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Chapter 260鈥揌ope
Chapter 261鈥揃id farewell
Chapter 262鈥揋ift From Nie Li
Chapter 263鈥揝kysoul Institute
Chapter 264鈥揝piritual Root
Chapter 265鈥揟est
Chapter 266鈥揜esults of the Test
Chapter 267鈥揝piritual Stone
Chapter 268鈥揧ing鈥檈r
Chapter 269鈥揂cupuncture
Chapter 270鈥揤enerable Redsoul
Chapter 271鈥揝piritual Flames
Chapter 272鈥揗aster Bei
Chapter 273鈥揚oisoned?
Chapter 274鈥揜easonable
Chapter 275鈥揝oul Brand
Chapter 276鈥揝aint Soul Board
Chapter 277鈥揗aster
Chapter 278鈥揗emories
Chapter 278鈥揜ank Change
Chapter 279鈥揕ong Yuyin
Chapter 280鈥揟hree Lashes
Chapter 281鈥揥here to Lash?
Chapter 282鈥揥ho鈥檚 the Trash Now?
Chapter 283鈥揧ou asked for it!
Chapter 284鈥揃locked
Chapter 285鈥揂 Chicken Feather for an Authoritative Token
Chapter 286鈥揌eavenly Fate
Chapter 287鈥揚hysical Strength
Chapter 288鈥揅lash
Chapter 289鈥揅onfrontation!
Chapter 290鈥揟he farther the better!
Chapter 291鈥揝enior and Junior Apprentices
Chapter 292鈥揝oul Scales
Chapter 293鈥揟he Sin of Greed
Chapter 294鈥揝ettling for Second
Chapter 295鈥揇emon Spirits For Sale
Chapter 296鈥揕i Xingyun
Chapter 297鈥揜eality
Chapter 298鈥揗aster and Disciple
Chapter 299鈥揊ace to Face on a Narrow Path
Chapter 300鈥揜espect
Chapter 301鈥揜eward
Chapter 302鈥揜efining Demon Spirits
Chapter 303鈥揃loodwing Saint Jiao-dragon
Chapter 304鈥揘ing鈥檈r鈥檚 Visit
Chapter 305鈥揧e Clan of the Skyblaze Sect
Chapter 306鈥揕ong Tianming
Chapter 307鈥揌oly Maiden and Holy Son
Chapter 308鈥揂 Rich Good-For-Nothing
Chapter 309鈥揟ricked
Chapter 310鈥揂rrangement
Chapter 311鈥揗yriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting
Chapter 312鈥揟he Four Arts 1
Chapter 313鈥揚rofound Understanding of Dao Intent
Chapter 314鈥揝word
Chapter 315鈥揝upreme Sword Intent
Chapter 316鈥揝elling words
Chapter 317鈥揚robing out
Chapter 318鈥揂byss Winged Draconic Falcon
Chapter 319鈥揌ierarch Skycloud
Chapter 320鈥揊ull of Sincerity
Chapter 321鈥揅ounterfeit
Chapter 322鈥揗yriad Miles Rivers and Mountains
Chapter 323鈥揇ispute
Chapter 324鈥揂 good show
Chapter 325鈥揃rother and Sister
Chapter 326鈥揇ragon Bone Winged Tiger
Chapter 327鈥揝uccessor鈥檚 Position
Chapter 328鈥揝econd Fate Soul
Chapter 329鈥揟otal Annihilation
Chapter 330鈥揙pening of the Demon League
Chapter 331鈥揗edium Grade Deity鈥檚 Lake
Chapter 332鈥揊ormally Becoming a Disciple
Chapter 333鈥揌eaven鈥檚 Divination Technique
Chapter 334鈥揗antis Stalks the Cicada 1
Chapter 335鈥揃astard
Chapter 336鈥揊ailed to Steal the Chicken 1
Chapter 337鈥揙pening the Meridians
Chapter 338鈥揟aking
Chapter 339鈥揝urrounded
Chapter 340鈥揂ncestral Sword Intent
Chapter 341鈥揅ountermeasure
Chapter 342鈥揌ierarch Skycloud
Chapter 343鈥揟aking in a disciple
Chapter 344鈥揟hreatened
Chapter 345鈥揕i Yufeng
Chapter 346鈥揝lashing the Price!
Chapter 347鈥揚urchase
Chapter 348鈥揅hallenge
Chapter 349鈥揝aint Blood Draconic Falcon
Chapter 350鈥揋rade 6 Artifact Armour
Chapter 351鈥揘ew Assessment
Chapter 352鈥揊rost Dragon Beast
Chapter 353鈥揟he Third Demon Spirit
Chapter 354鈥揟he Center of Attention
Chapter 355鈥揝uppressing with power
Chapter 356鈥揑 Quit
Chapter 357鈥揟he Big Five
Chapter 358鈥揚robe
Chapter 359鈥揃ack Spikes
Chapter 360鈥5-fate
Chapter 361鈥揂ssassin?
Chapter 362鈥揇ie While Fully Knowing
Chapter 363鈥揚ick One of Two
Chapter 364鈥揊ive Years
Chapter 365鈥揥ait!
Chapter 366鈥揇oesn鈥檛 Benefit Themselves, but Others?
Chapter 367鈥揙ne Who is Sincere
Chapter 368鈥揌eiyun Deity鈥檚 Lake
Chapter 369鈥揟aking Drastic Measures to Deal with Situation
Chapter 370鈥揜einforcements
Chapter 371鈥揈scaped?
Chapter 372鈥揙rigins
Chapter 373鈥揟reatment
Chapter 374鈥揤oid Spiritual Array
Chapter 375鈥揊rom the Tiny World
Chapter 376鈥揥u Yazi
Chapter 377鈥揟housand Illusionary Array
Chapter 378鈥揇emon Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 379鈥揤oid Illusionary Divine Palace
Chapter 380鈥揂ccidental Encounter
Chapter 381鈥揟rouble
Chapter 382鈥揊ollowing
Chapter 383鈥揝neak Attack
Chapter 384鈥揙uter Hall
Chapter 385鈥揑llusion
Chapter 386鈥揅elestial Bound Inscription Pattern Array
Chapter 387鈥揢nlucky
Chapter 388鈥揕ife Gate
Chapter 389鈥揌oly Son Li Huo
Chapter 390鈥揝ilver Fate Soul
Chapter 391鈥揝piritual Void Wall
Chapter 392鈥揈ncounter with the Demon Lord, Again
Chapter 393鈥揗ysterious Aura
Chapter 394鈥揂ncestral Master Daozang
Chapter 395鈥揜eincarnation
Chapter 396鈥揋anges Crystals
Chapter 397鈥揧ou Cannot Take It With You
Chapter 398鈥揟wo Holy Sons
Chapter 399鈥揃alance
Chapter 400鈥揃roken Array?
Chapter 401鈥揝ecret Path
Chapter 402鈥揝kyspirit Stone Array
Chapter 403鈥揟rapped
Chapter 404鈥揟ake! Take! Take!
Chapter 405鈥揌ierarch Blacknether
Chapter 406鈥揃lack Flames
Chapter 407鈥揙ut of Options
Chapter 408鈥揚assed?
Chapter 409鈥揌iding
Chapter 410鈥揊ate Star
Chapter 411鈥揙pportunity?
Chapter 412鈥揟ime and Space
Chapter 413鈥揌ear Me Out
Chapter 414鈥揃etrayal right before the battle!
Chapter 415鈥揊ishy
Chapter 416鈥揝ky Origin Divine Clan
Chapter 417鈥揚ursue
Chapter 418鈥揝ecretly Cultivating
Chapter 419鈥揝et Off
Chapter 420鈥揂 wicked person will be bedeviled by someone of the same kind
Chapter 421鈥揝ky Origin Divine Clan
Chapter 422鈥揗aster-Slave Contract
Chapter 423鈥揃usiness
Chapter 424鈥揂rrogance to Deference
Chapter 425鈥揝upreme Divine Techniques
Chapter 426鈥揚ursuit on the Border
Chapter 427鈥揊leeing
Chapter 428鈥揈mperor Tian Yuan
Chapter 429鈥揟reasures from Heaven and Earth
Chapter 430鈥揟he Inheritance of Tian Yuan
Chapter 431鈥揕eaving
Chapter 432鈥揊rightening Medicinal Effects
Chapter 433鈥揂cting Sect Master?
Chapter 434鈥揇ivine Medicine
Chapter 435鈥揝eat of the Sect Master
Chapter 436鈥揂ccident?
Chapter 437鈥揇reamland
Chapter 438鈥揅ontest (1/2)
Chapter 439鈥揅ontest (2/2)
Chapter 440鈥揓oining the Fray
Chapter 441鈥揇ao of Dragon Realm Experts
Chapter 442鈥揝ect Master Nie
Chapter 443鈥揝ealed
Chapter 444鈥揝ealed
Chapter 445鈥揝ubsidiary Sect
Chapter 446鈥揚aid in Blood and Sweat
Chapter 447鈥揚rovoking the Almighty
Chapter 448鈥揕ife As Such
Chapter 449鈥揇emon God鈥檚 Sect
Chapter 450鈥揋odslayer Artifact
Chapter 451鈥揌eavenly Note Pavilion
Chapter 452鈥揤isit
Chapter 453鈥揂 Request
Chapter 454鈥揈xchange
Chapter 455鈥揊ianc茅e
Chapter 456鈥揘urture
Chapter 457鈥揊emale Disciple
Chapter 458鈥揚urchasing Elixirs
Chapter 459鈥揟he Miracles of Duan Jian
Chapter 707鈥揟he Breaking of Wang Po (II)
Chapter 706鈥揟he Breaking of Wang Po (I)
Chapter 705鈥揟he Desire of a Metal Blade (II)
Chapter 704鈥揟he Desire of a Metal Blade (I)
Chapter 2342:Outstanding Courage And Insight
Chapter 2341:Undoing The Grand Formation
Chapter 2340:The Key To Force Open The Gate
Chapter 2339:Grandmaster Prophet
Chapter 2338:The Dangerousness Of The Remnants
Chapter 964:Destroying an Arm
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Chapter 963:Luring the Corpses
Chapter 962:Nine Serene Guarding Spirit Formation
Chapter 961:The Gathering Of Experts
Chapter 960:Thunder Hall
Chapter 1150: Old Xian鈥檚 Decision
Chapter 1149: Hidden Immortal Hall
Chapter 1148: Deepest Love
Chapter 1147: Apricot Vase
Chapter 1146: Indignation
Chapter 1455:Nine Serene Spring
Chapter 1454:Deputy Hall Chief of the Hall of Soul
Chapter 1453:Sky Mansion Alliance
Chapter 1452:Alliance
Chapter 1451:Grade Nine Treasure Pill
Chapter 721: Aren鈥檛 You Overdoing It?
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Chapter 720: Jiang Muye Has Gone Missing
Chapter 719: Have A Taste Of Your Own Medicine
Chapter 718: Will She Get Eaten Up Once She Healed?
Chapter 717: Cruel Big Bad Wolf
Chapter 1326:Eternal Darkness
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Chapter 1325:Dream Interpretation Scripture
Chapter 1324:Two Unrivalled Geniuses
Chapter 1323:Frost Dream鈥檚 Identity
Chapter 1322:Awakening And Exiting
Chapter 34 - Simon Wei?
Chapter 332 - Su Yanghao of remorse
Chapter 74鈥揟he Youngster鈥檚 Sword
Chapter 132鈥揟he Dallying Forest
Chapter 152鈥揟he Barefooted Youth; Resolved Girl
Chapter 435鈥揥hat Are We Discussing Together?

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