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Chapter 78
Chapter 79
Chapter 80-Don鈥檛 Dirty Ben Wang鈥榮 Place
Chapter 81-Inviting Humiliation
Chapter 82-The Curtain Drops on Qu and Liang
Chapter 83-The Oncoming Wind and Rain
Chapter 84-Death of the Emperor
Chapter 85-Entering the Palace
Chapter 86-Our Hougong
Chapter 87-Stupidity
Chapter 88-Crowned Empress
Chapter 89-The New Kui Yuan Palace
Chapter 90-The Composure of a Queen
Chapter 91-Who Can Compare To My Man
Chapter 92-Karma
Chapter 93-An Old Case
Chapter 94
Chapter 95-Pregnant
Chapter 96
Chapter 97-Overestimating Oneself
Chapter 98
Chapter 99-Decay
Chapter 100
Chapter 101-The Trust of the Emperor
Chapter 102-East and West
Chapter 103-Who Misunderstood Whom
Chapter 104-This Was Good
Chapter 105-Fated
Chapter 106-The Letter of Divorce
Chapter 107-Birth of A Son
Chapter 108-Competing for the Empress鈥 Favor Rathe
Chapter 109-The Question of Trust
Chapter 110-Dance
Chapter 111-Flying Gracefully
Chapter 112
Chapter 113-The Prosperity Blinds One鈥檚 Eyes
Chapter 114-I Am Yours
Chapter 115-A Liberal Culture
Chapter 116-A Heavy Blow
Chapter 117-The Lioness From Hedong Roars
Chapter 118
Chapter 119-The Song Ends, The People Leave
Chapter 120-Feng Seeks Huang
Chapter 121-Epilogue: Painting of a Beauty
Chapter 122-Epilogue: A Legendary Love Story
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A Slight Smile is Very Charming
Chapter 1-Dumped
Chapter 2-Groom Kidnapping?
Chapter 3-A Marriage Proposal
Chapter 4-Before the Wedding
Chapter 5-A Magnificent Wedding
Chapter 6-Tagalong Wei Wei [1]
Chapter 7-The Xiao Yu Family
Chapter 8-An Encounter On The Road
Chapter 9-The Duel
Chapter 10-Evil, Too Evil
Chapter 11-The Video
Chapter 12-White Robes, Red Shadow
Chapter 13-He Is Not Me
Chapter 14-The Quest
Chapter 15-Meet Again On The Jianghu
Chapter 16-Be With Me
Chapter 17-Give To My Wife To Toss Around and Play
Chapter 18-The Finals
Chapter 19-Realizations
Chapter 20-I Know
Chapter 21-I Was Waiting For You
Chapter 22-It's Him
Chapter 23-The Most Unlikely Couple
Chapter 24-The Farewell Match
Chapter 25-Blitzkrieg
Chapter 26-One Of Ours
Chapter 27-I Can't Stand It
Chapter 28-Passed By
Chapter 29-The Most Terrifying Team In History
Chapter 30-The Manner Of Those Who Are Strong
Chapter 31-Meiren Shixiong
Chapter 32-Rumours
Chapter 33-A Narrow Road
Chapter 34-The Truth
Chapter 35-Supplementing The Dowry
Chapter 36-Have A Good Trip
Chapter 37-Upon The Road, The Flowers Are Blooming
Chapter 38-Return Slowly As I Wait For You
Chapter 39-I'm Embarrassed
Chapter 40-The Little Intern
Chapter 41-His World
Chapter 42-The Swimsuit
Chapter 43-Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming
Chapter 44-Brilliance
Chapter 45-Let Me Be Your Sidekick
Chapter 46-A-Consummated Summer Vacation
Chapter 47-The Sun Will Never Set
Chapter 48-The End
Outtake-1 & 3
Outtake 2-Cong Cong Raising His Brother
Outtake-Mei Ren's Smile is Also Alluring 1 Cohab
Outtake-Mei Ren's Smile is Also Alluring 2 The T
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Chapter 1鈥揜eborn
Chapter 2鈥揑gnorant
Chapter 3鈥揚unished Standing
Chapter 4鈥揗illion Demon Spirit Coin?
Chapter 5鈥揂lchemist
Chapter 6鈥揦iao Ning鈥檈r
Chapter 7鈥揇aoyin Technique
Chapter 8鈥揂 Girl鈥檚 Heart
Chapter 9鈥揋oddess鈥檚 Breakfast
Chapter 10鈥揃ook of Divine Lightning Flame
Chapter 11鈥揟hreatened
Chapter 12鈥揝oul Realm
Chapter 13鈥揟esting the Innate Talent!
Chapter 14鈥揌eavenly God Cultivation Technique
Chapter 15鈥揋uidance
Chapter 16鈥揇emonic Magic?
Chapter 17鈥揟hrown Out
Chapter 18鈥揑nscription Master?
Chapter 19鈥揅hildrens of Influential Family
Chapter 20鈥揚urple Haze Grass
Chapter 21鈥揢sage of Purple Haze Grass
Chapter 22鈥揑ce Phoenix
Chapter 23鈥揗urder!
Chapter 24鈥揝et Off
Chapter 25鈥揥inged Dragon Family
Chapter 26鈥揝oul Forming
Chapter 27鈥揕eave it to me!
Chapter 28鈥揌uyan Lanruo
Chapter 29鈥揙ne Punch
Chapter 30鈥揅ontest of Soul Force
Chapter 31鈥揝now Sakura Demon Spirit
Chapter 32鈥揜elic
Chapter 33鈥揂rchery Skills
Chapter 34鈥揝pirit Grade Demon Beast
Chapter 35鈥揕uring the trouble
Chapter 36 -Numerology
Chapter 37鈥揈mperor Kong Ming
Chapter 38鈥揜emnant Pages
Chapter 39鈥揂bstruse Gemstone
Chapter 40鈥揝hadow Devil Spirit Lamp
Chapter 41鈥揝hen Fei
Chapter 42鈥揂ge does not reflect one鈥檚 knowledge
Chapter 43鈥揂lchemy Master?
Chapter 44鈥揚assed鈥
Chapter 45鈥揈lixir鈥檚 Formula
Chapter 46鈥揘ie Li鈥檚 master?
Chapter 47鈥揧ear examination
Chapter 48鈥揌eavenly Sacred Border
Chapter 49鈥揝trength Test
Chapter 50鈥揊ist Strength
Chapter 51鈥揈xploded?
Chapter 52鈥揌umiliation
Chapter 53鈥揜eturn home
Chapter 54鈥揗iracle Meridian Hands
Chapter 55鈥揚hysique of Heavenly Marks
Chapter 56鈥揂ssassinate
Chapter 57鈥揥ho Killed Them?
Chapter 58鈥揋enius Class鈥檚 Student?
Chapter 59鈥揇irector Yang paying a visit
Chapter 60鈥揜everse
Chapter 61鈥揟ease
Chapter 62鈥揑 have money
Chapter 63鈥揂uction
Chapter 64鈥揢se it himself
Chapter 65鈥揈lixir
Chapter 66鈥揇umbfounded
Chapter 67鈥揅ompeting auction
Chapter 68鈥揢nrivalled Treasure
Chapter 69鈥揝ky High Price
Chapter 70鈥揅ompeting
Chapter 71鈥揌ave it鈥檚 brilliant uses
Chapter 72鈥揜efining Demon Spirit
Chapter 73鈥揋od level growth rate
Chapter 74鈥揊anged Panda
Chapter 75鈥揅ombat Skills
Chapter 76鈥揊orgiveness
Chapter 77鈥揟ournament
Chapter 78鈥揟reasure
Chapter 79鈥揝oul Weapon Katar
Chapter 80鈥揕ong time no see
Chapter 81鈥揃et
Chapter 82鈥揊anged Panda鈥檚 first battle
Chapter 83鈥揧ou let me win
Chapter 84鈥揚laying something small
Chapter 85鈥揃arely
Chapter 86鈥揊allen unconscious
Chapter 87鈥揇emon Spirit Strengthening Pill
Chapter 88鈥揕egend
Chapter 89鈥揝now Queen
Chapter 90鈥揑nto the City Lord鈥檚 Mansion
Chapter 91鈥揕iving together?
Chapter 92鈥揟he City Lord Arrives
Chapter 93鈥揅onfrontation
Chapter 94鈥揙ne Year Pact
Chapter 95鈥揅ity Lord is very helpless
Chapter 96鈥揜eally want to stir the Sacred Family?
Chapter 97鈥揑nto the Heavenly Sacred Border
Chapter 98鈥揌ave me as your teacher
Chapter 99鈥揢nfilial descendent
Chapter 100鈥揟hunder God鈥檚 Meteorite Sword
Chapter 101鈥揇evouring Demon Spirits
Chapter 102鈥揝oul Puppet
Chapter 103鈥揑ntercept
Chapter 104鈥揅aptured for trial
Chapter 105鈥揅ause
Chapter 106鈥揧e Xiu
Chapter 107鈥揘ot free
Chapter 108鈥揈xchanging with your daughter
Chapter 109鈥揘ot a chance
Chapter 110鈥揕aying the Ten Thousands Demonic Beast Array
Chapter 111鈥揟his is what you鈥檝e said
Chapter 112鈥揟alk with me
Chapter 113鈥揙f course it was on purpose
Chapter 114鈥揚ower of the Tai Yi Killing Array
Chapter 115鈥揇irty old man
Chapter 116鈥揂pplying Medicine
Chapter 117鈥揂byss Demon
Chapter 118鈥揊ooling the enemy!
Chapter 119鈥揔illing Array
Chapter 120鈥揂 pretty good young man
Chapter 121鈥揔ill
Chapter 122鈥揗isty Leaf Herb
Chapter 123鈥揅ity Lord鈥檚 young master
Chapter 124鈥揃anquet
Chapter 125鈥揋ift
Chapter 126鈥揊ight?
Chapter 127鈥揅lash
Chapter 128鈥揃iological?
Chapter 129鈥揝uppressing
Chapter 130鈥揜uins
Chapter 131鈥揋olden Horned Land Dragon
Chapter 132鈥揔atar
Chapter 133鈥揟empting
Chapter 134鈥揦iao Xue
Chapter 135鈥揟en Millennium Spatial Array
Chapter 136鈥揘etherlamp Behemoth
Chapter 137鈥揧in-Yang Blast x2
Chapter 138鈥揤illage?
Chapter 139鈥揃lood Crystal
Chapter 140鈥揇emon Lord?
Chapter 141鈥揝ilver Winged Family
Chapter 142鈥揝ikong Yi
Chapter 143鈥揟he outside world
Chapter 144鈥揟esting medicine?
Chapter 145鈥揋old rank
Chapter 146鈥揕ei Zhuo
Chapter 147鈥揜aging flames of the Black Dragon
Chapter 148鈥揜aging flames of the Black Dragon 2
Chapter 149鈥揃lizzard Spiritual Gem
Chapter 150鈥揑nscription Scrolls
Chapter 151鈥揈xchange
Chapter 152鈥揙ld man
Chapter 153鈥揇ivine Explosion Inscription?
Chapter 154鈥揝urprise attack
Chapter 155鈥揧our opponent
Chapter 156鈥揥here is home
Chapter 157鈥揜eturn
Chapter 158鈥揇emon Lord?
Chapter 159鈥揇emon Beast Horde
Chapter 160鈥揃east horde arrives
Chapter 161鈥揥icked idea
Chapter 162鈥揊ierce battle
Chapter 163鈥2-star Gold rank
Chapter 164鈥揜aging Flames of Explosion
Chapter 165鈥揢sed to it
Chapter 166鈥揂n accident
Chapter 167鈥揝een it all
Chapter 168鈥揃eauty is fragile
Chapter 169鈥揇raconic Tongue Herb
Chapter 170鈥揟reasury of the City Lord鈥檚 Mansion
Chapter 171鈥揝pace-Time Demon Beast?
Chapter 172鈥揢nable to repay favour
Chapter 173鈥揊urious bashing
Chapter 174鈥揌ide as much as possible
Chapter 175鈥揋ift
Chapter 176鈥揗onster!
Chapter 177鈥揌elp getting out of embarrassment
Chapter 178鈥揜evolt?
Chapter 179鈥揚restige
Chapter 180鈥揟o confuse right and wrong
Chapter 181鈥揜eal intentions revealed
Chapter 182鈥揋reat Battle
Chapter 183鈥揝now Wind Spiritual God
Chapter 184鈥揈ven in death, I will have no regrets
Chapter 185鈥揋ui Sha
Chapter 186鈥揝piritual Constellation Technique?
Chapter 187鈥揅onfrontation
Chapter 188鈥揓ourney
Chapter 189鈥揌eavenly Fate Plateau
Chapter 190鈥揈xchange
Chapter 191鈥揇on鈥檛 need it anymore
Chapter 192鈥3-star Gold rank
Chapter 193鈥揟owards the Black Spring?
Chapter 194鈥揗ysterious Inscription Pattern
Chapter 195鈥揊ire Spiritual God
Chapter 196鈥揋ive it a try
Chapter 197鈥揇ivine Body
Chapter 198鈥揝ensing the Laws
Chapter 199鈥揂 trace
Chapter 200鈥揃acker
Chapter 201鈥揇reamcloud World
Chapter 202鈥揗aster of the Nether Realm
Chapter 203鈥揜emnant map?
Chapter 204鈥揇one?
Chapter 205鈥揝enior Inscription Master?
Chapter 206鈥揗ysterious Demon Beast
Chapter 207鈥揧e Mo
Chapter 208鈥揝tructure of the power of law
Chapter 209鈥揊ather and Son
Chapter 210鈥揝ister goddess
Chapter 211鈥揇emon Spirit Devouring Technique
Chapter 212鈥揥u Man
Chapter 213鈥揟rapped
Chapter 214鈥揢nusual transformation
Chapter 215鈥揝oul Array
Chapter 216鈥揗ysterious Egg
Chapter 217鈥揂lliance Leader鈥檚 Position
Chapter 218鈥揤engeance
Chapter 219鈥揟wo wrong don鈥檛 make a right
Chapter 220鈥揕egend rank expert?
Chapter 221鈥揟he second piece?
Chapter 222鈥揟wo brothers
Chapter 223鈥揋reen Poison Pearl
Chapter 224鈥揝piritual Origin Fruit?
Chapter 225鈥揨ombie Jiao-dragon 1
Chapter 226鈥揈nemies on a Narrow Path
Chapter 227鈥揧in-Yang Blast x10
Chapter 228鈥揟ian Ling
Chapter 229鈥揦iao Yu
Chapter 230鈥揇isturbed Peace of Mind
Chapter 231鈥揃roken Divine Spark
Chapter 232鈥揟he entering method
Chapter 233鈥揂ncient Tomb
Chapter 234鈥揇raconic Ruins Realm
Chapter 235鈥揇ivine Feathers Sect
Chapter 236鈥揥ings of Law
Chapter 237鈥揊rost Chaos Sword
Chapter 238鈥揝eizing the Law by Force
Chapter 239鈥揕esson
Chapter 240鈥揇emon Lord
Chapter 241鈥揇isciple Selection
Chapter 242鈥揟he Anatta Mental State
Chapter 243鈥揃lack Infernal Refining
Chapter 244鈥揅elestial Qilin
Chapter 245鈥揝oul Seal
Chapter 246鈥揝tewed Demon Phallus
Chapter 247鈥揝oul Seal
Chapter 248鈥揅onfrontation
Chapter 249鈥揚robe
Chapter 250鈥揨hu Long
Chapter 251鈥揓indan
Chapter 252鈥揝oul
Chapter 253鈥揗aster of the Nether Realm
Chapter 254鈥揃ecoming a Disciple
Chapter 255鈥揚revious and Present Lives
Chapter 256鈥揇esert Palace
Chapter 257鈥揈nemy Attack?
Chapter 258鈥揌ostage
Chapter 259鈥揜age
Chapter 260鈥揌ope
Chapter 261鈥揃id farewell
Chapter 262鈥揋ift From Nie Li
Chapter 263鈥揝kysoul Institute
Chapter 264鈥揝piritual Root
Chapter 265鈥揟est
Chapter 266鈥揜esults of the Test
Chapter 267鈥揝piritual Stone
Chapter 268鈥揧ing鈥檈r
Chapter 269鈥揂cupuncture
Chapter 270鈥揤enerable Redsoul
Chapter 271鈥揝piritual Flames
Chapter 272鈥揗aster Bei
Chapter 273鈥揚oisoned?
Chapter 274鈥揜easonable
Chapter 275鈥揝oul Brand
Chapter 276鈥揝aint Soul Board
Chapter 277鈥揗aster
Chapter 278鈥揗emories
Chapter 278鈥揜ank Change
Chapter 279鈥揕ong Yuyin
Chapter 280鈥揟hree Lashes
Chapter 281鈥揥here to Lash?
Chapter 282鈥揥ho鈥檚 the Trash Now?
Chapter 283鈥揧ou asked for it!
Chapter 284鈥揃locked
Chapter 285鈥揂 Chicken Feather for an Authoritative Token
Chapter 286鈥揌eavenly Fate
Chapter 287鈥揚hysical Strength
Chapter 288鈥揅lash
Chapter 289鈥揅onfrontation!
Chapter 290鈥揟he farther the better!
Chapter 291鈥揝enior and Junior Apprentices
Chapter 292鈥揝oul Scales
Chapter 293鈥揟he Sin of Greed
Chapter 294鈥揝ettling for Second
Chapter 295鈥揇emon Spirits For Sale
Chapter 296鈥揕i Xingyun
Chapter 297鈥揜eality
Chapter 298鈥揗aster and Disciple
Chapter 299鈥揊ace to Face on a Narrow Path
Chapter 300鈥揜espect
Chapter 301鈥揜eward
Chapter 302鈥揜efining Demon Spirits
Chapter 303鈥揃loodwing Saint Jiao-dragon
Chapter 304鈥揘ing鈥檈r鈥檚 Visit
Chapter 305鈥揧e Clan of the Skyblaze Sect
Chapter 306鈥揕ong Tianming
Chapter 307鈥揌oly Maiden and Holy Son
Chapter 308鈥揂 Rich Good-For-Nothing
Chapter 309鈥揟ricked
Chapter 310鈥揂rrangement
Chapter 311鈥揗yriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting
Chapter 312鈥揟he Four Arts 1
Chapter 313鈥揚rofound Understanding of Dao Intent
Chapter 314鈥揝word
Chapter 315鈥揝upreme Sword Intent
Chapter 316鈥揝elling words
Chapter 317鈥揚robing out
Chapter 318鈥揂byss Winged Draconic Falcon
Chapter 319鈥揌ierarch Skycloud
Chapter 320鈥揊ull of Sincerity
Chapter 321鈥揅ounterfeit
Chapter 322鈥揗yriad Miles Rivers and Mountains
Chapter 323鈥揇ispute
Chapter 324鈥揂 good show
Chapter 325鈥揃rother and Sister
Chapter 326鈥揇ragon Bone Winged Tiger
Chapter 327鈥揝uccessor鈥檚 Position
Chapter 328鈥揝econd Fate Soul
Chapter 329鈥揟otal Annihilation
Chapter 330鈥揙pening of the Demon League
Chapter 331鈥揗edium Grade Deity鈥檚 Lake
Chapter 332鈥揊ormally Becoming a Disciple
Chapter 333鈥揌eaven鈥檚 Divination Technique
Chapter 334鈥揗antis Stalks the Cicada 1
Chapter 335鈥揃astard
Chapter 336鈥揊ailed to Steal the Chicken 1
Chapter 337鈥揙pening the Meridians
Chapter 338鈥揟aking
Chapter 339鈥揝urrounded
Chapter 340鈥揂ncestral Sword Intent
Chapter 341鈥揅ountermeasure
Chapter 342鈥揌ierarch Skycloud
Chapter 343鈥揟aking in a disciple
Chapter 344鈥揟hreatened
Chapter 345鈥揕i Yufeng
Chapter 346鈥揝lashing the Price!
Chapter 347鈥揚urchase
Chapter 348鈥揅hallenge
Chapter 349鈥揝aint Blood Draconic Falcon
Chapter 350鈥揋rade 6 Artifact Armour
Chapter 351鈥揘ew Assessment
Chapter 352鈥揊rost Dragon Beast
Chapter 353鈥揟he Third Demon Spirit
Chapter 354鈥揟he Center of Attention
Chapter 355鈥揝uppressing with power
Chapter 356鈥揑 Quit
Chapter 357鈥揟he Big Five
Chapter 358鈥揚robe
Chapter 359鈥揃ack Spikes
Chapter 360鈥5-fate
Chapter 361鈥揂ssassin?
Chapter 362鈥揇ie While Fully Knowing
Chapter 363鈥揚ick One of Two
Chapter 364鈥揊ive Years
Chapter 365鈥揥ait!
Chapter 366鈥揇oesn鈥檛 Benefit Themselves, but Others?
Chapter 367鈥揙ne Who is Sincere
Chapter 368鈥揌eiyun Deity鈥檚 Lake
Chapter 369鈥揟aking Drastic Measures to Deal with Situation
Chapter 370鈥揜einforcements
Chapter 371鈥揈scaped?
Chapter 372鈥揙rigins
Chapter 373鈥揟reatment
Chapter 374鈥揤oid Spiritual Array
Chapter 375鈥揊rom the Tiny World
Chapter 376鈥揥u Yazi
Chapter 377鈥揟housand Illusionary Array
Chapter 378鈥揇emon Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 379鈥揤oid Illusionary Divine Palace
Chapter 380鈥揂ccidental Encounter
Chapter 381鈥揟rouble
Chapter 382鈥揊ollowing
Chapter 383鈥揝neak Attack
Chapter 384鈥揙uter Hall
Chapter 385鈥揑llusion
Chapter 386鈥揅elestial Bound Inscription Pattern Array
Chapter 387鈥揢nlucky
Chapter 388鈥揕ife Gate
Chapter 389鈥揌oly Son Li Huo

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