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Chapter 4-One's Ability to Recover has to be Better than Good
Chapter 5-Save up for Retirement to Avoid Impoverishment in One's Old Age
Chapter 6-Build your Social Network! Maintain good relationships with others, even if it's a corpse
Chapter 7-Don't Underestimate Anything; Even a Shirt will Bite you if it's Angry
Chapter 8-Don't Act Suspiciously While Wearing a Cloak
Chapter 9-If You Want to Know a Secret, Ask a Woman
Chapter 10-Carrying out Justice is the Reason for the Sun Knight's Existence
Chapter 1-10-An Introduction to Knight Theory-No Matter What Happens, the Sun Knight is Perfect
Chapter 1-10-Epilogue-Character Introductions
Chapter 1-10-Prologue-About Religions
Chapter 11-20-Prologue-The Sun Knight
Chapter 11-Eat Breakfast!
Chapter 12-Smile, Wave, and Be the Church鈥檚 Human Billboard
Chapter 13-Manage the City鈥檚 Undead
Chapter 14-Take Care of the Members of the Sun Knight Platoon
Chapter 15-Solve a Colleague鈥檚 Problem
Chapter 16-Attend Various Ceremonies
Chapter 17-Admonish the Misconduct of a Fellow Holy Knight
Chapter 18-Build Good Relationships with Neighbors
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Chapter 19-Spread the True Teachings of the God of Light
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Chapter 20-Recruit Worshippers
Chapter 1000鈥搕welve Lingjiushier Jinfeng
Chapter 11-20-The Daily Duties of a Knight-Respect the Privacy of the Twelve Holy Knights
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Chapter 11-20-Epilogue-Character Introductions
Chapter 1 - loading force system? I like it锛
Chapter 21-30-Prologue-The Seal of the Sword on the Knight
Chapter 2鈥搘here life is not loaded force
Chapter 21-A Missing Princess
Chapter 3鈥揑'm going to play ten
Chapter 4鈥揺lder brother and so on you for a long time
Chapter 5鈥搇et's call it quits
Chapter 6鈥揻orced poverty alleviation program
Chapter 7鈥揹ay of the dog's foreign devils! (ask for a ticket!)
Chapter 8鈥揾anging deep fried the day
Chapter 9鈥揹id you do it for me?
Chapter 10鈥搈an with gale force
Chapter 11鈥揹rop it! (ask for a ticket)
Chapter 12鈥揑 really know wrong!
Chapter 13鈥搘hat? You don't know him?
Chapter 14鈥揼o left to pick up a small Lolita 24K gold
Chapter 15鈥揑 said I'm not a rogue, do you believe it?
Chapter 16鈥揑 live next door, but I am not surnamed Wang
Chapter 17鈥搕he best snow
Chapter 18鈥搃s really a dog!
Chapter 19鈥揷ulinary expertise
Chapter 20鈥揼reat father!
Chapter 21鈥揑 didn't do anything!
Chapter 22鈥揧uanjialuzhai ah!
Chapter 23鈥搕he couple to live
Chapter 24鈥揷ome on! What to buy things ah!
Chapter 25鈥揵aa God assists
Chapter 26鈥搚ou are the state of change! Your whole family is a state of change!
Chapter 27 draws a city
Chapter 28鈥揂dvanced recipes
Chapter 29鈥搃t's just too good to eat!
Chapter 30鈥揺xcited look around son
Chapter 31鈥揂uthority Recognition (above)
Chapter 32鈥揂uthority Recognition (next)
Chapter 33鈥搕his song was not written by me!
Chapter 34鈥搕hat's daddy!
Chapter 35鈥搕he phone call came over!
Chapter 36鈥搕his is my mother!
Chapter 37鈥搕hree combo There was no parallel in history. loading force
Chapter 39鈥搕he highest pursuit of art is not the pursuit of
Chapter 41鈥揳unt, you'd take it easy!
Chapter 42鈥搊ne foot! Walk you!
Chapter 43鈥搘ater overflows golden hill
Chapter 44鈥搕he most urgent situation
Chapter 45鈥揷ome out...... Wild man
Chapter 46鈥揹iversion
Chapter 47鈥揻orce to conquer the world!
Chapter 48鈥搕ake the kids to work
Chapter 49-if I call someone, I'm your dad!
Chapter 50鈥搘hy? Why is there no sound?
Chapter 51鈥揳 shock to the eye of the force
Chapter 52鈥揳ctive hand as far as possible don't make
Chapter 53鈥揻ather and daughter mixed forced
Chapter 54鈥揳nd system bargaining
Chapter 55鈥搕his is your daughter?
Chapter 56鈥揹ifficult confession
Chapter 57鈥揼ood strange monk
Chapter 58鈥揻orce with Dharma
Chapter 59鈥揑 don't see you shit out
Chapter 60鈥揾ow? Still hit?
Chapter 61鈥搕his is the swing!
Chapter 62鈥搘hat did you do with him?
Chapter 63鈥揟iger father without dog
Chapter 64鈥揧e Jia, I do not like
How will the 65 chapter鈥搕he world has such a beautiful woman?
Chapter 66鈥搕he foreign devil is very important?
Chapter 67鈥揾e actually knows the food?
Chapter 68鈥揗ara is the mule is out yo
Chapter 69鈥搘ho is in charge?
Chapter 70鈥揕ao Tzu is my father!
Chapter 71鈥搚ou for you, do not!
Chapter 72鈥搇earn chef, come to New Oriental
Chapter 73鈥搕he young master cooking
Chapter 74鈥揳 dazzling force
Chapter 75鈥揷olumn saved delicacy!
Chapter 76鈥揳 visual feast
Chapter 77鈥揹omineering side leakage
Chapter 78鈥搉ow is the time to witness the miracle!
Chapter 79鈥揵ean curd
Chapter 80鈥揜ules of the culinary world
Chapter 81鈥揧e master shot!
Chapter 82鈥揃attle instrument for each slaughter of dogs
Chapter 84鈥搇isten to me and force me to finish.
Chapter 85鈥揇ivision said
Chapter 86鈥搕he force of Philosophy
Chapter 87鈥搉ot enough to eat?
Chapter 88鈥揻ather! You also eat!
Chapter 89鈥揼ive me a mosaic!
Chapter 90鈥揻orced implants and promotion!
Chapter 91鈥搕his knife?
Chapter 92鈥搘hat? Is not a special effect?
Chapter 93鈥揻our treasures
Chapter 94鈥搘hat's the weather like tonight?
Chapter 95鈥搊utdoor live
Chapter 96鈥搕his is a nouveau riche feast
Chapter 97鈥搒old out!
Chapter 98鈥搕wo masters to the scene!
Chapter 99鈥揾ow to sing a song?
Chapter 100鈥揼athered a large coffee
Chapter 101鈥搕his guy is a master!
Chapter 102鈥搘onderful host
Chapter 103鈥搃nsult master!
Chapter 104鈥揹o not forget
Chapter 105鈥搕hat's me!
Chapter 106鈥揹irector, a close-up
Chapter 107鈥揅harm aura open
Chapter 108鈥搇eaf master, you don't go!
Chapter 109鈥搇ife, by acting!
Chapter 110鈥揷omrades hard!
Chapter 111鈥搃nteresting master
Chapter 112鈥揷ourt dishes
Chapter 113鈥揺xchange of the bones palm
Chapter 114鈥揅hinese Kung Fu
Chapter 115鈥搒tage
Chapter 116鈥搕he time to witness the miracle
Chapter 117鈥搃nstalled a martial arts master force
Chapter 118鈥揗aster in folk
Chapter 119鈥揵elow to enlarge the recruit!
Chapter 120鈥揻ifty cauldrons
Chapter 121鈥揳gility! Bursting!
Chapter 122鈥揳ctually sings the song?
Chapter 123鈥揼one!
Chapter 124鈥搇ong live Fried rice with egg!
Chapter 125鈥揾igh vibration
Chapter 126鈥揟rance!
Chapter 127鈥搕he textbook style of fancy dress
Chapter 128鈥揵aa disappeared
Chapter 129鈥搕he man was angry!
Chapter 130鈥搕he scene out of control
Chapter 131鈥揵y car
Chapter 132鈥搒peed and passion
Chapter 133鈥搑ing racing
Chapter 134鈥搈other! Look is superman!
Chapter 135鈥揺verybody's scared!
Chapter 136鈥揼ood to cry!
Chapter 137鈥搕o! Rushed!
Chapter 138鈥揳 hundred taste!
Chapter 139鈥搚ou fucking upgrade?
Chapter 140鈥揻ather! Baa here!
Chapter 141鈥揹evil! You are the devil!
Chapter 142鈥搆ill!
Chapter 143鈥搆ill and kill!
Chapter 144鈥揟ake escape from death
Chapter 145鈥揵aa to save dad!
Chapter 146鈥搕his child? It's just too hard!
Chapter 147鈥搕his is to die ah!
Chapter 148鈥揾ow does this force?
Chapter 149鈥揑鈥搑eally.
Chapter 150鈥搕here you want to hurt me
Chapter 151鈥損retend amnesia
Chapter 152鈥揑'm just a kid!
Chapter 153鈥揑 want to work again!
Chapter 154鈥揳 fresh hot male god is about to come out
Chapter 155鈥揳 taste of force
Chapter 156鈥搕his friend of mine, I made it
Chapter 157鈥搃nstalled a handsome force
Chapter 158鈥損it end dad ran really special stimulus ah!
Chapter 159鈥揾ome
Chapter 160鈥搊ld head
Chapter 161鈥搕hree important things to say!
Chapter 162鈥揳lso a dozen ten!
Chapter 163鈥揳 sense of pride
Chapter 164鈥搒ly look.
Chapter 165鈥搇ooking forward to my sister is too terrible
Chapter 166
Chapter 167
Chapter 168
Chapter 169
Chapter 170鈥搘here did we meet?
Chapter 171鈥揾olding the thigh
Chapter 172鈥揳cting
Chapter 173鈥搘ho do you call grandma?
Chapter 174鈥搘ho cares who you are?
Chapter 175鈥揳 mysterious force
Chapter 176鈥搃t's the least of my words!
Chapter 177鈥揳 force that makes a person afraid of the soul
Chapter 178鈥搕his kid is too strong, right?
Chapter 179鈥搇oaded with a child force
Chapter 180鈥揼reat backing!
Chapter 181鈥揳rrogant translation
Chapter 182鈥搉ational self-confidence
Chapter 183鈥搘e are all civilized people
Chapter 184鈥揹og bites a dog, a mouth hair
Chapter 185鈥搈any fans are afraid of myself!
Chapter 186鈥搃s this man wise enough to do so?
Chapter 187鈥揳 nation's force
Chapter 188鈥揳ttack system!
Chapter 189鈥搕he system is so hanging, does your mother know?
Chapter 190鈥搕he best ingredients!
Chapter 191鈥揔aiser, special ingredients!
Chapter 192鈥搈igrant VS French cuisine master
Chapter 193鈥揝ong consonance you smile!
Chapter 194鈥搕wo duel?
Chapter 195鈥揳 force to expose identity
Chapter 196鈥揳 hard drive
Chapter 197鈥揳 science fiction force
Chapter 198鈥揹o you believe it?
Chapter 199鈥搕he little daughter-in-law
Chapter 200鈥揈lite BOSS
Chapter 201鈥搒end your baby
Chapter 202鈥搘ord punish heart
Chapter 203 -! Is too!
Chapter 204鈥揳 good cook is me!
Chapter 205鈥揳s long as you do, we'll wait!
Chapter 206鈥揳 promising *
Chapter 207鈥搒hut up my mother!
Chapter 208鈥搘ar! The loser kneeling!
Chapter 209鈥揊rance devils fight
Chapter 210鈥揹o you want to destroy the friendship between China and France?
Chapter 211鈥揷hina!
Chapter 212鈥揹aughter installed a force for you!
Chapter 213鈥揳re you kidding?
Chapter 214鈥揺ven the material is not good
Chapter 215鈥搃t's a problem!
Chapter 216鈥搚ou install, you loaded me again
Chapter 217鈥揗r. Obama is also a fan of his own ah!
Chapter 218鈥搕his is the sin! Sin! (fourth more)
Chapter 219鈥揻ive
Chapter 220鈥揺gg
Chapter 221鈥損lay is the heartbeat
Chapter 222鈥搕he last supper?
Chapter 223鈥搚ou mean I can't eat?
Chapter 224鈥揑 can't control myself!
Chapter 225鈥揑 just express my!
Chapter 226
Chapter 227鈥搕his guy actually fell on his knees!
Chapter 228鈥搕he Oriental dragon!
Chapter 229鈥揳 soup of hardship
Chapter 230鈥搈y egg!
Chapter 231鈥揹omineering departure!
Chapter 232鈥搄ust before dawn, for QQ reading readers with more
Chapter 233鈥搒ixth more, as the starting point for readers to add more!
Chapter 334 -! It is nonsense!
Chapter 235鈥揗aster too!
Chapter 236鈥揻ast! Run run!
Chapter 237鈥揑 was unjustly
Chapter 238鈥搕he conflict triggered at any moment!
Chapter 239鈥揹irect amazon!
Chapter 240鈥搑ecruit master?
Chapter 241鈥損ress conference
Chapter 242鈥搕he audience is scared silly!
Chapter 243鈥搘ealth!
Chapter 244鈥揗aster can not be humiliated!
Chapter 245鈥揵oss has the situation!
Chapter 246鈥揼uanding law!
Chapter 247鈥搚ou dare not drink?
Chapter 248鈥搕hrough a catastrophe!
Chapter 249鈥揻irst meritorious said!
Chapter 250鈥搃rresistible temptation!
Chapter 251鈥搘e won!
Chapter 252鈥揹raw!
Chapter 253鈥揻orced use of lucky attributes
Chapter 254鈥揷rash crisis!
Chapter 255鈥揑'm ace!
Chapter 256鈥搃nstalled a senseless force
Chapter 257鈥揳udacious in the extreme
Chapter 258鈥搈ilitary glory and mission
Chapter 259鈥搇ive down!
Chapter 260鈥搘hat's going on with the ace?
Chapter 261鈥搄ust accidentally fell asleep!
Chapter 262鈥揚ugachev Cobra maneuver
Chapter 263鈥搕he order of god!
Chapter 264鈥損ilot's natural enemies!
Chapter 265鈥搕o blaze a new trail!
Chapter 266鈥搊rgan rocket gun!
Chapter 267鈥搕his is the man?
Chapter 268鈥搕his meter -26 is blind!
Chapter 269鈥搘hy is this kid?
Chapter 270鈥搘hat is a good soldier?
Chapter 271鈥揑 am a Chinese soldier!
Chapter 272鈥揾ero all the way!
Chapter 273鈥搒trong repression
Chapter 274鈥搃t's embarrassing!
Chapter 275鈥搕he great white shark swarm!
Chapter 276鈥搘hy? What stuff?
Chapter 277鈥揼rass your uncle! Who else?
Chapter 278鈥搕he hero's father
Chapter 279鈥搃n order to love and commitment
Chapter 280鈥搕his is the life of a strong man
Chapter 281鈥搉ephew dispute!
Chapter 282鈥搕hat I wish you a happy new year!
Chapter 283鈥揹esert island survival
Chapter 284鈥揵leat, waiting for dad!
Chapter 285鈥搘oman
Chapter 286鈥搗iolet emblem
Chapter 287鈥揷ome and stay!
Chapter 288鈥搒ample! Ask you to lie not to panic?
Chapter 289鈥搘hat is this thing?
Chapter 290鈥搃ron will!
Chapter 291鈥揧ongming to pay!
Chapter 293鈥搕here are people in the fire
Chapter 292鈥搑ecuperation recovery!
Chapter 294鈥揑sland home
Chapter 295鈥揳utumn autumn Island diary
Chapter 296鈥搃t's been on the island.
Chapter 297鈥搚ou hit back fuck!
Chapter 298鈥搕he system is out of order!
Chapter 299鈥揑'm here to help!
Chapter 300鈥揺xhibitions!
Chapter 301鈥搒trong diplomacy!
Chapter 302鈥搑epair the body!
Chapter 303鈥揑'm here to save you!
Chapter 304鈥揺nemy attack!
Chapter 305鈥揹amn it! Damn锛 Damn锛
Chapter 306鈥搕he cruel reality!
Chapter 307鈥搕he Chinese people's Liberation army!
Chapter 308鈥揷hina!
Chapter 309鈥搕his is -- Tiger chisel tuna!
Chapter 310鈥搕he soul of!
Chapter 311鈥揳 gang of evil spirits!
Chapter 312鈥搄ust one person!
Chapter 313鈥揵ainiaozhaofeng gun!
Chapter 314鈥搒ee the world Daning!
Chapter ten鈥315 in the sword of God
Chapter 316鈥搕his force...... Can not stop!
Chapter 317鈥搕he impact of congenital!
Chapter 318鈥揵y the potential of heaven and earth!
Chapter 319鈥搆neel! Down do not kill!
Chapter 320鈥揷ontrol of the Gulf of Aden?
Chapter 321鈥搒hame my fellow citizens! Lijue cut!
Chapter 322鈥搕he five-star red flag fluttering in the wind!
Chapter 323鈥搉ext!
Chapter 324鈥揅hinese people are more and more arrogant!
Chapter 325鈥揼ive me the child!
Chapter 326鈥揻orced to sell meng!
Chapter 327鈥搃s this a realistic outfit?
Chapter 328鈥搕he great army is coming!
Chapter 329鈥揑'm sorry! We're late.
Chapter 330鈥搒een the elder!
Chapter 331鈥揷onfidentiality regulations
Chapter 332鈥揵ully me no one in China?
Chapter 333鈥搕oo lawless!
Chapter 334鈥搘ave into ice!
Chapter 335鈥搇ife and death symbol
Chapter 336鈥揵anquet guests
Chapter 337鈥揾elp me with a word!
Chapter 338鈥揑 still have a war!
Chapter 339鈥搉ot serious congenital!
Chapter 340鈥揳 splash with lightning!
Chapter 341鈥搒oldier leaves autumn, honor returns!
Chapter 342鈥搘hat is the contest brewing?
Chapter 343鈥搃s it challenging Americans?
Chapter 344鈥搘ho? Dare to say that I have no chinese!
Chapter 345鈥搘here are the major forces?
Chapter 346鈥搑ight! I am the enemy!
Chapter 347鈥搕hat's the boss!
Chapter 348鈥揑 mean, all of you here are rubbish
Chapter 349鈥搈y day! Is he crazy?
Chapter 350鈥搕he world is messy!
Chapter 351鈥揑 didn't mean it!
Chapter 352鈥搕he soldier was the evil way!
Chapter 353鈥揑 bet on love!
Chapter 354鈥揑 am me!
Chapter 355鈥揷ome and listen to my arrangement!
Chapter 356鈥搘alk you!
Chapter 358鈥搊dd!
Chapter 359鈥揑'm a master!
Chapter 360鈥揑'm worried about an accident!
Chapter 361鈥搊f scheming!
Chapter 362鈥揔ing of gun!
Chapter 363鈥揻ear of my strength
Chapter 364鈥揜ussian turntable
Chapter 365鈥揾elp me monitor!
Chapter 366鈥搚ou just have to say, you don't have to die!
Chapter 367鈥100% probability of death!
Chapter 368鈥搃f the person make me kill him with!
Chapter 369鈥揅hina can not be humiliated!
Chapter 370鈥搘ho dares to fight?
Chapter 371鈥搕his man must die!
Chapter 372鈥揹ead?
Chapter 373鈥搊nly more foolish than I can say!
Chapter 374鈥揻inal rule!
Chapter 375鈥損recious plants!
Chapter 376鈥揃lood Orchid
Chapter 377鈥揑 promise I'll bring them all back!
Chapter 378鈥搘hat the hell is going on?
Chapter 379鈥搆ill it, kill the better!
Chapter 380鈥搕his is not a level of combat!
Chapter 381鈥損eak new outfit forced King
Chapter 382鈥揷ome on! Refused to beat me!
Chapter 383鈥揳rc trajectory theory is verified!
Chapter 384鈥搒hall not live!
Chapter 385鈥揺tc.! Will suit?
Chapter 386鈥揾e is the devil! Devil!
Chapter 387鈥揻ighting textbook
Chapter 388鈥搃t's too deep for you!
Chapter 389鈥搕he whole world is speechless!
Chapter 390鈥搕his is a tactic!
Chapter 391鈥搒pend it all!
Chapter 392鈥損alpitation!
Chapter 393 -! This is a!
Chapter 394鈥搒ee the ghost!
Chapter 395鈥揇ad is a big hero!
Chapter 396鈥搕he matter went to the clothes, deep work and name
Chapter 397鈥搚ou must be a pawn!
Chapter 398鈥損lay enough! It's time to go home!
Chapter 399鈥搘hat happened to wild animals?
Chapter 400鈥揺fficacy!
Chapter 401鈥揹amn! BMW!
Chapter 402鈥搚ou see him like a gun Zhao Yun?
Chapter 403鈥揵reak again!
Chapter 404鈥搕his chapter by the chief god my name naming NAN nouveau riche outbreak!
Chapter 405鈥搕his chapter by today a reward of 126 readers named the outbreak!
Chapter 406鈥揷ut Hu's coming?
Chapter 407鈥搕welve knights!
Chapter 408鈥揔night Zhao Ritian!
Chapter 409鈥揧e Qiu was killed?
Chapter 410鈥揃lue Dragon, I come!
Chapter 411鈥搑iches and honour
Chapter 412鈥搄iao!
Chapter 413鈥揻ight for the Dragon edge!
Chapter 414鈥揳 claw shot dead!
Chapter 415鈥揑 asked you to panic!
Chapter 416鈥揳ctually a doll!
Chapter 417鈥揑 listen to you!
Chapter 418鈥揳dults teach you to fight
Chapter 419鈥揳ct inheritor
Chapter 420鈥揳 false alarm!
Chapter 421鈥搕o walk in!
Chapter 422鈥揵ig baby! Dad is back!
Chapter 423鈥搉one of them!
Chapter 424鈥搒o you can remember brother?
Chapter 425鈥揾e must have met a very important person!
Chapter 426鈥搃t's me, ye qiu!
Chapter 427鈥揳ll ghosts!
Chapter 428鈥損oison?
Chapter 430鈥揹aughter-in-law?
Chapter 431鈥揳sk what you say!
Chapter 432鈥搃s there anything I can't do in the world?
Chapter 433鈥搒ong cry!
Chapter 434鈥搑otten to the root!
Chapter 435鈥搘hat the hell is this guy doing?!
Chapter 436鈥搇eaves home
Chapter 437鈥揻orced to install it!
Chapter 438鈥搊ut of the dead!
Chapter 439鈥搒upport?
Chapter 440鈥搒trike spike!
Chapter 441鈥揾ave words to say, what are you crying for?
Chapter 442鈥搕he sword God respected people
Chapter 443鈥搇eaves home worship
Chapter 444鈥揑'll teach you a trick today!
Chapter 445鈥搆ill meaning boiling
Chapter 446鈥搕his is the face of my family!
Chapter 447鈥揻urther death!
Chapter 448鈥揾e dares to curse the old sword god!
Chapter 449鈥揟he old man wept bitterly.
Chapter 450鈥揵ig brother
Chapter 451鈥揟avern
Chapter 452鈥揚engcier ah!
Chapter 453鈥搚ou better let me go!
Chapter 454鈥搈om! The lake is too terrible!
Chapter 455鈥揳 smelly shameless rogue!
Chapter 456鈥揵est blue diamond!
Chapter 457鈥揾old on, baby to dnunbing!
Chapter 458鈥搇oading force constant long, a pack forever
Chapter 459鈥搕hree bowl!
Chapter 460鈥搃s there such a drink?
Chapter 461鈥揗r. Ye, true hero!
Chapter 462鈥揑 think of someone!
Chapter 463鈥揕ecture of Water Margin
Chapter 464鈥揳 force of appetite!
Chapter 465鈥搚ou are confused!
Chapter 466鈥搎uickly put down the old sword god!
Chapter 467鈥搕ry again!
Chapter 468鈥搕o support domestic products!
Chapter 469鈥搉o thief no monk!
Chapter 470鈥揑 think you're going to heaven!
Chapter 471鈥揳m I your nanny?
Chapter 472鈥搘ho and you are friends!
Chapter 473鈥"defeated the sky"?
Chapter 474鈥搕his is not a fucking Gu uncle?

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