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Chapter 3鈥揌alf a First Place
Chapter 4鈥揊ate Roulette
Chapter 5鈥揝imba is here!
Chapter 6鈥揃lack Rose
Chapter 7鈥揃attling a Rookie
Chapter 8鈥揂ctor
Chapter 9鈥揂ngelic Man
Chapter 10鈥揟he Prodigy Society is Established!
Chapter 11鈥揜andom Weapon
Chapter 12鈥揟he Little Dreg鈥檚 Counterattack!
Chapter 13鈥揈mily Wants to Stay the Night
Chapter 14鈥揂 Correlative Study of the Behaviour of Students when Studying and the Side Benefit of Attracting the Opposite Sex鈥擜ka, Studying and Picking up Chicks
Chapter 15鈥揟he Question of 鈥淪ize鈥
Chapter 16鈥揟he Heavy Solder from the North
Chapter 17鈥揟yrannical Heavy
Chapter 18鈥揢nbelieveable
Chapter 19鈥撯淢atch鈥 King of Debate
Chapter 20鈥揟he Unfathomable Heart of a Girl
Chapter 21鈥揟he School鈥檚 Idol
Chapter 22鈥揚ie or Pitfall?
Chapter 23鈥揟heir First Meeting
Chapter 24鈥揌ow Wang Zhong Chases Girls
Chapter 25鈥揊irst Success
Chapter 26鈥揅hallenge from the Wild Beasts
Chapter 27鈥揟oilet Escape Technique
Chapter 28鈥揑鈥檒l Shove My Dick Into a Five-Speed Fan!
Chapter 29鈥揥hirling Flying Tomahawks
Chapter 30鈥揌ow Can This Be!
Chapter 31鈥揋odlike Control
Chapter 32鈥揟he Ball Queen鈥檚 Combat Authenticity
Chapter 33鈥揟heories on the Importance of Pacing
Chapter 34鈥揂 Cheap Kind of Feeling
Chapter 35鈥揟he Girlish Heart of the Witch
Chapter 36鈥揈ating Like It鈥檚 a Cafeteria!
Chapter 37鈥揗a Dong Dong Considers Changing Names
Chapter 38-Actor
Chapter 39-Fiery Hot
Chapter 40鈥揔ing of Creeps
Chapter 41鈥揅amoflage Tactics
Chapter 42鈥揅rosswheel Slash
Chapter 43鈥揟he Three Great Instincts of New Humans
Chapter 44鈥揟he Ball Queen Comes out to Battle!
Chapter 46鈥揊iery Hammer Technique
Chapter 46鈥揟he Three Great Empires
Chapter 47鈥揝olomon Rothschild
Chapter 48鈥揢nique Combat Technique
Chapter 49鈥揇imensional Beasts
Chapter 50鈥揕ive Dissection Class
Chapter 51鈥揟he Prodigy Society鈥檚 First Battle
Chapter 52鈥揂 Battle of Assassins
Chapter 53鈥揟he Heart of an Assassin
Chapter 54鈥揗ain Force and the Substitute
Chapter 55鈥揇on鈥檛 Be a Guy Like Ma Dong
Chapter 56鈥揋rai
Chapter 61鈥揋reat Success
Chapter 62鈥揕ow IQ, Low EQ, Low Everything
Chapter 64鈥揝harmie鈥檚 Worries
Chapter 65鈥揅annon Fodder Versus Elite
Chapter 66鈥換uality of Battle
Chapter 67鈥揂rnold is Courting Death
Chapter 68鈥揅ircling Blade Waltz
Chapter 69鈥揅aptain, Let鈥檚 Get a Midnight Snack Together
Chapter 70鈥揊eelings Can鈥檛 Keep People Around
Chapter 72鈥揂ntique
Chapter 78鈥揂 Sumptious Dinner
Chapter 79鈥揚ersonal Service
Chapter 80鈥揘ew Tropical Rain Forest
Chapter 81鈥揝oldier Bloodline
Chapter 82鈥揂ssistance
Chapter 83鈥揚otential
Chapter 84鈥揥ang Zhong Versus Grai
Chapter 85鈥揑gnored
Chapter 86鈥揋irls Can鈥檛 Take the Initiative
Chapter 87鈥揂 Great Mishap
Chapter 88鈥揘o Soul Beast?
Chapter 89鈥揟yranny of the Bear
Chapter 90鈥揝lip Away?
Chapter 91鈥揂ssassin Clans
Chapter 92鈥揢nable to Persist for More Than Ten Seconds
Chapter 93鈥揝ix Blade Stream
Chapter 94鈥揌urricane Eight Blade Stream
Chapter 95鈥揟he Peak of Assassins
Chapter 96鈥揕et鈥檚 Go on a Date!
Chapter 97鈥揟he Luxery of Appealing With Emotions
Chapter 98鈥揂 Struggle of Techniques
Chapter 99鈥揇andelion
Chapter 100鈥揋rowing More Prosperous With Each Passing Day
Chapter 101鈥揕aforgue Infinite Slash Crosswheel
Chapter 102鈥揂ll-Mouthy King of the Assassin Clan?
Chapter 103鈥揥onderful Combination
Chapter 104鈥揇ate
Chapter 105鈥揟hreats
Chapter 106鈥揕imit Challenge
Chapter 107鈥揕uck has Arrived!
Chapter 108鈥揊orbidden Soul Space
Chapter 109鈥揗en Must Have Good Bodies!
Chapter 110鈥揂 Brutal Attack
Chapter 111鈥揅arefree and Unrestrained
Chapter 112鈥揝ecret Weapon
Chapter 113鈥揕oki鈥檚 Hammer
Chapter 114鈥揇urandal鈥檚 Magic Bow
Chapter 115鈥揌eroic Age
Chapter 116鈥揅anned Food
Chapter 117鈥揂ttachment
Chapter 118鈥揅oveting
Chapter 119鈥揗olton Potter
Chapter 120鈥揕ife and Death Coffin
Chapter 121鈥揅ousin, Your Relative is Here!
Chapter 122鈥揑dol-Level Sharmie
Chapter 123
Chapter 124鈥揟our Guide
Chapter 125鈥揊orced to the Wall
Chapter 126鈥揟he Return of the Ball Queen
Chapter 127鈥揑ntimate Contact With the Goddess
Chapter 128鈥揊amily Inheritance
Chapter 129鈥揑ntrinsic Nature of Flames
Chapter 130鈥揑n Fact, It鈥檚 Luck
Chapter 131鈥揟he Hope of the Cannon Fodder
Chapter 132鈥揗eeting the Explosive Bear Goddess, Laura
Chapter 133鈥揊leshy Battle with the Goddess
Chapter 134鈥揟he Merry City鈥檚 Battle
Chapter 135鈥揋host Steps VS Explosive Flame Bear
Chapter 136鈥揝inging of Conquering
Chapter 137鈥揚uny
Chapter 138鈥揤eteran
Chapter 139鈥揊ading Civilization
Chapter 140鈥揌oneymoon Trip?
Chapter 141鈥揟rap
Chapter 142鈥揊lower
Chapter 143鈥揗utated Red-Legged Spider
Chapter 144鈥揃rink of Crisis
Chapter 145鈥揟eam
Chapter 146鈥揈nd of the Road
Chapter 147鈥揊ight Like a True Man!
Chapter 148鈥揂ccept Grai鈥檚 Fury!
Chapter 149鈥揟he Unjustly Ridiculed Fate Stone
Chapter 150鈥揟he Prodigy Society is Always Pretty Lucky
Chapter 151鈥揟he New Tianjing Squad
Chapter 152鈥揢ndercurrents
Chapter 153鈥揥hole Body of Treasure
Chapter 154鈥揂ctivating the Fate Roulette
Chapter 155鈥揊orceful
Chapter 156鈥揢nparalleled Haughtiness
Chapter 157鈥揂 Broken Arm
Chapter 158鈥揟he Alien Who Will Die If He Doesnt鈥 Act Like a Pretentious Prick
Chapter 159鈥揝uper Grade Defense
Chapter 160鈥揟he Kick That Won it All!
Chapter 161鈥揂ll In Roulette
Chapter 162鈥揂 Great Monster
Chapter 163鈥揊ate Summon
Chapter 164鈥揜ebirth After Tribulation
Chapter 165鈥揥heel of Indulgence
Chapter 166鈥揜uthless Crosswheel
Chapter 167鈥揥here Did The Lightbulb Come From?
Chapter 168鈥揑鈥檓 Really Not a Baldy!
Chapter 169鈥揂dolf
Chapter 170鈥揇ifferent Levels
Chapter 171鈥揟he Intent of a Drunkard
Chapter 172鈥揙verbearing
Chapter 173鈥揙ne Can Never Be Completely Prepared in a Fight
Chapter 174鈥揋rand Gamble
Chapter 175鈥揅omplete Lack of IQ
Chapter 176鈥揊ollow the Order
Chapter 177鈥揜eturning Shot
Chapter 178鈥揂bandoning in Self Despair?
Chapter 179鈥揃eat the Captain to Death!
Chapter 180鈥揊ight Between Aces
Chapter 181鈥揙utstanding Goddess
Chapter 182鈥揈dge of the Cliff
Chapter 183鈥揕et Them Understand
Chapter 184鈥揃ataru
Chapter 185鈥揜un Youth!
Chapter 186鈥揇isparity between Pretty Boys
Chapter 187鈥揟his is Called Strategizing!
Chapter 188鈥揋ame of Combat Strategies
Chapter 189鈥揊ace the Sun
Chapter 190
Chapter 191鈥揟ransformed Heavy Soldier
Chapter 192鈥揗iraculous Group Battle (Two-In_One)
Chapter 193鈥揢nleashed Heart
Chapter 194鈥揊inal Dignity
Chapter 195鈥揑n Fact, I鈥檝e Always Wanted to be a Swordsman
Chapter 196鈥揂n Equal Clash?
Chapter 197鈥揑鈥檓 Just Strong!
Chapter 198鈥揂ll-rounded Star
Chapter 199.1鈥揗a Dong is Strange
Chapter 199.2鈥揗a Dong is Strange (II)
Chapter 200鈥揂ll-Mouthy King
Chapter 201鈥揂s in Mouth?
Chapter 203鈥揇ragon Lady Diviana Seer
Chapter 204鈥揑nvincible Might
Chapter 205鈥揋od of Slaughter: Crosswheels
Chapter 206鈥揗ight of the Bloodlines
Chapter 207鈥揟he Strongest King鈥檚 Laforgue Infinite Slash Crosswheels
Chapter 208鈥揂 New Legend
Chapter 209鈥揊ifty-Fifty
Chapter 210.1鈥揂 King鈥檚 Road
Chapter 210.2鈥揔ing鈥檚 Road
Chapter 211鈥揟he King Phenomena
Chapter 212鈥揈astern Area
Chapter 213鈥揑n Fact, It鈥檚 the Little Bear
Chapter 214鈥揟he Trick to Cutting Space
Chapter 215鈥揟he State of the Hyperdimension
Chapter 216鈥揟he Gathering of the Trio
Chapter 217鈥揟hree Different Civilizations
Chapter 218鈥揟he Secret Realm Within the Dreams
Chapter 219鈥揝ubversive View of the World
Chapter 220鈥揊loating Door of Life
Chapter 221鈥揇imensional Mayfly
Chapter 222鈥揗ight of the Cola
Chapter 223鈥揌e鈥檒l Die If He Isn鈥檛 Pretentious
Chapter 224.1鈥揇elicate to the Finest Detail
Chapter 224.2鈥揇elicate to the Finest Detail
Chapter 226鈥 Shocking
Chapter 227鈥揈astern Region Tyrant
Chapter 228鈥揅opperfield
Chapter 229鈥揕aura in the Bath
Chapter 230鈥揌aving the need to cast Bear Rules the World while still being naked
Chapter 231鈥揟he Problem with Living Runic Patterns
Chapter 232鈥揊ind That Guy!
Chapter 233鈥揘aturally it鈥檚 the Potter Family
Chapter 234鈥揟eam Understanding
Chapter 235.1鈥揌ighland Beef
Chapter 235.2鈥揌ighland Beef
Chapter 236鈥揌unger
Chapter 237鈥揂 Noble鈥檚 Game
Chapter 238.1鈥揝triving to be First and Fearing to be Last
Chapter 238.2鈥揝triving to be First and Fearing to be Last
Chapter 239鈥揂 Good Dog Doesn鈥檛 Block the Way
Chapter 240鈥揅hildren Playing on the Side
Chapter 241.1鈥揋randdaughter鈥檚 Husband?
Chapter 241.2鈥揋randson-in-law?
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Chapter 528: Getting Out Of The Spaceship
To the bottom
Chapter 1: Mission
Chapter 2: Gaotang Town
Chapter 3: Noxious Mosquito
Chapter 4: Spooky Forest
Chapter 5: The Snake Trail
Chapter 6: A Near Escape
Chapter 7: A Dexterity Point
Chapter 8: The Ambiguous Message
Chapter 9: Purchasing A Knife
Chapter 10: Donghu Park
Chapter 11: Snake Skin Bulletproof Vest
Chapter 12: Deterioration
Chapter 13: Purchasing Limit
Chapter 14: Yushui City
Chapter 15: Mountain Pass
Chapter 16: Escape!
Chapter 17: Night Lodging
Chapter 18: A Night With A Wolf
Chapter 19: Murder
Chapter 20: Gigantic Dog
Chapter 21: The Landfill
Chapter 22: A Sudden Change
Chapter 23: Succeeded
Chapter 24: Evolved Man
Chapter 25: The Large Group of Insects
Chapter 26: Trapped
Chapter 27: Bomb
Chapter 28: Death Seeker
Chapter 29: Energy
Chapter 30: Vehicle Acquisition
Chapter 31: Guard Rank
Chapter 32: Blue Rank
Chapter 33: Gas
Chapter 34: Accidental Injury
Chapter 35: Barrage
Chapter 36: Aftermath of the Attack
Chapter 37: Communication Gap
Chapter 38: Realization
Chapter 39: Evacuation
Chapter 40: Lost Control
Chapter 41: Apart
Chapter 42: Rent
Chapter 43: Expertise
Chapter 44: Aversion
Chapter 45: Foundation
Chapter 46: Into the Wild
Chapter 47: New Equipment
Chapter 48: Petrified
Chapter 49: Invisible
Chapter 50: Leeches
Chapter 51: Lake
Chapter 52: Speed Kill
Chapter 53: Dramatized
Chapter 54: Freezing
Chapter 55: Earthworm
Chapter 56: Mutation
Chapter 57: Breakthrough
Chapter 58: Regulations
Chapter 59: Acute Disease
Chapter 60: Critical Situation
Chapter 61: Discarding the Corpse
Chapter 62: Food Insufficiency
Chapter 63: The Sequela
Chapter 64: The Collapsing Social Order
Chapter 65: Disappointment and Desperation
Chapter 66: Leaving
Chapter 67: Villa
Chapter 68: An Eccentric Corpse
Chapter 69: Enchanted Worm
Chapter 70: Help Seeker
Chapter 71: Endless Battle
Chapter 72: Pesticide
Chapter 73: The Wriggling Corrosive Earthworm
Chapter 74: Mud
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qi_Men_Dun_Jia3||http://www.hiwuxia.com/0/80/10924.html||Chapter 75: Disfigurement
Chapter 76: Beast Attack
Chapter 77: The Great War
Chapter 78: Wealth from the War
Chapter 79: Flaming Cloud
Chapter 80: Survival
Chapter 81: The Golden-Winged Roc
Chapter 82: Sympathy
Chapter 83: The Underground Base
Chapter 84: Exposed
Chapter 85: Stars
Chapter 86: Sun
Chapter 87: Suicide
Chapter 88: Coercion
Chapter 89: Rejection
Chapter 90: Scapegoat
Chapter 91: Night Chatter
Chapter 92: Radiation
Chapter 93: Choice
Chapter 94: Territory
Chapter 95: Accident
Chapter 96: Strange
Chapter 97: Enchanted
Chapter 98: The Haunted Tree
Chapter 99: The Heart of the Locust Tree
Chapter 100: Courage
Chapter 101: Light
Chapter 102: The Battle Beast
Chapter 103: Chaos
Chapter 104: Light
Chapter 105: Early War
Chapter 106: The Homeless Man
Chapter 107: Mutual Alliance
Chapter 108: Shock
Chapter 109: Sophomore
Chapter 110: Downsizing
Chapter 111: Crisis
Chapter 112: Indifferent
Chapter 113: Horror
Chapter 114: Strange Condition
Chapter 115: The Return
Chapter 116: Evolving Ability
Chapter 117: Come Murder With Me
Chapter 118: Cruel Slaughtering
Chapter 119: The Pulse of the Earth
Chapter 120: Anxie District
Chapter 121: Meeting Again
Chapter 122: The Mutated Man
Chapter 123: Preparating for Departure
Chapter 124: The Miracle of Life
Chapter 125: Skyrocketing Power
Chapter 126: Heaven鈥檚 Pillar Tree
Chapter 127: Airflow Balancing
Chapter 128: Abnormality
Chapter 129: The Great Migration
Chapter 130: Dying
Chapter 131: The Destiny of The Heaven鈥渟 Pillar Tree
Chapter 132: The Smell of Death
Chapter 133: Endless Forest
Chapter 134: The Cave
Chapter 135: Maggots
Chapter 136: Absorbing Life
Chapter 137: Dawn
Chapter 138: Nuclear Explosion Aftermath
Chapter 139: Sea Bridge
Chapter 140: Survivors
Chapter 141: Meeting Zhao Yali Again
Chapter 142: Bottom Line
Chapter 143: Abducting
Chapter 144: Ocean-like River
Chapter 145: Flying
Chapter 146: Ingenious Use
Chapter 147: DNA Damage
Chapter 148: Sound of Water
Chapter 149: Spawn of the Giant Archelon
Chapter 150: Process to deal with
Chapter 151: Lucky One
Chapter 152: Failed Evolution
Chapter 153: Stay
Chapter 154: Supermarket
Chapter 155: Call for Help
Chapter 156: The Wicked Woman
Chapter 157: Trust
Chapter 158: Horrible Creatures
Chapter 159: Critical
Chapter 160: Breakthrough
Chapter 161: Progress
Chapter 162: Transformation
Chapter 163: Retreat
Chapter 164: Recovery
Chapter 165: Testing Poisons
Chapter 166: Excitement
Chapter 167: Sorting Out
Chapter 168: Battalion Commander Zhou
Chapter 169: Goal
Chapter 170: Sea Level
Chapter 171: Resolved
Chapter 172: Deterioration
Chapter 173: Departure
Chapter 174: Tiger Headed Flood Dragon
Chapter 175: Big Trouble
Chapter 176: Fury
Chapter 177: Bloody
Chapter 178: Walking on Water
Chapter 179: Mastery
Chapter 180: Danger
Chapter 181: Against Time
Chapter 182: Seconds Ticking
Chapter 183: Mystery
Chapter 184: Afterglow
Chapter 185: Arrival
Chapter 186: Intimidation
Chapter 187: Acquaintance
Chapter 188: Training
Chapter 189: Recruitment
Chapter 190: War
Chapter 191: Difficulties
Chapter 192: Specious
Chapter 193: Collapse
Chapter 194: Unpredictable Moment
Chapter 195: Subconscious
Chapter 196: Unexpected discovery
Chapter 197: Evolve
Chapter 198: Seeing the Giant Lizard Again
Chapter 199: Boarding the Plane
Chapter 200: Static Electricity
Chapter 201: Forced Landing
Chapter 202: Kunlun Mountains
Chapter 203: The First Night
Chapter 204: Infrasound
Chapter 205: Apocalypse
Chapter 206: The Chase
Chapter 207: Restless Night
Chapter 208: Learning to Fight
Chapter 209: The Three Stages
Chapter 210: Calm
Chapter 211: Water
Chapter 212: Excitement
Chapter 213: Strong Enemy Nearby
Chapter 214: Special Mission
Chapter 215: Brazier
Chapter 216: Animalistic
Chapter 217: Chaotic
Chapter 218: Curse
Chapter 219: Wisdom Tree
Chapter 220: Illusion and Hypnosis
Chapter 221: The Bird
Chapter 222: Salt Ores
Chapter 223: Private Training
Chapter 224: Explosion
Chapter 225: Revenge
Chapter 226: Observation & Decision
Chapter 227: The Big Lake
Chapter 228: Abundant Treasure
Chapter 229: Looking for Trouble
Chapter 230: Here It Comes
Chapter 231: The Return
Chapter 232: The Incident
Chapter 233: The Detection Technique
Chapter 234: Pain
Chapter 235: Direction
Chapter 236: Wisdom Heart
Chapter 237: Amazing
Chapter 238: Rotation
Chapter 239: Rainstorm
Chapter 240: Moss
Chapter 241: Symbiosis
Chapter 242: Decision
Chapter 243: Departure
Chapter 244: Gigantic Beast
Chapter 245: The Night
Chapter 246: Detour
Chapter 247: Stone Heap
Chapter 248: Jiuchuan
Chapter 249: Highway
Chapter 250: Deserter
Chapter 251: Worm
Chapter 252: Arrival
Chapter 253: Rejected
Chapter 254: Above
Chapter 255: Enter
Chapter 256: Settled
Chapter 257: Newspaper
Chapter 258: A Mind of His Own
Chapter 259: Procedures

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