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Chapter 0079-Outer Martial Courtyard
Chapter 923:Refine the Soul
Chapter 0080-Outer Courtyard First Disciple
Chapter 924(A):Settling the Cycle of Karma
Chapter 0081-Equally matched
Chapter 924(B):Settling the Cycle of Karma
Chapter 0082-Revealed Power
Chapter 925:Merciless Indifference
Chapter 0083-Dan Elder
Chapter 926:The End of Whitedemon
Chapter 0084-Does Not Give Up
Chapter 927:Once Again Battling the Purple Lion Thunder Source
Chapter 0085-Suicidal
Chapter 928:Swallowing the Thunder Source
Chapter 0086-Mysterious Realm
Chapter 929:To Another Level
Chapter 0087-Elder Courtyard
Chapter 930:Dark Clouds
Chapter 0088-Treasure Hunt
Chapter 931:Inescapable Net
Chapter 0089-Azure Profound Fruit
Chapter 932:Postcelestial Dao Diagram
Chapter 0090-D茅tente
Chapter 933:Lin Ming Returns
Chapter 0091-Inner Courtyard
Chapter 934:Counterattack
Chapter 0092-Divine Martial Skill
Chapter 935:Command the World
Chapter 0093-Extreme Dan Courtyard
Chapter 936:Erase Them All
Chapter 937:Failure at the End
Chapter 0094-Alchemy Competition
Chapter 0095-Competition Result3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/41992.html||Chapter 938:Nine Furnace Great Array
Chapter 0096-Receiving an Apprentice3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/41994.html||Chapter 939:Complete Massacre
Chapter 0097-Heavenly Dragon Treasure
Chapter 940:Fighting Yang Yun
Chapter 0098-Peerless Martial Sect
Chapter 941:Insight Into Weakness
Chapter 0099-Powerful Enemy
Chapter 942:Coiling Martial Divine Furnace
Chapter 0100-Completion Stage
Chapter 943:Heaven Punishment Divine Thunder
Chapter 0101-Fury
Chapter 944:Yang Yun鈥檚 Death
Chapter 0102-Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade
Chapter 945:Ashes to Ashes
Chapter 0103-Future Crisis
Chapter 946:The Highest Under the Heavens
Chapter 0104-Dragon Blood Dan
Chapter 947:Grandest Event Since Ancient Times
Chapter 0105-First Level
Chapter 948:Incarnation of the Jade Slip
Chapter 0106-First Ranked Inner Courtyard
Chapter 949:Towards the Divine Realm
Chapter 0107:Challenge Postponed
Chapter 950:Phoenix Cry Palace
Chapter 0108-Huang Jitian
Chapter 951:Contention
Chapter 0109-Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise
Chapter 952:Nine Divine Shifts
Chapter 0110-Hell
Chapter 952:Nine Divine Shifts
Chapter 0111-Young Martial Uncle
Chapter 953:Saint Artifact Pavilion
Chapter 0112-First Beauty
Chapter 954:Deliberately Creating Difficulties
Chapter 0113-Get Together
Chapter 955:Huang Yuehong
Chapter 0114-Makeup For Regret
Chapter 956:The Rules for Obtaining a Saint Artifact
Chapter 0115-Challenging the First Rank Inner Courtyard Alone
Chapter 957:Phoenix Blood Spear
Chapter 0116-Sensational Prowess
Chapter 958:Obtaining Treasures
Chapter 0117-Mercilessly
Chapter 959:Towards the Phoenix Blood Spear
Chapter 0118-Crazy Means
Chapter 960:Test
Chapter 0119-Planting Tree
Chapter 961:Break the World
Chapter 0120-Azure Profound Fruit Tree
Chapter 962:Totem Stone
Chapter 0121-Fragrance City
Chapter 963:Silver Perfection
Chapter 0122-Search For Dragon
Chapter 964:Saint Spear in Hand
Chapter 0123-Demanding Life Devil Bow
Chapter 965:Blinding Spear Light
Chapter 0124-Liao Shaoyun
Chapter 966:Talent and Treasure That Arouse Envy
Chapter 0125-Missing
Chapter 967:Ready to Fight
Chapter 0126-A Woman鈥檚 Heart
Chapter 968:To Cause a Stir
Chapter 0127-Bottleneck
Chapter 969:Fairy Feng鈥檚 Summon
Chapter 0128-Ruthless Devil Skill
Chapter 970:Top of the Storm
Chapter 0129-True Martial Realm
Chapter 971:You Only Have Yourself To Blame
Chapter 0130-White Dragon
Chapter 972:Making Enemies
Chapter 0131-Mark of the Dragoness
Chapter 973:To Provoke and Ignore
Chapter 0132:Hua Xiangyue
Chapter 974:Ninefall Huo Yanguang
Chapter 0133:Alchemist鈥檚 Assessment
Chapter 975:Nirvana Altar
Chapter 0134:Level-4 Alchemist
Chapter 976:Glory of the Phoenix Blood Spear
Chapter 0135:Blue Star Fire Spirit
Chapter 977:Third Level of the Concept of Fire
Chapter 0136:Return
Chapter 978:Overpower
Chapter 0137:Martial Nephew
Chapter 979:Can Only Be Described As Miserable
Chapter 0138:Fishing up a Fortune
Chapter 980:Phoenix Plume Blood in Hand
Chapter 0139:Race
Chapter 981:Sixth Stage Life Destruction
Chapter 0140:Can鈥檛 Explain
Chapter 982:Perfect Dantian
Chapter 0141:Small Bet
Chapter 983:The Gate of Opening Which Enhances Perception
Chapter 0142-The Final Strike
Chapter 984:Movement of the Magic Cube
Chapter 0143:Impossible
Chapter 985:Strange Protective Charm
Chapter 0144:Winning Streak
Chapter 986:Opening the Gate of Opening
Chapter 0145:Encountering an Old Foe Once Again
Chapter 987:Enhanced Perception
Chapter 0146:See Through The Conspiracy
Chapter 988:The Smelting Trial Begins
Chapter 0147:Devil Bow Reappears
Chapter 989:Fire Spirit Star
Chapter 0148:Elder"s Rage
Chapter 990:Hell of Fire
Chapter 0149:Cold War
Chapter 991:Origin Energy Impact
Chapter 0150:Ambiguous Ante
Chapter 992:Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron
Chapter 0151:The Ultimate Challenge
Chapter 993:Phoenix Heart Blood
Chapter 0152:Stunning, Regretful
Chapter 994:Trial by Fire
Chapter 0153:Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor (Part 1)
Chapter 995:Hells of Flame, Second Level
Chapter 0154:Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor (Part 2)
Chapter 996:If You Want To Bet Then Bet Yan Littlemoon
Chapter 0155:Gambling Debt Crisis
Chapter 997:Dare
Chapter 0156:Man Eating Griffin
Chapter 998:Training Within the Hells of Flame
Chapter 0157:Reunion
Chapter 999:Burn the Body
Chapter 0158:Empress Tenderness
Chapter 1000:Concept Large Success, Blue Lotus Domain
Chapter 0159:Foot Of The Black Tortoise Mountain
Chapter 1001:Smelting Trial Rewards
Chapter 0160:Might Of Divine Blade
Chapter 1002:Totem Tower
Chapter 0161-Awakening of Divine Armor
Chapter 1003:100 Foot Royal Skyseal
Chapter 0162-Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm
Chapter 1004:The 12 Chaos Stones
Chapter 0163-Enchantment Of Spirit Veins
Chapter 1005:Lin Ming鈥檚 Choice
Chapter 0164-Otherworldly Civilisation
Chapter 1006:Lotus Blooming Step By Step
Chapter 0165-Heavenly Dark Mouse
Chapter 1007:Phoenix Blood Essence
Chapter 0166-Water Way
Chapter 1008:Gold Battle Spirit
Chapter 0167:Realm Within Realm
Chapter 1009:Headquarters Envoy
Chapter 0168-Adamantyl Crocodile Python
Chapter 1010:Requirements for a Drop of Phoenix Blood Essence
Chapter 0169-Divine Armor"s Owner
Chapter 1011:Lin Ming Leaves Seclusion
Chapter 0170-The Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon
Chapter 1012:To Find a Foil
Chapter 0171-Sleeping Divine Weapon
Chapter 1013:Illusionary God Combat Array
Chapter 0172-The Vermillion Bird"s Tender Thread
Chapter 0173-The Fertile Island3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42161.html||Chapter 1014:Lin Ming鈥檚 Turn
Chapter 0174-Destroy
Chapter 1015:The Origin of Burning Heat
Chapter 0175-Dominating The Mysterious Realm
Chapter 1016:Another Breakthrough
Chapter 0176-Recreating History
Chapter 1017:Bloom For Me, Heretical God Sprout!
Chapter 0177-The Martial Uncle鈥檚 Ferocity
Chapter 1018:Fusing the Three Concepts
Chapter 0178-Betrayal
Chapter 1019:Hells of Flame鈥檚 Seventh Level, The Domain of God
Chapter 0179-The Netherworld Abyss
Chapter 1020:Seventh Stage Life Destruction
Chapter 0180-The Mysterious Beast Roar
Chapter 1021:Ten Thousand Flames Burning Sun
Chapter 0181-Ancient Fire Beast
Chapter 1022:Sevenfall Phenomenon
Chapter 0182-Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit
Chapter 0183-Past Of The Fire Beast3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42189.html||Chapter 1023:Perfect Sevenfall
Chapter 0184-Earth Core Divine Fruit
Chapter 1024:Sacred Flame Testament
Chapter 0185-Five Elements Profound Dan
Chapter 1025:Rushing the Illusionary God Combat Array
Chapter 0186-Turbulent Times
Chapter 1026:Kill Them All
Chapter 0187-Slaughter Qi
Chapter 1027:How Hard Could This Be?
Chapter 0188-Wild Ambitions
Chapter 1028:Source of Phoenix Blood
Chapter 0189-An Astonishing Speed
Chapter 1029:World of Will Projection
Chapter 0190-Fire Spirit"s Crisis
Chapter 1030:The Power of Laws
Chapter 0191-Golden Dragon Saliva (Part 1)
Chapter 1031:The One Thousandth Person
Chapter 0192-Golden Dragon Saliva (Part 2)
Chapter 1032:Old Sorrows, New Hate
Chapter 0193-Betting Head
Chapter 1033:Intense
Chapter 1034:Scorching Blood VS Phoenix Blood3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40581.html||Chapter 0194-Evil Dragon Martial Technique
Chapter 0195-Duel3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42225.html||Chapter 1035:Concept of Manifestation
Chapter 1036:To Complete the Thousand Slaughter
Chapter 0196-Thunderbolt Cut
Chapter 1037:Phoenix Blood Essence
Chapter 0197-Boosted Reputation
Chapter 1038:Absorbing the Phoenix Blood Essence
Chapter 0198-A Man"s Heart Is Incomprehensible
Chapter 1039:The Thoughts of God
Chapter 0199-Inducements3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42240.html||Chapter 1040:End of the Smelting Trial
Chapter 0200-New Extreme Martial Sect3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42243.html||Chapter 1041:God Beast Mystic Realm
Chapter 1042:Ancient Dragon Clan
Chapter 0201-Lu Family"s Secret
Chapter 1043:12 People
Chapter 0202-Divine Sword Province
Chapter 0203-Beating In Their Own Game3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42252.html||Chapter 1044:Can I Go With You?
Chapter 0204-Unexpected Encounter3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42254.html||Chapter 1045:Together
Chapter 0205-Great Storm
Chapter 1046:Black Coral
Chapter 0206-Devil Bow Might
Chapter 1047:Bizarre Enemy
Chapter 0207-Siblings Team Up3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42262.html||Chapter 1048:Asura King
Chapter 0208-Proud Sword Sect
Chapter 1049:Supreme Dragon Bone
Chapter 0209-Identity Exposed
Chapter 1050:You Two, Fuck Off!
Chapter 0210-White Dragon blood3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42271.html||Chapter 1051:The Great War Begins
Chapter 1052:Grandmist Battle Armor3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40631.html||Chapter 0211-Emperor Crystal
Chapter 1053:Sneaky3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40634.html||Chapter 0212-Lu Family"s Secret
Chapter 0213-The Divine Weapon Sect And The Icewind Valley
Chapter 1055:Opportunity
Chapter 0214-Ungrateful
Chapter 1056:Dragon Bone In Hand
Chapter 0215-Act First, Report Later
Chapter 1057:Crazy Dragon One
Chapter 0216-Four Devil Techniques
Chapter 1058:The Strong Asura King
Chapter 0217-Herb King Mountain
Chapter 1059:Change In the Dragon Bone
Chapter 0218-Cleaned Out Everything
Chapter 1060:White Light
Chapter 0219-World First Mysterious Realm
Chapter 1061:Revival After 50,000 Years3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40658.html||Chapter 0220-Elemental Spirit Dan
Chapter 0221-Can"t Lose
Chapter 1062:Mo Eversnow
Chapter 0222-You Bet, You Pay
Chapter 1063:Another Dual Cultivator
Chapter 0223-Candidates
Chapter 1064:The Bad Luck Dragon One
Chapter 0224-Buying Popularity
Chapter 1065:The Wicked Cannot Be Saved From Their Sins
Chapter 0225-Shinto
Chapter 1066:Treasures of the Dead
Chapter 0226-Devil Path Plan
Chapter 1067:Leaving the Mystic Realm
Chapter 0227-Transformation Technique
Chapter 1068:Marriage
Chapter 0228-Heavenly Dragon Seal
Chapter 1069:Secret of the Magic Cube
Chapter 0229-Feeling Proud And Elated
Chapter 1070:Absorbing the Dragon Marrow
Chapter 0230-Fire Spirit Fusion
Chapter 1071:Crossing Eightfall
Chapter 0231-Gather
Chapter 1072:Display of Strength
Chapter 0232-All By Himself
Chapter 1073:True Martial World
Chapter 0233-Puppet
Chapter 1074:Carefree Island
Chapter 0234-Human Devil
Chapter 1075:Entering the Sect
Chapter 0235-Devil Palm"s Might
Chapter 1076:Riverbliss Jadeheart
Chapter 0236-Dangerous Encounter
Chapter 1077:Reunion
Chapter 0237-Counterattack In The Wasteland (Part 1)
Chapter 1078:His Skin Is Not of Ordinary Thickness
Chapter 0238-Counterattack In The Wasteland (Part 2)
Chapter 1079:To Make Things Difficult
Chapter 0239-Devil Beast Raid
Chapter 1080:Simulation Mystic Realm
Chapter 0240-Turning Back On Old Acquaintances
Chapter 1081:Perish Together?
Chapter 0241-Great Swallowing
Chapter 1082:Easily Passing
Chapter 0242-Nine Turn Dragon God Technique
Chapter 1083:The Sad Brother Liu
Chapter 0243-Red Wolves
Chapter 1084:Resource Struggle
Chapter 0244-Wei Hongtao
Chapter 1085:Traitor
Chapter 0245- Finally Gathered
Chapter 1086:The Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the Sixth Gate
Chapter 0246-Working Together
Chapter 1087:Dragon Bone Relics
Chapter 0247-Profound Fire Exquisite Tower
Chapter 1088:Six Gates Opened
Chapter 0248-Greater Crisis
Chapter 1089:The Red Wilderness
Chapter 0249-Priest
Chapter 1090:Purple Mountain
Chapter 0250-Averting Crisis
Chapter 1091:The Enemy Raid in the Storm3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40750.html||Chapter 0251-Penetrating Heart Devil Eye
Chapter 1092:Entering the Sandstorm3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40753.html||Chapter 0252-Devil Soul
Chapter 0253-Destruction Of The Altar3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42392.html||Chapter 1093:Ambush
Chapter 0254-Devil God鈥檚 Command
Chapter 1094:Counterattack
Chapter 0255-Powerful Devil Beast3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42396.html||Chapter 1095:Lure the Enemy
Chapter 1096:Cut Them Down
Chapter 0256-Heart Rending Strike
Chapter 0257-Devil Elemental Nuclei3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42400.html||Chapter 1097:I鈥檒l Cut It Off
Chapter 0258-Forgone Conclusion
Chapter 1098:Reap the Spoils From The Wearied
Chapter 0259-Perishing Golden Body
Chapter 1099:Sitting Back and Waiting
Chapter 0260-Rewards of the Tycoons
Chapter 1100:Sweep Away the Fallen leaves
Chapter 0261-White Jade Lotus Seed
Chapter 1101:If I Were You, I鈥檇 Have Already Killed Myself
Chapter 0262-The Missing Genius
Chapter 1102:Collect the Spoils of Battle
Chapter 0263-Ghost Martial Technique
Chapter 1103:Sudden Attack
Chapter 0264-Black Tortoise External Strength Technique
Chapter 1104:What Do We Do?
Chapter 0265-Refine Me
Chapter 1105:Aren鈥檛 You The Best Evidence?
Chapter 0266-Jealousy
Chapter 1106:Highest Elder
Chapter 0267-White Jade Dragon Cauldron
Chapter 1107:Heroic Sacrifice
Chapter 0268-5th Level Immortal And Devil Body
Chapter 1108:Confrontation
Chapter 0269-Amazing Progress3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42424.html||Chapter 1109:Crazy White Brook
Chapter 1110:The World鈥檚 Most Aggrieving Matter
Chapter 0271-Taoyuan Grand Meeting3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42428.html||Chapter 1111:Face Even More Swollen
Chapter 1112:The Power Behind The Throne3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40813.html||Chapter 0272-Fire Spirit"s Reappearance
Chapter 1113:Mo Riverbliss鈥檚 Ambitions3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40816.html||Chapter 0273-Agonizing
Chapter 0274-Kissing3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42434.html||Chapter 1114:Ninefall Approaches
Chapter 0275-Divine Weapon"s Trail3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42436.html||Chapter 1115:Ten Severing Dao
Chapter 0276-High Rank Tournament3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42438.html||Chapter 1116:Attacking Ninefall
Chapter 1117:Ninefall Realm3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40828.html||Chapter 0277-Hundred Beasts Dan
Chapter 0278-Disappeared Mainland3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42442.html||Chapter 1118:Surging Origin Energy Clouds
Chapter 1119:Where Lies the Limit?3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40834.html||Chapter 0279-Cheering Up
Chapter 1120:Double Phenomenon
Chapter 0280-Hundred Beasts Dan
Chapter 1121:The Riddle of the Magic Cube
Chapter 0281-Capturing The Beast
Chapter 1122:Perfect Spirit Body
Chapter 0282-White Tiger Family
Chapter 1123:Five Element Grand Tribulation
Chapter 0283-Tiger Fist Vs White Tiger
Chapter 1124:Brutal
Chapter 0284-Reining In
Chapter 1125:Nine By Nine Life Destruction
Chapter 0285-5th Level Assessment
Chapter 1126:Boiling With Blood
Chapter 0286-Diligently Refining
Chapter 1127:Large Success Battle Spirit
Chapter 0287-Zhenzhen
Chapter 1128:Spirit Artifact Spear
Chapter 0288-Successful
Chapter 1129:If The God Of Death Desires Me, I Shall Cut Down The God Of Death
Chapter 0289-5th Level Alchemist
Chapter 1130:Refining Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 0290-Yue Jianglin
Chapter 1131:Perfectly Crossing Tribulation
Chapter 0291-Fire Martial Soul
Chapter 1132:Mystery of the Black Bead
Chapter 0292-The Stingy Dean
Chapter 1133:Divide
Chapter 0293-Good Play Staged
Chapter 1134:Clearing the Snakes
Chapter 0294-Making A Killing
Chapter 1135:Immemorial Imperial City
Chapter 0295-The Contention Of Fire Martial Soul
Chapter 1136:Taking the Treasures
Chapter 0296-Resurrection Grass
Chapter 1137:Private Trading Fair
Chapter 0297-Dragon Soul (Part-1)
Chapter 1138:The Little Girl Who Eats Violet Sun Crystals
Chapter 0298-Dragon Soul (Part-2)
Chapter 1139:News of the Violet Sun Stone Embryo
Chapter 0299-Complete Divine Blade
Chapter 1140:The Mysterious Little Girl
Chapter 0300-Lian Yingxiao
Chapter 1141:To Strike A Stone With An Egg
Chapter 0301-Fire Dragon Blood Lotus
Chapter 1142:Intimidating All Present
Chapter 0302-The Shocking Physique
Chapter 1143:Oppression
Chapter 0303-Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk
Chapter 1144:Yan Littlefish
Chapter 0304-Flame Tournament
Chapter 1145:Marvelous Ability
Chapter 0305-Perfect Clearance
Chapter 1146:Mysterious Land
Chapter 0306-Second Round
Chapter 1147:Divine Seal Art
Chapter 0307-Peerless Genius
Chapter 1148:Ancient Spirit
Chapter 0308-Bad Luck
Chapter 1149:Horrifying Power
Chapter 0309-Creating Miracles
Chapter 1150:World Calamity
Chapter 1151:Refining the Stone Embryo3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/115/40928.html||Chapter 0310-Lost?
Chapter 1152:Sacred Martial Mansion
Chapter 0311-The Illusionary Brilliant Furnace
Chapter 1153:Grandest Event of All Ages
Chapter 0312-Brilliant
Chapter 1154:The Yan Littlemoon of Years Gone By
Chapter 0313-Refining Simulation Technique
Chapter 1155:Boundless World Pill
Chapter 0314-Learning And Applying At Hand
Chapter 1156:The Source of Wealth
Chapter 0315-A Step Further
Chapter 1157:Necklace of the Goddess
Chapter 0316-Potential
Chapter 1158:Sky High Pawn Price
Chapter 0317-Challenging The Limit
Chapter 1159:The Grand Auction
Chapter 0318-The Magical Effect Of Mana
Chapter 1160:Zhong Wenshu
Chapter 0319-Xiao Ziliang
Chapter 1161:Auctioning the Boundless World Pill
Chapter 0320-Disdaining the World
Chapter 1162:The Rise
Chapter 0321-The Danxiang Taoyuan"s Dean
Chapter 1163:Crazy
Chapter 0322-The Golden Sheathed Swordsman
Chapter 1164:Divine Pill In Hand
Chapter 0323-Showing Mercy
Chapter 1165:Crazy Cultivation
Chapter 0324-Beautiful Plan
Chapter 1166:Opening the Gate of Life
Chapter 0325-Merciless
Chapter 1167:Divine Spear Like Dragon
Chapter 0326-The Herculean Clan (First Part)
Chapter 1168:Elementary Transcendent Divine Might
Chapter 0327-The Herculean Clan (Final Part)
Chapter 1169:Finally Stepping Into the Divine Sea
Chapter 0328-Formidable Adversary
Chapter 1170:Leaving Seclusion
Chapter 0329-Ice Spirit Devil Aura
Chapter 1171:Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan
Chapter 0330-The Dragoness鈥 Prowess
Chapter 1172:The Burden of an Outer Court Disciple
Chapter 0331-The Furious Dragon"s Retribution
Chapter 1173:Divine Dream World
Chapter 0332-The Ten Thousand Years Old Spirit Milk
Chapter 1174:Miraculous Dream Laws
Chapter 0333-Re-Entering The Forbidden Land
Chapter 1175:True Martial Holy Land
Chapter 0334-Foretell
Chapter 1176:Change of the Magic Cube
Chapter 0335-The Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise
Chapter 1177:Divine Dream Law
Chapter 0336-The One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain
Chapter 1178:The Slaughter Begins
Chapter 0337-Hopeful Nirvana
Chapter 1179:Merit Points
Chapter 0338-The Catastrophe"s Mouth
Chapter 1180:Ranking
Chapter 0339-Step Into The Devil Mountain
Chapter 1181:Lin Ming鈥檚 Whereabouts
Chapter 0340-The Army Of Demon And Devil3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/109/42590.html||Chapter 1182:Lin Ming Makes His Move
Chapter 0341-Double Headed Snake Demon
Chapter 1183:Combat At Last
Chapter 0342-The Suppressing Devil Golden Body
Chapter 1184:Who Gave You This Courage?
Chapter 0343-Scorpion-like Woman
Chapter 1185:Yin Yang Twin Swords
Chapter 0344-Devil Scorpion Princess
Chapter 1186:Rising Ranking
Chapter 0345-Invulnerable to Poison
Chapter 1187:Goal:Nightmare Canyon

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