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Chapter 561:King Emblem
Chapter 744-The Treasure Blade is Mine!
Chapter 562:Road of Emperor3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/23214.html||Chapter 745-New Attack Style
Chapter 563:The Eight Inner Hidden Gates3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/23216.html||Chapter 746-Media Company
Chapter 564:Nameless Divine Pill
Chapter 747-Internship
Chapter 565:Gate of Healing
Chapter 748-Flame Hawk Archers
Chapter 566:Into the Third Floor
Chapter 749
Chapter 567:Concept of Thunder
Chapter 750-Deer Cry Armor
Chapter 568:Self-created Style
Chapter 751-Unyielding Spirit
Chapter 569:The First Match
Chapter 752-Neptune鈥渟 Blade
Chapter 570:The Wonderful Effect of Concepts
Chapter 753-Boiling Mountains
Chapter 571:Demonic Gold Insects
Chapter 754-The Glory of Two Country Weapons
Chapter 572:Extreme Attack Speed
Chapter 755-Hero鈥檚 Helmet
Chapter 573:The Road of a Martial Arts Master
Chapter 756-Royal Army Commander
Chapter 574:Late Xiantian Realm
Chapter 757-New Years
Chapter 575:Termination Emblem
Chapter 758-The Cancer in the Army
Chapter 576:Crush
Chapter 759-Draining the Swamp
Chapter 577:87 Slaughter Points
Chapter 760-Selecting the Best
Chapter 578:The Origin of the Black Glass Bead
Chapter 761-Brilliant & Strong
Chapter 579:The King鈥檚 Cage
Chapter 762-Snow Dragon Knight
Chapter 580:Qualification Trial
Chapter 763-The Royal Army鈥渟 First
Chapter 581:Purple Comet, Penetrating Rainbow
Chapter 764-Unwavering Spirit
Chapter 582:Titled Asura
Chapter 583:Give You One Day to Leave3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/35/23254.html||Chapter 765-Body and Armor
Chapter 584:Opening the Cage
Chapter 766 - The World鈥渟 Armies
Chapter 585:Heavenly Demon Force Field
Chapter 767 - Long Xing and Xia Ye
Chapter 586:Chaos Prison
Chapter 768 - Unifying the World
Chapter 587:Perhaps, Him Alone In 10,000 Years
Chapter 769 - Steel Bones
Chapter 588:King鈥檚 Cage, 100 Days
Chapter 770 - New Year鈥渟 Battle
Chapter 589:Crisis
Chapter 771 - Massacring [New Moon]
Chapter 590:Betting It All
Chapter 772 - Doing the Opposite
Chapter 591:Break Through the Eight Inner Hidden Gates
Chapter 773 - The Peak of Power
Chapter 592:Breaking Through the Last Cage
Chapter 774 - Japs
Chapter 593- Asura of the Heavenly Demon Martial Intent
Chapter 775 - Witch Moon
Chapter 594:Return With A Blood Sacrifice To This Spear
Chapter 776-[New Moon]鈥渟 Strategy
Chapter 595:Sacrifice To My Saber
Chapter 777-Cornered
Chapter 596:To Use Fingers As a Spear
Chapter 778-Triumphant Return
Chapter 597:No Backing Down
Chapter 779-Charge of an Army
Chapter 598:Three Continuous Matches
Chapter 780-Battle at the Sea of No Return
Chapter 599:Fighting Kai Yang
Chapter 781-Flame Axe Troops,Attack!
Chapter 600:Instant Death
Chapter 782-The Flame Axe Army鈥渟 Crushing Defeat
Chapter 601:Saber Light Domain
Chapter 783-Small Ranked Generals
Chapter 602:Another Killing
Chapter 784 - The Sea Demon King
Chapter 603:Battle Spirit
Chapter 785 - The Great Battle Before Us
Chapter 604:Why Don鈥檛 You Come Down and Play With Me?
Chapter 786 - The Zero Mile Gazebo
Chapter 605:Force Field in Full Bloom
Chapter 787 - A Bitter Struggle With No End
Chapter 606:Contract Beast:Isolation Dragon
Chapter 788 - The Yasha Army
Chapter 607:A Beautiful Spear
Chapter 789 - The Twelve Generals
Chapter 608:Becoming A High Lord
Chapter 790 - The Twin Dragon Special Skill
Chapter 609:High Lord Heian鈥檚 Inheritance
Chapter 791 - The Inception of the Heavenly Water Halberd
Chapter 610:You Either Leave Or Fight
Chapter 792 - Cower Before the Nine Dragons
Chapter 611:Skysplit Tower鈥檚 Tower Master
Chapter 793 - Wheel Battle
Chapter 612:The Only Way Out Of This Desperate Situation
Chapter 794 - No Escape to the Sea of No Return
Chapter 613:Demonshine, Go!
Chapter 795 - The Final Owner oft he Water God鈥渟 Halberd
Chapter 614:The Eternal Demon Abyss Erupts
Chapter 796 - What Fault?
Chapter 615:Entering the Road of Emperor
Chapter 616:Battle of Wills
Chapter 617:One Light One World
Chapter 618:A Shining Will
Chapter 619:Lin Ming鈥檚 Choice
Chapter 620:Prime Emperor Force Field
Chapter 621:Blooming In Splendor Through Competition
Chapter 622:Forming a Battle Spirit
Chapter 623:Exit
Chapter 624:Entering the Eternal Demon Abyss
Chapter 625:A Gathering of Elites
Chapter 626:The Door In Space
Chapter 627:Evil Being
Chapter 628:Bloody Lands
Chapter 629:Transformed Demon Bone
Chapter 630:Capturing the Demon Bone
Chapter 631:Departing Alone
Chapter 632:Swallowing the Blood Demon Bone
Chapter 633:Impacting the Bottleneck
Chapter 634:Forming the Revolving Core
Chapter 635:The Revolving Core Changes
Chapter 636:Battle Spirit Protection
Chapter 637:Power of the Revolving Core Realm
Chapter 638:Three Thousand Boundless Worlds
Chapter 639:Living Sacrifice
Chapter 640:10,000 Year Corpse Grass
Chapter 641:The Eternal Demon Abyss Erupts Again
Chapter 642:Straying Into the Forbidden Zone
Chapter 643:Are We Out?
Chapter 644:Quietly Approaching the Great Maw
Chapter 645:Closed Energy Field
Chapter 646:The Yellow Springs River
Chapter 647:Ancient Beast
Chapter 648:Corpse Devil
Chapter 649:Two Spears Till Death
Chapter 650:Great Lucky Chance
Chapter 651:Heaven-step Demon God Bone
Chapter 652:Goddess
Chapter 653:Murder
Chapter 654:Peak of Ten Wings
Chapter 655:Black Hole Revolving Core
Chapter 656:Opening the Goddess鈥 Sarcophagus Once More
Chapter 657:Leaving the Forbidden Zone
Chapter 658:Killing the Monsters
Chapter 659:The Return of the Polaris Tower Master
Chapter 660:Invincible Aura
Chapter 661:Glory of the Battle Spirit
Chapter 662:Sentence You To Death
Chapter 663:Heaven-step White Spear
Chapter 664:The Tide Turns
Chapter 665:Achieving 12 Wings
Chapter 666:Spear Through the Black Robed Man
Chapter 667:Planting the Slave Seal
Chapter 668:Returning to the South Horizon Region
Chapter 669A:News of Divine Phoenix Island
Chapter 669B:The State of Divine Phoenix Island
Chapter 670:Young Girl Incense Burner
Chapter 671:You Are Lin Ming?
Chapter 672:Soul Search
Chapter 673:Mu Qianyu鈥檚 Message
Chapter 674:The Fifth Opening of the Magic Cube
Chapter 675:Xuan Yuqie Makes Her Move
Chapter 676:Revolving Core Mu Bingyun
Chapter 677:Fighting the Giant Leviathan
Chapter 678:Lin Ming鈥檚 Counterattack
Chapter 679:Severely Wounding Xuan Yuqie
Chapter 680:Subdue
Chapter 681:Mu Qianyu鈥檚 Worries
Chapter 682:Counterattacking the South Sea Demon Region
Chapter 683:10,000 Mile Raid
Chapter 684:What Is There To Discuss?
Chapter 685:Today My Only Goal Is To Kill
Chapter 686:Pillage
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Chapter 687:Paying Respects to the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince
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Chapter 688:Towards the Yin Yang Profound Palace
Chapter 689:Meeting Once Again
To the bottom
Chapter 690:Kiss
Character official and level
Chapter 691:A Night Of Tender Warmth
Chapter23||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/41034.html||Chapter 692:Negotiations
Chapter 693:Conflict
Chapter 694:Absolute Disparity
Chapter 4
Chapter 695:All Daggers Drawn3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/40/349.html||Chapter5
Chapter 696:Broken Blade3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/40/363.html||Chapter 6
Chapter 697:Hall of Flowing Blood
Chapter 698:Threaten
Chapter 699:Traveling Far and Wide, Only To Find It So Easily
Chapter 9
Chapter 700:Divine Kingdom Crown Prince
Chapter 701:Come, Let鈥檚 Go And Pick Them Up
Chapter 702:Xing Ji Arrives
Chapter 703:Xing Ji, Who Nearly Vomited Blood
Chapter 704:The Terrifying Defense of the Giant Leviathan
Chapter 705:Returning Home
Chapter 706:Reaching Black Hole Revolving Core
Chapter 707:Xuan Wuji Leaves Seclusion
Chapter 708:Breaking Through To Middle Revolving Core
Chapter 709:Opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates Again
Chapter 710:The Death God Comes At Night
Chapter 711:Sweeping Through The South Sea Demon Region
Chapter 712:Thorough Slaughter
Chapter 713:To Those Who Remain In the South Sea Demon Region, Death!
Chapter 714:Name of the Death God
Chapter 715:King Level Smelting Trial
Chapter 716 -Warriors of the Ancient Phoenix Clan
Chapter 717:Qualify
Chapter 718:A Shocking Trial Ground
Chapter 719:Timeworn Phoenix City
Chapter 720:Ancient Phoenix Totem
Chapter 721:Test of Laws
Chapter 722:Perceiving the Source of Fire
Chapter 723:In Stark Opposition
Chapter 724:Burning Heaven Totem Stone
Chapter 725:Chaos Stone
Chapter 726:God Transforming Mirror
Chapter 727:The Red Woman
Chapter 728:The First Concept:Sea of Burning Fire
Chapter 729:Breaking Through the First World
Chapter 730:A Strike To Shatter the World
Chapter 731:Fusing Concepts, Creating a Move
Chapter 732:Nine Layers of the Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle
Chapter 733:Second World of the God Transforming Mirror
Chapter 734:Heaven-Step Fire Essence
Chapter 735:Peak of the Middle Revolving Core Realm
Chapter 736:Leaving Seclusion
Chapter 737:The Final Test
Chapter 738:Blood of the Ancient Phoenix
Chapter 739:50 Breaths
Chapter 740:Reverse the Chain of Stars
Chapter 741:Trading for the Phoenix Blood
Chapter 742:Late Revolving Core
Chapter 743:Return to the Sky Spill Continent
Chapter 744-The Bloodstained Deep Sea
Chapter 745:Fighting Xuan Wuji
Chapter 746:The Disparity Between Them
Chapter 747:The 100,000 Mile Chase
Chapter 748:Chase Through the South Horizon Region
Chapter 749:The Death of Xuan Wuji
Chapter 750:Returning to the Dimension
Chapter 751:Collapse of the South Sea Demon Region
Chapter 752:Lin Ming鈥檚 Wedding, the Divine Kingdom Prince
Chapter 753:The Mysterious Girl
Chapter 754:Jade of the Goddess
Chapter 755:Swords Drawn
Chapter 756:Duel of Battle Spirits
Chapter 757:Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, Feng Shen
Chapter 758:The Wedding Night
Chapter 759:The Young Girl鈥檚 Mystery, the Forsaken God Clan
Chapter 760:Wood Spirit Jade
Chapter 761:Towards the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom
Chapter 762:White Dragon Jade Row
Chapter 763:How To Make Money
Chapter 764:Ancient Jade Bracelet
Chapter 765:Bid
Chapter 766:Swindled
Chapter 767:White Dragon Jade Card
Chapter 768:Guru Blueway, Destiny Decree
Chapter 769:Guru Blueway鈥檚 Appraisal
Chapter 770:Opening the Universe Melting Furnace
Chapter 771:Heavencraft Trading Company
Chapter 772:Skyflower Stones
Chapter 773:Malice
Chapter 774:Xiaoxiao
Chapter 775:Saber Light
Chapter 776:Sweep Through All
Chapter 777:Bronze Battle Spirit Large Success
Chapter 778:First Battle of the Destiny Decree
Chapter 779:The Great Battle of Witch Creek City
Chapter 780:Stepping Onto the Highest Stage
Chapter 781:The Demon Emperor鈥檚 Armor
Chapter 782:Killing Corpsemancer
Chapter 783:First Appearance On The Destiny Decree
Chapter 784:The Crown Prince鈥檚 Invitation
Chapter 785:Let Me See Your Armor
Chapter 786:Domineering
Chapter 787:A Stipulation of Ten Moves
Chapter 788:Slaughter Path Showdown
Chapter 789:8000 Mile Black Swamp
Chapter 790:Heavencraft Xiaoxiao鈥檚 Request
Chapter 791:Refining the Fivefade Void Pill
Chapter 792:The Gate of Wonder
Chapter 793:Sky High Reward
Chapter 794:Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division
Chapter 795:300,000 Spirit Essence Stones
Chapter 796:Lin Lanjian
Chapter 797:Robbery
Chapter 798:Unbelievable Speed
Chapter 799:Sudden Retaliation
Chapter 800:Blood Washed Jagged Slope Mountain
Chapter 801:Unstoppable
Chapter 802:Killing Situ
Chapter 803:Killing the Elders
Chapter 804:Asura Divine Kingdom Emperor Uncle
Chapter 805:The Glory of a Large Success Battle Spirit
Chapter 806:Grind
Chapter 807:New Destiny Decree, Title:Death God
Chapter 808:The Trial of Life Destruction
Chapter 809:The Second Revolving Core
Chapter 810:Crisis
Chapter 811:Killing Party
Chapter 812:Death Swamp
Chapter 813:Sea Serpent Gas
Chapter 814:Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion
Chapter 815:New Life From Destruction
Chapter 816:Heretical God Sprout
Chapter 817:Crazy Bi Ruyu
Chapter 818:Lightning Tempered Body
Chapter 819:Argent White Sword and the Lightning Source
Chapter 820:God Forsaken Clan, Eightfall Thunder Emperor
Chapter 821:Leaving the Thunder Dominion, Battling the Demon Envoy
Chapter 822:The Splendor of Lightning
Chapter 823-Hacking Apart the Divine Kingdom Imp
Chapter 824:Death Reaper Curse
Chapter 825:The Asura Divine Emperor Moves
Chapter 826:Forsaken God Clan, Dimensional Realm
Chapter 827:Shibai
Chapter 828:That is Not the Key Point
Chapter 829:Confrontation
Chapter 830:However Many Come, I鈥檒l Take That Many
Chapter 831:Battle
Chapter 832:The Coming Storm, The Rising Tide
Chapter 833:Situ Yaoyue
Chapter 834:Breakthrough, Begin
Chapter 835:All Treasures Gathered
Chapter 836:Purple Air Comes From the East
Chapter 837:Golden Lighting Piercing the Sky
Chapter 838:Silver Battle Spirit
Chapter 839:Purple Lion Thunder Source
Chapter 840:Forming the Spirit Body
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Chapter 841:Successfully Leaving Seclusion, Achieving Life Destruction
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Chapter 842:Peak of the First Stage of Life Destruction
Chapter 0420-Skillfully taking demon cores
Chapter 843:Finger as Spear
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Chapter 844:The Day of the Fated Battle
Chapter 001-Hell Spirit Grass
Chapter 845:In Sharp Opposition
Chapter 002-Yin and Yang Divine Veins
Chapter 846:Killers of the Asura Divine Kingdom
Chapter 003-Xue Xianxian
Chapter 847:A World Stunning Spear
Chapter 004-Divine Exercise of Four Symbols
Chapter 848:Five Poison King
Chapter 005-Challenge (edited)
Chapter 849:Without Equal
Chapter 006-True Qi Flame
Chapter 850:An Aura to Wash Away the Clouds
Chapter 007-Dragon Saliva Exercise
Chapter 851:Luosha鈥檚 Determination3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40027.html||Chapter 008-Successful Pill Refinement
Chapter 852:Fighting Situ Luosha3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40030.html||Chapter 009-Patriarch Selection Meeting
Chapter 853:The Glory of Thunder
Chapter 0010-I鈥檒l Fight
Chapter 854:Admitting Defeat
Chapter 0011-Divine Exercise Strength Revealed
Chapter 855:Yaoyue Fights
Chapter 0012-Battle of Great Disparity
Chapter 856:Extreme Violet Domain, Demon Moon Illuminating the Sky
Chapter 0013-Five-Element Fusion
Chapter 857:A Bitter Fight
Chapter 0014-Immortal and Devil Pool
Chapter 858:Cage of Darkness
Chapter 0015-Vermillion Bird Fire Wings
Chapter 859:Ancient Phoenix Saint Body
Chapter 0016-Yao family3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/41732.html||Chapter 860:Great Desolate Blood Halberd
Chapter 861:Suppressing Yaoyue3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40054.html||Chapter 0017-Martial arts sect
Chapter 862:Dropping All Pretenses3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40057.html||Chapter 0018-First Confrontation
Chapter 863:All Parties Involved3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40060.html||Chapter 0019-Baptizing Marrow Dan
Chapter 864:The Side of Morality and Principle3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40063.html||Chapter 0020-A Prodigious Talent
Chapter 0021-Divine Weapons Heavenly Empire
Chapter 865:Two Conditions
Chapter 0022-Please Verify It!
Chapter 866:Divide the Void
Chapter 0023-Heavenly tiger storm killing fist
Chapter 867:The Miracle of Time Laws
Chapter 0024-Violent attack
Chapter 868:Unapproachable
Chapter 0025-Granduncle
Chapter 869:The New Destiny Decree
Chapter 0026-Real stage
Chapter 870:Myriad Spirit Pill
Chapter 0027-Killer
Chapter 871:Sea Serpent Crystal
Chapter 0028-King City
Chapter 872:The Bronze Ghost Coffin
Chapter 0029-Danxiang Herbal Manor
Chapter 873:Opening the Gate of Pain
Chapter 0030-Teach a lesson
Chapter 874:Comprehending the Laws of Time
Chapter 0031-Manor Lord,Governor
Chapter 875:Second Stage Life Destruction
Chapter 0032-Sect鈥檚 disciple
Chapter 876:All Heroes Gathered
Chapter 0033-Hua Yueyun
Chapter 877:Entering the Temple
Chapter 0034-Temptation
Chapter 878:The Link Between the Sea of Miracles and the Eternal Demon Abyss
Chapter 0035-Metal spirit fruit
Chapter 879:Top Grade Spirit Vein
Chapter 0036-In front of Yao family
Chapter 880:Master of the Bronze Ghost Coffin3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40112.html||Chapter 0037-Generous Remuneration
Chapter 881:Furious Battle
Chapter 0038-Dan King
Chapter 882:Divine Tree
Chapter 0039-Respect
Chapter 883:Twelve Dao Fruits
Chapter 0040-Fire Dragon Blood Jade
Chapter 884:Saint Artifact Treasure
Chapter 0041-Flame dragon brilliant furnace
Chapter 885:Unreasonable
Chapter 0042-Advance into Level 7
Chapter 886:Two Years To Take Your Head
Chapter 0043-Devil exercise
Chapter 887:Electric Violet Kirin Clan
Chapter 0044-Special Gift
Chapter 888:Electric Violet Inheritance
Chapter 0045-Opening soon
Chapter 889:Masked Man
Chapter 0046-New enemies and old debts
Chapter 890:Ancient Devil
Chapter 0047-Exterminated
Chapter 891:Seize
Chapter 0048-Divine Power Realm
Chapter 892:Bringing About One鈥檚 Own Destruction
Chapter 0049-Leng Youlan
Chapter 893:Narrow Escape
Chapter 0050-Plot
Chapter 894:Preparation is the Key, Third Stage of Life Destruction
Chapter 0051-Bloody Method/Means
Chapter 895:The Third Thunder Concept
Chapter 0052-Beauty Departs
Chapter 896:The Capture Order
Chapter 0053-Vicious Hidden Weapon
Chapter 897:Target:Road of Emperor
Chapter 0054-Sister
Chapter 898:Unstoppable
Chapter 0055-Dragon Martial Technique
Chapter 899:Once Again Into the Road of Emperor
Chapter 0056-Tit For Tat
Chapter 900:Tempering the Battle Spirit
Chapter 0057-Skies beyond skies
Chapter 901:Secret of the Road of Emperor
Chapter 0058-Prelude Of War
Chapter 902:10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array Formation
Chapter 0059-Finally The Battle Starts
Chapter 903:The Goddess In Ice
Chapter 904:Reforming the Shattered Core3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40181.html||Chapter 0060-White Tiger Divine Fist
Chapter 905:Departure, the Prime Emperor Force Field
Chapter 905:Departure, the Prime Emperor Force Field
Chapter 0061-Forgone Conclusion
Chapter 906:If You Are Chaos, Then What Am I?
Chapter 0062-True Elemental Dan
Chapter 907:Three Force Fields Superimposed
Chapter 0063-Alchemy Sufferings
Chapter 908:Massacring Emperors
Chapter 0064-Poison Needle
Chapter 909:Sixth Opening of the Magic Cube
Chapter 0065-Jiudu Gang
Chapter 910:Fusing the Three Great Force Fields
Chapter 0066-Exterminating Dragon Divine Martial Skill
Chapter 911:I, Prime Emperor
Chapter 0067-Martial Spirit
Chapter 912:Becoming the Steppes Master
Chapter 0068-Jiu Duzhi
Chapter 913:Strange Black Bead
Chapter 0069-Surprise
Chapter 914:Returning to The Sky Spill Continent
Chapter 0070-Inheritance Bead
Chapter 915:Old Friends, Wrath
Chapter 0071-New Road
Chapter 916:Taking Control
Chapter 0072-Big Harvest
Chapter 917:Kill, Kill, Kill!
Chapter 0073-Succeeded
Chapter 918:Ten Steps To Kill One Person
Chapter 0074-Entrance Fee
Chapter 0075-Extreme Martial Province
Chapter 919:Whitedemon Arrives
Chapter 0076-Avenge Personal Enmity In The Name Of Public Interest
Chapter 920:Massacre
Chapter 0077-Asking for Trouble
Chapter 921:Transcendent Divine Might
Chapter 0078-3000 Martial Courtyard
Chapter 922:Fighting Whitedemon

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