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Chapter 418:The most cowardly Infernal King in all of eternity!
Chapter 419:The only fear is that the Celestial King will not dare to participate
Chapter 420:So, apparently Field Marshal Awesomo is very awesome?
Chapter 421:Goodbye
Chapter 422:The Battle can be lost, but the Celestial King has to die
Chapter 423:Shall we make a bet?
Chapter 424:Forgot to tell you
Chapter 425:Does the naked Infernal Queen look good?
Chapter 426:Posturing before the battle
Chapter 427:Make your move!
Chapter 428:Everything was done by me
Chapter 429:Meaning of my Existence
Chapter 430:I hate you
Chapter 432:No More Escaping
Chapter 433:Are you willing to be a side hoe
Chapter 433:The fifth path
Chapter 434:If Shi Xiaobai confessed
Chapter 435:What is your goal?
Chapter 436:Lucifer鈥檚 Sword
Chapter 437:Always been stalking you
Chapter 438:Loathe killing him
Chapter 439:Are you satisfied
Chapter 440:Goodbye forever, Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 441:The color in his eyes
Chapter 442:Dual-wielding
Chapter 443:It鈥檚 too realistic
Chapter 444:A battle that could be ended in an instant
Chapter 445:The unverified savage history
Chapter 446:Loneliness is the greatest enemy
Chapter 447:The painstakingly found sense of reality
Chapter 448:Monster that triple-tasks
Chapter 449:Might as well slash out with one strike to end it once and for all
Chapter 450:This King鈥檚 eyes can only accept victory
Chapter 451:The boy and girl that were buried together
Chapter 452:Is that the real Sunless Ye?
Chapter 453:We need to have a good chat
Chapter 454:Power of Love
Chapter 455:What do you want to talk about? I鈥檒l accompany you
Chapter 456:So, die!
Chapter 457:The Conversation of Fate
Chapter 458:The Miracle of Magic
Chapter 460:To the Ends of the World Together
Chapter 461:Earthbound Yaksha
Chapter 462:Proclaiming loudly to the sky
Chapter 463:The sudden appearance of despair
Chapter 464:Grabbing the Devil鈥渟 hand
Chapter 465:Virtues and Sins
Chapter 466:All a Bachelor Dog could do was laugh foolishly
Chapter 467:Because she鈥渟 a goddess, her love was more submissive than mortals
Chapter 468:The world without the Minotaur
Chapter 469:A Divine Operation Finished in Ten Minutes
Chapter 470:Welcome back
Chapter 471:This must be a joke!
Chapter 472:Thank you and Sorry
Chapter 473:As long as there鈥渟 love, it doesn鈥渢 matter even if you are siblings!
Chapter 474:Warming each other
Chapter 475:Do you dare believe?
Chapter 476:He objected to everyone鈥渟 objections
Chapter 477:Dispute
Chapter 478:Not to be Subdued by Force
Chapter 479:Leaning on Furniture Cannot be Obscene, Turning Wet at a Glance
Chapter 480:Is this the time to act cute?
Chapter 481:The difference between 9cm and 18cm.
Chapter 482:The Passer-by Female Protagonist that takes the Counteroffensive Path
Chapter 483:The Imitation that Vanished
Chapter 484:Thoughts separated by Three Thousand Years
Chapter 485:Triangular Slandering
Chapter 486:Time for this game of chess to come to an end
Chapter 487:Stick it in forcefully!
Chapter 488:A Fate that the World can only watch from the side
Chapter 489:What did Little Pervert Experience
Chapter 490:Yama Minamiya鈥渟 bet
Chapter 491:The Frog in the Well that Looks Forward to the Mighty Eagle
Chapter 492:Breaking! A Particular Village Leader Repeatedly Climbs a Tree to Find Chickens!
Chapter 493:Bunny Cao and Handsome Chen
Chapter 494:This child is a dragon
Chapter 495:I have a 鈥淰ajra Body Defending鈥 book
Chapter 496:An unmistakable 36E
Chapter 497:The Elusive Big Boobed Loli
Chapter 498:This isn鈥渢 an illness, but fate!
Chapter 499:Bunny learns to Scold
Chapter 500:Girls do not know about pounding the meat
Chapter 501:It鈥渟 not something Darling can Stick it in or Retract as you wish!
Chapter 502:The Endless Historical Story
Chapter 503:What鈥渟 wrong with enjoying sufficient foreplay before the climax!
Chapter 504:Here comes the Climax
Chapter 505:Massacre
Chapter 506:What are rules? They never existed from the beginning
Chapter 507:The crop from the field is as large as your guts can yield!
Chapter 508:The Upper Echelons that Harbor Evil Schemes
Chapter 509:None of you should harbor the thoughts of running
Chapter 510:XXX without a word
Chapter 511:Can Shi Xiaobai be eaten
Chapter 512:Yamate, that place won鈥渢 do!
Chapter 513:The Sin Poison of the Holy Tree
Chapter 514:Balance of One鈥渟 Worldviews
Chapter 516:The Immaculate Black and the Holy White
Chapter 517:Overbearing Little Loli
Chapter 518:Can you read more books?
Chapter 519:Congratulations Darling
Chapter 520:Freedom or Annihilation
Chapter 521:Six Mistakes
Chapter 522:The Infernal Queen had long seen through everything
Chapter 523:A Series of Operations 0-8
Chapter 524:Is it thrilling? Is it agonizing?
Chapter 525:Shi Xiaobai, I want to bear your children!
Chapter 526:Where is Speechless Li鈥渟 house
Chapter 527:Business World鈥渟 Queen and the Political World鈥渟 Emperor
Chapter 528:The Brave Girl鈥渟 fight with a Ferocious Tiger
Chapter 529:I suspected that you cuckolded me!
Chapter 530:I will not harm the both of you, really!
Chapter 531:Go back, you are not welcomed here
Chapter 532:This King is very angry. The consequences will be severe
Chapter 533:A True Face Smacking!
Chapter 534:NTR in the face
Chapter 535:Absolutely not running
Chapter 536:The worth of a piece of shit
Chapter 537:Proud Dragon Repents!
Chapter 538:Defeat meant Death!
Chapter 539:This isn鈥渢 a boy, it鈥渟 a monster!
Chapter 540:That cold arrow was really damn cold!
Chapter 541:Upon hearing, Men cry while Women salivate
Chapter 542:Truth of the Battle
Chapter 543:Breaking the Balance!
Chapter 544:Nearly fishing out the dick
Chapter 545:Why did you kill him
Chapter 546:Reverend Misery Sea, Esteemed Monk
Chapter 547:The Buddha says:Go fuck yourself
Chapter 548:Misery Sea in misery
Chapter 549:Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?
Chapter 550:The Reason Speechless Li鈥渟 name is Speechless Li
Chapter 551:Had an Accomplice!
Chapter 552:Wish I could give three tight slaps to myself
Chapter 553:Black Turtle Hibernation
Chapter 554:This King doesn鈥渢 know much about such matters
Chapter 555:Finally asking the question
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Chapter 1471:Heaven Demon Three Phoenix
To the bottom
Chapter 1鈥揋enius No More
Chapter 2鈥揇ou Qi Continent
Chapter 3鈥揋uests
Chapter 4鈥揊action of the Misty Clouds
Chapter 5鈥換i Gathering Powder
Chapter 6鈥揂lchemists
Chapter 7鈥揇ivorce!
Chapter 8鈥揟he Mysterious Elder
Chapter 9鈥揧ao Lao
Chapter 10鈥揃orrowing Money
Chapter 11鈥揟he Market
Chapter 12鈥揝tay Away from Him
Chapter 13鈥揃lack Metal Piece
Chapter 14鈥揤acuum Hand
Chapter 15鈥揟raining
Chapter 16鈥揦iao Ning
Chapter 17鈥揅onflict
Chapter 18鈥揦uan High Level Dou Technique: Octane Blast
Chapter 19鈥揅ruel Training
Chapter 20鈥揂uction
Chapter 21鈥揝econd Tier Alchemist Gu Ni
Chapter 22鈥揌urricane Chant
Chapter 23鈥揟he Scramble
Chapter 24鈥揈verything For Later
Chapter 25鈥揑鈥檒l Pay for It
Chapter 26鈥揑ntensive training
Chapter 27鈥揜ushing 7 Duan Qi
Chapter 28鈥揝trengthening 鈥淰acuum Hand鈥
Chapter 29鈥揂n Important Day
Chapter 30鈥揟he one who humiliates gets humiliated in the end
Chapter 31鈥揙ne Star Dou Zhe
Chapter 32鈥揅hallenge
Chapter 33鈥揚roof
Chapter 34鈥揟urning Around
Chapter 35鈥揋uilt
Chapter 36鈥揟he Comical Breakthrough
Chapter 37鈥揦iao Yu
Chapter 38鈥揟hisBrat Isn鈥檛 Simple
Chapter 39鈥揅eremonial Test
Chapter 40鈥揝hock
Chapter 41鈥換i Increasing Powder
Chapter 42鈥揧ou Lost
Chapter 43鈥揟he Powerful Xiao Yan
Chapter 44鈥揧ou Want To Test Me?
Chapter 45鈥揟he Finale
Chapter 46鈥揟he Enraged Xiao Yan
Chapter 47鈥揃lasphemy
Chapter 48鈥換i Method Pavilion
Chapter 51鈥揜elief
Chapter 52鈥揃reakthrough
Chapter 53鈥9 Duan Qi
Chapter 54鈥揜aising Money
Chapter 55鈥揂ccident
Chapter 56鈥揓ia Nan Academy
Chapter 57鈥揂dvertisment
Chapter 58鈥揂 High Price
Chapter 59鈥揈nd of the Auction
Chapter 60鈥揑ngredients Obtained
Chapter 61鈥揇isguise
Chapter 62鈥揝lap
Chapter 63鈥揟he Heavenly Flames Ranking
Chapter 64鈥揅reation of the Qi Gathering Pill
Chapter 65鈥揇ou Zhe Advancement
Chapter 66鈥揊lame Mantra
Chapter 67鈥揅hoice
Chapter 68鈥揊allen Heart Flame
Chapter 69鈥揟he Furious Xun Er
Chapter 70鈥揑nvestigation
Chapter 71鈥揅ircumstances of the Xiao Clan
Chapter 72鈥揕earning to Refine Medicine
Chapter 73鈥揊irst Refinement
Chapter 74鈥揟urning up Uninvited
Chapter 75鈥揃ig Business
Chapter 76鈥揅o-operation
Chapter 77鈥揃reaking the Supply of Ingredients
Chapter 78鈥揟raining and Training and then Breakthrough
Chapter 79鈥揅ounter-Attack by the Xiao Clan
Chapter 80鈥揂lchemist Liu Xi
Chapter 81鈥揇etection
Chapter 82鈥揅oming Clean
Chapter 83鈥揧oung Head of the Marketplace
Chapter 84鈥揟o Cripple
Chapter 85鈥揂cceptance
Chapter 86鈥揅hallenge
Chapter 87鈥揟ry To Kill
Chapter 88鈥揅onclusion
Chapter 89 鈥揇ark and Windy Night
Chapter 90鈥揂rranging Everything
Chapter 91鈥揂 meeting in the night
Chapter 92鈥揜ob
Chapter 93鈥揗idway Destruction of Medicine
Chapter 94鈥揚oor Foresight
Chapter 95鈥揟he Circumstances of the Jia Lie Clan
Chapter 96鈥揚romise
Chapter 97鈥揦ue Ni
Chapter 98鈥揗aking Things Difficult
Chapter 99鈥揟hreaten
Chapter 100鈥揟he Classification of One鈥檚 Potential
Chapter 101鈥揟he Most Frightening One
Chapter 102鈥揜equesting for Leave
Chapter 103鈥揊irst Fight with a Da Dou Shi
Chapter 104鈥揊orcefully Resisting Middle Xuan Dou Skill: Water Python
Chapter 105鈥揃efore Leaving
Chapter 106鈥揇eparture
Chapter 107鈥揗isty Cloud Faction
Chapter 108鈥揙ctane Blast鈥檚 Hidden Force
Chapter 109鈥揃lood Lotus Essence
Chapter 110鈥揊airy Doctor
Chapter 111鈥揓oining a Team
Chapter 112鈥揈ntering the Magic Beast Mountain Range
Chapter 113鈥揅ave
Chapter 114鈥揟reasure Hunt
Chapter 115鈥揇anger at the Cave Entrance
Chapter 116鈥揑ce Spirit Blazing Grass
Chapter 117鈥揊lying Dou Technique: Eagle Wing
Chapter 118鈥揕ife or Death Escape
Chapter 119鈥揚urple Cloud Wings
Chapter 120鈥揚urifying Demonic Lotus Flame
Chapter 121鈥揚romotion to Six Star
Chapter 122鈥揇i Class Dou Technique: Flame Splitting Tsunami
Chapter 123鈥揝tart of Vengeance
Chapter 124鈥揗assacre
Chapter 125鈥揈ight Star Dou Zhe鈥揌e Meng
Chapter 126鈥揔ill
Chapter 127鈥揟he Huge Encirclement
Chapter 128鈥揔illers鈥 Chase
Chapter 129鈥揙ne-on-One Fight with a Dou Shi
Chapter 130鈥揃reakthrough to Seven Star
Chapter 131鈥揗ysterious Woman and the Rank Six Magic Beast Amethyst Winged Lion
Chapter 132鈥揂 Dou Huang Level Fight
Chapter 133鈥揊ascinating Treatment
Chapter 134鈥揅ohabitation in the Cave
Chapter 135鈥揟he Trouble Caused by the Aphrodisiac
Chapter 136鈥揅ave of Youthful Passion
Chapter 137鈥揃reaking the Seal
Chapter 138鈥揓oint Operation
Chapter 139鈥揂methyst Lion Birth Essence
Chapter 140鈥揙btaining the Amethyst Essence
Chapter 141鈥揟ime of life and death
Chapter 142鈥揂bsorbing the Purple Energy
Chapter 143鈥揘ine Star Dou Zhe
Chapter 144鈥揋an Mu
Chapter 145鈥揔illing a Nine Star Dou Zhe
Chapter 146鈥揗eeting the Little Fairy Doctor again
Chapter 147鈥揃reaking into the Wolf鈥檚 Head
Chapter 148鈥揥reak Havoc
Chapter 149 鈥揔illing a Two Star Dou Shi
Chapter 150鈥揝mall Valley
Chapter 151鈥揚urple Flame
Chapter 152鈥揜efining the Flame Seed
Chapter 153鈥揝trange Musings
Chapter 154鈥揥oeful Poison Body
Chapter 155鈥揟he Terrifying Condition
Chapter 156鈥揟he Preparations Before Swallowing the Purple Flame
Chapter 157鈥揋etting the Monster Core
Chapter 158鈥揜efine Pills! Qi Method Evolution!
Chapter 159鈥揂dvancing to Dou Shi!
Chapter 160鈥揟he Difference Between a Dou Shi and a Dou Zhe
Chapter 161鈥揚arting
Chapter 162鈥揟he Three Things Necessary to Refine the Heavenly Flame
Chapter 163鈥揋randmaster Ao Tuo
Chapter 164鈥揟he Alchemist Association
Chapter 165鈥揟he Test for a Tier One Alchemist
Chapter 166鈥揚assing the Test
Chapter 167鈥揟he Youngest Tier Two Alchemist
Chapter 168鈥揟he Incredible Treatment for Alchemists
Chapter 169鈥揋u Te
Chapter 170鈥揈xchange
Chapter 171鈥揝uccessfully Obtaining the Ice Spirit Cold Fountain
Chapter 172鈥揟he Alchemist Grand Meeting
Chapter 173鈥揇uring the Flight
Chapter 174鈥揟he Murder Caused by the Tier Five Medicinal Pill
Chapter 175鈥揂rrival
Chapter 176鈥揟he Mysterious Map Fragment?
Chapter 177鈥揗ysterious Old Man
Chapter 178鈥揊ight
Chapter 179鈥揧ao Lao Taking Action
Chapter 180鈥揟he One Who Was Once Among the Top Ten. Ice Emperor!
Chapter 181鈥揓ourney Through The Desert
Chapter 182鈥揟ough Training in the Desert
Chapter 183鈥揅oincidental Meeting
Chapter 184鈥揊irst Meeting With the Snake-People, Initial Show of a Dou Shi鈥檚 Power
Chapter 185鈥揃rothers
Chapter 186鈥換ing Lin
Chapter 187鈥揅ompetition
Chapter 188鈥揂 Competition Between Brothers
Chapter 189鈥換ing Lin鈥檚 Discovery
Chapter 190鈥揝urveying The Terrain
Chapter 191鈥揝ettling the Trouble
Chapter 192鈥揚assageway
Chapter 193鈥揚robing
Chapter 194鈥揟he Mysterious Creature In The Magma
Chapter 195鈥揂ttacked
Chapter 196鈥揟wo-Headed Flame Spirit Serpent
Chapter 197鈥揧ao Lao Taking Action
Chapter 198鈥揟riple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils
Chapter 199鈥揢nder the Crypt
Chapter 200鈥揋reen Lotus Core Flame
Chapter 201鈥揋aining a Little
Chapter 202鈥揚romotion! Setting Out on A Journey!
Chapter 203鈥揟he Inner Regions of The Desert
Chapter 204鈥揝nake-Woman Yue Mei
Chapter 205鈥揂 Terrifying Line-up
Chapter 206鈥揟he Fight Between The Strong
Chapter 207鈥揟he Mysterious Black-Robed Person
Chapter 208鈥揜ushing Into The Tribe At Night
Chapter 209鈥揟he City At The Heart Of the Desert
Chapter 210鈥換ueen Medusa
Chapter 211鈥揚ill-King Gu He鈥檚 Generous Offer!
Chapter 212鈥揊ailed Negotiation
Chapter 213鈥揜ushing For Time
Chapter 214鈥揝eeing the Green Lotus Core Flame Again!
Chapter 215鈥揃eginning The Evolution
Chapter 216鈥揝uccessful Evolution?
Chapter 217鈥揝even-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python
Chapter 218鈥揜eining In The Green Lotus Core Flame
Chapter 219鈥揅haotic Situation
Chapter 220鈥揊leeing With a Treasure
Chapter 221鈥揊leeing for Thousands of Kilometers
Chapter 222鈥揧un Zhi?
Chapter 223鈥揂 Short Meeting
Chapter 224鈥揊ive Snake Death Poison Seal
Chapter 225鈥揂bility
Chapter 226鈥揊ruition
Chapter 227鈥揝wallowing The Heavenly Flame, Begin!
Chapter 228鈥揇etaching The Flame Seed
Chapter 229鈥揌eavenly Flame Forging the Body
Chapter 230鈥揝uccess
Chapter 231鈥揜epairing And Strengthening
Chapter 232鈥揦iao Yan鈥檚 First Origin Heavenly Flame鈥揋reen Lotus Core Flame!
Chapter 233鈥揈volving the Qi Method
Chapter 234鈥揟ormenting Pain
Chapter 235鈥揊lame Mantra Evolved
Chapter 236鈥揗eeting the Ice Emperor Again
Chapter 237鈥揅onversation
Chapter 238鈥揌eavenly Cauldron Ranking
Chapter 239鈥揌iding One鈥檚 Ability
Chapter 240鈥揃reaking The Seal
Chapter 241鈥揙btaining The Map Fragment, Hiring A Bodyguard
Chapter 242鈥揟he Change in Rock Desert City
Chapter 243鈥揔illing a Da Dou Shi!
Chapter 244鈥揅harging In
Chapter 245鈥揊righten
Chapter 246鈥揗o Clan
Chapter 247鈥揂nnex
Chapter 248鈥揧an City
Chapter 249鈥揘alan!
Chapter 250鈥揜est
Chapter 251鈥揌iring A Long Time Fighter
Chapter 252鈥揘alan Yanran
Chapter 253鈥揝earching and the Mo Clan鈥檚 Wild Ambition
Chapter 254鈥揗o Alliance
Chapter 255鈥揝mashing the Scene
Chapter 256鈥揤icious Means
Chapter 257鈥揔illing Mo Cheng
Chapter 258鈥揟he Mysterious Green Clothed Lady
Chapter 259鈥揟he Fight Between Three Dou Huangs!
Chapter 260鈥揈ight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor
Chapter 261鈥揟he Huge Fight In the Sky
Chapter 262鈥揗erging the 鈥楬eavenly Flames鈥, Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!
Chapter 263鈥揟errifying Destructive Force
Chapter 264鈥揧ao Lao Falling Into A Deep Slumber
Chapter 265鈥揜elying On Oneself
Chapter 266鈥揜ecuperating and Flame Manipulation Ability
Chapter 267鈥換ueen Medusa Appearing Again?
Chapter 268鈥揅ontest
Chapter 269鈥揝harp Rise in the Degree of Compatibility
Chapter 270鈥揚urple Flame Pill
Chapter 271鈥揑mitation of the 鈥楢ngry Buddha Lotus Flame鈥
Chapter 272鈥揜esolving The Hidden Danger Before Leaving
Chapter 273鈥揂rriving At The Capital
Chapter 274鈥揚rimer Auction House, An Old Friend
Chapter 275鈥揤icious
Chapter 276鈥揝earching For Medicine
Chapter 277鈥揝topped
Chapter 278鈥揅heap Bastard
Chapter 279鈥揝even Magical Green Spirit Saliva
Chapter 280鈥揦un Er
Chapter 281鈥揝ecretly Hiding and Protecting
Chapter 282鈥揕et Me Try
Chapter 283鈥揝tubborn Bone, Clenching Teeth, Enduring Humiliation
Chapter 284鈥揈xpelling the Poison
Chapter 285鈥揢nexpected Surprise, Black Finger
Chapter 286鈥揟o Scour For Treasure
Chapter 287鈥揟he Benefits of the Champion
Chapter 288鈥揚articipate
Chapter 289鈥揕iu Ling
Chapter 290鈥揌idden Opponent
Chapter 291鈥揂dvance to Seven Star, The Final Test
Chapter 292鈥揜efining
Chapter 293鈥揚ut to The Test
Chapter 294鈥揟he Finish
Chapter 295鈥揃lack Horse
Chapter 296鈥揋athering
Chapter 297鈥揗u Zhan
Chapter 298鈥揂 Brief Fight
Chapter 299鈥揘alan Yanran Intervenes
Chapter 300鈥揟he End
Chapter 301鈥揝udden Appearance of a Dou Huang鈥檚 Presence
Chapter 302鈥揕inen Robe Jia Lao
Chapter 303鈥揓ia Lao鈥檚 Strength
Chapter 304鈥揊a Ma, Yao Ye. The Grand Meeting Begins!
Chapter 305鈥揊irst Round, Begin!
Chapter 306鈥揝oul-Stirring
Chapter 307鈥揟est, The Mysterious Man in The Gray Robe.
Chapter 308 鈥揟he Overly Simple Second Round
Chapter 309鈥揟he Source of The Problem
Chapter 310鈥揟urning the tide, Temporary Suspension of the Grand Meeting
Chapter 311鈥揝urreptitious Black Robed Man
Chapter 312鈥揟ruth
Chapter 313鈥揧an Li
Chapter 314鈥揥indfall
Chapter 315鈥揟hree Lines Green Spirit Pill
Chapter 316鈥揟he Final Round鈥揃egin!
Chapter 317鈥揈ach Revealing Their Abilities
Chapter 318鈥揊ailure
Chapter 319鈥揑 Am Going To Be The Champion!
Chapter 320鈥揜ising Once Again
Chapter 321鈥揚urple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill
Chapter 322鈥揅auldron Explosion
Chapter 323鈥揟he Final Victor
Chapter 324鈥揈valuation
Chapter 325鈥揟he end of the Grand Meeting
Chapter 326鈥揙btaining the Reward
Chapter 327鈥揙btaining the Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva
Chapter 328鈥揂wakening of Yao Lao?
Chapter 329鈥揘ight Discussion
Chapter 330鈥揅onsuming the Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill
Chapter 331鈥揂dvancing to a Da Dou Shi!
Chapter 332鈥揈ntrusting
Chapter 333鈥揦iao clan, Xiao Yan!
Chapter 334鈥揟hree Year Agreement
Chapter 335鈥揘alan Yanran, Defeated?
Chapter 336鈥揟he True Strength of Both Parties
Chapter 337鈥揂n Intense Fight!
Chapter 338鈥揥ind鈥檚 Peak鈥揇azzling Sunset
Chapter 339鈥揈xposed
Chapter 340鈥揝mall Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!
Chapter 341鈥揈nd!
Chapter 342鈥揜enewed Storm
Chapter 343鈥揂 Trouble Which One Cannot Escape From
Chapter 344鈥揑mminent
Chapter 345鈥揟hree Strong Dou Wangs
Chapter 346鈥揃ig Battle
Chapter 347鈥揟he Appearance of The Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python
Chapter 348鈥揟he Tragedy of Yun Leng
Chapter 349鈥揅overing Sun Cloud Formation
Chapter 350鈥揟he Appearance of a Mysterious Dou Huang
Chapter 351: Dou Huang, Ling Ying
Chapter 352鈥揟he Misty Cloud Sect鈥檚 Trump Card
Chapter 353鈥揟he Previous Sect Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, Dou Zong Yun Shan
Chapter 354鈥揇escending the Mountain
Chapter 355鈥揝eparation and Transaction
Chapter 356鈥揟he Journey Back Home
Chapter 357鈥揟he Turn of Events in the Xiao Clan
Chapter 358鈥揕eave No One
Chapter 359鈥揌e Must Die!
Chapter 360鈥揝ettling the Xiao Clan
Chapter 361鈥揋oing Up To The Misty Cloud Sect Once Again

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