaked, Tough Fight
Chapter 2108:Greatly Expanding One鈥檚 Horizons
Chapter 415鈥揇eep Grudge, I would kill everyone related to you!
Chapter 2109:Incomplete Ancestral Armament
Chapter 416鈥揟aking advantage while the enemy is down!
Chapter 2110:See Your Performance
Chapter 417鈥揟he Guardian Divine Shield and the Spirit Absorbing Bell
Chapter 2111:Unbelievable
Chapter 418鈥揙utburst, the birth of the purple-golden fire
Chapter 2112:The Outcome Of The Battle
Chapter 419鈥揃loody Queen, Red!
Chapter 2113:Realm of Gods
Chapter 420鈥揟op Secret Letter!
Chapter 2114:Can Only Wait For Death
Chapter 421鈥揇eclaration of War
Chapter 2115:Deemed To Be God
Chapter 422鈥揘egotiating with a Silver Tongue
Chapter 2116:The Disclosure Of The Truth
Chapter 423鈥揑t鈥檚 not right to scare a child!
Chapter 2117:Mountain-like Paternal Love
Chapter 424鈥揧ue Yang? Yes, he was impressive.3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45938.html||Chapter 2118:Heavenly Bloodline
Chapter 2119:Chu Heavenly Clan
Chapter 425鈥換ueue up, this is very important
Chapter 2120:Time To Go
Chapter 426鈥揝hameless, a whole new realm of shamelessness!
Chapter 2121:Resurrection Secret Technique
Chapter 427鈥揇eceive, continue to deceive
Chapter 2122:I鈥檝e Guessed Wrong
Chapter 428鈥揃rother-in-law鈥檚 Anger!
Chapter 2123:Chu Feng鈥檚 Friend
Chapter 429鈥揃reaking through a new Realm, with help.
Chapter 2124:Wang Qiang鈥檚 Past
Chapter 430鈥揕evel up, two new skills
Chapter 2125:The Title Of Overlord
Chapter 431鈥揂n old friend visiting? An acting contest!
Chapter 432鈥揟ruth, more than one truths3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45946.html||Chapter 2126:Journeying Together
Chapter 2127:Father鈥檚 Accomplishment3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28744.html||Chapter 433鈥揟o beat the opponent at their own game
Chapter 2128:Reviving The Chu Family
Chapter 434鈥揊orward, Deep into the Demon鈥檚 Cave
Chapter 2129:Don鈥檛 Harm Her3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28754.html||Chapter 435鈥揗eeting Yue Shan once again
Chapter 2130:Re-entering The Heavenly Road3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28759.html||Chapter 436鈥揊aith
Chapter 2131:Finally Meeting Father
Chapter 438鈥揕onging, beauty became skinner
Chapter 2132:The Vast Outer World
Chapter 439鈥揧ue Yu is sick?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45953.html||Chapter 2133:What Happened Back Then
Chapter 2134:Heavenly Lightning Bloodline3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28780.html||Chapter 440鈥揊urious Xia Yi
Chapter 441鈥揟he mystery of Yue Qiu3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45955.html||Chapter 2135:Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique
Chapter 2136:Rank One Half Martial Ancestor3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28786.html||Chapter 442鈥揃lack Hell King Appears
Chapter 447鈥揟he Cards of Fate
Chapter 2137:A Mission
Chapter 448鈥揘ew Title, Sky Wolf!
Chapter 2138:A Request
Chapter 449鈥揂ccepting the blessings of all, enjoying the gentleness
Chapter 2139:Good Or Bad
Chapter 450鈥揇esire
Chapter 2140:Ranked Third
Chapter 451鈥揟he legendary 鈥渨oman on top鈥?
Chapter 2141:Four Symbols Divine Power
Chapter 452鈥揕evel up, the birth of a new female Supreme Innate!
Chapter 2142:Chu Feng鈥檚 Mother
Chapter 453鈥揊ire Island, Hai Yingwu
Chapter 2143:Nine Heavenly Lightnings Stage
Chapter 454鈥揂 pretense, the most believable swindler
Chapter 2144:Disappointing Result
Chapter 455鈥揥ant to touch my woman? Kill without mercy!
Chapter 2145:Surpassing The Old
Chapter 456鈥揑diot, you are already dead!
Chapter 2146:Resurrection Again
Chapter 457鈥揅an you not force me to kill you?
Chapter 2147:Overwhelming Emotions
Chapter 458鈥揥ho is the one that approaches?
Chapter 2148:Departure Banquet
Chapter 459鈥揌emp-clothed Old Man
Chapter 2149:Newcomer
Chapter 460鈥揝cram as far as your perverted thoughts go
Chapter 2149:Newcomer
Chapter 461鈥揙rphan
Chapter 2151:Eating With One鈥檚 Life On The Line
Chapter 462鈥揟o be born anew, with a new body
Chapter 2152:Looking Down Upon Others With Dog鈥檚 Eyes
Chapter 463鈥揌ornless Dragon levelled up to a Divine Beast
Chapter 2153:Wang Qiang鈥檚 Charm
Chapter 464鈥揃reakthrough, Yue Yang levelled up to a new Realm!
Chapter 2154:That Is The Demonic Woman
Chapter 465鈥揇o you want my treasures?
Chapter 2155:Move Aside
Chapter 466鈥揝hark King, One of the Four Kings
Chapter 2156:Bizarre Ferocious Beast
Chapter 467鈥揗utual Deception, plotting against each other
Chapter 2157:To Save Or Not
Chapter 468鈥揟he distance from happiness
Chapter 2158:Become My Bodyguard
Chapter 469鈥揃attle between old enemies
Chapter 2159:Ghostfiend Beast
Chapter 470鈥揝how off!
Chapter 2160:Terrifying Everyone
Chapter 471鈥揧ue Yang鈥檚 display of power
Chapter 2161:Distinguished Guest Treatment
Chapter 472鈥揥ho dares to stop me?!
Chapter 2162:The Tang Family鈥檚 Great Enemy
Chapter 473鈥揃attling the Ocean
Chapter 474鈥揗other Earth Potion
Chapter 2163:The Situation Turning Bad
Chapter 2164:Gazes Of Despise3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28913.html||Chapter 475鈥揝upreme Holy Equipment, the God Killing Dagger
Chapter 2165:The One Courting Death Is You3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28918.html||Chapter 476鈥揑 want your life!
Chapter 2166:Jackals Of The Same Tribe3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28922.html||Chapter 477鈥揙cean Emperor gets the ax
Chapter 478鈥揥ork hard, adorable slave3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45987.html||Chapter 2167:Chu Feng, Quickly, Escape
Chapter 479鈥揋old Coffin3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45988.html||Chapter 2168:Huge Change In Expression
Chapter 2169:You鈥檙e Mistaken3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28934.html||Chapter 480鈥揟he best treasure is?
Chapter 2170:Treachery
Chapter 2171:Heaven-defying Battle3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28943.html||Chapter 482鈥揟he best gift!
Chapter 2172:If I Survive3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/53/28947.html||Chapter 483鈥揇ivine Grimoire
Chapter 484鈥揚erforate Deer3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45993.html||Chapter 2173:The Cicada Sheds Its Carapace
Chapter 485鈥揝pecial Lesson on Teleportation3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45994.html||Chapter 2174:Wang Qiang鈥檚 Dead?
Chapter 486鈥揃reaking limits, stubborn Liu Ye3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/120/45995.html||Chapter 2175:Rank Two Half Martial Ancestor
Chapter 487鈥揃lood Lake Torture Chamber
Chapter 2176:Lingering Fear
Chapter 488鈥揚urple Lighting versus Titan Thunderbolt
Chapter 2177:The Pitiful Tang Ying
Chapter 489鈥揝eized Territory
Chapter 2178:Friends
Chapter 490鈥揋od鈥檚 Blood
Chapter 2179:Retarded Sex Fiend
Chapter 491鈥揔illing the Titan, Everyone Levels Up

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