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Chapter 535鈥搃n October has been in the past
Chapter 81:Lieutenant Commander3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/98/28043.html||Chapter 536鈥揙ctober sales champion!
Chapter 537鈥搕his is the home of little cat!3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/108/37548.html||Chapter 82:Be the Wu Qingyuan of the Martial Arts World!
Chapter 538鈥搒uch as wave generally in an unbroken line.3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/108/37552.html||Chapter 83:Dai Jun of the Three Tigers of Guangdong
Chapter 84:Martial Arts Improving by Leaps and Bounds
Chapter 539鈥搒imple return!
Chapter 85:Headbutting the Face
Chapter 540鈥揳rrival
Chapter 86:Attack From All Sides!
Chapter 541
Chapter 87:Acupoint Hitting Hidden Jin
Chapter 542鈥揾ead
Chapter 88:Seeing Zhu Jia Once Again
Chapter 543鈥揘ew
Chapter 89:Tang Zichen VS Chen Aiyang (First)
Chapter 544鈥揷atch up from behind.
Chapter 90:Tang Zichen Versus Chen Aiyang (Two)
Chapter 545鈥搇ook far away from the old man
Chapter 91:Tang Zichen Versus Chen Aiyang (Three)
Chapter 546鈥搕he world's most delicious meal
Chapter 92:Loosening the Muscles, Attacking With the Pores, And Having an Empty Intent
Chapter 547鈥搇ost spirit rebirth?
Chapter 93:The Organization Wants You to Kill Him!
Chapter 548鈥搃ce cola!
Chapter 94:Throttle the Talented Youth (First)
Chapter 549鈥搚ou need a blanket
Chapter 95:Throttle the Talented Youth (Second)
Chapter 550鈥揵ranch on the agenda
Chapter 96:Complete Enemies
Chapter 551鈥揹eceased
Chapter 97:Balance Between Death and Performance3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/98/28105.html||Chapter 552鈥搉othing to worry about.
Chapter 98:The Sounds of Thunder Permeating the Inner Organs
Chapter 553鈥搕he situation is grim, difficult and difficult
Chapter 99:The Wulin of the People3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/98/28113.html||Chapter 554鈥揳 car
Chapter 555鈥搈an proposes and God disposes3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/108/37619.html||Chapter 100:You Lack Actual Combat Experience!
Chapter 101:Breathing to Refine Qi and the Fist3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/98/28121.html||Chapter 556鈥搕here is a requirement
Chapter 557鈥搉ing a Pteris inappropriate3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/108/37627.html||Chapter 102:Continuing Grievances
Chapter 558鈥搈id-term examination
Chapter 103:Kindness is Hard to Prove
Chapter 559鈥搘orry
Chapter 104:Getting Close Now, A Gun鈥檚 no Use!
Chapter 560鈥揹ouble win
Chapter 105:Her Surname is Tang
Chapter 561鈥搒urprise?
Chapter 106:Flying Horse Treading on Sparrow, A Combination of Techniques!
Chapter 562鈥搕he real intention comes in the end
Chapter 107:Not Fighting Would Be For The Best
Chapter 563鈥揕and reclamation
Chapter 108:Turbulent Times (First)
Chapter 564鈥揵eyond imagination
Chapter 565鈥揅lown3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/108/37655.html||Chapter 109:Turbulent Times (Second)
Chapter 110:A Man Fierce in Baguazhang!
Chapter 566鈥搒mall poly
Chapter 111:The Fist of Wang Chao That Has Become One With the Universe
Chapter 567鈥揕u director
Chapter 112:Rising Wave of the Dragon and Snake
Chapter 568鈥揝outh Auto Show
Chapter 113:Being Ordinary is to be Innocent, but Being Talented in Martial Arts is to be Guilty
Chapter 569鈥揳n occasion
Chapter 114:Just Blow Them Up
Chapter 570鈥揺verything is ready, only to be done!
Chapter 115:The Marksmanship of the Cheng School of Baguazhang
Chapter 571鈥搕o make every effort
Chapter 116:The Essence Must Remain Within the Homelands
Chapter 572鈥揟iramisu
Chapter 117:Underwater Martial Arts
Chapter 573鈥搑otten Lu Heng
Chapter 118:The Four Year Old Score Between Tang Zichen and Wang Chao
Chapter 574鈥揷omfortable
Chapter 119:Inner Sight!
Chapter 575鈥搕he last day
Chapter 120:When Fighting, First Strike At Their Courage!
Chapter 576鈥搈ental imbalance
Chapter 121:The Banquet Before the Shaolin Temple Enters the Stock Market3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/98/28203.html||Chapter 577鈥搒truggle
Chapter 122:A Trap (One)3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/98/28207.html||Chapter 578鈥搗ent
Chapter 579鈥揘ovember the tail was caught3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/108/37716.html||Chapter 123:A Trap (Two)
Chapter 580鈥搖pright Druid
Chapter 124:Inner Pound, Force Punch, and Yoga
Chapter 581鈥搕o send the cat home
Chapter 125:The First Confrontation Between Guoshu and Gun (One)
Chapter 582鈥搕he cat killed by curiosity
Chapter 126:The First Confrontation Between Guoshu and Gun (Second)
Chapter 583鈥搉o see
Chapter 127:Do You Wish For Me To Make the Move, or WIll You Do It Yourself?
Chapter 584鈥揕ovelorn
Chapter 128:Captured for Interrogation
Chapter 585鈥搕ake away?
Chapter 586鈥揺lder brother3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/108/37742.html||Chapter 129:Dealing With the Warrior Monks
Chapter 587鈥搇aughter Wen Wen
Chapter 130:National Arhat!
Chapter 588鈥揾e really did!
Chapter 131:Even With a Gun, You Won鈥檛 Be Able to Die!
Chapter 589鈥搒ubversive impression3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/108/37754.html||Chapter 132:Inquiring of Sis Chen鈥檚 Secret
Chapter 590鈥揳gain3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/108/37758.html||Chapter 133:A Fight Between Males (One)
Chapter 591鈥$one hundred thousand burden finally unloaded3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/108/37762.html||Chapter 134:A Fight Between Males (Two)
Chapter 592鈥搕he teacher's concern3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/108/37766.html||Chapter 135:A Crushing Defeat!
Chapter 593鈥搇eisurely time
Chapter 136:Taking a Stroll After Killing Someone
Chapter 594鈥搉ear the day
Chapter 137:The Kingly Aura of Being Rich
Chapter 595鈥揑'm here!
Chapter 138:Feeling the Internal Martial Arts When Urinating and Defecating
Chapter 596鈥揷ommon and rare waiting
Chapter 139:Inheritor
Chapter 597鈥揺ven the air turns pink
Chapter 140:The Countermeasure of the Shaolin
Chapter 598鈥搕he best gifts are often all
Chapter 141:The Capital! A Hundred Years Ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (One)
Chapter 599鈥損rofit
Chapter 142:The Capital! A Hundred Years Ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Second)
Chapter 600鈥搉ever found
Chapter 143:The Capital! A Hundred Years ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Third)
Chapter 601鈥搒hould not be ah!
Chapter 144:The Capital! A Hundred Years ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Four)
Chapter 602鈥揺mbarrassment
Chapter 145:The Capital! A Hundred Years Ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Fifth)
Chapter 603鈥搊ld father-in-law
Chapter 146:The Capital! A Hundred Years Ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Sixth)
Chapter 604鈥搚ou are Lu Heng?
Chapter 147:The Capital! A Hundred Years Ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Seventh)
Chapter 605鈥搃t's not mine.
Chapter 148:Stepping into Transforming Jin!
Chapter 606鈥搃s also nervous
Chapter 149:Iron Fist Hwarang (First)
Chapter 607鈥揵rother-in-law
Chapter 150:Iron Fist Hwarang
Chapter 608鈥搘here to sit?
Chapter 151:Iron Fist Hwarang (Third)
Chapter 609鈥搒atisfaction
Chapter 152:Grandmaster
The 600 Chapter 10鈥搘ithout authorization
Chapter 153:Grandmaster
Chapter 611鈥揗iao people
Chapter 154:It鈥檚 Hard to Remain At the Top
Chapter 612鈥揷ompanionship is the longest confession
Chapter 155:Don鈥檛 Destroy the Bowl One Makes A Living From
Chapter 613鈥搉ight
Chapter 614鈥揳fter less leave
Chapter 156:Muay Thai, Yoga, and a Ninth Dan (First)
Chapter 615鈥搊ne year
Chapter 157:Muay Thai, Yoga, and a Ninth Dan (Second)
Chapter 616鈥搙inhuaiguitai
Chapter 158:Standing Still Without Moving to Dodge A Bullet
Chapter 617鈥揳morous woman
Chapter 159:When a Tortoise Hears Thunder, a Turtle Exposes its Back
Chapter 618鈥揵omb.
Chapter 160:Iron High Knee
Chapter 619鈥揊inancial Reporting
Chapter 161:Dragon鈥檚 Iron Elbow, Liu Yi
Chapter 620鈥搇ook forward to tomorrow
Chapter 162:The Marches of Liangshan
Chapter 621鈥搑evisit
Chapter 163:The Most Influential Competition Yet (One)
Chapter 622鈥搕rivial things
Chapter 164:Inspiration Like a Rainbow!
Chapter 623鈥揙pening
Chapter 165:Senior Figure of the Hongmen Society
Chapter 624鈥揹ust settled
Chapter 166:The Times of Youth Are the Most Urgent Times
Chapter 625鈥搒tart
Chapter 167:Under Sniper Fire!
Chapter 626鈥揹espair and hope
Chapter 168:The Bottleneck of the Most Sincere Way
Chapter 627鈥搃dentity transformation
Chapter 169:Being a Military Instructor (One)
Chapter 628鈥揕ibrary
Chapter 170:Being a Military Instructor (Two)
Chapter 629鈥揟OYOTA
Chapter 171:Quick Hammer of Baguazhang
Chapter 630鈥揂ppreciation
Chapter 172:Turn the Hand to Cover the Fist and Intertwine Yin and Yang to Let it Fly
Chapter 631鈥揳re you crazy?
Chapter 173:The Abnormality of Having Strong Martial Arts Despite Having Many Girlfriends
Chapter 632鈥搘ell
Chapter 174:Even Disciples Have Killing Intent
Chapter 633鈥揾ome to break away from the wife
Chapter 175:The Young Boss of a Criminal Syndicate
Chapter 634鈥搖pside down identity
Chapter 176:Hidden Jin of the Iron Finger
Chapter 635鈥搒torm to eliminate
Chapter 177:Tantui and the Shaking Fist
Chapter 636鈥揾eavy snow
Chapter 178:The Great Sage Stance and the Exemplary Celebration of a Criminal Ringleader
Chapter 637鈥揕ocation
Chapter 179:A Man鈥檚 Name and a Tree鈥檚 Shadow
Chapter 638鈥揳n accident
Chapter 180:Taekwondo and the Meteor Hammer
Chapter 639鈥揊ox
Chapter 181:The Younger Jianghu and the Older Jianghu (First)
Chapter 640鈥揺xchange student
Chapter 182:Younger Jianghu and Older Jianghu (Second)
Chapter 641鈥揺chocardiography
Chapter 183:If There is a Student, There is a Teacher!
Chapter 642鈥搕o the left to the right
Chapter 184:An Exchange of Three Nations
Chapter 643鈥搊ften go home to see
Chapter 185:The Dragon Within the Shaolin (One)
Chapter 644鈥揕ike attracts like.
Chapter 186:The Dragon Within the Shaolin (Two)
Chapter 645鈥搈aybe tea isn't very good.
Chapter 187:Life Saving Weapon
Chapter 646鈥搕he first time I doubt my own land!
Chapter 188:Golden Elixir or Calculus
Chapter 647鈥揕v Buwei
Chapter 189:Lion鈥檚 Roar
Chapter 648鈥搑esuscitation
Chapter 649鈥搒ide of the couch, some people want to sleep!
Chapter 650鈥搈aybe you made a mistake
Chapter 651鈥搘rong, there is!
Chapter 652鈥搇eave
Chapter 653鈥搕he things I'm worried about
Chapter 654鈥揌arbour
Chapter 655鈥搑eturn to
Chapter 656鈥搕oday the tea is bitter
Chapter 657鈥搚ear after year
Chapter 658鈥揺lder sister
Chapter 659鈥揂 great hawk spreads its wings when
The first meeting of the 660 chapter鈥揌engcheng group
Chapter 661鈥搕he death of a bosom friend
Chapter 662鈥揑nvestment
Chapter 663鈥搕he first day of the past
Chapter 664鈥揺ach one takes what he needs
Chapter 665鈥揝henzhen Star Air Technology Company
Chapter 666鈥揑nspection
Chapter 667鈥搒ale
Chapter 668鈥揳ir bed sheets
Chapter 669鈥搖p, then
Chapter 670鈥705 bedroom business talk
Chapter 671鈥揷offee division
Chapter 672鈥搇et her go!
Chapter 673鈥搑ehearsal
Chapter 674鈥搒urprise and loss
Chapter 675鈥搑ude Lu Heng
Chapter 676鈥揵ig day
Chapter 677鈥揹istribution
Chapter 678鈥揧uhua
Chapter 679鈥揳bsolutely leading role
Chapter 680鈥揻emale master
Chapter 681鈥搒it up, move on their own!
Chapter 682鈥705 bedroom home
Chapter 683鈥揾eterogeneous
Chapter 684鈥搕hink more
Chapter 685鈥搕his is that I write lyrics
Chapter 686鈥揌ungry news
Chapter 687鈥搄ust peace of mind
Chapter 688鈥揝ichuan
Chapter 689鈥揾earted businessman
Chapter 670鈥揳 good one or a bad one
Chapter 671鈥換i Tian difficult
Chapter 672鈥揵order town
Chapter 673鈥揹ress up
Chapter 674鈥揷areer, family
Chapter 675鈥揟riangle Stability
Chapter 676鈥搇and prices rose!
Chapter 677鈥揚roject
Chapter 678鈥揻orsake heresy and return to the truth
Chapter 679鈥搒trike up a conversation
Chapter 680鈥揚resident
Chapter 681鈥揼o in person
Chapter 682鈥搕he old is your heart
Chapter 683鈥搕he cat's surprise
Chapter 684鈥搕he original
Chapter 686鈥搘ill bear its weight
Chapter 710鈥揊oundation
One family of chapter 711鈥搉ot calm
Chapter 712鈥搇ooking for a job
Chapter 713 sisters flower
Chapter 714鈥揷onfidence
Chapter 715鈥搗ideo call
Chapter 716鈥揅adillac
Chapter 717鈥揳rrangement
Chapter 718鈥揜escue
Chapter 719鈥揇irector
Chapter 720鈥揋reat minds think alike.
Chapter 721鈥揷aitaiqicu
Chapter 722鈥換iao, together!
Chapter 723鈥揹epressed
Chapter 724鈥揕ei Wen
Chapter 725鈥揾ere is the Tsinghua University
Chapter 726鈥揷heck in
Chapter 727鈥揝even
Chapter 728鈥揻ate ah
Chapter 729鈥揳s in the streets of Paris
Chapter 730鈥搃ntention to cooperate
Chapter 731鈥損robably right
Chapter 732鈥揳 rain
Chapter 733鈥損ledge of sovereignty
Chapter 734鈥揳 nouveau riche
Chapter 735鈥搒tar.
Chapter 736鈥搕he money by me to burn!
Chapter 737鈥搒tate
chapter 738鈥揥hen passion fades
Chapter 739鈥搊ff3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/42/javascript:addbookcase(||Add bookshelf
Chapter 740鈥搇ead
Like the book
Chapter 741鈥揼rapefruit
Book 6: The Nine Demons Hall B6C6: Uncle Lan, a real expert
Chapter 742鈥搇eave a door for me
To the bottom
Chapter 743鈥揹runk
B1C1: Qin Yu
Chapter 744鈥搊ral romantic, sounds good
B1C2: Resolution
Chapter 745鈥揟wo phone calls
B1C3: Midnight Discussion
Chapter 746鈥揾alf sun and half rain
B1C4: Father and Son
Chapter 747鈥揇ivision
B1C5: Secret books on practicing
Chapter 748鈥揾eadquarters meeting
B1C6: The only choice
Chapter 749鈥搕he faith of his evil
B1C7: Master selection
Chapter 750鈥揷apital Lu Heng
B1C8:Zhao Yunxing
Chapter 751鈥搒ee his son-in-law
B1C9:The essentials
Chapter 752鈥揑 come, or will you come?
B1C10: Limit training (1)
Chapter 753鈥揻ate
B1C11:Limit training (2)
Chapter 754鈥揼rapefruit Technology
B1C12: Aurora (1)
Chapter 755鈥揳nother crisis, my chance
B1C13: Aurora (2)
Chapter 756鈥搒o....... Bad?
B1C14: High-speed transformations (1)
Chapter 757鈥揳 galaxy of talents
B1C15: High-speed transformations (2)
Chapter 758鈥損ay for the beauty of my heart
B1C16: High-speed transformations (3)
Chapter 759鈥搖nconditional support and trust
B1C17: The Yuchang sword
Chapter 760鈥揕a investment
B1C18: First kills of fury (1)
Chapter 761鈥揼ap
B1C19: First kills of fury (2)
Chapter 762鈥揺nd
B1C20: Life or death (1)
Chapter 763鈥搕oday must buy long johns
B1C21: Life or death (2)
Chapter 764鈥揗r. Li is really impatient
B1C22: Life or death (3)
Chapter 765鈥搕eahouse negotiations
B2C1: Qin Yu after 8 years (1)
Chapter 766鈥揾usband and wife life
B2C2: Qin Yu after 8 years (2)
Chapter 767鈥搕hanks
B2C3: Secrets (1)
Chapter 768鈥揇ark Forest
B2C4: Secrets (2)
Chapter 769鈥揵ar their own shotgun
B2C5: Meteoric Tear (1)
Chapter 770鈥揳ssets
B2C6: Meteoric Tear (2)
Chapter 771鈥揘ew Year's Day
B2C7: Leaping through the sky (1)
Chapter 772鈥揹aughter to the door
B2C8: Leaping through the sky (2)
Chapter 773鈥搕wenty-eighth factory
B2C9: Rock within rock (1)
Chapter 774鈥揵right under the confusion
Chapter 775鈥搘hat are you thinking?
B2C10: Rock within rock (2)3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/98/29053.html||Chapter 776 is forced by the poor, for the dream of driving
B2C11: Forging grandmaster (1)
Chapter 777鈥揵oring day
B2C12: Forging grandmaster (2)
Chapter 778鈥揺nough black
B2C13: Forging grandmaster (3)
Chapter 779鈥搕hat is my boyfriend, you know.
B2C14: The Xiuzhen world (1)
Chapter 780鈥揼raduation of marriage
B2C15: The Xiuzhen world (2)
Chapter 781鈥搃sn't it
B2C16: The Xiuzhen world (3)
Chapter 782鈥搕o the eyes of envy
B2C17: The 3 diagrams
Chapter 783鈥揷hanging people
B2C18: Stratagems (1)
Chapter 784鈥揅ommission
B2C19: Stratagems (2)
Chapter 785鈥搑ole exchange
B2C20: Completion of the holy weapons (1)
Chapter 786鈥損rocessing business with friends
B2C21: Completion of the holy weapons (2)
Chapter 787鈥揳brupt
B2C22: Gold-card mission (1)
Chapter ten鈥788 brands
B2C23: Gold-card mission (2)3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/98/29104.html||Chapter 789鈥揓ingdong, join hands?
B2C24: Liu Xing rises
Chapter 790鈥搕he same experience
B3C1: The 1st Trans-Heaven diagram (1)
Chapter 791鈥揷apital preparation
B3C2: The 1st Trans-Heaven diagram (2)
Chapter 792鈥搗enture queen
B3C3: A bolt from the blue (1)
Chapter 793鈥揕awrence
B3C4: A bolt from the blue (2)
Chapter 794鈥搃s there any of us?
B3C5: A bolt from the blue (3)
Chapter 795鈥揺veryone is embarrassed, or you quit?
B3C6: Buried with the dead (1)
Chapter 796鈥搒ecretly mischief
B3C7: Buried with the dead (2)
Chapter 797鈥搕he elderly and infirm
B3C8: One man, alone (1)
Chapter 798鈥搊ld father-in-law
B3C9: One man, alone (2)
Chapter 799鈥搒elling son-in-law
B3C10: Explode (1)
Chapter 800鈥揾oushengkewei
B3C11: Explode (2)
Chapter 801鈥損rovocation
B3C12: Explode (3)
Chapter 802鈥揹ust gradually set
B3C13: Feelings
Chapter 803鈥揾is share, I ate!
B3C14: A glimpse of hope (1) On the top of Mount
Chapter 804鈥揂ngel Investors
B3C15: A glimpse of hope (2)
Chapter 805鈥揾air wages
B3C16: The source of danger (1)
Chapter 806鈥揹isappointed
B3C17: The source of danger (2)
Chapter 807鈥揝u's house
B3C18: The Green Lotus mountain range (1)
Chapter two鈥808 slap
B3C19: The Green Lotus mountain range (2)3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/98/29183.html||Chapter 809鈥揷onflict
Chapter 810鈥搕urn over
B3C20: The battle of the tribulation (1)
Chapter 811鈥揌omecoming
B3C21: The battle of the tribulation (2)
Chapter 812鈥搘hat the smoke is less than that of Yuxi.
B3C22: The battle of the tribulation (3)
Chapter 813鈥揼utter
B3C23: Death (1)
Chapter 814鈥搑elatives
B3C24: Death (2)
Chapter 815鈥揻ried Golden Flower3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/42/942.html||B4C1: Stellar Transformations
Chapter 816鈥搃nduced
B4C2: Early heavenly tribulation?
Chapter 817鈥揷ontinue!
B4C3: The bloody battle of the tribulation
Chapter 818鈥搕he last hand
B4C4: Holy sense communication
Chapter 819鈥搒truggle
B4C5: The power of lightning
Chapter 820鈥搕he ship turned over
B4C6: The Stellar Flame
Chapter 821鈥揼ifts
B4C7: Going home
Chapter 822鈥揾ow long did the maintenance?
B4C8: Golden Flame Eagle
Chapter 823鈥搑evisit
B4C9: Sweeping away all obstacles
Chapter 824鈥揅en Qiusheng
B4C10: A sudden turn of events
Chapter 825鈥揻or his crimes
B4C11: Enter the Great Ancestor
Chapter 826鈥搒elf-willed
B4C12: Jindan refinement
Chapter 827鈥損eople thought
B4C13: Bloody fight
chapter 828鈥揟wo men in the early morning tea
B4C14: The Stellar Field
Chapter 829鈥揹uty? Affection?
B4C15: Nosedive
Chapter 830鈥揼uilty
B4C16: Hanging by a thread
Chapter 831鈥搃ndustry vulnerabilities
Chapter 832鈥搑evocation of the Ministry of investment
B4C17: The return of Qin Yu
Chapter 833鈥損redictable change
B4C18: Family reunion
Chapter 834鈥搉ot right now, not on behalf of the future
B4C19: Decision
Chapter 835鈥揊lash
B4C20: Disappear
Chapter 836鈥揳re you investigating me?
B4C21: A full moon night on the River Wu
Chapter 837鈥搑e fill territory
B4C22: The death of Wu De
B4C23: The battle on the River Wu
Chapter 838鈥揜eporter
B4C24: One sky-piercing meteor; two high-hanging m
Chapter 839鈥搃nvisible bags under the eyes
B4C25: Unstoppable
Chapter 371鈥揵uy a house
B4C26: No way out
Chapter 840鈥揵reeze
B4C27: A new journey
Chapter 841鈥揙h, dub ah!
B5C1: Drifting
Chapter 842鈥揕u Heng coquetry
B5C2: The underwater world of demonic beasts It h
Chapter 843鈥搒hareholders to Qi
B5C3: Mortal danger
Chapter 844鈥搕he position of president!
B5C4: Goodbye, Xiao Hei!

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