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Chapter 300:The Crusade Begins
Chapter 1055: Seeing Pill Lightning Again
Chapter 301:Lil鈥橠ino鈥檚 Choice
Chapter 1056: Successful Pill Refinement
Chapter 302:Free Time
Chapter 1057: Yin Yang Life Soul Pill
Chapter 303:The Church of Mephisto
Chapter 1058: Hindered
Chapter 304:Gina Vivian
Chapter 1059: Test
Chapter 305:Dark Gold Equipment
Chapter 1060: Fighting Wu Chen
Chapter 306:Airy and Mary
Chapter 1061: Hidden Skill
Chapter 307:North District Game
Chapter 1062: Succeed
Chapter 308:Fang Siblings
Chapter 1063: Inheriting the Secret Technique
Chapter 309:Art of Styling
Chapter 1064: Xiao Xuan
Chapter 310:The Northwest Mountain鈥檚 Historical Remains
Chapter 1065: News about Little Fairy Doctor
Chapter 311:Marshwalker
Chapter 1066: Hurrying to the Middle Region
Chapter 312:Spore Fog
Chapter 1067: Ye City
Chapter 313:Ruins in the Dark
Chapter 1068: Ye Clan
Chapter 314:Mallows
Chapter 1069: Whereabouts
Chapter 315:Twisted Amalgamation of Spirits
Chapter 1070: Falling God Stream
Chapter 316:Solemn Goddess Mallows
Chapter 1071: Extermination by the Ice River Valley
Chapter 317:Flying Slime
Chapter 1072: Turning the Situation Around
Chapter 318:Slot Machine
Chapter 1073: Extremely Weak
Chapter 319:Guild Charter Bloodthirsty Scroll
Chapter 1074: Leave No One
Chapter 320:Movie Club
Chapter 1075: Recuperate
Chapter 321:SpyingBlade鈥檚 Heart
Chapter 1076: Traces of the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast
Chapter 322:Cyan Eyed Falcon
Chapter 1077: Advancement
Chapter 323:Little Blue Feather
Chapter 1078: Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast
Chapter 324:Contribution Points
Chapter 1079: Dragon Scorpion Tribe
Chapter 325:Ghost Peak
Chapter 1080: Slaughtering the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast
Chapter 326:Renoir
Chapter 1081: Kill
Chapter 1082: Successful Obtainment
Chapter 1083: Refining the Yin Yang Life Soul Pill
Chapter 1084: Refining A Body
Chapter 1085: Peak of the Dou Zong Class
Chapter 1086: Throwing An Egg Against A Stone (Useless Effort)
Chapter 1087: Sun Flame
Chapter 1088: Black Fire Sect
Chapter 1089: Sun Fire Ancient Alter
Chapter 1090: Poison Dan Method, Begin!
Chapter 1091: I Will Kill Whoever Dares Touch You!
Chapter 1092: Core Bead
Chapter 1093: Obtain
Chapter 1094: Imminent Big Battle
Chapter 1095: Three Changes!
Chapter 1096: Terrifying Increase In Strength
Chapter 1097: Easy Crushing
Chapter 1098: Sky Incinerating Expelling Flames
Chapter 1099: Terrifying Clash
Chapter 1100: Shocking Battle
Chapter 1101: Qing Hai
Chapter 1102: Cold Ice Throne
Chapter 1103: Bing Zun-zhe
Chapter 1104: Reuniting With Xun Er!
Chapter 1105: Golden-Colored Flames
Chapter 1106: Defeat
Chapter 1107: Forcing the Enemy to Withdraw
Chapter 1108: Seal
Chapter 1109: Plans
Chapter 1110: Mystery of the Ancient Jade
Chapter 1111: Lost in Passion
Chapter 1112: Resolving the Demon Poison Spot
Chapter 1113: Breakthrough
Chapter 1114: Commander Ling Quan
Chapter 1115: Blood Jade Token
Chapter 1116: Weak!
Chapter 1117: Repaying Debt
Chapter 1118: Departure
Chapter 1119: Elder鈥檚 Seat
Chapter 1120: Bitter Pill Refinement Training
Chapter 1121: Cao Clan
Chapter 1122: Betting
Chapter 1123: Playing With Fire
Chapter 1124: Witch of the Cao Clan
Chapter 1125: Pressure
Chapter 1126: Spiritual States
Chapter 1127: Hurrying to Holy Pill City!
Chapter 1128: Dan Clan
Chapter 1129: Night Meeting in the Stars Realm
Chapter 1130: Branch Tower
Chapter 1131: Test
Chapter 1132: Tier 7 Middle Grade Alchemist
Chapter 1133: Teaching A Lesson
Chapter 1134: Alchemist Trade Fair
Chapter 1135: Blood Essence Demon Fruit
Chapter 1136: Copper Plate
Chapter 1137: Exchange
Chapter 1138: Profound Xuan Sect
Chapter 1139: Spirit Nourishment Powder
Chapter 1140: Anonymous Word Formula
Chapter 1141: Absorption
Chapter 1142: Gathering of the Five Great Clans
Chapter 1143: Start of the Test!
Chapter 1144: Soul Test
Chapter 1145: Stunning the Four Others
Chapter 1146: Spiritual Control
Chapter 1147: Spiritual Fight
Chapter 1148: Secretly Learn
Chapter 1149: Being Victorious
Chapter 1150: Unwelcomed Guest
Chapter 1151: Mysterious Black Robed Person
Chapter 1152: Old Mu Gu
Chapter 1153: Xuan Kong Zi
Chapter 1154: Song Qing
Chapter 1155: Spiritual Handprint
Chapter 1156: Pill Gathering Begin!
Chapter 1157: Two Great Hurdles
Chapter 1158: Passing the Hurdle
Chapter 1159: Entrance to the Pill Realm
Chapter 1160: Thousand-Year-Old Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa
Chapter 1161: Core Soul Marrow
Chapter 1162: Yellow-Clothed, Old Man
Chapter 1163: Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range
Chapter 1164: Meeting Again
Chapter 1165: Attack
Chapter 1166: To Kill
Chapter 1167: Departure
Chapter 1168: Pill Spirit Serum
Chapter 1169: Doping
Chapter 1170: Massacre
Chapter 1171: Join Hands
Chapter 1172: Fleeing For One鈥檚 Life
Chapter 1173: Zi Yan, Xiong Zhan
Chapter 1174: Frightening Away
Chapter 1175: Medicinal Ingredient Square
Chapter 1176: Mediating the Core Soul Marrow
Chapter 1177: Advancing to the Eighth Tier!
Chapter 1178: Hurrying to the Exit
Chapter 1179: Leaving the Pill Realm
Chapter 1180: Main Event
Chapter 1181: Blood Demon Flame
Chapter 1182: Start of the Pill Refinement
Chapter 1183: Pill Lightning Repeatedly Appearing
Chapter 1184: Experts Appearing One after Another
Chapter 1185: Tier 8 Medicinal Pill
Chapter 1186: Three-Colored Pill Lightning
Chapter 1187: Staking it All
Chapter 1188: Spiritual Enhancement
Chapter 1189: Five-colored Pill Lightning!
Chapter 1190: Receiving the Pill Lightning
Chapter 1191: Evolution! Sky Demon Puppet!
Chapter 1192: The Closure of the Pill Gathering
Chapter 1193: Xuan Yi, Tian Lei Zi
Chapter 1194: Two Opposing Women
Chapter 1195: Dragon Seal
Chapter 1196: Star Realm, Three Thousand Burning Flame!
Chapter 1197: Fierce Three Thousand Burning Flame
Chapter 1198: Seal Breaking
Chapter 1199: Reinforcement of the Hall of Soul
Chapter 1200: Intense Battle
Chapter 1201: Do It
Chapter 1202: Seal
Chapter 1203: Soul Battle
Chapter 1204: Erupt
Chapter 1205: Stalemate
Chapter 1206: Subdue
Chapter 1207: Swallowing Heavenly Flame, Nine Star Dou Zong!
Chapter 1208: Fire Lightning Bead
Chapter 1209: Information
Chapter 1210: Fungus Green Pill
Chapter 1211: Yi Chen
Chapter 1212: Fight
Chapter 1213: Thanks for Conceding
Chapter 1214: Obtaining Information
Chapter 1215: Death Soul Mountain Range
Chapter 1216: All Prepared
Chapter 1217: Rescue Mission
Chapter 1218: Stone Swallowing Demon Ant
Chapter 1219: Giant Hall
Chapter 1220: Big Battle
Chapter 1221: Killing
Chapter 1222: Old Ghost Zhai Xing
Chapter 1223: Fooled
Chapter 1224: Situation
Chapter 1225: Delay
Chapter 1226: Both Side Suffering Losses
Chapter 1227: Mysterious Person
Chapter 1228: Serious Injury
Chapter 1229: Falling Star Pavilion
Chapter 1230: Time Flies
Chapter 1231: Advancement, Dou Zun!
Chapter 1232: Awakening
Chapter 1233: Ancient Remains
Chapter 1234: Beast Region
Chapter 1235: Bone Mountain Range
Chapter 1236: Finding Trouble
Chapter 1237: Roll Down
Chapter 1238: Spatial Seal
Chapter 1239: Black Shadow Person
Chapter 1240: Opening of the Remains
Chapter 1241: Enemies Appearing Together
Chapter 1242: Entering the Remains
Chapter 1243: The Fire Path With Another Secret
Chapter 1244: Subdue
Chapter 1245: Ancient Forest
Chapter 1246: Soul Baby Demon Tree
Chapter 1247: Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit
Chapter 1248: Huang Xuan
Chapter 1249: Heaven Phoenix Ancestral Soul
Chapter 1250: Ancestral Soul Fight
Chapter 1251: Ancient Medicinal Pill
Chapter 1252: Attracting the Pill Beast
Chapter 1253: Qing Lin?
Chapter 1254: Reunion of Old Friends
Chapter 1255: Terrifying Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils
Chapter 1256: Main Hall
Chapter 1257: Seal Vanishment
Chapter 1258: Chaos
Chapter 1259: Snatching the Ancient Scroll
Chapter 1260: Kill
Chapter 1261: Dou Sheng Skeleton
Chapter 1262: Join Hands
Chapter 1263: Great Heaven Fortune Palm
Chapter 1264: Fighting for the Skeleton
Chapter 1265: Collecting the Bones
Chapter 1266: Intervention of Various Parties
Chapter 1267: Stacking of Four Seals
Chapter 1268: Bloody Battle
Chapter 1269: Help
Chapter 1270: Hei Qing
Chapter 1271: Separation
Chapter 1272: Mysterious Tattoo
Chapter 1273: Ancient Heaven Serpent
Chapter 1274: Tian Class Dou Techniques
Chapter 1275: Saint (sheng-zhe) Zhao Hua
Chapter 1276: Perfect Body
Chapter 1277: Dou Sheng Bone Marrow
Chapter 1278: Arrival of a Big Battle
Chapter 1279: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 1280: Unleash
Chapter 1281: Miserable End
Chapter 1282: Displaying one鈥檚 Great Might
Chapter 1283: Ban (Half) Sheng
Chapter 1284: Saint Yao, Yao Chen
Chapter 1285: Meeting Old Acquaintance
Chapter 1286: Fortune
Chapter 1287: Hurrying to the Flower Sect
Chapter 1288: Meeting Yun Yun Again
Chapter 1289: Yaohua Liangjun
Chapter 1290: Qi World Transformation
Chapter 1291: Sect Chief Position
Chapter 1292: Refining
Chapter 1293: Unusual Natural Phenomenon
Chapter 1294: Quasi-Tian Class Qi Method
Chapter 1295: Tearing the Seal
Chapter 1296: Interception
Chapter 1297: Intense Fight
Chapter 1298: Qi Method Revealing its Might
Chapter 1299: One Versus Three
Chapter 1300: Sent Flying
Chapter 1301: Ancient Dragon Island
Chapter 1302: The Ancient Void Dragon Clan That Had Been Split
Chapter 1303: Begin
Chapter 1300: Sent Flying
Chapter 1301: Ancient Dragon Island
Chapter 1302: The Ancient Void Dragon Clan That Had Been Split
Chapter 1303: Begin
Chapter 1304: Refining the Dragon Phoenix Crystal Layer
Chapter 1305: Chaos
Chapter 1306: Awaken
Chapter 1307: Dragon Emperor, Zi Yan
Chapter 1308: Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor
Chapter 1309: Void Lightning Pool
Chapter 1310: Advancing to the Fifth Star
Chapter 1311: Old Mister Mang
Chapter 1312: Leaving the Dragon Island
Chapter 1313: Eight Ancient clans
Chapter 1314: Jade Invitation
Chapter 1315: Great Single Soul Skill
Chapter 1316: Hurrying to the Eastern Region
Chapter 1317: Enemies Frequently Cross Paths
Chapter 1318: Like
Chapter 1319: Eight Great Commanders, Four Great Generals
Chapter 1320: Third Commander Yang Hao
Chapter 1321: Yan Clan
Chapter 1322: Hun Ya
Chapter 1323: Opening of the Gu Realm
Chapter 1324: Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1325: Gu Zhen
Chapter 1326: A Lesson
Chapter 1327: Devil General
Chapter 1328: Mang Tian Chi
Chapter 1329: Start of the Rites
Chapter 1330: Bloodline Grade, Clan Tattoo!
Chapter 1331: Challenge
Chapter 1332: Strong Opponent!
Chapter 1333: Peak Level Fight
Chapter 1334: Great Silent Destruction Finger
Chapter 1335: End of Battle!
Chapter 1336: Victorious
Chapter 1337: Divine Bloodline
Chapter 1338: Rainbow clan Tattoo
Chapter 1339: Meet
Chapter 1340: Talk
Chapter 1341: Opening of the Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1342: Entering the Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1343: Bitter Training
Chapter 1344: Hun Ya, Hun Li
Chapter 1345: Advancing to Six Star
Chapter 1346: Pursue and Escape
Chapter 1347: Nine Star Energy Body
Chapter 1348: Purple Sky Demon Puppet
Chapter 1349: Big Storm
Chapter 1350: Gather
Chapter 1351: Ancient Devouring Insect
Chapter 1352: Collecting Remuneration
Chapter 1353: Opening the Crystal Wall
Chapter 1354: Third Level
Chapter 1355: Ban Sheng Energy Body
Chapter 1356: Saint Xue Dao
Chapter 1357: Two Dou Sheng
Chapter 1358: Appear
Chapter 1359: Xiao Xuan!
Chapter 1360: Bloodline Inheritance
Chapter 1361: Changing Blood
Chapter 1362: Blood Fusion
Chapter 1363: One And A Half Years
Chapter 1364: Peak of an Eight Star Dou Zun!
Chapter 1365: Activating the Clan Tattoo
Chapter 1366: The Final Training
Chapter 1367: Kill
Chapter 1368: Leaving the Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1369: Hun Lin
Chapter 1370: Revealing One鈥檚 Hands
Chapter 1371: Leaving the Gu Realm
Chapter 1372: A Completely New Falling Star Pavilion
Chapter 1373: The Turbulence of the North-western Continent
Chapter 1374: Accepting Disciple You Quan
Chapter 1375: Inviting Helpers
Chapter 1376: Mysterious Yellow Fortress
Chapter 1377: Little Xiao Xiao
Chapter 1378: Big Battle Begins
Chapter 1379: Miserable
Chapter 1380: Killing With One Palm Strike!
Chapter 1381: Completely Different from Before
Chapter 1382: Fourth Tianzhu, Xue He!
Chapter 1383: Blood Devouring Skill
Chapter 1384: Nine Changes to turn Sheng
Chapter 1385: End
Chapter 1386: Cancer
Chapter 1387: Pill Refinement
Chapter 1388:Severely Punished
Chapter 1389:Resolve
Chapter 1390:Before Departure
Chapter 1391:Returning to the Falling Star Pavilion
Chapter 1392:Spatial Trade Fair
Chapter 1393:Eight Coloured Origin Stone
Chapter 1394:Ancient Hall
Chapter 1395:The Last Map Fragment
Chapter 1396:Information
Chapter 1397:Ancient Wasteland Region
Chapter 1398:Three Ghost Scorpion Demon
Chapter 1399:Four And Half Coloured Angry Buddha Lotus Flame
Chapter 1400:Obtaining the Ancient Map
Chapter 1401:Ancient Map Mystery
Chapter 1402:Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint
Chapter 1403:Practicing the King Kong Glass Body
Chapter 1404:Wasteland Town
Chapter 1405:Entering the Ancient Wasteland Region
Chapter 1406:Venturing Deeper
Chapter 1407:Encountering Yun Yun Again
Chapter 1408:Killing The Profound Sky Sect
Chapter 1409:Ancient Heaven Demon Python
Chapter 1410:Sieging the Heaven Demon Python
Chapter 1411:Heaven Demon Blood Pool
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Chapter 1412:Nine Star Dou Zun!
Like the book
Chapter 1413:Ancient Region Stage
Chapter 425-Ten True Lords
Chapter 1414:Show of Strength
To the bottom
Chapter 1415:Meeting of Two Women
Chapter 1:Young youth Zhao Feng
Chapter 1416:Hun Yu, Beast Tide
Chapter 2:The battle of one move
Chapter 1417:Charging Against the Beast Tide
Chapter 3:Breaking through to the 2nd Rank of the Martial Path
Chapter 1418:Breakthrough!
Chapter 4:Zhao Yijian
Chapter 1419:Five Ban Shengs!
Chapter 5:Choosing Martial Arts Skills (1)
Chapter 1420:Killing Ban Sheng Puppets
Chapter 6:Choosing Martial Arts Skills (2)
Chapter 1421:Entering the Ancient Tree
Chapter 7:Luck Again?
Chapter 1422:Illusion
Chapter 8:Overpowered Archery Skills
Chapter 1423:Negative Emotions of a Dou Di
Chapter 9:Peak of the Second Rank
Chapter 1424:Three Bodhisattva Treasure
Chapter 10:Sky Cloud Forest
Chapter 1425:Awaken
Chapter 11:Green Headed Tiger King
Chapter 1426:Hundred Lives Reincarnation, Nine Change Peak!
Chapter 12:Splitting the money
Chapter 1427:Absolute Suppression
Chapter 13:Third Rank of the Martial Path
Chapter 1428:Rupturing Space
Chapter 14:Strength of a Quasi Martial Artist
Chapter 1429:Second Tianzun, Saint Gu You (Bones)
Chapter 15:Air Crossing Breathing Technique
Chapter 1430:Gold Emperor Incinerating Heavenly Flame
Chapter 16:Beating Zhao Gan
Chapter 1431:Fighting Ban Sheng
Chapter 17:Inner Strength of the Martial Path
Chapter 1432:Forcing Gu You to Withdraw
Chapter 18:Ranking
Chapter 1433:Retreat
Chapter 19:Start of the Martial Contest
Chapter 1434:The Change in the Hun clan
Chapter 20:Core Ranked Martial Art Skill
Chapter 1435 :Challenge Card
Chapter 21:Max level
Chapter 1436:Imminent War
Chapter 22:Birth of the Black Horse
Chapter 1437:Big Battle in the Star Realm
Chapter 23:The High Level of a High Ranked Skill
Chapter 1438:Leaving the Retreat, Dou Sheng!
Chapter 24:Top Outer Disciple (1)
Chapter 1439:Angry Buddha Reincarnation
Chapter 25:Top Outer Disciple (2)
Chapter 1440:Massacre
Chapter 26:Fourth rank of the martial path
Chapter 1441:Hun clan Dou Sheng
Chapter 27:Challenge of the Xin Family
Chapter 1442:The Secret of Each Sect
Chapter 28:Battle
Chapter 1443:Killing Another As A Deterrent
Chapter 29:Zhao Yufei suggestment
Chapter 1444:Seeking Allies
Chapter 30:Metal Wall Technique
Chapter 1445:Heading to the Pill Tower Again
Chapter 31:Sky Forest Murderous Intent
Chapter 1446:Small Pill Tower
Chapter 32:Life or Death Pursuit
Chapter 1447:Elder Selection
Chapter 33:Life in Death
Chapter 1448:Small Pill Tower First Elder
Chapter 34:Leaps and Bounds
Chapter 1449:That May Not Be The Case
Chapter 35:Beginning of the main tournament (1)
Chapter 1450:Black Demon Lightning
Chapter 36:Beginning of the main tournament (2)
Chapter 1451:Grade Nine Treasure Pill
Chapter 37:Ranking challenge
Chapter 1452:Alliance
Challenge 38:Zhao Han鈥檚 Challenge
Chapter 1453:Sky Mansion Alliance
Chapter 39:Let you have ten moves Onstage
Chapter 1454:Deputy Hall Chief of the Hall of Soul
Chapter 40:Zhao Linlong鈥檚 strength
Chapter 1455:Nine Serene Spring
Chapter 41:Zhao Yufei鈥檚 attractiveness
Chapter 1456:Nine Ying Yellow Spring Pill
Chapter 42:Peak fifth rank, Martial Arts Library
Chapter 1457:The Situation of the Dragon Tribe
Chapter 43:Star Finger
Chapter 1458:Underground Serene Snake Network
Chapter 44:Invitation of the Summit (1)
Chapter 1459
Chapter 45:Invitation of the Summit (2)
Chapter 1460:Yao Ming
Chapter 46:The most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City
Chapter 1461:Yao Xiaotian
Chapter 47:Showing his skills
Chapter 1462:Violent Beating
Chapter 48:The Power of Star Finger
Chapter 1463:Nine Serene Profound Scepter
Chapter 49:Ten Moves Xin Wuheng
Chapter 1464:All Had Been Decided
Chapter 50:Anger From Embarrassment
Chapter 1465:Demonic Saint (Sheng) Huang Quan
Chapter 51:Defeat of Linlong
Chapter 1466:Yellow Spring (Huang Quan) Divine Anger
Chapter 52:Zhao Feng Making His Move

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