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Chapter 483-Chi Yu Qing
Chapter 301:Triumphant Return to the Nation
Chapter 484-The Terrifying [Death God Arrows]
Chapter 302:Serpent
Chapter 485-Reversing the Board
Chapter 303:Come Back In 10 Years
Chapter 304:There Is Always Someone Higher
Chapter 486-Dragon鈥檚 Hook
Chapter 305:Path of Refining as the Path of Martial Arts
Chapter 487-Just Too Unfair
Chapter 306:Swallowing the Heaven Opening Pill
Chapter 488-Chi Yu Han Awakens
Chapter 307:Medicine Strength Washing Marrow
Chapter 489-Another Provocation
Chapter 308:Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle
Chapter 490-The Endless Chase
Chapter 309:Child of Flame
Chapter 310:Divine Spear Complete
Chapter 491-The Deadly Holy Realm
Chapter 311:Return to the Southern Wilderness
Chapter 492-Flame Prison Armor
Chapter 312:Fire Worm Church Leader
Chapter 493-Chi Yan
Chapter 313:Exterminating Chi Yue
Chapter 494-Sword Tempest
Chapter 495-Breathless3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/39702.html||Chapter 314:Night of Flowing Blood
Chapter 314.2:Absorbing the Earthcore Crimson Flame
Chapter 496-Wang Jian鈥檚 Confession
Chapter 315:Sect Destruction
Chapter 497-Justice of the Human Realm
Chapter 316:Beast Tide
Chapter 498-The World as the Enemy
Chapter 317:Returning Home
Chapter 499-Death Count
Chapter 318:The Beast Tide Comes
Chapter 500-Raise the Gun-point an Inch
Chapter 319:Brutal Melee
Chapter 501-The First Wave
Chapter 320:Sweeping Away All
Chapter 502-To and From
Chapter 321:Hidden Murderous Intent
Chapter 503-Numb to Killing
Chapter 322:Beheading the Python
Chapter 504-The Three Guilds Ally Together Again
Chapter 323:Uninvited Guest
Chapter 505-Facing Death God Arrows Again!
Chapter 324:The Girl in White
Chapter 506-[Vanguard]鈥檚 Goal
Chapter 325:Beast Tide鈥檚 Night Attack
Chapter 507-The Knights Templar
Chapter 326:Assassin
Chapter 508-Reckless Soldier
Chapter 327:You Cannot Stop Me
Chapter 509-Crushing the Ambush
Chapter 328:No Path to Heaven, No Door to Earth
Chapter 510-Incomparable Confidence
Chapter 329:The Feeling of Being Ignored
Chapter 511-The Sacrifice for Justice
Chapter 330:Fight
Chapter 512-Sad News
Chapter 331:Sludge Monster
Chapter 513-Guarding Green Qilin Abyss
Chapter 332:Brilliance of Thunderfire
Chapter 514-A True Bro
Chapter 333:Lan Yi鈥檚 Request
Chapter 515-Death by Stoning
Chapter 334:Moon Seizing Sect鈥檚 Hidden Treasures
Chapter 516-A Crow Drinking Water
Chapter 335:Concealment Technique
Chapter 517-Come at me!
Chapter 336:Sharing Secrets
Chapter 518-Joining Forces
Chapter 337:Take Action
Chapter 519-Determined to Break In
Chapter 520-Rhino Cavalry3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/39828.html||Chapter 338:Speed of Life and Death
Chapter 521-Use Your Best Men for Battles of Power
Chapter 339:Barren Mountain Dead End
Chapter 340:Shattered Crystal Blood Diffusion3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/20981.html||Chapter 522-The Three Man Rear
Chapter 523-Mine3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/39843.html||Chapter 341:With Effort, Everything Is Possible
Chapter 342:Marrow like Golden Soup
Chapter 524-A Battle of Words
Chapter 343:Broken Bones
Chapter 525-Dragon鈥檚 Den Reborn
Chapter 344:Thunder Breaking Demon Arts
Chapter 526-Power of a Hundred
Chapter 345:Reborn
Chapter 527-Slaughtering the Slave Owner
Chapter 346:Location of the Hidden Treasure
Chapter 347:A Storm Is Coming
Chapter 528-Zhen Yue Sword
Chapter 348:A Young Girl鈥檚 Desires
Chapter 529-Qin Dan
Chapter 349:To Inherit
Chapter 530-New Storyline
Chapter 350:Dark Moon Island
Chapter 531-Ten Thousand Man Quest
Chapter 351:Entering the Treasure Storeroom
Chapter 532-Climbing the Mountain
Chapter 352:Seclusion
Chapter 533-Level 1 Hybrid Demon
Chapter 353:Divine Phoenix Island
Chapter 534-Earth Demons
Chapter 354:Parasol Tree Pavilion
Chapter 535-The True Red Blade
Chapter 355:Entering the Sect
Chapter 536-King of the Barbarians
Chapter 356:The Birthday Banquet Begins
Chapter 537-Demon Heart Necklace
Chapter 357:To See Blood
Chapter 538-Hell鈥檚 Battlesong-Lin Han
Chapter 358:Skill Competition
Chapter 539-Crushing an Ant
Chapter 359:Fury
Chapter 540-The Rebirth of Despair
Chapter 360:Don鈥檛 Worry
Chapter 541-Frost鈥檚 Tears
Chapter 361:Surrounded by Six Sects
Chapter 542-Dark Moon Elves
Chapter 362:Close Contact Combat
Chapter 543-Cleansing Rain
Chapter 363:Special Body
Chapter 544-The Tang Family Head3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/39961.html||Chapter 364:Trap
Chapter 545-Li Meng Yao
Chapter 365:I鈥檒l Take All Comers
Chapter 546-The Nouveu Riche Gold Model
Chapter 366:The Same Trick
Chapter 547-For the Fame!
Chapter 367:Saint Rank Talent
Chapter 548
Chapter 368:Disdaining All Heroes
Chapter 549-The Fire Beacon
Chapter 369:Battle Marathon
Chapter 550-Grave Digger Demon
Chapter 370:Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky
Chapter 551-A Successful Defense
Chapter 371:What Can You Do To Me?
Chapter 552-I stand while my City Stands
Chapter 372:Spear Dancing In the Clouds
Chapter 553-Demon鈥檚 Shadow
Chapter 373:Legend of the Saintess3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/21090.html||Chapter 554-Death God鈥檚 Elegy
Chapter 374:Metal Essence
Chapter 555-Wind Ripper
Chapter 375:Spear Potential
Chapter 556-Fire God鈥檚 Shield
Chapter 376:Pale Youth3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/21159.html||Chapter 557-Mushroom Demons
Chapter 377:Demon Region鈥檚 Saint Son3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/21173.html||Chapter 558-Wu Ji
Chapter 559-Thousand Man Slash3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/40022.html||Chapter 378:Purple Air Dawns from the East, A Pair Of Dragons Will Struggle
Chapter 560-Successful Fifth Advancement3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/40025.html||Chapter 379:Spit In Your Face
Chapter 561-Heavenly Tier Level 1
Chapter 380:Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder
Chapter 562-Surprise Attack
Chapter 381:Netherworld Emperor鈥檚 Descendant
Chapter 563-Hellhounds
Chapter 382:Thunder Soul Clash
Chapter 564-Getting Senile
Chapter 383:Great Desolate Blood Halberd
Chapter 565-Forest Giants
Chapter 384:Tempering Marrow VS Devil Arts
Chapter 566-The Terminator
Chapter 385:Battle of Kings
Chapter 567-Shuddering Earth, Swaying Mountains
Chapter 386:Action First, Consequences Later
Chapter 568-Wintry Clothes of a Minstrel
Chapter 387:Confrontation
Chapter 569-For My Ratings
Chapter 570-Despair Again3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/40052.html||Chapter 388:Alliance
Chapter 389:Celebration Party3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/21223.html||Chapter 571-The Power of the Strongest Sword Saint
Chapter 390:Absorbing the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/21225.html||Chapter 572-Cursed Weapon
Chapter 573-Fantastical Beast Armor
Chapter 391:New Thunder Soul
Chapter 574-Luo Lin鈥檚 Transformation
Chapter 392:Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm
Chapter 575-Bloody Holy Domain3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/40067.html||Chapter 393:Drops of Blood, Entering the Mystic Realm
Chapter 576-Heavenly Flame Tiger
Chapter 394:Concept of Fire
Chapter 577-Dragon Turtle Armor
Chapter 395:Fallen Star Flame
Chapter 578-Ancient Heavenly Tiger
Chapter 396:Subdue
Chapter 579-Who to Trust
Chapter 397:Ancient Phoenix Main Hall
Chapter 580-Battle鈥檚 Silence
Chapter 398:Bloodline Test
Chapter 581-Flying Scythe War Horse
Chapter 399:Realm of the Gods鈥 Language
Chapter 582-Goodbye Forever
Chapter 400:Final General Level Smelting Trial
Chapter 583-Thundering Heavens
Chapter 401:Seven Days
Chapter 584-The Future of Dragon City
Chapter 402:News of Death
Chapter 585-Herb Picker
Chapter 403:Endless Trial
Chapter 586-Odelia
Chapter 404:Strange River
Chapter 587-Poison Dragon Bait
Chapter 405:War Begins
Chapter 588-Dragon God Essence
Chapter 406:Transfer Order
Chapter 589-Dragon Spit Pill
Chapter 407:Rescue Letter
Chapter 490-The Red Dragon Queen
Chapter 408:Exit
Chapter 591-The Stormy Abyss
Chapter 409:To the South Sea Battlefield
Chapter 592-Lanais
Chapter 410:Destination:Blood Demon Island
Chapter 593-If You Love Me then Please Give Me Money
Chapter 594-A Chase by an Absolute Force3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/40123.html||Chapter 411:Demon God
Chapter 595-[The Lament of the Gods]
Chapter 412:The Sound of Broken Jade
Chapter 596-Kill the Gods and Destroy the Demons
Chapter 413:An Eternal Instant
Chapter 597-Blade of Hell
Chapter 414:Do Not Move, You Will Be Safe
Chapter 598-Body of a Virgin
Chapter 416:The Feeling of Not Losing Her, How Blissful
Chapter 599-A Single Wish
Chapter 417:Towards the Seven Profound Valleys
Chapter 600-Superior God
Chapter 418:Seven Profound Valleys Banquet
Chapter 601-The Power of a Superior God
Chapter 419:Take Your Life
Chapter 602-[Grip of the Sealed God]
Chapter 420:Those Who Block My Path Will Die
Chapter 603-A Period of Living Together
Chapter 421:Sweeping All Away
Chapter 604-Leaving a Window Open For You
Chapter 422:Acacia Sovereign Ouyang
Chapter 605-A Dick Headed Bird
Chapter 423:Purple Flame Crystal Conversion
Chapter 606-Hercules
Chapter 424:Horrifyingly Fierce
Chapter 607-Hero鈥檚 Wings
Chapter 425:Stones Dyed With Blood
Chapter 608-Ming Jun
Chapter 426:Auspicious Sign of the Heavens
Chapter 609-Hidden Dragon Armor
Chapter 427:Changing Heavens
Chapter 610-Thousand League Moonlight
Chapter 428:Opening the Magic Cube Again
Chapter 611-I Am a General of Shu
Chapter 429:Demon Emperor
Chapter 612-A Life Long Friend
Chapter 430:Returning to Divine Phoenix Island
Chapter 613-No Retreat
Chapter 431:No Choice Left
Chapter 614-Rising Dragon Shot
Chapter 432:I鈥檒l Compensate
Chapter 615-Qin Wen
Chapter 433:Blood Red Jade Slip
Chapter 616-Hero鈥檚 Meet
Chapter 434:Sitting and Gathering Treasures
Chapter 617-Living in the Martial World
Chapter 435:Marriage Matters
Chapter 618-Journey to Tian Ling City
Chapter 436:Slaughtering Path of the Battlefield
Chapter 619-Earth Dragon Canyon
Chapter 437:Life Destruction
Chapter 620-Fire Qilin Halberd
Chapter 438:South Sea Wartime Alliance
Chapter 621-Beautiful Lady Dragon
Chapter 439:First Class Soldier
Chapter 622-Yuan Rong Combat Boots
Chapter 440:The Killing Hunt Begins
Chapter 623-Magic Dragon鈥渟 Nest
Chapter 441:Blood Drinking Seal
Chapter 624-Dragon Crystal
Chapter 442:Fire Ax
Chapter 625-Hilbert
Chapter 443:Spiritual Forest
Chapter 626-Nation Supressing Sword
Chapter 444:Zombie Guard
Chapter 627-The Taste of Defeat
Chapter 445:Behead
Chapter 628-The Brilliance of the Pulse Break Style
Chapter 446:Demon Emperor鈥檚 Letter
Chapter 629-Qualified Girlfriend
Chapter 447:Might of the Halberd Arts
Chapter 630-Autonomous Team
Chapter 448:Blood Springs
Chapter 631-Pangu Abyss
Chapter 449:Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 632-No Entrance
Chapter 450:The Ancient Array Opens
Chapter 633-Successful Skill Break
Chapter 451:The World is About To Collapse
Chapter 634-Strength of Li You
Chapter 452:Hidden Death Traps
Chapter 635-Pig Gets the Good Food
Chapter 453:Ten Breaths of Time
Chapter 636-Reincarnation Slash
Chapter 454:The Title of Blood Demon
Chapter 637-Enchanted Painting
Chapter 638-Killing the BOSS with Zero Damage3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/40253.html||Chapter 455:I Was Impulsive
Chapter 456:Nirvana Dragon Root3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/21842.html||Chapter 639-Chi You Horsemen
Chapter 457:Ancient Transmission Array
Chapter 640-Combat of Chi You
Chapter 458:A Storm Is Stirring
Chapter 641-The Startling Skill Break
Chapter 459:Gathering of Lords
Chapter 642-Hand of Hell
Chapter 460:Breaking through the Void
Chapter 643-Brilliant Fire Emperor
Chapter 461:Main World
Chapter 644-A Duel Between Experts
Chapter 462:Different Laws
Chapter 645-Retrieving Some Face
Chapter 463:Sorry, Please Make Way
Chapter 464:Demon God Imperial Palace3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/21858.html||Chapter 646-Intimate Experience
Chapter 647-Absolute Tyrant Under Heaven3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/40284.html||Chapter 465:Bloody Wilderness
Chapter 648-Martyr For the Ages
Chapter 466:Complete Suppression
Chapter 649-Simple Violence
Chapter 467:Killing Strike
Chapter 650-Dawn of Puragtory
Chapter 468:Nameless Manual
Chapter 651-[Ice Domain]鈥渟 Weakness
Chapter 469:Arrogance
Chapter 652-Training the Soldiers for Battle
Chapter 470:Fight
Chapter 653-Star Scar
Chapter 471:Renowned Name
Chapter 654-Miss, Please have more modesty
Chapter 472:Tragic
Chapter 655-The Tyrannial 10:0
Chapter 473:Slaughter
Chapter 656-Slaying Xiang Yan
Chapter 474:Continuously Killing Three People
Chapter 657-Team Li Mu鈥渟 Defeat
Chapter 475:The Traitorous Trio
Chapter 658-Turn into a Kiss*ss
Chapter 476:Opening The Array
Chapter 659-Fighting Gong Zi Ying
Chapter 477:Lei Jingtian Approaches
Chapter 660-Four out of Eight
Chapter 478:Escape Symbol
Chapter 661-Spring of Spirit Ruins
Chapter 479:Wait For Me There
Chapter 662-A Tactic for Defeat
Chapter 480:I Will Walk My Life With You
Chapter 663-A Fight of a Million Dollars
Chapter 481:The Desperation of Mu Qingyi
Chapter 664-Revenge
Chapter 482:Crazy Plan
Chapter 665-Semifinals
Chapter 483:White Light
Chapter 666-Simple鈥渟 Taunt
Chapter 484:Into the Imperial Palace
Chapter 667-The Final Three
Chapter 485:Exposed
Chapter 668-Another Tactical Battle
Chapter 486:Trap Puppets
Chapter 669-Brutal Battle
Chapter 487:Toxic Gray Frog
Chapter 670-1v4
Chapter 488:Opening the Demon Emperor鈥檚 Medicine Garden
Chapter 671-A Step Away
Chapter 489:Two Spiritual Roots
Chapter 672-Hatred of Marriage
Chapter 490:Xuan Wuji Destroys the Array
Chapter 673-Riot Shields
Chapter 491:A Vow to Break the Array
Chapter 674-Mission Failed
Chapter 492:Cosmic Melting Furnace
Chapter 675-Scapegoat
Chapter 493:Terrifying Red Light
Chapter 676-Precious Blood Markings
Chapter 494:Opening the Ancient Array
Chapter 678-Greedy Wolf Brigade
Chapter 495:A 10 Mile Distance
Chapter 679-Rebound
Chapter 496:Under the Heavens, Who Can Stop Me?
Chapter 680-Firewolf Valley
Chapter 497:The Second Nirvana Dragon Root
Chapter 681-Fiery Greedwolf
Chapter 498:Entering the Cave Once More
Chapter 682-Secret Troops
Chapter 499:Old Dog
Chapter 683-Magma Falls Mountain Range
Chapter 500:Receiving the Furnace
Chapter 684-Battle of Magma Falls
Chapter 501:The Great Escape
Chapter 685-The Shamelessness of [House of Prestige]
Chapter 502:Absorbing the Nirvana Dragon Root
Chapter 686-Iron Blade Mountain
Chapter 503:Refining the Dragon Root
Chapter 687-You鈥渞e Mine!
Chapter 504:Tempering Marrow Large Success
Chapter 688-The Birth of the Steel Blade Mount
Chapter 505:In the Rain
Chapter 689-A Call from Mu Rong Jun
Chapter 506:Your Thunder Soul Isn鈥檛 Too Bad
Chapter 690-Three Thousand Elite Troops
Chapter 507:Irresistible Power
Chapter 691-鈥淐all Me Master鈥
Chapter 508:End of the Road
Chapter 692-Courageous Victory
Chapter 509:Disenchanting Dream Light
Chapter 693-Wang Ze Cheng鈥渟 Rage
Chapter 510:Ten Year Period
Chapter 694-Training
Chapter 511:Departing
Chapter 695-New Quest
Chapter 512:Laws of Space and Time
Chapter 696-Entering the Dragon Territory Again
Chapter 513:Giant Demon World
Chapter 697-The Red Elder Dragon
Chapter 514:Slap Yourself 50 Times
Chapter 698-King Level Robber
Chapter 515:Get an Inch, Want a Mile
Chapter 699-Proof of Marriage
Chapter 516:Qing He
Chapter 700-Invincible Body
Chapter 517:The Third Thunder Soul
Chapter 701-Like A Fierce Flame
Chapter 518:Rebel
Chapter 702-Fishing
Chapter 519:Blooming Blood
Chapter 520:Step Onto the Killing Path3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/23130.html||Chapter 703-A Group of Maniacs
Chapter 521:The Six Elders
Chapter 704-The Wolf Brigade鈥渟 Violent Battle
Chapter 522:Polaris, Blood Slaughter Steppes
Chapter 705-Strike of the Deep Freeze Cavalry
Chapter 523:12 Winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo
Chapter 706-The Evolution of [Turmoil Sword]
Chapter 524:Muk Gu
Chapter 707-Earth Bane Ox
Chapter 525:Murder in the Streets
Chapter 708-Broken Blade Canyon
Chapter 526:Soaring Red Light
Chapter 709-War God River
Chapter 527:Robbers
Chapter 710-Enemy from Afar
Chapter 528:Polaris City
Chapter 711-A Champion from Another Country
Chapter 529:Polar Skysplit Tower
Chapter 712-Honor for the Country
Chapter 530:First Victory
Chapter 713-General Appointment Stage
Chapter 531:Battle
Chapter 714-The Crown Prince鈥渟 Rule
Chapter 532:Unchallenged
Chapter 715-Drunken Spear鈥渟 Provocation
Chapter 533:Seven Star Heavenly Demon
Chapter 716-Top Bow Maker
Chapter 534:Remembrance
Chapter 717-I Won鈥渢 Miss You
Chapter 535:Threaten
Chapter 718-Blood Demon Forest
Chapter 536:Skysplit Tower鈥檚 Second Floor
Chapter 719-Black Flame Set
Chapter 537:Shattered Soul Domain
Chapter 720-Good Walks, Evil Leaps
Chapter 538:Strength of a Four-winged Heavenly Demon
Chapter 721-Verdant Pear
Chapter 539:Three Straight Wins
Chapter 722-Abuse of Power
Chapter 540:Top Grade Practice Area
Chapter 723-So Scared!
Chapter 541:Enlightenment Once More
Chapter 724-Who will charge for the King
Chapter 542:Another Step Further
Chapter 725-Who鈥渟 the Scumbag!?
Chapter 543:Fey King Battle Body
Chapter 726-Provoking the Wrong Man
Chapter 544:Measure for Measure
Chapter 727-Compromise
Chapter 545:Bloody Battle
Chapter 728-Twenty Horsemen from
Chapter 546:Great Harvest
Chapter 729-Arriving at Moon City
Chapter 547:Enhanced Concepts
Chapter 730-Bad News
Chapter 548:Eighth Stage Life Destruction
Chapter 731 - The Hand of Waterloo
Chapter 549:Muk Gu鈥檚 Suggestion
Chapter 732-Rubble Forest
Chapter 550:Xing Tian
Chapter 733-Stone Tigers
Chapter 551:Decided Battle
Chapter 734-Holy Dragon Cauldron
Chapter 552:Middle Xiantian Realm
Chapter 735-Lion King Shield
Chapter 553:Fighting Xue Man
Chapter 736-Defeat the Many with the Few
Chapter 554:Supernatural Strength
Chapter 737-Losing A Treasure to Carelessness
Chapter 555:The Power of Conception
Chapter 738-Shield of the Prideful
Chapter 556:Xing Tian Declares War
Chapter 739-Zhen Yue Blade
Chapter 557:Ancient Tome
Chapter 740-Frost Forest
Chapter 558:The Match Begins
Chapter 741-Desert Chase
Chapter 559:Concept of Annihilation
Chapter 742-Millennial Dynasty
Chapter 560:Blood Demon Descends
Chapter 743-Caught off Guard

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