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Chapter 362鈥揧ao Yan, Yun Zhi
Chapter 363鈥揔illing Yun Leng
Chapter 364鈥揕ife and Death Situation!
Chapter 365鈥揋ate of Life and Death
Chapter 366鈥揟he Big Fight Between Dou Zongs!
Chapter 367鈥揟he Start of the Great Escape
Chapter 368鈥揜ecuperation
Chapter 369鈥揂dvancement!
Chapter 370鈥揝kyfire Three Mysterious Change!
Chapter 371鈥揟he Ingenuity of the Secret Technique
Chapter 372鈥揃loody Revenge!
Chapter 373鈥揝urrounded and Attacked in The Magical Beast Mountain Range
Chapter 374鈥揝udden Arrival of Reinforcements
Chapter 375鈥揈scape
Chapter 376鈥揇a Ling City
Chapter 377鈥揟he Preparation Before Leaving
Chapter 378鈥揃lack-Corner Region
Chapter 379鈥揈xposed
Chapter 380鈥揕eaving The Jia Ma Empire!
Chapter 381鈥揗ysterious Faction, Hall of Souls?
Chapter 382鈥揓ia Nan Academy, the Xiao clan has a Female Maturing Early
Chapter 383鈥揋reat Plains of the Black Region
Chapter 384鈥揂 Chaotic Region Where Compassion is Unnecessary
Chapter 385鈥揃lack Ranking, Black Storm
Chapter 386鈥揃lack Mark City
Chapter 387鈥揦iao Yan in Financial Distress
Chapter 388鈥揂lleviating Poverty Through Refining Pills
Chapter 389鈥揃lack Mark Auction House
Chapter 390鈥揟he Start of the Auction
Chapter 391鈥揊lying Dou Technique鈥揕ightning Bat Sky Wings
Chapter 392鈥揅ompeting for the Lightning Bat Sky Wings and the Map Fragment
Chapter 393鈥揢nforeseen Changes
Chapter 394鈥揇i Class Agility Type Dou Technique鈥揟hree Thousand Lightning Movement
Chapter 395鈥揗ain Attraction!
Chapter 396鈥揟ier Seven Medicinal Pill: Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill!
Chapter 397鈥揂uction House
Chapter 398鈥揂mbush Killing
Chapter 399鈥揟he Fierce Fighting on the Road
Chapter 400鈥揦iao Yan Benefits from Two Forces Fighting
Chapter 401鈥揟he First Change of the Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change鈥揋reen Lotus Change!
Chapter 402鈥揜eward!
Chapter 403鈥揝wallowing The Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill!
Chapter 404鈥揚eace Town
Chapter 405鈥揓ia Nan Academy Law Enforcement Unit
Chapter 406鈥揅rucial Moment
Chapter 407鈥揙ne Strike
Chapter 408鈥揔illing A Chicken To Warn A Monkey
Chapter 409鈥揃umping Into One Another At Night
Chapter 410鈥揅lashing For the First Time
Chapter 411鈥揃ewildering
Chapter 412鈥揜ival
Chapter 413鈥揊ighting Lu Mu
Chapter 414鈥揚laying With Fire
Chapter 415鈥揚ill Flame Skill
Chapter 416鈥揕aw Enforcement Unit : Wu Hao
Chapter 417鈥揅hallenge
Chapter 418鈥揌eirloom Jade Piece
Chapter 419鈥揟he Last Qualifying Competition
Chapter 420鈥揃ig Chaotic Battle
Chapter 421鈥揝haking Lightning Arc Blast
Chapter 422鈥揊ight
Chapter 423鈥揦un Er鈥檚 Strength
Chapter 424鈥揙ne versus Three
Chapter 425鈥揘o Mercy
Chapter 426鈥揟he End of the Competition
Chapter 427鈥揟he Peace After The Great Competition
Chapter 428鈥揟he Mysterious Book Collection Hall
Chapter 429鈥揟he Mysterious Guardians of the Hall
Chapter 430鈥揊ighting and Grabbing
Chapter 431鈥揝onic Dou Technique
Chapter 432鈥揕ion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar
Chapter 433鈥揟raining
Chapter 434鈥揟iger Roar Shaking The Mountain Forest
Chapter 435鈥揟he Location of The Inner Academy
Chapter 436鈥揊ire Energy Hunting Competition
Chapter 437鈥揝natching
Chapter 438鈥揜everse Snatching
Chapter 439鈥揟he Use of 鈥楩ire Energy鈥
Chapter 440鈥揟he Switch Between The Hunter And The Hunted
Chapter 441鈥揝wiftly Growing Coordination
Chapter 442鈥揟he Fighting Strength After Forming A Group
Chapter 443鈥揋rand Retaliation
Chapter 444鈥揟he Fight Between The Strong
Chapter 445鈥揟he Start of The Big Fight
Chapter 446鈥揟emporary Victor
Chapter 447鈥揟he Fisherman Follows After the Fight Between The Sandpiper and The Mussels
Chapter 448鈥揢nforeseen Turn of Events
Chapter 450鈥揜ace Against Time
Chapter 451鈥揜eversing The Situation
Chapter 452鈥揃itter and Angry Sha Tie
Chapter 453鈥揇istributing The Spoils, Recuperation
Chapter 454鈥揥hite Demon Group
Chapter 458鈥揝ettling In
Chapter 460鈥揇eterrence and Politeness
Chapter 461鈥揚an鈥檚 Gate
Chapter 462鈥揟he Mysterious Black Tower?
Chapter 463鈥揟raining Accelerator
Chapter 464鈥揝hock
Chapter 465鈥揗eeting For The First Time
Chapter 466鈥揃lack Hole
Chapter 467鈥揟he Mysterious Invisible Fire Python
Chapter 468鈥揟roublesome Matter
Chapter 469鈥揥ager
Chapter 470鈥揊ighting Fu Ao
Chapter 471鈥揟he Strength of The White Gang
Chapter 472鈥揗eeting
Chapter 473鈥揌idden Confrontation
Chapter 474鈥揗iddle Grade Training Room
Chapter 475鈥揜efinement
Chapter 476鈥揝econd Level
Chapter 477鈥揈xploration and Meeting
Chapter 478鈥揝even Star Da Dou Shi
Chapter 479鈥揟he Changes of Pan鈥檚 Gate
Chapter 480鈥揟ou She Ancient God鈥檚 Jade?
Chapter 481鈥揟ou She Ancient Emperor
Chapter 482鈥揋reen Wood Celestial Vine
Chapter 483鈥揝trange Fellow
Chapter 484鈥揂 deal
Chapter 485鈥揋reen Ganoderma Fire Spirit Ointment, Swift Wind Spirit Pill
Chapter 484鈥揂 deal
Chapter 485 鈥揋reen Ganoderma Fire Spirit Ointment, Swift Wind Spirit Pill
Chapter 486鈥揜etreat
Chapter 487鈥揟rouble That Knocks On The Door
Chapter 488鈥揕iu Fei
Chapter 489鈥揈lder He
Chapter 490鈥揚rogress of Training
Chapter 489鈥揈lder He
Chapter 490鈥揚rogress of Training
Chapter 491鈥揃reaking Through Once Again
Chapter 492鈥揟yrant Spear Liu Qing
Chapter 493鈥揈arning Fire Energy
Chapter 494鈥揜efining In Bulk
Chapter 495鈥揚lentiful Gains
Chapter 496鈥揅onflict
Chapter 497鈥揌an Xian of the Medicine Gang
Chapter 498鈥揅ompete
Chapter 499鈥揟he Competition Topic : Dragon Strength Pill
Chapter 500鈥揑llusionary Golden Flame
Chapter 501鈥揌alf Finished Product
Chapter 502鈥揊ortunate Not to Fail One鈥檚 Expectations
Chapter 503鈥揤ictory
Chapter 504鈥揜ecruitment
Chapter 505鈥揟raining, Three Thousand Lightning Movement
Chapter 506鈥揥ind-Lightning Strength
Chapter 507鈥揝uccessful Refinement
Chapter 508鈥揕ightning Flash
Chapter 509鈥揅omprehension, Ruler Technique
Chapter 510鈥揅ore Quenching Body Milk
Chapter 511鈥揈xperts of the Strong Ranking
Chapter 512鈥揥ild Violent Bloodline
Chapter 513鈥揑nvitation
Chapter 514鈥揟he Fight Between the Python and Ape
Chapter 515鈥揝earching For Treasure
Chapter 516鈥揊ake Core Quenching Body Milk
Chapter 517鈥揜eappearance of Queen Medusa
Chapter 518鈥揂greement
Chapter 519鈥揗ixing Medicinal Liquid
Chapter 520鈥揘ine Star Da Dou Shi
Chapter 521鈥揂dvancing to Dou Ling
Chapter 522鈥揜eturning to the Academy
Chapter 523鈥揂ppearance
Chapter 524鈥揊ierce Fighting
Chapter 525鈥揊ighting a Six Star Dou Ling
Chapter 526鈥揊ighting Medicine (Drugs?)
Chapter 527鈥揂 Powerful Strike
Chapter 528鈥揇efeating the Opponent
Chapter 529鈥揂 Slap
Chapter 530鈥揟he Ranking on the 鈥楽trong Ranking鈥
Chapter 531鈥揟he Mysterious First on the Strong Ranking
Chapter 532鈥揂sparagus Ice Fire Fruit
Chapter 533: The Mysterious White-Clothed Little Girl
Chapter 534: Not a Human
Chapter 535: The Final Medicinal Ingredient
Chapter 536: Exchange
Chapter 537: Obtaining It
Chapter 538: Refining the Ground Spirit Pill
Chapter 539: Stir of Activity
Chapter 540: Medicine Emperor, Han Feng!
Chapter 541: Pill Formed
Chapter 542: The Talent to Hunt Treasures
Chapter 543: Urgent Matter?
Chapter 544: Return to the Outer Academy
Chapter 545: The Unexpected Change In the Clan
Chapter 546: The Participation of the 鈥楬all of Souls鈥
Chapter 547: Xiao Li鈥檚 Plan
Chapter 548: Put up a Stage and Receive Challengers
Chapter 549: Yao Sheng
Chapter 550: Initial Exchange
Chapter 551: No. 1 Training Room
Chapter 552: The Violent Activity Within the Tower
Chapter 553: The Pre-Uprising of the Fallen Heart Flame
Chapter 554: First Elder Su Qian
Chapter 555: Enemies Often Cross Each Other鈥檚 Paths
Chapter 556: Tit for Tat
Chapter 557: Determining One鈥檚 Opponent
Chapter 558: The Start of the Grand Competition
Chapter 559: Bei Ju
Chapter 560: Ruler Technique
Chapter 561: Bloody Ground Eight Split
Chapter 562: Green Fire Armor
Chapter 563: Liu Qing鈥檚 Appearance
Chapter 564: Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw
Chapter 565: Second Round
Chapter 566: Squaring Off Against Yao Sheng
Chapter 567: Overcoming the 鈥楤lack Water World鈥
Chapter 568: Victorious!
Chapter 569: Dazzling
Chapter 570: One pester and one strong
Chapter 571: Scroll
Chapter 572: Contesting for the Top Ten
Chapter 573: The Contest Between The Novice Dark Horse And A Veteran Expert
Chapter 574: Seething
Chapter 575: The Collision Between the Octane Blast and the Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw
Chapter 576: Explode
Chapter 577: One Move
Chapter 578: The Collision Between the Great Splitting Rock and the Flame Splitting Tsunami!
Chapter 578: The Collision Between the Great Splitting Rock and the Flame Splitting Tsunami!
Chapter 579: A Breath Remains
Chapter 580: Coming to a Close
Chapter 581: Recuperation
Chapter 582: Advancement of Strength
Chapter 583: Deputy Commander of the Black Submerged Army, Ling Quan
Chapter 584: Separated
Chapter 585: Entering the Lowest Level of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower
Chapter 586: Essence Heart Flame
Chapter 587: The Pain of Refining One鈥檚 Body
Chapter 588: Fallen Heart Flame, Erupt!
Chapter 589: Breaching the Seal!
Chapter 590: Breaking Through the Tower!
Chapter 591: Thousand Layer Sealing Formation
Chapter 592: Calling Out to Friends and Allies
Chapter 593: Joining Hands to Seal!
Chapter 594: Incomplete Flame Mantra
Chapter 595: Chaotic Great Battle
Chapter 596: Fighting Fan Lao
Chapter 597: Helping Hand
Chapter 598: Green Flame Everywhere!
Chapter 599: Sea Heart Flame
Chapter 600: Great and Terrible Explosion
Chapter 601: Similar Thought
Chapter 602: Extermination
Chapter 603: Ineffective Seal
Chapter 604: The Fallen Heart Flame, a Cheating Training Machine!
Chapter 605: Fighting With Fire!
Chapter 606: Revealing The True Form
Chapter 607: True Body
Chapter 608: Clash
Chapter 609: Terrified
Chapter 610: Large Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame
Chapter 611: Swallow, Seal!
Chapter 612: Desperate Situation
Chapter 613: Appearance of the Snake
Chapter 614: Intersection Between Life and Death
Chapter 615: Slow Transformation
Chapter 616: Advancing to Dou Wang!
Chapter 617: Turning the Tables, Capturing the Fallen Heart Flame
Chapter 618: Erode, Refine, Merge!
Chapter 619: Successful Merger!
Chapter 620: The Sequelae From The Merger Of The Heavenly Flames
Chapter 621: Breaking the Seal
Chapter 622: Breaking Through the Tower and Escaping
Chapter 623: Test
Chapter 624: Bane Existence
Chapter 625: Solving the Trouble
Chapter 626: Gathering Helpers
Chapter 627: The Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 628: Withdrawal from Shouting
Chapter 629: Reinforcements
Chapter 630: Killing Fan Lao
Chapter 631: Killing Spree
Chapter 632: Life Devouring Pill
Chapter 633: Medicinal Formula
Chapter 634: Arrival of the Great Battle
Chapter 635: Collision Between The Strong
Chapter 636: Cross Swords
Chapter 637: Fire Lotus Bottle
Chapter 638: Fight Between Those with the Same Teacher
Chapter 639: Han Feng with Half a Foot into the Dou Zong Class
Chapter 640: Emerald Fire Lotus
Chapter 641: Your Life Is Mine!
Chapter 642: Reappearance of the Hall of Souls
Chapter 643: Serene Sea Storage Ring
Chapter 644: Retreat and Recuperation
Chapter 645: God Seal Technique
Chapter 646: Plans
Chapter 647: Transaction
Chapter 648: Practicing the Open Mountain Seal
Chapter 649: Xiao Gate
Chapter 650: Three Large Factions
Chapter 651: Shock and Awe
Chapter 652: Gathering Helpers
Chapter 653: Gathering Medicinal Ingredients
Chapter 654: Refining the Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill
Chapter 655: Medicinal Pill Auction
Chapter 656: Deterrent
Chapter 657: The End of the Auction
Chapter 658: Restoration Medicinal Liquid
Chapter 659: Yao Lao Awakens!
Chapter 660: Teacher and Disciple Meet Again
Chapter 661: The Ingredients Needed to Refine a Body
Chapter 662: Finding Solutions
Chapter 663: Recover
Chapter 664: The Three Yao Brothers
Chapter 665: Looking After
Chapter 666: Settling Pan鈥檚 Gate
Chapter 667: Ten Exchanges
Chapter 668: Tranquil
Chapter 669: Fully Prepared
Chapter 670: Leaving the Inner Academy
Chapter 671: Begin the Journey: Return to the Jia Ma Empire!
Chapter 672: Activity of the Misty Cloud Sect
Chapter 673: Thousands of Kilometers Away
Chapter 674: Zhen Gui Pass! Old Acquaintance!
Chapter 675: Mu Tie
Chapter 676: Kill
Chapter 677: The Situation in the Jia Ma Empire
Chapter 678: Discussion in the Sect
Chapter 679: Primer鈥檚 Calamity
Chapter 680: Blood Bath
Chapter 681: Bloody Battle
Chapter 682: Rush to the Capital!
Chapter 683: Debt Collection!
Chapter 684: Giving Others The Taste Of Their Own Medicine
Chapter 685: Start a Massacre
Chapter 686: Sweep Away
Chapter 687: The Shock of the Misty Cloud Sect
Chapter 688: Situation
Chapter 689: State of Affairs
Chapter 690: Discuss
Chapter 691: Settling the Xiao Clan
Chapter 692: Females Picking On Each Other
Chapter 693: Xue Mei
Chapter 694: Fu Yan
Chapter 695: Meeting
Chapter 696: Revealing Oneself
Chapter 697: Wedding
Chapter 698: Mixed Bone Molding Pill
Chapter 699: The Xiao Clan鈥檚 Mansion
Chapter 700: Night Discussion
Chapter 701: Serene Sea Scaly Beast
Chapter 702: Treatment
Chapter 703: Arrival of the Big Fight
Chapter 704: Wedding Day
Chapter 705: A Fight with Ten Exchanges
Chapter 706: Fighting Gu He
Chapter 707: Defeat!
Chapter 708: Kill Everyone
Chapter 709: Decisive Battle, Misty Cloud Sect!
Chapter 710: Decisive Fight With Yun Shan!
Chapter 711: Great Sorrowful Wind Tearing Hand!
Chapter 712: Protector Wu
Chapter 713: Submerged Wind Braking Blades
Chapter 714: Trump Card, Three Colored Fire Lotus
Chapter 715: Explosion of the Fire Lotus
Chapter 716: Kill?
Chapter 717: Killing Yun Shan!
Chapter 718: Unexpected Turn of Events
Chapter 719: Reappearance of Nalan Yanran
Chapter 720: Yao Lao Fighting Protector Wu
Chapter 721: Big Fight Between Dou Zongs
Chapter 722: Captured
Chapter 723: Pain
Chapter 724: Dealing With The Misty Cloud Sect
Chapter 725: The Fate of the Misty Cloud Sect
Chapter 726: End
Chapter 727: Situation
Chapter 728: The Great Meeting of Factions
Chapter 729: Poison Sect
Chapter 730: The Things Yao Lao Left Behind
Chapter 731: The Initial Form of a Faction
Chapter 732: Parting Ways
Chapter 733: Full Recovery
Chapter 734: Alliance
Chapter 735: Yan Alliance
Chapter 736: Succeed
Chapter 737: Refine
Chapter 738: The Thought of Undertaking a Retreat
Chapter 739: Qingshan
Chapter 740: Meeting an Acquaintance
Chapter 741: Strange Mountain Valley
Chapter 742: The Mysterious Black Figure
Chapter 743: Little Fairy Doctor?
Chapter 744: Zi Yan鈥檚 Advancement
Chapter 745: Pill Formed
Chapter 746: He Clan
Chapter 747: Helping Hand
Chapter 748: He Gan
Chapter 749: Deep Retreat
Chapter 750: Change
Chapter 751: Deep Spiritual Observation
Chapter 752: Advancing to the Dou Huang class!
Chapter 753: Leaving the Valley
Chapter 754: Great Chaos
Chapter 755: Poison Sect, Gold Geese Sect, Mulan Valley
Chapter 756: Rescue
Chapter 757: Snake-Person Yue Mei
Chapter 758: Situation
Chapter 759: Big Battle!
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Chapter 760: Three Beast Savage Skill
Like the book
Chapter 761: Fighting Mulan Three Elders
Chapter 327:Anya
Chapter 762: Intense Fight!
To the bottom
Chapter 763: Three Thousand Lightning
Chapter 1: Number T-105
Chapter 764: Scam
Chapter 2: Entering Conviction
Chapter 765: Eagle Cry
Chapter 3: Green Slimes
Chapter 766: Poison Sect鈥檚 Sect Leader
Chapter 4: Green Slime and Mushroom Stew
Chapter 767: Agility Fight
Chapter 5: Looking for Jesse
Chapter 768: Explode!
Chapter 6: Fluorescent Slime
Chapter 769: Prestige
Chapter 7: Fluorescent Ring
Chapter 770: People Have Changed Despite Everything Else Remaining The Same
Chapter 8: Danger Around Every Corner
Chapter 771: The Ceasing of the Big Battle
Chapter 9: Plentiful Rewards
Chapter 772: Night Meeting
Chapter 10: Lunch Time
Chapter 773: The Poison Pill Method
Chapter 11: Mayor Mar
Chapter 774: The Experts From The Snake-People Tribe
Chapter 12: The Elegant Arrow
Chapter 775: The Four Great Elders
Chapter 13: The Resentful Rose
Chapter 14: Red Furred Flaming Dog
Chapter 15: Temporary Truce
Chapter 16: Group Dinner
Chapter 17: To The Peak
Chapter 776: Three Grade of Secret Technique
Chapter 777: Provocation
Chapter 18: Hemlock Longbow
Chapter 778: Nursing One鈥檚 Health
Chapter 19: Straight Thrust
Chapter 779: Operation
Chapter 20: A Bat in a Lava Cave
Chapter 780: Assassinate
Chapter 21: Sai鈥檚 Fang
Chapter 781: Fighting Many Alone
Chapter 22: Volcano Hot Spring
Chapter 782: Rich Reward
Chapter 23: Crystal Slime
Chapter 783: Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings
Chapter 24: Fluorescent Crystal ring
Chapter 784: The Mountain Above the Clouds , Xun Er!
Chapter 25: Lava Lamia
Chapter 785: Pill Tower
Chapter 26: An Awkward Scene
Chapter 786: Recruiting Gu He
Chapter 27: Bachiya鈥檚 Blessing
Chapter 787: First Commander
Chapter 28: Welcoming the Sun
Chapter 788: Inviting Helpers
Chapter 29: The Disappointed Flasher Uncle
Chapter 789: Hurrying to Chu Yun!
Chapter 30: Wu Na Meets Danger
Chapter 790: Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate
Chapter 31: Shocking Instant Kill
Chapter 791: Wu Ya
Chapter 32: Dragon and Snakes Intermingle
Chapter 792: Dangerous
Chapter 33: Wu Na Moving In
Chapter 793: Xie Bi Yan
Chapter 34: New Teammate - Lil鈥橠ino Joins
Chapter 794: Big Battle Between Factions
Chapter 35: Bitter Fight Against Fishmen
Chapter 795: Kill
Chapter 36: Whirlwind Strike
Chapter 796: Four Wings Sky Demon Scorpion
Chapter 37: Minor Healing Stream
Chapter 797: Revealing Oneself
Chapter 38: Double Strike
Chapter 798: Protector Tie
Chapter 39: Lin Le鈥檚 Might
Chapter 799: Eruption of Dou Zong Battle
Chapter 40: Lil鈥橠ino is Touched
Chapter 800: Sneak Attack
Chapter 41: Blue Scaled Fishman Cave
Chapter 801: Xie Shan鈥檚 Death
Chapter 42: Perverted Lowlife
Chapter 802: Soul Bag
Chapter 43: Battle Against the Blue-Scaled Fishman Chief
Chapter 803: Sea Flipping Seal!
Chapter 44: A Thrilling Shot
Chapter 804: Miserable Protector Tie
Chapter 45: Furious ThornyRose
Chapter 805: Capture!
Chapter 46: Ill Gotten Gains
Chapter 806: An All Out Strike
Chapter 47: Mayor鈥檚 Reward
Chapter 807: Demon Poison Spot
Chapter 48: Mar鈥檚 Stash

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